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exposition so clear a.nd complete, and so
thoroughly sustained by evidence, plain I
and unquestionable, would seem almost i
impossible. The delivery, too, was high- <
ly felicitous and effective, and especially
indicative of honeslv and sincerity in the
i ?i ,i..?.1, ,iin address occunied ! i
&(>catvci, auu uiuujjm mv ,
the entire sitting, of about three hours or!
upward, we have never seen one more- at- j
tentircly listened to, or heartily a ppl auded.
Indeed the interest, so far from flagging,
at any moment, became continually stronger,
to the conclusion, when the general
exchange of congratulations among the
hearers, evinced the highest gratification.
South Carolinian.
South Carolina College.?Our College !
recomenced its operations on Monday last, j
Ti.c President and Professors are all pre-1
^ sent with the exception of the Ilcv. Dr.
Elliott, who, we arc pained to learn* is;
U lying sick at Ueaufort. lie has been dan-j
geroiifely ill, but was better at the last in-j
telligelice. A large number of the Stu-1
dentafiarc arrived and pouring in daily.?,
We cordially welcome you back, young ,
friends,?it carries us back to our own 1
4jy]tr.ge days, to witness our hearty grec-j
tiu'S "oi t2cl? other and merry counte-i
nances, ana con,1:1 almost wish some ten
or dozen years were jiUuf-kcd off our age,,
thai we might be of your nii.'hbcr: At :
the same time wc have been led topfiiJoso-1
j.htec on the subject of hen-roosts, and to {
tlebate the question, whether their safety i,
has been promoted by this rapid increase'
of pujmlntion, and aho to calculate the
probabilities ofsonte downy-chinncd F resh
j nan's developing his sharing propensities j;
on pony's tail. j1
There is cheering evidence of the i.i- '
creasing reputation of the College. There <
were 28 applicants for admission the j
first day, wc unders and, and the probability
is, that there will not be less than a j
hundred and cighu or a hundtcd and nine-1
ty students .nest year.? Temperance Adi\ j i
'Land Slide ai New Orle.ens.-On the af- j
lernoon of the 22d, a large amount of tlie ;
v levee in the first municipality slid into the S
river. The Picayune says?"The land:
?imk with sudden impetuosity, heaving
fish into the air, and rocking such wolci !
crafts as were in the vicinity with all the
violence of an ocean suige. The Bayon
Sa-ra Wharf is completely swept away, j
and all the timbers ol it, no two of which
remain together, and arc now moored in a
floating raft close up in the gap of the
broken levee. The damage extends along !
the landing places two or three hundred ,
yards, and several other wharves are i
more or less injured, some of them rendered
utterly useless. Deep cracks in the '
oar.ili are seen nearly halfway between'
the former edge of the Jevcc and the store :
doors. No further danger, however,meed j
be .apprehended, and though an immense '
expense will be required lor the repairs, '
the levee hereafter will no doubt be more !
substantial than ever."
Extraordinary Lac Case.?Some 2Q :
years ago, an Irishman married a young j
woman, his junior by 13 years, in Liverpool,
England, and set up a tavern on a J
large scale. A fine looking brawny fellow,
fresh from the * Green Isle," became
a lodger, and, in a short time, made love
to the hostess, and prevailed upon her to
elope to America. The lady, being the
factotum of the hotel, converted every
thing she could conveniently into cash,
and with her lover, and all the tangibles
that were portable, set sail for America,
leaving her husband with the empty house,
and, as she says, " to take charge of its
contents." The elopement was so well J
planned and executed, that her " where- j
abouts" was unknown for nearly 18 years, j
when her forsaken lord obtained news of;
her arrival and marriage in this country i
i? i A r? .1 i.? : "i.
lO JICI' 1UVUI . ium IIU* a aj:w nu Iinmu |
Jiere, and in a short time sought and found
his long lost wife. She immediately dropped
on her knees and renewed her allegiance,
and swore that she would be his
again. Accordingly, she packed up her
goods, took several hundred dollars, 1
which her last husband had in the house,
and eloped with her first husband. When
the last husband found out his position,
he commenced a suit in the Supreme
Court last Saturday, and had the first
husband arrested for crirn. con. and seduction..
