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The Probate Judge of Shelby County Is Strick
en With Paralysis and Dies Sud
Dr. T. N. Angling received a telegram
this morning containing a notice of the
death of Judge J. T. Leeper, probate
Judge of Shelby county, which occurred
at his home In Columbiana Thursday
night. Dr. Leeper suffered a stroke of
paralysis several months ago, and while
his death was sudden and the cause not
stated Dr. Angling is of the opinion that
paralysis was the cause.
Judge Leeper was about 50 years old
and had been in office about four years.
The deceased Vlas a brother of Mis. l>r.
T. N. Angling. Mrs. Willis Roberts and
Mrs. P. T. Wagner, and uncle of C. S
Leeper, bookkeeper of the Consolidated
Railroad company, all of this city.
The slstcis left yesterday afterhoon for
Columbiana to attend the funeral ser
Judge Leeper was one of the most
prominent men in his section of the state.
Tie was universally beloved and esteemed
as a man and as an official. His county
had confidence In him and called him to
the office which he occupied when death
so ruthlessly cut him down.
Atlanta Exposition — Improved Railway
Tickets are on sale via the Southern
railway to Atlanta on account of the ex
position at rate of $3.80 for the round
trip, good returning within seven days
from date of sale, and $5.55 for the round
trip, good returning within fifteen days
from date of sale, and $7.55 for the round
trip, good returning until January 7. 1508.
The exposition Is now open In full force
and every one should take advantage of
the opportunity to attend.
Three trains dally, Birmingham to At
No. 38 Lv Bir. 5:55 am. Ar Atlanta 11:45 am
No. 38 Lv Bir. 2:55 pm. Ar Atlanta 8:55 pm
No. 12 Lv Bir. 12:15 am. Ar Atlanta 0:55 am
All trains carrying Pullman sleeping
Effective October 6, the Southern,has
added another train to the service be
tween Atlanta and New York. The "Ex
position Flyer" leaves Atlanta at 4 p. m.
and arrives at Washington at 11:45 a. m.
and New York at 6:23 p. m. Only twen
ty-five hours from Atlanta to New York.
Returning train leaves New York via
Pennsylvania railroad at 11 a. m. and ar
rives Atlanta 10:20 following morning.
Train will be a solid vestibule of Pull
man drawing room sleepers between New
York, Washington and Atlanta and first
class vestibule coaches between Atlanta
and Washington.
The schedule of No. 36, known as the
"United States Fast Mail," has been
changed between Atlanta and Washing
ton, lessening the time out between At
lanta and New York. Train now leaves
Atlanta at 11:16 p. m. and arrives Wash
ington at 9:40 p. m., New York 6:23 a. m.
For lnformatlc n apply to
L. A. SHIPMAN, T. P. A.,
10-10-tf 2201 First Avenue. 4
He Lies to an Old Veteran to See What He’d
"I went up to Chlckamauga with Judge
Newman and Col. Barbour Thompson,"
said Private John Allen to the Atlanta
Constitution. "I walked about the field
and heard hundreds of old fellows talk
ing about the spots on which they had
been wounded and telling all manner of
marvelous stories. I was at not Chlck
amauga, but 1 was in other battles, and
when a man tells you that he can turn
and pick out spots where all sorts of
things occurred in a battle this many
years afterwards you may put him down
as a liar.
"Well, everybody up (here was lying,
and I had to do a little myself.
"X was standing by the railroad station
at the fijot of one qt ttye hills when an
old veteran accosted me and asked if I
knew when the next train left for Home.
" 'No.' said I, 'this is the first tltpe I
have been here in thlrty-t\?o years, and,
my friend, when I stand here and look
upon this hill, recalling the charge I
made up It through a shower of shot and
shell, how I dashed my horse right
through a federal battery, leaping seven
different cannons arid emerged from a
shower of bullets unscathed, I wonder
that I am alive today.’
"As the old fellow listened to my story
his eyes filled with tears. He walked
up and, putting ills arm about me, said:
“ 'Young man, you were spared for
some great purpose.' ”—Exchange.
The Cotton Seed Oil Mill Began Operations
Yesterday-Two Days’ Racing.
Selma. Oct. 11.—(Special Correspond
ence.)—The immense plant of the Inter
national Cotton Seed Oil company, pro
nounced by experts to be the finest In
the world, was completed and began op
erations today. The machinery has all
of the latest Improvements. The build
ings are immense and are fire proof. The
seed and the finished product is conveyed
from building to building and machine to
machine by conveyors and is never once
touched by hand. The plant has its own
water works and electric light systems.
