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BTHo:icur3Pf:x?c 'i. ~ ' .^b^h^r thci^4tfuJ^^^^B^SS^S^^^S^=^!m!SSaS!^!iS^^s^.__ iV- '
- , I - - - -X . . . . . .? : /- ' J * >y -?. - *' * --' .t fr /
?OT'? **? " . ~' . % ?<1>I^\, SOtTH" ARQLVtA, JlJj|'K:'-4, fegff* . V. .* *"? j. " ' ^ JjP.W^
Mb ?s ?. M *> ?? ?
Pu.H'it'x'l <spr.ry >V ir?hy 'lormng /?y
B93Snr 51'STiUJiir,
ri'nuvrw or thj tvw * or rut rxjo*
Ttrroe d ?lh?r? a *e*r in -aiirinci,) or four d?Iiari>
til the cud of the rear.
Inserted at nerentr five cent* the square for the.
Gr*t, and h-i!i that in'ant f.?r eaph continuance ?
The nunber.uf insertion* to be marked un the
margin or tbey will be continued and charged ac
cordiojlf. Tiio? (nsMird rinwnonuiijr < jcca'j?
and nasotMv ?1 a sen: ire for each insertion.
Coa.-nunicAlioaa by mail u> be po?t pWd ur,cms.it.
calender! to.
i I *?m i in??
lav or the united states rA**?-i? at
THE twenty fourtif congress
riuT session. - I
[Public, Xo. 2:5 ]
AX ACT to give effect lo^-aifiit^for pub'
lie lands issued in the names of deceased
Ih. ii rnar'rd by the $c*^f nmil I {oust *f Itrprtsrnlol'T-tt
of Utt tailed SraJrs of ,oe< rua in Congress
asstnbted, That in ali cu*-? where i^ir.T* U< public
land* have been or m?ja h?*r? si.e. b?-i*sued,
in pursuance of any law of the United
States, to a person who had died.^or
who shatl hereafter die, hciorc the date
of such patent, ih title lo .hi land dcfignaled
therein-shall enure to, and become
rested in, the heir*, devisers or a?signc *,
or such deceased palmier, a* it the patent
bad issued to the deceased person during
life; and the provisions of this act sha'l he
Construed t ? estrrid to patents f.?r lands
within the Virginia Military. D strict in the
State of Ouio. J
\MrS K: roi,K.
Speaker of the linage of Repre?eniauvcs.
i. V \ i L'RhA,
Vice President of the L'ni cd Statu? and
Pr< ^idcut of the Senate.
ArraovED. Oth of MM, lKffc?
[PfBUc No. 24 ]
.IX ACT expUi Aturr of the act cntilird
"An act ti* p event defalcations on the
part of disbursing agents of the liut'crnment.
and 0?r other purposes."
Re tt enacted uy thr S, natc and lime of
lleprcirntaxiccs, nj th- United Stato <f America
in Caugrcts Atstatldrd, That the
act entitled 44An art t<? prevent defalcation*
on the part of disbursing agent* of the
Gorcrament, and h?r other purposes."
approved the twenty-fifth ??f January,
eighteen hundred and twenty-eight, shall
not be construed t?? outhorizrthe pension
of any peusionci of the' United 6tales to
be withheld. j
Approved, ioth May, l*3fi.
[Public. No. 25.]
AN ACT authorizing thr President of the
United States to accept the service of
volunteers, and to raise an additional
regiment of dragoon* or mounted rifled
R* it enacted by the Senate and House or
Rrproicutaticu of the I "ltd Stair* at Arntricft,
in Cmtgtrss asumUtd, i ,?i the
President of the United MMi be, at: i h
hereby is authorized to sctcpl re otrrra
who ma> oflVr tbr; nervir- ? ?uhcr on in*
fanlry or rava'ry not *-*c?? fiug t? ? thousand
mcu, to s*rv*- *1* ??r t??*lvr months
arter the/ #h-dl have Arrived at the plarc
of rr^douui-t unless sooner discharged
and the said volunteers shall furnish their
own clothes, and, if caralrt, the.r own
horses, ftud when mustered into service,
shall he armed and equipped at the expanse
of the United States.