The defendant was thrown into
jail, and yesterday morning the parties,
had a friendly conference, quietly com-;
pared notes, balanced accounts, discontinued
the suit, released the true husband, |
and went into a tippling hole and made J;
.made mcrrv?it being mutually agreed
jthat the first husband should have prcce- 1
dence.?N. }r. Sun, |
Another Texian Tiger.?A late IIous- :
ton Morning Star gives the particulars of!
a desperate rencountrc between a Mr, F ]
- _ .1-- i I.- -c ,l. r _ I
nnu a large uger on wiu u?nma ui uic- i^u
Iijcca river which occured recently. Mr.
F furnished the editor with the state*
ment himself. It seems this gentleman
was hunting cattle in the bottoms," and
after forcing his way for half a mile through
the thick cane in order to strike across
from one path to another; he heard a rattlipg
and cracking of the breaks in a partial
opening a short distance before him;
supposing that he had come up with the
object of his search he hastened foward.
,As he rame within ten feel of the spot, lie
saw crouched upon his belly in the attitude
of springing, an enormous tiger. Ilis;
eyes were fixed with firey intensity updii
him, his tail vibratingfslowly, and every
moment showed the animal to be just rea
Jy to spring.
Mr F quickly cocked his rifle and
brought it to his shoulder. The spring
and shot was almost simultaneous. As the
animal struck the ground with a yell he
writhed and rolled, and uttered unearthly
yellings for nearly a minute, when he
seemed exhausted. F then drew his
Bowie knife and stealthily approacJjBd as
the animal lay with his back towards him,
and drove the steel to the handle into his
side. A sharp yell and spasm, and he was
dead. The hall had entered the region of
the heart. This was one of the largest tigers
ever killed in Texas, and equal in almost
every respect (o the Royal Bengal
Tiger of the East. It measured 14 feet
from the tip of the nose to the extremity
of the tail. Mr. F -took the skin from
the monster and keeps it as a trophy.
Eloquence.?The followinc "touch of the
sublime" was delivered-before a court of
justice in Pennsylvania;
Your honors sets liigli upon the ador*
liable seats of justice like the A mcrican Kagle
perched upon the Asiatic Rock of Gibralnr,
while the eternal streams of Justice,
like the cadaverous clods of the valley
low meandering at your extended feet."
A -Vice Point. ?In Persia, at the fruit
gardens, the way in which (hey ascertain
the quantity eaten by one individual, is
rather original. They weigh the perso'1
when lie enters lite garden, and when lie
gods out. charge for the difference. One
day, a fellow went in with his pocket full
of pebbles, which after lie had eaten fruit
enough he threw away. Of course he
weighed less when he went out than when
he went in. They could not account for
ihe phenomenon, and he insisted on being
paid lor the weight be had lost by remaining
in the garden. The fact long puzzled
the w ise men of Caboul, the city of IUU,000
gardens, as it is call.
Doctor Ilincs.?The Baton Rouge Gazelle
of the 5th inst. speaking of the Roctor,
says?" When he entered the walls of
his gloomy abode, he gave vent to a burst
of feeling, lamenting his fate anil declared
that he was the victim of perjury. On
taking off his elegant apparel to assume
the convict's uniform, lie laid down a high
crowned hat, which on being examined,
was found lined with springs similar to
those of a watch. By striking this hat
on the crown, it was immediately transformed
into a cap. The doctor could thus,
at any moment, change his head gear,
and if put in jail, was ready with instruments
to effect his escape. The hat was
accidentally lorn to pieces, but the springs
may be seen at the penitentiery. We
have Ucen told by one of the officers of
the institution, that the doctor declared
that he will not rcmarn long at Baton
Rouge. lie says that lie lias many powdrful
and influential friends who will intercede
for him, and should their intercession
fail, he lias given notice that he will
Inot-n nn liic nwn rp?mincihiliIr. and head
foremost, if I*c cannot any other way.?
