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Janudice, Dyspepsia, Chronic or Ifervoui
Debility, Diseases of the
UIMMireH ar?i*i?i5
y from a disordered Liver
or Stomach, such as
Constipation, inward Piles.
fUlneas or Wood to the Head,
acidity af the Stomach. Nausea,
Heartburn, discus: for Fo'd. fullness
or weight in the Stomach, sour
eructations, sinking or flotteriog at the
Pit of the Stomach, swimming ?>f the
H'-ad, hurried and difficult Breathing, fluttering
at the Heart, clinking or -t'flocaimg
sensations when in a Lying Posture, dimness of
vision, dots or webs before the Sigh*. Fever and
dull pain in the head, deficiency of Perspiration,
yellowness of ihe skin and eyes, pain in the side, back
enest and limbs, sudden flashes of the Heart, burning in
he tlssh, imagining of evil and greui depression of spirits,
120 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
Their power over the above diseases i? not excelled, il
equalled, hy any other preparation in the United State*
a* the cure* at leal, in many cases after skilful physiciani
had failed.
These Hitter* are worthy the attention of invalids. Possessing
trreat virtues in the rectification of diseases of the
Liver and lesser glands, exercising the roost searching
powers in weakness and affections of the digestive organs,
they are, withal, safe, certain and pleasant.
Chas. Robinson, Esq , Eaaton, Md., in a letter to I'r,
Jackson, Jan. 9, 1850, said?
" My wife and myself have received more benefit from
your medicine than any other we have ever taken fur the
Dyspepsia and Liver disease."
" The TV nth Legion," pub)u)>ed at Woodstock, Va.,
Jan. 10, 1850, said?
"a great medicine."
"We have uniformly refrained from recommending tc
the public any of the various Patent Medicine* of the day,
unless thoroughly convinced of their value. Among those
we consider worthy of notice is the German Bitters; invented
by Dr. HooflancL and prepared by Dr. Jackson, in Philadelphia.
One instance in particular, in which the superior
virtues of this medicine have been tested, has fallec
under our observation. During the last summer, a son ol
Mr. Abraham Brabill, of this country, was very seriously
afflicted with Liver Complaint, and after trying in vain
vurioiN remedies, he Durchaseda bottle of the Bitters and
after wing it, was no much relieved of hi* distressing mal'
ady that he procured another bottle, and i* restored entirely
to health.
The "Philadelphia Democrat," the leading German jou 7
nal of Philadelphia. The editor said, Nov* 44th?
"We again call attention to the removal of the German
Medicine store, the principal depot for the sale of Dr. Hoofland's
German Bitten, from 278 Rare to 140 Arch street
one door below Sixth. Owing to the increased demand
for litis medicine, and for the accommodation of his numerous
patients, Dr, Jackson has been compelled to occupy
larger store. We wish him success in his new quarters;
he is deserving of it. The Kitten Mixture is without douhl
the greatest medicine extant for diseases of tin Liver and
Bowels. A stubborn case of Chronic Diarrhcaa lias none
under our notice, wherein the patient hod exhausted the
Materia Medkas of the different schools of medicine with
no apparent benefit. He was induced to ase these bitten,
and a few bottles of them liave entirely cured him; Many
such cases we could refer to. We hope our readers will
recollect this great restorative, should they be so unfortunate
as to require its use. Dr. Jackson possesses the original
unpublished receipt of Dr. Hoo6and, ar.d he prepare!
this medicine with this care. Those purchasing shook!
calj at his store, or see that his name is written upon the
wraooer outside, and blown in the bottle, as imitations ol
all good article# arc common."
Judge M. M.Noah.? rraWeman with great scientific and
literary attainments,said in hie "New York Weekly Messenger,
Jan. 6. 1850,
"D? Hoorum't Gkikax Brrrit**.?Here i* a prenatation
which the leading prenei in the Union appear to
ne snuiianwia recommending, and the reaaon ?* obvious,
h b made after japreacripiioo furnished by one of the moet
celebrated physicians or modem time*, the late Dr. Clirbtopher
Wiluefm Hoofland, Professor to the University ni
Jena, Private Physician to the King of Pnwii, and one ol
the great eat medical writer* Germany has ever produced.
He was emphatically the enemy of hombtig. and therefore
a medicine of which he was the inventor and endorser may
be confidently relied on. He specially recommended it in
liver complaint, dyspepsia, debility, vertigo, acidity of the
stomach, constipation, and all complaints arising from a
disordered condition of the stomach, the liver and the intestines.
Nine Philadelpliia papers express their conviction
of its excellence, and several of the editors speak of
itaeflects from tlieir own individual experience. Under
these ciicomstances we feel warranted not only in calling
Iho attention of our readers to the present proprietor's (Dr.
