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Ifera occurred, in a community of 2ft,000 inhabitants,
one-third of whom were members of the
Temperance Societies only two of the members
I mea. juni/ivinier, wnon mis areauiui otuui^c
svjw "wg?oi< ia New Orleans, ibe papers of that
place diadage the samo fact. Among the
hundreds that w^re. swept off by the disease,
^ ^ only two were Sons of Temperance, and among
t ? the 1200, in that city only 3 were attacked. ,
( These important truths well deservo the attention
of those who frequent regions where
cholera pienuls*.
9 'o^{ *xt: c, ... .
Corrcspondenc of tho Camden Journal.
j Lancaster, June 27.
The Court of Equity is sitting here this
week, Chancellor Dunkin presiding. The
Equity practice fn this District, though decreasing
Jhrfcifew year* past, isstill greater in num.
brrnTcases than in Kershaw. The business
ofthir'ijerm probably will not be disposed of
until the last or the week.
^ The ffiis District at this time, are
not so pfeMnpinff at in tome former years. In
many p!.*nw, they had too much lain in the early
part ofihe season, which has heen followed
lately, l?v ? drought, greatly injuring the crops.
Grass is j u f-to be .abundant. The wheat crop
is not sm'it'mmI as in some other portions of the
State?$0* early wheat turning out the best.?
Corn in generally good, especially in the red
lands ofihe Waxhaws, where it is almost impossHile*
(or too much rain to fall. "Ml the
planters say their cotton is small and backward.
Two or .three heavy showers of rain have faffen
here this week,
fca The Divisions of the Sons of Temperance,
organizfcd'durfng the Spring Term of the Court 1
of Common Pleas, is in a flourishing condition.
The number Initiated exceeds. 50, and there 1
are 20 or 30 applicants, whose cases have re
--* - ?-it- :J?? Kt ~ l?.?
| public meeting held . in the District, about fif- j
teen applied for membership. The ladies of: 1
the vilnige atti "about cominpucin^ to raise I
funds tojVresent the Division with a copy ofth- 1
Holy Scriptures?in which laudable movement 1
w? trust They will succeed as well as did the
fair daughters of the monumental town. Some '
time during the summer, a mass meeting is to- 1
l>e held m the District by the friends of the 1
Cause, ar* which lils honor Judge O'Neall has 1
promised to pay them a visit. The Sons have '
* taken a strong hold here, and are already ex* !
erting gre?1 influence upon society. ^
Torrrspondeneeof the Camden Journal.
S/tdj CsrAJaurro:*, June 27, 1849..
To-morrow, is to be celebrated with great
spirit hy. our neighbors of Moultrieville, (Sulli.
van's Island.) A procession will he formed at |
the Cove at 1(11-2 o'clock, and proceed to Fort i
Moultrie, escorted by the Moultrie (iuard< and
United State* Troops, where an Oration will be ;
delivered by Joseph J. Pope, Jr., a young can- J
didate for pndesstonal honors, now of this city.
A public Dinner is lo be given at the Town
Hall al'fl o'clock^ It is gratifying to find that <
* the AnnrVetsary of the glorious battle of Fort <
Moulimt irstHl regularly observed on the very i
_ spot which was the scene of the achievements i
of ntir brace predecessors on that occasion.
Our Hamburg brethren hare a festival in i
store jbr Monday fbe 2d July, the 29th Anniver. I
sary of the establishment of that tores. There i
still be salutes fired, with illuminations and dis. i
plays of. Am ,works., music and. novelties of a!! 1
kinds*^and we are invited to see the fun. I
For the Fourth, we bare invitations on every i
side. The'Car* will carry up a perfect multi- I
tude ffrwrt here to the Grand Temperance Jubi.
lea ehOofanibia-^-at two dollars a head, going 1
and returning. Those who prefer going on nn
excursion .'^tway Jo\tn South/' will be taken to i
Savannah and tack, to spend the fourth, for the i
same ffcissftffe nionoy-^t wo dollars* Business in I
the Steamboat and Rail Road line on thai day i
will be as brisk as Champagne corker We i
will have par usual national salutes and feu (lc <
joiewii h oral ions, fireworks 'did dm tic genus.'' i
Traveling this summer will be a favorite I
amusement with all. classes and Condition of <
men a?d women. We can travel from Charlesf
ton torDpIton, Ga. 407 miles and return (before i
19tb October) lor $15, the same to Rome S?93 1
miles, and910 to Athens 251 miles. As I on- <
derstand .it (from good official authority.) We i
hare the pririlege of going to and from these I
point?once during the season, and to stop as Iqijg 1
as convenient at any iif the towns on the forties j
previous to reaching the destined point, fait rictf.
to go backwards and forwards marc than onto i
from place to place, except by paying Sf cents i
' per jpUe additional. The privilege extends I
onlyto the regular routes and not to the various i
hranche*ofthe road. In every instance where !
the. Regular route is departed from or the same i
Reetftytaf road used more than once, each way, I
the ticket docs not avail. Travellers from yoirr >
section or any other point of the road are en- 1
thletf to the same privileges as those on the c
Charleston and Hamburg lino "by keeping the
most direct road from their starting points." !