It was built by local capital, and Is the
second mill in the city.
The Selma Fair and Driving association
lias arranged two days' racing for No
vember 15 and 16; purses, $900.
The Union Tent Meeting Continues Interest
ing-Marriage at Brighton.
Bessemer, Oct. 11.—(Special.)—There
were several conversions last night" at
the union tent meeting. Dr. Pearson
preached from the text, "Him that com
eth to Me 1 will in no wise cast out.” He
preached an earnest sermon, giving many
reasons why the sinner should come to
Christ. He preached today at 11 o'clock
especially to the children. There was a
good attendance of children, besides
grown people
Mr. Charles Benns of Brighton, near
Bessemer, was married on yesterday. He
married a Birmingham lady.
Will Simms, From Lee County, Arrested in
Birmingham Yesterday.
Will Simms, wlio was arrested yester
day by Special Officer Smith, has been
sent back to Lee county, where it is said
he is wanted on the charge of attempt to
Two negro men were lodged In the
county jail yesterday by Special Officer
Dave Drown of the Louisville and Nash
ville. They are charged with the recent
burglary of the depot at Blount Springs.
Leprosy in Iowa.
Des Moines. Ia., Oct. 11.—Two cases of
leprosy in this state have been reported
to the governor and the matter tupped
over to \he sj,ag id of lieaTtn, which
is now invest mating, secretary Kennedy
and Governor Jackson refuse to divulge
the location of the cases. It is known
that the persons afflicted are children in
one family.
Children Cry for
Pitcher’s Castoria.
Justice Is Lenient and Criminals Have an O.T
Day—What Was Done.
City Court.
Joseph Little vs. Thomas Malloy, Bir
mingham rolling mills, garnishee; a Judg
ment was rendeied against the garnishee
for $50.
A. E. Field vs. J. R. Perkins & Co.;
judgment for plaintiff for $1285.
Union Trust company vs. George L.
Morris; on trial.
In the second division—Steiner Bros,
vs. R. Cooney et al. is on*rlal.
Ustick vs. Drennen & Co.; Judgment
for defendant,.
E. A. Penn recovered a judgment
against VV. M. Smith et al. for $21.
Chancery Court.
A bill in equity has been filed by Wil
liam Carrier et al.' vs. Daniel Coleman
et al.
Circuit Court.
John S. Going vs. T. S. and W. N.
Smith; Judgment for defendants.
Real Estate Transfers.
Margaret M. and Clarence R. Clughorn
to W. H. Moore, 50x140 feet in block 782;
William Diggento and wife to Leo K.
Steiner, part of lots 15 and 16, block 173,
and lot in southeast comer of block 785;
Birmingham Young Men’s Christian Associa
tion-First Methodist Church.
The following invitation has been Is
sued by the board of directors of the
Young Men's Christian association: "The
board of directors cordially invite you to
attend the eleventh anniversary exercises
of the Birmingham Young Men's Chris
tian association, Sunday, October 13, 11
a. m., in the First Methodist Episcopal
church. No contributions will be asked
(for at the meeting.”
The programme for the occasion is as
Prelude, Miss Belle McCoy.
Hymn. "All Hail the Power of Jesus
Reading of Scripture.
Music by the First Methodist church
Report of board of directors by T. H.
Johnston, president.
Report of women's auxiliary.
Hymn, "Come Thou Almighty King.”
Address by Rev. Dr. J. C. Morris.
Remarks by Mr. James Bowron.
Table board a specialty.
NothiDg like it in the city.
No. 322 21st street
To Be Completed at Once—Remaining Appro
priation for This Purpose is $11,000.
The government building in this city
is to be completed at once. There remains
of the appropriation for the building an
unexpended balance of about $11,000,
which will be applied as directed in the
bill providing for the erection of the
Congressman Underwood yesterday re
ceived a letter front the supervising ar
chitect at Washington Informing him
that an agent of the government would
be here by the 15th Instant to look over
the building and see what work was nec
essary. _
I want every man and woman In the
United States interested'ln the opium and
whisky habits to have one of my books
on these diseases. Address B. M. Wool
ley, Atlanta, Ga.,_ Box 380, and one will
be sent you free." oe27-sat:ly
Request That the Public Library Be Made the
Depository for Public Documents Granted.
At the request of Congressman Under
wood the Birmingham Public library has
been designated a depository fur public
documents. It is the custom of the gov
ernment to furnish these documents free
to one library in each district, and a few
weeks ago Congressman Underwood
wrote the officials in Washington asking
that the public library of this school be
designated as such depository.
