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fftttddlce, Dyapcpsia, Chronic or !Ver*
von? Debility, i>i?casej of the
disease* arising
from a disordered Liver
nt Suunarii sueli as
Constipation. inaard Piles,
fulness or Wired to the Head,
no'di'y nl'rhe Stinnaeli. Naifa-a.
Hear ham. discus; f-.r Fn d. failn?-s
nrivei?iis ii? the Si .m'fli. s.-.n'
er!iora?t?tn?. -infci.ig "r ff'.ivrhm ih<Fit
"f 1 f St'i'na< ii. swjtnn'W "t ;h?*
II'*:i!. hu Ti"-ian I ! * ! *;?? I".r- ; tint1
teri'H! h?'!i" l.' sj-t. i 'i.i 'j < i.fli'aMi'
frn-afm I-- A'li-.'Tj tn a l.vii'" J\?:ii'.'. iaiu-.-"; ,
\ "-ion. ?i<r* nr v\-1<-!ii :..i-jiit f'e rir?.l '
del! pain in ,1-ii. : ..< . 'if IV r-; ir.ii. mi, j
Ve!lp\VirP*>- ?! i'. i : ! . ? ;s-ii j;t -|j- I !-. bswk |
r'n?t aij.* ii:;i!i?.-ii 1 !-ii !!<: i ".ir bar iij i i j
e flc.-h in j.miii ?r>f \ a ! /"-mi di-.f? i ;? i-i'spiuls,
\T the <;er.iia>- mkdicixe stoke, j
120 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
Tliri-power over the aimve diseasm is jiim expelled, i, |
equalled, hy any other preparation hi t tie t nneo (
a- the cure* attest, in tnuny ruses after skilful phyo-ian*' i
had failed.
Tne?e Hitter* are worthy the attention of invalid*. I'os- j
nessiua irreut virtues in the reciilication of diseases of the
Liver and lesser glands, exercising the most searching
powers in weakness and alh-trtionsof the digestive organs,
they are, withal. life, eertum mid p!ea*ant.
ItK.VD A S I) BK t'<)\VIX('Kl).
Clots. Rohinson. FNq . Boston, MJ., in a letter to ; r.
Jackson. Jan. V. 133.1. said?
" .My wileai'd tmself have received more h-nef! from
totir medicine tiiau anv other we l.ave ever taken t>r the
L)yspej?.iu and Liv. rili?et*e.*"
"The Telilli Ie.gioii.** jlil.lisl.ed at Woulsfi i k Va..
Jan. 10, 1330, mill?
"a gki: tT mkdicim: "
"Wc have it- if '. rmiy re.r.n . .1 t'r 111 r- eoutni tiding ! I
the public any of the various I'anw' M.-diei:.,- oito.- il.i v.
Utllerw thoroughly colivioied ft ei,-v.tit:e .\ino:,<!
we consider wort Ik of notice c the ... nhnn Hi. vented
by Dr. Htmfland nod pre, ar-d !c. Dr.. in k i-.ii I'niladelphia.
One instance i;i pnrtico.'ar. i: who h to -ii.erior
virtues of this im-dicine have I) 1: te-t it ha- fallen
under our observation. During ih- la t siianner. a s, o ? f
Mr. Ahmliam Bnthill. of I'tjs r- u.,irv. ,*a- very .-e.ion-iv
afflicted with Liver Complaint, and ufer tiling m vain
various remedies he ptirch&s'da buftl ol'ihe Hit er>- ami
after n?in<{ it. was so lunch reli.-ied of lii? distressing malady
that he procured another boith-, anJ is restored entir,
!y to health.
HKAD KITItTIIKIt A fkvv f tCT?".
The"Pliiladelphia Democrat." the leading C-rman j urnal
of Philadelphia. The editor said. Nov 24ih?
' We again call attention to the removal of the German
Meoicine store, the princi|?il depot for the sale ot I)r II ofland**
Gennan Bitters, from 273 Itace to 120 Arch street. ,
one door below Sivth. Owing to the increased dt tiiand j
tor this medicine. and for the accommodation of his mi ner-1
ou* patient*, l)r. Jackson ha* been corn j*-l led to o<cit;iy a
larger store. We v*i>h him success in li * new quart) ik;
be is deserving of it. Tin* Hitter* Mixttne is ujihnutdntht
the greatest medicine extant f? r dis< a-e* of th. Lit er an i
Bowels. A stubborn case <>l ("lironii [)i;trrl oea hits < -in-nnderottr
notice, wherein tiw patient ii.nl svfaiis.cd tic
Materia Medica* of tiie different >ch.?n|-. of medicine with
no apparent benefit. Ife wa* in luce I to it*. th-->- b.tt-rs.
and a few battle* of tbein lane en irt-lv car>-tl inm .Wnnj
such ra-e* wc could refer to. W ii ?p.? our ruderwi I
recollect this great re>tornti\e. ul.l ii. v f> iiifnriu
nate as to require its use Dr. .1 . p a h ori_<
inal unpublished receipt of Dr. if., !l.i i. .1 <1 o.oiare*
tlii* iDedieine with ti.is care : s:r. ha -h>>ui>i
call at bis store, or see thai i..- nu-.i :* v\ r:: the
wrapper outside,and b!o<\ . m ilu boitir. a im.>311011* f
all good article* are common."
Judge .M. M.Noali.a go id.-man w a' ,.j
literary nttainmeiiis.said in hi* ;-.\--vx Vo i. *,V. .-lily J] .
eeneer. Jan. 6. 1830.
"Da Hooflaxu's German :iTTKRs.?liere i* apr, paration
which the lead in.) ores'*-* in tiie Union a:i.**ar t
oe unanimous in recommending. and Hie r a*o:t j. hvimi-.
It ia made after a prescrip hm furiiislied by one of the 1110*1
celebrated physicians of modern tim-s. the late Dr. C'nristoplier
Willielin Hoofiaud. Professor to tin- University of
Jena. Private Physician to the King ot Prussia.undone01
the greatest medical w riters Germany has ever p>ndiirfd.
He was emphatically the enemy of humbug, and therefor.a
medicine of which he was the inventor and endorser may j
be confidently relied on. He specially rcrom.iumdrd 11 in |
liver complaint, dyspepsia. d?bi|ity, vertigo, acidity of the
stomach, constipation, and all complaints arising from a
disordered condition of the stomach, tiie liver and the intestines.
Nine Philadelphia papers express their con vieti..n
nf itM excellence. aild several of the editors speak 0!
it* efT-rut from their own individual experience. Under
these riirilnMaiirrn We feel warranted not nol\ in calling
tho attention of our readers to tlie present proprietor * t i>r.
