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A Big
Lift That,
and It will probably floor him. Our Car
pets are bound to get there somehow.
Any floor we cover is just about as hand
some as covering can make them,
with us.
Find out the quantity you need.
Come Monday.
2028 and 2030 Corner Second Avenue and
Twenty-first Street.
Inmates of the Sailors’ Home Must Go Home
to Vote.
New York, Oct. 11.—Justloe Gaynor,
sitting in Long Island City, filed a deci
sion yesterday which disfranchises, so
far as the island is concerned, between
900 and 1000 men. The decision practi
cally wipes an entire election district
Of the town of Castleton. The action in
which the decision is rendered was
brought by the attorney-general at the
instance of Good Government clubsmen
on Staten island.
Thomas H. Meyers, an inmate of the
Sailors’ Home, at Snug Harbor, was
ohosen as an election officer in Snug
Harbor and the little adjoining territory,
which makes up the Ninth election dis
trict of the town of Castleton. The ac
tion sought to oust Meyers from his po
sition as an lnspeotor of elections in the
Ninth district. Justice Gaynor found
that the inmates of the home cannot vote
there, as they still retain their old homes
from which they originally came, and
mu3t vote from there. Both republican
and democratic leaders when seen last
night said they were glad the case had
been decided as it had.
The World's Fair Tests
showed no baking powder
so pure or so great In leav
ening power as the Royal.
Claims to Be a Voodoo Doctor—Avers* to
Bones and Chickens.
There is quite a freak in the city in
the person of an eccentric negro youth,
whose odd delusion attracts considerable
attention on the streets. He says that
he is a voodoo doctor, and that he is
a South American negro, from "no town
in particular**' The appearances are
that he is from a remote region of Es
cambia county, Alabama. He claims a
supernatural power, which will enable
him to remove warts, corns, bunions,
oto., with a pass of his hand. He ac
knowledges an aversion to "chickens”
and "bloody bones." _
If you want neat rooms and
good board call on Mme. Hol
brook & Davis. io-ii-iw
The French-Hova Treaty.
Paris, Oct. 11.—The Matin says that the
treaty of peace made by the French com
mander in Madagascar with the- Hova
government provides that no territorial
concession shall be made by the Hova
government without the consent 01
France, and that the concessions that
have already been granted may be can
celled. Under these provisions the grants
pf vast tracts of country obtained from
the Hova premier hy Englishmen and
Germans may be withdrawn.
Bidders wanted for dam
age! millinery stock in bulk.
10-ll-2t 182S 2d avenue.
A Railroad Wreck.
Fredericksburg, Va., Oct. 11.—There
was a serious wreck of two freight trains
at Potomac Run, eight miles from this
city, on the Richmond, Fredericksburg
and Potomac railroad, today. Both en
gines were demolished, two men are re
ported Injured and several cars smashed.
No trains can get through and mail
trains are going over theySouthern rail
the great
Its cures of torturing, disfiguring, humili
ating humors are the most wonderful ever
Sold throughout the world. British depot: Nf.w
BUY, x, King EdVard-st., London. Potter I)ruu
ft Chbm. Core., Sole Props., Boston, U. S. A.
poW on pale!
Dutch Flower Bulbs
In Great Variety.
The President Has Started for Washington in
the Steam Yacht Oneida—He Will
Fish on the Way.
Buzzard's Bay. Mass., Oct. 11.—The
president has concluded his vacation, so
far as Gray Gables is concerned, and
left at. 5:15 thij afternoon on the steam
yftoht Oneida as the guest of Comn*>dore
Benedict. ^Private Secretary Thurber ac
companied them. Mrs. Cleveland, the
chulldren and other members wf the fam
ily will leave next Tuesday in a special
car. The president’s entire journey to
Washington will be made on the Oneida,
a trip never before made, as the presi
dent generally sails only as far as New
York, where a train ih taken for Wash
ington. They will proceed leisurely along
the sound and may stop and tlsh if the
water is favorable. The president plans
not to arrive Iri Washington before Mon
day. In speaking of his vacation the
president said it had been a most enjoy
able one. The weather for the most part
Tias been exceedingly pleasant and fish
ing in both fresh and salt water was nev
er better. There have been compara
tively few callers of a political or office
seeking character and the president has
had most of the time to himself. One
thing is certain, and it was corroborated
by Private Secretary Thurber today, that
Is. in no time of the seasons past has the
president been called upon to attend to
such a volume of government matter as
this year. The president has enjoyed ex
cellent health this summer and lie plain
ly shows It. In fact he Is fully rested
and In the best of health and spirits and
in splendid condition to take up business
affairs at Washington.
