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Yosemite Park Rangers Make Difficult Snow Climb
Forest S. Townsley, chief ranger In Yosemite National park (center, with hat off), with a party made a difficult
and dangerous ascent from the floor of yosemite valley to Glacier Polnl on the rim In snow In places nearly 8 feet
deep. It took them 10 hours to make 11 miles and climb 3,250 feet. Going back they sat down and slid much of the
Bad Money Tale
Wins Leniency
Hobos Heave Thankful Sigh
When They Get Thirty Days
Instead of Five Years.
"Bgffalo Ike's" Sportive Dispensation
of Some $75,000, Gets Six Hobos
Into Trouble Barkeeper Finds
"Old Hickory's" Eyes Crossed.
Chicago. "Shoestring" Doyle and
his five companions heaved a thank
ful sigh as they gazed at the patched
moonlight on the floor of tbt; county
jail. ' '
For "Shoestring'.' and his mates
only bad 30 days to tbink of Instead
of five years thanks to the Ineffable
hospitality of one "Buffalo Ike" and
his gporti.ve dispensation of some $75,
000. One morning recently "Shoestring"
end his five partners, "Slim" Roach,
"Blackle" Steps, "Spuds" Miller,
'Dude" Smith, and "Texas" Ducrost,
climbed wearily from the rods of a
box car In one of lower Chicago's nu-.
merous freight yards.
Start Out to "Do the Town."
It wasn't warm that day, and Shoe
string's shoes leaked as they plodded
townward. They headed for the Ho
bo college for a feed Then they got
to Madison and Ilalsted.
"You see," they chorused later to
Judge Landis, "we were standin'
there givin' the town th' high sign and
wishin' for a drink, w'en a feller
comes along an' bump Into us.
"'Hello. Jack,' he sez to me. 'Want
a drink?'
"Now, honestly, Judge, them's no
words to say to me on a cold day
, ain't I right?
"What did I say? 1 said. 'Sure
where is it?'
"Then what do you t'lnk dat feller
did? He pulled out two double hand
fuls of bHls outa his pockets and he
says: 'Wheel Looka me I I'm Buf
falo Ike of Leadville, Colorado! I'm,
a wild wolf, an' I'm a-howlln' I An'
den he gives a handful of dem bills
to me and my podners. They was $50
bills, too.
"Now dls feller was lit up some and
us folks flggered it was time to beat
it after we got th' jack, 'cause he
mighta wanted it back. D'ya get me,
"Well," Shoestring continued, "we
ducked aroun' th' block and when we
seen he wasn't comin we headed for
a dump dat sells booze. In we went
an' up to th' bar.
"We asked for booze and we got It.
It had an awful kick fer th' next
thing I knew th' cops was shakin' me
But to Interpolate:
"Shoestring" gave the bartender
one of the $50 bills. Shoestring's ap
pearance was far from prosperous
the bartender looked carefully at the
"Old Hickory's" Eyes Crossed.
And behold the face of Andrew
("Old Hickory") Jackson which
looked back at him wasn't natural.
Old Hickory" had cross eyes. The
bartender phoned Capt. Thomas I.
Porter of the secret service, who
speedily arrived.
Shoestring and his companions went
to jail the bills were counterfeit.
"We ain't counterfeiters, Judge,"
the "Shoestring" appealed. "We
didn't know the Jack was queer.
We're just the fall guys for 'Buffalo
Ike, dat's all. He give us dat Jack
an' now we've got to stand th' stretch
for it. It ain't fair, is it, Judge?"
"W-e-1-1," drawled the Judge, "I'll
be easy on you fellows. Thirty days
Out In the hallway the quintet
grinned at each other:
"Ain't that a right guy?" Jubilated
"Shoestring." "There he mighta giv
en us a fiver apiece and he hands out
just 30 days. Ain't he th best dog
gone Judge in th judiciary? I'll tell
th' world he is."
"Justice ain't blind, is it?" one was
heard to say.