C M, J*ek*onV) |>re)mration, but in recoin ueiidine lite article
to all afflicted "
Th? ' Philadelphia Saturday tJa/etlc." the best family
newspaper published ill the Ihut.-d States, tin- editor say's of
1H{. IKMlKt, % Nll'jt liKKMAV Il.TntlfS.
'It is seldom that we rsmmm mil what are terin d Pat
c:tl Me lieities to toe confidence all I |uilrona(e I ur:v.i ier-.
an i therefore. wh-n w- ree >m n il l it . If >?lt :n l*>
German Bitters. We wish i: toh li north n < .er o>d t. at !
We are not speaking of the o trn n? oi th ,1a.. in it .1.
ltoi-ei ab ?u: t'ora nri -f prrio I tod Hi m forgoti- n a.'lcr lli -i j
haw doA.e'tbeireu ltv rare of .01 chief. hoi of a nioiniul
m.'ejmclj: bed. universally p-.z l. ail n lie 1 has at
toe li-artv approval of th Pirn:, iN-'f"
KviAoire 0 ) 'II e j.h'iiee II I 1 reeeiled llike the
forego from h!| sect! IT ?t the I'oioii t i.i-t three
year*, an.I the strongest te iimn.iy 111 i?> favo 1-. 'hat to. r
is more of it n?epin the practice of toe regular Portrait
of I'htla Is'lpiiia iSan all oth *r 1 ostru its emuhiae 1. a a .
that ean ea-ilr be ??tatvislied. and fully proving ti nt a
scientific prepttral on will in -el with their quiet approval
when presented even 111 this form.
That this tuedieiiie wi i en e inereomplainl a oddy*pcp
ta. no one ran donhi. after Using it as directed. It nets
upecifieally upon the s ooiarlt and liver?11 is p.vf.T.ihle to
calomel in all hdiou di-easi*<?die elfeet is im Mediate.?
They can be adnnnistere I to female or itifn it with safety
nnd reliable benefit, at any time
bbw ark ok counterfeits.
This medicine has at'aiued that high character which
i* necessary fir all medicines to attain to induce counter
feitrrs to put furtli aspuri'H|s..rticle at the risk of the lue>
of those who are innoceiitlv dec iv d. '
They ha\?- tin- written >?j^?ia.nir'' <>f ?i. J ' C!vS,>'\
upon ih- wrapper. sin I *li naui* blown in tin* li it tie, v\ithout
which llf'y !ire?|?nri'H!?.
Forw&le, wholesale a rl retail. at the
No. 120 Arch *1 " o I** I ior b ! nv ('at of 27 t '
lt?ce *treet.t I'hila I Ip'.isi.a i l V r--;vrta:u <1 al. r-gf '
erally throughout * ? mrFor
wile in C'amdev !? >. 'i \wn-.(' iiinsa
by Boatwriglit & \1. ;? t> >' !l ' i I -v till,
antl bv respectable 1 ?r<:: ^ - t.- : i, nt :i.e '
Tniied shaiee. i
__Aug. 13. ;i
A Barlmra:i> i.
IF Chloroform an I K'hrr w , I : i
to pain, it i clearly the luv oft .-i f 1 m n o.'i
tha article* purporting to b t*hnw:i.; ?*?, . 'upr-v o yt j
p'l^'h inar with a *uHicica'<jiri iri'v >i' lie >'?>< ? |
reli *ve their euff.-ritig while un le.-g'i!n? the o i m i-i i of
""TULKSii.uti/S i'UF.Miii SIHVI% ;CKI:\M_
Cream ix now admitte 1 by all to be the wry !?, ? ? ar;ir.a
for shaving to bo futad in thU or any other country In
the u*e of my Almond It-we aril ''ixtnrhioShnvinct 'renin
inttoad of being an operation to be Irea I I. eh tvin ? i* really
a luxury. The ingredient* ?l which i: i? mitrsii-e I
are of xiich a nature, that a finer ami richer la'l or ran hma
le than with anv niher article, hv which the henrl i?
of telle I, an I the kin ix not liable to be b-l 'no I by I he alkali
which form* xo large a portion of other xli iviinr nor
will it b'com: ehapned. but will rem tin rmtotli anl?of
a* an infant's. .No one. alter uuiix tins sin via? 1 ream
can ever bn in hice.l to n?e any other. Caution i? necc ary
in purceaxingmy Shavins Cream ax there are m int
imitation* *o|.|. A?k for Jules lli'iel'* Shaving t'roam
ami you will thin g.:t an ar iclc which renles xliavio-;
eaxy and pleasant. JULKS 11 \l lli, !-? ho?tci ?i
For sale in Camien by > It ,i| niaiti, Z. J. D-M irn I
F- L. Zemffc Oct 1.
Sulpk. Qniiiuc.
TUB Subserous. t-vv -iiir -
?f Ruxp.ijf ir:v Si " i * s i
which lie offer* n: jit.l r- I*.:IW I*. '< : **
adorded hi tujeoiurke., inr ca? r' i * I
Z. I DiUAY. '
Upward of Ten Thousand nres.
Consumption can be Cored!!
For llie cure of Consumption and all Disease*
of (be Lungs and Dreast.
Late Professor in Cincinnati Eclectic Medical
Mr A. L Scovill: However reluctant I have
been io ,.erui.t my name to be attached to pa:ent
mednmi' , I consider it a duty to ttie community to
to : ,u; .;i ihrit cases i./ incipient lonsunplttin,
w: M ss ii- i , ,.|,ss uar^er, and Mr. R 11. Cox,
01.c oi nr City onur.il, mat i)r. Rogers'Liter j
v.nit and l . ro|ii-raied more like a specific thai. I
ike n v oth.-r remedy, ttial 1 ever u.*ed. One oi
toe c.im's, viz: Mi.-s pioimuiit e-l ??y sw< r.i
i'uysic ans :o in* i.itioi'iiic under It.e'a-t ktn^e ol
S'i ioiuious Consumption. ft lie is iio.v in joii it
he. nii, ironi (ho use o! a lew bottles o! IheaUne
syrup. nlRAM CU.\, .1/ i?.
Cincinnati. Jan 2-~>, 1*47.
31 r. A. Nm ill: 1 ;nn well acquainted Willi Ui.
Iimiiii C'o.v Hud hi> iiraclire, nu mi hi; t?-e:i my
;>Ii}6iCmii lor many years and can cheeiiuiiy >a\
h.ii J ii.ive he iniicii coniidt'iici* in his .-km a- any
iuhh living. hkinr^ mt'rsr.
I "iiicinijal , Nov. fcltli, 1*-17.
Despair not though your Physicians and Friends i
give you up to die!!!
