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j If m$y ms& : BNf rlti
.." proofs tp'supHiazrS . :'t-IJf I Yt I I
yy ArUA. or New Guluea. as s$V h IU'a H ' I VlBl
y we have usually been ac- IcSJt Atl j wJi H I VT
customed , to call It, J mM A&L. 4fM.
.j though known to the ZjL.., "' ' jfjNSSV"''" "
"" HX Western world for cen r sVj0 vf ' mgmt ' FwiTV
- ' turles and settled by Eu- v UFT 4 ifjgW ti5 -
APUA. or New Guluea, as
we have usually been ac
customed , to call It,
tliouirli known to the
Western world for cen
turles and settled by Eu
ropeans along Its sea
edge, remains one of the
few real rtelds for the
"d a r 1 n z exnlorer. The1
. viargest Island on tlie globe. If Aus
ralla be considered continent, Its
Interior Is still to a. considerable ex
. tent-a region of mystery. Extreme
physical hardships hamper tbe adven
turous traveler there, and many of the
natives are still heud-hunters andean
vlbals. ' :
The British, who since the World
war possess the entire eastern half of
'the Island, have been the most per.
sistent explorers of .'Papua and some
UlJ few real rields for the 3 ZrK, If I mfw HffJ W If ft Jfc
- -of .them, have had . remarkable, and
thrilling experiences there. .- One of
.. . those Intrepid Englishmen, E..W. Pear-
on : Chlnaery Ja -the, only whiter man
who ever witnessed the ceremony with
which the Manua tribesmen; Initiate
' their youths into manhood. - And not
only that he was ' himself Initiated
Into (he tribe. Here: is the way , he
tells.it: ;; ' r"J -' '
It was at Kokoda, 2,500 feet above
sea level, on the slopes of Mount Vlc
toria, that I tirst heard the "bullroar
r," called "the Voice of the Jungle
Spirit" by natives of Papua. I had
just returned from a long, arduous
expedition in the mountains. Tired
and wearied by the excessive strain, I
was resting on the veranda of the
home-made bungalow which served as
1ho residency, when there came sud-
denly to my ears a succession of
ghastly shrieks '.'followed by ' long
drawn sobs, strangely human yet ob
viously not human. . Then came a-series
: of indescribable blood-curdling
sounds which culminated In a pitiful
moan. The sounds came from the di
rection of the Manua villages to which
my small cook boy belonged. "Mam
bia," I cried to him, "whatever is
that?" But he fled from me In terror
with his hands over his ears.
NOr could I obtain any information
from the other natives on the station.
It is the "voice of the demon which
dwells In the bush," they said, but
beyond that I could learn nothing.'
Invited to the Ceremony.
- The villages were only a few mo
ments' walk, so thither I went for en
lightenment, for it is good that an
olflcer should know what Is happen
ing In his district. I was met on the
track by three of the chiefs who,
strangely enough, were about to call
on me to discuss the very matter I
liad come to investigate.
"Master," the spokesman began,
"many years have passed since he
government came to our district, and
during all that time our tribe has not
been able to prepare Its young men for
manhood, for the needs of the gov
ernment have required tljem to be ever
ut band. Since you have been here
our people have served you loyally and
with confidence. Now we come to
ask your permission to hold our sacred
ceremonies that our young men may
formally enter manhood. In three
moons' they will be 'men.' May they
be free from service for that period J"
"You have permission to do any
thing that Is for the welfare of the
r tribe so long as it does not conflict
wltb the laws of the government," 1
.replied. .
"No white man has ever witnessed
our sacred ceremonies, but It would
please us to have our master one who
knows our customs. Would you bo
Initiated?" they asked. .;-.,..
' I 'flw j 7 ' 'A i "z.
Would I be "free to report all that
I saw?" I asked. ' r : v . m :
"Quite free, so far as your own peo
pJe are concerned, but death comes to
one of our own tribe should he be
come acquainted With the mysteries
without first being prepared and In
itiated," they said.