He and Fitz Are Afraid of Getting Into
San Antonio, Tex., Oct. XI.—Private ad
vices were received here from Austin to
day that the Travis grand jury would
return an indictment against Corbett
and Fttzsifnmons. Immediately upon re
ceiving this informsiCon Manager Brady
decided to get Corbett out of the state
as soon as possible so as to place him out
of reach of the Texas authorities. Brady
left for Hot Springs, where he will ascer
tain for himself whether or not the tight
can be pulled off there and if he finds it
can he will secure training quarters for
the champion and the entire party will
be removed to the new battle ground
within the next few days.
Corbett was very despondent over the
outlook today. The unlooked for opposi
tion of Governor Clark makes it very
doubtful whether the fight can be pulled
off at Hot Springs. The champion said
this evening:
•'Fitz is preparing to get out of the
state to avoid the possibility of arrest,
and I do not want to remain here and be
placed in the clutches of the law while
he goes free. I am tired of this persistent
persecution on the part of Governor Cul
berson and it is probable that I will re
move my training quarters to Hot
Springs within the next few days. This
is a splendid training place and I shall
regret to leave."
Steve O’Donnel, who is matched to
fight Peter Maher, is confinrd to his hed
with sickness. The complaint is not se
rious and he expects to resume his train
ing tomorrow.
Pitz Won’t Leave.
Corpus Christ!, Tex., Oct. 11.—When
asked today when he would leave here
Fitzsimmons said: “I will not leave here
until the four weeks are up unless I am
compelled to.” Julian will probably re
turn tonight and state definitely what
will be done.
When Baby was sick, -we gave her Castorla.
When she was a Child, she cried for Costoria.
When she became Ml®, she clung to Costoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria.
It Wrought Tremendous Damage Along the
Lower California Coast.
Washington, Oct. 11.—A special from
Guayarnas, Mex., says that advices from
Pacific ports of Mexico and ports on the
west side of the gulf of California show
that the hurricane which sw'ept north
ward during September 30 to October 3
caused great damage to property a®d
shipping, and that a number of lives were
lost. The telegraph wires were prostra
ted and information comes In by degrees
as people arrive from below.
The hurricane crossed the isthmus of
Tehuantepec, swept up the coast into the
gulf of California, doing great damage.
The hurricane was accompanied by a
deluge of water, whioh completed the
ruin the wind had wrought. At Topolo
bambo all the houses of the American
colony were greatly damaged and the
custom house was wrecked. The Ahomy
rlyer overflowed its banks and destroyed
sugar plantations and sugar mills thirty
miles away from the channel of the
stream. The entire cane crop of the state
of Sinaloa, as far as reported, is com
pletely ruined and tho sugar plant and re
fineries at Ahnne, the property of Mark
Sherwood of Chicago and his associates,
were demolished. The sugar crop of the
Yaqul river is badly damaged.
Fresh bread and candy made
daily at C. W. Cody’s, 1820 to
1826 3d avenue. jes tf 2t>
Trying for a Record.
New York, Oct. 11.—If the new line
steamer St. Paul does as well for the rest
of her voyage as she did for the first
twenty-two hours after leaving Sandy
Hook she is likely to break the record
between thts port and Southampton.
The steamer Fuerst Bismarck, which
came into port today from Hamburg,
exchanged signals with the St. Paul 415
miles out. and the new steamer was go
ing along to the eastward with graat
speed. The sea was comparatively
smooth at the time the Bismarck passed
the yankee steamer and with a westerly
wind, the rig favored the new craft.
