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The Hew York Beacon published the following
from ail English Chartist paper, in
Leeds, England:
A Starvation Anthem from the Royal
. Christening.
Bring forth the babe in pomp and lace.
While thousands starve and curse the
But what of that??on royal face
*11 L" Alnoli li/wKoror ulirrlit
DOiinit; DIIUH a HU uiu3ii| nun? ?vi sm^u?
Bring forth the babe; a nation's moans
W ill ring sweet music in his ear.
For well we knew a people's gro?ns,
1*6 royal ears were always dear.
Bring forth the babe?down, cour'iers,
-T And bow your lacquey knees in dust,
Before a child's beslobber'd gown?
(Our children cannot find a crust.)
When Christ was born, no servile
Around the Saviour's manger mot;
* "No flatterers raised their fulnoine song,
But what was Christ to Albert's pel/
God, who lias heard the widow's moan,
God, who has heard the orphan's cry;
Tliou, too, dust upon a throne,
But none round thee of famine die!
Things like this babe of royal birth,
Who boast their princely right du
Are but thy parodies on earth?*
Their's is oppress ion?inefCy thifie.
Bring forin the babe ! From foreign |
Fresh kingly vampires flock to greet
Tuis flew one in it* nurse's hands,
(For royal mothers give no teat;)
Bring forth the toy of princely whim,
And let your prayers mount night and
For ought we not not to pray for him,
Who'll prey onus enough some day !
0 ! who would grudge to squander gold
On such a glorious babe as this/
What though our babes be starved and
. They have no claim on earthly bliss,
Ours are no mongrel German breed.
But English born, and English bred;
Then let them live and die in need,
While the plump Coburg thing is fed!
Christen the babe. Archbishop proud;
Strange servant wfthe lowly Christ /
Thousands are to your purse allowed ;
For him the smallest loaf sufficed.
Though holy water's scanty now,
My lord you may dismiss your fears;
Take, to baptise the infant's brow,
^ A starving people's bitter tears.
' Popularity.
A scene in a Lawyer's Office,
Enter Quaker.
Lawyer.?Well, Thotnos. how is thy
i u l. 1 ? _l..4 *l.?4 .1
Iieailll I l am ^tau mat IIICC uas mnuii
the trouble to call.
Quaker.?I do not trouble gentlemen j
or thy profession very often ; but I have \
called Ihw afternoon to pay some money j
th thee* As we friends do not believe in j
training men in the art of killing men
systematically, they oblige us to pay for
the enjoyment of our principles ; and I
understand thee is?I forget what military
people call it?the mau who receives the
constitution money.
Layeyet ?Yes, 1 wish I could get off ns
Well as you do: whereas it costs me ten
times that sum, besides eight or ten days
drilling every year. But what renders ,
that task more Unpleasant is, tho reflection
that always arises when I sec the
banner dying and the drums beating
around me, that the object of ail this
preparation is to train us in the art of
destroying each other. And I always !
think of the peaceful settlement of Pennsylvania
by Penn. My grandfather was
a Quaker, and 1 have always admired
their plainness of dress, simplicity or
language and pacific sentiments. In
short, Thomas, I have often thought that |
if we were all Quakers, society would j
resemble the state of our first parents in
Quaket*-+\V e sliall never be all Qiiaketa,
ao long as so many of us are hypo.
? rites, and so long as hypocrites have so
much influence. If thy grandfather was
a Quaker, I am sorry thee lias so degenerated
from thv ancestors. The scruples j
tliee profess alrout military duty, condemn
thee; for thee must be deluded by the
dovil to violate thy conscience at so great
expense. Thee speaks our language
flippantly and admires our dress?thy
ordinary dialect, and thy fashionable >
black coat, figured vest, and gaudy watch
embellishments, are incontestible pr?n>fs
of thy insincerity. Thee eulogizes Penn !
?I iiavp heard thee eulogize Nauoleon as
acquainted \wih this sport know thai j
r heft t1;c gcniiwliUfi tl.rowa the !;u??p o;?
ring, over the head of the lady, he has a i
right to a kiss. After playing sometime [
the gentleman threw the ring over the j
head of the lady, and he started for the .
k ss. She ran and put out the light,
went out of the room, in the kitchen, and
told the colored girl, to go into the parlor
and light the lamp, and to open the door
vepy quietly and make as little noise as
passible. The girl did as she was ordered.