Here's a Tank That Can
Walk, Float and Dive
Paris. An amphibious tank
was demonstrated to French
naval and military authorities
at Marseilles by its inventor,
Leon Foenquin. 'The machine
resembles the ordinary whippet
tank except that it is propelled
from the stern. After crossing
trenches and climbing walls the
tank entered water, cruised on
the surface for a while, then
dived and crawled ashore along
the bottom. Gen. Monro and
Admiral Beaussant witnessed
the performance.
Meanest of All Sneak Thieves Take
.Props From Detroit Man and
Dash Away.
Detroit,. Mich. Albert C Malone
was the victim of what Is believed
to be one of the meanest thefts perpe
trated In Detroit in several months,
when sneak thieves robbed him of bis
crutches while he stopped' to adjust
his tie at Seldon and Cass avenues.
Malone notified the police that after
alighting from a bus to go to his
home he stopped beside a church on
the corner, placing his crutches
against the side of the building.
Two men of about twenty years of
age were standing on the corner and
each grabbed one crutch and ran.
The crutches had been purchased dur
ing the day at a downtown store and
Malone was taking them home 'for the
first time.
Inside Organs on Wrong Side.
Rutland, Vt. Though all his in
ternal orgnns are "on the wrong side,"
and he has tuberculosis, William
Bowen of West Charleston, Vt., a pa
tient at the Vermont sanitarium in
Pittsford, is going to get well, say the
doctors, to whom the man is an ana
toinicnl curiosity. X-ray pictures taken
to ascertain the conditions of the lungs
revealed the fact that his heart is on
the right side of his chest, the stomach
is misplaced, the liver on the left In
stead of the right side, and the ap
pendix on the left.
Industry Quadruples in Three Years,
Due to Help Given Farmers by
State Railways.
Buenos Aires. The cotton industry
in northern Argentina has quadrupled
in importance in three years as a result
of aid given to the farmers by the
state railways.
In 1918-19 approximately 12,000
acres were planted, while the 1920-21
crop embraces an area of about 50,000
The crop yield is from 1,200 to 1,600
pounds per acre, according to statistics
published by the railroads, one-third of
which is fiber and the rest seed. A gin
and a cotton-seed mill have been con
structed to take care of the crop.
The problem of the Argentine cotton
farmer is lack of labor for picking the
crop. Attempts have been made to use
machinery for this, but these have been
reported as being only partially successful.
Invalid Surgeon Removes Bullet
From Head of Convict.
Propped Up In Invalid Chair Dr. Chap,
man Performs Successfully Rare
Operation In Surgery.
Ossinlng, N. Y. The rare opera
tion of removing a bullet from a man's
brain was successfully accomplished
in Sing Sing prison hospital. A re
markable feature was that Dr. Wil
liam L. Chapman of Brooklyn, who
performed the work, was propped In an
invalid chair.
The operation was an attempt to
cure Insanity In a prisoner.
The presence of two bullets in the
brain was disclosed by X-ray, the
one removed being imbedded almost
two inches, while the' other was lodged
behind the right ear. When the first
bullet had been extracted the other
was found to be lodged solidly In the
tissue. After a consultation It was
decided not to touch It. The Incision
then was closed, and the patient re
gained consciousness.
The full operation lasted one hour.
A piece of skull the size of a silver
dollar first was removed, and into the
aperture Dr. Chapman inserted his in
dex finger gently, being careful not
to rupture the brain tissue or draw
blood. Deeper and deeper, with pain
ful slowness, the surgeon probed until
his finger came in contact with the
bullet. Then the surgeon slowly
worked his finger around and under
the object, gradually forcing It through
the tissue until It touched the side
of the skull, and then half lifted, half
pushed it, along the wall until It
reached the opening, where it was
taken out with forceps.
A Feeling of Security
You naturally feel secure when you
know that the medicine you are about to
rake is absolutely pure and contains no
harmful or habit producing drugs.
Such a medicine ia Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
The same standard of purity, strength
and excellence ia maintained in every
bottle of Swamp-Root.
It is scientifically compounded from
regetable herbs.
It is not a stimulant and is taken in
teaepoonful doses.
It is not recommended for everything.
It is nature's great helper in relieving
md overcoming kidney, liver and blad
der troubles.
A sworn statement of purity is with
every bottle of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root. If you need a medicine, you should
have the best. On sale at all drug stores
in bottles of two sizes, medium and larg..
