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proper attention and care of stock is
shamefully neglected ' ?y most of our fanners.
The traveller may often pass a d sen
or more farms, without ever seeing .such an
appendage attached to the premises, as a
shelter for either n:?ttlo. hojjs, or slu'cp.
From this circumstance he might readily
conclude, eitlscr, tliat wo had no such
stock, or that we thought the in destitute
f..,.l.r?rr loiI'lllPlX OeC-l'SSanjV j.)
w? ^ consequence
of neglecting to provide
comfortable shelters for I heir stock, many
times the amount that would he ivqnircd
to furnish them, to say nothing of the
pleasure of knowing tint their animals!
were well provided |br. in order to judge
of the utility of sheltering stock in winter,;
we need only to mark the contrast be- !
tween those animals that are sheltered,
and those that are not; the former will'
have a healthy appearance and lively ac-'
tion, while the latter may (jo seen crouch-;
ed into some fence corner or other situa-j
tion that may afford a scanty protection 1
* from the inclemency of the weailicr, with
their feet drawn up int > a space not much
larger than a half bushe measure, and
their backs as if running to seed' tooj
aptly resembling in form 1 lie top of a cart j
? wheel; and their whole appearance indicative
of suffering, the hair erect?the
countenance dull and listless, and action
sluggish and seemingly performed with re-1
The advantage in regard to feed in the!
two cases is very considerable; from our
own experience and that of others wit i!
whom we have conversed on the subject,'
we should think, at least one third in fa-!
vor of sheltering. This saving, even in
one winter, would balance the expenses I,
of erecting shelters that might answer a I,
* ?..?? rrrxr\A t\tlrrwiCP fiir <!fiV(!r,ll VOai'S. . j
?V.l V * /.?. ....
But the comfort of the animals, and j (
the saving of feed, or the additional bene-j
fit obtained from the same feed, are not i
the only advantages secured by shelter-I'
ing stock. The manure made under shel-! (
ter is worth much more, perhaps nearly!
or quite double that made from the same',
amount of feed in an open yard, exposed (
for several months to the evaporating in- j
fluence of the sun and atmosphere, and
leached by every rain, till the most valua- '
b!e parts?the salts arid gases, are measurably
lost, and little remaining but an ^
inferior mass of fibrous matter. Ia
It is also supposed, and with very good a
reason, that comfortable shelters in win- (
ter, and as much as practicable, from j
rains at other times, even in summer, and i
particularly in spring and fall, contributes *
greatly to the health of animals, at least j
horses, cattle, and sheep. It is the opin- ;
ion of some that the diseases in cattle so
prevalent in the spring and summer, usually
called hollow horn, is in a great i
measure occasioned by exposure to the J
rigors of winter without protection.? (
There is not the least doubt, that were ?
comfortable winter quarters provided fir *
all our domestic stock, the life of many a |
valuable animal would be saved, an I i
* - ' ' ni/tr/1 linnL I
stock in general uu iviiucicu n.??.^
thv, and a much greater source of clear J
profit. '
Our advice to every farmer or owner 1
of stock, who has not already provided j
comfortable shelters is, not to delay that <
necessary provision any longer, but be i
sure and have them prepared before ano- |
ther winter; and our word for it, if you ]
are an industrious economical person, you 1
will soon find your account more than !
balanced, by the additional advantages
. you will derive from such arrangement.
From the Southern Planter.
We fully concur with the Editor of the
"Agriculturist" in the following views.?
Indeed we undertook last year to demon*
- - . .1 r 11 r c..
siraie mai uic iuiiy 01 uic iuimui < m >ing
too far the principle of"buying cheap,"
would deprive him r?f the oj>p<?riii:iilv of
purchasing good implements. We tliiuk
no\v, as we said then, that the difficulty
arises from the fact that he is sel torn sufficiently
skilled in mechanical pr ulucts in
distinguish a good from an ind ir-rent
piece of work, consequently, he has not
confidence enough m Ins own judgment to
induce him to pay a good price, for
which only good work can possibly he afforded;
for, as every body ought to know,
a good article can only he made by good
workmen out of good materials, which
always have, and always will, command a
good price. And considering the rough
and unworkmanlike usage to which it is
subjected, there is no department of art
in which a tool requires to be better made
than in agriculture.