Your coiulnurn raiiiuu i,e more helpless than i
that in 31 rs Kowe
'I'.'iis is lo lortisy that ! was wiih ;i pa n i.i j
my side in ui breus , ulietuiod witli it distressing |
cough, .ii (I lor il?i- space one year giew rap illy j
?or>e. :\Mu iieli 1 in.il i :r> tendance inree |,|iy
si mils, ui e wi.oin w a-i ousiil, i>ii \c*ry skiiliin, !
;il. ui ilio r fli i!.- |i o'.cil like Uli?v;uiiiii- ;\l i
l:i i one ?! li.e |,iivsi Mil.- iiine n , :n <! dec tied tliH: j
i .??;?;?: ii< t live i, on-lii.iii one ?;ay longer! A I j
or no it ioi.tl- In Jewfii :it 5 h lew ti.i\s ill iiii st
ii a e..?i n>y i;..iiioy c.noer.
My brohcr.il I. is i ri-.- h'-tir' ?yof "ho astonishiim
run ., n.ai.'o i y l;i. Undo. i>' ],.v. rworl aim
Tir, went to C li'm o Ic, oi.-i.nii tnirly mites, in
procure t! c Hone medicine ; ami, strange l ?;eil,
i.e me I l.a-i u-eii (mi ii imitie iny cmign was entire
y cureo, and when i had u.-uii two b'illes I
wa.- able lo attend to inv liiini.V v ocat i ns nsn.-ual
Mr. Merriweatlier write3 as i-'onows; j
Mr. A. L. .>covil, Uu..r .N.r?in Livor
ivoit atiiJ ! ar cniue n.ilc to hand. I tw\? e.dil a
ntitnlior ol lioltifs. I hisniPt i! 11 jrroat Mien s>
A youiij/wan oi ilnsi |i!ii(i't s-upjioM'il to n.ne l:i?coii^unijtlioii,
iins been entirety cured.
.. Mr.kuj A K.\ I II;:R.
Denmark, Temi, .lot e lilt. 1 ^s4e?.
c^tih*followmg certificate fwin "in* ??f i!i. in >h ili?!in.
gin-lied physician- in ('inriniiail.is cn:tll> d I go .1: ere it..
I feel constrained irun a sense of duty to 111 ike t.-?* toi
lowing stan-nvni conscious thai it inuv appear luprnlr.-sinnai.
3li. Charles VVailf. oft i> c-ity. *?a- i|.?iie low I
will Putin loar. ("oiiMiisij lion. i>>r vviiicli 1 had In-eii
treating ix 11I1 !r>? than II-.1 u success At lii-r--?j'i -j-i. mm j
iliai ol hi- iru-iii!-. | piuiiiiii-1 Itini to i/r Rig r.'i j
Liveitvori and Tar; a.a. I must 1'hiiC.m tliai ils etlects j
were really sitrpri iiig After ii-ina t e second bottle my j
u?its were ili-coiOM'tcd. and lie was mum re-hrej to
pealili. 1 d ouii-oieniioa-ly rmroaiinm d my broiler prac- j
t timers tn prescribe tins rente Jy in all pulmonary comilaints
whit;., b.ifiL* the orlin.tn m <de of tri-awni ot.
W.LLi.UI J. ill- llA.Cl)y,.M. D.
Cincinnati, Oct. 1st ISti
Extract from a let er dated Jar k-011, Tvnti. O'l. 2ii. Idlj
Mr. .. L. .>Vii\ ill. I'lni'iiioati:
Ui-ar Sir?I want you to send me one gnss of Dr. Rogers'
Liverwort and 'l'ar. I nm eniireh win of it. and
have c iii-iaiii calls for it. The remarkable cures tlia: 11
ha> 111 i.le her.-, lias made .1 great demand for li.
V?'Ur . K. VV. Ill ri I.M< urujsi''?. I
-ware of Connlerl'ei > and l?i->e liinUitiuiiv^Sg
N. |{?The genuine urlirlcH is Huned. "Andrew (to- j
gers."i?ii 11? i- ijcavi-il \\i.ti'|K-r around cai-li lwiife.
iCri'rin-?gl |>?-r Im lie, i-r >is Halle* i".?r 5'>. .Void j
wholesale una retail by
s;:ov,L ff 31KA U.
13 Charles M., .New Orleans.
Vile (lenernl \c -nts l"-ir the Southern .Males.
Sold by J. II. .Mdvai.i, I'.iiH'.leii; A. Fitch. Oiiunibia:
llavilaaii. Ilarrall At Co., and I'. M. Cokes, Charleston : j
Muhiim-I Hall. \Viini!-b >ro.
(U*t all on I tie AjretH fi?r a pamphlet, and nee
the above erlitir.ate> 111 lull, and a vant milliner?1
March 26, 21 wfim
\ cer'ui 1 re n ij.>" a fix -i in the Side, Che?l J
1 win*, Bat-.. II nvel?. JI'i vl.-n. iCIit-iitnmi>in in ail in- \aried
tonus. Nervous rt'c n.?. Luna and Liver Com-1
plum s. S 11.a A fleet miiim. Fentah* \Vi-akiu-fse.?. etc. etc 1
For the ah we complaints this p :i-ter ha? no kcumi.?I
Til'* great celebrity which u has :tlr?-aiJ> ;i?-i|ii:rt>a|T no ? |
iv in ilie I hi in the new world?the extraordinary I
CUM it ||U? Jierfor.lleil iii iii*" iii >! extreme east's i>l sulle, i
inc. have acquired inr i: such a ri-jiu utioii, linn li.e !ini# j
|ir ? i?r li.i" nut?mi ii rccentl.?been ab.e to supply iu.l j
'i lie tlirna'hoiii everv city. town and village in !
ilie United Su are without a parallel!
A eireii ifianee n>>t siirpri lag. when I lie vast annum nf
liumuu Millering relieved oy its use i* considered. In spimil
delects, the biMellt usually isofthu most decided clia*
meter. In .Vermis Complaint*. nineteen ca*en *<iii *.|? i
iweniy read Iv yield 'n the peiietrating -lunula emiihineil j
in tlii" valnaole |ire|iaraiinu.
In l{lieU!iiati?iii. either aeiite or chronic, the claims of j
the Hebrew |*| ister have long since been universally ucknowledged.
Those w Ii? are laboring under weak lsieks. 1
no matter fnmi what cau-e thr weaki es* may have originate.!?eien
if siicli persons lia\e been misguided ill pre* |
vii ii-ujiplu a'lmis?in ike il.-e sf tlie ll.-tuew i la-ler liiey I
tiill tind tIn* alien* ii part Midil'iily rest?r*d to its orici- j
sou ulneee.