When I returned to the station that
evening I was a member of the Manua
tribe, having been formally Initiated
Into the most sacred institution of a
primitive people. What I learned was
Preparing the Youths.
Before boys and girls are qualified
to take their places as adult members
of the tribe they are required to pass
through certain grades. The priv
ileges of each grade are conferred dur
ing ceremonies which take place after
the candidate has undergone a course'
of preparation. The first distinction
is the right to wear the nose bone.
When the child is about six years of
age a person appointed for the pur
pose squeezes the septum of the can-
diate's nose with finger-nails which
have been heated over a fire, and then
pierces it with a bone. A piece of
wood is placed In position to keep the
hole distended until the wound has
healed, nd after the operation the
child, heavily decorated and ornament
ed, remains seated In the house of
the operator until the gift of a pig and
some food by the parents confirms the
right of the child to wear the nose-
bone to distinguish It from children
of a lower grade. In this state the
child advances to puberty, and then
the process of serious training begins
the preparation for its life as : an
Nothing much Is known of the treat
ment of the girls, but the boys are
placed in an indosure and for some
months are secluded from all except
ing the elders who train them. Every
possible method is devised to instruct
the youths In a mode of behavior cal
culated to promote the Interests of
the tribe.
Supreme Test Is Rough.
At last the time comes for the su
preme test. All through this period
of seclusion the voices of "devils"
(bullroarers) have been heard outside
the houses of learning, and whenever
the "voice" has ?ome to their ears the
candidates have been forced to per
form certain movement's lest they
should be struck dead by nnseen hands.
Now they are required to enter the
very midst of the "devils."
A high scaffolding Is erected in the
village and all the women and chil
dren other than tho mothers of can
didates are seat to some other locality, i
Then ona iilglif, .lust n the moon ite
above the roof of the Jungle and casts
a pale eerie light over the village
square, the trembling novices, denud
ed of all clothing, are conducted by
the elders to the edge of the square.
They see before them a long lane of
crouching figures queerly garbed the
"devils" which are to test them. The
crouching figures spring Into action;
blood-curdling yells fill the nir. Small
groups of "demons" clutch the shrink
ing lads and stamp up and down,
round and round the village, rubbing
tiu'ir bodies and throwing them in the
air. The din Is Infernal. Onecan
scarcely credit that sounds such as
these could come from human throats.
Up on the scaffolding they cast their
human "handballs," but before the
terror-stricken lads can climb ; out of
reach they are pulled d wn again. The
mothers of tho lads, weeping and
shrieking, rush Into the groups to try
to rescue their boys. "Oh demons,"
they cry, "do not harm my boy; he
Is worthy." "lie Is not worthy," they
shriek in reply, "this is his death
dance." He sees others rushing at
him with clubs uplifted to strike, but
before they can fall rough hands
snatch him away and he Is tossed and
whirled through the air over and over
again. Deadly tired and semi-demented,
he Is placed on the scaffold for a
brief respite, but acrobatic "demons"
spring to his side and perform strange
Inhuman "Catherine wheels" and other
movements, as they chuckle and jeer
at him and mutter horrible threats.
"Demons" In the trees overhead upset
vessels of lcyxold water over him, and
again he Is dragged from his resting
place and almost torn asunder. But
at last the "demons" consent to let
him rest. Then he Is covered frotn
head to foot with large cloaks of
bark cloth. With his back turned he
clings to the scaffolding in fear and
trembling while the bullroarers are
brought In.
For hours the novices stand on their
lofty perches with their heads hidden-from
the "devils' voices." Then
they are proclaimed worthy and the
"demons" are explained to them. Food
Is distributed to guests from other
tribes by the elders,, who move quickly
from man to- man with a queer trot
ting gait.
These depart for their own villages
and the youths return to their houses
of learning for Instruction In. the bull
roarer, the sacred flute, and other mu
sical Instruments of the Initiation.
Here they remain until the conditions
of the ceremony are fulfilled,' when
they become entitled to the fruit of
their, course- manhood i and roarrlaft.
LJ : j XMEftL"
Newest jfaf n
Creation. ! yOp
mm 3mr
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