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. Ir-Arnerlcan battery of 155-raIlUmeter heavy artillery which helped capture Soissons. 2 British cleaning up the
Meriin road after the retreat of the Germans. - 8 Latest photograph of King Alfonso of Spain, taken while on a bear
"American- Infantrymen nttached -to
en rwite to the front. The First division is one of those that are being used in
Huns. - '"',,!,
A lon ooluiun of German prisoners tnarching with their ofticcrs at the head Is shown in tlus French ofliclal pho
togrnjih. f They were taken by the French In the Alsne dis.rlct. ' .
i" ' nt ' U-WaWLV lit I
jr .a
On board of a former Hamburg-American hoor, American soldiers are hav
, Uieir Ural UujV nt iiw land of tUel" chivalrous alLv. France.
a TOBChlnegnn"batttfllmi of the First division passing through w V ri.-U iik'tun'i
. ' - ( ' - ' ' v " v ", .. , . . "..
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l slJtijlu.''
the allies' great offensive against th
.- f. y :.W . . ' . . i ..f
This corporal Is signtillng by menj
of an electrical daylight signal lamp
Not Necessary.
; "Ucfore I engaga In this new eport
I would like to con the rules."
"I can assure jou It Id not a "cOP
1 cuxue." ' '
Remarkable New Tool Better
Than Anything of Its Type.
Fired From Shoulder or Kip In Bursts
of Twenty Shots In Two and One- -
- Half Seconds Air Cooled, " , :
' -( Gas Operated."
(From the Ccwimittee on Public lnforma-
' ?. tlon. Washinffton, V. C.) s
Three hundred senators, representa
tives, Journalists, and army officers
of the French, British, Italian, Belgian-
and American forces stood be
hind a little squad of ordnance men
the other day at a rifle range outside
of Washington. J ,,, '
"Attention" commanded the officer
In charge of the squad. , ,
t "Shoulder Are one- magazlpe
Beml-autoraatlc-ncady I Load 1 Aim I
Fire!" - f .
There was a popping like ''that, say,
of half a dozen packs of giant fire
crackers all set off at once. It lasted
about ten seconds, the time required to
fire 20 shots from what looked like an
ordinary rifle in the hands of each
soldier. Five hundred yards away the
dirt flew behind a row of small tar
gets set up to represent men.
"Shoulder Are one magazine
automatic load I" was the next com
mand given.
But a different volley was heard at
the command "Fire !" . It sounded like
B-r-r-r-r-r ! and lasted only two and ft
half seconds! If you want to estimate
the rapidity, listen to the ticking of
your watch, which overages about four
ticks per second, and realize that the
automatic fire of this weapon was Just
twice as fast eight standard army
rifle cartridges fired In a second with
one pull of the trigger.
And that was the new : Browning
machine gun . which Uncle Sam was
about to manufacture at the rate of
thousands a week, and had brought to
this rifle range for Its first public exhi
bition. ':.:.y;:xv
Other methods of firing were shown
with the gun placed at the hip and
with the Roldlers marching toward the
target, firing as they walked. Then
tJ Vnctntors crowded around and be-
"V Questions. t!".
;ooled or water cooled?
NtuMniH weigh? How fast can
Svvwk? What do; they cost?
-J Vyj " ' weapo
weapon than this machine
-. All Were Convinced.
- Among those present was one mem
ber of congress who,, a few weeks be
' fore, during an anxious inquiry Into
our war preparations, had stated his
belief that the Browning machine gun
was only a dream. And now he was
allowed to fire the weapon himself,
and planted a succession of bullets in
the distant target with an accuracy
which left no question In his mind as
to the tatiglbillty or accuracy of this
new tool of the American soldier.
., On the following morning newspa
pers throughout the country published
a detailed description of both this gun,
known as the "light Browning," and
another type called the "heavy Brown
ing," which was also demonstrated,
being fired from a tripod, water cooled,
and fed with canvas belts containing
250 cartridges each. It has fired 20.000
shots in a little less than 43 minutes,
r Each legislator and Journalist asked
his own questions, and there was an
honest spirit of Inquiry evident. Every
American present, while admitting the
impressive nature of the test, seemed
to feel that he was personally repre
senting the nation and bound to over
look no technical details touching the
efficiency of these new weapons. And
In that matter each American did truly
represent the nation which has been
keen to discover every part of our war
program open to question, each accord
ing to his own light and reading. "
The reader of this article, too, will
want to ask his own technical ques
tions, and for his Information all the
facts about both types of guns have
been summarized separately, so that at
tention here may be concentrated upon
another aspect of the machine-gun pro
gram Its tactical use as a tool apart
from the mere details of how much it
weighs, how fast It fires, how many
shots a second, how mnny times It Jams
In a test, how It is cooled, how many
parts it has, how quickly they can be
taken down and put together, again,
etc. --'" "' a."'.
Provide Something Better.
