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East Side . . .
1. You are an observer. That means you dont go
shooting your mouth off about "you damned preachers.
2. You come with Easton King because between the
two of you you can find plenty of "all you can eat for
50 cents" chow halls—thus keeping expenses down.
3. You don't peddle Petal Papers.
4. You don't engage in any of your journalistic mess
ing upon your return to your home state regarding said
This was signed "Selah."
I can’t for the life of me find him on my subscription
Anyway, I’m real sensitive and I have the distinct
feeling that they don’t care whether I go or not. And
what’s more, I wasn’t asked to speak, but more important,
the expense check was not with the invitation! Selah,
Confused . . .
following conditions:
are tremendous. In our neighboring continent, South America, the! e
is unrest among the “people of color” because of racial issues. The
entire Asiatic Domain and for that matter, the entire world is being
influenced by communism because the powers of the world who
foster democratic principles have faltered. It is an urgent demand
for the principles of democracy to take place now if we, as a tree
thinking people are to survive the menace that is entangling the
world. In the area of ideological conflict, foreign policy and domestic
policy must necessarily be intergrated into a total national policy.
A policy which practices at home what is being fostered abroad. If
America is truly to be an arsenal of democratic principles, it must
first inspire and justify those principles by its own performance.
America must manage its affairs in such a fashion that her
domestic achievements will kindle in the hearts of its people
throughout the world an unshakeable faith in the validity of the
democratic system. Due to the world crisis and the rebellious in
stinct that are being developed in the minds and hearts of men who
are suffering the lack of freedom from fear and the want for secur
ity has necessitated the practice of democracy here in America now,
or it may falter, which could mean a very disasterous result.
Effective democratic government is the political anti-dote for
minority ills. The kind of democratic government that will sub
merge the communist influence into oblivion, is one of a dynamic
leadership that recognizes the human rights of all citizens, eliminates
the insecurity of this industrial age, and eradicates the stigma of
mass “inferior” and “superior” platitudes which have plagued man
from the dawn of creation.
• :
- - -- V,
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Spray New
To Kill
Tests have shown bitter weeds
can be controlled in summer
pastures, by spraying before cot
ton comes up. Cotton growing on
the same farm where pastures
should be sprayed for bitter
weeds in the summer has caused
the program to be a little slow.
The best adyice offered is
“spray before cotton is planted.”
There is still plenty of time to
do this before cotton comes up
and it is believed most bitter
weeds will be controlled by ear
ly spraying. *
If you do bitter weed spraying
and summer pasture spraying
and don’t use extra precautions
or do early spraying, weed con
trol program can be set back
because of damage that will be
That is why farmers who plan
to do bitter weed spraying are
urged to do this job now.
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faster submerged than on the
surface. They can fully submerge
in less than one minute.
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JUST THE FLICK OF A FINGER from a speeding automo
bile. A glowing cigarette lands in a clump of sun-dried
grass. In minutes, the roaring blaze of another range fire
races across the land.
Our open ranges are particularly susceptible to fire
because of the quickness with which the names spread.
The term "go like wildfire" is handed down from the
pioneers who knew only too well the dreaded speed and
devastation of these holocausts. \
Each year thousands of acres of valuable range lands
are blackened in the U.S. Range fires burn grain, cattle
and other livestock—destroy farms and ranches. The tragic
part of all this is that range fires can be prevented! Because
9 out of 10 range fires are caused by carelessness—yours
and your neighbor’s.
Pledge yourself to be extra careful this year with
matches, smokes, campfires, clearing fires—any fire. Make
sure every spark is out—dead out!
af*tr m*
Only you can
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