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i ;
1 ' '' V i
-A ? . 4,
iiEVOTEi to m: otliot
i3i m;cial privilege:) to none:-,
-I'jViVMAY'-jo, 19! J
1 . -l LABOR
tr. i NrtMPr. ;
.:is r:VERSED
t li'tu-,,! Hoidi Jjll Sentence.
4u ok ' Stove and Range Com-.-"
i-.-yoott st t is Invalid
"rt r ..no"i Both Side.
Aii ' j - -Setting aside
of. i.i,t)i iaonment. 1m-
"B . SiiprMiKs court of tb
' winibui- j op alleged dis-:
' ' s ' ' t Injunction, the
" ' i o V ill ted States
-. ' ' i -tiompevH, . John
mil ! ;;,i .Morrison, jires!-P-fM.Jt.Mjt
and Knoretary, re
t the. American'-. Federa-
.1 J
had..-, been erroneously
1 1 . '''j on a r-haiga of.con
' i court.
' announced was th
'".mist Mehsrs. Goiu
' J MmiNon. Justices
'" l1 1 Uifi court's cUioMo'n.
1 ; fiom I aoor War,
' ' 1 i I (onunipt ag.i'i;t
. ujiT'ts, Vice President
-i nwiwnry Morrison arose
.1 . iHtit'T1 laboi-. war between
i.jiti.lor,ttd the Book's tir
' - loitiptiny .of l.onU Af.t. ,
Louis. xromffu xam into --Mjr
lO'ut oi tht niii.bt of 'Co'
u to irvnT, hi InJnn'tIort''tli(
('an Ferttj-uoti ot Laboi ami 1h
?;.i fj oui , buyout tliuj 1 Us .- own
or ti! busincM of'those who
! Mih it. The -questions involve,!
(.,. j. -:'!(! concerned attracted-
, -' - ;:.ti-iniofi... -T . ? :.:."',,
'. - :;.!.. -my's -;.nuii that The
. i. !( iiiiiOi!!f the
i : s.:t;. i .. -.:-ot ui4. wtio ' having, put
. ..;i. i '. .i c iLvrs to a ten
' ... .,'.!,.. - ; ii.oiiunufid p. . 4.) . . -
;'., O . v
fJmlh Anniversary Fratetville Mine
Disaster Frjclay, May 19, 191 I -Opera
House, Coal Creek, ,;' ,
.' ' Tennesssee., ; ,
o , .
PROGRAM: , ' -
I stCalled to order by W. L. Wil
son, Master of Ceremonies.
2nd Hymn by Choir.
. 3rd
ston, 4th-
Prayer by Rev. S. H. John-
Hymn by Choir- v
.RfarliniT- hrit ' of deceased.
5 th--
K,aa ---'O .. ' '
who lost their lives in rraterville
mine disaster May 19th, 1902, by
Ceo. W. Ford.
6th-i-Memorial Sermon by : Rev.
J. U Scofc;. .y
7lh---Hymn by Choir.
Blh Appointing Committee, by
the Master of, Ceremonies, to ar
range for Memorial Services, May
19, 1912. '
9th -Hymn by Choir.
1 Oth Benediction by Rev. W. S.
Rigga. . ,
W. L. .Wilson.
G. Murman, .
- R. M. Edwards,
".". ' Committee on Program
Mrs. Gertrude Brooks,
! , Committee on Music
The Committees named below,
appointed to decorate the graves at
the various cemeteries, are request
ed by the memorial committee to
meet at the Opera House at 7
o'clock a. rn., in order to have time
to go to the cemeteries and decor
ate the graves and return to the
House for Services.
Those wishing to contribute
flowers for' either cemetery will
please leave or send them to the
tallowing committe: J, A. Wilson,
L C. McGhee and Chas. A, Sharp,
ot the Opeta Housev hot later than
7 o'clock a. m.. May 19. 1911.
T he following are the committees
appointed to decorale the graves
at the various cemeteries:
W. L. Wilson. J. M. Bennett. C. T.
Wilson, J. T. Bryant, and Chas.
Keaterson, Sr. ,
R. Riggs, and Horace Vowell.
WILSON B. McKamsy. Sam
Wat is, and A. J. Wa.lace. (
WlLEY-,Chas. A. Sharp, Jas.
