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-TZP When
irfltrSk Eat
It elae kill mice, eockroaohaa, water bar
o int. ji xoreee utee mti to ma from
kulldlna' for water and freea air. A lie
e eootalne eaouah to klU I to rata
mr miee. oat tt Irom rear amff or naral
cere dealer today.
kzady roR usi-Brrrat than traps
Sufferer from this dlatraaetna- eomnlalnt
aa Mar quick relief by ualne ORBBM
FOUND. Uaed for yeara
and reeult of lone eiDerlenee
in treatment ot throat and
tunc dleeaae by Dr. 3. H.
MTHiffcoM?5uiT "'- TRIAL. BUi
queii. o ana at a ruff -
gleta. J. H. GUILD CO,
wrtHi, vunaunr.
DT aw ilT-Tlr
Cuticura Soap
Clears the Skin
and Keeps it Clear
Soap ZSc, Oiatneat 25 ana 50c, Taka 25c
42 Tears manufacturing the nnlv hah
grade, low priced wagon in the world.
Capacity, 3,500 annually.
One-Horse Wagons at $38.00
Two-Horse Wagons at $56.00
C H. Russell & Son, Clarkiville, Va.
Make It Dorothy.
A young man informe(! John L. Da
rail, president of the Marlon County
State bank, recently, that he wished
to start a savings account for his little
con. Mr. Duvall, seeing the smile on
the man's face, guessed that it was a
new baby and offered his congratula
tions, which the patron smilingly
acknowledged. The account was
opened In the regular way with the
father as trustee for Arthur . Sev-
ral days later the young man entered
the bank and approached Mr. Duvall,
"Say, Mr. Duvall," he said, "I'd like
to change the name on that account
I opened for Arthur a couple of weeks
ago. Make it Dorothy." Indianapolis
GW(j3f3 80MCS UiUi
mm m o S p Hilll, illjJIIlnfl WfcJ
r, rM j 111 J J l l ? if ftuC; 4Nt H'j&y
SttrtfF&zrr&g V f 1 1 -0 1
itjSjU Ar-kan-saw, with Uie a Farmers In the rice belt of Arkan- JiNsT k X
fa iwi cent on tne nrst syuaDie sas paid more income tax than rarm- m wym -aJ 1
- "by virtue of an act of ers of any similar area In the United I T 'W'""S3 1
JV maybe you have heard Mammoth Springs has a flow of 8&1,- W ljLLC
VKlU the famous old tune, 000,000 gallons dally. It supplies wa- U
K. fir" with ttfl OCPrtmnnnV. I Irt r onfotMlona ctYCt DAvorul I BL.V4lr
M A - I " fcaa u,,UuaaH I 1A1 IOCS UU UlltiU wa i .r
Dr. Peery "Dad Shot" not only axptla
rla Worma. Round worms and Ta pa worm.
bat tho mucus In tb Intaatlnea which forma
their neatlm-placa la thoroufhly cleaned
out also. One doea prorea Ita effleaoy.
Word of Hope.
A railway lawyer tells of a maling
erer who finally got into a real wreck.
' He was rushed to a hospital In an urn
conscious condition and was operated
on at once. After the operation, still
dazed from the anesthetic, he said
feebly !
"What is this place?"
"You have," the house surgeon an
nounced, "been badly Injured In an
accident on a street car, but you will
"Recover 1" said the man, bracing
up. "Recover! How much?" Pitts
burgh Dispatch.
Over the Telephone.
The Woman was calling a rather Im
portant business man on a morning
when the telephone service seemed to
be practically temperamental. She
had her number and was waiting to
be connected with the business man
when a masculine voice cheerily called
out, "Hello.41 "Is Mr. James In?"
asked the Woman. "When did he
come in?" replied the masculine voice.
At that, the Woman sensed something
wrong and inquired, "What number Is
this?" "This is the morgue," replied
the Toice. The Woman gave up and
decided to write a letter Instead.
Chicago Journal.
Wanted the Cheapest.
"How much vas dose collars?"
"Two for a quarter."
"How much for vun?
"Fifteen cents."
"Olff me de odder vun." Yale Reo
Cause of the Tragedy.
Anne Boleyn decided to bob her
"Flnel" cried Henry TII. Til go
further and bob your head."
The spectator often sees better than
the actor.
m a iv
Nit Fit
eeoVbur EVfes
a . .
Wrrte far fraa ft Care Hurt Ca.Olaad.USA
ROBABLY you know that
Arkansas is pronounced
Ar-kan-saw, with the ac
cent on the first syllable
by virtue of an act of
the state legislature. And
maybe you have heard
the famous old tune.
"The Arkansaw Travel
er," with Its accompany
ing dialogue. But do you
know that the people of
Arkansas have named it the "Wonder
State of the Union"? Do you know
that It produces genuine diamonds,
hydrotltanlte and chert? Do you know
that an Arkansas concern prints ad
mission tickets for all the big circuses
and play houses? Do you know that
John Pearson, an Arkansan, was the
Inventor of the Colt's revolver?
