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11 will be my place of business for Uj
{] the next year. In
| Best $5 paints jjj
3 of?
U , 111
a Made to measure: [u
n Made on the spot'
* Made while you wait! j{]
3 (Ay $'5 nad<?-to- g
jjj Order Juits
will open ycur eyes. Store will [Jj
be in shape in a day or two. fu
Remember, I will occupy the
entire building.
/\ L ^yi LSON.
Of the Young Men’s Hebrew Association Will
Be Het3 at 9 O’Clock This Morning.
This morning the committee of the
Young Men’s Hebrew association hold a
special meeting in their rooms, third
floor, 213-215 Nineteenth street, for the
purpose of preparing and revising a new
constitution and by-laws for the govern
ment of this largely Increasing associa
The committee on membership also
meet to discuss the situation and to pass
upon a number of applications which
they have in hand.
Commencing tomorrow (Monday) night
the rooms will be thrown open to the
members of the association and will con
tinue nightly, and every night a different
member of the several committees of the
association will be In charge. The large
library, all prominent periodicals and
books, also the dally papers will be on file
for the perusal of those attending. The
social feature, such as domino, chess,
checkers and literary discussion will be
Indulged In by those so wishing, and
with the complete renovation of the
rooms and decorations completed as con
templated, the members of the associa
tion will be afforded all the pleasure,
amusement and past time that they could
wish for.
The regular programme of lectures
will be commenced the first week In No
vember and two or more lectures each
month will be had. The regular monthly
entertainments and dances will be in
dulged In and the opening ball will prob
ably occur the second or third week in
The officers intend to maintain in every
way the plans and programme thus laid
out, and If the members will only co
operate with them I he Young Men's He
brew association will prove Itself all that
It Is Intended for.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
Show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
Wedding invitations en
- graved in the very latest and
newest forms. Smith & Mont
gomery Book and Stationery
Company. io-6-2t
fireman Ji,e Allman or the L. fit N. Has His
Collar Bone Broken.
About 11 o’clock last night Joe Allman,
a fireman on an Louisville and Nash
ville engine, was struck by a piece of
slag, thrown by an unknown party, and
had bis collar bone broken. He was fir
ing the engine, which was pulling Super
intendent Newbold’s private car, and as
they approached the south yards In this
city the slag was thrown.
Detectives, with dogs, were sent out as
soon as they could be secured to run
down the culprit who had thrown the
slag, but at last reports they had not suc
ceeded In finding him.
We are receiving daily se
lect lots of New York State
cheese. Send us your order.
Williams, Marks & Norton,
2023 and 2025 Morris avenue.
The friends and acquaintances of Mr. and
Mrs. It. T. Beggs are invited to attend the
funeral of the latter from the family resi
dence, 422 Sixteenth street, north, this after
noon at 3 o'clock.
Interment at Oak 11111 cemetery.
Mr. Moore of Talladega Loses His Bag
Mr. J. R. Moore of Talladega, Ala., ar
rived In the'city last night and employed
• negro street urchin to carry his valise
from the depot. He went Into one of the
clothing stores on First avenue for the
purpose of making a purchase, leaving
his grip In charge of the boy. When he
returned to the door the boy and grip
were missing. The valise contained a
new suit of clothes and other articles.
baby growth
' The baby’s mission is
growth. To that little bun
dle of love, half trick, half
dream, every added ounce
of flesh means added hap
piness and comfort! Fat is
the signal of perfect health,
comfort, good nature, baby
beauty. ■«* —
■ Scott’s Emulsion, with
hypophosphites, is the eas
iest fat-food baby can ha ve,
in the easiest form. It sup
plies just what he cannot
get in his ordinary food,
and helps him over the
weak places to perfect
Scott & Bowxi, Chemists, New York, 50c. and f 1.00
It ty'as Formall/ CpeneJ Yesterday With Ap
propriate Cerem >nie3—Macchi's Col
leciion Preserved to V,r. Collier.
Atlanta, Oct. 5.—The foreign section of
the exposition was formally opened to
day at the manufacturers a:ui literal
arm builuing by Air. A. Mucc.ji, co..»
iniNMioner-geiierai tor Europe. tn\^J*
tious had been issued to tne davciors
and otllcers of the exposition atia Ovoer
u^tiiuUits ana a large crovVa a.^euiunM
to witness tne exercises. Vice-ivesiuent
iieinpinii, cna.liman 01 the committee on
Ctituiuiticit, openeu uie exercises uy in
troducing uouunisbioncr-General Macon.,
who ut'uveitM a spcevu 01 great interest.