Stc. And t><- 11 furikrr tnnettd. Yh*l '.he
said volunteers s!iu!I be liable to be railed
npon to do military duty only in ratten of
Indian hostilities, or to rtp I invasions,
whenever the President shall judge pro
per, an?! when called into actual service
and while remaining therein shall he ?ui?jeet
to the rules a ttJ arliel^* <>| war. ami
nhall be in all red pee is except at to cloth
illg, placed on lite same rooting ui'h si.'
rnihr corps *>( the United States army;
and in lieu of clothing, every non-commissioned
officer and private, in any com?
patty, who -nay thus dfiT thcmsrlv. *, sh II
be entitle I win n call*- J into actual s? rv ire.
to receive in money a sum equal to tli? cost
of cioihing of a no-i-rotninissiotictl officer
or private (at the case in ly be) in .he rcoiilar
trount ..I" i'># I'uil,..] St.ile*.
See. -I iljurihrt rn*rU4. Tual Uio iuhI j
volunteers, s ojr*ri;?jj i m M-ruces, shall'
be accepted by the l"r? sident in companies
baltal;?n . squadrons. regimrnis,
brigades, or ?ltvwhose officers shall
be appointed in the manner prr-o-ribcd In
law in the several Stairs ami T rritorie*..
to which such companies, bauali s.pj.*-1
drons, regiments, brigades, or -lit Ui .n<, {
shall respectively belong. I'mrm,,/, Tha*
where any company* battalion, squadron,
regimen', brigade, or division, oI uulitia
already organized, shall" tender their voluntary
ser* i< rs to the United SlnUs, suqh
company, haiinlion, squA.lron, frgmjenL,
brigade," or division, shall roniirmc to be
commanded bv the officers holding corn*
I missions in llift same, ailhe tincof.snch
ten !i r; and* of any vacancy >t?cr?*nfcor i
occurring shall he tilled in the mode poin-,
ted ont by law in the S?atc or ferritorv j
wherein the said company, hatuiiinir, sqtin- 1
uron, regiment, brigade or division, sliall:
have 1>rcn originally raised. " * fc
Srr <!? jlnj It* ?/ frtrtUpr Thai ihn t^r^? 1
sident of the United State* be; and *he%V
hereby authorized ta orgnrize companies,
so icndfrrnn- iherr services, i:iti? battalion*
or Aqtfldron*, battalions or squa<tmns into
regiments, rdgwirf?l*it?ta brigade*, and
brigade* into divisions ?* soon a* the
number of rolunteors shail render such u
organizition in his jodfinem expedient;
and the President shall, if necessary, apportion
thi* staff. field and gdncr".f officers
among the respoetivr States or Trrritone#
from vvhieh the eHunterr*' shall lehder
th tr service* as he may dcr.n ptopcr;bur
until railed iptn actual service, such comnniiH'*
hnltrtliun*. snuadrons. .rrtrimenl?.'
' T# I ? J
brigadier, ur'diiision* ?hnli not be co?#i^
dc-rtul "as exempt from the pcHprntanre of
ndliiia duty a? if required by Itw, in like
manner a* before the nawajo f?f ih;< Ift
Stc. 5. ."fed It it ftcrtitfr. cvmettJ, Tbct the
ruliuilcm rrhn'mav bo received into thenc/eirc
of the Utiiicil State*, by virtue *tf
the proti*irin? of litis net, shall be entitle*!
to nil the bent-tits trhirh may be conferred
n?i p.-rsons wotimK'il in the. service irf the
Src 6. .iad be ?,ifurUur mcctrdj TVrt tberc
ill ill he rnic-(! :>?( orLanijr'i* under the
direction ol" ih?* president of the United
tSlaln one adiiitimial regiment of dragoon*
or mounted riflemen, to he. composted of
the saute number nod rank, of the ?'fBc?rs.''
noti-couinii^fioqt'd ol!ierf?, musician* and j
j riT*tr*,^om,?oMng the rejiihciu of drajjiwn*
m?w in thi *er?iec of the United
ji.. i.- ?i. it . .L i
Mf imi ntrnr in** niiiu |ia> <
a ml allowance. he subjected Id the same <
rule* &ud rc^ulati nn. and bp enfca^cd for i
th?* like term, anil upon the same, condition#,
in all respects trhatrrer a? nrr stipulated
fur kht said regional of dragoon*
now in nt rrirr.
