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In times past when I presented lessons from the citizen
councils Manual FOR SOUTHERNERS I was honest in tell
ing you why I was passing the great ideals along to you.
For the most part, the lessons have been presented as
a public service, for that reason and nothing more. How
ever, once, when the citizens council was about to take
office as Governor of the State of Mississippi, I admitted
to "social climbing" by presenting a lesson. Needless to
say, nothing came of it; I have yet to be invited to the
Mansion in Jackson. My ambition got the best of me, I m
frank to admit.
Therefore, my reasoning is no longer ruled by such
motivations; my desire is simple: to give you, as parents,
something to be used toward education. Yes, use the follow
ing lesson and teach your children how to be Bigger and
Better Bigots. The following is Section II of Part 5, for
grades 5 and 6. If this is too advanced, then please write
the citizens councils of America, Jackson, Miss, and ask
them to supply the necessary material to making the chil
dren of this nation bigots with completely closed minds.
And do act today, please; too many children are learning
to think tor themselves.
And now, dear parents, from A MANUAL FOR
But the Race-Mixers are forcing us to mix our races in
America. Most of the people don’t want to mix the races. So
you see, the Race-Mixers are like the Communists. They are
a few men who want to make the rest of our people be
slaves to them and do as they say. These people are trying
to change our way of life. They know we will be unhappy
if we change. Then our country will not be strong.
Do you see how it would help the Communists if our
country became weak? They could beat us in war if we be
came weak. And mixing our races will make our country
weak. They are helping the Communists. They are enemies
of the freedom and strength of a white America that your
Daddies have fought for.
Some of you have been told that you are not a Christian
if you don’t want to mix with another race. That is not true,
either. The Bible teaches you to keep the races pure. In Acts
17:26 you can read God’s plan about the races. It says that
God segregated (separated) the races by putting them in
different parts of the world.
It is not God who wants to integrate the races. To inte
grate the races means to have them live with each other and
marry each other. It is the Race-Mixers who want to inte
grate the races. Integration always leads tbe races to marry
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proach To Child Rearing, by A. S.
Neill. Hart Publishing, $5.75.
“Obviously, a school that makes
active children sit at desks, study
ing mostly uninteresting subjects
is a bad school,” so writes A. S.
Neill in his new book.
In Neill’s school, Summerhill,
which he has directed for about
40 years he has followed the princ
iple of freedom for the child in
everything that pertains to the
child himself and that does not
interfere with the freedom of oth
ers, children or adults. He main
tains that “a child is innately wise
and realistic.” He holds “that the
aim in life is to find happiness,
which means to find interest.” He
calls to our attention the fact that
our education, politics, economics,
medicine and religion have not
abolished the evils that they are
supposed to alleviate. Wars, de
sease, usury, robbery are still the
order of the day—Why? Because
we have not permitted the chil
dren to grow up to maturity by
way of their own experience and
their crude, undeveloped ability.
Instead of permitting the child to
find out about life and his own
potentialities, thru his activities,
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Dear P. D.
My fortune (and your second
one) is made! No more grubbing
around for crumbs in the broad
casting business or scrabbling
about trying to sell tiresome peo
ple tiresome houses. I’ve hit upon
THE idea!
How often have you heard an
indignant citizen proclaim heated
ly and with undeniable resolve, “If
they don’t like it here who don’t
they just go to . . (insert here
Russia, China, the Congo or any
of the several other places usually
cited). You see, right there it is
—an untouched gold mine!
My plan is to establish a travel
agency which will make it possible
for patriotic organizations and in
dividuals to book passage for those
among us who are not happy with
the American Way. I believe that
many, in fact, most of the mal
contents and agitators who dispar
’20s sent so many troublesome
age our way of life, who continual
ly point to the inequities and the
failings of our society are just
the type of people who would be
glad to leave our shores, and es
pecially at someone else’s expense!