Some of the passengers of the German
boat Bismarck say that she must have
-been doing over twenty-one knots an
hour when seen. The Mail and Express
says that it has developed that when
Captain Jameson left this port on
Wednesday he had instructions to smush
the record if he could.
Kit Loftwith Hanged.
Bristol, Tenn., Oct. 11.—Kit Left
witli. a negro, 25 years old, was hanged
at 11:13 o'clock this morning for a crim
inal assault on Annie Fogarty, aged 13.
The assault was committed on Septem
ber 7, and a lynching was narrowly
averted at that time.
Single and Double
Tulips, Single and
Double Hyacinths, as
sorted colorsand named
And a Valise of Mrs. Carson's Stolen at Blou|it
Springs—No Arrests Made.
The Louisville and Nashville depot at
Blount Springs was burglarized between
midnight and day yesterday morning
and a valise belonging to Mrs. Dr. Carson
of Bessemer and a few other things
The entrance to the depot was effected
by prizing open a door to the freight
The burglary was reported to the su
perintendent’s office In this city and De
tective Dave Brown went to Blount
Springs to Investigate the matter and If
possible apprehend the guilty parties.
He soon found a clue which led to the ar
rest of Joseph Royal and Prank Bingen,
both colored, whom he brought back with
him to Birmingham and placed In the
county Jail.
They Made Many Recommendations and
Suggestions and Adjourned.
Richmond, Va., Oct. 11.—The state good
roads convention adjourned this after
noon after adopting the report of the
committee on good road improvements.
This report says:
“We favor the adoption of a road by
which stale aid will be extended to the
Improvement of the main roads under
equitable conditions, by which the coun
ties shall be allowed to issue bonds for
the permanent Improvement of the main
roads under proper conditions and re
strictions; by whloh both state and coun
ty convicts will be employed in Improv
ing the public roads; by which the road
work will be placed under the control of
boards of supervisors, or of special road
boards of the respective counties, and
by which the actual supervision of the
road work will be entrusted to county
engineers, thus connecting the authority
and responsibility and insuring intelli
gent supervision."
me report then recommends in detail
a state tax of 6 per cent on the $100 val
uation of real and personal property for
a state road fund; that a similar amount
bo appropriated l>y the supervisors of
each county for permanent' road Im
provement; that a state highway com
mission be appointed by the governor,
and that the present laws In regard to
graduates In engineering education at
the state expense be amended so that
such graduates may serve as county en
gineers for two years when employed by
the board of supervisors Instead of teach
ing for two years.
Provision is also made as to the form
of petition by land owners for road Im
provement assessment against property
owners in proportion to benefits derived,
etc., the amount to be paid out of the
state fund.
The president of the convention was
authorized to appoint a committee to
prepare a bill in accordance with the sug
gestions in the report for presentation to
the next general assembly.
Location convenient; rooms
eleeant; table the best. Mine
Holbrook & Davis.
Newsy Notes Prom theCIty of Schools-Per
x sonal Mention.
Miss Edna Lacy, who has been quite
ill with fever for several W'eeks, Is slowly
receovering, to the delight of her many
Miss Fannie Ward of Cuba has been
visiting her aunt, Mrs. Fannie Belsber,
for the past fortnight.
Miss Ethelle Huey, the charming
daughter of Capt. John Huey, left yes
terday for the Judson. Miss Huey’s
many friends will miss her greatly dur
ing her absence, yet their best wishes
for her success go with her.
Mr. William Waldrop of Howard is on
a flying trip to Marion. Mr. Waldrop ac
companied his cousin, Miss Ethelle Huey,
to the Judson.
Mr. Hugli Singleton, a student of How
ard college, who has been very low with
congestion of the brains, is now con
valescing. Mr. Singleton’s friends arc
glad to know that he is recovering.
Mrs. Gorman and family of Harpers
vtile, Ala., have removed to East Lake.
Messrs. Will and Alfred Gorman will at
tend Howard college.
