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(Prepared by th United State Department
of A(rcultura.)
It Is a good practice to reserve a
.mall comer of the garden for a
eeed bed. Here, through special prep
aration of the Boll it is possible to pro
duce better plants than could other
wise be secured. The gardener can
transplant from the seed bed to the
garden, thus making the plants more
tocky. The location of an outdoor
seed bed should be such that It may
be conveniently reached for watering,
and It should be naturally protected
from drying winds.
Good soli for a seed bed consists
of one part of well-rotted manure, two
parts of good garden loam or rotted
sods, and one part of sharp, tine sand.
The manure should be thoroughly
rotted, but It should not have been
exposed to the weather and the
strength leached out of It. The addi
tion of leaf mold or peat will tend to
make the soil better adapted for, need
bed purposes. Mix all the Ingredients
for planting seeds In a hotbed, cold
frame or bed In the garden, except
that the rows should be fur. her upart
than in the window box. By planting
In stralght'rows the seedlings will be
more uniform in size and shape, and
thinning and cultivating will he more
easily accomplished. In all cases
where the soil of the seed bed Is not
too wet. it should be well tinned or
Gooa Type of Horse Cultivator,
Well Suited to Garden Use.
A Small Hand Cultivator; a Desirable
Addition to the Garden Equipment.
together in a heap, stirring well with
a shovel, after which the soil should
be sifted and placed In boxes or In
the bed ready for sowing the seed.
Seed Sowing.
. Garden seeds . should always be
sown In straight rows regardless of
where the planting Is made. If a flat
or a window box Is employed for
starting early plants in a dwelling, the
soil should be well firmed and then
laid olT In straight rows about 2 Inches
apart. The same method holds good
pressed down before laying off and
marking for sowing the seeds. After
the seeds are sown and covered, the
surface snotild again be Armed by
means of a smooth board. Lima beans,
melons, cucumbers and other garden
crops niny be started In berry baskets,
on sod or In paper bands indoors, and
the whole transferred to the garden
when the weather permits, thus gain
Ing considerable time. Thirty to fifty
hills of extra-early potatoes may even
be had by starting ;.s many seed pieces
in a box in the living room or In a hot
bed and subsequently handling the
plants the same us tomato plants.
Depth of Planting and Distance Apart.
So general rule can be given with
regard to depth of planting, as differ
ent kinds of vegetables and different
soils necessitate different practices.
The smaller the seeds the shallower
the covering should be. In heavy soils
the covering should be lighter than In
light soils. The following table gives
the depth of planting of the various
vegetable seeds, as well as the quan
tity of seeds or number of plants re
quired lor 100 feet of row and the dis
tance apart lor the rows and the plants
.ln the rows:
Gardeners' Planting Table.
Quantity of seeds and number of plants required for 100 feet of row, depths
of planting, and distance apart for rows and plants.
. of vegetable
for 100 feet of row
. Bush
Bush Lima..
' Pole Lima.
Corn, sweet..
, Bets
Sweet.... .
t ounce.
1 pint
to 1 pint
V Pint
2 ounces...
V4 ounce...
1 ounce....
4 ounce...
4 ounce...
14 ounce...
y Pint
V4 ounce...
',4 ounce...
4 ounce . .
lg ounce...
ft ounce...
1 ounce....
2 ounces...
1 ounce....
t quart....
4 ounce...
4 ounce...
1 to 2 pints
6 to 6 lbs..
S lbs
1 ounce....
1 ounce
1 ounce....
4 ounce...
A ounce...
',4 ounce...
ty ounce...
60tO 8U
65 to 90
60 to 75
200 to 250
65 to 100
60 to 70
IS to 200
76 (slips)
35 to 50
Depth for
1 to lft
ltt to 2
lMi to 2
1V4 to 2
1 to 1V4
1 to lMs
Distance apart
3 to 4
2H to a
2 to2H
2V4 to 3
i to2H
2V4 to 3
3 to 4
2 to2H
3 to 34
4 toS
2 to 3
2 to 214
1 toll 6 toe
1 to 2 8 to 10
1 to!