8t? 7 .1 nJ hr iifvrlJur tnacft^, Thai the Pr* rill*
ut uf'ifir tJniu d ."-tales may disband thf
& . I re^iiiXMit whenever in his opinion,
the public-interest no longer requires their
services. and llie sum of three hundred .
thousand dollars, required hi enrrv imp T
rfleet lite provisions of this art is hereby
appropriated, out of any ihoncv in the i
Treisorv no! otherwise &ppmpri?u*d. 1
8i:t 8 .)*d It >i Jur'Jtrr tnaritti. That ro mceh |
of thi> ,?rt a * n latcs to epluutscrv slta'l l?r
in force f<?r two years from and after tin- |
nas^aiie of ihi* act. an?i n?? longer. '
Approved. *2:11 May. 1
(IVnCir?No 20)
AN ACT nuking appropri uion hr 'lie impprcMtoo
of humilities by the Ueck In
cian? _ t1
B< ii enartrJ by tkr Sennit mtU llatut of Krjn f*tm- i
titter J uf (Jit I atfrd Sta!cs of jfmerito m Congrtxt i
asflmbUil, That the sum of fire hundred ?
thousand dollars be, and the ?sme is hereby |
appropriated, ou' of any monrf ir> 'he Treasury
not other* i?c appropriated, to defray
any expenses njnch hate been, or may be
incurcd hi suppressing hostiliMcn by the;
Creek Indi n-f by ct!l;0?out, by the President.
of -ay part if the militia of the United '
Stales, ncco ding to tlie provisions of the 1
consti'utKui and la?; *hicli sum, if expends
!. shall oe expended under the dire tton
oi ihe Sr-crnary of War, conformably lo the i
proti?ion? of the act of t ongrcw, of J anna- <
nr. seventeen hundred and ninety (ire; of j
tin" sci of fif h of April, eighteen hundred
and thirty two, making appropriation* fi?r ihe
?up|)ort of the army ; and ??f ihe att of ihe
nineteenth March, eighteen hundred and
thirty>.six, providing for the payment of rolun-i
tcers and militia corps in the service of thef
United States.
Ai'Pwor? D. Mnv, I
f I UIIC proprietors of Lnnier and Green's
.1~ Fenv, give notice that thev will pc- .
... ... .'l.? ?A*i 1 i.Ai^,li.rf ,?,l,nr. ' '
IV41??4I ?? 1144 111 -\l Ml *. ?wi M I VIIIMI
lit for the same.
Mrv 7.?tint
4 LL persons intlrhtril to the subscriber
JL jL Ity notes or account*, arc requested I
to rail dii Jantr* It. M'Kaii. Csq. to settle j
the >a c as soon n-< possible, he being du* J
lv authorized by me to receive ami give1
lisrh irges i >r the same.
May I?17 -2c
f'liMi, lilue, tilack ami r ancy colored I
Iiroa<. Cloths, lor nal*' by
May 11-Hi
AN assortment of fashionable plaid silks
lor sale I>v
February 27.?Atf.
Catntfeq Book St (fire,. _ '
TH? fonotfag. tMid bat ? frw copies.of each.?
iiiftorr nf 1'iymoinb,-Hill"* "sketches bf titer west".
Mm of Honor, RinAn.ii l^collcetioiiL 4Rirntt'r ,
No*.-la, 1 vol. rVarnj Sketch Book,JsiAndSdseries
HotophiTj ('ikiLcr, ne-.v c4$*out additional copies
ol Life of I^afaTttc.fityn UpTrrhcii, by his (ami*.
