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fcrrofula, Rheumatism, Stubborn Ulcers; Dyspepsia, S a
ICieurir. Fever Sores. Erysipelas. Pimples. Piles. .?! '
etirial Diseases. Cutaneous Eruptions. Liver C- mplaiu
Bronchitis, Consumption, Female Complaints, less e
Appetite, General Debility. 6ic,
f I"VdE PROPRIETORS have spent much liine
JL in bringing this preparation of Sars,\fakilla
to its present state of perfection ; and the exp> rience
of fourteen ycam has turnished them the
most ample opportunity of study, in their various
forms, the diseases for which it is recommended,
and to adapt it exactly to their relief and cure Pa.
tients who wish a really wood Medicine are invited
to give it a trial, and satisfy themselves of its superiority,
and the invaluable property it possesses
of arresting and curing disease. The bottle ha6
been enlarged to noid one <oj,uarr, aim in us present
improved form may safely claim to be the best and
cheapest medicine of the age. ItP progress to the
fame it lias attained may be traced by a long line
of facts and cures, that stand as landmarks and
beacons for the invalid, pointing the way to the
haven of health, and what it has already done for
the thousands who have used it, it is capable of
doing for the millions still suffering and strugglii g
with disease. It purifies, cleanses, and strength,
ens the fountain springs of life, and infuses new
vigor throughout the whole animal frame.
- ? * ? -irvnn 1-1 nnA^nrTTmiti
KEMAKK.ABLU UUK& ur -m i 10.
New York, Feb. 17, 1818.
Messrs Sands:?Having suffered many years
witn a disease of my throat, affecting the larynx,
during which time I was treated by the most distinguished
phvs cians in Europe and the United
States, without receiving any permanent benefit,
but all the time my general health and strength
declining, and the disease making fearful progress:
caustic applications w,erc used, and whatever else
was thought most efficient for producing a cure ; |
but I am confident the deplorable situation I was '
in, the laryngitis being accompanied with phthisis !
and great difficulty in breathing, would soon have
terminated my life, haa I not obtained relief through
tbe medium of your invaluable Sarsaparilla. I
must say, gentlcmdn, when I commenced using
the Sarsaparilla I did not place much confidence
in its virtues , and this will not surprise you, when
you are informed I had tried more thac fifty different
remed.ea during the past four years, without
any success; but after taking your Sarsaparilla a
tew weeks, 1 was obliged at last to yield tocvidence.
This marvellous specific has not onlv relieved,
but cured me ; and I therefore think it my
duty, gentlemen, for the benefit of suffering hunw.titv
tn oriv? vnu this attestation ofmv cure.
Yours very truly, D. PARENT.
Consulate of France in the United States.
The above statement and signature were acknowledged
in our presence by Mr. D. Parent as
For the Consul General of France,
L. BORG, Vice Consul.
New York, FeB 17, 1848.
The following testimony from Rev. John Grigg,
/ate Rector of the Church of the Crucifixion in this
city, commends itself to the attention of the afflicted.
Numerous certificates of cures of various
diseases effected by this medicine are almost daily
Messrs. Sands : A member of my family has taken
vour valuable Sarsaparilla for a severe scrol'uaffection,
&c. with the most beneficial effect
resulting from, its use. It gives me very great
pleasure to record my testimony in behalf of its
, virtue and efficacy, hoping that others may he induced
to make a trial of it JOHN GRIGG.
New York, Mav, 10. 1S48.
The following is an extract from a letter receivd
from Rev. William Galusha:
Berkshire, Vt. Oct. 22, 1848.
Messrs. Sinds: I have been afflicted with a se
vero pain in my side, occasioned by a diseased liv.
er, for the last twenty years, suffering at times
what language cannot convey ; but since taking
your Sarsaparilla J have been greatly relieved, so
much so that I have been able to attend to my business,
and preach occasionally, for the last eighteen
months. I wholly discarded all other medicine,
and thoroughly tried the Sarsaparilla, which
1 can recouunenu in irum ana sincerity to an tnnse
who are in any way afflicted with any species of
scrofulous complaints. There have been so'ne remarkable
cures effected by it6 use in this vicinity.
Mrs. J. Shaw, by the use of six bottles, was restored
to better health than she had before enjoyed for
ten years ; and Mr. W. Stevens, who had been severely
afflicted with erysipelas, was entirely curedby
the use of a few bottles.
Yours truly. W.M. G A LUSH A
Sooth Kingston, R. I., Oct. 11, 1347.
Messrs. Sands : Gentlemen?Mv little daughter,
when one year old, was attacked with a scrofulous
humor on her face, which soon after extended
into her eyes, causing almost total blindness in
one of them, and disfiguring her whole face. I
employed two physicians to attend her, who exhausted
their utmost skill to give her relief, but it
all proved useless, and finally one of them remarked
to me that he had known of some striking cures
effected by Sands' Sarsaparilla, and advised me to
try it. I obtained one bottle, which she ?.ommenc.
eJ using, and before it was all used up it had effected
an entire cure. It is now over four years
since she was cured, and there has been no reappearance
of t*ie diseape, and we are satisfied that
it is a perfect cure. It gives mc great pleasure to
add that I can recommend it to every sufferer from
any similar complaint. Respectfully yours,
Prepared and sold, who esale anU retail, by A.