L Brooks, and Wm. Peabley.
Sam Redden, and W. A. Wrighr,
-Where 18
niifs olI)( rr ,i H. Pl.iw of P.,) ial. l'
(( 11. (ilu i.
CriBiIa Ad l i)
i o. . 1
users' Oireli-
-(!..t is- cut :
iiniws'. l!ircl
Sit,!.- j
'!" - ft- i.'
I- ,t l,. A. (jiOolvt If ), .UHI'I.. t nl.
t,1 Chas -Brooks S)v....MJi)ersCircit.:
il J.iniis F. I'fiiuHtt I on.uflfld
15 Conda bniielt Wilson
16 Cliai'lea Bennrtt Wilson
17 Wm. Brynjer......... Miners' Circle
IS John Bullock, Jr,.....;......,.Murrayville
19 Henry & Beach Longfleld
20 Roscoe Brantly ;..:.Miners' Circle
21 John C. Chapnian......Mlners' Circle j
22 Chas. J. Chapman Miners' Circle
23 Scott Chapman.- Island Ford
24 Wrm. Curnutt....;. ...Miners' Circle
25 P. C. Childress (F) Heiskell
26 Wr. C. Childress (S) Heiskell
2T John Childress (S). ..:.. Heiskell
28 James Childress (S).... Heiskell
29 Richard N. Cox Peably
30 John L. Cooper. .......Indian Creek
31 James F. Cooper ........Indian Creek
32 Thomas Cooper ....Indian Creek
33 Charles Garden.. ..:..Dlsney
34 John D'Zern ...ivnners' Circlt,
35 David D'Zern....... ....Miners' Circle
36 Samuel D'Zern. ;.....-...JVIiners' Circle
37 Car D'Zern.:.......- Miners' Circle
38 George D'Zern...... Miners Circle
39 Noah Daugherty Miners' Circle
40 Thomas Davis .......Miners' Cirdle
41 A. T. Dabney Longfleld
42 Sam M. Disney..........Mlners' Circle
43 William Evans i...Island Ford
44 Edward Evans.....:......... Disney
45 Charley Evans .'...Island Ford
p . I
Had This Station Been In Knoxville In 1902, Many of Thoie Men Could Have J3een Sayed,
1 Mm and Ooys Were Suffocate
iC V'ju Joln t-Whaa
'., T.racl)
47 - : J5. -T- Hokardt:
!s -'obi) lllhoit .
4',l Janif
.. 1,,4,,
-jf v,,i'. v i (111 i
52 C" Or"'u
-, ; j , , , u, n
- k o .i i ; , , o
. t.
1 Aiis;fi
11; lf.nl I- ' -.tt''!lT . , . - !l.X
Oil .1 P llii.h'owpr. . Miuef C'j ;o
f,l Powi'Il flaimon LoiiRiii'li
02 John llendien Pleasant Cill
63-Thomas W. Heiidren............Clinton
64 W. S. Hntaon........... Miners' Circle
65 George S. Hutson... Indian Creek
66 Charles Hutson........ Indian Creek
67 Levi Hatmaker.... ........:.Longfleld
68 W. O. Hatmalcer Miners' Circle
69 George Hill... ..............Miners' Circlt-
70 A. Hensley..:..'.....j... -Miners' Circle
71 W. W. Hays..:..,....!.,..........:....Clinton
72 Jas. M. Leach ........Miners' Circle
73 Jafl. E. Leinart.. ....Miners' Circle
74 Charles A. Leinart ...,,....Leach
75 Wm.. Leach.; ...............Leach
76 Luke Leach .. ...Leach
77 Thos.(Luttrell..........'Miners' Circle
78 Houston. C. Miller , Longfleld
79 Leon C. Miller.............,......Jacksboro
80 John C. McKamey (F) ...... ....Wilson
81 Andrew McKamey (S)..l Wilson
82 William McKamey (S) Wilson
83 James McKamey (S) WilRon
84 J. Clay MacklinL....Miners' Circle
85 Levi Macklin.... Miners' Circle
86 Thomas Mefford ............Longfleld
87 Jas. W. -Martin ....Miners' Circle
88 Dan Martin... ...Blowing Springs
89 Thornton McGhee ; ., Leach
90 B. M. McGhee..'.i........Miners' Circle
91 Wm. Murray Miners' Circle
92 Oscar -Murray .........Miners' Circle
i -;'.
i ffnfl
Cl! CKKEll
- Awl
'(si l fr
' K (t.
h , 1 f (,r.
v..-, i v,r- .