^ ** InolcnfttVi nMimniinn hut in rpntminHfidinf thi* nr*
ticle to all afflicted."
The " Philadelphia Saturday Gazette," the best iiuaily
newspaper published in the United States, the editor says of
uIt is seldom that we recommend what are termed Pat
ent Medicines to the confidence and patronage f our readers.
and therefore, when we recommend Dr. Hootland's
German Bitters, we wish it to be distinctly understood that
we are not speaking of the nostrums of thj dav, that axe
noised about fora brief period and then forgotten after they
have done theirguilty race of mischief, hut of a medicine
longeltaclislied, universally prized, and which has met
the lieartv approval of ihe Faculty itself."
Evidence upon evidtyice has been received (like tlie
foregoing) from all sections of the Union, the last three
?mxs, and tlie strongest testimony in its favor, is, that there
more of it usep in the practice of the reguhr Physicians
of Philadelphia than all other rostrums combined, a fact
that can easily be established, and fully proving that a
scientific preparation will meet Writh their quiet approval
when presented even in this form. .
Tint this medicine will cure liver complaint and dyspepsta,
no one can donbt, after using it as directed. It acta
specifically upon the stomach ana liver?it is preferable tc
calomel in all bilious diseases?ihe effect is immediate.?
They can he administered to female or infant with safely
and reliable benefit, at any time
Thin medicine ha* attained that high character which
in necevSary for all medicines U> attain to induce counter
fe'rters to pat forth a spurious article at tlie risk of the (ivet
of ihoae who a<? innocently deceived.
"They have the written signature of C. M. JACKSON
upon the wrapper, and the name blown in the bottle, without
which they are spurious.
For tale, wholesale and retail, at the
No. 120 Arch street, one door below Sixth, (late of 27J
Kace street,) Philadelphia, and by respectable dealera generally
throughout the country.
For sale in Camden, by James R. M'Kain?Columbia
by Bnatwrigljt &, Mint?Chester C. H. by Reedy & :.ufT
and by respectable Druggists generally throughout the
United States.
Aug. 13. _ 64
THE Suoscnbers beg to call the attention ol
their friends and the public generally to theit
biork of fancy and domestic goods, suitable for the
season, which they are just receiving, Having
been carefully selected in the New York market,
they are enabled to sell them without any advance
on last fall's prices. On inspection, the stock will
be found very complete. It consists of? .
Bareges?plain, printed and changeable; Gren<
adines, Alborines, and Tissues; printed Lawns,
Organdies, and Jaconets; embroidered Swiss
Dresses; Gordon and Ea Iston Ginghams; Eng.
lish and American prints, &c.
Sewed and Thread Edgings and Insertings, in
great variety ; collars and chemisettes of all de
fjire Panes. Ac..'. Gloves. Milts, Rib
BblipiM'.," I ? , , _
bone, &.c.
Bleached and brown Homespuns, all widths and
qualities; Bed Ticks, Marseilles Quilts, linen
and cotton sheetings; Family Linens, Diapers,
<f-c.; wifh a large assortment of goods suitable for
servants' wear. The whole of which will be disposed
of on the most reasonable terms, for cash or
to punctual customers.
April 2 26 tf
Upward of Ten Thousand Cures.
Coimuuptioii caii be Cared! I
1averwortan .tar,
For the cure of Consumption and all Diseases
of the Langs and Breast.
Late. Professor in Cincinnati Eclectic Medical
Mr. A. L Scovill; However reluctant I have
j been Jo permit my natne to De attacneu 10 paiem
medi.-.iue, I consider it a duty to the community to
I st. u that in three cases of incipient consumption,
vu : Miss Bcil, Miss Barger, and Mr. R. H. Cox,
one oi'i ur City ' ouncil, that Dr. Rogers'Liverwort
and Tar operated more like a specific than
like any other remedy, that I ever used. One ot
the cases, viz: Miss Bell, pronounced by several
, Physicians to be laboring under the last stage of
Scrofulous Consumption. She is now in good
health, from the use of a few bottles of the above
syrup. * HIRAM COX, M. D.
Cincinnati, Jan. 25, 1847.
Mr. A. Scovill: I am well acquainted with Dr.
Hiram Cox and his practice, he laving been my
physician for many years, and can cheerfully say
. that 1 have as much confidence in his skill as any
inan living. HKNRV MORSE.
I Cincinnati, Nov. 8th, 1847.
Despair not though your Physicians and Friends
i give you up to die!!!
> Your condition cannot be more helpless than
' that of Mrs. Rowe.