IJ. & 1). SAN US, Druggists and Chemists, 101)
Fulton st, corner of William, New York. Sold
also by Druegists generally throughout the United
State* and Oanadas. Price 81 per bottle; six
bottles lor 85.
Sold at James R. McKain'c, Camden, by Dr. A.
Malioy.Cneraw, A Fitch, Columbia,and HaviJand,
u~?.1 A. rtn I harleston.
March 26. 24?w3in
flake Way!
TO make way for new goods, a large aupplyof
Ladies' Winter Dreae Goods will be bold at
greHtly reduced prices. K'. W. BONNEV.
February 26 16 tf
A certain remedy for nil fixed pains in the Side, Chest
Loins, Bank ..Dowels. Mu?des, ithemnatisni in all its varied
forms. Nervous a ff-ctiims, Lnim and Liver Complaints.
Spinal Aflentions. Female Weaknesses. etc. etc.
For the above complaints this plaster has no kquai,.?
The great celebrity which it has already acqmreu, m? wily
in the old. hut in the new world?the extraordinary
cures it has performed in the most extreme cases of suffering,
have acquired ibr it such a reputation, that the proprietor
has nut?until recently?been able to supply half
the demand.
The sales throughout every city, town and village in
the United States, are without a parallel!
A circumstance not surprising, when the vast amount of
human snflering relieved hv its use is considered. Jn spinal
defects, the hem-fit usually isof ihe most decided character.
Jn Nervous Complaints, nineteen cases out of
twenty read.lv yield to the penetrating stimula combined
in this valuable prejnration.
In Rheumatism, either acute br chronic, the claims of
the Hebrew Plaster have long since been universally acknowledged.
Those who are laboring tinder weak backs,
no matter from what cause the weakness may have originated?even
if such persons have been misguided in previous
applications?in the n<e ?f the Hebrew Plaster they
will find the affected part suddenly restored to itsorigina
] soundness.
As a supporter in cases of constitutional weakness it will j
be found of great advantage. It is particularly otn ore |
mended to females who are suffering from sudden weak- i
ness.or general debility. In short, it onibraees all the vir
lues which the nuet ^rienlific mind was rapnnt* nt compounding
from valuable substances fntind in the old world,
and will be found entirely free from those objection*
which arc a source of complaint willi the numerous spreadplasters
now heforo the public.
Where this Plaster is applied, pain cannot exist.
These Plasters possess the advantage of being put up in
air-tight boxes, hence they retain their full virtues in all
climates. We have just received the following testimonial
from C- C Sellers, an eminent lawyer in successful
practice in Wilcox county, Alalwma. He is a gentleman
in high standing, and one whose influence lias great
Carndpn, Ala., Nov. 21, 1848.
Messrs. Scovil if Mead: Gentlemen?Having been requested
to state what has been the result of tny experience
by the use of your Hebrew Plaster. I cheerfully comply,
by bsaying that I have found it to be as heretofore recommended,
an invaluable medicine. In different cases of my
family I have applied the Plaster to chronic sores, tumors',
and pains, and it has never failed to afford instant relief.
1 have also used it with"good effect upon my own person,
in the cure of ulcers, with which 1 have been severely
afflicted. Respectfully, etc.
Beware of Counterfeits and Base Imitations.
n ? I1TI/W rrL_ ...k /L?nuM|
| V/ftU liuii?iuc nuiiMTiuni uic tiic umj uvuviw
Agents in the Southern Slates fur the sale of this truly
valuable Plaster; and in order to prevent purchasers being
imposed upon by a counterfeit article, sold in this city and
elsewhere for the genuine, they invite particular attention
to the following marks of the genuine :
1. The genuine is put up in smooth, engine-turned bottomed
boxes, not soldered in.
2. The genuine has the engraved head of Jew David
on the directions around the box, ?ith accompanying Record
of Court, to E- Taylor, Rochester.
113 Chartrcs st., New Orleans.
Sole General Agents for the Southern States.
A'old by J. R. McKain Camden; A. Fitch. Columbia;
Haviland ILtrrall 4' Go. and P. M. Cohen Charleston;
Manse! Ilall, Wiruisborough. Caldwell & James, Newberry;
Reedy & Ruff. Chertcrville.
This Medicine is warranted to be superior to any other
preparation of Sa rsaparilla in the world?has cured and
will cure more cases of Scrofula, or king's Evil, Consumption,
Bronchitis, Erysipelas, Obstinate t .uturieous Eruptions.
Blotches, Biles, Ring Worms, and Tetter, Scald
Head, Chronic Ulcers. Mercurial dtsease, Rheumatism,
Neuralgia, Liver complaint. Palpitation of the Heart, Dyspepsia,
etc., than any other medicine ever discovered, and
1 ^ c *1-.. LI 1 -a* > i
IltriCR It IS I lie Dent puruier III me oiuuu evrr oiierru iu mc
public. Read (lit* certificate of .Mr. Brooks, and then send
t<? our Agent and get a pamphlet containing scores just an
Wk the undersigned, having visited Mr. Isaac Brooks,
kr., at the office of Messrs. Rowand & Walton, 376 .Marlet
street, Phila , consider his ease the most remarkable
one we have ever witnessed or heard of.