' , - ,
. r ' 'U-
'Hi -
-tT C.i
90 J-ill
pin .F
if U
1..7 I ' m Ul V ,.,t .U ' . !('..! ii
ID L i w. ; ("." f! 1,1
101) P: 'i Kii).ison , 1 "i "'iun
110 ValK-r Hol)fii-f.s........Mlner8' Circle.
111 Wm. H. KoU-rts .'. . . .. Lfach
112 Eds;ar Porrelln Briceville ,
113 David H. St.iUisberry...1....Longfield I
111 Lfwiit Staiisborry Longfleld
115 '-Rwi" J Smith (F) Miners' Circle
116 ftu-rcMt smith (S) Miners' Circle
117 I..b StniiU LMst'n) Briceville
118 R H. Smith ...Miners' Circle
119 Edward Sniidilj'...:.::,--.. Longfleld
120 Jiisi'ph SniiddVi..:-.vH.. Longfleld
121 Andrew Stooksberry Longfleld
122 Charles. P. Seivers Leach
123 AU.x B. S!Ot.t.- .Wiley
124 Jacob Sharp (F)..... Macedonia
125 Roscoe Sharp (S)...., Macedonia
126 Benj. Sharp (S) .....Macedonia
127 Alex Sharp Miners' Circle
128 Frank Sharp Wilson
129 iss. D? Strickland. ...Miners' Circle
130 W, H. Slover (F)..;.Miners' Circle
131 j. B. Slover (S) .Miners' Circle
132 S. H. Slover (S) Miners' Circle
133 Jas. R. Slover. ...Miners' Circle
134 Sam U Slover Miners' Circle f
135 MilVnrn Turner...... Wilson
136 Jacob L Vowell (F)... Longfleld
137 Elbert Vowell (S).. ....... ...Longfleld
138 B. Vowell IF)..... Miners' Circle
139 George Vowell (S)... ....Briceville
(1i mt
r-'i ,
' Jit
Jt f 4 '.
1 S02
N" "ii"- of )X-i.'.'ii.(j. D,.' v.f 'ii
r . . ii Vohii (ci . vini.'t f
141 Li i Vftwll iri : .U . '
1 I.' .'Ilii ! alM ; .v.,a ' .
ItIC", u"-1 "
i5;t it c. v, hwiu .. . ' -Vfnsc;
l.Vt Ernest Wilson... ... .Manors' Cirelo t
liir Hunt. M. Webb (F) ... LonKfltTd ,
156 EM . Webb : (S).....i..:; :.LonglleW
157 W. K. Webb..,.....Z...:... ..Longfleld
15 Conda Webb.........; ......Longfleld
159 Wm. J. W'obb ...Longfleld
160 J. Ft. Whltton (F) Miners' Circle
161 H. Whltton (S).... Miners' Circle
162 John Webber...... Miners' Circle
163 Rufus Webber Miners' Circle
164 C. A. Wallace Miners' Circle
165 John C Wallace Miners' Circle
166 W. Earn Wallace.....: Concord
167 W. G. Wallace Concord
168 Wm. E. Wallace Miners' Circle
169 Wm. H. Wallace....... .Miners' Circle
170 Jas; H. Wallace Miners' Circle
171 Wm. Witt. :. Miners' Circle
172 Marvin J. Witt ..Miners' Circle
173 Jas. R. Wallace Miners' Circle
175 Frank Gibbs Welsh
176 Preston Griffltts...., Knoxville
177 James Kindman Welsh
178 Thomas Mack , Welsh
179 Sampson McClain..., Welsh
1 80 Jas. P. Massengill Knoxville
181 Robert M. Rhea .....Welsh
182 John Redick i ...Clinton
183 Wm. Spears Welsh
174 Jas. Davidson : Welsh
184 Joseph Yett.... ...Welsh
4 .
