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Famous French Discovery
replace nerve; wastage, Tj
Increases strength. energy 11
iBEST ihinq known FOR
Banner Lye
is easy to use
No other lye la packed so safely and con
veniently, r is so economical not a bit
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so easily and thoroughly as Banner Lye, It
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the greatest cleanser and disinfectant the
world has ever known. Ubs It for cleaning
your kitchen, cellar, sinks, dairy, milk-pans
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labor of washing and cleaning will be cut in
balf XX7Xt.EI SOAP
and saves money besides, A 10-cent can of
Banner I.ye, 6 pounds of kitchen grease,
ten minutes' easy work (no boiling or large
kettles), and you have 10 pounds ot best
bard soap or 20 gallons of soft soap.
Banner lye Is sold by your grocer or
druggists. Write to ua for free booklet,
"Uses of Banner Lye."
The Fenn Chemical Works Philadelphia USA
Flying Trips to Europe.
A flyer predicts that we shall within
a few years fly across the Atlantic in
the forenoon and return in the after
noon. We shall return in the ofter
noon, no doubt, because after paying
fare for flying so high we shall have
nothing left upon which to "do" lands
beyond the Atlantic. Louisville Courier-Journal.
If your i eyes smart or feel scalded, Ro
man Eye Balsam applied upon going to bed
la just the thing to relieve them. Adv.
Grouch Remains.
Mrs. Platbush What's the 1 matter
Mr. Flatbush Oh, he Insulted me.
"What did he say?"
"Called me aq old grouch." .
"Don't mind him.' You're n6t So old,
dear." Yonkers Statesman. '
friends Gave Her Up
Mrs. Hoffman's Recovery
From Dropsy a Surprise.
She Used Doan's.
"I was in dreadful shape," says Mrs.
W. B. Hoffman, 689 Oakley Ave., Ham
mond, 111. "There was a sickening pain
across the small of my back and when
I stooped over, knife-like twinges near
ly drove me wild. I bad
large puffs under my
. J -4. .. .
m' a tjca ami. my uuuj imw".-
f ' "fei ei badly all -over. My
fss -atf feet ! were' swollen to
twice their natural size
and - the skin looked
shiny. When I pressed
it down, it left a dent
there and I knew I was
Via A nff iri f Vi ? wt-aw
Mrs. Hoffman "My f r i e n d s didn't
think I would live very long. I doc
tored with three different physicians
and they didn't help me and I was
discouraged. Nobody Knows the torture
I went through.
"I decided to try Doan's Kidney
Pills. I used three boxes and I was
cured. I . felt fine. As the swelling
went down, my appetite picked up and
I was soon perfectly healthy. My color
came back and people said I looked as
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saved my life."
Sworn to before me,
. Notary Puolie.
Cat Doan's at Any Store, 60c a Bos
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i similatinguieioou 0
iff.. r-J l...jDniII
ft - .jDnetrnnnulSl
i m - Wt XT . r-nTll; !
jUxSnna -
1 . .4ATntnnAlffcsT
. 'i-ic-hnff and
Tae-SImile Sinatoreof
xact Copy of Wrapper. 1
p. ' :Vf Contents 15 rluid vr&cms yj.
ilsS p" .''.ri.iT'.TNl-i''iU'W''i-N:H'J;iB
. K 4 Mi
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W In
(Copyright, 1919, by th MoClure Newspaper Syndicate.)
When South America Emerged From Spanish Domination, Uniting the
Revolting Colonies.
The Independence of Spanish South
America was rendered possible by
Treaty of Buenos Ayres, which united
all of Spain's revolted colonies below
the Isthmus of Panama In a league
against the ' mother country, or any
other country which should question
their right to set up for themselves
as free and Independent nations. , ,. .,
Strangely enough, the South Amer
ican revolution started In an uprising
of the colonists in behalf of the legiti
mate king of Spain, Ferdinand VII.
Napoleon having placed his brother
Joseph on the throne of Spain, Ven
ezuela, New Granada (Colombia) and
Buenos Ayres (Argentina), revolted
almost simultaneously in 1810, deposed
the royal officers, and established
juntas with the avowed purpose of
holding those colonies for King
Ferdinand. In March of 1811 a Ven
ezuelan congress was convened and
on July 5 a declaration of independ
ence was adopted. In New Granada
the : province, of Cartagena declared
its Independence in the same year,
Bogota, or the province of Cudlna
marea, proclaimed itself independent
"during the captivity of the king."