However, if you wish first to try this
ireat preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
ample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper. Adv.
"The landlord is off his high
"That so?"
"Yes, I told hlra today we were
thinking of moving, and he actuaJly
said he hoped we would reconsider."
Important to Mother
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
Cor Infants and children, and see that It
Bears the rf -
Signature UitZZcJUU
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Caatoria
Honey. Is the "sweetest word in the
language, and the next sweetest
rhymes with It money.
It Is usually safe to judge a woman
by the things she doesn't say.
Let the money you save earn
more money for you by keep
ing it safely invested.
THERE are now more
than 90,000 owners of the
securities of Cities Service
Company and its subsidiary
corporations. An excellent
way to share in the profits
they are receiving is to pur
6 Cumulative Preferred Stock
An Investment of
in this security will
give you a
monthly income of
Cities Service Company stands in
the first rank among producing
oil companies of the I'dited States,
is extensively engaged in the
transporting, refining and distrib
uting of petroleum and petroleum
products, and is one of the prin
cipal public utility operating or
ganizations of the country, serving
more than 630 communities in
the United States and Canada.
Write utfot information and
ask for ThriI Booklel-3
Henry L. Doherty
& Company
Bond Department
60 Wall Street, New York
WE ARE NOW SHIPPING by prepaid par
cel poat atrong field-grown Hermuda Onion
and Porto Kico Potato Planta; 2(0, tl. Lead
ing varieties Tomatoea. Peppers and EgsT
Planta, dozen, 30c; 100, $1. Satisfaction given
or money returned. If Interested in larger
quantities write or wire HAVANA PLANT
FARM. Midway, Oadsden County. Florida.
From Factory Direct to Smoker
Buy Your Cigars Direct From the Maker and
Save the Wholesaler's and Retailer's Profits
The El-Lo is a strictly
hand-made, carefully se
lected long filler, import
ed Sumatra wrapper Ci-
far of the finest quality,
he El-Lo is as good as
many 15c smokes on the
market. We sell direct
to the smoker in lots of
100 at 8c each
60 at 0c each
25 at 10c each
Parcel Post prepaid
Send us $1.00 and we
will mail you at once a
sample box of 10 of our
El-Lo cigars. Smoke
them and note the won
derful aroma. See how
Sood they are. Then or
er any quantity you
wan and save the differ
ence between the price
you pay us and what you .
would have-to pay the
cigar man.
THE LEE-LO CIGAR CO., A S. Howard St., Baltimore, Md.
Established Sine 1898
Camp Zachary Taylor
On the grounds at Louisville. Ky., be
ginning on Monday, April 25th, 10 a.m.
and continuing daily until disposed oL
This property representing a Government expenditure of
10 Million Dollars
w ill be sold in units to suit purchasers. This sale
will comprise about 2,000 acres of valuable land,
adjoining the City of Louisville, Audubon Park
and Audubon Golf Course, subdivided into home
sites, factory areas and truck gardens, with :
sewerage, city water, electric lights and cars,
also about 2,000 buildings of various dimensions,
a yast quantity of plumbing material, heatinp
equipment, boilers, hot water heaters, stoves?
ranges, tanks, radiators, motors, piping, re
frigerating plants, etc. There will be neither
reservation, upset price nor by-bid, but THE
This is an sbiolute ssle. Yon win or yon loie oa April 25th. Wt sell ee
Isnd privstelr, but do sn sxolusive anotioo bosincss. No set pries no
ressrvstion, no by bidding, so private sale. This has been our motto
lor ths twelve yesrs we have been in Easiness, during which time ws
hive operated from the Greet Lakes n the Gull, end hsvs never .
fsiled or refused to sell a single pieea ol land, or property or any kind,
after it was plaoed nnder the hammer, Yoa make ths pries. Ths
Government makes the deed. That's all.
For Detailed Inventory, Term etc. .
Louisville Real Estate & Development Co.
D. C. CLARKE, Pres.. Stub Bnildiif, UairtilU, fy. ,
SaU$ Agtnt. War Dipartmtnt, U. 3. A.
i .. s '

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