V. Jl
f". .i'rtG JO '.IN;,;f.GEiNT
'.-; EH8 AT ' J ?.
c:t iNoiREcr
Uv avt-.-i by Ooih,' i' . ; ij,
v - .Guard C ..tcsejj '.fiaca. -' .r -.-
Ivi iVo, 'i'.f, .Vjsny ii .'Jhe rd ot
t 11 ..',!! -Mexico fOH llthJ
JifdRu . ija.j., U-LeiBl jjesn; i.-osn-.
,.,r v. ., v fa. ...i' V :
HtMiiHlonM from v...j(J Ouj, 1,1 pio
Td-sll& J)(ftit- i.egO'.'.usuUMi ilOiiji
tbj liiitb .roinii.t i b) Rafa-i Uenuut
dvi and s ftt-t d 14,00" .iadeio'B de
loandu v , , , , "
JuarV. Mt-x , Uy J6.. lull: cot a
sujatices tilHt.fhe federal ePDi)n'iii
Is Itu-lliu'd, tu accept the" yioi Oii'Hit'-:
BUDfiilited uuod'Oally vtlihlu ,(b.' bul
to Oayby the aiburrowos for t
Jab'lbhment o.'.tieaie Mer i
bxre bv Kafael lleinanrlei em i. '. .-r".
go beivu.Vi.f? In lbs negotlatioiia.
The i,ovej uiL-eot U befleveift to
jnuK io reotganize the-cabluit sJ
SC ib.- iHsurreoToa foui" Bi.ti.ter
out of etgLi aud to allow Jibe jt-Vo'lj-tuiii'mg
to name ouitlght 34 goverouia
oi -T and by mutual hKreeuient
t.-li,-t -it. jvmainlLg ii goverro,s ,
ti'"i 'c i- j.uuruiea' civ xpUd
'j-f' ' ' i i; OV w;.: mil-mi i).rf
1i p j.' n1!, A i hii.b 4 r thj peace par
lfs-, '.. ;i't"b i..!.iapb vvitJi
V- t , t t''y ! alN ' . ,
...... t - ' U I .IdCK.
-..;'l . I;...- S .-:.Jtt: . pr:. -
able tui'(i! oi lOe p.rnt.L
lions. . ... 1 . : . - .
iNotincaiions irom rrovitnouai ,ne: ,
ldent Madero to Senor Kuyulval Utiie
gon that hii presence In this city no
longer was desired by the revolution- .
Ists is the culmination of what U be
lieved to have been a general plot to
influence the military chiefs of Ma
dero to desert his standard. Over
tures were said to have been made to
General Otozco to furnish him with
any money he might need for himself
or his soldiers, but by whom these
overtures were made Orozcd would
not say. Obregon emphatically denied
any connection with the story.
Rebel to Garrison Nacos
Naco, Sonora. Mexico, May 16.
General Lomell, provisional governor
of Sonora, is sending rebel troops
from Agua Prleta westward ami
southward as fast aa they can b'
armed and equipped. One force will
arrive here to take possession of and
garrison the town. A small garrison -will
remain at Cananea and other In
surrectos In this district will proceed
to Nogales and Hermostllo to re-eu-force
Cabral, preparatory to attacks
on these cities.
De La Barra I Hopeful.
Mexico City, May 16. Peace again,
loomed big on the horizon of Mexico'
internal affairs today and led Foreign
Minister De La Barra as he started
for the national palace at an early
hour to remark:-
"We believe that we are making
great progress toward peace."
Another of the reforms proposed
In the president's message to congress
on April 1 was given definite form by'
the Introduction in the chamber of
deputies Saturday of a bill providing
for a division of the public domain
and of private estates and the distri
bution of the land in small tracts
among the people. The text of the
measure was made public yesterday.
The bill was referred to a committee.
In general terms It authorizes the
division and sale of such national
lands 'as possess the requisite condl-'
tions for distribution in small parcels,
being either "arable, pastoral or
capable of being brought under Irri
gation, and situated near some route,
of communication.' '
Car Manufacturer Accused of Bribery
Face Jury for Second Time
at Pittsburg.
Pittsburg, Pa, May 16. Frank N.
Hoffstot, banker and president of tha
Pressed Steel Car : company, was
placed on trial in criminal: court on a
tharge of bribery growing out of tha
councllmanlc graft Investigation.. In.
his first trial last week tha Jury dls
agreed. ' . 1 - ' .
Sand ua yew jb trtettac.
V t ao NV prUUMf n ttAt rle.

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