Several rare specimens of horned cattle were s
brought here last week by the (trig John Hun- .!
trr. They were sent to the United States by
Or. James Davis, 1mm Turkey. The stock t
consists of ten Cashmere Coats and two Buffalo I
Calves. The Goats are beautiful animals, the i
first imported into this country; and a sample <
of the fleece?which consists of a long silken i
staple?baa been left at the office of the Eve. I
New* for inspection. I
A colored man was tried the other day before I
a Jury of Free-holders, charged with improper |
conduct towards two ladies, of which he was i
found guilty and sentenced to receive sixty lash- <
es in thv Market. (
The Court of Sessions and Common Pleas i
i i..?, ,.l, I
lor IBIS l/ISinci BOjuuiiiru mm ncm unci n ??
laborious session of six weeks. Your distiu* i
guished fellow citizen. Judge, Withers presided.
The Bar express universal satisfaction with
the industry and ability with which his most >
arduous duties hare l?een discharged. ;
? The Election for Clerk of the Court has re- i
W- v. suited in tie rr^election of the former incumbent .
Tfalfcy4Horru?ck, Esq. without opposition. i
Lite7aTtr*f ji* pretty torpid. The Southern i
Quarterly pro<!M??; to be very well sustained as <
far a* present appearances indicate, The Edi- i
torial Department is now under the supervision i
of Witi. Gtlmpre Simms, L. L. D. DePow's I
Commercial Review, which has hern so long ]
condoled with admirable zeal find ability by our
yong former fellow citizen, J. D. B. DeBow,
now Professor of History and Politicnl Economy
(n the University of Louisiana, has been temporarily
suspended for several months, but is to bo
again in an improved form in July. The
untiring devotions of the editor to the prosecution i
of this praiseworthy enterprise results so far, in
pecuniary loss and sacrifice of lime and health.
Whop Wjll our people be convinced ofthe imperative
duty which devolves upon them to sustain
tieir own enterprises? When will wc begin
p to cbeoross.infcteadof treating twtb wglect and
indifference tbe comparutixely few instances of
public spirit, united withnre abilities of which
< we
can boast? How common is it. to find such,
when they do exhibit themselves, struggling to
stem the current and sacrificing comfort, property,
often life itself, in vain efforts for the promor.l
I t * . . t
uon or me most uisimerestea onjecis, not amy in
the religions and moral hut even in that most unpromising
and discouraging field of labor?the
lilcrary arena ? And this is the reward of their
toils ! I wish yon would often call the attention
of your readers to both these invaluable workR,
and especially to the last, as it is yet in its
infancy, and needs all the fostering care and
vigilance which ran be extended to it. The
Editors both are native Carolinians?educated
at our own halls of learning, and able advocates
of our domestic institutions. While on this
subject, I may mention the--establishment of a
new Southern Magazine, to be published simultaneously
in Charleston and Athens, Ga. by
C. L. Wheler, formerly of the Madison
Family Visitor. The 1st No. has been issued,
and is a prptty able specimen of what can be ;
done af the South, in this line.
We have had several davs of pretty decided
summer weather. The Thermometers how.
ever, arc none of them long enough to approach
Within resnectful distance of those of New \ ork
ftnrf Philadelphia for a week past. In the latter
city the mercury has been up to 100? in the.
Shade and 13">? in the sun! Laborers and beasts
of burden think nothing of dropping down dead
In the street. Not a few delicate stomachs sink :
tinder the unaccustomed shock occasioned by
drinking freely of cold irntcr! At Boston,
Lowell, Troy, and several other northern cities,
04? to 97? is a mere drop in the bucket!
In tlip matter of health, we are singularly :
blessed?Your people need not be afraid to visit
us. One death in a ireek out of a respectably
extensire irhitc population is something unusual, i
whether in a northern or southern city. Saratoga
Springs, icitliout the Cholera, can't approach
it. i
The Quarantine Laws are in full force. All <
vessels arriving from infected Ports come under '
its provisions. New York, Brooklyn, Philadel. i
phia, New Bedford, Boston. Baltimore, Norfolk 1
and New Orleans all have their share in the i
operations of the law. i
Cotton is in good demand. On the fir?t day i
of ihe present week, (Monday, 2"itb.) the sales
amounted to 1000 bales?at prices ranging I
from Gj to cents. Holders are more firm |
than in the latter part of the preceding week? i
4000 sacks Salt came in by Br. Barque China, j I
in the earlv nart of the week consigned to , i
Fraser & Co. Wo have several largo ships
loading for Liverpool and olhcr European
Porls. i
The va'ualde Slock of Iron belonging to the
Estate of C. (r. Morris, corner East Hay and ;
Boyce's wharf, is off-red at private sale. The (
Property is held at $7000?2000 cash and bal- |
ance in one to four years. I
There is quite a rage for making Turpentine i
among some of our filks. R. F. Smith & Co. j
have in operation an extensive Distillery.
Their Spirits of Turpentine is prepared by a
Patent Process of their own?and was consid
pred, and believe as entitled to the preference
aver all others in every market to which it was ,
shipped, last season. Many of our Planters
a re abandoning Cotton and Provisions, to enter
into the business. A very intelligent gentle.
man whom I met a few dayss:nce at Ridgeville,
[the new Village recently established on the '
Rail Road route .31 miles from this City.) re- !
narked to me that he had been engaged in the t
business in .North Carolina, and gave a decided '
preference to the lands of this State. lie is '
now going into it extensively in the. neighbor. ?
hood of that Village, which is in St. George's t
Parish, Dorchester?and has already realized
large profits of sales of this article. ]
I must not neglect the. Ladies in these brief <
and imperfect sketches of the markets which I
*m in the habit of giving you, as I know that
!hey look with interest to the retail prices ill the
stores in King street. And if any of your
more masculine readers should think this part
af my letter too effeminate for their entertainment,
why, just let them fall asleppovcrit ?
i?.* - ? ii "i _u?n i .r I...,
mm H mi ?l snail uwi ue umnuun?u mm uci- ,
!er halves and sweethearts am pleased.