A* 'i >u porter inciuehiif c >;isiiiiiii"icil Wcaluies i' will ;
he I'-uiid an m uiianui.-e. It is part eiilady (? in j
mended to f-inaVs win* are stifl" ring man *u.l.le Weak* j
r ral d b liiy. In short, n oiiili aees till ilie \ii- i
ties which tne in*' t ?ceil'ilie mm.I was in rabl- ni'einii* ;
i> oni.l.u Ir >.n valuahi - "idi-Un e s loan I m ilie old w.ir.'il j
and will h i hi.i-l entirely Iron linee itij riniii? i
wine iu i'.chii re >f i- >.ii,iai ! vvitli I ie iiii.iief.iu.t, read|j'.|?'iT?
lei'.V it lite JHi.'il c
H'/irir I hi* l'!i*ter i* applied pain ruiimit exist
The lasier.- innwsrthe .1 Iv,image uf It lug pur no in
dir-tu'ti hlieiii e tney reiuin their lull * irtiirs in nil i
.liin.t't H We liavr j?i-I ren ivnl t.'if following testinmt.i.il
fr-unC (' aVIIit* uii mnu'ir lawyer in
(loietnv in Wile x county. A'utiama. II'' if m
in liu'i Mauling. u.:i.! o.ie wans" infliienie iia> great
Camlet), Ala.. Nov. 21. MiS.
Messr . Srnvil \ Mead: (jeutleuiui?Having been requested
i s ale wli.ti inv been tlieresii.l of m> experience
b. tie life of pnir Hebrew Plaster. I cheerfully ?'<unp y,
b b'uyini; ilial I have fnii.rl it t" lie a* tier lulon* rcrunimen
le.l. a., invaluable ineilicine. In ilitiereni?asesol in.
family I have allied the i'li?fler to elinaiii soref tumor.-,
ami |iuiiik, iiinl it has never failed to ali 'rd infta.it relief.
I have nl?i tifed it with goml eff < t ii.inn in; own imtmui.
in t ie etire of nicer*, with vvi icli I have lit ell severely
jiflliclril. II'fiieetfullv. etc.
' c. C. SKI.I.I KS.
Itfimre of ('oiuiterf-ii- ami liise hint limits.
CM'TI'fN?The Milwrih r? are the only (lereral
Agents III the N. Hit hern .Vales for the sale "I till* truly
valuable Planter, a 11 in ir l r t<> pr?-vo:it purcha-ers li-i ig
i ii,fife(| 11,'ini by a < u .ti i .eit .utiele. sola mi ii;i> eitv and
e|?ewli re Inr ilie r i . i iv i e |u 'tiealar atlcuiMo
lb tie' 1?ill ivv j,t|r tuarhs i.r the genuine :
I T ie genuine :. p'|' i|,i t.i sui iiiili. engine-turned lintto
ned h >%< , -nlder-J in
r 2. I'he ?e;i' ine hi-in* "tigrnved bend of Jew David
on the diree mi- arm i I <lie h v. iih accompanying Re
c -rd of Court, to |i. T.i.ior. U-cliester
StMVII. & MI'.M).
' 3 C larire? it.. New Orleans,
o ral vgeni- f >r t!.e Sou:hern >iaie-.
>'o ] b J. |{ M'-lvuiti t a uJ m: A. Fitrh. Culmubia;
iavt.aei lit rail ij- Co. mil !'. )I. Cohen CbarlrMwi;
Ma rel Hall, Wiiinshoroiigh. Caldwell a: James, i\ewberry;
Reedy vU KuJ", Chester villa.
Mothers, Read This Attentively,
For the speedy and permanent rure of Diarrhoea. Dysentery,
Cholera, Infantum, Cholera Morbus, Ciiolic, Surniner
Complaints, Flatulency I'aius in the Stomach, &c.
and from all uerangeiuetii of stomach and bowels from
&y 'I lie time has again arrived when diseases of the
stomach and bowels carries its thousands to a premature
prove. I* there no remedy to stay the march of death I
We answer, YES?the Cordial will cure and prevent
uinc-ieutiis of all cases of d.seaxe afreet trig th se organ*'
More than live titou-aiid cases of disease were cured by it
during the past year. All families consulting the we!tar
- of their i liildren aln-enes, will act wise.y to liuve
.ois article hy ll.etn. all ease.- ol failure tlie money
Will elieeriiihy relumed ami to ill those woo are Unable
,o purcliu-e,n will be ciieetfm'lv bestowed.
THAT 11 A ILL, A.N U il \j?(.'LUi-.D.TIIE WUttST
KOitM" UK L>1>EAM. UK THE >Tt)MAt'li AND
liOw i-.Lo KEauTiIE Fu. LUWi.\<; t.VlDE.'vCK.s;
From the Spirit ol lite Times.
L)r Keeler's Cordiai and luriiui.n.ive. is certniiily a
valuable desideratum in every family, to the young and
to .-.diiit. but piiriu u uriy wheree mere are children. We
Speak iiilvise.liy, liec:tu-e We have thoroughly iried II, and
proved IU healing and eilie.n ic.u- prop, rues in our laiitdy.
vt'e vvtiuid most cordially recouiiuc.itl tl.e public n? give it
; loir I .-in 1 ulnr ii i- onlv waiilimr -t. :im:iiiale it.- Vanie
fV<Mii .lie Ni>rih American and L'uiitii r> lutes < ?a'Z"Ue,
Sept.-till iiii.
In these day*. alHMiiiditi'j in fruit, it behove* every one
t" be prewired will a remedy lor the k\iI ethei* winch n
sometimes produces?we have borti loid by those that
knew and wnn nave tried it?iliai K>* -ler's I'crdial I* an
all ele whn li lias lv:?n Used in some of the sever st ta?.-s
il Summer v'o.%!|>|aiiit. bolli in inianls au.l ?rtiun persons.
'1 lie Cord.al can be procuieil at I lie corner"! Tiara unit
."South hirei-ly.
From ."Seal'sSaturday Gazette August 23lh HIT.
Dr. Keeler's CorJial.?\V? would rail the attention oil
ourreaJers to this invaluable medicine, wiui-li ?ill i? {
1? Und uoveriiM-u ai length in our minimis. Asaeorrectiv
in cases ol Diuril.OM. u ilist use v? i) pit valcni at the (>re.i
lit liiue, it is highly s|K.i?e.i til' b.. an who nave ?1 .1 ?
It a perfectly flue i.i its n.uii.e. .mi vv?. speak evnetime..lad..
when we suy mat i< aii.atis iimiwu.u.e rcnei.
From the I'eniisylvaiiia Impurei. >ep. Jsi. 1617.