The eastern provinces sought an alli
ance with Venezuela. Meantime,, a
revolution broke out in Ecuador,
which was joined by the part of New
Granada adjoining, but this seems to
have been a rather mixed up affair,
the revolutionists not exactly sure of
what they wanted. t ' s
Revolution Expanded. ' ' )
The revolution in Buenos Ayres
spread over all that section, but it was
not until after independence was de
clared, what is now the Argentine Re
public taking the name of the United
Provinces of La Plata. Paraguay, whlcji
revolted in 1810, proclaimed Its in
dependence the next year and refused
to unite with La Plata, which, as yet,
had not revolted. Uruguay had been
made a part of Brazil In some of the
royal and imperial deals of Europe
and was held by a Portuguese army.
The revolution broke out in Chile In
1812 and was suppressed only to break
out again. It was not until 1818 that
Chile finally declared her Independ
ence. .
18l4 King Ferdinand had been re
stored to the Spanish throne, so those
colonies which remained In revolt anjil
had not declared their independent
seemed to have little" excuse for their
Independence or existence as govern
ments. ' :' .
Between the beginning of thelupris
lngs In 1810 and the Treaty of Buenos
Ayres in 1823. there was constant
warfare between the Spanish and co
lonial forces, each colony piny ng a
lone hand. Peru was the center of
the Spanish power and from there the
Sweden Gave Up to Russia All of Finland and the Aland Islands.
Amid the breaking up of empires,
the birth of new nations and the re
birth of old ones, Finland seems to
.have come In for a place as an Inde
pendent country, something that she
never has been before since the thir
teenth century, when the Finns were
subjugated and Christianized by the
Swedes. For over a hundred years Fin
land formed an integral part of the
Swedish realm and furnished to that
klnsrdom a host of men eminent in
war and peace. Under Swedish rule
Finland enjoyed an autonomous con
stitutional eovernment and developed
a unique civilization of its own.
Swedish was spoken In' the towns ana
hv the cultured class, but the peas
antry clung to the old Finnish tongue.
Then came the Invasion or jiniana
by Russia in 1S09 and the treaty of
Frederlkshavn, by which Finland
passed to Russia and the troubles of
the Finns began.
The Finns are a rather singular peo
ple to find in the northwestern corner
of Europe, being Mongolians, a trine
nf that race .which, wandering or driven
from the great plateau of Central Asia,
found n resting place at last Detween
the Baltic sea and the Arctic oceam-
Near the Finnish Border.
When Peter the Great built his new
minitnl nmid the swamps of the Neva
ho nlneed it only 83 miles from the Fin
nish border and from that hour Russia
looked upon Finland as something that
mm eventually be hers. The adven
tures of Charles Xn of Sweden af
forded Peter his first opportunity to
coiro n nnrt of the coveted territory.
Charles was as determined to crush the
growing power cf Russia as Peter was
to make her , the "colossus or me
North." At the battle of Pultowa,
June 27, 1709, fought In what now calls
itspif the Ukraine, the destinies of the
two nations for a while hung In the
balance. But "victory passed to the
triumphant cznr" and Charles escaped
i fugitive Into Turkey, tsy tne treaty
f Nvstadt in 1721 Czar Peter granted
peace to the exhausted Swedes, but
nniv nnon their relinquishing the Bal
tic provinces to Russia and also the
province of Vlborg, a part of Finland.
By taking Vlborg Peter pushed, the
Finnish border back and when the
French ambassador Interceded for the
retention of this province by Sweden,
Peter replied that it "was not pieusant
Spanish viceroys waged war on the
other colonies. In Upper Peru, or
what Is now Bolivia, however, there
was a strong antagonism to the royal
authority which spread gradually to
the other parts of viceroyalty and
rendered the Spanish supremacy pre
carious. In 1821 this Peruvian move
ment had gained such strength that
an assembly of Peruvians declared
independence, though the viceroy still
held his post and, by the command of
the sea which he possessed and the
strength of the royal forces, still
fought to subdue South America .to
the Spanish crown.
Brazil's Independence Declared.
In 1822 Brazil declared Its inde
pendence of Portugal and set up as an
empire under the head of the royal
house of Bragansa, who gave up his
claims to the Portuguese throne. In
the tumult which raged around her
In South America Brazil took no part.
Her revolution was peacefully accom
plished and her independence peace
fully secure. But all Spanish-America
was hj a state of chaos. The
revolted colonies could not even agree
among themselves and were rent i by
international discords. It looked as
if Spain, by a vigorous effort, might
yet restore her authority in South
America, attacking the revolted col
onies in detail.