His disease was Scrofula, and terrible must have been
his twelve years'conflict with the destroyer! Ilis Palate,
the entire rocf of his month, Nose, Upper Lip, and lower
lid of the right Eye have been destroyed, his Face nearly
eaten up. and part of the Jaw Bone carried away And
yet We can give no description of his case.
Mr. B. informs us that in January last, the whole interior
of his mouth, ns well as most of his face, was a mass ot
deep and painful ulcer*.
On the 14th of January last, he commenced taking Dr.
Cullen's Indian Vegetable Panacea, which checked the
disease in a few days, and from that time the cure has progressed
without intermission.
New flesh has supplied the place of the deep ulcers, and
though badly disfigured, his face is sound and his general
health Is restored.
We are assured that in the treatment of Mr. Brooks'
rase no Mercurials, Ointments, or Caustic applications |
liavc been used,?m (art, the Panacea alone lias wrought I
this wonderful change.
Pnti.ip S. White. Esq., J. W. Jones, M. D*
Rev. John Chambers, W. Stkem.no, M. I).
Rev. A. D. gillette, T. P. S. Ron v; M. I).
Rev. J. R. Nicholas, Jacob FiunckI M. D.
Rev. Wm. Urie. s. R. Coles, M, I).
Rev. k. Kincaio, J. W. Ashmkau, esq.
Rev. Levi Brink, P. SrenSmith, Esq.
I E. Gullion, sq. !' a. Godey. Esq.
And thousands ot others equally respectable, whore
j names might be added if necessary.
Residence west Ride of Jefferson street, third door from
Schuylkill, running from Schuylkill Sixth, between Locust
and SpruceWholesale
and retail by Row and & Walton, Proprietors,
.No. 21 N. A'ixth street. Phila., James R. McKai.n,
Camden. Hoatwiiight J: Miot, Columbia, P. M. Cohen,
Dr. CtUIeirs JMiaiuii vcgciuoic rue
In a Domestic Preparation, which lion been used with entire
success for many years. lieing an internal medicine,
it has decided preference over outward application*, which
are but plativea, and not curative*. Thi* medicine act*
upon the diseased |KiriH, producing healthy action, and a
perinunenfoure?which we warrant, or refund the money.
Wholesale and retail, by Ilowand & Walton, proprietors.
21 N. Sixth street, 1'hila., James U. cKain, Camden,
Roatwrightand Miot, Columbia.!'.. Cohen, CharlestonDR.
tin /'ITDP M tt I) A V
i^l kj \j *j iv lj ii v a i.
Read Physicians' Opinions of its Virtues.
) have prescribed the nhovs Medicine in several cases o.
Primary Venereal Disease* and Secondary Syphilis, and
the effect has been strikingly beneficial; so much ho an to
induce me to continue i.s use in such eases with much satisfaction.
It is generally agreeable to the taste of patients.
No. 102 N. Fifth Street.
Philadelphia, June 12, 1845.
I have prescribed " Dr. Cullcn's Remedy" in many case*
of Gonorrhma, and found it to effect a cure in a very short
time. A. WAILSOjV, M D.
Corner Twelfth and Shippen-sts.
Wholesale and retail by Rowand and Walton, proprietors,
No. 21 N. Sixth street, I'hila., James II .McKain,
t amden, lloatwright and Miot, Columbia, P. M. Cohen,
Segars! Segars!!
choice lot of Rio llondn and Cotmolnceon Se
gars for sale by ^ T. BUNNELL Co.
THE Sub?criber would refer those who may desire
BRICKS, to Mr. Nathan B. Arrants. who
will give any information as to quality and price,
and will see to the delivery of tliem.
April 30,1850. 34 2m
SUPERIOR 5-4 India Matting, Cotton Carpeting,
Oil Floor (.'loth, Ac., for sale by
April 10.31] E. W. BONNEY.
Dr. Keeler's Sarsaparilla Panacea: '
For the permanent cure and removal of all disease* a- ?
rising from impurities of tin: blood, or habitofthe body yixf J
Chronic diseases of the chest, consumption, Bronchitis, '
catarrh, pleurisy, scrofula in all its forms, tetter, scald- e
bead, blotches of the face, chronic diseases of the stomach a
liver,and skin, cutaneous eruptions. white swelling.* hipjoint
affection, deep seated pains of the bones, swelling of
the joints, ulcers, syphilitic disorders, mercurial and all 6
Hereditary predispositions. Females suffering from oh- r
strnctions.sa'4ow complexion, nervousness, ?vc.. will find <
the Panacea an elegant remedy for their removal. j.