1 to 2
H to 1 2 to 2V4
2 to 3 3 to 4
4 2'A to 3
2 to 3 4 to 5
Htol 2
H to 1 2
1 to I 2
1 to) 3 to 4
1 to! 7 to 10
H to 1 3 to 4
Vto M 2
Hand -cultivation
2 feet.
2 feet
2V4 feet
3 feet
15 to 18 Inches
2 to 2V4 feet.
IS to 18 inches
2 to 2V4 feet.
18 to 24 Inches
18 to 24 Inches
2V4 to 3 feet
4 to 5 feet...
2 to 2 feet
IS to 24 inches
15 to 18 Inches
5 to 6 feet...
8 to 10 feet..
3 feet
1C Inches...
1C Inches...,
15 to 18 Inches
2 to 3 feet..
2 to 2 feet..
4 to 6 feet....
12 to 15 Inchesi
IS to 18 Inches
15 to 18 inches
3 to 4 feet
7 to 10 feet...
2 to 3 feet....
15 to 18 Inches
Plants In row
16 Inches
3 to 4 Inches
6 to 10 inches
3 to 4 feet
4 to 6 Inches
14 to 18 Inches
3 to 4 Inches
15 to 18 Inches
4 to 6 Inches
12 to 18 lnches
10 to 12 Inches
15 Inches
18 to 24 Inches
8 to 10 inches
6 to 10 Incites
J Drills, 18 In.
( Hilla, 6 feet
J Drills, 2-3 ft.
( Hills, 8 feet
! feet
3 to 4 inches
3 to 4 Inches
3 to 4 Inches
3 to 4 Inches
1 Inch
12 to 18 Inches
14 to 18 Inches
1 inch
1 inch
1 to 2 Inches
( Drills, 16"-1S"
(Hills, 4 feet
J Drills, 2-3 ft
(Hills, 8 feet
2 to 3 feet
2 to 3 Inches
Spring Hats in
the Big Shops
If you want to see a fresh promise
of spring and all the clothes that sea
son brings with It, then walk on Fifth
avenue aud look at the bright new
hats In the windows, advises a fash
Ion writer In the New York Times.
They nt least are all ready and wait
ing for warmer days to mine; and. In
fact, they are even begging prettily to
be worn right now. Many of them are
sohappiJy constructed that their mate
rials seem to say: "Here Is some
thing more suitable for this time of
ear than the bat you have on." Nw.
you know, that Is the most fatal sort
of temptation. Kor who does not se
cretly long for a new hat at this sea
son of the year?
The next most Inspirational thing to
do is to watch the models as they try
on these brilliant new creations and
see just exactly how they should be
worn. Kor It Is the posing of a hat.
after nil, that gives Its true style;
without Its proper and destined angle
it amounts to nothing; one must not
only have courage and coin enough to
buy new things In headgear, but one
must then understand how to wear
them effectively If the best nppenrance
In the world is to he the outcome.
Almost Obscure the Eyes.
The new hats set straight over the
eyes, but they manage almost to ob
scure the eyes nevertheless. At one
time they contented themselves with
obliterating from sight the right eye.
The seed ted should never be allowed to become dry, but great care should
be taken that too much water Is not applied. Plants require the action of air
upon their roots and an excess of water In the soil will exclude the ait. Too
frequent and heavy waterings will cause the damping-off of the seedlings.
Example of Black Satin Bow on Pic
ture Hat; Hat Mr.de of Match
Sticks in Red and Black.
but there Is nothing of that partiality
shown now. The newer hats push
dow.i over both eyes, regardless of
whether they are r'ght or left, and to
the discretion of the wearer Is left
the decision of whether she shall be
allowed, to see her way clearly before
her or not.
After they have attended t" this
little duty, which Is a cast-iron ruling
of the season, then the hats or turbans
or toques or whatever they may be,
go forth upon various ways of their
own. Really they seem to be allowed
the greatest amount of latitude about
the shapes hi which they shall appear.