Well, anyway, Representative Jaco-
way of Arkansas got up In the house
the other day and spoke about like
Arkansas has now been incorporated
into the Federal Union for a period
of 86 years. During that time she
has wrought wondrously and well. She
has achieved those things of which
all Arkansans are justly proud, and
the history of this achievement we
want to publish to the world at large.
It is destined that her status will be
equal to the greatest in every respect
and which will serve as a national
model worthy of the emulation by
each of her sister states and second
to none. Mr. Speaker, I ask unani
mous consent to extend my remarks
In the Congressional Record by making
certain observations and detailing in
part a portion of the wonderful history
of that state from which I come and
which In part I have the great honor
to represent in the halls of national
legislation. In things undertaken and
carried to a successful consummation
the name of Arkansas ranks hlzh on
the scroll, yet when all the facts rela
tive to this proud state are known
and appreciated for their full, just,
and honest worth convinced will be
the minds of all that Arkansas has
been rightly named the "Wonder State
of the Union."
Mr. Speaker, this data, based
largely on government statistics, was
compiled by the Arkansas Advance
ment association, an organization of
the foremost business men of the
state, and not operated for commercial
purposes. It la with pleasurable pride
that I make certain recitals about my
native state and to commend the pa
triotism and state pride of those com
piling this wonderful data about a
wonderful . state, to the end that
those who essay to speak of her ex
cept In terms most worthy, she will
prove by ' the record that over all
criticism on eternal traverse has been
written. Only two classes of people
speak of Arkansas except in praise.
These two classes are those who are
densely Ignorant or morbidly envious.
The "certain recitals' occupied
about four pages of the Congressional
Record and contained about 12,000
words, and included the following
statements in evidence that Arkansas
Is the "Wonder State of the Union:"
Arkansas grows two crops of Irish
potatoes annually, usually on the same
Arkansas baa originated and named
58 varieties of apples, and stands fifth
in the production of barreled apples.
Farmers in the rice belt of Arkan
sas puid more income tax than farm
ers of any similar area In the United
States in 1019.
Mammoth Springs has a flow of 86V
000,000 gallons dally. It supplies wa
ter for the operation of manufactur
ing enterprises and lighting several
small cities, and is the source of pic
turesque Spring river. This spring
flows 000,000 gallons of water a min
ute more than Chicago uses for all
purposes. The now never varies, ana
the temperature Is "the same winter
and summer.
Arkansas had the first national re
serveHot Springs. This is the only
self-supporting government reserva
tion. It Is the world's most noted
resort There are 48 thermal springs,
with an average flow of radioactive
waters of over 1,000,000 gullons dally,
ranging from 102 to 147 degrees Fah
renheit and averaging 142 degrees.
Arkansas has a population of 1,752,-
000, with only 14,000 foreign-born citi
zens. Arkansas has more auotmoblles on
Its farms than any New England state.
Arkansas County, Arkansas, has
more tractors on its farms than any
other county in the world.
Arkansas has the largest apple vine
gar factory in the world.
Arkansas has the largest apple-dry-
will distill two gallons of gasoline per
thousand cubic feet .
Arkansas has the highest moantaln
between the Alleghenles and the Rock
iesMount Magazine, 2,863 feet, high,
The largest nugget of lnc ever
taken out in one piece, weighing 70
tons, was quarried in Marlon county
in 189a
'Arkansas has a marble which Is elas
tic, bending under pressure, and re
bounding when the pressure Is re
leased. This elasticity enables the
stone to adapt Kself to variable cli
mates without disintegration. It Is
quarried In Independence county In
large quantities. r
Arkansas' leading newspaper, found
ed In 1819, Is the oldest paper pub
lished west of the Mississippi river.
Arkansas has the largest pontoon
bridge, the longest single-span bridge,
and the longest concrete bridge In the
ing estaDiisnmeni in ine won a. (world.
Arkansas is the only state where Ark-nnsna in rrerliterl hv noted church
pearl fishing is a permanent - and
profitable Industry. The finest fresh
water pearls, selling up to $7,500,
marketed In the past decade, came
from Arkansas streams.
Practically all of the aluminum
cooking utensils used in the United
States today 100 per cent of those
manufactured in America have their
origin In the Arkansas bauxite mines
of Saline county.
An Arkansan Is natlonnl president
of the Tau Kappa Alpha, the honorary
debating fraternity.