"There seems to be a fashion among
the manufacturers of farmers' implements,
that varies from time to time, tun simply
in the f rm an I style of the article, hut in
the quality and durability also. Audit is
observable not ouly in the more complicated
instruments whose character fi?r utility
is not fully established or generally ac
knowledge*], as "in some ?>t tl?e mowing
and threshing machines, but with those ol
the simplest construction and of uniwrsa
use. We have, for instance, found it I'm
two seasons cast almost impossible to pro
cure at the western extremity of this State
a well-constructed durahle hoa.rake. pitch
fork, or basket, llerc nrs uion;ils tha
almost any mechanic can make, in use lor
tli msauds of years, and of absolute necessity,
and yet nut to be found of a proper
kind in an extensive market. There
are an abundance of tiie articles, to b;
sure, swell as they arc, and cheap enougu
? fir no one could object to the price;
but being, like Pindar's razors, made on;y
to sc'i, m o so utterly us. less to any bui
fir.; rn.mtiftclurer and merchant, as to
icaveii very questionable whether a person
could not do almost as well without
us with I hem.
! "This .vexatious condition of the t ol
market is, to a great extent, owing to the
i farmers themselves, who, in their eagerness
to get things cheap, carrv the pritici
. ?* i. - -...
pie so far, at last, as 10 get sut-.u us <m; utterly
valueless. Axes,shovels,and spades,
cradling;1:h1 oilier sythes, are articles that
subject the workman to so much less labor
when good ones ire used, that, fir
many years, l>v universal consent, only the
best, the vrnj brut, would be tolerated; and
it is no diilieuit matter to find, iri every
market, such as am made on the best
principles, and of the best and most durable
materials. The others, by almost as
universal consent, bavo been allowed to
deteriorate to a point beyond endurance.'
The only remedy we suggest, and it is a '
sufficient one, is for fanners to buv only
the best, and give such prices as will enable
the manufacturer to make a fa r profit
from them: the inferior he ought never to
buy, if furnished at one-fourth the price of,
good ones. In this way he will always
secure a supply of such as may be depend-;
ed on. We need not add. that every far-!
tner should always see that he has tools '
enough, and always in order, and always,
at hand, that time should not be lost in
fin ing or putting them m order; when he j
might to be at work with them. More J
time frequently is lost by borrowing twice
nfa neighbor, than would suffice to purchase
the article, to say nothmg of the
loss and inc nvenieuce to them, which is
an item not to lie overlook >d iiv men of
sveii moderate honor and integrity. Mousy
cannot be put to better interest than in
a surplus stock of good tools, if k? pt properly
Til IK subscriber having just returned from the I
A North, and having bestowed much pains in |
electing i handsome supply of Fancy and Staple
iOODS, (vvnich are now open,)~ofters the same,
t umimiai low rkicf.s. They consist in pari,
ts follows:
;<>l -re.I and t hick rich figured Poult de Soie Silks ;
line1; Satin stiipegro <!e Alrique Silks
ila k gro dt* Rhine and -jro de Swiss Silks
lull Mourning Lonisieonc fa new article)
>np'-rior jMniisiin Delaines
?1 gant Silk F.-u'arils
ilaek ml enibroid red eilk Scarfs
llnuslin Delaines of every d-scription
Super hi rck AI parka fa new ariicle)
Jlsona Uncut VeUet Points "
do do Shaded do "
?; gnnt Velvet Mantillas
jl?elt Fillit G-ovt'sanil .Mitts
vidies eolorod a* d black Kid Gfov s, snp'r. quality
jiMitlcnicn's II skin, hinck ;.nd colored Gloves, |
*uner f?'i?hsh silk Sto-kings
3-lk Handkerchiefs. oi cvctv dese.riplinn
Velvet Neck Ribbons L ng white Kid Gloves
Do?e Stilt Handkerchiefs
I a n i (vU>. < e cob-rid Bnlzarcens
F'ou'ard and Mouslin Delai .e Shawls
Slcganl v?ork? <l Cliem'eselts
do embroider- d Collars j
do Wt-rkeil Ci ffs
Plain Uenisiisched nnderbroidercd Cambric HJkfs.