Mr. was was waiting on his tip-toe |,
at the door for a "good one;"? as the J
servant girl entered the room he caught,
her and kissed h?r; and in a moment |
heard Miss clapping her hands and Ji
laughing most heartily, because Mr.
kissed the cook.
Gentlemon should l>c careful about kiss,
ing the ladies in the dark.
A Glass fok the Intemperate.
Who hath wo? Who ha'h sorrow ?
Who hath contentions ? Who
hath wounds without cause /
Who hath redness of eyes ?
They that tarry long at the
wine ! They that go to
seek mixed w ine. Look
not thou upon the
wine when it is
red?when it
gives its color
in the
cup; when
it inov.
eth it.
self a.
At the
last it hit.
eth like a serpent
and stingeth like an adder.
WANTED 2ft or .30 bushels of good | c
seed peas. Enquire at this office, or of r
JJr. D. McNair. J
Ladies and A/isses, Florerce and Straw Bon- ^
nets. Ladies Coloured Hoods. For sale by 1
A. i\ LACOSTE. c
Octobet27, 1841. 60 tf
TI1E TIMES are such as to compel the i
Subscriber to ccnti.ue the Cash System
Groceries and all articles in that line will ,t
be sold for Cask only. Persons whose accts. i e
and notes still remain unpaid, will please un-1a
derstand that no new credits will he given '1
until all old arrearages are settled in full. 11
THE Pole Bout James R Ervin will l?e sold
on favorable terms. She is i ow on the *
way up and will be delivered to the purchaser on
her arrival. Apply to either of the subscribers. 1
d. m alloy. f
w. & t. bailey a. Co. d
James u. cole.
December 4, 1841. 4
ONE HUNDRED Bushels of good size poia.
Iocs, for ublo use, in fine condition, for sale
April 13, 22 tf
A SPANISH JACK fioin the fiee Tort of ,
Ivihrnller in Spain. He is about four
years old, fourteen hands high, of compact form, j
- - ? -- ? ? o ? ? r
highly. I have observed the duplicity ;
tiiee uses for popularity. Thee reads u i
sermon for tln? Presbyterian's in the ;
morning when they have no preaching. !
Thee goes in the afternoon and leads {
kinging for the Churchmen. In the j
evening thee goes to the Universalists' j
meeting. Thee admires the immersion !
of the Baptist, and the camp meeting of |
the Methodist, and the plain dress and <
language of the Friend. I will tell thee
triend, thee strongly reminds inc of my
brown horso. 1 once employed an honest
Irishman to labor for me. I sent Patrick
ivit one morning to catch inv brown
Worse. Now the brown horse ran in the
pasture, in the middle of which was a
(Urge square pond. Patrick was gone n
flong time, and at length returned with the
ilteast, alter having chased him several
:tiines round the pond. u Well, Patrick,"
said I, "on which side of the pond did
thee find the horse?" "Truth," said
jpatrick, "and I found him on all sides."
The Cleveland Herald tells the follow,
ing story, which we copy for the benefit
of affectionate young gentlemen. It is a
regular Virginia hrcak down :
A young lady and gentleman wore one i
evening [ilavinr* the *'(iraeos." nn l thnne !
A- I". LAl/UO 1 ???
October 27, 1841. 5Uil J
A few Fancy, and a laroe and well selected ,
stock of Staple Dry Goods for sale low by i
A. 1\ LACOSTE. ?
October 27, 1941. 50 tfj
fine hone, pretty in color, being a dapple; is (|
very tnme and gentle. lie will bo sold on
libera.! terms to an approved purchaser. Apply
to B. BRYAN ?fc BRO. ,
M 10, 1642. 26 4t
" a
Corn Wanted.
WANTED to pttrthaw ftom 1000 to .TOOO I(
Bushels com to be delivered in Choraw
or at any of the landings ('.own the river, for,
which the highc t market price will be paid
D. McNAIR. (
April 11, 1842. 22 tf J
I HEREBY tender to my late customers in
the Wood lino, my grateful acknowledgemehts,
for the liberal patronage, I Imvc received
at 1 heir hands, and would now most respectfully I
requost/that they would continue to give their h
orders to Major D. R. W. Mclvcr, to w hom I li
have sold my land, and who is fully prepared to p
deliver any quantity ot weod that may be rcqui* f
r d. All orders for Wood left at my store, will be
sent to the residence of Major Mclver.
