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CrossYille Chronicle.
Crotisvfllf Hmea 1886
Tenr see Times 1889
Crossville Sentinel 1890
Crossrille Chronicle 1894
Per Year, in advance $2.00
oix Months $l 00
Advertisement rates made known
on application Address aH com
munications to tho
Crossville, Tenn.
Entered at the post office at Cross
ville, Tennessee, as second class
All obituaries, resolutions of re
spect, cards of thanks, etc., will be
charged for at 10 cents a line; -six
words to' the line. To be paid for
strictly in advance.
Circuit Court First Monday in
Fedruary, June and October.
Chancery Court Fourth Monday
in February and August.
Wednesday, March 30, 1921
unless a reasonabble cut in wages is
There is not the slightest reason
in the world why men who work on
railroads should be paid wages that
run from $6 to $15 a day while other
people are working as long an longei
hours for half the amount or less,
There has been some expressions
of surprrise that the resolution de
claring a state of ace to exhist be
tween Germany and the United States
has not been passed as was talked
before the election.
It will be remcrnbered that Mr.
Harding said, "It is very practical
to see that our own house is in per
fect order before we attempt old
world stabletzation." That means
that domestic problems are to re
ceive first consideration.
It does not mean, however, that the
rights of the nation or our citizens
shall be ignored or neglected any
where in the world. His stand on
that point was made very clear in his
Brownsville, Texas, speech after
election when he stated that the des
poling and murder of American citi
zens must cease every where. At the
time it was understood to apply par
ticularly to Mexico, which it did, but
it applied with equal force to all
other nations.
Everyone realizes that our domestic
problems are very great and are the
most pressing. Hence foreign mas
ters that do not conflict with our na
tional rights may consistently wait
until domestic prbblems are adjusted
and the nation put in a position to j
move forward in world trade in a safe,
solid and conservative manner.
Foreign problems will receive due
Consideration at the proper time,
neve fear.
Of all the silly things tfcat the leg
islature has ever attempted, the idea
of making a sate ou of '.hat portion
of Tennessee lying west of the Ten
nessee river is the mo3t silly.
The measure passed the senate al
most unanimously, but be it said to
the credit of the housr t'nat it d;ed
there. There is to be no state of
West Tennessee and is sensible to
end the matter as the house did. The
remainder of the s;ate co-i'd have
stood it reasonably well, but the new
state would have gone on the rocks
hard and such a howl as woul'd have
- r
gone up trom the tarmers nas noi
bee heard since Tennessee became
a state.
Greece has just called a large army
to the colors and has begun war on
Turkey. Turkey may need all she
gets and probably more in the way
of a good, sound threshing,-but the
fact that Greece goes to v.ar without
so much as saying to the League of
Nations, "by your leave" many per
sons will wonder where that great
power of the League is that was to
prevent all wars. So far as the world
knows the League has not attempted
to stop the Greek-Turkey war.
Great is the League a great fail
ure, just as predicted. "
A fact that has caused much com
ment is that; more than seventy-five
per cent of the violations of the pro
hibition laws are by persons of for
eign birth in the northern states,
and in most cases they are unnatu
ralized citizens. That would seem to
iddicatc that 10 viser course could
be followed than t0 restrict foreign
mmigration nd at the same time
scan closely those who are admitted
to this land of freedom and law obed
ience. -
!.. ft 1ST.
- ... Js
t . .Ja-o'r mm -ikk.
Put Your Surplus Straw
Back On Your Land
i God gave Caruso a vibrant soul
'iid a voice of marvelows sweetness
: ad power. Caruso used the gift, and
in his illness thch whole world has
churned him as its own. God gives
you who read this some gift possess
ed by no one else in all the world. It
is your talent, or talents. This talent
used, the world has gained something
and your life has been a success. The
gift may not bring you the fame and
fortune that waited upon the great
singe?, but it will bring you plea
' sure and personal power. God knows,
i and will send His reward. Congre
gational News.
The straw that you born
or use wastefully can be
put back on your land with
big profit. Properly spread,
straw acts as a mulch on
fall seeded crops. It pre
vents soil blowing, prevents
winter killing, prevents
winter sleet from smoth
ering plants and whan
turned under it has almost
as much fertilising value as
Spread your straw
come in and get a John
Deere Spreader with Straw
Spreading attachment Oct
double use and double prof
it from it The John Deere
Spreader with a Straw
Spreading Attachment
spreads straw and spreads
manure does a fine, even
Job in either case.
One man operates the
John Deere either when
spreading straw or manure.
After the machine is loaded,
get on the seat put the ma
chine in gear, start the team
or tractor, set the machine
for heavy or light spread
ing as conditions require
that's all.