Dr. KeelerV I oni.at an.i ('a.uin.auve ? I his. article Ia.iverliseU
in another putt ?r i ih j up< r. ( is wu.m.) re
i oaiiiienUeU I).. laiuiiies who have tc ti il. It is tspec.aih
iim'III. aiming cnihlreii. anil has ell c.cd liu.'idrcds m cine.*
Timitoi.tnr is aliihuiaiiiiy siip.mc.l vinli lestiuionv Upon lie
ubjcci seine oi vvnn h i very sirun^. The I'nrJial i?no;
a t|uack imairuiii. hut a curelni!) piijaicil ne dicuic,mm
pciieclly lice from any liiiicziiijiirinii*.
rio.ii Ih<* 'ally Feniis; lva.ii.nl. .Sept. loth 1SJ7.
\\ t* artM-nuMranieu in say tiiai nix-" ariiiiiimixi.- mui. i
lu-t-bT s now oxielisixol) it.* t (I in I hi" "City. is r-.tpidiy
iiiai.iii;.'lis way i*> |*ul>i lax nr. It- in^r- ilmnis nn* > i|
diUfrr unknown. bin it i.- iiiiSJ in n- o;ifr.tii'1,1. plou-anl i
1110 la-if. anil a remedy i|Uile asgo al a.- a:.y now n.-.d I'm |
lilt: satin- i-miii. iiuiiis.
j IV* .in 11 it- Daily .News. July I.'mIi. I.'tjil.
Sunuux r Coiiijilaiiil?The season wlicii li.i? i-omjilai.. j
existsj.>now In n-, ii pt-r.-on- mixiue it ii.-o i-n.i 'o
xMiuiil only piiri-iiiiM* alioiiit-lb. K .'i : > : i .
| x oiitui. iin x woiiai ax. r.iia i. . ,x;.
,4'itii oi :he x rtiiv- u. ii.i.- iiie-iti'!. U . From
Hit* JSjunt iji - Ton lx-i-. : J . . -*;\S
e xxah ,r? direr! '!. atn-ii'i ". n; :i4.. r a.i. r- <>1 ;
i>.i | x r io Of. iC-'1! .f a... I > a III.'.dixr. .niverio.e i
i >.iaO ij.-ii i.... I; i- a i.i ilo-i.jo in rhly os|i-e.a:-t} Ii.
i xcr.J Mf ilia, lias il-.-hiit. Down um. ! 'Vm .iter/. t Imb-m
iiil.ioiiiia.t-i i . xxJni !i .n (ins son*on i -o In-'ji.t* ;l. I: i- .
I fro ei loio-Ct oi no dn-ii.? am? give* iiniii -?i r. I of.
I i it jKin'il ami sold ual .Marh.-i stii< t I'l.i adl;>i.i.ixvin
ro in.i) al.-'i be li. il itr. lie -ler'a toncli Syrup. Vornn
11..0 .-syrup, ixltiiiiimlit- i.i.t-r and .S'aoa.ix.- I'd. .
.Mtil.i-iui-si>tui is in passedt-liioacy. fty* \i.-o Dr. Keelor's
s.Ux^Ai'AHll.l.A. a ct-li-liraloil rt uii-tly hi all scrofula
and t'uiislitiilional Disorders. it i*. without doubt. die
t-ht-n.fsi and host remedy ior( lironit- Disease of ilie Clie*!
>inn.o h. l.ixor. and sl.m Ui.oxxo?ti.al admirably ailaplt-d
li trail derangements arri-i.-ic front Impurities oft be blood.
- . ... - ,i.. i.,r x ii...
rrilliliritMiui'i nig mull 4i?v im? \j4 . k?j?..??. . ........
biiily.lrre^u.arilies. Pains. Pimple*. Bloirhp-. Sallow Complrx.i/ii.
OiMivene**. Will liiitl ilit* SarMijmrilla tie
culi'iliy(lie be.t remedymuse f?>r their removal N?oiu>li'.uKI
lie wu limit L><*. hieeier'? Fuuimile .Me Heine., m
liem-llmal ih uuuy dieai-es I'ricii SI per b->uK?6 r?i?ii|?*.lur
sale by Z.J. DkIIAY. CAnnlen S. (""..ami by I) m:
jim. and si ore* tlirnuabmn tbe emiiiiry. IVic*?* rent
(?'r IhuiJi:?pee ?ir<ular> Ac., in Imad* nf the a-en:.-.
July'J. HtiJ. a I
( ' |!| lilli'l Ciii.i1 W i i.tllj Sb n .?
Kill I si's sim I S.ijr Iiv!.;.- | r I rl , .
\V WIlMii : . li.
South Carolina.
In Equity? Lancaster District.
i bunas Italian! i\, William .l/i Koiuia, INe s ue
M. (Jlassai.d wile .Margaret, a I. Hill ior l'artiti??ii
Heal Estate and ncnninl.
i'l' appearing " IIto saiislaeihm of tl-o Commis.
sinner that I' e.isaiit M (ilass and .t/aru-ie' hi.
Wile, Dr. Win, Ko.-ipr ami Anna Iv his wile, Kliyab"l
I (?.iw!?*v, Jnliii W, J oil usoi i ami l.elly Amain
l;i l:isvn:??, Iienry Sfnnijtelliiiv ami Mary bis une
i fury < n iinj.ioii aim .?i.iiin.,i ms win.-, u r
Mmiri'-e Mtiler, James Alille ami Jnlm Miller, ( i
the ih'CP last named an; alive ami it I.nl llieir rlnl
ilren anil heirs at law) defendants in above staled
rase, are absent I nun ami reside vvitlioil llie limits
"I the iliii c, ll is milere mi motion cil Messr11
iiini'ienl mil IJiiyce, Siilrs |ur Cnmplt , Ilia! ile
saul defendants, Pleasant Al (ila*e ami Alaroare. |
Ins wi|f, I >r Win. Fns'er anil \iimi I, Ins wile, j
K'ix-ilu'tli (iawlev, Jnhn W J.-linsi n ami latin j
A iiaml-i his vviie. Ileiny A'ir.n?ieilow a <1 Man
Ins w'|p, IJ.-nry Cli itii|iinii ami .Wan-iia lis w.n.
ami alsn .Mniime AD ller, Jaim's Meier ami J n
Miller; ( I alive, ami it tie nl. ill-- riulilren ami l.eir.Mt
law m the three last nameil) do answer, piea.
or (lemur In I he Dili in ahove rase on m before ill!titli
December, i*i)!l, oilierui.-e jmleinenl im
rnnles.-o w ill l.e ord-Tod a^aui.-l ?;a ti ami ail l
lliein. J II. U IT-sElJSl'Ot) I! I,. |i.
Cnni.nRiie.S-' t !>h, l^-"?(). -"sltt i.7?<
State of South Carolina.
Ill tqnity?lihiii-aiiiti- l?i*tiict.