. Our ordnance department , has been
working since we entered the wnr to
send American soldiers to France with
a complete kit of tools representative
I of American inventive ability. First
sizing up the Job of cracking the Hun
out of trench, Shell box. and subter
ranean tunnel, and ascertaining what
the allies have found useful In the way
of saw. hammer and hatchet, the ord-
of the Vigilantes.
Out in the middle West In many ways
they are doing more to help win the
war than the people In the East.
For Instance, what Is so necessary as
the conservation of fuel ? In a western
city the authorities have atopted the
very sane and workable plan of stop
ping the electric surface curs only at
every other block to take on or let off
passengers. Of course, everyone knows
nance department has worked to pro
vide something n little better in every
case, from poison gas and gas masks to
machine guns and high-explosive shrap
nel.'',.; ', ;'-.- ,,::.: ...' t, "
The light' Browning, also known as
the "automatic rifle," requires no cool
ing apparatus, because In its tactical
use in battle as a tool it will be called
upon only for what are known as
"bursts of firing." It is a remarkable
new tool, .better than anything of Its
particular type yet developed, and dif
ferent from every other weapon in the
world. Its nearest prototype Is the
French Chauchat automatic rifle, which
has proved extremely effective..
At , the present stage of tactics the
Browning automatic rifle will be a su
perior tool for perhaps three definite
Jobs in trench , warfare. First, being
as portable as the ordinary-array rifle,
it cati be quickly brought into action
along every part of a. trench by de
fenders to stop the advance of un
enemy. ; With the heavier types of ma
chine gun fired from a tripod and re
quiring considerable time for getting
Into position, If not permanent, em
placement, such resistance of Invaders
in a pinch might prove difficult. With
the new Browning firing 20 shots auto
matically in less than three seconds, or
20 shots semiantomatlcally as fast as
one desires to pull the trigger, loading
with a fresh magazine each 20 shots
in a couple of seconds, an entire trench
front can be protected with outbursts
of ; machine-gun fire, which will not
have to be continued long to do the
work not long enough for heating of
the gun to become a problem. ..
' -'' Sweeps the Trenches., ;;.
- The third job for. this characteristic
Yankee notion comes when our fellows
have, reached the enemy trenches. At
that moment, even though but a few
arrive, the "Browning antomatl-: rifle
is expected to replace the bayonet and
bomb ' Under certain conditions, and
multiply the effectiveness of each sol
dier who gets across No Man's Land,
for the rapidity and accuracy of the
Browning fire Is such that It will be
only a matter of seconds to sweep an
enemy trench in both directions. .
There are other tactical uses for the
weapon. As few as a dozen of these
automatic rifles are sufficient to lay
down a temporary barrage at right
angles to a trench front, and even two
of them quickly placed at opposite
ends of a trench front can establish a
cross fire as effective as a barrage un
der some, circumstances. For with
each gun firing along one leg of a let
ter V meeting and passing somewhere
out in No Man's Land, the chances of
an enemy getting through this V will
be very slim this will be a defense
equivalent to frontless rifle fire from
dozens of Individual soldiers, and can
be established With the; minimum of
exposure.-!;' :'V-'-".;'.-;: ''Vr"'". .'' ''';' ";:'.''
These are the tactical points of the
new weapon, and one has only to con
sider itfrom this viewpoint to' under--stand
have been, raised by laymen during
recent discussions of the merits of one
machine gun as against another do not
touch the heart of the military prob
lemboth the design of this gun and
its use as a tool in battle are palpably
matters to be left to military men,
Another interesting viewpoint on
both the light and heavy types of
Browning guns can be gained by brief
ly considering the general development
of machine guns as fighting tools.
From , the days of slings and stones
and' arrows fighting man has' sought
ways of delivering enough missiles in
to the ranks of an advancing foe to
stop him. With gunpowder and port
able guns the number of missiles in
creased, and also their deadliness. The
matchlock . fired clumsily from a tri
pod was replaced by smooth-bore muzr
zle-loading guns, and then muzzle-loading
rifles, breech-loadlug rifles capable
of firing shots singly, and finally the
repeating rifle, with a capacity of five
or six shots in rapid succession. Then
came shrapnel, delivering a spray of
bullets over a considerable range, and
also the first machine guns equipped
to fire hundreds of shots in rapid suc
cession, but at first so heavy and
clumsy that they could not be moved
much more quickly than artillery.
Find From Shoulder and Hip.
These first machine guns are known
as the heavy types and were presently
reduced In weight and developed in
mobility, becoming what are known as
the portable intermediate . types of
which the Lewis gun is nn example.