Now If any of our fair readers should visit j j
<8 on the 4th, 1 would advise them to take a i
wallt along King St., where they will find
enough that is attractive to the rye and acceptible
to the taste, to induce them to leave a
little pocket money in the treasuries of our polite?
and accommodating merchants and their
lallant rosing clerks and salesmen?'There they
will find, " New Cheap Stores" and 11 Old Es'dblishcd
Stands" cheaper than the cheapest in !
Copious profusion, offering goods either for aodaliy
nothing or at "astonishing low prices," '<
tnd each, on better terms and of better quality *
Ihrfn all others in the City! In such a wide
range for choice and such a field for economy,
hey cannot fail to nrake " bargains." King
itreet is fire Ladies' Elysium. There, they
lt-ill fiud Muslins and Laces and Embroideries
tf nil possible descriptions and hues?-Lace
j?i*.setts and Sacks of latest trim?B ireges and j
Silk Mantles as low as 37? cents, Bonnet, Cap
md Satin Ribbons 2 to cents per yard?
Bubbinet Laces and Edgings from 1 to Oj cts.
thread Laces .1 to 12J cents?Bay Hum for
tich headaches 50 cents per quart bottle?Toilet
Soaps?Looking Glasses,-*-Jim along Jo. '
ties?N'o! you doiit's?Cologne Water?Artifi iiil
Flniuiifj rind n thousand other little llil-.k.
uacks and jigamarees, in proportion.? \nd j
lion too, they may save the trouble and vexa-!
ion of making their husbands (if they should (
lie Irouliled with anv) ' Linen Raiment.hy ! |
latronizing friend Clarke's extensive assort. ,
Tient of white cotton (?) with Linen Bosoms J
ind Collars, at all prices from 75 cts. up to S3 \
ftich. (Jentlemcn's Summer Cravitts handsome
Uylcs 12 to 18 cents?Twilled Silk Pocket
Handkerchief's G2? and Hose and Gloves in
unspeakable variety. <
Then, the New Songs?and the New Novels I
?and the New Hand Hooks of Needle and
Crotchet Work?the. Steam Candy Factories?j
ind the Ico Cream Hardens?the Millineries? |
:he mustachio'd beau?and tho Bub:/
Jumpers ! ?? But 1 must tell you more about
ill these some other time. Wo should he
r\ don r% rnwirl Inrrro T)ulnrrnl!nn frnm
jcilfi.l.r.l ... ?n.l H""" '"'S" ^v.vS....w.. .......
01*1 Kershaw, no the fourth, of all sexes and
?izes. There, will he so many of ours running
iway to Columbia and Savannah, that we can
furnish plenty of accommodation?and we must
have some with us to help us celebrate the
National Anniversav in a proper manner.
War with Mexico Predicted.?A correspondent
at Mnzatlan of the New Orleans Picayune,
who has crossed the Mexican territory
on his way to California, after staling that there
aro 30,000 Mexicans on their way to Californio,
armed and officered, (some of them with
the avowed purpose of taking possession of it,)
"There is a manifest disposition on the part
of Mexico to have another fuss with us?and
mind niy prediction?we shall bo at war with
ber again In less fhan two years. My impres-1
' ' IIS?Man- ? ?m?a?g-mjuii:
sion is that it will grow out of the difficuti
now promising to originate in California."
Hot Weather at tiie North.?T1
wcaihcrhas hern excessively warm at the Nort
At Baltimore on Thursrluy, the mercury we
up to 93 in the shade, and the ship carpente
and other mechanics engaged in out door woi
were compelled to suspend operations during
considerable part ofihe day, in conscrjupnce
the heat.
[ j.t.ness of Governor Crittenden.?Sum
painful reports concerning the illness of Cove
nor Crittenden were in circulation here o
Saturday evening and yesterday. We undo
stand that he had a very severe attack of cho
era morbus, but we are rejoiced to 'oarn tha
although his situation atone time was extreme
ly critical, yet when the stage left Frankfort t
ten o'clock yesterday morning, he was consw
ered out of danger.?Louisville Courier, 18/
Mr. Footk and Mr. Bknto.v.?Senate
Foote has come down upon Mr. Ilenton in
scathing reply, through the Washington Unim
to his gross and malarious misrepresentation
of Mr. Calhoun. With an un?ptring hand, an
a powerful array offacts he chastises the arr<
ganf and unfounded assumptions of the Missni
rian, and places him in his true position hefor
the public?as a gross calumniator ol that purr
minded Stateman, who he hates because he or
vies. The inconsistencies of Mr. flenlon o
this very question, ate most strongly displayot
and if anything can lower his iofly selfc-steen
lie must feel particularly small, when Mr. F.
reminder ineele liic eve ~?Cn!nmhin Tftlfirrrnr))
M'"""' * ' """*v"* * v"V?* 'T'
Another Physicians Testimony.
Mr. Fowlc? Dear Sir: I could rend you a doze
certificates, strong and dncisive, of the really sariatit
effects of your valuable Balsam of Wild Cherry, witlii
the past twelvo months, under m}' own supcrvisio
and direction. Indeed, 1 know of few persons wli
have used it, comparatively, but commend it in tli
strongest terms. A ease of Asthma the severest I cv<
saw, to which I was called a month ago, evinced tl
superiority of tl c Balsam. This disease lasted si
weeks, and the dyspaaa and suffering were drcadfu
he sal up every night. The gentleman told mo t
give him something to last him home, (21 miles,) t
that lie might see his wife and dio in peace! I gav
liim one bottle of the Balsam, and four ounces of syru
squills, directing him to lake tea-spoonful doses ofbci
Bordeaux of olive oil, when the difficulty of brcathin
was greatest. Next day I forced his dcs, ondcnl wil
snd made him take six buttles of Wistar's Balsam <
Wild Cherry home with him as a present, he bavin
tllcdgcd that lie had used so much expensive nicdi
line to no profit. Last week Mr. A. called nnd o*
pressed hi< gratitude to me in the warmest manner, sai
lbs medicine had saved his life, paid his whole lull, an
look six bottles more, and left my office for home re
Very respectfully yours,
W.W. SHAW, M. D.