Tlmnias Dallnl, Ailmr., vs. William M. kt-nna,
l'ie wa.-.t M* Ulass ami .Margaret, Ins wne. Dili
t< Dul' ire Decree ami I'ari.iion.
IT appear in <; in my sati-lart.un l.'iat Pleasant M. !
(il. ss ami Alar" a re , In.- wi.e. Dr. U iiii.nu l-'-s j
ler ami Anna 10,ins wi.e, Jnlm Jo;.ii.-u.. am. I
Letiy Ainai.da, Ins wile, 101 /. m-:ii (iawn-v, lien,
r) ,S rnieieiinw ai.it .1 'ai.i- wne, Henry (J-innpmn
and Alahala Ins wne, .mlaisn l/nnnn- Aliiier,
James Miller ami Jniiu .t/.nc-r, (il lue ili.ee m.-i
named are alive, ami i" ma tneir children ami ticn>
<ii law,) ileieml.tii - in the amue rase, resule Willi.
out ami liey.n.d inc Inn.is or iio- iS'sue, u is oldtred
on nii.liol) o! 11.iiiiiiioih) aal lioyie. Nnl'rs lot
ntlipl'l. Ilia' tin: haul ilelriidain?, I'll-:.Mint Al
(jiH.-s and .dar^.irrl Ins wilt', I) . \\ in. l*\is er ami
Anna K liiswili', Joint W . J. Iitison and l.t'iiy A.
in-win; Eliza mill (Jaw !e_?? Henry fuii inieiiniv
ami .Wary Ins wile, Homy ('lor i|i:nii and Alaliala
Ins u ile. and also Aionroo 3r.a*., J.iine- v I . 1 rami j
J.dm .l/.iier, (it aiivo, ami it'll. ' !ii't it nlro.i |
and m.'.rs til nivv m tin; tlieo .a-' i "in !^ d nl,
an.-uer or tUfinur ? ? um . ..t.n . n 1
elo.e llit* Willi Dm en i
ait'in jiio i niili'.-.-o vv ill ta: in.. i. ,i
catli ot tiit'in.
J. Il ?\ I i'.lKit.ii'ODA, vJ I'.. it j
Con oditl iSCjl! !), IfoU >? I <? iJlll/ii
Iixccutor's Kuliee.
4 Mi limse who wi'iu unit' i t'd lo liie late James I
K .in Iv mi, at lite t nn?? nl nis ileal it, are liereiiy
c.iiit d ujsni < > toiin; iin ii'aid and make set'Itineiil.
And Iii'istr having ilaims ayanisl Ins e.?tale will
,n?;.ifC lianil llu-iii ui firo|.erli a:l sled,
JuiJN ituSSKR, Kxc'r.
Si'jii li, M*)0, 71
Picking Sheets.
i prcssl" lor Cut I on Picking Sheets, for sale by
Aug. iiQ. NV. ANDii&tSOiN ?L CO.
lit m ART BOTTI^ i
For Hip Removal i nd Pe mHi.rnt Cure of all
L>iM>avHs uriMiiu Iroin au Impure Male
of ihc iilofid or haoit oi the
.system, viz j
cmfnla or Kind's Kvil, ithc-uinuiism, Obstinate Cutaneous
Lrupiioiis. Chronic yore King Wuim or i erier,
Si a'I llea-J, Ihthrgeiiicniaiid I'uin ol the liono* and
Joint".Stubborn Uicers, sjyplnlitic '"symptom*. -"-riaiicd
or l.innh.nro : a.i 1 uriu:i; Irani a.i hiju lioom.
use o' Mcrn.iy. Aridities or Diojay, Ivjoereor mpiutli'iire
in i.iti';ul?i>,Ciiro ic -lilu.iiiiai ..isorJors, .\o
The value ol tins jiicpii.tii-oi .s m?.v vv.de iy
aiiuvVii, a id every ti iy t le ii mI ni it* ise.ul .ess is
Aienduin'. it I.* approved and ui 01 y reroiu ren
vied hy i'hysicians, and is iiiimlilen lu be li.e nn?i
(>uNVt'ilul and .-enitinny j'io|iaial.on hum tiie root
ihat lias ever la-en employed in luminal j.iaclice
j ne utilorluiiiile vut.ni id uerediluiy disease, with
swollen ol>,tins, (initialled sinews ami bones hall
i annus nas been resioied In health and Vi?or?
i he sendiiious paiieni, covered w un ulcers, loathsmite
to Im.isell and his attendants, has been inane
a mile. liendreds ol | etx-iis, w lai had omaned
.ii'jiuiessly |nr yeais, iniiier int.minus and plunilu*
,.ir ihsoiueis, rnt-ninaiisiii, and many oilier.coin,
la i in t* s|,iii.oiii- noma ot-iuiipei'.eni in I he sec le
ive nr. ans and ine cm u.ai.n., have neei raised
is it wine iii-m the rai K u nisea.-e. aim m-w. wiln
.-oi-iiv-ialed constitutions, o,ao;y it-shy in the el..on
\ ol Iiiis iii*'s!iinahie j r<-|.uia ion,
1 in; inntivv iio jt inm a.e ii< in n i, Samuel G.
I av in, a ?entli ui.in ei InjJ siantniij. n . exii.-n*
-1 v - . (.viiiaii.iani e ilmin^n ihe .* ul i ei i. s a it-.-, a lid
i.eiy a. j i-inKU o-n n. ,\tu O eo.o.. t oinii.ends
iisfil to ihe aileinioii n. an.
.'ww > 11 ( , J .i.:iUi'v 7, ld4b
VI---- V V. It ...I. ! 1 ..! ". .. . . I ...
.Viessrs. Ua ax. kmiius ? > n ine .. ii.iYing
ti-c-U.uid WiliiCft.-e.i I tie clK-tit. o y ur va iia
ole j;if(Mia!i>Mi oi 6.r.*.i,)iiiiii.i nu d li'eim t ,.er.-un*
hi u iteienl parts oi me southern I'otii.iri,
viz?\ ynini, Lniii.-i.iii, 1 e.vu? atiii Mexico, J lee.