The response to the request came yes
terday morning stating that it had been
of every weary,
thin or thin blood
ed person does its
work with con
stant diffieultyand
fatigue. They feel
“worn,” or tired
out, “run-down"
or nervous.
Feeble people
who are dyspep
tic, find that ex
ercise after a meal
is sure to cause
lessened power to
digest food — be
cause there is so
little blood, and
what there is, is
carried off from
the gastric organs
to the muscles.
What is needed
is plenty of blood,
and that of the
right kind. Dr.
Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery makes
pure, rich blood, and to gain in blood is
nearly always to gain ill wholesome flesh lip
to tbe ileal thy standard.
Every one should have a certain surplus
of flesh to meet tile emergencies of sick
ness ; to resist the attack of consumption,
grip, malaria and fevers. Thin blooded
people are always getting sick, and none of
tbe organs of the body can get along with
out the food they require for work, which is,
pure blood. To gain and to keep strength
and flesh is the secret of health, usefulness
and happiness. With new blood and re
freshed nerves a confident feeling of return
ing health comes also.
Nervous manifestations, such as sleep
lessness, nervous debility and nervous
prostration are in nine cases out often “the
cry of the starved nerves for food." If you
feed the nerves on pure rich blood tbe
nervous symptoms will cease. It is bad
practice to put the nerves to sleep with so
called celery mixtures, coca compounds or
malt extracts ; what it needed is a blood
maker. The “ Discovery ” is composed of
vegetable ingredients which have an es
pecial effect upon the stomach, liver, and
blood making glands. For the cure of
dyspepsia, indigestion, liver complaint,
weakened vitality, and for puny, pale peo
ple, Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discov
ery cannot be equaled. Thousands have
testified to its merits,
The Old Reliable
Avondale Steam Laundry
continues to please the public by doing
good work.
Prompt attention paid to delivery and
Office No. 108 19th street. 'Phone 1004.
Follow the directions,
and you'll get the beat work from Pearline. Not
that there’s any ftarm to be feared from it, no
\ matter how vou use it or how much you use.
But to make your washing and
cleaning easiest, to save the most j
rubbing, the most wear and tear,
the most time and money—keep to
the directions given On every pack
age of Pearline.
If you’ll do that with your flannels,
for instance (it’s perfectly simple and
easy,) they’ll keep beautifully soft,
and without shrinking. wu
Millions Pearltne
flfioer Bank Building, Cor. 1st Avc. 4 21st Street, Birmingham, Ala.
1 be eldest, teet equipped and moat successful inatltutiou of its kind in tbs lit/ or ttits
Established in the city of Birmingham, Ala., Angnat 3, 1837.
Offer Hours—8:30 a. m. to 12 m.. 1:30 to6:00 p. m.; Bundays, 10 a. m. tall rn.
Dr. Y; E. HOLLOW-AY, Specialist.
Has tlie fiery lightning of midnight revelries hid anything to do with the
'crimson streams of blood that go crashing through your brain? Are your
cheeks flushed with uuro and fresh blood free from taint and corruption? Are
yon a victim te any form or stage of blood poison which produces any kind of
sores, ulcers, breaking ""*i snrJ|U]l,'°i pains or nebes? 1 have been treating
specially Just such troublqgror many yssata. I make speedy ami permanent
cures of all stages of Syphilis, QonorrhoBa, CTHiflhajStrictnre. Bad Blood, Skin,
Kidney or Bladder Dise/ses, Pimples, Blotches, EffSama, (Tumors, Ulcers in
mouth and throat, Woir^\Troubles, or anyprivaJfyUseaiibjjif either sex.
1 w<ah to call Bpeulp^T'IWellsii in.iefr*lfg8tnieiit of untcrtuDates suffering
from early impniueneylirrors of Youth, Koss of Vitality, Lo>u of .Manhood or
Hexual Debility. The/reatment is reliklae and permanent-^The dark clouds
that h»ng as a pall oytr your dejected btotf can be brushed teway and the bright.
■unBhine inane to Untie up your future pietusvay. t '
If you live in oirneai the city, call at at Private Dispensary. If at a dls-.
tance, write me yofu trouble, enclosingstaqp for reply.
My book on Private Diseases aDd propel question lists will be sent to any*'
one on application^ j /
Little did we thin
Holloway, our _
located Id Blrmlng,
Bounced through f
aid that he would
ol dleeaaaa that h
knowledge fn
away England,
skill and lsroj
Ueve with
honor alweti
—a pleasant'_
—and la reoogh
Hy in the treatment
ity i
Intone _ -
t poly a special class
ever achieve au
our personal
ip, in tar
__ . _ ned ot his
consult BtrfV We be
doctor that trut&Onerit and
win. He stands aWbe head
i able pjwsiciau
leading fkthor
urivale dm-aBes.
ne proud of him
’ News.)