Washington, North Carolina, Aug. 12, 1847.
None genuine unless signed I. BUTTS on th
wrapper. Sold by James II. McKain, Camden S. C.
July II, 28 It
Fever and Ague finally Conquered !
This disease has nt length met with an opponen
icfiire which it has had to yield, in the India Cholt
?o?r?r'I prcpircil by (..harms Usgnod, m. U. imager
Icinnn resided several years in an infected District i
Michigan, making Fever and Ague, iis cause, efile
nd cure, his study, mid from the knowledge tliua ac
[tiirccl, he compounded the nbovo named medicine
which has never yet been known to fail.
Numerous certificates from men of the highest rci
pcctabilily, testifying to its great efficacy, can be see
3n application to the undersigned agent in Camden.
June 12 24 4t
[ETII is now universally conceded, that Rheumatism
Uout, I'ain or Weakness of the Back, Side or Brea*
jau bo cured sooner hy tho use of the Jew David'i
r Hebrew Plaster, than by any other rcmody know
tu man.
We would advise our friends and others, who ni
filleted with this truly piinful malady, to muko im
nedi tie use of llio jew David's, or Hebrew Plaster, t
i single trial will place it beyond the roach of compe
lilion, and convince the most incredulous of its super
3r medical virtues. For sale hy
JAMES R. McKAIN, Camden.
June 12. 24 4t
2a CDj CL?j=?
Kershaw Lodgo.Number i
TJie Regular Meeting of this Ijodge will bchel
it their new Hall on Friday evening next,<
3 o'clock.
By order of the N. G.
A. ROBERTSON, Secretary.
"s027S 0? T32?P3?.AN02.
Watercc Division No. 9.
The regular meeting of this Div6inn will be hel
rt Odd-Fellow's Hall on to-morrow (Thursday
ivcfiing, at 8 o'clock. By order of the VV. P.
Z. J. DeHAY, It. s.
The regular meeting of this Section will he liel
it their Hall on Friday afternoon next at 4 o'clocl
By order of the W. A.
S. D. SHANNON, Sec'y.
A pplication, will he made to the next Session <
the Legislature of the State of South Carolina, t
have Pine Tree Presbyterian Church, incorporate
July 4,1849.
June 30 3m *27
r Attention Guards.
You are hereby ordered to parade at the Corn
house on the 4lli day ol July next, at 10 o'clocl
A. M., armed and equipped as the law directs.
By order Capt. M. P. BELCHER.
WM. C. M OORE, O. S.
June 30 It 27_
Rail Road Notice,
On the 4th of July, an extra Train of Cair
Meeting (Jars, will leave Camden at 0 o'clock, /
M. for Columbia. Returning, will leave Coluinb
same day at 3 o'clock, P. M.
Passage for the Trip SI 50.
Agent Transportation:
_ o/a i * r?-r
juncoi; 11
s ??
: A Plantation for Sale.
The subscriber offers for sale, a tract of I,ar
on the west side of Wateree river, and on tl
waters of 25 mfle creek; adjoining the lands
Capt. Win. Kennedy and the Estate of Jno. Che
nut?containing above 4000 acres, six hundri
being under cultivation, having a fine mill ses
all necessary buildings for a settlement, Oinhoui
and Screw. Said land will be sold at private sal
on accommodating terms.
Persons desirous of purchasing, are referred
Capt Thos. Lang,- Major Cantey, or to the su
acriber. MoRA BRBVARl).
Jnnif3GflS4f?. Gtff * - 27
? >' inw k . W.MM -II ' I m I
eB Notiee.
The subscriber having sold his entire stock to
Mr. Jam fs S. McCaddon, takes pleasure in recommending
him to the patronage of his lormer cus'
tomers and friends, fully convinced that Mr.' McCaddon's
knowledge of the Shoe Business will
nl enable him to keep just such a stock as the marrs
kct requires.
k W isiiing to bring my Camden Business to a
a close, as speedily as possible, debtors are urgently
0f requested to come forward at once and settle the
same with niv agent, Mr. A. Burr.
" G. W. OLNEY.
|(> ID" Having taken the store heretofore occupied
r" by Mr. G. VV. Olnet, 1 intend t.? have on
" hand, at all times, a well selected stock ot
r- Roots, Shoes, Huts and Bonnets and to sell at such
! prices as to render it an object for all, who desire
t, to save money, to give me a call?Having the facilities
to supply myself at the vcryjowest prices,
lt immediately from the Manufactories, a small adI
vatre only will be asked for the cash.
.* llcceived and now opening 35 Cases compris.
ing a good assortment for the season, which will
be added to, continually, as required.
Any description of Shoes made to order and
>r repairing executed with neatness and despatch,
,R A Bup.r lcspectfully informs his friends, and
^ the community generally, that he will continue to
use his best exertions to accommodate all who
' Camden, 27lh June, 1849. 3t. 27
In Equity?Kershaw,
C. J. Shannon, et. al. } g;//
n . ,, vs', I to Foreclose Mortgage.
