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If So, Commence Taking Glide's
Pepto-Mangan and Get Back
to Good Health
I.ack of vitality, a feeling of tired
ness, bad breath, pale Hps, colorless
cheeks, loss of weight, flabby flesh,
lessened strength all of these call for
the immediate use of Gude's Pepto
Mangan. It will positively produce
satisfactory results. Try taking It
1 with your meals for a few weeks and
be surprised with the Improvement In
your condition. Gude's Pepto-Mangan
will help you back to strength during
convalescence from any Illness. It has
been prescribed successfully by phy
sicians everywhere for thirty years.
It is a recognized Iron tonic of honest
merit. For sale In liquid and tablet
form by all druggists. Ask for it by
the full name, "Gude's Pepto-Mangan."
Paternal Influence.
"Whom does Charles take his mu
sical talent after?"
"Well, his father never liked work."
Thousands Have Kidney
Trouble and Never
Suspect It
Applicants for Insurance Often
Judging from reports from druggiits
4rho are constantly in direct touch with
the public, there ia one preparation that
naa been very successful in overcoming
these conditions. The mild and healing
influence of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is
soon realized. It stands the highest for
its remarkable record of success.
An examining physician for one of the
prominent Life Insurance Companies, in
an interview on the subject, made the as
tonishing statement that one reason why
so many applicants for insurance are re
jected is because kidney trouble is so
common to the American people, and the
large majority of those whose applica
tions are declined do not even suspect
that they have the disease.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root is on sale
at all drug stores in bottles of two sizes,
medium and large. However, if you wish
first to test this great preparation send
ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingham
ton, N. Y., for a sample bottle. When
writing be sure and mention this paper.
The Truth.
' "You can't reason with a woman."
"No, ray boy; -70men are hard to
and MICE
Always use the genuine
It forces these pest to run from the building foi
water and f resb air. Rats, mice, cockroaches, wawr
bngs and ante destroy food and property and are
carriers of disease.
Directions in 16 languages Id erery box.
3 os. site Ko. U os. si se 11.60.
Ladies Let Cuticura
Keep Your Skin
Fresh and Young
Soap 25c, Oiatmeat 25 sad 50c, Talc am 25c
for th prompt relief of Aethma
and Hay Fever. Aak your dru
clat for It. 2S oenta and on dol
lar. Writ for FREE SAMPLE.
Northrop i Lyman Co.,lnc,Buftlo, N.Y.
When Fowl Are Off Their Feed and
Act Dumpish a Little Pepper
Will Brace Them Up.
(Prepared by the United Stales Drparimrn
of Agriculture
A flock of laying liens in u liealtl
has no need for condiment:. a
poultrymen of the United S.u;es li
partment of Agriculture. A lien wlmst
digestive apparatus is in K"'d work
tng order needs no more Mtiniwl.itim
for egg production thiin Is pro itied u.
a good, well-baluhced ration, propyl
care and housing. But when hens n.-t
oft their feed and look dumpish a liuli
Jigger of pepper or something of tli
sort in the ration may cause her i
pick up and run on all cylinder
Various snappy and pungent coml.
ments are used for the purpose, bin
the following mixture has been ftmni
as good as any and may be nude ii
by the flock owner at low cost : Mi
equal parts of ground red pepper
ground allspice, ground ginger ant
ground cloves, and one-lutlf pari ot
ground fenugreek seed. Many of tlit
condiments sold to flock owners art
largely filler and sell for a high price
In the mixture given there Is nothinv
but the essentials. A tablespoonful
of the mixture In 2 quarts of inois;
mash 2 or 3 times a week or u tea
spoonful in 1 quart daily should he
":v t
1 !
.y. jfttieav Ei
i-6."il- iani-2 JTJ2 5
Don't Keep a Rooster Hens Lay Bet
ter Without the Presence of a Male
fed until the birds are back In good
It Is not good practice for poultry-
men to feed these things when the
flock is In good appetite. When feed
attracts hens little more can be done
to stimulate the egg organs.
Brood In ess Can Be Discouraged by
Confining Hens In Coop With
Slat Bottom.
BABY CHICKS of Quality; leading varieties.
Prices llo to lTo. Circulars free.
Blue Mound Hatchery, Mill town, Ind.
Our West Virginia Grown
Nursiery Stock. Fins can yasslng outfit FRBS.
Cash Commission Paid Weakly. WRITE tor terms.
Mason City. W. Vsu
TAmg You Should Know About
Song Writing."
Sons poems wanted for free lamina
tion. We write music, secure copy,
rlahta and facilitate publication. 8CC
46th Street, New York. Department N.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Turkey hens can easily bo broken
of their broodiness by confining ilieni
for two or three days to a coop with
a slot bottom. They will mate soon
after being let out of the coop and
begin laying In about a week. The
first two or three eggs of a litter art
usually laid at the rate of one every
other day, after which the hens ordi
narily lay every day until they are
broody, although sometimes they skip
one day before laying the last egg of
a litter.
There Is no particular time of day
when a turkey hen lays, but most of
the eggs are laid In the morning, say
poultry specialists in the United States
Department of Agriculture. The fol
lowing dates of laying and lengths of
time remaining on the nest were ob
tained by watching a turkey hen dur
Ing the laying season, and are typical :
Time of Time of
Date laying leaving nest
March 27 3:00 p. m 4:00 p. m.
March 29 11:00 a. m 1:00 p. m
March 31 8:30 a. m 10:00 a. m.