Us-is more fa
ll t oT
irmi ogham may
Ho specialist in the'
miliar with the tTeat
troubles than Dr. Y.
ing hi* long realdeimrf'in
successfully treajntfmany
tieuts sufferlsff^with
every conceivable form
rlence, together with hii
not only places the doci
his profession in such
guarantee to all that r'
der bis care that they
treatment possible to
[Sumter C<
We have a great sflfclallj
In point of ability L
and has been longer in Birmingham than
,ny specialist there. "Truth, merit and
Qway. Dur
t cit^ he has
sands of pa
oubies ot
:reat eipe
d ability,
bead of
but Is a
honor always win," and In that lina
1 stand* iaihs lin ssak
'ITeople’s Tribune, Birmingham.]
Dr; Y. E. Holloway la/undoubtedly tha
. niOHt'eucceflsful pbysioianJ In the South in
: the diaeaaea. Well
does h> lb*-'y>Yn did reputation ha
han achfSved./He Jsl famous not only at
: home, but a)jfoad. Jithiiy sufferers,through
negleot and jbad Mi/agement, are In the
very worat flftadJi//. and yet they are
quickly ao^fe/j/ihently Cured by thia
> great specialist. Jfwfth him you have uoth
i lug to lofJ'andsfblogain, aa he guarantee#
you a He i« perfectly reliable,
etflollj] Honest and financially responsible
for any promlsefcbatfie makes you. As a
specialist Dr. Hblloway stands unexcelled,
if not uuequaleik. Thousands tastily to his
skill in the treanihnt of diseases of a pri
vate nature. Tt|ih merit always receives it#
- reward. Blrmlndhaid may well be proud
to have his inatiyillon located in her midst.
[Labof Advocate.]
Sear by year. Dr. Hollo
afl his national rep
lilfst and which, with his
iid\open-hearted publio
hi sAn in his chosen field,
ng fnr’VMmtolf'milimilml
essionalN^poors and tha
iractice, bont^t home and
lome, Talladega^Ala.]
ind praiseworUfy repute
E. Holloway/is well de
We are lArsonally ac
quainted with the doctor and know him to
be a man who is straight aqd square. His
superior ability in his line is reoognlsed hr
■III ■knSsswtlilw ■
^dam$ Drug Co.
We move on Thursday of this week
from 220 Nineteenth street to the above
location, and when it is effected our
place will be the
, Most Convenient Apothecary
S. F, Cor. 2d Ave. and 19lb St.
Shop in Town.
Our new store will be a beauty
| when the decorations are finished.
1 Our stock is almost entirely new and
prescriptions are our specialty. Our
store is open from 6 in the morning
kuntil 12 at night.
Birmingham Paint and Glass Company
hints,-‘Bite.- Varnish, Class, Sash, Doors and Blinds.
1916 Third Avenue.Birmingham, Ala.
Remedy cures
quickly and perma
nently all nervous
diseases, such as Weak Memory.
Loss of Brain Power, Headache, Wakefulness.
Lost Vitality, nightly emissions, evil dreams, 1m
potency and wasting clIseusos caused by yoathfkil
errors or excesses. Contains no opiates. Iso
nerve tonic and blood builder. Mokes the pale
and puny strong and plump. Easily carried In vest
pocket. 91 per box; 9 lor 9ft. By mall prepaid
with a wrlttengunranteetocureormoney refunded.
Write us for free medical book, sent sealed In
plain wrapper, which contains testimonials and
financial references. No charge Tor consulta
tion*. Beware of imitation*, hold by our adver
tised agents, or address NERVIS SEED CO.*
Masonic Temple. Chicago. 111.
Sold in Birmingham, Ala., by Nabors, Mor
row Ai Sinnlge. and by A. Godden, Druggists,
b 11 tue sat tf
wr Big « is a nou-polsonous .
J remedy for all unnatural 1
J a at ion, »• -•— .
I atlon of mucous membranes.
I or sent in plain wrapper, by
I express, prepaid; on receipt of
itl.00.or3 bottles for <2.75. __
^1 Circular teuton rsqusat.
1 BamifsMur.d ky j
kTbe Evans Cbemic&IGo.1
marl ly
Old papers for sale cheap at
this office.
Notice of Application to Sell
Land, ~
State of Alabama, Jefferson Cpunf’y—Pro
bate Court, September 27, 1895.