To take off the Straw
Spreading Attachment for
manure spreading is only
a 30-minute Job for fine
man. The change is quickly
and easily made. '
Don't attempt to get along
another year without this
profitable equipment
Notice is hereby given, that 'at one
o'clock P.M. April 15, ign, in front of
the Court House door in Crossville,
Tennessee, the undersigned will offer
for sale and sell to the higest and
best bidder, $20,000.00 bonds of the
City of Crossville; said bonds to be
issued in denominations of $500.00
each, with interest coupons attached
at the rate of 6 percent per annum,
payable semi-annually, at the First
National Bank, Crossville, Tennessee,
the said bonds to run twenty years,
with the right of the city to call and
redeem any and all of them at any
I rime after te "years from their is-
suance, at par and interest.
j No bid will be received at less than
Mayor of Crossville, Tennessee.
JOHN D. McCLARNEY. -Recorder
of Crossville, Tennessee.
Coma in and let as show you an outfit
that will pay for iUelfin a short time,
Maesamer Brothers.
j 5
President Gompers of the American
Federation of Labor is free in his
predictions of rervolution and des
truction if the power of union labor
should be destroyed. Where the indi
vidual union threatens the destruction
,of the individual emplayer if he does
not yield to its demands, Mr. Gom-
pers threatens revolution and ruin
to the whole country if organised
labor is not allowed to have its way
with industry and enterprise and
Organized labor would destroy free
labor. The open shop open to any
free workman or any union workman
means the destruction of union
labor to Mr. Gompers, and the in
cidental ruin of the country.
N Has Mr. Gompers ever reflected, we
wonder, on what the enslavement of
labor to the union leaders means?
Has it ever occured to him that it
destroyes the right of Amerrican citi
zens to free employment, untram
mcled by the dictation of others; and
nullifies the fundamental right of a
man to sell his muscle to any man
who wants to buy it and is willing to
pay the workman the wages he
wants? Chicago, Journal of Commerce.
The heads of the railroad employees
organizatioins are now talking of
operating ;he railroads on the cost
plus plan. When the people remem
ber what this country has suffered
under the cost plus plan there is
not the slightest likelyhood of such
a plan being considered for a mo
ment. r
If possible the cost plus plan is
worse than the Plum plan and both
are two of the most damnable
schemes that were ever conceived by
the mind of man to heap injustice
upon the masses. Neither will be
considered for a minute.
There is only one avenue out, that
is reduction of wages of railroad em
ployees. It is coming as surely as
time goes on. The railroads are
laying off thousands of employees
and many thousands more will be idle
Russia has proposed the opening of
trade relatioins with the United
States and they have been told that
they will have to change their
methods very materially" before their
proposal will receive any considera
tion. Every true American, every
lover of justice and freedom will ac
claim such a course.
Frank Simonds says that the re
cent treaty signed by Russia and Po
land is the most important treaty
that has been signed since the ar
mistice, so far as insuring future
peace goes.
"What is'a Dmocrat in Tennessee?"
asks the Chattanooga Times. Why
not try to discover by the process of
elimination? We'll start the thing.
Senator Houk isn't. Nashville Ban
ner. '
He isn't a republican either; he is
just one 01 tnem tnings.
Did you know that 92 per cent 01
all taxes collected by the government
go to the army and navy? . Think
what that would mean in good roads.
ijlskb. voovc "aefst mtuo AViO
a. yjL 0
The miners who went out on a
strike at Birmington and other points
in Alabama have been notified to gej
to work as union benefits will be cut
off Aprirl 9. .
American exports are to be shipped
to Germany in large volume and
shiippers are to have financial back
ing of the government. Large quan
tities of cotton are to be among the
things shipped. It is expected to
materially benefit the South.
A great many person are refrain
ing from buying things that they
actually need, that their local mer
chants have and would gl'adly sell,
because they think prices will go
still lower.
If the judgment of the best business
men and forcslsters in the country is
to be accepted as of any val'ue, prices
are most likely to go higher on most
thinirs rather Wian lower. It is not
only wisdom to buy now bui it is
good business both for you and the
merchant. Buying helps to stimulate
business and the sooner business gets
started and reaches what may be
classed as normal just that much
sooner prosperity will come to all of
us- .
If vou need anything, buy it anu
urge others to buy what they need,
but do not buy wastefully.
Omnivorous Codfish.
That the codfish is omnivorous ts
shown by the fact that Id addition
to the crustaceans, small fish and sea
moss which It eats, all sorts or tblngs
bave been found in its stomach, eucb
as small scissors, corncobs, rubber
dolls and pieces of clothing.
The Beauty of Lichens.
The famous "Crimson Cliffs et
Greenland, which extend for miles, de
rive their splendid color from red
lichen. They rise 2,000 feet from the
water's edge. The Golden Gate In the
Yellowstone owes Its name to the yel
low lichen of Its lofty walls.