Simon Bolivar had now succeeded
in forming out of Venezuela, New
Granada and Ecuador the Republic
of Colombia. He saw that union was
necessary for the securing of the in
dependence of the colonies and in
January of 182& sent Don Joaquin
Mosquera to Buenos Ayres to propose
a defensive alliance of the United
Province of La Plata and the Repub
lic of Colombia.
Hoped to Have Colonies Unite.
Rivadavla was provisionally In
charge of the La Plata government.
His Wea was to have all the colonies
unite in a peaceful understanding with
the mother country by which the rev
olution should be completed; he was
evidently listening to the siren song
of the royal commissioners. Mosquera
Insisted upon a military alliance
against Spain.
The result was that for the first
time Spanish South America showed a
united front. The treaty was signed
on" March 8, 1823. On December 9,
1824, was fought in southern Peru
the battle of Ayacucho in which Gen
eral Sucre with the allied army de
feated and captured the Spanish vice
roy, La Serna. Fourteen Spanish
generals gave up their swords that
day and the war of independence was
at an end, except for a few minor
to see his neighbor's grounds from his
own windows." '
But a good chance to grab all Fin
land did not present itself to Russia
until the general upheaval of the Na
poleonic wars. After the peace of
Tilsit, Russia and France being al
lies, the czar had a free hand with
regard to Sweden and resolved to seize
Finland. He called it himself "an act
of bad faith toward a relative and an
ally." In February of 1808 a Russian
army invaded Finland. The aged and
Incapable field marshal Klingspor, who
commanded an army of Finns and
Swedes in Finland, was ordered by the
panic-stricken Swedish king, Gustavus
IV, to save his troops as best he could.
"Gibraltar of the North."
i With the fall of Sveaborg, which
the Swedes called the "Gibraltar of the
North," all hope of saving Finland was
lost ', but during the summer a Finnish
army fought several battles with the
Russian troops not without success.
In the fall, however, the Russinn army
was Increased, and on September 14
was fought the battle of Oravais, fa
mous in Finnish annals. The battle
lasted 15 hours and was only decided
In favor of the Russians by the timely
arrival, of re-enforcements. In this
battle the Swedes and Finns lost 2,000
killed, one-third of the whole force with
which they went Into battle. The rem
nants of the army withdrew under the
pover of night, when the increased
number of-Russians made it folly to
continue'the battle, and crossed the
Swedish frontier. , Finland was now
lost In Stockholm when the disastrous
news reached there, the king was de
posed and his son, Prince Charles made
regent. In Seelnnd lay a French army
under Bernadotte destined to be
come king of Sweden later ready to
attack. The regent 1 now turned his
attention to Russia and attempted to
drive out a Russian army which oc
cupied West Bothnia. . He was unsuc
cessful, but finally that army withdrew
of Its own accord. The czar now sig
nified that he was willing to treat for
peace and on September 17 signed at
Frederikshavn a treaty by which Swe
den gave up to Russia all of Finland
and the Aland Islands. After that
treaty Finland was in a constant state
of unrest and contention with her Rus
sian masters, Now she proposes to et
up for herself. ..V
Millions of Dollars In Federal Aid Are
to Be Spent for the Benefit
of Tourists.
The motoring public has forced rec
ognition from congress of the recrea
tional value of the national forests,
states the San Francisco Bulletin. Ap
propriations for the construction and
maintenance of roads within the na
tional forests, totaling $19,000,000 of
federal road funds, are now available.
Of this sum, according to Information
obtained by the California State Auto
mobile association from Federal For
est Supervisor R. AV. Ayres, approxi
mately $2,300,000 will be spent within
a short time In providing additional
automobile roads for the tourist and
traveler leading to the 19,000,000 acres
of national forests In California.
For the last two years all road proj
ects which did not contribute directly
to winning the war were dropped.
Now the road building program of the
forest service has been resumed and
by the appropriations recently passed
this program has been greatly en
larged. Indigestion products disagreeable and
ftometlmes alarming symptoms. Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills stimulate the diges
'Ive processes to function naturally. Adv.
Heard by the Boss.
In an office where I once worked
wo nicknamed the boss Vegetable
Face because he had a turn-up nose.
One day when he had finished dicta
Ing to me he asked me to send one
of the other girls in with some letters
he wnted. When I reached the
stenoi-apheris' - room I said to a girl,
"Vegetable Face wants those letters
he gave you this morning." On hear
ing a sound behind me, I turned
around and looked into the enraged
countenance of my august employer.
Newsroom Typewriter.