Ellen S. Fritchman, deceased, estate of.
,This day came Isabella Ritchie, adminis
tratrix of said esthte, and tiled Her applica
tion in due form and under oath, praying
fbr an order of sale of certain, lands aoscrib
od therein and belonging to said estate, for
the purpose of division and payment of
debts and encumbrances against the said
estate, upon the ground that said land can
not be equitably divided. It Is ordered that
the 7th day of November, 1895. be appointed
u day for hearing such application, at which
time all parties interested can appear and
contest the same if th^y think proper.
And it appearing vthat the heirs^of said de
cedent, who are non-residents of this state,
rteside as follows, to-wlt: Mrs. Schemmutz,
aged 70 years, and residing in Philadelphia,
state of Pennsylvania; Mrs. M. Sanders,
aged 47 years, and residing in Philadelphia,
state of Pennsylvania, it further ordered
that notice of said application and of the
time above set for the hearing thereof be
given once a week for three successive
Weeks before the sal/l day of hearing, by
publication in the Age-Herald, a nejvspaper
published in Jefferson county, Alabama.
M. T. PORTER, Judge of Prohate.
W. P. McCrossih, Attorney.
P Chichester's English Diamond Droni
Original And Only Genuine. .. ,
•src. alwftf* reliable. iao>c* j
brnggint far Chichtattr $ Hhi/luk
momtBramim He4 and Gold tur
. e*. s<-aled with bln* ribbon. TaJ(g"\
i<r other. Rtfutt darfafrou *
out and imUaliont. A t UruafiMa, or Mad dr.
it to Mian, Ttyi|ii>)i and
, MalL _
. Chlelienter C
Sold bj all Local Druggiau.
27 we eat bu ly wky tow ly
and Tumors CURED no knife
book free. Drs-GitAtioiur & Norms
Mo. 1U Kim street, Cincinnati, 0
En Route to the Atlanta Exposition!
Absolutely the same performances here in Birmingham, man
for man and horse for horse. Farewell tour South of Col. VV.
F. CODY (Buffalo Bill), who will positively take part in both
Organized on the Most Lavish Scale
More Men. More Horses, More Cars
And perfected in all the details that the combined managerial experience and
wealth commanded by the trio of triumphant careered caterers to public in.
stiuction and enterta'nment,
^ -SfT" \ I
v ^
Assuring to the public the production of
America’s National Entertainment
in a colossal manner equaling if not sur
passing the magnificence of massive
magnitude at
New York, London, Paris,Borne,
Vienna, Berlin, Biussels,
-A.TWD at
Where the multitudinous millions meted
equaljjlionors to
New, Enlarged and Augmented,
Absorbs Primitive aud Civilized
I hat Nations Furnish and Races
are Exhausted to Complete.
All kinds, all colors, all tongues, all men
fraternally mingliug In the picturesque
racial camp. All born
Hereditary Prinees of Hie Saddle
Ogallalla, Brule, Uncapappa, Sioux, Chey
enne and Arapahoe Tribes.
50 American Cowboys,
30 Mexican Vaqueros and Ruralies, N
30 South American Gauchos,
50 Western Frontiersmen, Marksmen, etc.
25 Bedouin Arabs,
20 Russian Cossacks of the Caucasus.
Detachment of U. S. Cavalry,
Royal Irish-English Lancers,
French Chasseurs,
German Cnirassiers.
This enormous outfit is transported in
Special Railroad Trains
Using its own specially constructed rolling
stock, the largest Traveling Comissary,
Dormitory and Equerry Accommodations,
complete in every particular and equaling
the requirements of the modern methods
of moving
Carrying all the paraphernalia necessary to
A Covered Grand Stand
Seating 20,000 Persons
Assuring perfect protection from
So organizsd and arranged an to camp close
to the city in an easily accessible location.
On the first day of arrival there will _be
at 9 a. m. by detailed detachments from
each division (Wild Horses, Buffalo, Cat*
tie, etc., being necessarily guarded in
camp), “So that he who runs may read.”
The march will be enlivened by
.. BANDS OF. .
Led by the Famed, World-traveled
At night a Brilliant Electric Display by the Largest Portable D tub'e Flectric
Plant of 250,000 candle power yet constructed for any similar purpose. Two
circuits ensuring a perfectly reliable illumination, making night us light as day.
Every Afternoon at 2 o’clock. Every Night at 8 o’clock.
Doors Open One Hour Earlier.
General Admission, 50c. Children under 9 years 25c.
Seats sold on day of exhibitional Norton’s drug store. 23th street and 2d

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