Ir nltraician, Gall ?works trrtitflcte, C -scil. tiajb
B-> k; Life of Paulding, DrSuel'i ,
('<Ainnj, new fdjliuij ^pul-Tf?.wnnwrmfUnin*
mobl. Hm Brace. Afpe*' OejiJUilfifIdr !1
RAwmcupt. Bridal Gift., Upjjoow of Phrenology
and ClmrU&c, Situ ^ ' ' * v '
May 2f * - ~ * r%5 ' '
Iocons?|ucnc?oftbcd??tb of tfo senior 1
p irmor of the firm -of
& S3XT2T3Y, ittrtowtJirtrtwry t?w >
the- - osidtsa of that concern should Be closed;
ferihwitb. s ^ - \ ^ V l*
The L^rge-Stock, of Brfr GMdft,
* tlllrrr^ Ac. Will therefore be sold at
reduced prices until ?he-6rsi of Jane, for*1,
o?h or on -r limited -credit,. The- ootirc,
si ck may be purchased on blaeml terms by
any'pers-cm a lio feels desirbn* of commencing i
bttsine?s m thU ptuce.?ALL demands."due
the coocerfi ort iheUiof January, last, it is i
necessary should *brSettled iaunediaiclr. 1
E. W BUNftEfe 1
?:? on i oon rJ ?r , '
*?pru ou, ?cx>w.??* ?*! .
: NEVt TONG^Refi: i
THE JSntacribcrawondcrnbe lirnijof C. *
C. Camp!*!! &. Co.,w?HVnnlinu? the busi^ '
nc<s at IU->Jiojn jHc,.here!oftirn, comlucic/l under
the fiilii of J. M. .Ni-dan JtCbl ? 1
WH. wwsft,"
-: , , , C. (\ CAMPHEtX. b
The subsc/iber proposes toattendlo tile '
sale and purchase of all the SUckrfof tjiis
place, Camden'ChvrauvCjiarlfston and
Hamburg, on the ordinary commission*. j
He will JLeep the public regularly adrised. ;
through Uic^Coloiohia papers of the price .
of Stocks. - Office at the Columbia- fnsu- 1
ranee Office: " " \ *. 1
For Male. i
Commercial Bank Stock.
Broad-Rircr Bridge Slock. . }
Town of Columbia Furc prj Cents.
ITautcd. 'p V..' I
Columbia Insurance Stock.
Bank of Camdro Slock. x
May 21.?
\ -L..\ HOK Si rxe*iltniM?oifinentof Hol|'*Patrut .
J'ruv?r?, tl''U Wr an J aiogle, auuk to nter, ol ibr .
Do*! ilcraUr fiatrmU^for Kouibrn w Abo. a
i<Tt tn^ruinrnt fairly inrntrd Inr Dr. II. arhkkU
jijjhly *|jj?rotP*lt>f by the Nrw Y?tk pmniiloUfT*,
l bxa.amy.hr uk of L*rcJ Bella abopuhpf, a*?i
!i j.inalfra xrry much the womjI; of rraortiry; In
Wwirp. IJr lU' apJ?I?c-?tloft, ||:|> wri't'M iw at
,mV rr!lnnl (Vw {!MI inrcmrrtitrarr. ai ) Pit a Mod
. voaiilno llk?Sr f.itmnr T hoalw*?* *1*mm .
tr.' irrrivcl, ar- eJ <o?n election,
Uvd ntil. lie wx<i c,OL'*va:l> lot;. . __ 'j
White Lead and Colour*. * <
\ LA RGB *oj-|dy of Jh** article* ?h?"ci (be1) '
kVrriu &. ffhomnu*' maf.ofa<3cnrr frhirb, '
*i?h all otlirTi in*b*iinc.?ucKa? Oil. Urusbr*. Vac, I
itK ct. Tori^mluc, Ac. Ac. raa hrlnJjit.ltwiRor j
uioOitix tomtf, \i - WM. BBY.^OLUH'. ALSO?