This is to certify that I was taken with a pain in
my side and breast, attended with a distressing
cough, and for the space of one year grew rapidly
i worse. Although I had in attendance three phy1
sicians. one of whom was considered very skillful,
all or their efforts proved alike unavailing. At
' last one of the physirians came in, and decided that
1 could not live more than one day longer! All
i of my friends believed that a few days at most
, would end my earthly career.
1 My brother at this crisis, hearing of the astonish*
ing cures made by Dr. Rodgers' Liverwort and
. Tar, went to Chillicothe, distant thirty miles, to
i procure the above medicine; and, strange to tell,
r before I had used half a bottle my cough was en*
tireiy cured, and when 1 had used two bottles 1
j was able to attend to my family vocations as usual.
Mr. Merriwaathar writes as Follows:
Mr. A. L. Scovill, Dear Sir?Dr. Rogers' Liver
wort and Tar came safe to hand. ] have sold a
number of bottles. I has inet with great success,
i A young man of this place, supposed to have tire
' consumption, has been entirely cured.
Denmark, Tenn., June 30, 1948.
(C^Ttie following certificate from one of the most dim in.
guished physician* in Cincinnati, is entitled u? great credit:
| 1 feel constrained from a sense of duty to make tne folI
l?.'I** ranu.inlM ll,ftt it inAV &!>OL-aT UllOrOfttS*
I I . -rr - ,
, sional. Mr. Charles Wade, ?'f t'?i? city, wan quite low
. with Pulmonary Consumption, for which I had been
i treating with leu* than unual success. At bis request, and
lhal of hi* Iriend*, I permitted him to try Dr Roger*'*
' Liverwort and Tar; and I rnuxt confess that it* effect*
| were really surprising. After using toe second hoitle my
visits were discontinued, and he was soon restored to
, pealth. 1 do conscientiously recommend my brother praci
ttinner* to prescribe this remedy in all pulmonnry comI
ilaints which baffle the ordinarv mode of treatment.
f Cincinnati, Oct. 1st 1844.
Extract from a letter dated Jackson, Tenn. Oct. 2G, 1848.
I Mr. A. L. Scovill, Cincinnati:
Dear Mr?I want you to send me one gross of Dr. Rogers'
Liverwort and Tar. I am entirely out of it, and
nave constant calls fur it. The remarkable cures that it
, lias made here, ha* made a great demand for it.
Yours, <frc.. R. W. H1TT1NGTON, Druggist.
nyBeware of Counterfeits and base Imitations..XD
N.B.?'Hie genuine articles is signed, "Andrew Ro'
gem," on the engraved wra|iper around each bottle.
KTlVice?$1 per bottle, or six Bottles for Jfold
wholesale and retail by
113 Charted st., .New Orleans.
.Sole General Agent* for (lie Southern A'tale*.
?"'J **" 1 D fomHon A rolunibia:
WW "* * IV. iUl-IVMHf V?.? . ...
Haviland, Harrall &. Co., and I'. M. Cohen, Charleston i
Mannsel Hall, Winnsb-jro.
ETCa!! on the Agent for a pamphlet, and see
the above certificates in full, and a vast number of
March 2fi, 21 w6m
A certain remedy, f?r all fixed naiiis in the Mde, Chest
Loins, Bark. Bowels. Mo?rles, ithenmatisin in a!! its varied
forms, Nervous Affections, Luna and Liver Complaints.
Spinal Affections. Female Weaknesses, etc. etc.
For the above complaints this plaster has no eqi;ai
The great celebrity which it has already acquired, not onty
in the old, but in the new world?the extraordinary
cures il lion performed in the most extreme cases ut sunerinn,
have acquire*! lor it such a reputation, that the proprietor
ha* not?until recently?been able to supply half
The sales throughout every city, town and village in
the United State*, are without a parallel!
A circumstance not surprising, when the vast amount of
human suffering relieved by its use is considered. In spii
rial defects, the iieneflt usually isof the n.ost decided elmi
racier. In Nervcns Complaints, nineteen cases out of
. twenty readily yield to the |>eiietrating stimula combined
in this valuaDte preparation.
In Rheumatism, either acute or ehronic, the claims of
the Hebrew Planter have long since been universally acknowledged.
Those who arc laboring under weak backs,
1 no matter from what cau?e the weakness inay have origi
uated?even n sucn person* imtc urrn iinsguiucu prc1
violin application*?in the use *f the Hebrew Planter they
will find the a Heeled part suddenly restored to it* urigi oundness.
I A* a supporter in rase* of constitutional weaknes it will
be found of great advantage. It i* particularly recommended
to female* who are sufll-ring from sudde. weakness,
or general debility. In short, it embraces all the virtues
which the most scientific mind was capable of comI
pounding from valunbie substances found in the old world
and will tie found entirely free from those objections
which are a source of complaint with the numerous spreadt
plasters now before the public.