Howard college now boasts of five
young lady students. These young ladies
are Misses Estelle Holloway of Birming
ham. Mattie Weldon and Lillian Butler
of East Lake, all of whom have entered
this fall; and Misses Annie Judge and
Eugenia Weatherly, students of last year
The total enrollment of the college Is 143.
'All this week we shall be at
our old stand and business
transacted as usual. Hirsch
Dry Goods and Millinery Co.
There Are Several Riders Here Faster Than
Xjum or Parquette.
"It's all a fake,” said Mr. Will Pickens,
in speaking to a State Herald reporter of
the articles which appeared in the Mont
gomery papers and specials which were
sent out from that city in regard to a
tri-match race between Warren of this
city, Lum of Montgomery and Parquette
of Mobile, “It’s all a fake, pure and
simple. Neither Lum nor Parquette
want to meet Warren again. Because
Warren met with several accidents Lum
won three, state championships in Mont
gomery on September 26-27. But the way
Warren won five open races from these
so-called champions was a caution. War
ren also won six straight races from Lum
In Meridian in August. Their scheme
is simply to get free advertising in news
papers, as they can't advertise them
selves on the track. All I have to say
is that If Messrs. Lum and Parquette
want to race with a Birmingham boy
that we have several second-raters here
who can hold their own with them, as
Warren is dearly out of their class, and
still holds his title of champion of the
Buy the celebrated Yost
writing machine, 2021 First
Ee Went Fishing at His Usual Time in
Good Health.
Buzzard's Bay, Mass., Oct. 11.—A ru
mor was current In several sections of
the country early this morning that Pres
ident Cleveland had been assassinated
and a flood of inquiries poured,In upon
the telegraph offices here In conBequence.
There was no foundation whatever for
the rumor. The president was all right
at breakfast time and went fishing at fl
o'clock. Nothihg unusual had happened
at Gray Gables and the family charac
terized the report of the assassination as
too absurd to be noticed.
varieties, Roman Hy
acinths, Easter Lilies,
Chinese Crocus,
W. H. KETTIG, President. W. J. MILNER, Vice-President. H. K. MILNER, Secretary and Treasurer.
The Milner & Kettig Co.,
* • *
(Incorporated. Paid up capital, $125,000.00.)
Bar Iron and Steel, Black Diamond Files, Black Diamond Tool
Steel, Tools, Rubber and Leather Belting, Rubber Hose and
Packing, Blake Steam Pumps, Atlas Engines and Boilers
All kinds of Machinery.
Write for Prices and Catalogue.
Birmingham, Alabama.
Aqueduct Park Results.
Aqueduct Race Track, L. I„ Oct. 11.—
Racing' was resumed here under favora
ble circumstances today. The weather
was very nearly perfect. There was only
one drawback to the proceedings, and
that was the wind, that was blowing a
gale. A crowd of liberal dimensions was
In attendance. Summaries:
First race, one mile—Thora,109 (Simms),
G to B, won; Michael second, Apprentice
third. Time, 1:44.
Second race, six and a half furlongs—
Drum Major, 102 (Duffy), 6 to 1. won;
Marshall second, Hammle third. Time,
Third race, a mile and one-eighth—
Dulcid Laivndle' (Redmon), 8 to 1, won;
Longt>rldge second, Little Matt third.
Time, 1:59.
Fourth race, five fulongs—Ostler Joe,
94 (O’Leary). 8 to 5, won; Rosalind III
second. Little Dorritt third. Time, 1:02%.
Flth race, a mile and one-sixteenth—
iDungarven, 112 (Ballard), 3 to 5, won;
Inquirendo second, Shelly Tuttle third.
Time, 1:51%.
Lexington Results.
Lexington, Ky., Oct. 11.—The gray
mare Ophelia won two heats in the 2:1«
pace last evening. She stepped out to
day and settled the race in one heat by
going a mile in 2:11%!. Heirloom earned
second money, Bessie B third and Dyers
burg fourth.