April 1 11:00 a. m 1:00 p. m.
April 2 4:00 p. m 6:00 p. m.
April 3 11:00 a. m 12:30 p.m.
April 4 8:30 a. m 9:30 a. m.
April 6 9:00 a. m 3:00 p. m.
April 6 9:00 a. m 2:00 p. m.
April 7 9:00 a. m 3:00 p. m.
April 8 10:00 a. m 4:00 p. m.
April 9 10:30 a. m 4:00 p. m.
April 10 10:00 a. m 6:00 p. m.
April U 10:00 a. m 6:00 p. m.
April 12 7:30 a. m
April 14
Chaff and Refuse From Hayloft la
Preferred as Seeds Are Most!
The best litter for the floor of poul
try houses and coops Is the chaff and
refuse from the hayloft. Hayseeds
themselves are small, but Invigorating,
and much of the benefit derived from
them Is due to the work Induced by
the seeds.
Taste is a matter of
tobacco quality
We state it ?i our honest
belief that the tobaccos ucd
in Chesterfield are of finer
quality (and hence of better
taste) than in any other
cigarette at the pice.
Haiti 6t Mjm Ttbacc Ca.
of Turkish and Domestic tobaccos bltnded
Pope Gregory XIII Left Lasting Monu
ment Other Famous Heads of
the Roman Church.
Of all the long list of popes, Greg
ory XIII has probably left the most
lasting monument, for he framed the
calendar we use today, and it still
bears his name. Gregory completed
his calendar In 1582.
In more modern times a pope of out
standing personality was Plus DC, who
in 1846 broke the age-old tradition that
the pope should never preach a ser
mon. It happened in this way. A
famous preacher of the time, Padre
Ventura, whose eloquence attracted
great crowds, had arranged to preach
at a church In Rome, but at the last
moment he was taken ill and the dis
appointed people were about to dis
perse when suddenly the bells rang
and it was announced that the sov
ereign pontiff had arrived In the
church. The pope entered the pulpit
and preached a sermon which the his
torian of the time has described as a
simple, good, plain sermon, easily in
telligible to all." It was the first time
a pope had preached for 300 years.
Many a man makes his mark in the
world because be is unable to write.
Outside Influence.
Bub "What do you think of short
skirts?" Dub "Well, It doesen't de
pend upon the skirts."
Love laughs at locksmiths? Non-
sense I Aren't nearly all the lock
smiths married?
Fool Question Met Merited Rebuke
From Colored Preacher Surely
Right on One Point.
Bishop Candler, of Atlanta,- was con
demning a certain theological contro
versy. "Such Idle controversies," he said,
"remind me of the colored preacher
who began a sermon with the words:
"'Breddern and slstern, when de
fust man, Adam, was created, he was
made outer wet clay and set up agin
de palin's to dry.'
"A member rose In the back of the
"'Pawson,' be said, incrednlonsly,
'does yo ser'onsly state dat Adam was
made outer wet clay and set up agin
de palin's to dry?
"'Dem's mah words, Br'er Simcox.
Dem's mah words 1'
" 'Den, pawson, who made de pal
in's?' "'Br'er Simcox, set down,' said the
parson Beverly. 'Such fool questions
as yourn would upset any system of
theology.' "
They'd Know About It
One day young aunty was left in
charge of the small apartment and
the two children.
"I'm going into the kitchen to pre
pare baby's milk, Bobby," she said
Importantly; "you he sure to call me
when he wakes up."
"Oh, you'll hear him for yourself,"
flung Bobby; "that kid turns himself
on the minute he wakes up he's his
own alarm clock 1"
In Earlier Years the Illicit Liquor Wa
Supposed to Be Made Only
at Night.
America calls the liquor illicitly dis
tilled, especially in the Alleghany
mountains, "moonshine." The appar
ent reason is that it is belfeved to be
distilled at night and secretly trans
ported without payment of a tax or the
authority of official permit The fact
ia, of course, that the secret stills
work as hard in day as at night
England used the word In similar
manner, though not in the same,
sense. Over there moonshine is
liquor that has been smuggled into
the country without payment of a tax.
The smuggling Is usually done by
small boats from the continent, that
land at lonely shores at night and the
cargo Is unloaded by the light of the
moon. It was this that gave the l.quor
Its generic name.
American moonshine Is raw, im
aged and often uncolorerT spirits. Brit
ish moonshine may be the finest bran
dy from France, the choicest rum from
Jamaica. In the British Isles, especially
Ireland, the popular name for lvome
dlstilled spirits is "mountain dew," be
cause it is in the hills that it Is made,
far from the prying eyes of the ex
cise man.
State of Washington.
The state of Washington was fr
merly a part of Oregon and was cre
ated a territory In 1853. It was ad
mitted to the Union as a state Feb
ruary 22, 1889.
Did you ever try GrapeNuts O
with sted prunes or peaches:
THERE isn't anything better for breakfast or
lunch than a dish of -Grape-Nuts, with cream
or milk, and stewed prunes or peaches.
This delicious combination gives you the ele
ments of a well-balanced food. For it contains
not only the material needed to build tissue and
furnish energy, but it also supplies fruit acids,
that help keep the system in good order.
Go to your grocer today and order a package
of delicious Grape-Nuts. You will find that it
will digest more readily than most other cereals,
and it will "stay by" you longer because it's so
richly nourishing.
- s

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