; Where this Plaster is applied, pain cannot exist.
These Plaster* posse** the advantage of being put up in
air-tight boxes, hence they retain their full virtues in all
climate*. We have just received the following teslimo.
nial from C. C Sellers. an eminent lawyer in successful
practice in Wilcox county, Alabama. He is a gentleman
in high standing, and one whose influence has great
r weight;
Camden, Ala., Nov. 21, 1848.
Messrs. Scovil Mead : Gentlemen?Having been re
quested to slate what hns been the result of my experience
r by the use of your Hebrew Plaster, I cheerfully comply,
by bsaying that I liave found it to be as heretofore recom'
mended, an invaluable medicine. Indifferent cases of my
family 1 have applied the Plaster to chronic sores, tutnors,
and pains, and it has never failed to afford instant relief.
1 have also used it with good effect upon my own person,
, in the cure of ulcers, with which I have oeen severely
afflicted. Respectfully, etc.
1 Beware nf Counterfeits and Base Imitations.
CAUTION?The subscribers are the only General
Asrents in the Southern States for the sale of this truly
i valuable Planter; and in order to prevent purchaser* l>eiug
imposed upon by a counterfeit article, sold in thin city and
elsewhere for the genuine, they invite particular attention
to the following marks of the genuine ;
1. The genuine is nut up in smooth, engine-turned bottomed
boxes, not soldered in.
2. The genuine has the engraved head of Jew David
on the directions around the box, ?ith accompanying Record
of Court, to E- Taylor, Rochester.
113 Chartres st.. New Orleans.
Sole General Agents for the Southern States.
Sold by J. R. McKain Camden; A. Fitch. Columbia;
Haviland Harrall <Jr Co. and P. M. Cohen Charleston;
Mantel Hall, Winnsborough. Caldwell & Jaruet, Newberry;
Reedy & RufT, Chesterville. '
Mothers. Read This Attentively,
For the speedy and permanen t cure of Diarrhoea, Dysentery.
Cholera, Infantum, Cholera Morbus, G'holic, Summer
Complaints, Flatulency Pains in the Stomach, <Xto.
and from all derangement of stomach and bowels from
KT" 1 lie time has again arrived when diseases of the
stomach and bowels carries its thousand* to a premature
grave. 1* there no remedy to day the inarch of death !
We answer, YES?the Cordial will cure and prevent
nine-tenths of all case* of disease affecting these organsMore
than five thousand cases of disease were cured by it
during the past year. All families consulting the welfare
of their children alnselves, will act wisely to have
this article by them. all cases of failure the money
will cheerfully returned,and to ill those who are unable
to purchase,it will be cheerfully bestowed.
From the Spirit of the Times.
Dr. Heeler's Cordial and Carminative, is certainly a
valuable desideratum in every family, to the young and
to adult, but particularly wheree there are children. We
speak advisedly, because we have thoroughly tried it, and
proved it* healing and efficacious properties in our tamily.
We would most cordially recommend the public to give it
a fair trial, which is only wauling to appreciate its value
From the North American and United States Gazette,
Sept. 4th 1617.
In these days, abounding in fruit, it behoves every one
to be prejKired w ith a remedy for the evil effects which it
sometimes produces?we have l>een told by those that
knew and who have tried it?that Heeler's Cordial is an
article which has been used in some of the severest cases
of Summer Complaint, both in infants and grown persons.
The Cordial can be procured at the corner of Third and
South Streets.
Front Meal's Saturday Gaactte August 23th 1817.
Dr. Keeler's Cordial.?We would call the attention of
our readers to this invaluable medicine, which will be
found advertised at length in our columns. As a corrective
in cases of Diarrhoea, a disease very prevalent at the present
tune, it is highly spoken of by all who i.ave used it.?
It is perfectly sale in its nature, and we speak experimentally,
when we say that it aiiurtls immediate relief.
From the Pennsylvania Inquirer, Sep. 1st. 1817.
Dr. Keeler's Cordial and Carminative?This article is
advertised in another part or our paper, it is warmly recommended
hy families who Itive tied it. It is especially
useful among children, and lias effected hundreds of cures.
The doctor is abundantly supplied with testimony ujiori the
subject, some of which is very strong. The Cordial is not
a quack nostrum, but a carefully pre|wred medicine, and
perfectly free from any thing injurious.
From the Uaily PennsyTvaiiian, Sept. 16lh 1847.
We are constrained to say that the *? arminative",of Dr.