The new additions to the classic 2:10
list developed before the 2:11 pace was
concluded, and Ella T.'s advent Into the
circle makes four for her sire, Altmont,
this season, placing him well in front for
1895 as a producer of fast harness racers,
Ella T. was choice at even money against,
the entire Held and it looked at one time
that she could not win and was fairly
beaten in the second heat by Colonel
Thorntdn. Those who played the gray
mare, thinking their money lost, now
hacked the colonel with disastrous re
sults, as Ella T. raced like a new horse,
coming with renewed vigor from the sev
enth furlong home, winning by half a
length from Colonel Thornton til 2:10. In
the next two heats she outrooten a new
horpe, each time landing a clever victory
and her first race for the season.
John Dickerson had the California
gelding', Fred S. Moody, right on edge for
the $7ii00 Futurity, and he had Uttle
trouble to pull off first money, *5000, as
Wiggins was out of form, and met his
first defeat, and the Texas colt Elee
tropohole did not have sufficient speed.
Three heatH were raced off in the 2:14
trot, when rain came and postponement
was necessary. Conqueror ruled as odds
on choice over the field, and did not
figure in the fray. Charlie Marvin won,
seemingly easily the last two heats with
Utility, giving her a new record. Sum
The Futurity, for 2-year-old trotters,
value $7500—Fred S. Moody, ch. g., by
Guy Wllkes-Mohtrose, by Sultan, (Dick
erson), 1, 1: Electrophole, 2, 2; Wiggins, 3,
3; Olive Wood, br, c., (SpeerB), distant.
Time. 2:20: 2:18.
2:11 pace, purse $1000—Ella T., gr. m.,
by Altmont, dam. Scamperdown, (Mc
Dowell). 5, 2. 1, 1. 1; Colonel Thorton. 1, 1,
2, 3. 7: Sphlnnetta. 0, 3, 4,2.4; June Rug,
Tommy Brown, George St. Clair. Alti,
Morelea, Violetta, Coast Boy, Sir Edwin
Arnold, Vixen, Siglar, Old Hutch and
Sam Boler In order named. Time, 2:12;
2:09Mr; 2:10: 2:09; 2:11%.
2:14 trot, purse $1000, (unfinished)—Util
ity, b. m.. by Electloneer-Consolodatlon,
(Marvin), 7. 1, 1; Pollne, 1, 5, 7; Colerima,
2, 2, 9; Falkland, The Conqueror. Selela
F., McByera, Ala-mate and Catharine
also trotted. Time, 2:14; 2:13; 2:13%.
HesultR at Iiatunla.
Cincinnati, Oct. 11.—The only feature
of interest at Latonia today was the ap
pearance of Yo Tambien in a mile and
seventy yard dash. She had considerable
backing at 6 to B, though Lobengula was
the favorite at even money. The latter
handily beat the erstwhile queen of the
turf, who Is not the Yo Tarablen of form
er years. Favorites had a hard time of it
again today. Two or three showers fell
during the afternoon, making the track
somewhat slow. The attendance was
good for threatening weather.
First race, seven, ffurlongs—Resplen
dent, 97 (Fousler), 10 to 1, won; Corduroy
second, Cloriona third. Time, 1:30%.
Second race, a mile and seventy yards—
Lobengula, 103 (Turberville), even, won;
Yo Tambien second, I^idalgo third. Time,
Third race, five and a half furlongs—
Brace Girdle, 104 (Clayton), 7 to 10, won:
Schiller second, Cecil third. Time, 1:10%.
Fourth race, one mile—Relict, 90 (R.
Isom), won; Bessie Blsland second, Por
tos third. Time, 1:4G%.
Fifth race, six furlongs—Can’t Dance,
107 (Bergen). 3 to 1, won; Old Center sec
ond, Marlin third. Time, 1:17>4
Sixth race, one mile—Norman, 93 (C.
Slaughter), 8 to 1. won; Sigurd second.
Onniulgue third. Time, 1:45.
A Typhoid Fever Epidemic.
Washington, Oct. 11.—The health offi
cer of Washington aays that the epidemic
of typhoid fever exists In this city, and
that until sanitary precautions are ob
served by the Inhabitants generally a
serious condition of affairs will follow.