Janunry 12, 1812. 12 tf
TH E Subscriber has on hand many article- '
ot Merchandise not now in his line of bus ^
siness; and which he has no room in iiis sore
tor, ftiiMtic' gooas win be sold very cheap. 11
They couniFt of tlie following articles, via P
Negro Cloths (a good article) While Pla;n?, ^
Blanket Overcoats, Duftil Blankets, Bale Rope, ^
Brass And Irons, Shovels and Tongs, Jugs and ^
Jars, Pots and Ovens, trott and Steel, Hardware
CrOokery, Ac,
G. 11. DtlNLAF.
Novembor. tO, IS4I 5J tf
A very large assortment of Boys, Men*, and I J
Ladies Saddles. Also, Bridles, A/artingales, *
Whips, Collars, Saddle Bags, (Jig, Sufkcy, '
and Carryall Harness, Slirrup Irons, Girths
and Surcingles. Tor sale very cheap by
October 27th 1841. 50 U
15 Dozen Gentlemens' and Boys, Black and
Drab Fur Hats, 0
28 Dozen Wool Hats,
A Lofge stock of Fur, Hair, Cloth, and Se.
Ictte Caps, (
For sale by *
Comprising every varie'v, and for sale on ac*
cominodating terms.
i ti r a t'
Under thin title, the Subscriber* propose pahliahing
in the City of Charleston. a W kkki.t
Paper to he devoted to LITERATURE, SCI.
INTELLIGENCE?in a word, to whatever
may impart instruction or afford amusement to
each class, profession or calling, of our people.
In politics and roligion The Chicora will occu- i
.... n..ntral around; vet sutii'dcul atten- I
\>J R"
lion will be paid to both, to enable tlie Reader J
to learn how prospers the religious and political 1
condition of the country.
A paper devoted to the purposes abnvo stated,
has long been a desideratum at tile South; and
it is to meet this, that The Chieora is now proposed
to bo issued. The Subscribers are aware
their promises may apjiear too confident, after
the rep aterl failure of Southern periodicals;
but they bag leave to any, that ho complete are
the arrangements they have made?so extensive
the correspond nco they have secured?so valua
b!c the aid, both of Northern and Southern talent
they have enlisted?that with the kindly feelings
und liberal patronage of the South, they have no
(bars for the result.
The Literary Department of the Chicoka,
will be supplied with articles of rare and substantial
in< rit, with reviews and critiques of all
the new works oftho day, and with original tales,
sketches, works of fiction, biographies and poetry
from the pens of several of the most gifted
luthors, both of tlie North and South.
The Scientific and Mechanical Department
will be enriched with essays and illustrations from
individuals high in public estimation, as thoroughly
practical men. which, together with the
Agricultural Communication* already secured
to the paper from various portions of the coun.
try. will form a compondlum of useful inslruction
invaluable to the artisan and the planter.
In the Department of General Intelligence,
-he subscribers believe the Ciiicora will takers (
iland, which will not be surpassed by any
lournal of the Union. As one ot the Sub
icriiiers will make it hi* constant business to visit
ivery section of our country ; and through means
>f an extensive acquaintance already possessed
n the cities of our sca-boird and the West, a
ve^kly correspondence will be established with 1
fk>?ion, New York, Philadelphia* Baltimore,
iVashingtor., Cincinnati, and New Orleans, |
hrough which will bo obtained, not only the
sarliest infotmalion in regard to all foreign and
lomestic matters of importance, Prices Current
>f Southern products and monetary affairs of
noinent in the different States, but also the ,
(pinions of judicious men in regard to Cummer:ial
prospects, and matters of an economical,
:ivil, and political character. Nor since j
A little folly now and then,
Is relished by the wi est men,
!o they intend to exclude those lighter articles of '
nformation, familiarly designated the chit chat I
1 the day, which, while they may serve to aniuso
t weary or listless hour, have at the same lima
ho higher eff-ct of acquainting us with the <
iharacter and customs of our Northern and /<
iVastern neighbors, and connecting more closely
ho bonds of unity betweeu us. I
Feeling assured then of their ability to meot ,
lie wishes of the Southern community, and to
stahlish a paper on the most approved, useful |
nd popular plan, and hereby pledging themselves |
hat no exertion shall be wanting on their part,
tot only most fully to redooin, but even to exceed
lie promises they make, they respectfully solicit
he patronagonl the good people of South Carons
and her sister States. 1
The Chicora will be printed on an imperial 1
heel, of the very best p iper and type, and shall '
e embellished with portraits of our distinguished
i en, and views illustrative of our scenery. The I
nice will be tS t??r ? ???"?> pwjabhj upon the
eiivcry of tho first Number.