Keeler's now extensively used in this City, is rapidly
making its way to public iavor. its ingredients are of
course unknown, but it is mild in its operuiion, pleasant to
the taste, and a remedy quite as good as any now u?ed for
the same complaints.
From the Daily News, July 15th, 1850.
Summer Complaiiit.^Tbe season when this complaint
exists is now here, if persons having it in their families
would only purchase a bottle of Dr. Heeler's Carminative
Cordial,4hey would rave muc h expense and trouble. e
peak of the virtues of this medicine knowingly
From the Spirit ot the Times, Kutztown, Julv 18,1818.
We wish to direct the attention of the. readers of this
paper to Dr. Kceler's cordial and Carminative, adveruised
in another column. It is a medicine highly esteemed by
everyone that has used it in DiarrhcEa, Dysentery. Cholera
infantum, cot, which at this season is so frequent. Jt is a
perfect innocent medicine and gives immediate relief.
I'repared and sold '281 Market street Philadelphia?
where may also Ire liad Dr. Heeler's Cough Syrup. Vermifuge
Syrup, Rheumatic Lotion, Liver and Sanative Pills,
Medicines of unsurpassed eflicucy. cy Also Dr. Heeler's
SAKS'APAKILLA, a celebrated remedy in all Scrofula
and Constitutional Disorders. It is, without douht, the
chea|>et>t and best remedy for Chronic Disease of the Chest
Strmach, Liver, and skin known?and admirably adapted
for all derangements arriving from Impurities of the blond.
Females sobering from the Loss of Appetite. Nervous Debility,
Irregularities, Pains, Pimples, Blotch*. Sallow Complexion
Costiveoess,etc., Will find the Sarsnparilla decidedly
the best remedy in use for their removal. No one
should be without Dr. Heeler's Fammily Medicines, so
beneficial in many diseases. Prion 81 per boltk?6 bottles
for $5For
sale by Z. J. DeIIAY. f'amden S. C.,and by Druggists
aud Stores throughout the country- Price 25 cents
per boitle?see circulars <tc., in hands of the agents.
July 'J, I860- 51
Made Calf and (io::l Walking Shoes
Kid Tien and Slippers.jtisi received by
?(OOR? & Il?L H?ll
WILL promptly attend to all business committed
to them as Receiving and Forwarding
Merchants. They respectfully solicit that patronage
which they promise to merit.
In Equity?Lancaster District.
" ? " ill ? .1 T ? V IV.
J on II 17. .MCl/arueil t*l. HI., v?. jaiunr- i\. .
et al.?Bill for partition of the Real Estate of
James Douglass.
IT appearing to my satisfaction that Thomas A
McCardcll, James H. McCardell, William I>.
Games, /Wary A. Nifbci. Rol/t Douglass, Zadock
P. Douglass, Henry C. Ilurton and wife Tahitlta,
Jane L. Bell, Rachael T. Bell, Robert I). Bell, J no.
G. Bell, Nancy I ell, John Bell, Robert Mcliwnin,
and the children of Samite! Douglass, w hose names
are unknown, Defendai ts in above case, reside
without the liinith of this Stale?It is therefore
. .r.to rnrl rin nwil intl I if \V. A. MoOrC. SoliCitOT lor
Complainants, that the said and above named Defendants
do appearand answer, ple.tdor demur to
the Bill in the above case, on or before the Kith of
September, 1850; otherwise, judgment j>ro confesso
will be ordered against all and each ??l thern.
JAMES 11 WI'J'HERSPOON, c. e. l u,
Cotn'rs Office, May ill. 1850. [S7J
In Equity?Lancaster District.
Cyrus A. Allen and wife, vs. James M. Richard,
son et al.Bill to subrogate account and relief.
IT appearing to my satisfaction that James M.
Richardson, Thomas Richardson, John Rich,
a'dson, Joseph B Klingle ind wife, Margaret and
v'ary Allen, Defendants in the above case, reside
without the limits of this State. It is ordered on
motion of W. A. Moore Sol'r for complainants, that
the said defendants do app'-ar and plead, answer
or demtirto the bill in above case on or before the
31st day of August 1850, otherwise judgement
pro conli'sso, will be ordered against each and all
o'them. J. M. Wi 'j'llftiu*r>?wii, e. l. a.
Coin'rs Office, May, Htli 1850.40 15vv
In Equity?Lancaster District.
J. R. Hunter vs. Allen Blair et al.?Petition to
account and apply funds.
IT appearing to iny satisfaction that Allen C.
Blair, a defendant in the above case resides
without the limits of this State: It is ordered, on
morion of Clinton that he do answer,.ptead or demur
to the petition in above case on or before the
7th day of October. 1850, otherwise judgment pro
'1' L? mr\A mraiitflt him.
tUIIICOIjU Will lit- UIUI I lu -
Comtn'r. Eq. L. I).