"The celebrated Doctor Johnson
wrote one of his immortal essays In
htif an hour and never stopped to read
It over," said the studious person.
"Possibly so," answered the veteran
newspaper man, "but you must remem
ber that the celebrated Doctor John
son didn't use a typewriter with a
twisted ribbon and one or two letters
missing from the keyboard." Birming
ham Age-Herald.
Not In the Right Class.
"Betty, I wish you'd tell Billy and
Anna to stop playing with those Ains
worth children. Their social standing
Is growing a bit questionable."
"Why, is that right?"
"Yes, It leaked out at-a director's
meeting last night that they have the
poorest stocked cellar In town." Life.
The only sure thing about a lot of
dead sure things Is that they're dead.
A man does a lot of things he dis
likes to do because his neighbors
don't want him to do them.
Tender slices of chilled
Libby's Corned Beef and
steamed greens garnished
with tgg here is a dinner
your family will ask for again
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famous Corned Beef today.
Libby, McNeill & Libby
Grow Hieal in
One Crop Often
Western Canada offers the greatest advantaeei ta hrrme apetrora.
Large profits are assured, xou can buy on easy payment terms.
Fertile Land at $15 to $30 per Acre
land similar to that which through many
Dusneis 01 wneni 10 me acre, nuncreas 01
l.anaaa a sidkis crap nss pma tne cost 01
. i .u iinm;ninn 1 j. : t it
IHGIllB U. .1113 Wlllllllllll CU1U I lU'HILLJ VI .VI (U11LULM1, 0(UKail.IlCW 411 1,1 ill iUUClItt W 1111 1.
the farmer to prosper, and extend every possible encouragement andthelp to
Grain Growing and Stock Raising.Nrv,
1 bougn western umadaolters land atsucn lowngures, tne nlgit
prices of grain, cattle, abeep and hogs will remain.
Loans for the purahase of stock may be had at low interest;
there are good shipping facilities; best of markets; free schools;
churches; splendid climate; low taxation (none on improvements).
For partiealsn as to location of lands for sate, maps, illustrated literatura,
rsdacsd railway rates, to., apply to Bnpt. of lauBigrauoB, Ottawa, Can., or
W. S. Netherj, Room 82, Intemrbao Station
Canadian Government Agent
Caused by
If people who are bilious are treated ac
cording to local symptoms they seldom get
very much better. Whatever relief Is ob
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ness to Its source and remove the cause and
the chances are that the patient will re
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Doctors say that more than 70 non
organic diseases can be traced to an Acid
Stomach. Biliousness Is one of them. Indi
gestion, heartburn, belching, sour stomach,
bloat and gas are other signs ot acid
stomach. EATON IC, the marvelous Podrn
stomach remedy, brings quick relief fnSm
these stomach miseries which lead to a long
train of ailments that make life miserable
If not corrected.
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away the excess acid. Makes the stomacb
strong, cool and comfortable. Helps diges
tion; Improves the appetite and you then
get full strength from yonr food. Thousand
say that EATONIC is the most effective
stomach remedy in the world. It is the help
YOU need. Try It on our money-baek-lf-:
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f EveryJW oman Wants
Dissolved In water for douche atept
pelvic catarrh, ulceration and inflam
nation. Recommended by Lydia E.
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lore throat and sore eyes. Economical.
Hu extraordinary cleanung and aenmcidal power.
laample Free. DUc.. all dnisguu, or pcxtpiid by
.nwil. The Pwrtoa Toilet Company. Boston, Ma. A
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Kfnd for copy and territory proposition.
ISroome St.. N KW YORK.
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spare hours to work at home. Write,
for booklet "A Market for Spare
Hours." i '
American Syndicate, Bayonne, N. J.
Not Knocking, of Course.
A Perth Atnhoy gentleman Mays he
took his pet cat to Pennsylvania, a
distance of 09 miles, and dropped her.
Later the cat arrived home with very
sort feet and cried for something to
"1 don't expect anybody to believe
this," says the gentleman.
So far as we are concerned, he has
his wish. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Slow Populace.
"Ton seem down on your town."
.. "Consarn the plaee," -aiH:he-TH!ige-pessimist.
"Th' folks In this burg are
dead on their feet. I don't believe we
could even git out a full attendance to
a lynchin' bee!"
Western Canada
Pays for the Land .
-sfp - 'besnsarvtWia
veara has averacretl from 2ft tn 45
cases are on record wnere in western
tana ana production, i ne oovern- M
e ... t-i , ii . .
Bldg., Colnmbus, 0.
am-- "-, .-js
. mi i

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