Purifying the Blood. .
jvs- .1.. 1 ,
v+s :H-uuy i-vcry uiuiwuuui iiow uurucm-u nun ui^ccwo |
and shut out from tlie most of the pleasures of tfris life, ns r
well n? oppressed with an intolerable load ofboth mental
and physical suffering, and doomed perhaps to enter an {
Hei y grave; might have lived long, happy and useful life \
had tney but taken propel pains to preserve their health f
To preserve health is easy: to restore it difficult and of- 1
ten impossible. The old adage, 44 An ounce of preventive
is worth a pound of cure." should be the polar star f
of every one's actions in relation to health. If disease a
generally is the result of a violation ot physical laws ef- e
feeling vegetative life?nine-tenths of all cnronic diseaes.
aresn?then it follows as a consequence that the only rational
means of cure is through the Bi.oon. That this is j
so. facts clearly show. That diseases springing Irom this
source are cnrahle by a i.te natives. experience fully de- l
inonstrates. Reader, if it is your misfortune to be afflict- I
eg with any of the above diseases, you have a remedy in
tln> I'anacea that will not disappoint your most sanguine
n 1!?i i :li
expeeituiou*. nememncr si iiiriin ui .11111 respousiuii; person
tells you ??.
(XT' F?r certificates, details, etc., ?ee circulars in hands
of agents. Price SI, large bottle; 6 bottles ft r $5. 1
Dr. Keeler's Cough syrup.. |
Among all the remedies before the public, this stands
pre-eminent in incipient consumption. Bronchitis, catarrhs,
coughs, hoarseness, whooptng cough, pleurisy, spitting ol. J
blood, and for all affections of the pulmonary organs occasioned
by cold* Ton much praise cannot he bestowed upon
this reined v. and the proprietor urges any one afflicted
with any of the above complaint* tosecure it at once. It '
is warranter! to cure ornopav. Price only 50 cents. r
Dr. Heeler's Cordial and Carminative.] t
Every family, whether rich or poor, who values health ,
and all its blessings, should have this invaluable remedy
at hand. It is infinitely the best remedy known fordi- (
arrhoca, dysentery, c holera morbus, cholera infantum, '
colic, flatulency, griping, pains, cramp, etc., and fiu all 1
diseases of (lie stomach and bowels caused by teething, j
I'lie numerous testimonials from phystciaris and others,
unsolicited, have given tta reputation as firm as adamant.
Price 25 cents per bottle. 1
Dr. KeelerN Vermifuge Syrup .
This remedy is pleasant to the taste, harmless to the (
patient, and all powerful in destroying and removing an
kinds of worms from the body. It is without doubt the ]
cheapest and best worm destroying medicine before the
public, and.will, if administered according to directions, .
remove mem wiimn live or su Hours uurr Uhcu. i ne
(lose is small, and enrh bottle contatns twice n* mucti as |
similar remedies. Price only 25 cents per bottle I
Dr. Heeler's Liver and Sanative Pills. i
Although not recommended as a " cure all," yet thev
are the mildest and best remedy to remove constipation,
aundice,dyspepsia, biliousness. nervousness, foul stomach,
neadache, indigestion, etc. Unlike other purgative medicines,
they lcive the bowel* always relaxed,consequently
are the proper medicine for females and persons leading
a sedentary life. Price 25 cent*. I
Dr. Heeler's Rheumatic Lotion.
A ju?tly celebrated external application for |>ain* of tlu
chest, tteuraluift, headache,sprains, bruise*, tiedoloreaux, (
swelling of the joints, rheumatism, gout, sciatia, and lor
all disorders wherein a sedative and rebefacient remedy is
applicable. Price 371 cents per bottle. 1
All the above celebrated and extensively used medj- !
cities are prepared and sold wholesale and rerail, 294
Market street, Philadelphia.
Agent for Camden, Z. J. DeHAY. Also for sale by P.
M.Cohen. Charleston; Hoatwright At Mint, Columbia; 1
Black & F.lincy. Oraugehurg; Davega & Bennett, Chesterfield
; Mallett & Btunson Smntcrville; M. Stranee.
Abbeville Dist.; F. T. Goode, Ecgefield ; It. C. Griffin,
Cambridge ; Wurdlaw Ac Detidv. Abbeville; J. C. Griffin, I
Anderson, and by Druggist* generally throughout the Stale.
K7" See circulars lor testimonial* of the highest characser,
setting forth the virtues of each article, invaluable to
planters of the South. Nov 9 45
This Medicine is a Vegetable Preparation. am! far *ur
passes Ilooner's Fills in all rases in which they are recommended*
Hundreds of Females whose constitutions have
been l>een broken down, have been restored to perfect
health by the use of this invaluable medicine. It is entirely
harmless in its operation, und may be taken with pertect
safety at any time.
Wholesale and retail by Rowand and Walton, proprietors,
No. 21 N. Sixth street. Phila.. James R Mrkuin,
Camden. Boatwright and Miot, Columbia. P. M. Cohen,
July 18 29 If
Victims of Dyspepsia!
This Medicine is offered tn the public generally
from k full conviction that it is superior to any other
now in use, for the cure of Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint,
Nervous Debility, Bodily Weakness, &.c.
Prepared only by the Proprietors, G. W. ALLEN,
M- D., Philadelphia, and J. A. & W. L.
CLEVELAND, No. 207 King Street, Charleston,
So. Ca.
U* None Genuine unless signed by Dr. G. W.