Comm'rs Office, July 1,1850. [87]
In Equity?Lancaster District.
J. A. Hasseltine, Adm'r. and Amelia Villiries,
Adm'jc. vs. William McCorkle and Elizabeth,
his wife.?Petition to revive .and apply funds, '
??'! oa fnIt i
aliu ow iui iin
IT appearing to my satisfaction, that William Mc
Corkle and wife Elizabeth reside without the j
limits of this State; It is ordered, on motion of I
Clinton & Hanna, sol's, for petitioners, that the j
said defendants do plead, answer or demur to the
petition in this case on or before the 7th day of
October, 1850, otherwise judgment pro confesso j
will be ordered .gainst them.
Comin'r Eq. L. D. <
Cotmn'rs. Office, July 1,1850. [$7]
For the. Removal and Permanent Care of all
Diseases arising from an 1 mini re state
of the if lomi or habit of the
System, viz:
Scrofula or King's Evil, Rhciimaii.-m. Obstinate Cutaneous
Eruptions. Chronic Sore Eyes, King Worm or'l ctter,
Scald Head. Enlurgcmonutntl I'ain of the Bones and
Joints,Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Symptoms. Sciatica
or Lumbago ; and Diseases arising from an Injudicious
use of Mercury. Acidities or Dropsy, Kx|x>siire or Imprudence
in Life; ulso.ChroeicC-onstitutiinal Disorders, &c
This medicine has acquired a very extended and
established reputation witerever it has been used,
base-J entirely on its own merits, which its superior
efficacy has alone sustained. The unfortunate
victim of hereditary disease, mith swollen glands,
contracted sinews, and bones hall carious, has
been restored to health and vigor. The scrofulous
patient, covered with uicers, I atlisome to
himself and bis attendants, lias been made whole.
Hundreds of*persons, who had groaned hopelessly
for years under cutaneous and glandular disorders,
chronic rheumatism, aim many other complaints
springing Ironi a derangement of the secretive organs
and the circulation, have been raised as it
were from the rack of disease, and now. with regenerated
constitutions, gladly testily to the effi
eacy of '.his incsLiuiable preparation
The attention of the reader is called to the following astonishing
core, effected by the u>e of bands' bnrvjparilla.
This is to certify that I have a colored woman
wi o has been afflicted lor the last five years with
Scrofula, ami alt the remedies 1 used had no effect
in arresting the progress of the complaint; on the
contrary, she constantly grew worse ; and after
expending between !$7U ami ?S0 wilh physicians,
busides using oilier popular remedies without sue
cess, till the disease had eaten away the cartilage
of her nose, made its ravages in the roof other
In this drcadiul situation, with the prospect of
death staring Iter in the lace, 1 staled her case lo
Or. Oisusaay, I lie agent for Sands' Sarsaparilla in
Newborn, N. < ., by whom 1 was advised lo use
that ariic e : and to my surprise and to that of my
neighbors, she was restored lo perfect health, and
thai hi the space ol three weeks ami was able to
w< rk in two weeks from the time she commenced
taking it.
In witness of the truth of this statement, I have
hereunto affixed mv name, tins 9th Sept., Ib47.
Mouth of Xeuse Kiver, (. raven Co. X- C.
The following is an extract froiu a letter received
from Mrs. lie van, who hail been afflicted several
years with Scrofulous Ulcers, Dyspepsia, &c., and
recently an affejiion of the throat and chest
Hailetsbuisg, Ya., Dec. Ill, fold.
Messrs, A. if & D. Sands : Belure 1 commenced
using your Sarsaparilla, my sufferings were
almost past expression ; my throat was completely
ulcerated^! ii?d a dreadful cough, and there were
Irequenliy weeks together that 1 could not speah
above a whisper; ana besides, liie ttillamation irom
my throat extended to my head, so that my hearing
was very much impaired. Alter taking the
Sursaparilia a short lime, my tieallit unproved, and
my throat is nuw weii; i ant a* !> e iruiu cough
and tightness ol il.e chest as ever 1 was, and can
hear quite di.-!iuctly. My throat has been well
about three mouth*, the cureol wh cli was clfecled
entirely by the use ol )our Sarsaparilla.
Vour friend, LOUISA it. UKVAN*
The following testimonial to the value of the
Sarsaparilla, is from the Rev. Luther Wright,
aged 70 years, Congregational Minister, residing
at Woburn.
WoBURX, .1/ass., ,1/arcli 60th, 1846.