Laces of every description
Ladies Waist Gi dies
Sewing Si'k Fringe, lor dresses
3up. ri.?r French I riols
Falieoes. of every qnaiiiy
Irish Linens and Lawns, Bnrnsly Sheeting,
Fur jlnre and I'an.biic Dimity
Furniture Fringe, Funitu-e Prints
Fo ion Cambrics and Jaconei Muslins
S.viss and Book Muslins
D.un isk Table Cl-thsaml Nankins
While and c.ol.red Cot. n Stockings
Sup- r Hue I is . Long Cloth
Unbleached Homespuns, \ery cheap
1>I acm-d do
Cotton O/.nal.urgs and Dri'lieos
Colored Homespuns aid 1 lucks
Super Frio ch lion bazeeim
Black and colored Meiinocs and Circassians.
SupPr plain ami Wove Beaver Cloths
Extra wool (1 .id Black i.ioiu
Imu * end brown do
Su|?n "v si lo Fancy Cassinures assorted colors
tiufii'ifnic CiialiuiPMMls
(ViM)t:ri y jea sol every ilescri: lion
Ass.irte ! colmetl S it.inetts and Cussimercs
Ipswic.i Craw. rs ond Shirts
T r. i! I
S| i"li i i Veslii.; ?
Wo >i iJ.-d !.ia ki'ts
t'ra Blank' is. Heavy Dnfiil Blankets
Nejro Li- seys and lot lis
Vt liiit nn.l ^iuirli'1 Flannels,
Green L5.icki.ig Baize, Victoria Shawls.
A co-op etc assoitnirii ot Ladies Muro-coandlvid
S'ipp. rs; Gi nMerneii's Shoes, nssmtc ; B v's and
Ali seu shoes, assorted quality; MFh s Gaiter Boots.
EE;il* and -Caps.
A (ornp'ete as-orlim ti ot Hats
Fur Gap-, O t rfaj>s. Navy Clot and Glazed Caps
Cloth Caps with Fur Brimming, sea'leti Cnps.
ALSO?Blacksmith's Bellows, Anvils, Vices,
Screw Plates, Collins' Axes, Hoes, Spades, Shoe*
els, Manure Forks, Mails, Iron, Curry Combs.
ALSO?A complete assortment of Saddi-ehv
Camden, sept li. H. LKVV.
The fctate of South Carolina.
In the Court of Common. Pirns.
John Ogg, vs James Lain?Declaration in At;
j tachment.
\IV HEIIEAS, the plaintifl in the above case lint
ftiy this day tiled Jiis declaration against tut
said defendant, who is absent from and withou
the limits of this State, and having neither wift
nor attorney within the same on whom to servt
' a cony of the said declaration, with a rule ti
I' plead thereto: it is ordered, That the said defen
i-! d n<t do appear and plead to the said declaratioi
. [ within a year and a day from this date, or fina
j and absolute judgment will be given and award
"i ed for the said plaintiff.
B. GASS, Clerk,
ti .Clerk's Office, July 13,1842. prs fee, 88
fm&'mvd II
The attention of the Lidiesand 3entleinen i
larly invited to the subscribers' new and extei
have just received, direct fro in the manufacture
1-ADI1CS' ulack Kinrli."li Xid SJij"1,
wliito " " "
black satin "
white " "
French Morocco Slips and Ties
? Kid
Coloured Morocco"
K:d Walking Shoes, various patterns,
Gaiter Boots, silk top very lino
" ?? Prunella top
FI ill' G liters, black and coloured
Leather shoes, of every description.
Miss's, Buy's and Childr
ron? Thousand Pairs of
j Which planters arc invited to call and cxatui
! ALSO?French and Northern Tan Call' Skin
Curtain Leather, for carriages, Lining Skins, SI
Trunks, assorted, Leather Varnish, Shoe Blacl
Camden, Sept. 18.
i Jit'uji Family Faner.
The pr.pri.'lors of "BA LTl.MOKK DA1L1
SUN" present to :h ir leilow citizens the he.-.t am
cheapest weekly news a. er, under the name of ih
"BAl.TI.MOKK W KKKLY SUN," 11irt is p; b
lislied in the United S:tues. T.iis paper coniain
the entire contents oi each separate day's issui
with the exception of the advertisements, compiiu
under appropriate heads, and publish, d npo;. a laryi
sheet every Satuidny normng. at the low rate t
50 i cr annum, paya le im riahly in advance
For six in nths SI No p iper will be continue!
longer Ilia for which it is paid.
It is asserted, \\iihotit lh?? ; ossi'ility of succrssiii
controversy, that the WE K! Y Sl.-N is not now
< qu.il.fti in its . ecnliar rlinracer ? f a Inrtii'y n< w
paper, anil :h til never be surpusa-d In an. nth- r ?