ALLEN, and countersigned by J. A. & VV. I,
CLEVELAND. The b'ttles having the words
Allen's Dyspeptic Medicine, Phila," blown
on the glass.
a front for Camden.
Z. J. DeHAY,
Nearly Opposite Mrsonic Hall.
Sept 5 3(3 ly
n Equity?Lancaster District.
Samuel 13. Emmons et al. vs. Susanna Ca ston,
Executrix, ct al.? Rill to subject property and
income, and for partition.
IT appearing to my satisfaction that Asia M.
Caston, Samuel N. Caston, Jefferson Caston,
Middlelon G. Caston, William K. McDonald and
wife Evelina, William Frederick Williams, Sarah
Evelina Williams and .Susan J. Dye, defendants /
in the above stated case, reside beyond the limits
of this .State: It is ordered, on motion of Clinton
& Hanna, complainants' Solicitors, that the sai: |
Defendants dojapnear.and answer, plead or demur,
to the bill in above case within three months from ,
the publication of this order; otherwise judgment
pro coiifesso will be entered against each and all
/^..r,in,l??ioner'K Office. ) C. E. L. D.
~ A/arch 19, !? ><? j f$7 00]
Domestic Manufactures.
IVc are now prepared to offer our stock of
Black and Russett Pegged Brogans, and Russett 1
sewed Negro Shoes, all of our own manufacture,
which we can recommend to our customers as
they have been got up with great care and made i
of the best materials. Purchasers will please call !
and examine for themselves. I
Oct. 17. W. ANDERSON. &
Columbia, S, C. .
Keeps on hand and is constantly manufacturing '
an extensive assortment of plain and fashionable 1
garments, which will be sold at reasonable prices, '
The goods are got up expressly ror a tashionabie
custom trade, and will be found superior in workmanship
and quality. I have also on hand and am
daily receiving an extensive assortment of shirts
and furnishing articles, choice and cheap. I shall 1
sell ho article but u hat i? good and substantial.
A fine assortment of Silk and Fur Mats, of (he ,
very latest styles, from the house of Bcebe <f* Cos- i
tcr. Jan. 2. 1 tf_
Plough Moulds, Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Axes, f
Nails, Pol8, Ovens, Steel, &c., for sale at
Jan. 30?8?tf] BONNEY'S. !
Give it a TrtnF.
^rOU wi]? find it to perform all it promisep, in a
X manner not to be equalled, much less excelled.
3LE LIQUID HAIR DYE, which ia now generally
admitted to he the best, and indeed, the only
rticle which will dye the hair in an indellible
nanner. without the slightest injury to it or the
kin. It is entirely harmless, and yet it gives to
ed ot gray hair the moat natural and beautiful
:olors and is adapted to all coinptexions, as black, '
irown, or cheshul color, may be instantaneously , .
iroduced, and cannot he removed by the action of t|
mat, perspiration, water, or other hostile agents. h
I'hie simple and excellent article is the only hair P
... 1.5-1. AAtnn,.titiilafl it, o mannor
JVC Willi II I!* UUIII|/WUIIUVI. Ill u rvai.H?(uv Minuuvif
varrauted free from all injurious substances; and ?
lie immediate effect of which is truly wonderful.? fl
Je sure In ask for Jules Ilauel's Vegetable Li- n]
|uid Hair Dye, as there are many imitations on sale
igainst which the proprietor of the above would ?
:aution the public. n
Prepared bv JULES HAUEL, Philadelphia. g
For sale in Camden by James K. McKain, Z. J. v
)eHav, and F. L Zemp, ' b
Jpward of Ten Thousand Cures. "
Consumption can be Cured!! p
F*or the cure of Consumption and all Diseases a
of (he Lungs and Breast.
Late Professor in Cincinnati Eclectic Medical
College. e
Mr. A. L tscovui: However reluctant j nave 4
>een to permit my name to be attached to patent '
nedicine, I consider it a dutv to the community to f
strte that in three cases of incipient consumption,
riz: Miss Bell, Miss Barger, and Mr. R H Cox,
>ne of our City < ouncil, that Dr. Rogers'Livervort
and Tar operated more like a specific than
ike any other remedy, that I ever used. One of
he cases, viz: Miss Bell, pronounced by several
Physicians to be laboring under the last stage of
Scrofulous Consumption. She is now in good
leclrh, from the use of a few bottles of the above
lyrnp. _ HIRAM COX, >/. D.
Cincinnati. Jan. 25, 1847.
Mr. A. Scovill: I am well acquainted with Dr.
Hiram Cox and his practice, he .'tavitig been my
physician for many years, and can cheerfully say
hat I have as much confidence in hi? skill as any
nan living. HENRY MORSE.
Cincinnati, Nov. 8th, 1847.
Despair not though your Physicians and Friends
give you up to die!! f
Your condition cannot be more helpless than
thai of Mrs. Rowe.
This is to certify that I was taken with a pain in
my side and breast, attended with a distressing
cough, and (or the space of one year grew rapidly |
worse. Although I had in attendance three pby- <
sicians. one of whom was considered very skillful,
all of their efforts piovcd alike unavailing. At
last one of the physicians came in, and der ided that
I could not live more than one day longer! All
of my friends believed that a few days at most
would end my earthly career.