Messrs. Sunus : Uciitleuien?From what I have j
experienced, ami Iroin the n formation 1 have recently
received Irom a number ot persons of high I
respectability wiio have used your Sursapaiilia, 1
have not the least doubt but that it is a most valuable
medicine, and that the numerous certificates
you ha*e received of its efficacy are fully sustained
by experience, and although its reputation and utility
are very extensive, and stand in no need of my
humble efforts to increase them, 1 want all who
a^e afthciei' by disease to become acquainted wiin
llio ellicacy and power of your valuable medicine.
I am, gentlemen,''gratefully and very respectfully
Prepared and sold, ulio.esale uud retail, by A.
II. & I). SANDrf, Druggists and Chemists, 100
Fuiloii-sl, corner of William, New York. Sold
also by Druggists generally throughout the United
States and Canadas. i'rice $1 per bottle; six
bottles lor 85.
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Ma Hoy, Cneraw, A Fitch, Columbia, and H.fviland,
Harral cp Co. Charleston.
March 20. 24?w3m
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rIE most successful Pain Extractor of the present
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&c.; together with every article in the line, may
be had at Z. J. DkHAY'S.
The subscriber has just finished qff a lot of Mahogany
Rocking Chairs in plush. Also Sewing
Chairs in plush and hair; very neat articles and
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Chimney Screens
beautiful patterns, with borders to suit.?
I I Pnr calf. llv A. YOUNG.
^ -V
JUST received Southern Corn Sheliers, Patent
Cutting Knives, and Wheat Cradles, by
June 18 E. W, BONNEY.
^ ^ jtfv\| *
For the Removal and Permaneftt Core of ill
NERVOUS D18EASEB, /'.' ,"; .j.m
And of those Complaint* Which are coined by en impairs^/-:
weakened or unhealthy condition oftlm
This beautiful and convenient application-of the mysterious
power* of GALVANISM and MAGNETISM, ha# been pronounced
by distinguished physicians, both in Europe and lh? .
United States, to be the ai oil. valuable medicinal dUcntrp ef. .
k Died with the most perfect and certain success in si#
cases of
Strengthening the weakened body, giving tone to the ?erkmr
organs, and invigorating the entiia system. Also in PIT*,
EROY, and all NERV0U8 DISEASES, which complaints arias'
from one simple cause? namely, '
A Dorangomont of tho Norrons ByaWa.
0&- In NERVOUS COMPLAINTS. Drag* and Medicine* .
Incrrate ike diet met, tor they weaken the vital energies of thealready
prostrated system ; while under the strengthening,
life-giving, vitalising In floe nee of Galvanism, as ape Hid by
this beautiful and wonderful discover*, the exhausted patient,
and weakened sufferer w restored to farmer health, strength,-'
elasticity and vigor.
The great peculiarity and excellence of
Dr. Ohrbtls'i Galvanic Chtratiraa,
consists, in the fact that thsrar arrest and core disease by eof
word afflicaiien, in place of the usual mode of druggiaf and:
physicking the patient, till exhaostad Nature sinks hopSMSsly
under the infliction. , .
They tlreuflhtn tie whole syoten, efuehre lit circulation of
lit Hood, promote tie tecrelione, end newer?.?lit tUphltwl injury
under any cirenuutanct*. Sloce their introductfea in the
United States, only three years tinea, more than
6 0,000 Person
including all ages, classes and oonditroos, among which won
a large number of ladies, who are peculiarly subject to Xarv
one Complaints, have been
.11 ken. nt relief had been riven no, and avarr Thtuff
else heen tried in vain !' ??
To illustrate the n?e of the GAMTABIC BWjTi rnppnse
the ewe of perton afflicted with that bane of eirQizeaae,
DV9PEP9IA, or sny other Chronic or Nervoos Disorder. la
onlinery ckm, *timnlspl? ere taken, which, hy their eetewi on
the nerves end tnnicies of the atoameh, afford fsayrorj relief
but which leave the patient in a lower state, aad with tigered
faculties, after the action thus excited has ceased. New csev
pere this with the effect resulting from the eppticabeoof the
GALVANIC BELT. Take a Dyspeptic sufferer, evea in the
worse symptoms of as attack, and simply tie Ae Bolt around
the body, using the Magnetic Plaid es directed. In a abort
period the insensible penplratien wilt ect oo the positive
element of the Belt, thersby causing a Galvanic cbcalatsno
which will pas* oo to the negative, and thanee beck again te
the positive, thus keeping up a continuous Golvaaic ureal*,
tion throughout the system. Than.the moet MTCrecaaaaof
Of the moet VndMbted Character, "
From all parts of the Country ooold be givea, mffleiaflt ta AS
very column in thie paper! "o
which conclusively proves that
" Truth is stranger than Fiction."