He saiu tliai only seven numns ago he
began tile worn in uonao.i. iae at once
sent special coiiunisstuners to eacn of
tne important cyuntries oi Europe. At
tne same time a royal commission repre
senting tne exposition m Tasmania, an
other commission representing tne ex
hibit at Bordeaux and another represent
ing the exhibit at Boraeaux and another
representing the Amsterdam exposition,
all well supplied witn funds, Were can
vassing Europe for exhibits. He began
work tor the Cotton States and Interna
tional exposition and secured nearly ten
times as many exhibits as the other threi
put together. The display itself show's
the exhibits to be of the highest charac
ter. ••Today,” said he, ‘everybody on
the face of the globe knows where Atlan
ta is. The name of Atlanta has been
printed in large letters in every
newspaper in the world and in every
language. All the world has turned its
eye on Atlanta, and your growing city
and state has been the subject of discus
sion at millions of firesides. You have
done in a few months what it has taken
other cities years to achieve. This ex
position will mark the milestone of prog
ress in this state. We have here people
'from all parts of the world, living on the
best terms, and this exposition will be
the means of tightening the bonds of
friendship among the people of both
hemispheres. This is the most gratify
ing result which could be desired.”
Mr. Macchi then formally presented
the foreign exhibits to the director-gen
eral, Mr. Collier. The president and di
rector-general responded in a brief, but
happy, speech. Among other things he
said, after calling attention to the inter
national character of the displays:
mere is no just idea oi me progress
of the world which does not In gratitude
and honor recognize the fact that the civ
ilization which has glorified I his hemis
phere was brought from the other, and
while we believe that a larger and better
destiny of man has been revealed here,
we still turn to the antique homes of our
ancesters and find a light and elevation
in the work of our distant kindred.
They have brought to us beauteous
specimens of their craft and have tem
pered in some degree the Insular opinion
that the mind and hand cit a man are no
where producing results comparable to
those which they reveal to us under our
own clime. They have done more. They
have brought a closer friendship and
kindled a kindlier feeling between na
tions, which though far apart, are work
ing together for a common aim."
Mr. Collier then formally accepted the
European exhibits.
Commissioner-General Macchl conduct
ed the party through the French section,
where a speech was delivered by Mr.
Saulay, the French special agent, des
ignated by his government to represent
the exhibits by that country. Mr. Saulay
said that the French government had
given Its moral support to the exposition
and had officially recognized the exposi
tion by sending a consul-general to at
tend the opening exercises and to report
on the exposition.
A collation followed the exercises.
After a triumphal tour of the eastern
United States and the provinces of Can
ada, Sells Bros', enormous united shows
have Inaugurated a ten weeks' tour of
the southern states, and will exhibit In
Birmingham on Saturday, October 12. In
bringing their big amusement enterprise
south the Sells Bros, have not curtailed
their performances, as is generally the
case with most circus, but instead have
added many new and novel features, thus
maintaining the reputation for square
dealing that has always been their's In
this territory. The show this season is
of colossal proportions and everywhere
conceded by the press to be the biggest
and best enterprise of the kind ever trans
ported about the country.
The menagerie alone will be found a
great feature and splendid school of in
struction. In fifty emblazoned cages will
be found the rarest collection of wild and
domesticated animals ever'seen under a
circus canvas. Embraced In this collec
tion are a monster pair of hippopotami,
whose equal cannot be produced; giant
royal Bengal tigers, lions from Asia and
Africa, a flock of ostrichs, a troupe of
educated seals and sea lions, and scores
of other animals too numerous to men
In the circus proper ISO performers will
do marvelous and thrilling acts. The
acme of perfection In animal training will
be seen in the performances of the edu
cated seals and other animals. Wild
west features will be presented In a suffl
ciency not tiresome and not attended by
dangerous shooting of arms. There will
be clowns, a score of them, good old
fashioned clowns, headed by that veter
an prince of entertainers, Mr. John Low
low. There will be twenty exciting hip
podrome races to conclude a performance
of more than two hours' duration. On
the morning of exhibition day a brilliant
street pngeajrt will traverse the principal
streets of the city.
We are in the old stand for
a day or so longer. Periodical
tickets taken on all school sup
plies. Smith & Montgomery
Book and Stationery Co.
Fresh bread and candy made
daily at C. W. Cody’s, 1820 to
1826 3d avenue. its V 2P
For the Purpose of Obtaining a Reduction
in Car Fare.