A. Massebc tt. ) ? b
' | In pursuance of the orders of the Court made
' at June Term, 18J9. I will offer at public sale,
s before the Court House at Camden, on the first
i. Monday in August ensuing, being the sixth day ot
said month, all that lot or parcel of land, with the
tenements thereupon, lying and situated in the
m Town of Camden, S. C,known and distinguished
.e in the plan of uaid Town .-s Lot number eleven
. hundred and seventy-six (No. 1,176) fronting east
| on liroau street bixij-bia ie?i.
I Terms?So much cash as will pay the costs of
10 | the proceedings in the above cause and the balance
IC j on a credit of six months, purchaser giving bond
jr with personal security.
x Commissioner,
j. June 28ih. 1849. (S3,93) fit 27
0 #30 Reward.
O Ranaway from the subscriber on the morning of
e the 10th inst., PETER, a pale Mulatto Fellow,
j, about 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, very thick, 6tout
,t and square set, about 25 years of age, eyes very
n bright, and a scar over one eye.
r Peter was brought from near Columbia, S. C.
' bv Mr. Jacob Lucius, in the spring of 1847, and
^ purchased of a man named Miles.
g The above reward will be paid for his appreheni.
sion and confinement in any jail so that 1 can get
3 Oswichc. Russel County. Ala. June 18, 1849.
>. of the
For the Promotion of Arts. Mechanical Ingenuity (
and Industry.
The First Annual Fair of the above Institute will be
held in Charleston, commencing on Wednesday, 17th Oco
tober next, at d continue open during the week.
Specimens of Art, Ingenuity, Mechanical Skill
and I.vdu3try of every description, is solicited for the
Exhibition, from all the southern States, and Premiums |
- will be awarded to those presenting the l)est specimens. j
As this is the first effort made in the southern Stales to ,
t advance the Mechanic Arts, by means of nn Annual Fair '
' similar to those that have proved so beneficial to the 1
l" Northern Mechanics, the Board of Managers earnestly I
I. solicit the co-operation of alfwho feel an interest in the )
prosperity of the South, and appeal to every Mechanic, (
" Manufacturer, and all persons engaged in pursuits of skill
!l and industry of whatever description, to send some speci- '
.. men to this Exhibition, and they hope that every district (
in this State and of our sister States will be represented at j
'? lite. Fair.
All those who intend sending articles for exhibition,
will please give notice ?o I,. M. Hatch Chairman Commit- ?
J" tee of A rrnngemciils, at as early a day as possible, and <
n every specimen sent will be carefully attended to and <
returned after the Exhiblion.
officers of the institute.
\Y*i. Grkgg, Bresident.
Wm. Kirkwooe. 1st Vice President.
Wm. M. Law s on, 2d Vice President.
,t R. C. Jones, Secretary-.
II. S. Gbfggs, Treasurer pro tem.
'? DinrcTons.
s, Joseph Wnikrr, G. N. Reynold*, Jr., J. H. Taylor, E. \V.
n Edgcrton, W. <?. l)e Sauxsure, L. iU. Hatch, C. D. Carr.
" H. D. Walker, F. J. Porcher, D. N. Mlntosh, C. Y. Richardson,
Win. Lrhby.
o {Kr Tlte following is a list of Phf.milms to lie awarded. <
For the b-st Specimen a silver Medal, and for the next
'* best a Deploma.
is For New Inventions n Gold Medal, at the discretion of
the Committee.
Articles of all kinds not named below will be received,
' and premiums awarded fur the same.
Architectural drawing,! I
Design for diploma for the <Jo. Ca. institute,
Painting in oil.
Pointing in water colors,
* Miniature painting, pen drawing,
Pencil drawing, crayon drawing,
Sculpture, penmanship,
j Rest mode of constructing wharves,
' Beat press for packing cotton,
el Rest rice thrashing machine,
Best cotton gin, best refrigerator.
Rest plough, churn, and washing machine,
Stone mason's work, carvug* in v'ood.
Carpenter's work, by hand. I
(Carpenter's work by maohti.erVt I
Model of a ship,?specimen^?'
Boat builders work, ship ioiper* work<
Pump and block making,
Mill-wrighis work, coopers iv?rk,
, Four wheel carriage, buggic. gigI or sulkey,'
Cart or dray, steam engine, fire Engine,
r) Turning in brass, iron of wood,
Blacksmith's work.
Costing in iron or brass,
Iran railing, fenfce or gtttc vsork.
Brass or copper work, lorkwnidis work, j
Rell hanging and gunsmiths york,
Instrument makers work, . ^
, Lamp-makers and jewelers work,
u .Silversmith work, silver plating, i
Die sinking, lithography,
Engraving on steel, copper or wood,
Mechanical dentistry, cutlery, ,
Clock and watch making.
Ornamental house painting, ,
Ornamental sign painting,
)f Cabinet work, fancy printing,
0 Rook priming, fancy binding, ,
. Ruled and bound ledger, (
! Piijst, side of sole leather,
I .Sid.- of I larness leather,
Calfskin, dressed for boots,
Carriage harness,
Bnggie or sulkey harness,
('art or dray harness, riding saddle;
Reaver or silk hat, cloth cap.
Military or firemens cap,
Pair of boots, pair of shoes,
rl. Pair of ladies gaiters,
|f Pair of Indies slippers,
Tailoring, umbrella or parasol,
Hair dressers work, gilding.
Stucco work, modeling in plaster.