Rev. Dr. Landis, a Clergyman
of New Jersey, if distinguished atteinmeats and dialled
SroenfT, New Jersey, July It, 1840.
Dr. A. H. Cmrii ik?Dear Sir: Too wish to Know of mo
what has been the. wilt in mjr own ease, of Ufa application of
For about twenty peart I bed heon.suffsying from Djrioepiia
Everv vow the symptoms became-worse, not emud 1
obtain per, -nt relief fromany coarse of medical treatment
whatever. Aboot fourteen years'since,in consequence of
frequent-exposure to the weather^ fa the discharge.of.my peeto
rel duties, I became subject to a severe Chronic Rheumatism,
which lor year after'redasv caused .me indescribable
anguish. Farther: in the winter pC1** tod UC. fa consequence
of "preaching a groat deal fa mj owa ?nd v?rtous titter
cUMkhes in this region, 1 was attacked by fho Bronchitis,
which soon became so severe as to requite an fanned ate suapension
of my pastoral labor* My oerufafa system wres newthuronrkly
o/sstrated, arid as my BronchiUs became worse, soalso
did my Dyspepsia and Rhenmetio affection?thus evincing
that these disorders were oonnected with aaobottor through,
the medium of the Nefvoua Systea*. lathe Whote phsrmsco.
peris there seemed to ha no remedial. igoat. which eoolff
fetch and recuperate my Nervoas System-, every thing that t
had tried for thu purpose had completely failed. Af leoll
was led by my friende to examine your inventions, sad (though,
with no very sanguine hopes pTtheir afflcfancyj I defamfaeA
to try the effect or the appBtsftifaef-Jths GAL VANI^ BEL1T
fa June, 1S48. To tiv omr asreatsiDrtewr, nr rwe wave isr
Drsrxrsis nso qow*;.w uomt oasa.l ws duslw toassume
mv rssToast Lasoas j ws navw r tores owirreoa
snroLK Slavics on accoosT ow rut Baoircsme ; sno mv
KhcomitIc irrscTiox mi ortaur cimo to tsopbis tta.
Such It the wonderthlaadhawy naufaw ttrexperimonl.
I have recommended thTIliLT end FLUID to meny who.
heve been likewiee suffering from NtttSakgio affeoHons. They
beve tried them, wins usrrv aasBtrs, I aaunva, is svaa*
_ ' 9B
Tic Dolomx *nd NenrtHgiar
These dr??dful tad agonising oomplahitf art 6awtdiei<Jy
rtlined by the application ai tM Oaltanic Batr, Nkcslacc
and Fluid. The Bell dMaem the Electricity through the
system ; the Necklace haa.a,)oea) elect, and tha.rlntd acta
directly upon the affected dersee. la theee distressing
aflhcliona the application NEVER FAILS :
Theae alarming and terrible complaint* hre always ceased
ay a lUranttmen/ of Ik* ATcrttt. The Bu-t, BnACKUrrt axis
line will care nearly erery caw, no matter how young or
aid the patiept, or how oondraed the complaint Numerous
and astonishing proofs an> in possess too of the proprietor.
Orp-Maoy hundred V Aifloaitee from ail parts of the coontry
af the snost astraordinary character can be glean, If required.
Op-No tnmhle or IneensenieM* atteods .tltt m# of Df.
be worn by the moat feeble and delicate wFh perfect saw and
sfetr. la many caeae the sensation atteadfejheir use ie
As'gAfy pit*rant end ipnsih IVf can JWlHrto any part
of tha country. '
Priest: v.-; - ^
~- - ?- -A- SUA ~*n>MA IVTlAf^
l~Um UUWiu uvi? 9 X?T ? jmmmmjm . *?.
Th? Galvanic WarMao#, Two Dollars,
Tha Galvanic Bracolata, Om Dollar Bach.
The Mafnatio Fluid, On* Dollar.
0&- The articlu ara aceonpaniad by (tall and plate dJraeUom.
Pamphlet* ?ilh fell particular* mar ha bad W the
nthorixad Agent . ,<> *
QCh Stware if C**nltrfiHit^n4 ITtrtkUtt huUittni.
139 Broadway, ww Took.
For sule in Camden by the auiothized Agent
. In Charleston by Dr. P. M. COHEN.
In Columbia by BOATRIGHT 4c MIOTT"
31111 Gudgeons, ate.
Mill Gudgeons, 10$ to 2(J iifch
Mill Cranks, assortedsites '
North Carolina) Englishand Norther Hollow
Ware, as8orted,.<rom 4 to 55 gallons
Patent Iron Axles* 1ip 2$ inch.
Mill Irons of any kind famished to order.
July 8 " 54 ' It

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