My brother at this crisis, hearing of the astonishing
cures made by Dr. Rodgers' Liverwort and
Tar, went to Chillicolhe, distant thirty miles, to
procure the above medicine; and, strange to tell,
before I had used half fc bottle tny cough was en- '
tirely cured, and when I had used two bottles I
was able to attend to my familv vocations as usual. I
Mr. Merxiweather write* as Follows:
" - r *\ iv_ r\.. n 9 r : ,
Mr. A. L. rscovui, i./eHr oir?nr. n.ngcre uivrr
wort and Tar came cafe to hand. I have sold a |
number of bottles. I had met v/itli great success.
A you no man of this place, supposed to have the |
consumption, has been entirely cured.
Denmark. Tenn, June 30, 19<lt$.
CtyTlie following certificate from one of tli? most dixtin. ,
guixlied physicians In Cincinnati, is entitled to great credit:
I feel constrained from a sense of duty to nuke toe fol- |
lowing statement conscious that it may apjienr ttnprofes- <
sional. .Mr. Charles Wade, of t-'is city. was quite low
with Pulmonary Consumption, for which 1 had been |
treating w ith less than usual success. At his request, and
that of his Iriends. I perntilted him to try Dr Rogers's |
Liverwort and Tar; and I must confess that its effects i
were really surprising. After n-ing ti e second bottle my
visits were discontinued. and he was .<mk)ii restored to
health. I do conscientiously recommend tor brother practitioners
to prescribe this remedy in nil pulmonary complaints
which baffle the ordinary mode of treatment.
unrinnan, un. in ioi*. ,
Extract from a letter dated Jackson, Tenn. Oct. 26,1848. i
Mr. A. L. Scovill. Cincinnati: I
Dear Sir?1 want you to send rue. one gross of Dr. Rogers'
Liverwort ami Tar. I am entirely out of it, and
have con-rant calls for it. The remarkable cures that it j
has mrde here, has made a great demand for it.
Your*, ?Jt? K. W. HITT1NGTON, Druggist.
try-Hcware of Counterfeits and base Imitations.,?3 ,
N.H.?The genuine articles is signed, "Andrew Ro- (
gers,"on the engraved wrapper around each bottle.
IKrl'riee?$' per bottle, or six Bottles for gL Sold
wholesale an '. . etoil by i
113 Chartes st., New Orleans.
Nile General Agents for the Southern Ntates. 1
Sold by J. R, McKain, Camden; A. hitch, Columbia;
Haviland, Harrall & Co.. and P. M.Coken, Charleston f 1
Munnsel Hall, Winnsboro. , 1
CCall on the Agent for a pamphlet, and see 1
the above terlilicntos in full, and a vast number of
March 26, 24 wGm ,
THE Subscribers bpg to call the attention of J
their friends and the public generally to their ,
stock of fancy and domestic good.*, suitable mr tbe
season, which they arc just receiving, Having
bjcn carefully selected in the New York market,
fhey are enabled to sell them without any advance
an last fall's prices. On inspection, the stock will
be found very complete. It consists of?
Bareges?plain, primed and changeable; Grenadines,
Alborines, and Tissues; printed Lawns,
Organdies, and Jaconets; embroidered Swiss
Dresses; Gordon and Earlston Ginghams; English
and American print?, &c.
Sewed and Thread Edgings and Jnsertings, in
jreat variety ; collars and chemisettes of all de- ;
rcriptions; Lace Capes, tjre.; Gloves, Milts, Ribaons,
t?i _i? 1 i Il.mAaniina all u'ifltha and
uieacneu ami uruwn .... .....?
]tialitics; Bed Ticks, Marseilles Quilts, linen :
?nd cotton sheetings; Family Linens, Diapers, J
i?c.; with a large assortment of goods suitable for
servants' wear. The whole of which will be dis. '
josed of on the most reasonable tonus, for cash or f
.0 punctual customers. I
A. M. & R. KENNEDY. (
April 2 20 tf <
Removal. !
TUIOS. UONNEI.L & CO. have recently removed to | '
X the Stand lately ocenpied by J. Meyer, one door be. "
on- Dr. Zcnip's Drop Store, where they will continue to .
teepn well assorted Stock of Groceries and other Good"? '
itichna Sugars, CoiTee, Tea, Salt. Molasses, Mackerel,
salmon, Flour, Rice, Underwood's Pickles, Ketchups,
Syrupa, preserved fruits, fine gold leaf Segars, Iron of nil <
lescriptions, Cust, German and Blister Steel, Hoes, Bag* "
;ing and Hope. Bro., blea'd and col. domestics, orbits, r
nuhlina, ginghams, crockery, <tc.. which they oflbr (or sale
>n reasonable terms. A share of public patronage is re- c
ipectfully soliciied.