Tin work, plumbing,
Flasket or wicker work, wooden ware,
Dyeing in wool silk or rotton,
Upholsters work, Mnntua making,
Mdinery, shirt making, quilt,
Embroidery in gold or silver.
Embroidery in silk or worsted,
,p Artificial flowers,
. Ornamental hair work.
Raw silk, not less than 1 lb.
13 Manufactured silk,
Weaving, hand loom.
Weaving power loom.
Specimen of cotton yarn,
Pair of knitted stockings, rock* or glove*.
Gimp, fringe and ornamental waving.
Coach lace, confectionary,
_ Refined loaf sugar, pottery, glass,
Manufactured iron, cut nails,
. Wrought nails, grav bricks,
Press Cricks, fire bricks,
ie Turpentine, manufactured, soap
of Tallow, sperm or wax candles,
8. Soda water, cake making,
i Sfarch. flour, cheese.
Butter, for winter use, not less than 10 lbs.
'h June 30th, ltJ49.
e, To Kent.
The house on Rutledge, St., recently occupied
to by the subscriber. Also th? tenement opposite
b- Mai. K. S. Moffat's residence.
.Tftne?r, 1W .26 tf .
The Federal salute of thirteen gun*, and a
merry peal of bell* will usher in the day.
The citizens will assemble at the Court
House at nine o'clock, to select an Orator for
the 4th July 1850.
A procession will be formed at the Market at
10 o'clock, A. M. in the following order under
command of Col. W. J. Taylor, assisted by
Lieut. Col. J. B. Kershaw and Major J. P.
The DeKalb Guards.
The Palmetto Guard*,
Beat Company, No. 2.
Committee of Arrangements.
OfticMa'imr t'lerfrv.
Orsilor und Reader*
Iutendant and Wardens.
Sons of Temperance.
Cadets of Temperance*
Citizens Generally.
Camden Independent Fire Engine, Company.
Capt. Ancrtrm'tf Troop of Cavalry.
The procession will march np Broad and
DeKalb streets to the Presbyterian Church
where will l?e performed (he following Exercises.
March on the Organ.
Prayer by Rev. I)r. Davis.
Ode by the Choir.
Reading of the Declaration of Independence by
Dr. C. J. Shannon.
Ode by the Choir.
Oration by F. L. Villepigue Esq.
OJe by the Choir.
March on the Organ.
The procession will then be re-formed and
l i .1 i?. ?.i ...:n .is.
marcnoa to ine marsn wnure h win ui.v
missed, at the close of the exercises at the
Church the National salute of Thirty guns will
he fired.
Camden, So. Ca. By T. B. Russell.
The scholastic year of this school will hereafter be divided
into two sessions of five months each.
The session for the remainder of the present year will
begin on the 4th .Monday?being the 23d,of July next.
No deduction will be made for any less time than a
month; and t. e tuition fees are expected to be settled at
the end of tlx. session.
T. 11. R. respectfully tenders his thanks to his patrons,
and friends generally, for the encouragement, he has received,
and hopes to deserve its continuance.
Grades of Study and Tuition Fees.
Lower Primary Grade, consisting of Spelling,
Reading. Writing, Primary Arithmetic and
Geography, per session, .... $1000
Higher Primary Grade, consisting of Spelling,
Reading, Writing. Oral Arithmetic, and
Geography, per session, - - - 12 00
Lower Advanced tirade, consisting of Spelling,
Reading, Writing, and English Composition,
Written Arithmetic, Geography, and Grammar,
per session, 14 00
Higher Advanced Gnuto, consisting of Reading,
English Composition, Algebra Ac,
Grammar, History, Natural Philosophy,
Chemistry, Logic, Mental Philosophy, Rhetoric.
Ac., oer session, .... - 20 00
Preparatory C"tir*e of C'1n??ics, per session, 21 ou
A half dollar per session is charged for fuel and incidental
June 23, .819.
South Carolina--Kershaw District.
Whereas, Geo. B. PearEon applied to me for Letters
of Administration de bonis uon on all and singular
the goods and chattels, rights and credits ot Sam!
S, Tay'or late of the said District, deceased? These
ire therefore* to cite and admonish all and singular
the kindred and creditors of the said deceased
to be and appear before me at our next Ordimry's
Court for the said district, to he holden at Cainden
:ourt house on the 13th day of July next, to show
:ause if any they can, why said administration
should not be granLed.
Given under my band and seal, this 2othday of
June, in the year of our Lord one thousand
light hundred and forty nine, and in the 73d year
)f American Independence.
J. R. JOY, U. K. D.
June 27 26 2t
Plaster Paris, a superior article.
Direct from the Manufacturer, for sale by
June 27 tf 26
A fresh supply of Crushed, Clarified and Powiered.
For sale by THOMAS BONNELL & CO.
June 23 tf 26
A very choice lot of i.onsolaceon'a Gold Lo'af,
md Rio ilonde. *
C..l? P.aaLam
r rfHii o?>ua uiiivAcis.
For eale by T. BONNELL Si CO.
Jung 33 tf 26
Tbe subscriber has now on hand, a variety of
Carriages, Buggies, Rockaways, Sic., and Harness,
which lie offers for sale at reduced prices.
He is prepared to build and to repair every description
of Carriage, Wagon, Cart, Wlieelbarrow
Si"., and all kinds of Iron work, either for
plantation or other use.
Horses carefully and neatly shod.