Tin* litiT ity initier conlaini-il there.n will lea
*t.a selected witri doe care to Mend ins ruction
wiili enierl.iiuinent. We sh.ill patten a.lv avoi.
tra-li, however sd i ndiillv il may be arranged in
words, nn.I e.;d tivnr tlietrb.* to -*?? i\wi< acorreti
taste in the vonllitnl mini. w th lii.t aim, mi
sh.ll m ver all -w in interior aiticle to occupy out
columns to (heex litsion of a good one.
I i the editorial dc ailment, ivr maintain and ex
ereive tile . iglit to di-cu s lie. ly. imp.riiaily, an
wi'h a t.ignilie : ton , the r ininenl subjects of the
day. of lia:evcr c ;t>s or character I hev may b>.
hat they an* emb-uud wit in that legitimate scop
of the pen .?hicr. a proper respect lor | ublie decorum,
as iveJI as our <>w.. discretion will '.< aidi us to
observe. Virtue and vice we lioic to exhibit it
su-lt re.ief that the true di.-tihrlive ou .lines of each
will hec ime laminar to |.,e p. pnl ir iji.ae.
O.ir p? ili al into-maiioti will be gen. rally comprised
in .1 brief a :d comprehensive cot-apm detire.
conducted bi a judicious observer of legis ate e pro
erodings,-who possesses peculiar 'act an ! si hi I ty ii
sei/.in^ up n the pro uineot and teal events of na
tiooal legislation, and | resellin g them in a eoii<J:se
and interesting lonn.
In the news department, re have secured facilities
which ensue tn us a spied, and ancur.Ue report
of all passing events worthy of nonce A Is rot
cxrh.ugc lis . con prUiu<i nearly everv paper in the
Si.1 It*, and all juttrtta s and pi.Mirations - f note or
service throughout the I'uioti enables us to !av be
fore our subnetilieis every week a n ap of the ncwol
I e w-or'd.
With the*. qualifications, and many n'hers vv
mav not occii.iv si a. e to enumerate, th. WKE.vLY
SliN pres.-. ts its cl-iio a to :.n ext. n.-ion ot piibli.
fmor; at he same lime the proprietors crab fully ac
kn'.wodee (he <ery handsome support a. d p.itron
ago tiicy now enjoy.
A. S. A15I'LL Si CO
? VTHBR'-!AS, no Letters of Administration
y V on tli" rs'aip ol NOEL KliiKL Y, di"
cp ispiI, h.ivcie. n a p ied lor slncr his i.'eMh. ir
pursuance <>f the *i lute I have t ken possession o
su it of hiseilceis as coii'd lie foetid Ail persons
indehti d to .-aid Kirk lev are r-o:iiretl to inn!?
iiiiineiliiile pavment, and a I those naming deiiiandi
a>jai st the siiil estate are required to h.nitl them tc
this ofiire, legally nttes eil
J. W. RASKIN. Ordinary K. D.
Ordinary's Office..Turn* 1, ii40
State of Sontli Carolina,
EL. WILSON, who is in the custody n1
the Sheriff of the said Di.Ariel, *liv virtue
of a Writ of Capias ad Salisfacicrduvi at llif
suit of S. S. Farrar, Indorsee, navmg pctitione;
the Honorable the Associate Judges o* the ('our
of Common Pleas that he may he admitted t<
the bet'Ctit of the acts of the General Assentbly
for the relief of insolvent debtors.
It is Ordered tint the sa.d S. S. Farrar, Indorsee,
and all other suing creditors to whom
the said petitioner is in any wise indebted, lie
and they are hereby summoned, and have notice
to appear before the said Judges at the said Cour
to he holden at the Court House in Camden, foi
Kershaw District, on I he fourth Monday of October
next, being the 24: h day of said month, ti
; show cause, if any I hey can, why the said pcti
tioner should not have the prayer 01 tits petitioi
BENJ. GASS, c. c. c. p.
Office of Common Pleas, ^
Kershaw Ij pfric, Juiv 2-", 1 ;!2. {
Notice is hereby given,
THAT the Coiniiiissionetsofthc Pror f.-r f an
Custer District will . pply to the next I.rgis
| lain e for leaic In cell an I (lis os- of the Poor Hun
ces. and Land nittiehed, say fili 1.2 r.crts, on linn
I ("r k, in said District, oiVehnsi'd bv the omsi.is
I biooersof liie Poor, on ihe 20th .<1 Jnh, Ir31.