The gmrds have bsen ordered to keep a
rigid watch, and fire on him, should he
make any demonstration of an attempt to
Tun many-headed wheat?The many-headed
wheat is an indigenous plant of
California; six heads of which was procured
by Major Spering, from a man in
the Osage nation of Indians, who had been
trading in the Pacific ocean.
The six heads produced six hundred
grains, which were planted by Mr. Alpheus
Baker, Abbeville, S. C., the production
of which was ten thousand heads.
The ground on which the wheat grew
was measured by an accurate surveyor?
the heads counted ? and one head shelled
out, and tho grain weighed, a calculation
was then made, the result of which was,
that the wheat produced at the rate of
two hundred and thirty bushels to the
acre. It was planted about the last of
January, and cut on the 20th of June.
The land on which it grew is poor and
sandy, was unassisted by manura.?
Wilkes comity Georgia News.
Camden Prices Current. i
Beef, in market, lb 5 a 7
Bacon from wagons, 31> 8a?
by retail, lb 10 a 1 2
Butter, lb 15 a 25
Beeswax, lb 20 a 25
Happing ya d 24 a 28
Hale Rope lb 10 a 14
Coflco lb 14 a 16
Cotton lb 9 a 9 75
Corn bush. 62
FJour l?LI 5 50 a
Feathers from wagons, lb 37 a 40
Fodder cwt 1 a 1 25
Hides, green, lb 5 a 7
dry, lb 10 a 12
[ron cwt 5 a 8
Lime cask 3 a 3
Lard lb 10 a 12
Leather, sole lb 22 a 25
Oil, currier's gallon 75 a 1
lamp gallon 2
Molasses gal 45 a 56
Oats bushel 45 a 50
LLr"We are authorized
to announce THOMAS P. EVANS asc
candidate for Congress, for thisCongrcs
sona! District, at lie ensuing election.
Mrs, E. Warren.
IS daily expecting an assortment of
beautiful fall and winter fancy and stai
pie DRY GOODS; selected by herself in
J New York and Philadelphia, which she
. will offer to her customers on accomino:
dating terms.
j October 10. 45 2t
aindeii (S. .) Aiieik.iI
l ifTlfi d"i? n
WiriLL commence on Monday, 9th
* ^ Nov. next, with two Colt Stakes.'
The first will be two mile heats, two
1 hundred dollars entrance, half forfeit.?
The following are the entries.
J. J. Moore, produce of Lcocadia & ltow- J
W. II. B. Richardson, produce of Trans-1
i port and Mucklc John.
Powell M'Ra, Jr. produce of Crusader mare I
and Rowtou.
j Powell M'Ra, produce of Finance andl
J Row ton.
'J. B. Richardson, produce of Julia and:
I Muckle John.
W. H. B. Richardson, produce ol Venus
and Mtickle John.
J. G. Guignnrd, produce of Empress and j
| R\?wton.
I Wade i/'tmpton, produce of Imp. Emrna
and Hu'W-on.
Wade Hampton, produce of Augusta and
J. C. Goode, produce of Caliope and
Ilanner and Gibson, product of Polly Medly
and Row ton.
M. S. Perry, produce of Congaree mar<f
and Godolphin.
The second will be two mile heats, two 1
hundred dollars entrance, play or pay.:
The following are the entries.
M. R. Smith c. f. by Imp. Row ton, dam.
Martha Griffin
J. C. Singleton, c. c. by imp. Nonplus,
dam Crusader mare.
J. A. Colclough b. f. by Rowton, dam
Miss Easton.
P. M. Butler, imp. c. f by Priam, dam
J. C. Singleton c. c. by imp. Roivton, dam
Powell M'Ra, Jr. bro. f. (imp.) by Mulatto,
Lewis Lovell, colt by imp. lltdgeford, dam
H/irt 1- ? |%t_? Mnrntiic
liUVU I 1/ T
Jockey Club purse $ f"Hr mile heats.