N. S DODGE. ?l
March 13 26
Spenn, Margarine and Tallow Candles
Bar and Perfumed Saop.
Fo. Sale by
Octolier 27. 1841. 50 tf
- ? ? - ,
B BRYAN 8l BROTHER, bold a lease
on the lower wharf near the old Fe'ry
>an< ing, and will charge each Bo.it for tha priv.
lege of landing discharging anil loading.
Each Steam Boat, Three Dollars.
Each Pole Bout, Tow Boat or Lighter, Twe
dollars. I
Each Cotton Flat loaded or built, One Dollar
nd Fifty Cents.
With the privilege of remaining one week,
anger at a corresponding rato.
Chcraw, Sept. 28, 1841. 46 tf
ONE Case English Can inter Rifle Powder,
manufactured by "Pigous & Wilks," Lon*
ion, lor sale by the Canister.
May 28, 1841. 29 tf
>URCHASED recently in New York a \cry
leavy and general assort r.ieut of Goods wh b
lave all come to hand, and hte now off? u i 1
hem at Wholesale or Retail at very low pric B
or Casii or Produce.
A. P. LAC0ST6.
October 27th 1841. 50 IF
rO tho Jail of Chcsicrneld District ; Asa'
runaway, n negro matt, who calls his name j
lingleton, and says he belongs to John Hates |
lear Columbia S. C-, Singleton is of dark cotrt j
t'exion about thirty years of age, ah'd aboill six i
ect high. The owner is requestod to cu?ne |
orwaril, prove his property, pay expenses artd 1
ike him away.
JOltX EVANS, S. C. n.
May 25, 1842. 29 tf
[N Pur.Uance of an order received from Col.
J. W. Blakeney, an elcC'mn for Major of
?wcr Battalibn 2^th Rfgiuent South Cirolina
dilitia will be held at Moore's Hotel on Sa ur[ay
the 9th day of July ncxt4
Liout. C. I. Shiver and Ensign J. it. Mclver,
re hereby ordered to assist in conducting said
u. r. rtiii ris, uapt.
Beat No. 1.
May *{. 18-41 68
Tlio Pol 6 ojxJri from I i tfelock A, M. to 3
.'clock P.M.
AA D zen Mrh*' Boys' and elnldretis; j
Palm I?eal Hate, just received and Tor
ale bill.
March 8, 1841 1? tf
n" ? 1Tailoring
l^" NICHOLSON having cothincnced the
above business in the hod so formerly |
iccupied by t II. Rosser. solicits a share of
Mlrooage. He tVl* assure:! from hi* exp?*rimac
lit (lie business, thai he is able to give
wnir.il v:iti?tnefinn. Pef?ons ontrus'ine him
% itli tlxeir w ork irt iy expect it dune in the heel 1
nanner. Cutting and repairing done with!
iceuncy. durability, and despatch.
.May '21, 181*2 & 4t I
THIS highly bred and much adinmd horse
will stand th?* present season at or near Bennetsvillb,
atone or two other places in Marlborough
District, and at the stables of John
McLean in Robeson County, N. C.
He is a red sorrel, without white except a
small star; five years old, fifteen and a hall
hands high, and cf extraordinary hone and
muscle. In color, size, bone, sinew and mus.
cle, he greatly resembles hie grandsire, the
famous American Eclipse, admitted on all
hands to be one of the best horses, if not the
very best, ever owned in tins country, whether
native or imported. Ii may be slated as
evidence of the extraordinary constitution ol
American Eclipse, now standing in Kentucky,
that although twenty-eight years old, "he is
still" says the N. Y. Spirit of tl j Times "in
possession of fine health and betrays few iudi
cations or his advanced age ana long service.