mucii pleasure m j-iii .111^ me tn<^ti upm.011 enter,
taiiifd in 1:6 Mieiiiciimi viiiue. l.i my nun rase. 1:
acted .1 tut.tike a ui.uni, removing speeuny, i:.e
enervated 6.ale nl Hie -ysiem, ami i .ut.ih ? hi i;.-: i
most agree.1 tile manner, .1 tome .mil in\ 1gni.1l mi; j
lour Sursaparilla is Inglily iippr-nrc' and ex.'eti.-iveiy
u.-eii h) 1 tie ai my m .iiex.iu, .1111J 111 \ cousin,
lien. Z.icn.iiy lav Jul, lies inr t lie past live years
..eel) 111 liic n.ibil >ii lining il, ami ii.ciniiiiieiiils Hie
.-. in.:; ne .nut inyse.1 anuptcii Ine ar ii ie at ilie
same iline, ami 11 .s ii..\v . uiisniureii aa ulum-l 111
..si>eiis<iliie ni'lic.e in 1 lie ..iiny. in co.iclusiu , i
vV.itiid say thai t Le t>e ter 11 is li.nivv i. I lie more
|l Will III- |'l I61UI (lilt* 1 .1*1 Mill i-r? irnrii
i*.-.n ,lig V.MUt;.- .?.!. ,11 |?K ,, u OVVll
; U'i'.iiiiu lie leiijtiii .mi u fad n 1 if i?..r w.hcu
. ...ail ci.iiii.rt 1 hi s itf.r fa-re t ula,
5>. Li. t .V 1 if 'ii. I . .'. i O.I-ill to .\. I ir.t.i.i.la
111:m a Kk a iilij < i itk iif nuuNciirris.
M. .1 \ork. Kelt. 17, HJe.?Mes.-rsKauri-: fI;i..u
Miiiaie.l im.ij .earn with a li cense 01 11:y
.I.D.I1, alieelilic t lit? idiy. x, lIuniiD W'llll'll 11 nit; I
tv.'i? ireaiftil by 11ie 111 ft 011 > 1 -e 111 jiiiv?* cims 11
i hi rope .mil ill-- L'iiiIiM Stales, without receiving
my permanent benetil, but ail the h ..e my ril
health and fir?-ii?tli declining, an* tie' ! sease
.11,-11111111 10.nl ti I progress; caustic appi c.ii tin- wee
asnti, anil w In.I ver e'.-e w llimi^iit .nnst otfii-i -1 it
or prmli.c no a euro; iuil I am oaitiiii-ut tlio d tiliili.ble
s;iu tinii 1 was n , t.<e .aiyng.lis in 1 g ac?
.ill,p.ill Willi pli'li'MS and lf1O.1l (Illicit.y in j
loailiiii^, w.ujid soi.il 111 v0 : rn.iu iloil 11 v if*, had ;
i nut ni'i mod ioi el tiirnu.li \nm mva u.itne Sar* I
i.mr lla. I ISIU-I sa\, {.C i' cintll, tviion I com.,'
cOil n.-intr III'* .v ar.-ap. l 1M.1. I 1I11I i.ot placo !
ii cii rfiitiileiK'o hi n.< vii!in>: ami II i-. will nut j
-11rj?ri-?* vuu vvJit-it ] mii-iiii jim, tliai I Ii .<1 tra d j
...ir?T ill.in lr v ii.il**ii.'iii ri-iu iln*s dunn^ rIn* pa.- !
niir w'.irii wiiliiiui any .-iuti-m.; tuir ai.'rr rakaij* I
inir IS iif ijiariila a "vv urrs.?, 1 w .* i j nl In ;
IMl >li I l.?! t'l PV.ll'* Id' J'.IIS III ..wp ,'ou- i-j.c llir j
. ? hi,! iiiiIj it'll \il. i.iii run a in'-; nil i lierrin,-ft
In ik r n.j ilui j in hi e"ip;?, ' f Hi" I e-ie.ii ?i sir- I
Ifniiu- Iiiiiii nitj, ,ii viir Jim .? ill ? ! ii n|'my
cuii'. Vtnir>> v?*rj tniij ?> i Anl.NT j
Criixlihi r of j'riiirr in'fir I'. > / nr. '
The -.tlii-vi- elamumit .IIM s.yiiiilni' urr?' ar.
aii, wimIijiuI ill inir |?ii m-iii-i'iij .Mr i?. i'limr, a> j
rite. Km ilie i i.i.jhi! t Irii iai H Klin. c.
I.. !l Vi.-. -n ,ui. j
TI-? 'ii!!ii\vii.a inter.'.-tnii;. :i.-p i.- ?s ii'i-.I, -ii>i{
ilia ri-ailm ii.vi "t' Ih.isi ii-liil iimii*.. ? iii-h.-u j
i f ii'*)l i v iiiii i' .? ii "i.!' t-m-.l v
i'vv Y'.irk, A i - .11, i - 4 T ,
M s.?is Saml ; fl.miuai?11 v,.-^ i. em j
vv iili . irneiiii di'tnliy, w e iKili-??.i, n.~r ni aj.|-h
lit, vv<-, n-i-Hiviiij it" lim.rlil ir iii n i: Vir..,|i> I
rmnmlies jircvrrilrt'd, I ruin-aided, ain ill l.inol
iitiiillis Hiiri'. niiikt* tisi; u| ymi- SarKijiarilla. I ;
in vv i av?i tlia jilca.-'in* ul iiiinr u j; yn-.i ili.it ii* !
eiTeds have been ;i11enoen \vi:u n e nappirsi n-. i
stills in restoring my lieaiili, ami I am iiulured in
a?l?l inv lestiiinmv Ibe many others you already
ami Wmse desiring lurtlier iiiioiiuaimii, 1
Ileoanal y give the , ar'iriilars nl my case, and lie*
H'de nl I Ins invaluah e medicine, i.y railing
2>5 liovverv, New Vmk. V*mrs reopuctf'illv.
Th s certifies that M ss J.net .1/clnlis i rknown
to iin* a ineni or of :li?- rmi cli in _? ul
s'ainl.ng, and woiilivol confidence
J. > s K.V lilt,
I'a-ior*erond - reihyterian Church. !>i?? -kKn
I'ten.-nd ami sol I. alio esale ami retail, by A.
' V I' .v\NI)S, |)iand t neini.-l.-, 1(H) I
I' # "in .? , corner oi iiiiam, New ^ ork. So il j
In Drn.gisic jieneraliy throughout Hit* United i
N.ates and < an.uias. 1'rice I per bottle; si.\ |
luetics lor 85.
Void ai James tt WrKninV, Camden, Itv |>r. A. j
M alloy, I'neraw, A nlrli, Columbia,ami H viland,
ilnrral ?.) Co. t h.irlesiou.