At The German Medicine Store,
Will effectually core Irver compMnt, jaundice,
dyspepsia, chronic or nervous debility,
disease of the kidneyd, and all die.
eases arising front a dnciderMt
liver or t stomach. . Ji
Such as constipation, inward piles, fullness ot blond to
le head, acidity of the stoma eh. nausea, heartburn. drsgnst
>r food, fullness or wekibf in fhe stomach, sour eructations,
inking or fluttering at the pit of U* stomach, swimnUDgor
te head, hurried and difficult breathing, fluttering at the
eart, choking or ruflicaring sensations when in a lying
osttire, dimness of vision, dots or u'?h? ?G? s.?hr
*ver and dull |?rm in the head, deficiency of perepiration,
ellowness of the skin and eves, pain m the side, back,
hest, limb*, &c\ sudden flushes of heat, horning in the
esh, constitanl imaginings of evil and great depression ?f
Tlic genuine are entirely vegetable- and free from alhoholic
stimulant syrup, aloes, rheubarb, calomel, a<-id*,
nd'all'mineral and injurious ingredients, they are pleasnt
in taste ancf.smell, and mild in their operation, never
riping or giving anv tmeacnenr, they give str*. gth to the/holesystem
whilst they drive from it disease. Theycaae
administered to the most dfclicate infant with perfect
It appeared in the leading German Journal-nf.J'hitidelhta
the "Philadelphia Democrat-" The Ediforwas personally
acvtminted with Dr. Hooiland, and prizing the voices
of this great man he could not quietly tank npnnjli?2,
ssurance of an impostor, without apprizing the public u*
pproaching danger: .
Chrisloph Willielm Hufdand. ^
IN ENGLISH . , , ? .
"One of the moot renowned physician*, one < if dm grentiut
brnefactow of modern times, was born si IjingoiiSal:a.
Germany, on the on the 12th day of angina 17w.?
Ifter a careful scholastic education, he, like bn lather awl
randfather, (two celebrated I odors.) voluntarilyde voted
liinself to the study of Medicine, at Jena and Gottingep,
nd in 1783 ohiained the degree of Doctor of Medicine, at
he latter University. Prom 1793 to 1891, he officiated
hiifewnr at the University of Jena. In 1801, he was-?pi
minted Private Physician to the ning pf Prn*eia,Meinter
of the Academv of Science, and upon the establish
ne'nt of the near College at Berlin, Professor and Court
'hysician by the Ministry of the interior. .Hi*character
stic his profoundness and deep penetration enabled him
o rombu e the theoretical and practical, to unite new and
Id systems; produce iu common the practical and useful,
ind thus draw therefrom the results and necessary appll able
" It was Dr. II. principally, who exposed and destroyed
he'Brown's system,'which notwithstanding the exterior .
*?uld not conceal its many imperfections, brought to light
>y Huofland's noble impartiality,!sound truths, and deep
lenetratioii. Independent of his practical usefulness as.
Physician and Profeworof the healing alt, he has earned
untying fame for his superior knowledge in' Mcteria
lira' as well as for his manifold works on Medical juris-'
yrudence. Amot.g these may be mentioned hit unrul-ia
lovvneu Mlakroi>eolik,~or the art of prolonging life.'Syi*
iem of practical healing art,'.'Idea* of. Pathogenic,"Journal
of practical Medicine,' &c. He ha* beside* all this,
rained eternal fame and praise from suffering humaililffnr
ihedDcovery nnd combination of several fnfidhblrfnedD
rinnl*. among which i> the far famed and junciy celebrated
tomponnd. known ns
Tlie application of aritluous earth for the rbreliflld.
rituric disease*. The celebrated Diaphoretic remedy?
tnd numerous invaluahle reconled recipe*. , ... . <
After the celebration of his fifteenth profes-dona! fertivi.yin
1833. upon which occasion tlte King of Prwsia hotO'
ired hint wiili the insignia of the Order ofthrC?w*oftlie
Red Eagle, antl many other Royal Order* and marks of
iistiuction. he died on the 25th (lay of August,
Jte King of Prussia's private Medical Counoellur,). without
iny legitimate male heiroroffipring. ? o.- "?x
" I)r. C. M. Jackson of Philadelyhta.lia* had the mCanit
>f octaining tlie genuuiuen recipe* of the great mrmcal
ouncellor'Christhpe Wilhel Hufeland,' andt hese huralft
thlemedicines are prepared with tlie utmost Care at rise
Ucrman Medicine Store* ^*he bitter nenxtore: Hob flood's
German Kitten, is the result of many years study waf
perience by the great inventor, and known and prised ift.
Europe a* an intailiahle remedy fbr the core of fiver enpsplnint,
Jaundice. Dyspepsia. Ate. Dr. C. .h. JacfMyiV
prepit ration of this medicine lias obtained tbcsamr.relebab.
If in this western world The testimonials and tiinroneritble
confirmation of thousand* of die mutt severe anridtfficult
cases cured.is ample proof of this,
compounded by Dr. ? : M. Jackson Jtave produced the very.
sfleets and I Ik* same happy result*, which thr Immortal
in mm) tor indicated and intendrd. and consequently ni?t he
pre|*ired with scrapulon*accuracy. In view uf the above
titcts it sec tit* singular. tln?t any Issly confd .hftve.tliehax^
ililioodand initstdeuce tonbnsethe tiameof thwdi*ang?MH
gd Doctor, who tii-d thirteen years'ojso." T& pa** off a
i harlitan quack preparation as the real and, genuine medi.
cine, and to give a semblance" rd"oriBin?lftj* by aftiritwg a
foe. simile, of the deceased, i* indosd extraordinarj! TU
public will understand what to expect, and what u?tdn rou
Jer xuch circumstances."