SAiVPL. B. HAMMOND. Chair..,an.
June 13. 1842. (' r'.. f e, ?(!)
Slate of South Carolina.
Henry Dennis vs. Mary Dennis and others-Sun
inons in Partition.
UT appearing to inv satisfaction that John Der
nis and ivilc, Josiali Dennis iind wile, Gow?
Donnis and wife, .Dimes Dennis and his children an
Willum Dennis, son of William Dennis, diccnsci
reside without ihc state ol South Carolina a foresail
liis therefore Ordered, That they do appear (tin
being defendants in the nboec staled c ise) on i
( before the eighth djy of December nest, and "hjei
, to the divisiou or sale of the Real Estate of Rir.hai
; Dennis deceased, or their consent to the same vvi
3 entered of record.
VV. LEWIS. 0. S D.
S pt. 8. 18-12. Pr'i fee, ?5 50.
Linseed Oil.
O-i! oils at an u; usiiaPylniv price, in qua
wUv/ tiiieato suitpurcli sers, for casltDELEO.N*
liL. ^!bp
>f Camden and rlie surrounding country, is particu*
isive stock of BOOTS AND SHOES, which they
:i*s?consisting in part, as follows, vix:
GENTLEMEN'S Boots, pump bottoms
welled Boots,
water proof Boots
low priced sowed Boots
" pegged "
thick Boots Ibr plantation wear
fine shoes and Broguns
" Pumps
" Slippers
BOY'S fine sewed Boots
" pegfed "
en's Shoes of every variety,
r-Jegro Shoes and Brogans,
no, before purchasing elsewhere,
is, Patent Leather for Coach and Harness makers,
ioe Thread, Slioe Lasts, Boot Trees, Boot Ilooks.
k;ng and Brushes, Shoemaker's Tools, &c. &c.
( ommiUt <1
i 7 | 10 the jail of Kershaw District, a coloured girl
JL wlio calls licrseit l^lizuucin >vimams, aim
says she is free; that slic was horn and raised in
Charleston, which place she left about eighteen
; months ago, and went to Fayclteville, and from
tlv ncc to this place. She has no free papers to show,
md is now in Jail as a runaway. Said girl is about
18 01 19 ye irs old.
Sept. 15. J. NETTLES, Jailer. |
1 South Carolina.
Kershaw Dish ict.
Michael Lorick vs. Judah Barret.?L. Shurman
vs. Judah B iiret.?Debt Attachment.
H7 IIUREAS the Plaintiffs in the above cases
respectively have li ed their declarations against |
he defendant, who resides without the limits ol
*his State, us it is said, and whereas the raid dc
endant hath neither wife or attorney, upon whom
i notice with a rule to pie id, can he served. It i?
<rdered that the said defendant do plead, answer, oi
demur thereto within a year and a day, or final and
ibsoluto judgement will be awarded thereon.
B. GASS, Clerk.
March 21. 1P42.
State of fcou.h Carcliua,
JAMES R. LAW, who is in the custody of the
Sheriff of Sumter District, by virtue of sevc
ral Writs of Capias ad Satisfaciendum at the suit,
of John A. Colelough, A. S. Grosvenor, and John
deny, having petitioned the Honorable ti e As
-iociale Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, that |
lie may lie admitted to the benefit of the act of li
General Assembly, for the relief of insolvent debt
:>rs, together with a scedule of his effects, tiled in
my office,
It is ordered.that the snid John A. Colclough, A.
S. Gro.svcnor, and John Cleuy, and all other suing
cicililors, to whom the said Junes R. Law, the P?itionor
is in any wise indented, lie ar.d they are
hereby summoned, and have notice to appear before
the said Judges of ilio said Court, to be hnldcn at
Sumter Court House, for Sumter District, on the
fourth day of November next, to shew cause if any
lltey can, why the said James R. Law should r.ot
| have the prayer of his Petition granted.
Clerks Otfice, August 2d, 1842.
1 Aligns 10. Print'rs. fee, Kl3 50.
All exam's Ferry.
.'f lllS Ferry will ou re-opened on II.e first day of
1 January next, for the accommodation of Travel"
lore, and kept in first rate order.