There are very few instances of such vigor at
his age."
Carolina Eclipse is put at the very low price
of $S the single leap, payab c at the time.'
812, the season, payable at the close of the
season ; and $15 for insuring, payable when
the mare is ascertained to be in foal, or when
she is traded ; with 50 cents to the groom.?
His form, strength, and blood eminen;]y claim
for him the attention of persons who wish to
raise horses "for all work,"?for the saddle,
light draught, and farm or plantation use. And
the low price at which he is put will enable
any who wish good horses to avail themselves
of his services. Though a horse of great life
and spirit, he is of quiet temper and tractable
disposition. Great care will be taken to
avoid accidents, but no liability will be incurred
for any which may happen.
lie was got by Festival, considered by
Capt, Harrison, an experienced breeder, trainer,
and racer, who had him in his stables a
season, "the best son of Eclipse." His dam
was by Oflimus; and his grand dam was out
sfa Bell.Air mare, got by old Sir Archie, the
best horse of his day in America. FESTIVAL
was by American Eclipse; his dam by Timoleon
; grand dam by Young Tup : g. g. dam
by Umpire ; g. g. g. dam by Grey Diomed ;
? S- 8- ? dam hy Wild-Air. Young Tup
was by imported Tup; he by Javelin out of
Flavia. Young Tup's dam was by A/ask,
and he by imported Shark, out of imported
Virago, Umpire was by imported Shark, out
ai i nntif mftu
ol a mare oy imported cud. uriuiuo
was by iUadisou; he by the old imported
Diomed the sire of Sir Archie. Oplimua
was out of A/elvina, the dam 01 5
stock horses ; she was by imported Knows,
ley; her dam by imi>orted Spread Eagle; her
prand dam by Nimrod ; her g. g. dam by
Wild-Air, her g. g. g. dam the noted mare
Little Willis, the dam of Brilliant, Nimrod
and Herald. Little Willis was by old Janus;
and he by Col. Baylor's Shock.
It will be seen from this pedigree that
most of the very best crosses of which this
country can boast, meet iu Carolina Eclipse.
Although mere racers, are not the horses
for the farmer, yet it is admitted by all that
racing is a fair trial of the strength, bottom
and constitution of a horse. It is therefore
stated that Festival, the sire of Carolina
Eclipse, though only a short time on the turf
distinguished himself in these respects at all
distances from two to four mile heats. In his
first race at Nottoway Va. in the spring of
1632, two mile heats, he distanced his competitor
tiie second heat. In the fall of the same
year, at Milledgviile, Ga. three mile heats,
he easily won the Jockey Club purse, id two
heats. The same season, at Lexington, Ga.
in a race for the Club purse, three mile heats,
while leading his competitors his rider suf.
fered him to run too near the rim of the inside
track, against which he stumbled and fell,
causing him to lose (he race. The same week
at the same place he beat all his riva s in 3
mile heats, the best 3 in 5. The next spring,
at Lawrenceville, Va, he ran four mile heats,
with Ironette, Anvil, Row-Galley, and Waller
Cook. Although he was in bad condition,
having not fully recovered from the effects of
distemper, and owing to his rider being sick,
he was obliged to carry 3 lb. over weight, he
lost the first heat only by the neck, and the
second by only a few feet, lronotte ieading
him; Row.Galley aud Walter distanced, and
Anvil (afterwaids sold for $>10000) barely
laving his distance. At New Market, Va,
the next season, he started with eleven other
horses, and led them all the first heat. But
his feet being tender from a recent founder, he
was then withdrawn. Two weeks afterwards.
his feet yet sore, he was barely beaten
by the fine racer, Duke of Or cans, in four mile
heals al Baltimore, [lis manager still, with
great cruelty and lack ol judgment, conlinu.
ing to run him itt this condition of his feet, he
let doyen in ohe of his fore legs, in four mile
heals at Norfolk, two weeks after his Baltimore
race, and was withdrawn Irom the turf
But his trials most abundantly proved bis
illretJgth* tpeed and bottom, With extraordinary
powers of endurance.