(IS UASP. ' ? . .
A ffojJwpplf of WINDOW GLASS, - '
SILKS, .11
.rem* mc cost, .'
Figure! nn?! plain colored Silks, a hand' (
tome OMortmrni of- ilw a bore article ?ui
able for apring will be &old at COST.
ASI.O . ,
A frxr piece* DUFFIL HLANKKTS, ,
met \KbKO CLOTUS, will be aold- at .
r<M*? by H. LEVY. April 2
L' VOwll Inul I
B I B.IBM V VI lftinv V> w vu
Hifbrrrjr igd l^roioo SYRl'i'S, " , 1
Syrup of Kowrt, Crftor d<? Rok, I
Fink l^emoa Syrup, do dr Crtron, - ' 4
JUufli, do dc On??{f( ' 1
C'cracoa, Farlait Amour,
Crriw 6c Noytu, Uuito de Venuf, 1
do dc Moka. Anitcltf. For?li?l>y
Oct 17. H ^LEVY. (
A full supply of I
Irish MAntttir,
ALSO?Fiue LAW NS and Linen Camjric
IIAN DKF.Rl HIKFS, for ?alc bv
April 2. |
1 11 r* sunsenber begs leave to inform
I'ii friends and customers, thpt having 0
purrii scd from Mr. A. CATONNfiT, hi* ^
rntirc Murk of merchandise on rery liberal
terms, ami added his own to it?he has r
removed to tlint well known suind, corner
<>f Broad and Kntledgr Streets, where,
preparatory to his laying in mi rntirc new
supply he will continue selling o
DRY (iooi)S, F< R CASH, J
mi i !M Vtis.fu *\n
rj .? nvn ii|\i *? l#i i/W 1/ |{
( O.N lTX'TloN.Vtt V, . ii very reasonable j\
terms. I
From his customers ami ilmsc of Mr.
Oatonm: r'f, lie solicit* a continuance of i
their libera! patronage, which he hopes to
im rii l?y close attention to business, and
a firm determination* to sell GOODrt
April 0-1 l-tf. * ll
-- r: - BOOKS, v A
New Wttrki Yeccntjy* fc?
X?L crfved aflhe "Camden Book
ate the fallowing. . ;J't" * '*
'* A<(feiuurea jra a Rifle Brigade, Sedgwick's
Ecftnom^, British PufpiC History,
of Plymouili, L'uwtT Ylmpressiuns of A me
rteav "Ljfe v?C?%Hlf, Female Student,
T|?c* Great TcAchcr, Hawks Ecclesiastical
Hiatoty ofyirgfom. '... * , ""
:Xr?T Kra(li<rf, nrp Mahmonnd, I
Ricnzf (BulWeris Hat)' MaryatCs Stories;
nf'the Sea, fiilbrrl Guc-tney, Outlaw/
One .in tf!Fh<njfknd, (jiunes^ ra?'t,)"TBci
Early Called, &c. tales, The Cotrnim,,'
See, tales- ~ . ' . . .
^tftoroiN^/Kfedf mKh?90m
tosh.' Jmn/a Columbus, abridged,- (rbta*/
suing and useful, to the young) JOayghierV
ivn book, Young WifWs.hoot; Nobra (Seeds,
?f W<imao{ Natal Sketch book, Kaie^Ooaffc- j_
ic, \a noTd) memoirs or ezgufent Women,
kc. Slc. / " / ^ f i
Subscript ion laken ?fof tfco folfewiiijj*
Ser judical. work*?Ahacrican. Quarterly'
terjew, WaldieV Csrcn>alift? Library'
kincrican Journal, uf Science (by' Silli-,
nan.) Ladies Bo k. Liticl* Muscpm.*
\merican Journalpf the Mrdtea] Sciences,
The American Cyclopedia of Practical
. a - .
JLanr. McJical, Theological, Classical,
V! iacr I fancuus 'and School JioolLl?-Aiio,
<latjonar)V to bcfcodat (he establishncnL
' * / / .