I An informal teachers’ meeting was
held at Loveman, Joseph & Loeb’s yes
Jerday afternoon for the purpose of try
ing to see If the street railroad company
could be induced to consider the teachers
as city officials and give them reduced
rates on their car lines. There are only
about fifteen of the teachers who use the
cars in going to and from school, but
these live one, two or even three miles
from their building and walk, because
they feel that with our present short
school year they must save all they can
for expenses during the long vacation.
They say this does very well in I he
morning, when the teacher is fresh from
a night's rest, but in the afternoon, tired
out with their day's work, it is with slow
and heavy footsteps that they take their
homeward way. They say the policemen
ride free and. that the aldermen have
passes for themselves and families and
doubtless other officials have like privi
leges, and they think the teachers have
a hand if not a voice In the city govern
ment, as they have the care of Its future
law makers. They say they would not
for the world cripple the street railroad
company financially, but they th'nk th-y
might have a book at half rate, and th°n
they could ride, and with grateful hearts
thank the company.
Mayor VanHorse Throws Turfs Cf Grass at
Procrastination- Stones May
To the Citizens of Birmingham:
I dislike exceedingly to further call
your attention to the foci and th.us pub
lish our untidiness abroad to the world;
that there are yet many of our citizens,
1 >th white and b'ick, who have not
cleaned off their sidewalks and appar
ently have paid no earthly attention to
the repeated notices and warnings that
the police would after October 6 rigidly
arrest those who have not obeyed the
law of tidiness as well as of the city.
This is true not only of many of those
who have to rise early and labor hard
all day, for whom there is much excuse,
but is also true of many who are able to
hire labor to do it.
I cannot and will not believe that so
many of our people either prefer dirty,
unkept sidewalks, back yards and alleys
or boldly defying this law, which is now
the universal rule In every live town.
It surely must be due to the duties and
demand for labor caused by so much fit
ting up and changing on the 1st.
If I really thought that the people cf
this city largely prefer siith wretched
looking sidewalks, yards and alleys as
we have yet In so many places I would
hide my head as mayor In shame and
beg the weeds and grass to grow and
stay high enough to entirely hide us
from the gaze of the northern and east
ern visitors.
Citizens of Birmingham, let. me beg
you to bestir yourselves about this clean
ing up business. Cut the weeds, clean
up your lots. Spend a little money to
show the world that we are alive, not
dead and buried under vllalnous weeds
or covered up with old tin cans, ashes
or trash.
With, as you know full well, little or
no means at our command the city is try
ing hard with the street hands to do the
many things asked for. You must co
operate. You must help. Let everybody
clean up.
Let every citizen, white and black,
take a special pride in seeing how neat
and clean their own lot, sidewalk, gut
ter and alley can be kept, so that vis
itors will speak of us with pride and
pleasure, and not laugh at us as a dirty,
badly kept city.
The time has been extended to Monday,
October 14. Please don’t abuse the in
dulgence. Very respectfully,
,T. A. VANHOOSE, Mayor.
You are cordially invited to
attend our grand millinery
Monday and Tuesday,
October 7 and 8.
Loveman, Joseph & Loeb.
Close of Oakley Races.
Cincinnati, O., Oct. 5.—The fail racing
meeting at Oakley closed today with a
great attendance; fast track, fine weather
and five good races, the chief of which
was the Moerletn Brewing Company
slakes, valued at $2500. It was hand
somely won by Jockey Chorn with Free
Advice at 8 to 1 in the betting. The
meeting has been a success in every par
ticular, well attended with high class
racing and free from scratches. About
all the stables move from Oakley across
the river to Latonla, which opens Mon
day. Summaries;
First race, five and a half furlongs —
Miss Maxim, 107 (TuberviUe), 3 to 1, won;
Scuffle second, Feat third. Time, 1:08.
Second race, seven furlongs—Queen
Bird, 107 (J. Hill), 7 to 1, won; Porthes
second. Sunset third. Time, 1:2914.
Third race, six furlongs—Sir Dilke, 100
(Chorn), 13 to 5, won; Squire G. second,
LaGalondrina third. Time, 1:1514.
Fourth race, Moerletn Brewing stakes,
one mile and a quarter—Free Advice, 107
(Chorn), 8 to 1, won; Simon W. second,
Buckmassie third. Time, 2:08+4.
Fifth race, seven furlongs, selling—
Springvale, 107 (Bergen), 4 to 1, won;
Uncle Henry second, Carrie Lyle third.
Time, 1:28%.
Gravesend Results.