In good condition he never was beaten; in
bad 'Condition* when be ought never to have
been run, he always won by his performance
the admiration of every judge.
1"he half sister of Festival?Gol. Hampton^
fanny, by Eclipse?is the only racer of
the first class in the united Slates which has
not been beaten within this last six months* by
some youhger aspirant after fame. Besides
twice receiving forfeits* one from 10 coinpetu
tore* she has run al least ll races and never
was beaten. Lightness and waht of strength
is the objection to racers as work horses, but
this ofajetiioh does not apply to the Eclipse
Afdrek lsi, 184'-2.
A.fcw Box Ta.low and Sperm Candles Tor
salts by
Mav 31, 1841.
20 tf
* ? I? I I 17l?.,fc
AfOWJ kuppijf u I liai; Jili LMIU) t iwiu uiru
Meal on hand and for salo the lowest market
Ahrch i. 18 17 tf_
!> the Common PleAs.
Chesterfield District,
lienrv Easterling, 1 beclaralhm
vs. > on note in
O. VV; Booth. ) Attachment.
WHEREAS the Plaintiff1 in this action did
en this day tile hie Declaration against G. W.
Booth, the defendant, who is absent from and
without the limiis of the State (as it is said.)
and having neither wife or attorney known
Opoh whom a copy of the above Declaration,
with a rule to plead thereto, may be served;
It is thefefore in pursuance of the Acts ot the
General Assembly of this State in such cast s,
made and provided; Ordered that the defends
nut, do plead thereto on or before the twenty,
sixth day of December next, otherwise final
and absolute judgment will be then given and
awarded against him by delault.
Office of Common Plea a )
CijeotstfieJd C. II. Dec. ?5,1641, s
0 Ul'mflj
i f f \ CASKS CUKESE |
, > JL For Salfl by
,1 Dec. 1, 1841. 3. if
r A Large Stock of these articles, which will
1; be sold at reduced rates.
T/> I? V1 .V T
IV J? ? .
I INTEND on the lit day of July next
to remove my Stock of Goods io iny two
stores, lately occupied by B. Mcintosh, and :
McKay & A/cCaskill, and to make them my 1
| permanent business stands; and now offer for .
Rent, my four Stores immediately below,
| Viz; One at present occupied by Messrs. \V. *
& T. Bailey, & Co., the next below, corner {
; Karshaw and Front streets, and now occupied ,
j by Mr. D. Malloy. and (he two stores now oc- |
j copied by me. To persons residing in this i
j place, it is needless to say, that lliey are ?
i among the very best stands for prosecuting a
J Cotton and barter business; and I only make
j this declaration for the information of persons '
j residing at a distance. Possession of the
{ Stores occupied by Messrs. \V. & T. Bailey
& Co., and Me. D. J/aliov, will be given on
the 1st day of September next; the others can .
be had by the 10th July next. Chctaw offers
inducements to Capitalists, and men of bust,
ness, that are not found in many Southern
towns. It is estimated, that o r receipts of |
cotton, lor the last two years averaged 'ir>,4)00
Bales, and it is supposed this year's receipts
! will be about the same. ?
Cheraw, Jan'y. 12th, 1842. 9 tf
The ** Charleston Courier,*' ? .Southern
^ i tf i ..n
| LnromcJe," ,4iyamaen journal, ana **r?jcnc- |
; ville Observer" will olcase give the above | ^
! six insertions, say om j 'very two weeks, and g
I forward their bills torn . "r payment.
A. P. LaCuste.
The Subscriber has just received, and wil _
keep constantly on hand.Cotton Yarn and Twine
at wholesale, from the Manfuclory oi Rocking j
i ham. ,
Cheraw, Jan. 1840. 10 tf
Important Work.
Now in Press, and will shortly be pub |
linked\ a Dictionary of
j BY ANDREW USE, X. D., F. R. S., &C. ?