Still further lightness : and mobility
were wanted, however; something that
would convert an ordinary rifle into
an effective machine gun for brief out
bursts of fire. In other words, the
true type of light machine gun as ex
emplified first in the French Chauchat
and now in the light Browning. These
two fighting tools are thus far the only
ones of their type, and at present only
the French and American armies are
equipped to use them tactically, the
British army doing its machine-gun
work with the portable Intermediate
Lewis gun. According to reports from
our military observers In France, the
drift of the French army is decidedly
toward greater use of automatic rifles
of the highly portable type. : The
Browning gun is the only gua of its
type that can be fired from the shoul
der and hip. -,': - ; -':
that it costs money to stop and start
a trolley car; and if the starting and
stopping can be cut in half, think what
amount of money Is saved.
In order that passengers may not bt
confused, the city has posted notices
that downtown cars will stop on'y at
every other odd street, and uptown
cars only at every other even street.
What a , simple, feasible plan it is I
Why do not the Eastern cities and
the cities all over the country take it
up? Write to your mayor and see
what can be done. , - '
Peel them off wiUioui.
pain or $oreness ,
? 1 A tmy bottle of Kreta-
a few cents at any dms
bly a few drops on th "
calluses or "hard skin" osj.
then lift those painful ;
spots rlghbff with fingers. Corns also 1
When you iiel off corns or calluses
with Freezonckhe skin beneath is left
pink and heal&y and never sore, tent
dor or even initated. Try Freezone
sure 1 Adv.
Not Madl for a Soldier.
"I understandVyour hired man has
been drafted.''
"Yes," replied Fkrmer ColblnV "But
I'm Just a bit dubkus about the kind
of soldier he's goluVo make'
"He's not cowardlv I hope?" ,
"it ain't that. I wn thinktn' that It
lie doesn't show any nWe 'get up an ,
get' in hundlfn' a bayonw than he does
when he's got a pitchfork in his hands.
he'll never make a Germak soldier yell,
"Kamernd!" "
Soft, Clear Skins.
Night and morning bathe the face
with Cuticura Soap and hot jvaterV- If
there are pimples first sm?nr them
with Cuticura Ointment. For Hree sam
ples address, "Cuticura, Dept X, Bos
ton." Sold by druggists, and )by maU.
Soap 25, Ointment 25 and 50.-(-Adv. "
( '
, in the uarx. W .
A colored minister was about io lead
his congregation In prayer when sud
denly the floor of the church sank
foot, causing n commotion araot "
Parishioners. The preacher wast
ttfthe OCC8Utt And mvtoM- '
hi'?: flocTBy'soitt "
. "Stay Just whar yo' all la, my peo--pie,
de LnwtT is wlf yon !''
Immediately a big Hose Peters.
Jumped upon a pew and shoutedc
"MIsto' preacher, if de Lawd was
wlf me just now, den" who nil's done
took me' fo' bits in dis heah low
down bunch o' blackberries!" Car
toons Magazine. '" .' :
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully, every bottle of
CASTOIUA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and see that It
Ttpnra tho
Signature ofQtacZU.
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry fox Fletcher's Oastoria
Thorough. vv
. "Do yon want to sell that routef-' '
"Whur do you all live?" inquired Mr.
Erastus Pinkly.
"What has that to do with it?'" 4
"I ain' gwinter transfer" Mm to no
body dat lives less dan two hundroti
miles away. When I sells him I wants
to git rid not only of de mule but tf
all conversation appertaining to him."
Sore T3ye, Blood-Shot Eyen, Watery Eye.
Sticky Eyes, all healed promptly with ntgln-'
!y applications of Roman Eyi Balsam. Adv.
An Impossibility.
Mrs. Justwed If your husbnud'tt
iudgment should differ from yours,
vliat would you do? :
Mrs. Longwed I never hadn chance,
to find out. He never dares to differ.
Don't worry about old age. Don't worry
about being in other people's way when
you are getting on in years. Keep yoar
body in good condition and you can be as
hale and hearty in your old dajs as you
were when a kid, and every one will be
glad to see you.
The kidneys and bladder are the cause
of senile affliction Keep theiu clean and
in proper working eonciition. Drive the
poisonous wastes from the ... system and
avoid uric acid accumulations. Take GOLD
MEDAL Haarlemi Oil Capsules periodical
ly and you will find that the nvstem will
always be in perfect working order. Your
spirits will be enlivened, your muscle
made strong and your face have once
more the look of youth and health.
New life, fresh strenh and health will
come as you continue this treatment. When
your first vigor has been restated continue
tor awhile taking a capsule or two eauh
day. They will keen you in condition and
prevent a return of your trouble
There is onlv one guaranteed brand of
Haarlem Oil Capsules, GOLD MEDAL.
There are many fakes on the market. Bo
iure you get the Original GOLD MEDAL
Imported Haarlem Oil Capsules. They are
the onlv reliable. For Bale by nil first-cla-i
druggists. Adv. .
Quite Right.
Fathoi- "Have you saved any money
for a rainy day?" Son "yes, sir. and
I bought an umbrella with IL"
: "Doesn't he write machine poetry?".
... "Yes, . it's i mostly-' about , automobiles."
I Matrl
Don't fciei
one costsW
store. Al
nottom onoet
I . fSE5

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