Jockey Club pins?^ $ three wile heats.
Jocky Club purse 9 livo mile beati.
October 10 45 6l
H!pHE subscriber wishing to close his
i -?- present business, offers his slock of
! DRY GOODS at cost ami charges, for
cash, or on a credit till 1st Jan. 1842, for
notes bearing interest with approved security.
October 10 45 2t
THE Books of Account of^the late firm
of S. <? J. P. Shiver, and of J. P.
Shiver, have been placed in my hands lor
collection. All those indebted are cnlled
upon for immediate payment, or satisfactory
Oct. 3.
Head Quarters, 31 It Brigade.
I IloLKlRK, Sept. 1st, 1840.
J W. R. BLAIR having been appoint
-*-* ?'(! extra Aid-de-Camp,to Brigadier
General Jas. W. Cantey, with the rank of
Captain, will be respected and obeyed accordingly.
Brigade Major.
! 9cpt. 19 453
Private Boarding House
MRS. MUGGRIDGE respectfully informs
her friends and the public, that
she continues to accommodate Boarders, at
her delightful situatcc House No. 449 King j
street, west side, between Wentworth and
Hascll streets, Charleston.
sept. 19 453 4t
ALL persons having demands against
Leroy Jones, dee'd. late of Kershaw
District, S. C., are requested to present
them legally attested, and those indebted,
are required to make payment previous to
! next return day.
II.'OUP i/f? pour
d J'i^CLi AlJUUV/ALif JLdJU T.
Sept. 5. 5t40
an'] Lots 011 Broad Street, for sale, cither
separately or collectively; and am disposed
to make the terms reasonable and accom-!
Julv 4.
I ["Tp3 Wcare authorized to anj
U~' nounce Col. SAMUEL S. TAYLOR as
a Candidate' for a ecat in the House of Representatives
at the ensuing election.
* I
Fall and Winter Goods.i
itj'At Reduced Prices.^
THE subscribers have just received ai
extensive assortment of Ihois ar.tl
Shoes, which were manufactured particularly
for the retail trade, bv the most op
proved manufacturers in Philadelphia ant!
Boston, all of which arc warranted to give
satisfaction and will be sold 10 per cen;
lower than the usual prices, to wit :
Gcntlcmens fine calf sewed boots,
44 44 44 pump sole 44
44 44 44 water proof boots,corlt i
44 stout " sewed boots,
j " fine 44 brogans,
" 44 44 shoes and pumps,
44 India Rubber over shoes,
44 Leather over shoes, fur lined,
Ladies English .?ml French kid slippers.
" While English 11 "
" Black and while satin
" Gaiter Boot?,
41 Seal slips and walking shoes, various |
patterns, ;
" Quilled shoes, silk lops, .i
44 New style over shoes,
Misses seal walking shoes,
44 44 slips, ... 1
44 Leather Loots ami shoes, i
Boys line boots. 1
t4 41 shoes and Lrogans,
4 4 44 pumps,
m.;i,?i i I
boots and shoes,
" Leather boots nnd'shoes. 1
ATarge'stork of mens and hoys shoes and 1
brngans, suitable for plantations, and !
3000 pairs Negro ?hoes, !
superior to any that have ever been offerd
in this market. i
PJuntos arc invited to call and examine fur
Soleand upper leather,^French and Northern
calfskins, lining" nnd bindery skins,
various colored Morocco skins for coach
trimming, shoe knives, pincers, kit files,awi
blades, boot webbing, shoe lasts, and all
other articles generally in use with shoe
makers. Also every description of impor- j
ted shoe thread, shoe blacking,and varnish.;
For sale at the post-office
Stationery & School* Books
Among which are the following:
Wood bridge's Geography, with Atlas,
Smith's do do
Willis' do do
Grcenlcafs English Grammar,
Kirkham'a do do
Murray's do do
Adam's Arithmetic,
Smith's do
Pike's do
Key to do
Walker's School Dictionary,
Columbian Orator,
National Reader, Murray's Reader,
New York Reader, Nos. I, 2 and 3,
Cabb's Juvenile Reader, Nos. i, 2, & 3, j
' Parley's Little Reader,
j Parley's Tales of Europe, Africa, Asia
and America,
Child's first Book of History,
do second do do
do first reading Lessons,
Pocket Expositors,
do Juvenile Instructor,
Popular Lessons, Child's Instructor,
N. York Spelling Book, Elementary do
Alntmlipf nf A'nlnrnl Hiolnrv
- I "* ~ ?J ,
do of different nations,
Receipt Books, Slates, of various sizes,
Copy Hooks, Quills and Ink
Steel Pens, by the card, Paint Boxes,
Amanacs, of different kinds, for 1840,
Blank Books of various sizes,
Memorandum Books,
Wafers, black and red,
Lucifer Matches, low by the dozen.