Aug. 17. 11*37
Stale of Soutli Carolina,
(T^AMUEL A. B. SHANNON, who is in the
custody of the Sheriff of the said District, by ,
virtue of a Writ of Capias ad Satisfaciendum at!
tiic suit of James F. Gamble Iudoisce, having pcti- j
litioned the Honorable the Associate Judges of the
Coutt of ("oininoii Pleas that lie may be admitted j
'o the benefit of the acts of the General Assembly
, for the relief of insolvent debtors.
; It is Ordered that the said James F. Gamble, Indorsee,
and all other suing creditors to whom
the said petitioner is in any wise indebted,
be, and they aro hereby summoned, and have notice
to appear before the said Judges at the said Court to
, beholden at the Court House in Camden, for Ker.
shaw District, on the fourth Monday of October next,
being the 24th day of said month, to show cause,
if any they can, why the said petitioner should not
have the prayer of his petition granted.
BENJ. GASS, c.c.r.
Ofllcc of Common Pleas, i j
Kershaw District, Marchl-I, 18-12. \
JUST received, a handsome assortment of Carpetings
and Rugs. II. LEW.
Sept. 28.
TO the Jail of Sumter District, on the BOlh of
August last, a Negro fellow about 50 years
i. ->f a'?e, 5 feet 10 or 11 inches hi?rti and stout
made?who says 1 hat his name is Dennis and
belongs to Mrs. Margaret. Smith, of Charleston,
?. C, who resides on Sullivan's Island, in the
r -ummer season. The owner is requested to
d c^niie forward, prove properly, pay expences and
' take him away.
. OQ 10,10
1 ,stui:(ia ioitun isai??mg.
cl TMIE sulifcril crs liavr just received a siq.plv of
rd fl. ihc above ariclc. Planters ore invited to call ai d
ill examino it.
A few thousand Principe Segars, for sale by
oq ' h. I,EVY.
" - Job rriiilijitr
Neatly executed at this Office. .
United States District Court.
In the mailer of Daniel Beaufard, a Bankrupt.
FUR:-U N I' to anords'r of the District Court
ot'.ilie Uuite'l Stairs, lor t-e District of Smith
ar. lina. niilicr is hereby ?ivi n, that cnuse be shewn
I chirr the said Court, at toe F< drrnl < ourt fjoust* in y?a
Charleston, on the ihird day oj December next, at
eleven o'clock A. Rl. * In the said Dai.ie. BiaufdrR
should not icceixc his Discharge and CYrtilicaie, as
a Bankrupt. ||. V. GUAY, Clerk.
Charleston, Sept. 5,1812. 41
iTiiifrri slates District Court.
In I he mutter of Din'l B McLaurin, a Bankrupt.
f^URSUANTto art ?rd rol'the Distrief Court of
ihe United ^tnle*. tor tlie* District of South
Carolina, notice is herein given, thai cause be shewn
before Ihe said C urt, at the Federal Court House
in tli1 citv of Ch.ir-e.-ton, on ti e third duy of December
next,II o el.es, A ivl. wliv the said Daniel
15. Alt Ditur.n m'u u.'d not reciive his Discurge and
Certificate, as a ii..iiKru( t
H. Y. GRAY, Clerk.
Charleston, sept. 5 ISII 4f.
JSiatcs District dUMit
In the Mailer of Herman Hulleymtin Jr. late of
the firm of ilollrijnian cj* Class, merchants of
PURSUANT to an order of the Distriit Court
ottlie UniUd States, for the District of South
Caiolinn. Notice is In re by given, that cause be
shewn lefore ihe saitl Court, at the federal Court
House in (.'In rltsioii, 011 ihe nineteenth day of Novemlar
next, at t levc o'eh.C/t. A. M., why the said
Herman Tloliey uiari Jr.! hou d not leteive his di&iliaige
and ceriilieate, as a 15 nkiu,t.