Race of Red-Heads.
The possibility of red-beaded people
being "a separate race" was mentioned
at a recent meeting of the Royal An
thropologieal inetltute In London. Ac
cording to P. G. Parsons, the average
number of red-headed people Is, rough
ly, four in each 100, and It Is quite
an aristocratic color. In London BJ.
per cent of the upper classes bave red
hair, as compared with 4.3 per cent
In the lower classes. There is, says
Prof. Parsons, an abnormal amount
of red hair among the beauties et the
southwest of Ireland.
Strawberry short cake; Huckleberry
pie; VICTORY Will we win it?
Will we win it? Well I guess 1
Pleasant Hill I Pleasant Hill I Yes, Yes,
Yes I
Can't you hear that? It's just an
echo of our rally Friday night, March
25. While this ma'ss meeting was
intended to stir and demonstrate
school spirit, one of its primaiy
objects was thh raising of money for
new uniforms for our base ball team.
Several of the base ball nine, sitting
together, came forward to give one of j
their splendid cheers every once in
a while, one of them being; Can
we do it Can we do it Can we do it?
H-O-W? ? ? EASY. So it was under
the leadership of Miss Scott, whose
talk fanned to white heat the enthu
siam of all. Miss Bacon and M;ss
Vernum both spoke in stirring fash
ion on schoof spirit and athletics, a
number of others along various lines
of school interest, follwed by a fw
fine words from our principal, Prof.
Colby, who then brought forward the
beautiful' school seal which Mr. Whar
ton made last year and with the Assis
tance of two boys, it was placed in
the center of the arch over the stage.
The singing of the Pleasant Hill song
closed a mee'ing unique in our annals
for enthuiasm and schoof spirit. One
of the features of the vening was the
splendid singing by the choir of young
boys, who seated on the platform, led
in all the songs and gave in admirable
fashion several of their own.
Several of the Hall' boys have gone
home to spend the Easter week-end.
The spirit of the school rally ex
pressed jtsel'f in the game of base
ball Saturday afternoon won from
Ravenscroft, playing here, with the
r r T-11 . TT.'i I
score 4 to 2 in iavor 01 jrieasani mu. 1
This being th third game in the
series with ihis team, our visitors
were hop"rul of victory, but ten
innings convinced them that Pl'easant
Hilf is nnt to be beaten.
Miss .Margaret Vanderbilt, of New
York, lias been visitting the Academy
for the past few days. Miss Vander
blit has been studing the living in
Kentucky and Tennessee and hopes
roon to go to North Carolina to con
tinue her work. A visit of such a lady
is always enjoyed by the school and
her generous contribution of $10.00
for the new uniforms was especially
appreciated by all.
An , Easter program was given
Sunday evening consisting of story
and song, by the high school girls,
under the direction of Mis9 Holway.
The story was read by Ezra Crowder,
president of the Christian Endeavor
Society. The story and the splendid
music rendered by the choir was
immensely enjoyed by a full house.
Publicity Dept.
Trench-diggng machnes used dur
ing the war are now being used to
construct a pipe line from Havre to-
Using a seaplane as a means of
conveyance, an author is exploring
Dismal Swamp in Virginia. He hopes
to penetrate far into the wilderpess
and to take many photographs of
regions heretofore unexpl'ored.
By boring a hole in the earth's
surface twelve miles in depth enough
energy would be discovered to fur
nish all the motive power of the world
according to a Britsh scientist.
The great falls of the Orange River ,
in Africa are more than twice as high
as Niagaa and higher than Victoria
Hastings Oeedo
1921 Catalog Froo
It's ready now. Ill handsomely Il
lustrated paces of worth-while seed
and garden news. This new eataloc,
we believe, is the most Valuable seed
book ever published. It contains
twenty fair pages of the most popular
Vegetables and flowers la their natu
ral colors, the finest work of Its kind
ever attempted.
With our photographio Illustration,
and color pictures alas from photo
graphs, wt show you Just what you
grow with Hastings' Seeds even be
fore you order the seeds. This cata
log makes garden and flower bed
planning easy and It should be la ev
ery single Southern home. Write us
a post-card for It, giving your name
and address. It will come to you
by return mall and you will be mighty
glad you've got it
Hastings' Seeds are the Standard
of the South and they have the larg
est mall order seed house In the world
back of them. They' got to be the
best Write now for the 1921 cata
log. It Is absolutely free.
The Kid la a Combination of pep,
curiosity, f'r.-lhnent, goodness, fun,
trouble and noise. Some days Be
brings his Father's gray hairs la Sor
rov Ui the Crave, and other days Be
Liiugs back Dad's lost youth. Tiie
Kid is hard to Get Along with some
times, but still We can't get along
Without him.

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