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East Side
lacking. Something was needed to hold things together; so
He created the balance of the world on the sixth day, and
rested on the seventh. And if you don't believe that is how a
Dixiecrat version of the Bible would read, just ask any Dixie
It has been several million years since we came down out
of the trees and stopped swinging by our tails; present indica
tions are however, that it will take several million more
years before we stop showing them.
! -
A Brookhaven bigot, Judge Tom P. Brady, has written a
book titled "Black Monday," and among other things has
hinted at impeaching the Supreme Court of the United States.
However, a review of the book will come at a later date.
There was one paragraph in the book that I will quote here.
"The loveliest and purest of God's creatures, the nearest
thing to an angelic being that treads this terrestrial ball is a
well-bred, cultured Southern white woman or her blue-eyed,
golden-haired little girl."
Most certainly I mean to say nothing adverse to Southern
ladies, or any other ladies for that part, but I thought it in
j teresting to note that last year in the state of Mississippi
there were some several hundred recorded illigimate births.
Heretofore it had never occured to me that angels just might
get pregnant.
I !
For God so loved Mississippi that He gave it judge tom
p. brady. (Not to be confused with John 3:16, please.) There
are many things of which Harvard University can be justly
proud, and one of the foremost is the fact that judge brady
attended Yale.
New Orleans paper. We do wish we could keep our politicians
at home.
Sen. Jenner (R-Ind) called Gov. Craig of Indiana a mon
key, and in turn was called neurotic (euphemism for nuts).
I The governor shouldn't be upset. As little as Jenner knows
about diplomacy, he probably knows even less about anthro
i In my office there's a cockroach who is fat, sleek, sassy,
and in his infinite stupidy, he seems to think he's intelligent.
To me he seems typical of today's successful politician, and
I have, in honor of a friend whom I admire and respect, nam
ed him Jim. Also, in my office there is a mess of tiny ants.
They have taken the place, paying no attention to the fact
that I have certain rights as he one who pays he rent. They
just walk over me like they would over anyone else who hap
pens in. Also, out of respect and admiration, I have named
them "The State Sovereignty Commission." Why don't I spra’y
and kill them off? Heaven forbid! This state couldn't operate
without cockroaches and ants.
Petal, I do have them elsewhere.
The breakdown is about like this:
20% to 25% of the circulation is
in Hattiesburg and Forrest Coun
ty. Approximately 40% is in the
state, and possibly as much as
75% is in the South. The rest is
scattered into all 49 states, Eng
land, Germany, Italy, Ireland,
France, Japan, Australia and Ha
waii. Not a single person in Petal
advertises with me, and not but
a few in Hattiesburg. However, I
get three utility ads from in the
state and one railroad account
from Washington. The income
from those limited ads and sub
scribers have kept the paper go
ing; however, Eve not declared
a dividend in some time now.
About the Negroes, that is a
difficult question. I don’t know
what their reaction to the paper
is; I have contact with but six
Negro men in the entire county.
I never ask them to buy ads in
my paper, and Eve never asked
anyone, white or colored, to buy
a subscription. The reason my
contact is so limited is because
I don’t want to do anything to
cause them any embarrassment
or trouble. I have a natural ten
dency to shake hands with
friends when I meet them and
one time I met a Negro friend at
the post office here in Hatties
burg and just stuck out my hand
because I was glad to see him.
Well, John, nothing came of it,
but that sort of thing isn’t done
around here. Had the wrong per
son seen the incident the Negro
could have been caused a great
deal of unwarrented pain. The
reason I don’t call on Negro bus
iness is because I don’t want
them to think they owe me any
thing; they don’t. After all, I’m
doing nothing for them; what I’m
trying to do is for my daughter
and myself.
By nature my wife and I are
not social minded, not to the
point that it bothers us too much
to be included out. She has three
or four friends; she paints cool
pictures and drinks warm beef.
All in all, I’d say she bears up
quite well. However, I know full
well that she is not unaware of
a certain strain. My daughter,
who’ll be six in January, has not
started to school. To date she has
suffered no stings because of her
father. I’m trying to teach her
self-reliance to the point that
she won’t have an ulcer, but will
cause them should the need arise.
As to quotes from the paper,
I’m sending along the enclosed
John, I hope you can use this
in the manner I’m sending it; in
short, I hope you will write the
article for me. If not, please call
me and let me know immediate
ly so I can see if I can do any
thing with it, which I doubt.
I would like to get this accept
ed for two reasons, the first of
which is so I can get your check
and second, so I can get to work
on a speech I have to make to
some students in New Orleans.
Ask About Our
Set Your Own Limit
Pay It In 6 Months
Your Purchase $120.00
Your Payments
$20.00 p“Monih
Small Carrying Charge *4
For DetoiU
At The Office Of
Hattiesburg** Quality Depart meat fleet
Book Review...
tion of the Good Guys, and the
' varying success of several lobbies
[ — oil, billboards and gas.
; You have favorites among Her
‘ block’s cartoons? They’re here.
wished to pur
instant sci
’caveman vjho says on
i^n^he flight of a narrow that
it’s a neat trick with no signifi
cance; the two DAR aghast at the
sight of a globe for sale; the FBI
chief who avers the Supreme
Court “must . . . join all the
forces for good in protecting so
But one shouldn’t sink too
deeply and comfortably into an
\ easy chair with this book. Her
block is deeply concerned with
the follies of government and
there is a great deal of pleasure
in seeing the needle sink in. But
he’s also concerned with the in
dolence and complacency of the
citizenry, and it could be that be
fore you reach the last page you
will begin to feel a few sharp
pricks yourself. .,
Something should be said a
bout Herblock’s talent with a
typewriter: that he writes almost
as well as he draws should be
praise enough for the nation s
best cartoonist. (Nieman Report)
Your phone instantly closes the miles
between you and out-of-town friends
and loved ones. Just reach for your phono
and call them Long Distance.
Southern Bell In Mississippi

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