C In.rlcs n, 22d day ot ugnsi, lft;2
II.'Y. GR '.V, Clerk.
aotftfzssiozr srsiwsss,
T?arle??oii, >?. t.
fE^HE undi riigni d would most mspectfully inform
It his friends and tliu public generally, that ho
continues to transact the FACTORAGE AND1
Charleston, S. C. (OtHnc on M.igwood's Wliarf.
lie will assiduously apply his host exertions to pro'
1110I0 the interest of his piurons?and f:om i is I01 g
experience in the Cotton Tr;.d>, and by pionipt attention
to business, he hopes lo continue tor??eive
a liberal shaie of pa iron age. H.s commissions for
selling :oHon is 5(1 cents per bale, for R< cciving and
Forwarding Goods, &c, 25 ci nis p?r p.cki.gc. No
slor. go wiil be charged on Goods regular.)' consigned
to him, that arc to be forwarded by I! c Rail Uu..d,
.mil no expense* incurred or charged that can possibly
be avoided. Peisons shipping cotton to him from
the interior, by the way of li.ui.lurg, cuji obtain 'ib- ,
oral advances on it by applying lo Dr. Stokes, of
L'icsm ii&ai Csmzaiifiicatica
TO C-4.:.D.-aS
AT ALL <i? J'lSE HIVE31.
]. UK undersigned takes this opportunity of inforin1
ing the Merchants and Planters of Camden,
Mmiler, Ivnc ,-ter ni.d York Districts, as also those
of Charlotte, N C. and the adjacent counti' 8. that
in or before thn 15th of October next, his new and
light draught Steam H-> ;t, tin' KKKSHAW, will be
ready to start on her first trip to ( ..inden, and will
continue to run regularly, throughout thy scnjsmi,
making the trip up and down in but little more than
u wiek, or four days each way. y ,
Shippers of Goods or Cotton may rely upon their
freight in all stages of the river, as she is so constructed
tli.it fully loaded, or with 1,090 bales of
Cotton down, she will not draw more than three feet
si:; inches.
The undersigned is determined that thero shalLbe
no mistake in this method of transporting Goods and
Produce to Camden and from thence to the interior;
and an it has heuu heretofore very uncertain, he trusts
that his cif.rts to promote dispatch and cerlaiuty
will be prop.-riy appreciated. 1 %
For further particulars, rale of freight &c. apply
to Mr. P. F Villepiguc, Agent at Camden, or Shaneon
&. .\IcGcc. of this citv.
Nj. 183 East Lay, Charleston.
Aug. 15. 1812. 12 37.
L?w Police.
The copartnership of Most:-. &. m ii.lkr, having
been dhso.'ved by the c^ea'.h ot Col William M. IVfil!or,
the subscriber has associated with him his broth- v
cr Montcojiury Mo: es in the practice ol Law and
quit/ f.i: da tiler D.r.rist under the firm of
f j. & m. moses.
iO*The subscriber will continue to practice in fho
courts of ti e nortltt.ru circuit, and of the District of
Smnlrrvi!!c S. f\, Sept. 21, 1812.
In the (.'mit t of Common Pleas.
George McC. Wiilierspoon, vs. George \V. Dunlap,
Declaration in Attachment,
WHEl'EAS. ilie Pluntiir in the abnvp Mated
cases has. this d y file this declaration
! in inv office against the Detendants, who arc absent
and without the limits <>t thi- fr'ta e, and having ^
neither ?ife nor i.tlorrey within the same, on
nhum to serve n ropy of tile said declaration, with
I a title to j !e d thereto.
It i.- or'ered, That the said D femlant do appear
'and p'ead to the ? id declaration on or before the *
first day ol ' cloher, Anna Domini 18-13, or aa
order lor judgment will l>e granted Itv deinnlt. *
S PECKHA . Clerk.
Cleik's Office. Sept. 30 1841 p'rsfiej?6
THE subscribers have just received an assortment
of Gentlemen's line BOOTS, amon?
which, are?
Gentlemen's pump bottom Boots,
" line welted do.
" wafer proof do.
1 All of which will be sold at their usual low
; rices. ALDEX &. CO.
I c..?? I I
b' <> l"
1 elee-cn* si.\ Or'.ivc .Me'ahc 1'la'e PIASO
' it FOll'i'F., o'" superior lore nr?? quality, en
tirn'v new, frrsalo Ly F. W. BONNEY.
j . live 1*.
' npHE subscriber will mrnish Beef at the foh
| e lnwinpr prices: at retail, 4 nnl 5 cents, by
. the whole er hull quarter,3.1 ar c!41.
I ?W O0. " J. |t" BI'RNS.
. ? -*
LEMO.M My:?:. i mpa ,_i:c Cutei, rorttr anp
Cordials tor talc Ly
[ April 13. E. W. BONKE*
? .

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