They turn away from the face, many
of them. It Is a sharp, sure turning,
but It does not stop at that. Having
achieved the upward spread that It Is
sure to have, It then sprends on to the
sides down, or out, or drooping at
the back. In some way or other the
brim of the most modern of hats
creates a sweep that Is conspicuously
It Is in the matter of trimmings, per
haps, where the new hats excel and
show their freshness. There Is not
much trimming, mind you nothing re
sembling overcrowding hut what Is
there Is so perfectly arranged and
composed with the hat and its shape
that It leaves nothing to he desired.
Million, In bows and loops and ends.
Is one of the favored trimmings for the
snrhig. and It certainly Is plensiiR- to
see this being used to so great an ex
tent. Women aiwayi find ribbons be
coming. They car be twlsied and
turned and puffed I. so many fasrlmit
Ing ways thai the hat with ribbon trim
ming Inevitably become a Haltering
thing to wear. Then there is this new
craze for moire, which brings with It
a moire ribbon to he used on hats. One
bat among the never ones has a brim
made entirely of this sort of ribbon
carelessly puffed Into the crown to
form a softly rolling brim. Over the
left ear the 'irim disappears almost
entirely ami there two-wired pointed
ends of the ribbon stick straight out
into the air. The softly folded crown
Is then made In velvet and the hat is
Another rlhhon-lrlinined hut shows
a large and rolling brlin, and is ralher
broader in proportion to most of the
hats now seen. It Is made of a light
ish brown straw, and then It has a'
wide taffeta peach-colored ribbon
dra-'n tightly over the fact's of the
brim toward the front, where at the
brim's peak it Is tied into a stiff, up
ward standing bow. It is a most un
usual sort of hat and a very interest
ing one, though it Is so decidedly new
in character that one must have
temerity to wear It a. a pattern for
the rest of the world to follow.
Use of Grosgrain Ribbon.
Grosgralu ribbon Is used to make
whole, shaped brim turbans. It hat
so much body that almost anything
can be done with It and many, of the
newer hats will be found to have their
starting point In grosgrain, with a
little straw to help them out. Some
of, these hats succeed In looking like
miniature airplanes, so winglike are
the arrangements of ribbon that float
away at one side or the other, or
sometimes from both sides, of the
closely fitting crown.
Ribbon that Is narrow and plaited
and formed Into various sorts of
rosettes Is another favorite type of
trimming, and, like the grosgrain
brims just described, these succeed in
making the hat more or less, once
they start out to trim It. A yellow
hat of straw with quite a Chinese
shape to It, pointing u.j ove. the eyes,
has a series of black plaited rosettes
arranged In regular succession around
its brim.
Then satin ribbon is used in loops
upon loops, drooping dowr. at one side
from hats that are stiff and unrelent
ing In all other directions. It is in
teresting to see these little, quite bor
derlike turbans suddenly tpke it Into
their heads to show all thit squashy
ribbon on one side, and, besides giv
ing to the hat a Jaunty quai'ty to be
come the face, the ribbon carries out
the design most gracefully.
Repeating the idea from many of
Hie spring frocks, ribbon is again
formed Into points and seml-clrcles to
trim the rounded brims of some of
the hats. For instance, round the up
ward turning and round brim of a lit
tle red hat there was a row of red
ribbon points peeping from behind the
brim's edge. This made the hat, for
there was no other form of trimming
to be seen, and, while the ribbon was
exactly the same tone as the straw of
the hat, It had a t -cidedly decorative
quality about It and gave the smart
est sort of a look to the little novelty.
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Garfield Tea
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Grandmother's Remedy
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end Intestinal HI.
This good old-fashioned
herb home
remedy for consti
pation, stomach Ills
and other derange
ments of the sys
tem so prevalent these days Is in evea
greater favor as a family medicine
than in your grandmotnor's day.
Shave With
Cuticura Soap
The New Way
Without Mug
She Feeds the Brutes.