We are authorized by
i ofZ/MijflW'f^^^tlic friends of ISAACj
M[gEjlfiP TILLMAN, Esq. loan-j
4w Jj^jSjSy noutice him as a candi^
date fur the House of
| Representatives of the Slate Legislature,
from Lancaster District, at the next elcc->
lion. < J uly 4.te*
LL?' that in pursuance of'he instructions
contained in the resolutions passed by the ,
citizens of Camden at the meeting held on t
he 28th of June last, the Town Council n
of Carnden, will apply to the General As- ^
sembly at its next session, for an amend- J t
ment of the charter of the Town so far as
to authorize the Council to lay a " capita-:
tion tax on each person in the town liable} _
to perform patrol duty; the said capitation i
tax not to exceed four dollars 011 each per- j
son. By order of the Council,
R. L. WILSON, Recorder. :n
Aug. I. 1840- 14135 ja
Resoloed, That the Guard do seize, onja
Sunday, all Negroes who reside pcrina- ;j
nently out of the Town of Camden, and .
treat t cm as the Ordinance directs, with-, 11
out a legal permit. < ^
A T.T. nnrenne Imvlnnr rlnmnmlw nrrhiitcf ^
A"" .
the estate of the late James Baskin,|
Sen. are requested to hand them in, and j ^
those indebted, to make payment on or
before Return Day next. C
J NO. W. BASK IN. Adm'r. S
Sej>t. 0. 3:40 <'
. m-Valuable
Lands <&TftIittfc ^
ib;v sale
folin J. Price, ; *> '
ui,d others. j" In Eijhity ?-/?f?nca?>
vs.- Y .U i?U.H hr Parfi- '
Henry R. Price, |*' :u?'.x, .* -.?
and others, J ' d'1' '
|JY virtue of I lie decree of the Cofrrt "f \
E(j.t:iiy, inailc iii ilio above" rase, I iv,
offer for sale, at Litiea* tcr Conrl' ?lr<>r.*i /
on ihc I si MuinJav, the 2.1'' <i?y
bcr next, the follow ini.- valuable r: ?1
belonging to the parties in the abo?.f, fc,:;ri'-,.f
rase, and sold to effect division l.clo tctk. v
them ;
One tmrt of land, xvltr'rcen Jofiafi Pjicitat
present resides, situated in litiiifHSitV
District, on both sides of Cane ('reek, abntit
one mile lVoin the Catawba river and five *!"
miles west of Lanr.asterville. containing.
13?5acrcs, adjoining lands of James' RoIk
inson, George Dnnbip, J. 11. Wiliiei'spootf,
Sen., Dixon Btrnes, B. C. Jones, II. R,
Price, Wm. Dtmlap and John Brown, trlvoflj
300 acres of this tract is cleared, ^00 of
which is fresh and under a hjgh sjafe o"f
cultivation, the l>a Is nee, is superior w"nt*l '
la."'! covered with oak, hickory, poplary
walnut, red bud, &c. The soil is adcejr
mulatto Joa.m and well adapted to tire pro* *
ductioii of ritiidr col,ton, corn, or small -o
grain. The improvements are comfdTlable ?v- .
and extensive; it is wpH watered by sprii/gsf
?besides a well of excellent water in th0 "**
yard. The situation has proved heel? to be '/
healthy. Upon this tract is skuatcu p sjt-"
pcrior set of Merchant Mills lately rdfutft :
ind in excellent repair, with a. ncyejr^/aifcl
iug head of water, supplied by six different
creeks. The toll from the corn mill alone,
amounts to 1000 .bushels per annum, be.
sides a fair proportion of wheat. Also a
saw mill, gin house and screw?UiemachUie'
turned by water?the mill pond and creek
abound with fish. .