A nniuhernf Oeramn paper* copied the above and therefore
entitled to our thank*. < - - ,
'J liese bitter* are worth the attention of iuvalid. Pmmeww
iug great virtue* in tlm rectification of diiveeiw of the liver
una lewer elands. exercising tlie most seetchirjf power* in
weakne** ami affection* of the digestive orgmlta, tficy axe
withal.safe certain, and pleasant..-' . T
Opinions op.tiib Put lauklphia' Pukss.?The German
'Illustrated NeWaVjays:
" Our editor and othet* of thii office have used the Get*
man Bitter*. and can recommend it with confidence to unr
reader*. A* prepared hy Dr. Jockaon^t fuHf equals if not
riirpoa*e* in it* effect* upon diseased titer and ^tomacn,
the fullest oxpectotion of the distinguished physician.
The "(-Ity item*'' October' 16th. my* :
Jot for thk Invalid,?How many of eflr reader* are
afflicted with diseased liver, atoihae, or ncrvea.1 Many
>.<> itnnhr. Tlii'V ?rf> hi tw niticH iwi In nil llioi* !< it Viim
Dr. IlooflantlV German Bitter* has aiready cured hundred*
mul that it will cum. and ismewho una use Jt wiH
douht.ifthev n*e it as it is. directed. it liasestebl?*h.-?l for
itself an undying fame, wlilrh few have done o'nt of the
vast number that ha* been thrown before the public. It in
jue of the most perfect preparations in use: and, as a German
contemporv ha* saxl. that asvprepa>v<] by Dri Jackson,
it fully equals, if not surpasses, in its effect*. 1ti its effects,
Lite fullest representations of the distinguished physician
who first compounded it. As b spurious article * now before
the public, we would caution all against usingany bnt
that signed by C. 31. Jackson and sold- by himat120 Arch
The "Camden Democrat," the best' paper in West Jersey,
sap, July 21. v
"IIoofland's German BtTTMT."-*'We have seta
many flattering notice* of thia medicine, ami the source
Mom which they come induced us to make inquiry respecting
its merits. Krotn inquiry we were pmsnaded to use it,
and must say we found it specific in its action-upon dims?
of the liver and digestive organ*, and the powerfuc influence
it exerts npon nervotis prostration' Is really surprising.
It calms and strengthens the nerves, bringing them
into a state oDepose, makiug sleep refreshing:
1 HUB lUUircillV ?YOO luwig gcutmiif MPCU, WO oro wif
fled there would be lew sickness, as from tlw stomach- liver
and nervous system the great majority of real ami imaginary
diseases emanate. Itaye them In abeallhy condition,
and yon ran bid defiance to epidemics generally. Tnk extraordinnry
medicine we vvoold hiivise our friends who areit
all disposed to give a trial?it will then recommend itself
It should, in fncr. he in every fHroily." Wo other medicino
ran produce such evidences of merit
Bewareok Counteskuti?Thiajnedjoiaohw attain?d
that high character which is necessary for all medicine
x) attain to indnre counterfeiters to put forth 41 spuriouwr
vrticlr at tire risk of the lives of those who ore innocently
Fur sale, wholesale and retail- at ilie GKRWAffc
MEDICINE STORE, No. 1%) Afchstreet;one door below
>ixth, Into of 17S Raco streets, Philadelphia. ;
For sale in Camden, by Jambc R, ItKAtls^Coiumhk
>y Boatwriglit & Miot?Chester C. H. by Reedy & Huff,.
inu uv rcipcuiauio guuufwj imw^uwi
Jnited States,
Nov. 14 89 tf
Drugs, Medicines and Perftunery.
The subscriber has just received a fine mmhumu ?flr
Vfitmery and Fancy Article*. cot*prising Faniin*', Bowel'*
and PrevoHt's. Golden Bell Cologne*; Lnvender Wa^
cr. OttoofRoec* fine Aromatic Vinegar.- LuMn.* amL
lourael's Extract* of We*t End, Jockey t.lub, Jenny Undl
'itronella Knze. Bouquet de Caroline; Kau Lustral.'Bear's:
Dil, Bandoline, Phllocome, gennino Manvrar Oil; Gnuand'*
Italian medicated Soap. Transparent Wash Ball*v
mud Rail*, Row, Almond, Windsor and Nymph map:
ihaving Cream*; Meen Pan, Idly White, Rom Toot'i
Ja*te, camphorated Dentifrice; Hair, tooth, nail, flesh an J
having Brushes; Ivory and Bone Rattles, dtc^ dtp.
HoreliounU candy, Gum Lozenges, \ east Powder in botes,
Flavouring Extracts of all kinds, 8pic?f,vfl{c. fcc.
Constantly on hand, a complete assortment of Drugs.
;hemicals. Paint*. Oils. Wfadow Glass, Patent ?t?
fhompsonian Medicines, Surgical Instrument*, Perfttme
l"oci'3t. J AMIS E. MeKAH*.

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