JE^B^oiCs maj be hid el the CireaUiing
Library, * *'' %
May7.~j5/,.; ^ ^
Biiftrcribcr hah just ucectred a soppl^>f
choice droeociee, t$. f
rexuuFr, a*.
?e>. - j,
VAlL - " do. r.\
. m n i ?o j v. ? Vi?' 1 f
urn. rme saimou.risn,
iiij&e aaaxiaaaecaft.irt :.i
Left witch a bcs; ehcwiog TOB-VfCO^
loncyducdo. J. L J
The above articles Trill bcsoW Id** for'
rasli. J.L. JONES. j
M.y 81-17-tC. l-,t ' 'j
* - *
Mary Izard, ")
!"r;' i-BILL FOR I'AltTIIIcnry
lMr.1, C T!0.N.
-Lucy Izard, ' .
Allen Izard. . - , By
rirtoa *>f-a decree of ihc."Cnvrt of
Equity k> ihe aborc' caac, I .will offer for
?fe at Lancaster Court House, on the lit
Monday in June next, the following tried
_ c -i i >L : e .1 1-...
luiu, utv proprriy 01 uiv lair w aucr
Izard. Tbe description in the bill is as,
follows: . *
One tract of land lying in Lancaster'
Diik, on the Catawba river, near Lamlsford,
containing 550 acrca, including a
tmail island in the rircr, containing three
acre* mortf br-iesa; Ihk tract is feotraded
west by the Catawba mar, soalh.bylsodk
of Maasey 6c Allen flood, tast .bV lands of.
Thompson dCrCeddca and ootth by laoda
of Foster, upon thia tract arc the mrilssiluitc?Cfly
acres hare been sold to Gibaoit
o that the tract now cuutains bo: COO
teres. " v . - k
Alio another tract containing three hundred
acres, more or -leas, situate in the
District of Lancaster, about one mile from
the tract lait named, bounded w. by Foster's
land, s. by Crawford and Foster, e.
>y Dean and Geddca lands* and n. by Mas-,
lcv and Hood's lands. - Tlx?
above lands will-be sold on a credit'
>f one. two and thretf years IVoro the day'
)f Hale. Purchasers to giro bond; mortgage,
and personal security, and alio to
>*y for commissioners papers.
Comm'r. Equity, L. Dr
^omip'rg office, f
tiny Classical
& English
endereitfned will commence a ?chnnl;
if the abort description in Cftitfticn on the!
irst Thursday In Julpnext.
Terms of Tuition per session of fhrc
ciontW *"?
KNCiUSir, $10.
Strict atteotioD will tie paid to the morals
ind conduct of their pupils at all times?disiijiline
will be strict and prompt, but parchParents
ami guardians, who may wish to
:omniu their children or wards to their cam,
vill apply as catly As practicable, to Jno. A.
lincham. r
Applications mair be made during the
noutb of June, to Mr. C. J Shannon.
May 7-15-tf.
The Charleston Observer and Christian
Herald will please to insert the abovo notice
for six weeks and forward their accounts.
. Mm M'Donild v Fc^?,y ,83^ Tl
g thoJviinte*!-!*" ?;IT ;
V ^ and Durarit K* "
. "Ato'ri: .
\Jo*efrfi Qqrjtol' ' ...
: "ancTCbV. D?rju1( 3 v'* * IT
is ordered that,all persons Having deP*^P?;
rflnl, oee^d. lafe *herifiT.of pointer XHaSrid^
tw and appear bfcfp/e ftie Com missioner of v
Sigier Oi5lnct,*_6n% or\befbre the l&th
&i?pf 5?ae nc^ tji frtLdBBtWj'itv flyj*** ^
Ijy padof. Brofdet^C the CotT^; - *
; JOIfS >
" Somiftfilip. feb.%T. I83f". y iftia,
5sA i'ABft ;. .