Harold Lloyd learned the definition
of a wife through a conversation lie
heard the other day on the Hal Bk
Koiich studios lot between two col
ored "extras." Every topic under the
sun had been exhausted when th
younger one said:
tjtoi niij oiitiy coo&iii ior jti :
"Deed I lias. Got a good cooi."
"Had her long?"
"Come U7 yealis."
".Mus cos a lot.
"Man, it don' cos' nothin'. It's mate
wife." - s
rod red blood is the only sure
foundation of Permanent
Health and Vigor.
Some Other Styles of Hats
SXr Si.- "
"r?jr. ', v f -
' ' ".' 'AV- ---.. M. r- i
.WN: .Z'
When the Garden Is to Be Worked by Horses,
and Straight.
the Rows Should Be Long
A lint made of black sntln had
black satin ribbon drawn over Its
crown Into two stiff bows, which jut
ted out at the rignt side. And another
hat of the same foundation material
hud a stiff bow of black ribbon set
pcross the hack, so that Its sweep
showed from the front as an outline
for that portion of the silhouette.
Heads are having a great opportun
ity as far as the newer spring hats
are concerned. There is nothing oh
vious or at nil passe about the way
in which they are handled, but the
rule seems to be that, if originality
crnies into the ganu at nil, bends and
dangles and spangles are quite the
nicest thing to use. Kor instance,
most of the bends used are lnr;re and
ornamental and cle.nr as cnystnl.
v' ether they are In colors or In pure
white. There are loop of them over
the ears or across the front of the hat
or across the hack, arid often these
loops hung down and away from the
hat, so that they create the impression
of chains about the neck rather than
about the hat-
Indeed, often a chain is used for
the neck, to repeat the beads on the
hat and to carry out the design the
hat establishes. There are beads
sewed Into rosettes, and heads made
Into tassels, and heals hung at regu
lar intervals around the edges of hats
Hut wherever they are, they are love
ly to look upon, and they promise to
have a decided vogue In the spring,
when every one begins to wear the
lighter sort of lints.
Earrings are almost a necessity with
many of the new hats, and so neces
sary are they to the prevalent designs
that many milliners hnve seen fit to
sew them Into the lints, so that there
shall be no iiestibn about whether
they shall be worn or not.
Good color, bright eyes, solid flesh,
erect bearing are dependent upon rich
red blood. If your blood is nt up to
the mark your general health can not
be. Late hours, eating the wrong foods,
working indoors, fatigue, affect th
blood. So many people eat well and
take exercise, yet never seem to Im
prove In health, dude's Pepto-Mungan
taken regularly for a while gives the
blood that richness and redness that
produces bounding health and vigor.
It is a simple, natural way to get well
and strong. (iude's I'epto-Mangan
comes In liquid or tablets at your
druggist's. Advertisement.
The unhappy husband was unbur
dening himself of his tale cf woe.
"But how did so niismnted a couple
happen to meet in the first place?" Hill
"We sang In the same church choir,'
explained the unhappy husband.
"Ah I You met by chants, eh?" Kill
Three weeks later, after he hml
emerged from the hospital, the court
ruled that the defendant had tided in
Important to Nrothers
Examine carefully every bottle ot
CASTORIA, that famous old retried
for Infants an t children, and see that It -
In Use for Over 30 Tears.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Novelty in Suits.
A novelty seen in suits for the
spring is the use of phiited hand'
turned Into flower forms and forming
a border finish on the jacket, and again
on the collar cuffs. The skirt is plaid
on straight lines, giving the keynote
of colors repeated In the jacket.
The World's Tonnage.
The gross tonnage, inclmlinsr ships
afloat and a!o under construction, is
iibout Gi'.OOO.UlO. The United Kingdom
claims just ever a third of the world's
steam tonnage. There are cap
tains idle In England.
XlftmWt leWirt Ftll t U Ciliai
" nmwty. D,wl M tw terai Mt.
i awinw ue MaMUM,
. a. miu. compact, ecrtorf

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