June 2" tf 26
Information given to the subscriber, which he
believes correct, that certain individuals are trespassing
on his lands, near Camden, by hauling off
wood, &c.; and of others taking juniper wood
froin his lands on Pine Tree Creek and Hico ,
Branch, near Mr. Charles Perkins, without, itiff?
riiission?he now warns all tresmywrt^on his
lards, that'he-vyill prosecute^etfcnofFefider as he
obtains proper inior i.aJ-iotV''^
Also, all persons are forbidden to hire any of
his negroes (Mechanics or others) at their peril,
w-tliouta written permit by himself," and all acr.ouuts,for
work by than, must be pdid to hif.n nr his
If I1<( I ?-*%??J. _
Mulberry, June 6th, 181v). 8t 24^ J
For Sale.
Oxen and valuable large Steers at Fifty Dollars
a pair?a purchaser may select from a good
stock to suit his fancy, at the above price.
Apply at Mulberry, near Camden, to
June 7th, 18-10. 8t 24
Between Dr. Zemp's Store and II. Levy's, on
Monday morning last, a sum of money wrapped up
in a piece of newspaper. The tinder will be liberally
rewarded, if required, on leaving it at this
June 27 tf 26
Corn Meal.
The subscriber keeps constantly on hand, fresh
ground Corn Meal for family use.
Juno 13 tf . 24
The Camden and Charlotte Stage
Will, till further not ce, leave Camden at '
o'clock A. M.t on Mondays Wednesdays and Saturdays.
All packages or parcels must be left at the Stage
Office, and it to be delivered on the road must be
No package or parcel will be delivered, but at
such places as the Stage usually stops at.
e 13 tt 24
Fresh Fruit.
Oranges and Lemons, Currants, Raisins, Citron
and Almond*, just received by
> . u J AS. McHWEN.
June 20 . tf 22 .
*V. I *1 iS? ' 1
| A safe arid certain core for Consumption t>r iW
| Lungs, Srirrrtno op Blood, "Cocotm, Colds, Asthma/
Pain in thk 8idc, BstoNCirrns, HooriK<rCoeo? awMH
Pulmonary Affection*. t ' r- "? - "
testimonials. - - ...?*?
Extracts from Certificates which ran .bo seen mftflby
railing up n the Agent*. /
Sir. a. I/. Scoyill?Having been afflicts? WitWafSbOfctf'distressing
Cougfh, until my Lung*became adcctedhfr sutffe
a degree mat I was continually spitting bloody Jind fttog
under the rare-of an able phy*ician, without'obtainmr
any relief, until J procured a bottle Of Dlt. R0GE&&S
LIVERWORT and 1"AR. which restored me to health i?
a very short time. . ~ ' J,.FINCH.? _
( incinnati, Nov. 5, 1344.
[From the Hon. Judge William fiorfee, late Postmaster Of
llieuiiy Ui ^un i/JiiLLU lur inuic tiuxn iTfwtyyyy Tlie
statement of Justice Finch is entitled po tho tjljU'Sf
confidence of the public. I can fully, corroboratewnathe'
has said. having used the medicine myself with 'thMrtttR t
decided benefit. WILLIAM BURJ^ILi. ,.v- /,
Cincinnati, August 12, 1845.
[Frsu.the Wife of Rev. George W. MMev.].
I have been afflicted with diseased lungs for MVediC
years; having tried various prescriptions with, little roccess.
At last I tried Dr. Rogers's Liverwort and.Tar,.,
and found great relief. 1 would recommend it Kt alt whir
are suffering with diseased limgs. SARAH 5IALET.
Cincinnati, August 12,1845. ' ?-'t ' c/
ay-Tlie following certificate from one of the mostdistin.;.
guished physicians in Cincinnati, is en trtledtn great rtedftf'
I feci constrained from a sense of duty to make toedlowing
statement, conscious that it may appear unprofessional.
Mr. Charles Wade, of this city, was quite, low
with Pulmonary Consumption, for which I had^beemr
treating with less than usitel success. 'Al hisr^uest/On '
that of his friends, I permitted hfm to try Dr Rogers'# ? .T
Liverwort and Tar; and I must confess that its effect*
were really surprising. After using the second bottle mf'
visits were discontinued, and he was soon restored'us
health. I do conscientiously recomiAeod my brothj*
thinners to prescribe this remedy in all pulmonary Cbm?
plaints which baffle the ordinary mode of tre&bMnkSCW*^' 7WILUAM'J.
Cincinnati, Oct. 1st, J844. ^
Extract front a letter dated Jackson, Tetjn. Oct- 25rT83oT3Ir.
A. L. iScdvill, Cincinnati: " ' * '
Dear .Sir?I want ron to send me one grnM-of ?>'-Rflj&xn
gers" Liverwort and Tar. I am entirely oat of it,
have constant rails for it. The remarkable cute* that?**
has made here, has made a great demand for'jC- r^X'il' "
Youre, (Jr.. R. W. HiTTJNGT05,.D^ai?L^' ,
We will now ask the afflcted to candidly examaW^Be'^
above facts, and say w hether evidence stronger tK?itfi6r^r. "
can he given in favor of any other medtrine. -:TWlfciwv
testimonials are from persons in.goad standing, w|io<aOy
lie seen and heard from; and from Physicians PrQfeaaon
enjoying tlie confidence of the people, #ho,"alter faying'
experienced the go<s!s effects of this medicine, baxVeomW
forward and conscientionsly recommended it to oe oaed. d3,
fxy Beware of Connterfetls and beae Imitations.