Also another tract containing 705 acres*
situated on birth sides of Camp Creeks*
bout 3 miles from the above tract, mostly'""
wood Janil, the growth of which is oak.
hickory and pine?adjoining lands of Nelson
Bell, Robert Douglass, esialc of Nancy
McCardell and others. y
Also one tract containing500 acres* situated
on the Head Waters of Turkey quar-^
ter Creek, Iti the long leaf pine, njljoining
lands of Wm. E. Johnson, Wm. <3. Coke,
Mrs. Mcllwain and Others. r
Also a House and 'tot in the village "of
Lancaster, fronting on .Main street, and extending
back to Catawba street, at present
occupied by II. R. Price. , ?
Any of the above tracts' of land will be
shewn with p lea sure, by Mr. Price,1 to aliy"
person wishing to purchase.
Tkrms?A credit of 1, 2 and 3 years, ?a
equal annual instalments, except so much'
in cash as will pay the costs of suit,, (and !
-L <?tll t... . 1 tlia on 1*1 nf I liO
n nil II Will Ut iLijUiicii li \mim iiiw , oaiv. wi , ;
House mid Lot,) the purchasers givmj'" .
bonds, bearing i-nterest from the. day/?C *
sale, with good personal . socyfjij
mortgage of the premises, and .also. pajHrti^;
for necessarv papers.
Com'r E<jnity"L. ttf
Commissioner's office, Sept. 14, 1840.' t,
in=* The Caroliyian, (ColumWa.) wilL
please insert the above until the 1st Mou-:.
day in Not-ember next,
sept. 7 [Prs. fee 812] 4% i' \
HPHE fifth Regiment of Cavalry .is liqreby
ordered to be and appear, fully
armed and equipped, for review ami parade
at Camden, on the 28ih of October
next, at 12 o'clock, M. ' * I.
The commissioned and non-commissioried
oflicers will assemble the day previous
for drill and instruction. 4.
Bv order of
Col. 5th Rcg't. Cavalry.
James Chesnot,Jr., Adft.
Aug. 29, 1840. , 9t39
Notice is hereby given, that
ihc undersigned will apply to the Legislature
al its next session, for a ehnrtPT of incorporation
for the DeKalb Rifle Guards.
A. M. KENNEDY;5' "
Aug. 22. 3tnf'''
Notice* <
Jt LL persons indebted to the subsqyjier,.
either by note or open account, up to
he present date, are requested'!? eaii on
Hr. M. Naudin, and settle the same before
elut n day; otherwise they find theniitx
he hands of an atlotnev. . : *
Sept. 10. 42 '2l
estk m.~~
SAMUEL R. (ilBSON lolled before
ne two esti-ays. One, a mare Mule, of
brown bay color, thirteen hnj.ids high,,
bout four years olilf a good dual seared
v harness, appraised at forty dollars.?
'!<,? i-wlirr hm-en AIn'/i nf <
Itv w ??. W . ?. wv W1 ? tl'IC/r p
jurtcen hands high, about 1hrcc years
hi, considerably marked In j'jr;"and
lint) in one eye, appraised yi forty dolus.
The owner of ?-uhl m.Olks will he
cquircd io prove projurtv, pay charges,
nd take them ntvav.
. "J. WILLIAMS, Maturate.
Lancaster (1. II. Align *t ">. 'ift)? s^i fO
We are aurti jrized to an
UMTKK, our present Representative iu
ongrrs?, as a Canilidnte for rc-clecliep.

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