Oet. 8. 6*2?\x3iii
COUNCIli will receive proposals lor keeping i
tlifi i ublie Fn nps in orilor in ifie town ot Cam- '
den until the liis d y ot April 1*51. by contract. |
I'ersiuiH wishing to cnmract lor tlie s ame, will band
in their letters unmod alcly. stating the lowest a,
mount they will do it lor. Hy oritur ?f council, '
L. W. BAI.LAHD, T. Rccorper,
Oct. 18. btf if
* '
2G8 King-street, corner of Wentworth,
\\J A. KENT & MITCHELL are now reU
ceivingtheir usual supply of Spring and
Summer Clothing, to which they would invite the
attention of purch sere. They keep constantly on
hand, a full and complete stock of Clothing and
Gentlemen's Outfitting articles. Purchasers will
at all times find a lull stock of
English and French ('loth Dress and Frock Coats
Medium and low priced Cloth do
Pants, of all descriptions,
And a lull st<>' k 01 Vests.
They would invite attention to their stock of t
Outfitting articles, viz: Shirts, Collars, Cravat-,
Un-ier Garments, Hosiery, Gloues; Suspenders,
Dressing Gowns, &e. dtv- J
All of the above Go >is will be sold at the low.
eat prices. i
26s King-st. cor. Went v. orth.
A pril 12. *0 tf
" (i. V. ANTWERP, '
3!KliC'liA\T TAILOK,
Columbia, S. C.
Keeps on hand and is constantly mauuhtc nritifif
an extensive assumnent of plain -nil Iw8in>"iabi**
garments, which will be sold at rr*~ooabh |?n- .
Cue </o<>ds are got up expre-sly !* ; a l<as(i-oii.u 4
cue out tr&ue, ami will be found superior in workiii;ii)c>iiip
and quality. I h.ive also00 hand and ain
tally rere?vi..o an extensive assortment of shir's
ami furnishing ariicles, choice and che.ip. I shall
sell ho article hut w bat i. good and substantial
a r.so
A fine assortment >! S'ilk and Fur Hats, of the
vpry laic-si styles, fooi .lie house ol BeebecjrCoa
er. Jan. 'J. 1 tt
miEi \VA.\TI:DI"~
rrV! E subscriber earnestly requests those ir.debt- t
JL ed to lino to come ftrxvard and settle without
lie will work for cash, ami expects the money or
other satisfaction when the work isdelivertd. For .
those o whom he is indebted, he will do work at
1 he lowe-I cash prices. N. II. aRRANTS.
June 14, IrjoO. 47 tfw
Leidy's Blood"Pills.
t L.MHilli and iresli y oi tii? genuine arti/I
c.e.jin?i received at Z. J. DEfJAY'S.
Aiiif. .(J CO
l{v'Cfivhi^& Forwarding .Herchants
iL Vv7i 11 AMBERS,
Receiving and Forwarding Merchant,
iJuyer of Cotton nnd other Country Produce,
CORN Shcllern. Patent Straw Cutter*. Plough*. Patent
Churns of llus mo*i approved kind?Booking and silting!
hair*. PaiU Tula., &c., Just received hv
Sept. 17. [71tf] K. W. BONNEV.
JUST opened and for sale, common, eitra fine, super
fine, an I imperial three ply Carpets, of new patterns.
Also. Printeil Moor Cloths, Hugs, and cotton < 'arpetiug.
-opt. 17, [74 tfJ E. W. BONNEV.
And Receiving and Forwarding Merchant
References?W. E. Johnson, Esq. Maj. J. U
Di?Sii!ia?iire. T. J. Warren* Esq.
? -??* Pni" S mthrin inse rt 3 months.
>1 ail i-u.'ltfcojis,
Mi'i Gudgeon.-, 1(1^ In *J(| 'In il
Mill (.ranks, assorted sizes
North ('Hmlii.ii, English ami Norther Hollow
^t'aro, assorted, from ? to 55 gallons
!* ?rout Imn .Axles, I to f}|> inch.
Mill Irons of anv kind furnished to order.
J til v 8 54 "
Copal Varnish. leather Varnish,
S'tanisli Rrmvn, Venetian Red,
Japan Varnish, Red Lead, tfce. &c.
Kept constantly on hand at Z. J. DeHAV'S
S'epl. ><! ?
J tv A>avid'? or Hebrew Fluster,
'I\HE m ist successful Pain Extractor of the presi
sot day: Leidy's Sarsaparilla Pille; Jayne's
Ague Pills: Brandreth's, Peters, Spencer's Moffat's,
Gordon's, KeelcrV, Robert's, Lee's and
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills; clove anodyne
Tooth Ache Drops: EgyptianJChampoo: Pastiles de
Paris: English I'ooth Brushes; Hair Brushes;
Butf.ilo, llorn'and Ivory Combs: Perfumery; Gilt
Toilet Bottles: China Inkstands, Paper, Pens, Envelopes,
Sealing Wax, Wafers, Mottos, ?Scc., &c.,
may always be had at
July 2.' Z. J. DeHAY'S.
family Medicines.
TTTISTAll'S Balsam; Townsend's Sarsapnrill
V In: Cherry Pectoral; Rowand's Tonic Mixin-.
Rn ht*'# Embrocation, for hooping cough;
Epping'.- Sar.-aparilla and Queen's Delight; Dr.
Aden's Compound, for the cuke of Dyspepsia,
&c.: together with every article in the line, ntay
v had at Z. J. DeHAY'S. '
Tlie subscriber has just finished otf'a lot of Mahoirnny
Rocking Chairs in plush. Also Sewing
Chairs in plush and hair; very neat articles and
at unusually low prices. C. L. CI1ATTEN.
Chimney Screens
OF beautiful patterns, with borders to suit.?
F ?r sale hv A. YOUNG. '
FdSJtiesae r'dris.
FOR the alleviation and cure of BitoKCHiTra
and other diseases ol the throat now so prevalent
in the Un:te<l States, nnn>ng Ministers and
other put.lie speakers For sale by
S'-p'. it) Z DeHAY.
tr en ill uraud).
Supe ior Fr,ncli Brandy, lor Medici i.-tl |U,o.
ses. For sale at
House tor Sale.
rpiI.\T very desirable residence in Logtown,bo.
X longing "to the E-tate of Joshua Reynolds
and now occupied by Mr. Samuel E. Capers.?
The terms will be very liberal.
Feb 22-15?tf J ' FRANCIS L. ZEMP.
Bogardus' Planetary Horse Power.
THK subscriber* have received one of the above ma.
chines from the manufactory of Geo. Vail & < o., to
which they would call the attention of those who want
powers for Ginning. Sawing or Grinding. Orders for anv
kind of MILL IRONS or CASTINGS will be prom -ily
attended to McOOVVf.LL & (JOOl'LK.
JET" A few Mill Cranks on hand.
Scot. 20, I860. 73 tf
| * " Cleveland's Premium Cologne."
J A KEVV dozen of the above Cologne, for u Itich
1 u\ J- A. Cleveland, of 207 King 6treet Charles,
ton, received a Silver Medal front the So. Ca. Inert,
tute, just received and for sale bv /f
'L J. D?1L&
' J

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