'THE Subscriber/pleasareJakes liiir
mrtlwrfjrf iiiCrumitiwr fiietieriil* mm! tbeSllW
tire Moclc ofG#od*bf 4> tx^Cfadb *.? *
wili contioue^to -keep 41 .tbe.iiflije aUodi
where; by .assiduity and oodiTided aqriHWji
to his cdft6mcrs,*?d vtfeoee who may j&tor
him.wtftva oailv kt hflpea to-epetit * ehtre of .
patronage at the hand* of * generous pubfior
Wili be found constabiij on band ** (reab
and* qermrnt - assort meal of DRY GOODS.
and CROCKERY^ tritba jew dozen qhftc*
Win*, vis, MADERU, U.^BOffitORT.
- - X L. JONES ^
*pnl2a.~13~fr . .- V.. ..
ECMIX B302-STOnSs- > .
rplHH subscriber bas tiny rccefecdAftttb
- JL and ^curral assortment of- Ladies
niKi CicBttfakeiu 4feo4?*
and Shoe#,
of (be latest and moat fashionable &yk? wbicb^ *
were selected with much ?arf bj bjmaalP?wh/cli
he bdietea wiH jrite^eoei?) aattefao
tknriotboso who tfiH fcwor" hia with ~kfaejr
custom, ill* srocJtcot^wcs^Tfrr desCqpiion
of Lodiet nnd&*mlcmen, and Chfldfatta"f
Boots rfod Shoes, generally ihiipdjir>rrgefaf'
shoe store/ The Laiicsand Gamterneeof
Camden arcTc*pcafail/ igritetf KrrsU>ed
examine for thcroachres. .; ?* ~~i>v > .
ALSO? On tand a gmaml OsSortmad of
; nst aXUCB V8, - ^ i
Winch uiii be *oid ,qu the most iceconahle
terms. % * . 5
; Fehrowy 23>-5tC > C' ^rojvE
TlieSubscribe r? ati- a-duantity of
r8T0*YJB jLt.m&j
firtt rate, fcmfiti fine order, which they offer
oa reasonable terms. "*. **'" " ^
' V - - / J. BteHOF, dt Ch.
' i > "
BJajmu hctVMa MwIsm. afei tfca > <?
FTPflw subscriber-sincrrrly thanks Ms
JL friends an<J the public, for the liberitf
patronage he has weired* and begf Iats
-to announce, thai he has considerably ctt^
largcd hh? u'commodaiiops, and formed .
his establishment <tn a plan that vtQ tih
sure satisfaction.' A suite of. airy and
well furnished Bleeping Rooms have been
fitted np for the use. of irarelters, whew
comfort? will be rurrfuil^^idM. His
Larder will be tarnished wifbiln
bent the Southern Markets can prodoee,
and served on moderate terms, in the beet ;
and njost expeditions manner,<af til hoars
ol the day. 'The Bar; as astiitl*- shell continue
to maintain its superiority for clkKc*
Wines andXH)uors. .
7-lA-f / . '
HAVE on "haml *few "dozen fine
Baltimore and -Grecian Stand
. tit?rrs. n";.
A LSO?Common tUa&er jmd forge Reeling
chairs,.' Which
tbey oflfct low to close a consignment.
FIGUKFO black silk Modina and Wick
Foulard* do, for sate by ^
May 14-16- '
-in Town Obuncil. - .
Vi~ni.RFAS. D. grwrunninjfat large fa
r the street* sfter daYk, art consider*
ed a public nuisance.
Rtsolrtd, Tliat it shall. be> lawful for any
pcn?rm to kill sweh'do^ or dnjjs and that
the Trensufer of the ToxmCotmcil "be "authorised
n> pay 6fiy cents for ercry dog
so killed wltfrn compensation is demanded
J A MI B w. LAiVCi, Trea?urer.
1 M^iv<>l4y if. v - - .
i O \\ iS 'i A A KCS.
OF those who have neglected to pay their
Town Tax**, immediate payment m required.
J. W, LANG, Record, end Trnt&
May 7-15-tf.

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