Gravesend Race Track, Oct. 5.—The
weather today was perfect for racing
and the card presented here was a bril
liant one. The fields were not large, but
several of the best horses in training
clashed in the various events. The spec
tators, however, did not turn out in their
usual great number, consequently the
crowd was slim. The two events on the
programme around which considerable
interest centered were the Prospect hand
icap of the value of $3000 for 2-year-olds
and the Fulton handicap of the value of
$2000 for 3-year-olds. The former event
was won by Ben Brush, the favorite,
without the semblance of an effort, by
two lengths from Crescendo, with Hand
spring third. The Fulton handicap was
captured by Flying Dutchman at odds
of 4 to 1, defeating Annisette by a nose.
Counter Tenor fell back, beatened at the
sixteenth post, and finished third. The
honors in the selling race for 2-year-olds
were carried oft by Bloomer, who de
feated the favorite by a short head.
First race, one mile—Bampllghler, 110
(Simms), 2 to 1, won; Cash Day second,
Gotham third. Time, 1:42*4.
Second race, a mile and one furlong—
Connoisseure, 103 (Griffin), 2 to 1, won;
Pepper second. The Swain third. Time,
Third race, the Prospect handicap, six
furlongs—Ben Brush, 104 (Simms), even,
won; Crescendo second, Handspring
third. Time, 1:15*4
Fourth race, the Fulton handicap, a
mile and one-sixteenth—Flying* Dutch
man, 123 (Doggett), 4 to 1, won; Annisette
second. Counter Tenor third. Time, 1:49*4.
Fifth race, five and one-half furlongs—
Bloomer, 103 (J. Murphy), 3 to 1. won;
Captive second. Carib third. Time, 1:08%.
Sixth race, six furlongs—Wernberg, 113
(Taral), 4 to 1, won; Derfadgilla second,
Key West third. Time, 1:15V4.
Looking Better and Brighter—A New Lease on
The spirit of improvement is abroad In
the city. New evidences of thrift and en
terprise are everywhere apparent. The
march of progress Is keeping time to a
quicker step. Capt. Paul Gliardoni is at
the head of the general advance on the
forces of doubt and despair. He has re
fitted and re-furnished Paul’s cafe until
it Is a gem of gastronomic delight. He
still claims that it is the "only second
class restaurant in the south," but his
patrons differ with him. He feels under
many obligations to his friends for their
patience in bearing with him until the
improvements were made, but now h. is
prepared to entertain "ail the world and
the rest of mankind."
Anarchism Prevails in Crete.
Bondon, Oct. 5.—A dispatch to the Cen
tral News from Athens, Greece, says
that anarchy prevails throughout the
island of Crete, and murders were fre
quent. The governor of the island has
forwarded his resignation to Constanti
nople. The Cretans have submitted a
statement of their grievances to the rep
resentatives of. the powers, tije Grecian
consul at Canea having informed a Cre
tan delegation that Greece was unable to
intervene In their hehalf.
The Electropoise Was Used With
Its Usual Good Effects.
tViil Do All That Is Claimed for It
and Much More.
I have a near neighbor named Bene
field, who is a fisherman and has a large
family. Sometime since he went up a
marshy creek some distance on a fishing
trip and was gone three or four days,
being accompanied by two of his boys.
On his return home from this trip one of
the boys was very sick, and had a high
fever and a bowel trouble. He went to
bed Immediately on getting home, and
was extremely ill, not being able to move
himself in bed for twenty-four hours,
and was in a very critical condition.
I told Mr. Benefield that If he would
not laugh at me that I would put the
Electropoise on him and cure him. He
said that he would be glad to have me
use it, so 1 applied it with plenty of ice,
and In half an hour was able to note a
change, while he continued to Improve all
night. In a day or two he was entirely
well, and has been ever since.
We believe that it will do all that is
claimed for It. and are willing to make
an affidavit to that effect. Mr. and Mrs.
Benefield will willingly testify to the
above. Yours truly,
West Monroe, I,a., July 28, 1895.
A book of complete Information by mail
to any address.
223 Twenty-first Street.
Birmingham, ----- Alabama.
Alabama Press Association to Meet in Com
mercial Club Rooms, Birmingham,
October 8 and 9.
The Alabama Press association will
meet in Birmingham on October 8 and 9.
The meeting will be held In the Commer
cial dub rooms.
Official Programme-First Dav.
Heading minutes.
Calling roll of members.
Applications for membership.
Collecting dues and membership fees.
Report of treasurer.
Appointment of committees.
Annual address of the president.
Motions and resolutions.