I intend to name my company
menorate the splendid work of At
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A Personal Point Of View—
Blessed Are The Damned
I am extremely glad not to have
to be Saint Peter guarding the
Gates, all day long meeting ap
plicants and all day having to turn
a thumbs up or a thumbs down—
thumbs up you pass through the
Pearly Gates into an Eternal Par
adise flowing with milk and hon
ey, where ail God’s chillun got
shoes; thumbs down you descend
into the flames (not the hottest
of flames, for they do not get
white hot—but hot enough to make
it a most uncomfortable place for
the passing of eternity). Upon
meeting Saint Peter, already “Les
Jeux Sont Fait.” One cannot get
in line again, hoping Saint Peter
may relent and turn his thumb the
other way.
I would not want Saint Peter’s
job for all the joys of heaven. Such
a terrible responsibility would
drive me to drink and perhaps to
other habits which society frowns
upon until I become no better than
the people to whom I turn thumbs
If the experience of life has
taught me anything, it is that no
man is all goodness and all had
ness. It therefore seems unfair
that all men should face an eter
n i t v nf pithpr linmarrprl linpv
celled bliss or of horrible, fiendish
punishment. I am certain that there
must be many people who are
borderline cases. Even if the qual
ifications for admission are as ar
bitrary as “Do you believe or not?”
there will be some who believe but
have doubts, others who doubt but
half believe. And there will be
many who were never taught
Christianity, so couldn’t ever have
been in a position where it was
possible to believe; there will be
many insane people whose minds
are unable to grasp the meaning
of any religious concepts.
I am certain that the most ar
dent atheist in the world, after he
is dead and sees the line of people
before the Gate of Judgment must
suddenly believe as ardently as
the most devout of clergymen. But
by then will it be too late?
Are men condemned to hell be
cause they would not have faith
after a diligent search could not
reveal to him the proofs that they
required before they would be
lieve? In a world where the very
experience of life continually
mocks and deceives the innocent,
the trusting, the benevolent — in
such a world is a man to be con
demned to hell for not accepting
the Truth on blind faith, or for ac
cepting some heretical belief on
blind faith which only after death
was it revealed to him to have
been contrary to the True faith?
Many clregymen do mot hesi
tate to lay down the rules by
which they believe Saint Peter de
cides which way to turn his thumb,
yet the clergy cannot agree among
♦•themselves upon just what stan
dards in life constitute the mini
mum for a passing grade. I think
that Saint Peter must also some
times have trouble in deciding
whether or not a man must burn
for eternity. I only hope he re
members his own weakness in
having denied Jesus three times
before the cock crowed.
By Saint Peter’s standards I may
well deserve to go to hell, but of
one thing I am thoroughly con
vinced — If I had had the great
privilege of knowing Jesus person
ally and of being one of His fol
lowers, I would gladly have gone
to the cross also rather than de
sert Him. And not one of Jesus’
disciples can make that statement.
And if I had Saint Peter’s pres
ent job, there is no doubt the way
I would judge others. I would
open the Gates wide and shout,
“Everyone is welcome. Blessed
are you all. Blessed are the saint
ly. Blessed also are the damned!”
And if any hypocrit who led a
“saintly” life should complain that
he is too good for the company of
the others; let him beware, for I
might send him down below until
he learns a little tolerance and
J Life is hell. It is a terrible lot
I tery, an awful game whereby no
one really wins and none ever sur
, vive. As reward for having to
struggle through life on earth,
heaven is but a fitting payment.
The clergyman with his crusad
ing spirity strives to save all men
by convincing them that they must
accept his own interpretations of
what is the correct route to heav
en. He tries to see that everyone
receives a Ticket of Admission, but
for a price. And though he claims
the price is a small one (and so it
is, assuming the reward for paying
that price is as claimed), the
clergyman’s success, relative to his
great ambition, is pitifully small.
As distinct from him, I am much
less crusading; I simply attempt
to argue all men past the Gates.
Jesus taught that prayers are an
swered, and I have prayed earnest
ly for the salvation of all men. I
earnestly admonish the church to
forgive the enemies of the church,
Saint Peter to “give to him that
asketh thee,” and God to abide by
many of the teachings of Jesus,
to love His enemies, bless them
that curse Him, do good to them
that hate Him; for if He love them
which love Him, what reward has
He? Do not even the publicans
do the same? God maketh His sun
to rise on the evil and on the
good, and sendeth rain on the just
and unjust. Therefore, why should
not God also open up the Gates of
heaven to all?
My argument, however logical
and praiseworthy it may be, cer
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