Arkansas factory towns are abso
lutely smokeless, and travelers on Ar
kansas trains escape the smoke
nuisance, as Arkansas coal Is smoke
less. Scientists assert that the largest
prehistoric Implement factory was lo
cated in Hot Springs county. Exca
vations show that a sufficient amount
of novacullte was removed at Magnet
Cove to equip a. nation with arrow
heads, buttle axes, and stone Imple
ments. Arkansas has one of the geological
wonders of the world In Magnet Cove,
Hot Springs county. All the world's
foremost collections of minerals con
tain a Magnet Cove exhibit, rare min
erals being found there which have
never been discovered elsewhere.
Golf sticks, shuttles and bobbins
for cotton mills and lasts for shoe
makers are manufactured from Arkan
sas persimmon.
Arkansas has 129 species of native
trees. Sixty of these produce useful
commercial wood.
The collapsible onion crate, used al
most exclusively In the shipment of
Bermuda onions, originated in Arkansas.
Natural gas In the El Dorado fields
leaders as standing first In Sabbath
Two of the three founders of the
Sigma Nu fraternity were Arkansans.
The only man ever Invited to ad
dress the New York lodge of Elks, not
a member of the lodge, was an Ar
kansan. Authors of several of the best sell
ing books of the year are Arkansas
Arkansas Is the native state of two
celebrated screen comedians.
The Ancient Concatenated Order of
Hoo Hoo, a national fraternal organ
ization of lumbermen, was founded in
All railroads operating in Arkansas
serve pure spring water on their
Arkansas Is the only state with a
natural cold storage. It has a cave
of considerable size that Is used for
this purpose.
Arkansas has produced a machine
which shreds the top of growing oats,
wheat, barley and rice, removing the
grain and leaving the stalk standing.
The grain Is less Injured than by
threshing, and the process Is more eco
nomical. Arkansas is located in the center of
the United States.
The famous Bowie knife originated
in Arkansas. The first knife of this
kind was manufactured by James
Black, a . blacksmith, from a design
supplied him by James Bowie.
The Chi Omega sorority, one of the
largest college secret societies for
women, was organized In Arkansas.
Arkansas has fewer undertakers In
proportion to Its population than any
other state.
Br.be Ruth hits his home runs with
a bat maae irom Axmuuws itau.
Indigestion and
Victims of stomach trouble, Indiges
tion, dyspepsia and their allied com
plaints find Tanlac an ever-ready
source of relief and comfort. Thou
sands of people have refound the joys
of health by Its use after everything
else they tried had failed.
"Tanlac helped me wonderfully,
said Mrs. W. IL Hocker, 84 Rose Ave..
Clifton Forge, Va. "For over a year
I suffered tortures from indigestion,
and had to live on the simplest foods.
I became almost a nervous wreck.
Tanlac restored me to the best of
Tanlac helps the stomach digest
the food properly and eliminate waste.
Soon the whole system is built up, th
blood is purified and the entire body
takes on new tone, vitality and en
ergy. Get a bottle today and start on
the road to health. For sale by all
good druggists. Advertisement
At the wedding there were three
happy persons:
The father, who passed the cost
of one daughter to a perfect stranger.
The preacher's wife, who got the
wedding fee.
The best man, who had been reject
ed for the last time by the bride.
Richmond Times-Dispatch.
Suggests to Suffering Women
the Road to Health
Fulton. Arkansas. "I used Lvrll FL
Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound for
soreness in my side.
l would suffer so bad
ly every month from
my waist down that I
could not be on my
feet half the time. 1
was not able to do my
work without help. I
saw your Vegetable
Compound adver
tised in a newspaper
and gave it a fair
trial. Now I am able
to do my work and
don't even have a backache every month.
1 cannot praise your vegetable lxm
pound enough and highly recommend it
to those who have troubles like mine. I
am willing for these facts to be used as
a testimonial to lead all who suffer with
female troubles, as I did, to the right
road to health. "Mrs. LULA Vann,Box
43, Fulton, Arkansas.
Its this sort of praise of Lydla E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, given by
word of mouth and by letter, one woman
to another, that should cause you to con
sider taking this well-known medicine, if
you are troubled with such symptoms a
painful periods, weak, nervous feelings,
miserable pains in your back, and can
not work at certain times.
Here is a woman who is so grateful
and glad to be relieved from a painful
and nerve racking physical condition
that she wishes to tell all sick women.
Made Young
Bright eyes, a dear skin and a body
full of youth and health may be
yours if you will keep your system
in order by regularly taking
The world's-standard remedy for Udney,
liver, bladder and uric add troubles, the
namies ot Ufa end looks. In uee atooa
160& All druggists, thrM ftUst.
Leak for the aasa Gold MxlaJ m avanr I
By the Use of Nujol
Nojol la a lubricant not
a medicine or laxative so
cannot gripe.
When you are constipated,
not enough of Nature's lubricating-
liquid la produced
In the bowel to keep the
food waste soft and moving:.
Doctors pre
scribe Nujol
because it acta
like this natu
ral lubricant
and thus re
places It. Try
liMuTaLlL l
11 m mrI '

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