Snow Drops, Amaryl
lis, Narcissus or Daffo
dils and others.
Comprise footwear for the entire household. We can supply every fam
ily in Alabama with just what they need for this season of the year. A short
price and long wear tells the story of our shoes. We fit every foot and invite
the public of Alabama not only to walk, but to walk in our perfectly fitting, com
fortable and handsome shoes. We are not pedestrians, but we cover miles of feet
every six days. Our shoes please everyone, and that makes every one anxious
to wear them. This week we’re selling. School Shoes from 99 cents to $2,
which will save you one-third your shoe money. All kinds of shoes repaired.
10-ll-3m ST. PIERRE, 11*10 1st Aveuur,
Health Officer Woodward estimates that
at least 600 cases are under treatment in
the district today. For the four days of
this week eleven deaths from typhlod fe
ver were reported, and no doubt some
deaths reported due to kindred com
plaints really are said to be from typhoid.
For the first week ending September
27, there were twenty-one deaths. New
York city, with seven times the popula
tion of Washington, reported only seven
teen typhoid deaths for the same period,
and most of the cities of the size of Wash
ington reported not more than two or
three deaths, if any at all. The epidemic
is attributed to the low stage of the water
in the Potomac river, which constitutes
the city’s supply, and the use ot well
water in families. The disease is as gen
erally distributed in the best sections of
the city as in the poorer quarters.
Good food means good
health. Try Mme. Holbrook
& DaviB, No. 322 21st street.
Remember that the Queen and Cres
cent will on October 16 sell round trip
tickets Birmingham to Dallas, Tex., at
$19.90. Tickets good to return until Oc
tober 30. Don't miss this chance to go to
Texas cheap. For information apply to
Traveling Passenger Agent.
Couldn’t Stund Being Sick.
Louisville, Ky„ Oct. 11.—Edward S.
Keeler, agent of the National Tobacco
company, committed suicide this after
noon by shooting himself through the
brain. He was worth $200,000. The deed
was due to a protracted sickness.
is to buy the best article for
the least money. That’s why
Silver Churn Butterine is so
popular with the best house
is uniformly fragrant and deli
cious. Its purity and sweet
ness make it available for the
most delicate uses.
Prepared Solely I3y
Kausas City, U. S A.
All Our Bulbs Are of
Beware of Poor, Scrawny Bulbs.
j&ifl Cutting priori
A large purchase of tin and agate Iron
ware from a receiver of a Baltimore fac
tory puts us in position to cut prices deeper.
10 cases 2-quart covered buckets.5c
21 cases gallon coffee pots.15o
9 cases 2-quart cor. stew pans. 7o
11 cases gallon oil cans.15o
6 cases large 10-quart dish pans.15c
7 cases quart graduated measures. 5o
3 cases 10c wood handle dippers. 5o
6 cases large pint dippers. 2a
10 cases 10c wash pans. oo
8 cases large pie plates. 2c
76c fancy quart tea pots.48C
76c half-gallon stew pans...43c
60c wood handle dippers.25o
25c large pie plates.10c
40c assorted ladles.150
35c three-quart milk pans.19o
26c deep Jelly pans.,15c
$1.05 No. 7 agate tea kettles.9So
50c half-gallon covered buckets.23c
$1.50 large dish pans.75c
50c 16-lnch turkey duster.23o
25 and 50c assorted Japanese cups and
40c set cut tumblers.15o
25c box paper and envelopes. 7c
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chamber sets in the south. Complete stock
of summer goods. Mason fruit jurs; jelly
glasses, stone Jars, water coolers, freezers,
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periodical tickets.
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Washington, D. C.
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local agents. We deal direct with the prop
erty owner ami save him the agent's com
mission. We make a specialty of Insuring
cotton, cotton gins, stores, farm property,
mills and factories of all kinds.
Form for description of property maiiod
upon application.
Writes us before insuring for rates.
Solicitor? wanted. 8-2G-3m
Delicious : Steak,
Mutton, Lamb or Pork and
all animal delicacies.
Stall 11. City Market.
7 20 tf ___
Old papers ior sale cheap at
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