N.B.?The genuine ani.-les w ajgn^,. "Andrew. Ho*
gerv," on the engraved wrapper around eaeh
IKrl'rice?31 per bottle, or tix.Botties.ibr. $5. >?o)dv'.
wholesale and retail by ' SCOVff,
?MEAtf, ll5Cbirteast/;
between Contt and ax. Lout* sts:
Ante General Agents fortbe Southeriv.iStatiM.,j,
Sold by J. R. McKain, Camdeiu A.t.itch,<>)jMbuu,'
lltviland, Itarm.Il & Co., and P. M. Coken) CnttrieirttSf ^
Mannscl Jlall, Winnsboro. < - -? - .' jwj^
V - 'Vw4
THE GREAT BI&raDtf ''1^11
For Rheumatism. Gout, Pain in the ride, Hip. ;'
Jjmbs and Joints, Scrofula, mag's ETvfl, wai ^
Swelling*. Hard Tntnon, Atin Joints, aadve^fQg^
all- Fixed Ptans whatever.. .
"Where this Plister is applied, pain cam#._?XipGj/&t X
These Plasters possess U?e advantage ofbctttej^tiiSFj*_
air-tight boxes, hence they retain their foif vmaesi?*MWn*climates.
We have just rccvfVet]'flto ftlkwHsjjpfH^^^PP^V
nial from C. C. Sellers, lin i minim* litCfptin ..
practice in Wilcox county, Alabama. He jigajegPMPT T
in high standing, and one whose inffuebdcMQldt''
Messrs. Seovil 4* Mead "V
quested to state what tias been the result of my especfoffp.:
in the use of your Hebrew Plaster, I cheefially comoSfc..
by raying that 1 have found it to be ,es here to fore rgjww.^''
mended,an invaluable medicine. IndifferenttimtM
family I have applied the Plaster to ebi?tua*pfc%ttMMi?L ?
and pain*, and it has never failed to afiorrf fnSt^.ndWF^
1 have also used it wijh good effect upon'my Oi^"u??pW?;
in the cure of ulcers, with1 vthieh T have be?tf-ee'Hpf^Jl>c
affScted. Respectfully, etc.- .* .
' " ' - r ^LiV, y,'C "
Btncare of C&uiUtiftils and Base Imitations.
CAPTION?The subscriber* are the only Onw'.
Agents in the Southern States far the ?! cf iter fBUf*4
valuable Plaster; and in order to-prevent pureIrasctibeih*.
imposed upon by a counterfeit article, mm in tfrhrdty man .
elsewhere for the genuine, tbey invite particular atteotioa'
to the fallowing marks of the genuine;
1. The genuine is put up irr smooth, engiiM tifiMlTbW-' ?
tomed boxes, not soldered in. If > ; h?c-_ 'tjfjjferi
2. The genuine has the-engmyed head of JeW-DffU
on the directions around the box, ith accoraphhyiog Sfifc?' ''
cord of Court, to K- Taylor, Rochester."*-MaVr
SCOVIL A MEAD, 1-IS Chartrep sfer?
Between Contiand St. Louis ?ts., Ngw Qrieanfc.- ;
Sole General Agents for the Southern StafliT "T*-rrrr&jfr-'
Sold by J. R. McKafri Camden; A. F>Uth Cuhmririafr.-.
Ilavi'and Ilarrall co. Charleston; P. 31. Cohen CmBM?
(on; 31. IJaH Winnsboro; Ilaviland Keise <frC<gMaifflW4jjjify - '
New V
Whereas no person havln^applic3'fot[
Administration de boni3 non bporf the1
John J. Blair. I have taken *
same as derelict, and give notice'to ~
mands to present them duly attested, and fuMc
indebted, to make immediate payments n&iyi
JOHN R, JOY, 0. K;
May 28, 3t . '
Almonds, Raisins, Figs &c. '
Just received and for sale low for dftfch.- :
OTThe highest market pricfes ''either casi^of*.
Hrter) paid for country produce. -
iTinyyi. a? b. r
Bacon, Lard and FI?nrr^|^
A lot of superior Bacon and Lard1
Flour of the best brands,- f?*' sale 6jr
may 23. - -?. A. E. AELE&
Spanish Scgfars,
Superior Spanish Segars, of chojce braj^.aj>$
the besLchewing and smoking Totrocco. *'
23 ' A. E AIXENl
' i t ' H,.V
Gypsum or Plaster i
The subscriber has on hand a few barrel* ?
above article, which he offers for. sale
and will, on short notice, furnish any tjiitnitifylflilte
may be ordered. The value of plaster as vfertiw.
lizer is too well known to planters, to redbirtf
*une 13 tf ,
^ v For Sato." * v .
Cfsshed, Clarified, Loaf White Havana-eml
Brown Scg^rs. ?r
Soda and Su^arTliscuit and Pilof Bread. .v
Jnne 2(1 ~Mf 25 *
- 1 - ' *.,,?? vje . i
1 ie subscribers wishing to
h- requirements of the present nvcYwi^l'acftftiesof
communication, purchasers wtlf fmcNtfij'
their interest to look over their assortment#*
Dry-God<is, IlardKvare, Groceries, &e
before buying, an they feel confident that i comparison
of their Goods with any otlrfcrt, a# to quality
and price, (cash or credit) wHf rtbt resWPlo'
their disadvantage. '
One door ab?' " the Ban.; of Camden.' *
Jan. 16. 3 tf'*
; ; rrr-rr:.
Family Groceries*
A large supply of superior FarijjJy Groceries
kept constantly on hand, and for sale at the lowest
prices, at the
. r CAMDRJf, ?* ?. ? ; V
JLaw Co^arUaersbljp,
The untemgnqd have famed .a
ftiHWH, KerthliW ntHtfteaWlv -^3g
Oflico. herewfew Offme4.te.Jw. Chawut en Main
liny !0, tiaa.- - - ' *> T tf '

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