Illustrated with 1,241 Engravings ! '*
THIS is, unquestionably, tho moat j
popular work of the kind, ever pub. t|
! lished, and u book most admirably adapt- ti
ed to the wants of all classes, of the coin*
munity. The following arc the important
objects which the learned author en.
deavors to accomplish? '
1st. To instruct the Manufacturer,
Metallurgist, and Tradesman, in the
principles of their respective process**, *
so as to render them, in reality, the mas. | b
ters of their business ; and to emancipate ^
them from a state of bondage to sucii as
are too commonly governed by blind prej- t<
udice and vicious routine. a
2dly. To atTord Merchants, Brokers'
Drysaltera, Druggists, and Officers of the
Revenue, characteristic descriptions of
the commodities which pass through their i
hands. | .
3dly. By exhibiting some of the finest j ?
developments of Chemistry and Physics, ?
to lay open an excellent ptnctical school
to students of these kindred sciences.
4thly. To teach Capitalists, who may
be desirous of placing their funds in some ^
productive branch of industry, to select
judiciously, among plausible claimants. ?
5thly,' To enable gentlemen of the j u
Law to become well acquainted with the j J
nature of those patent schemes which are "
1 so Apt to give rise to litigation.
6thly. To present to Legislators such a
clear exposition of the staple rnanufactures,
as may dissuade them from enact. ^
i ing laws, which obstruct industry, or it
cherish one branch of it, to the injury of
many others.
And, lastly, to give the general read|
er. intent, chiefly, on Intellectual Cnltivej
tion views of many of the molest achievements
of Science, in effecting those grand J
tranformations of matter, to which lirent n
Britain and the United Staetsowe their ri
paramount wealth> rank and power, a- *
mortg the nations of the earth,
The latest Statistics ofevcry important
object of Manufactures, are given from
the best, ahd Usually from Official authoritv.
mI thp pnd nf each article.
The Work will be printed from the ^
second London Lditinn, which sells for
912 a copy. It will be put on good pa- g
per, in new brevier type, and will make ai
bout 1400 pages. It will he issued in
I twenty one semi monthly numbers, (in
covers) at 25 cents each, on delivery.
O^rTo any persons sending us five dol- f
lars, at one time, in advonce we will for- J
ward the numbers by mail, post paid, as
soon as they come from the press. ~
To suitable Agents this affords a rare .
opportunity, as we Can put the work to J
them oh terms extraordinarily favorable.
In every manufacturing town, and every
village, throughout the United States and k
Canada, subscribers can be obtained with
the greatest facility.?Address, post paid, 1
La Roy Sunderland, 125 Fulton street, *
| New York. [
%*Toevery editor who gives this advertisement
twelve insertions, we will forward
to order, one copy of the whole work f
provided the papers containing this notice
he sent to the New York Watchman,
New York. j
JOHN WRIGHT has now on hand and for
sale at the Bookstore a good supply of
Anthon*8 Greek Grammar, '
iio Greek Lcvhoii*,
tfo Greek Prosody, 1
?h> Horace,
do Cicero, J
do Salluut,
do Ctesar,
do Latiu Prosody,
-i- ?- t '
u" ?? Ijeseoil.s, ,
do Classical Ddionaty, J
do Kilitinn of Ainiuoiih* Latin ^
do Kriilioti of Vflljicy'g Greek
2i . (f
a* r?
[8 dozen Collins, Hunts, and Marsh superior
\xcb, for sale by the dozen al much below the
jsual rates.
October 27, 1841. 50
South Carolina.
Cher aw District.
John M. Cok?*r and wife i Bill for ap partition
V8 Kiudrrd (jritFin and * writ in n lure of writ
others. s of no fcxcmt slc.
"T appearing to my satisfaction thai Absalom
M C. Powell one oi llie Defendants in this case
s absent fioui and resides without the limit* of
his State on motion of J. W. it J. A. Darjin H
m ordered that the said Absalom C. Powell do
dead answer or demur to the complainant* Bill
within tiireo month* from the publication hereof
md in di-faolt then of, tbo same shall be takea
igainst hiin pro confwo.
It is a la* ordered that this order be published
n the Farmers' Gazette twice a month for tho
pace of three mouths.
E. A. LAW, C. ?. C. D.
Commissieners Office, i
Darlington C. fi , 8. C. /
March 22, 1842 )
21 2af5?n
FIIE Subscriber wishes to purchase 2COO
Bushels good Corn,
December 6. 1S4F 4 tf
OLlJMtS 1st. 2nd and 3rd, ef Pictorial
T Illustrations of the Bible con taming UO<J
ugravings each.
