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Captive Audience
Prom the moment of their
election the propaganda begins.
First comes a sticker from the
Highway Patrol: This, plastered
on your windshield is a license
to kill yourself by ignoring the
speed laws—if you are foolish
enough to do so.
Every mail brings invitations
to visit somewhere—to eat a free
dinner—to inspect some facility
—to accept free football tickets—
to attend any theater in the state
—all for free.
Many legislators accept these
favors without a qualm. Many of
these invitations are not extended
gratuitously. Some of the favors
are timed just before the jolly
host has a juicy tid-bit of legisla
tion coming up for consideration.
^ Some of us/because of ethical
questions involved decline to ac
cept invitations or favors. One
legislator, who always accepts,
phrased his viewpoint like this:
“My obligation ends when I di
gest the meal.”
A large nun*bar of legislators
do not drink, are faithful to
their families and are of good
moral character. The few rot
ten apples in the legislative
barrel are proportionately no
higher than in any Other group.
Most of the stories of “wine,
women and song attributed to
the extracurricula activities of
the legislature are, pure fabrica
tion. The “song” picture is the
only one with verity. One of the
legislators is a fine gospel singer
and many members join him in
his songs.
Many strong and lasting friend
ships are formed on the floor of
the House. To lose one of these
friends because of defeat or the
friend’s failure to run for re-elec
tion, can bp a real blow. It can
also cause initial resentment
against his successor.
But with the passage of years,
a few legislators begin to believe
that they are a special type of
humanity, and entitled to special
privileges and prerogatives. They
are conditioned into this state by
theiF environment.
While an officer may be a
gentleman, by act of Congress,
a representative is a gentleman
by virtue of the rules of the
By custom and precedent, mem
bers of the House are treated as
if they were special characters.
If one of them becomes sick, and
misses a day or so, a resolution
of sympathy is usually adopted
It was reported that one mem
ber spent ajbad night and took a
day off. ToJhis surprise he found
on his return that a resolution
had been adopted expressing the
concern of the House. The author
of the resolution attributed his
of my friends unjustly suspected
that it was a hangover.
Since the House constitutes a
captive audience, it, has heaome
standing operatihg procedure to
invite distinguished citizens to
address joirit sessions of the leg
islature. Most of these “addresses
are a wastes of time and money.
During the past session we
were used as a captive udience
to listen to a cohcert* b
music excel
?Stly. To insure
Iahiw urac fnrr
even though many of those vot
ing to reconvene had no inten
tion of showing up—and didn’t.
Because of the peculiar make
believe we opei’ate under, truth
and frankness have become the
exception, rather than the rule.
In the articles to follow I hope
to give you a behind-the-scenes
look at your legislature. If you
want to check the accuracy of
this picture, visit your legislature
in action.
Public Libraries
Grow And Develop
Mississippi’s public libraries,
growing and developing to keep
pace with the state’s expanding
economy and increased indus
trialization, today offer a variety ‘
of special services to industry
and commerce such as a film lo
cation service.
Seventeen manufacturing con
cerns in the state are utilizing
this service with an occasional
use to a regular monthly show
ing. The information sought is
as varied as the things manufac
tured, or as technical as diagrams
of electrical layouts, or as com
plex as administrative behavior.
Read The Classified Ads.
'• V 'A
Super Highways
Now Underway
Within a few years. Mississip
pi^^ will be able to travel new
super highways. The economic j
impact of the new highway pro- j
gram, including the big new fed
eral interstate system, plus de
velopment of conventional high- j
ways, is expected to be consid
Construction alone will put
millions into the channels of
trade in Mississippi. In addition,
the record of other areas wheye
modern express-type highways j
have been built indicates eco- ;
nomic benefits that will continue
for generations.
It Pays To Read Classified Ads. j
Communities Buy
Industrial Sites
Throughout the state, commu
nities are purchasing industrial
sites as part of their campaigns
to attract new industry to their
respective communities. These j
areas usually are within or very
near a municipality and have
available such facilities as are |
sought by industry — electric
power, gas. sewerage, water, etc.
Give a small boy dad’s tools
and he’ll give the family home
wall to wall carpentering.
One serious lesson that life
teaches us is that one must be a j
comer, or you’re a goner.
A — '
Large area Man or Lady wanted to service and collect from
coin-operated dispensing equipment. 4 to 9 hours weekly j
earns operator up to $290 monthly. No age limit or selling
but must have car, references and $800 to $1600 working
j capital. For interview give personal particulars, phone num
ber. Write Box 4728, Dallas 6, Texas.
' -mu ^ ’ a* .• *
The Petal Papei
Entered aa second claae matter Aprt
t, 1954, at the Post Office at Petal, MM
•iaaippl, under Act ef March 9, 197a.
Reentered at Pascagoula. Ml SO
P. D, EAST .. Editor
PER YEAR ..99.99

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the many processing plants and compressor stations •• •
all vital elements in dependable natural gas service. !
But were still growing with the Gvtlf South. This year well flaw
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^sssetf ft*
ten it .nan utssutMJ t atua aai atM **>«* t,s,M.Mfj.o MfoCap

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