Annual essay by W. H. H. Judson of
the Bessemer Weekly.
Annual poem by H. S. Doster of Pratt
ville Progress.
Historical paper on the "Press of Ala
bama," by W. W. Screws of the Mont
gomery Advertiser.
-Annual address by C. P. Lane of the
Huntsville Tribune.
“Foreign Advertising. Rates and Posi
tion”—John C. Williams,Mountain Home,
"Legal Advertising"—C. J. Hildreth,
New Decatur Advertiser.
"Moral Elevation of the Press"—Rufus
N. Rhodes, Birmingham News.
"Woman In Journalism”—Miss Marga
ret E. O’Brien, State Herald, Birming
"Journalistic Ethics”—James H. Nun
nellee, Selma Times.
"How to Make a Daily Paper Pay in a
Small T<Swn"—W. D. Jelks, Eufaula
Meeting of the revision and member
ship oommittee.
Miscellaneous business.
Selecting a place for next meeting.
Election of officers.
Appointment of executive committee.
Appointment of delegates to the Na
tional Editorial association.
After the business Is transacted the
association will leave Birmingham in a
body for the Atlanta exposition, over the
Southern railroad, in special sleepers pro
vided for them. Transportation to At
lanta will be issued to each person on
the first day of the association, and
every member Is earnestly requested to
be present. Special rates have been pro
vided for the members of the association
at the Morris hotel and Florence hotel.
All arrangements for hotels, admission
Into the exposition and other courtesies
have been arranged for the party at At
lanta. Very respectfully,
Secretary Alabama Press Association.
10c for the round trip today.
Bessemer and Birmingham
A Lynching Near Troy.
Cincinnati, O., Oct. B.—The Post’s spe
cial from Troy, Ala., says Tobe McGrody,
colored, assaulted Mrs. Gus Berry near
Perote yesterday, choking her and leav
ing her unconscious In the road. Dep
uty Sheriff Chancery captured McOrodv
last night .and was bringing him to Jail
here, when he was met by a mob. Mc
Grody sprung from the deputy's buggy
and fled to the woods. The mob fired
twenty shots at him, riddling him with
In Our Great Grandfather’s Time,
big bulky pills were in
general use. Liketbe
that decade they
were big and clum
sy, but ineffec
tive. In this cent
ury of enlight
enment, we have
Dr. Pierce’s
Pleasant Pel
lets, which
cure all liver,
stomach and
bowel derange
ments in the
most effective
Assist Nature
a little now and then, with a gentle,
cleansing laxative, thereby removing of
fending matter from the stomach and
bowels, toning up and invigorating the
liver and quickening its tardy action,
and yon thereby remove the cuuse of a
multitude of distressing diseases, such as
headaches, indigestion, or dyspejisia,
biliousness, pimples, blotches, eruptions,
boils, constipation, piles, fistulas and
maladies too numerous to mention.
If people would pay more attention to
properly rcgululing the action of their
bowels, they would have less fre
quent occasion to call for their doctor's
services to subdue attacks of dangerous
(1 i.scflscs.
That, of all known agents to accom
plish tin's purpose, Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets are uncqualed, is proven by the
fact that once used, they are always in
favor. Their secondary effect is to keep
the lxnvels open and regular, not to fur
ther constipate, as is the ease with other
pills. Hence, their great popularity,
with sufferers from habitual constipation,
piles and indigestion.
A free sample of the “ Pellets,’" (4 to 7
doses) on trial, is mailed to any address,
post-paid. 011 receipt of name and address
on postal card.
Address, Worlu’s Dispensary Mi;Di
or. ASSOCIATION, Buffalo, N. V.
Will Take Place
October 7 and 8,
At Our Old Stand.
We shall display 500 trimmed
Hats and Bonnets. Genuine Paris
Hats, Toques and Bonnets and
the artistic creations of our own
No Cards, lverybcdy cordially
inv ited. Res[ ectfully,
Hirsch Dry Goods
& Millinery Co.
Grand Fall O betting of Mil
hnery, Dress Goods, Silks and
Wraps on Tuesday and Wed
nesday, October 8th and Qthy
The Trade Palace,
jc)2i and 1923 Second Avenue.
^PEinnl of all kinds. Everything that is used in
* • • the school room. There can be no ques
Ci irvnl tion about the price. We must be right.
>0 LT |s-/jvJllOO Come in and see. Ask all the
you wish. We have the neatest
Baskets, Tablets and Composition
line of School Satchels and
Books to be had.
2022 First Avenue

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