For ?ale low at the
90 if
Vax, and Calf Skin*, and Hemlock Tanned
!ole Leather. For aale low.
October 27, 1841. 60 tf
rHR Sufxtfribei ke?*p* constantly an hand a 4
l trg? and well selected assortment of
iurJwarc, including almost every description of
?i|?t>uler4 Tool*; which ho is selling very
March 8. 1842. 17 tf
Von Id lospectfully give notice to his friends and
lie public that having commenced business again
n hid own account lie finds it absolutely neeSsirytocurtiil
very much his credit business,
e has consequently determined toot en account*
nly with such persons us have heretofore paid
icir account* punctually at or near the end of
le year and with such only as will give po#i?
ivc assurance of doing so iu future.
Oct. 13. 1841. 48 tf
1AIIE Subscriber has received on consign,
ment from the Do K-ilh Factory at Camden
i. C 12 Hales very superior Colloa Ostisurge
and 12 Bales Cotton Yarn, which he will
ell by the Halo to Merchants o1* as good or
eitor tortus than tliey can purchase iu Near
,'ork <>r Charleston.
He would also invite the rianfera of the
eighhorhood to call and examine the Oxnaburgs,
iey wii! find it a cheaper and belter article than
as ever been oold iu this market.
Charaw, April 4, 1847, 21 If
Chemicals, PatentlVledicineg,
Perfumery, Points, Oils, Dye
Stuffs, &c. &c, for sale
vholesale and retail bv
it his Drug Store, next door to Brown
Iryon Jf Brother?
Where may be had at all timee a general
ortnio.t of articlca in the Itrug line? rrcom
lendrd to be of ?uprriur quality which will be
isposed of on very moderate tnrma?Phyaictene
mi others wishing jhiiv mcdiciu< a, amy rely ^
n being anpulied Willi Ihcut. ^
May 26,1841. S8
Tmirs sottti CAnoLtnir
A large supply of Simtn's H?*t'>ry of South
m I "arolina, designed for the use of SclKX'la
J Aead emiea.
For aaleat the Bojkstnfe by
20 if
Chesterfidd District*
SAMUEL a TlMMONS, T.dl-before ma
? a l*v ntire Mule aboui fourteen ynraold,
!ind of tiie right eye, peir marked scar on the
glil side of the run?p. tho end of the ears cut off,
ml k mil 11 white spot in the forehead, the hair
?aV cl otflhc tail appraieeil al thiriy firo DoiJOHN
April 11, 1?42. 23 lnmf4m
riiE Subscriber has just received a well
selected block uf Fancy and Staple Dry
,**la, g. h. dun lap
Cite raw, April 9, 1842. 22 If
JUST received a handsome ?a*ortitvnt of
Ladies, Misses and Childrrtts fine Straw,
'uscatt. Zephorine, Lawn and olher Lahionablo
ton nets. G. 11. DUN LAP*
April 9, 22 If
PALM Lout H?u, f?r Men, Boy a and Children
juat received by
April 9, 22 If
[hnvo two four huro teams, that 1 am not
now ablo to give full employment, and ahoold
b glad to engage a job of hauling, or work by
be da/ on very reasonable term*,
A. P. LAC08TE,
April 13, 22 If
DatUNUTon Dtrmtcr.
In thk Court Common Plba*. 4
Petition for the benefit of the Insolvent
Debtor's Act.
IftJOAII A. BACOT having this sixteenth
^ N day of April, eighteen hundred and forty.
.wo filed a Petition Praying that be may hare
he beuefit of the act of A?*emby roiiiinonly
:allcd the Insolvent Debtors Act, It is therefore
irdered by the Court that all tl?e Creditors of
ho mid Noah A. Baeot. do appear persona % pr
,y Attorney be/ore the Court of Common plesa
>11 the second Monday after the fourth Ityopday
11 October next, to show cause if any they
lave, why the Prayer of the aaid PeVU<m aboaW
tot be granted, aud that notice pf the said
'etition bo publialiod for ttie space of these
liouthk tn the Fanner's Gazette.
By order of the 1 ourt,
April JC, 1812. ?i IUit.

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