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The Woman
Who Most Influenced Me
A famous man's tribute to a “Daughter of the
American Revolution." In the October issue of
JO Cents on all News-stands
The Curtis Publishing Company
With Properly Trimmed Sails
To Catch the Favoring Breeze
The Trade Palace
Will pull the throttle wide open to increase
the speed of business wheels.
Low prices in our various departments
for the motive power4 .——
Twenty- four pairs of Chenille Portiere,
full size, at $1.98 a pair. • „ , I i .
Forty pairs of Nottingham Lace Cur
tains, all new designs, at $1.73 per pair;
are actually worth $3.00 a pair.
One hundred dozen of our Elaine Cor
sets, with silk flossing, the best one ever
sold, for 43 cents. , __i_,i i,.j^
Five pieces of the new Clay Diagonals,
in black, for walking suits,45 inches wide,
ai. u9 cents. See this new fabric.
Ten pieces of All Wool Serges, 45 Inches
full, at 39 cents a yard; the best ever sold
for that price. _, . i
Fifty pieces of All Wool Suitings, In all
the shades, 38 Inches wide, at 29 cents.
Thirty pieces Gilbert’s Ladies' Cloths,
in all shades, 54 inches wide, at 57 cents a
yard.; last season’s price, 90 cents.
Sixty Ladies’ Capes, with 140 Inch
sweep, in tan and black, velevet collars,
worth $6.00 each, for Monday and Tues
day only $3.48.
Thirty-five dozen Ladles' Kid Gloves,
five hook, in black, tan and brown, worth
$1.25 a pair, at 88 cents a pair.
Forty-five dozen Ladles’ Winter Under
wear in Vests and Drawers, all sizes, act
ual value $2.00 a suit, at $1.35.
Ten pieces Scotch Plaids for making
waists, double width, half wool, at 29
cents a yard.
One hundred I.adies’ Parasols, paragon
frames, in good durable handles, at 59
N. II.—We kindly thank the many Bir
mingham ladies that called to see our
Fall Opening, which gave us a chance to
demonstrate to them that our depart
ments are stricted with the choicest
goods that can be produced in the foreign
and domestic markets.
All the ladies that have visited our Mil
linery Department have expressed the
greatest appreciation in reference to our
artistically designed and tastefully trim
med Hats and Bonnets executed by our
head milliner, Miss Mattie Hnll. .Com
paring with other fine hats that they
have seen elsewhere, you will find them
here about half the price.
1921 and 1923 Second Avenue, Birmingham, Ala..
You Can New Fin.1
'"ill i II
Sec< nl Door Above
First National Bank,
Fi st Avenue.
Birmingham Paint and Glass Company
Faints, Oils, Varnish, Glass, Sash, Doors and Blinds.
1916 Tbird^ Avenue.Birmingham, Ala.
Of Our City Fathers—Lively Tilt
on the Bond Question.
Discussed and Passed Over—Mexican Negro
Immigrants Must Not Be Dumped
Into Birmingham.
The board of mayor and aldermen met
yesterday afternoon in regular semi
monthly session.
Present were the mayor, Aldermen
Ward, Duncan, Ullman, Enslen. Pearce,
Jackson, McCartin, Gillespie and Meade.
The petition of Jonas Schwab was dis
The mayor stated that he objected to
the Mexican negroes being dumped Into
Birmingham. The government, he said,
has undertaken to send them to their
homes and hereafter they will not be left
in Birmingham.
The mayor suggested that street rail
roads not In operation should be taken
up. He recommended that the president
of the Birmingham Railway and Electric
company be ordered to put at least two
mule cars within a week's notice on the
Behren park line or forfeit their fran
The mayor stated, on inquiry from Al
derman Ullman, that in his opinion a for
feiture of the Behren street car line
franchise would Include the franchise of
the entire system of the Birmingham
Railway and Electric company.
The subject was passed without defi
nite action.
Alderman Enslen of the finance com
mittee raised a Kick on the “cavalry
company" established at police head
quarters by the police commission. May
or VanHoose stated that the two horses
were needed to furnish efficient police
protection to residents in the outskirts
of the city. The Mil for horses, together
with a budget of‘other bills, was or
dered paid.
Alderman Ullman stated that he was
opposed to the purchase of goods by the
police commission .without first giving
the city notice. The mayor stated that
he had bought the goods himself, where
upon Alderman Ullman said that his re
marks on the subject were not in order.
The mayor stated that hereafter the
police requisitions would be first referred
to the board.
A resolution was introduced author
izing the mayor to execute the city's
notes to Steiner Bros, for $12,261.87-100
with 6 per cent interest, payment for
services performed by Steiner Bros, in
having the bonded obligations of the
city extended.
The mayor stated that the money to
be paid Steiner Bros, was commissions.
He was not in favor of executing the
note because the deal, he claimed, is not
yet complete, and under the contract
with Steiner Bros, the notes are receiv
able for taxes.
Alderman Ullman replied that the obli
gation to pay Steiner Bros, was binding
on the city, because they had performed
their part of the contract. Alderman Ull
man insisted that the notes bare face
notice that they were void if Steiner
Bros, do not fulfil their contract.
Alderman Gillespie said that he was
in favor of paying Steiner Bros., but he
did not want to allow the notes to be
receivable for taxes. He said that the
contract of June 10 with Steiner Bros,
contained nothing authorizing a note re
deemable In taxes. Mr. Gillespie consid
ered It a new contract, and said that
Steiner Bros, were acting on the supposi
tion, four months before the debt is due,
that the city will default at that time,
therefore he earnestly opposed it.
On motion of Alderman McCartin the
ordinance was laid on the table until
the next meeting.
On the motion of Alderman Ullman a
resolution was passed whereby the board
ratified the contract entered into by Al
derman Ullman and the New York Se
curity and Trust company. A resolution
was also passed ratifying the contract
between Alderman Ullman and E. t>.
Shepherd & Co. of New York.
Alderman Jackson read the bid of
Spiro & Long for repairing the North
side market. The matter was referred
back to the committee, the mayor added,
with power to act. The committee re
ported favorably on the extension of
the Birmingham Street Railway and
Electric company along Huntsville ave
nue. with tihe provision that the macad
amized road be not disturbed.
Alderman Enslen opposed the petition
of the railroad company on the ground
that a car line along the avenue will In
terfere with the travel of vehicles. Re
ferred back td the proper committees.
The two ordinances regarding sanitary
improvements on the Soudhside, mention
of which has been made hitherto, were
The petition of Emma Kimber, ask
ing for $1000 persoanl damages was re
ferred to the Judiciary committee. Peti
tltioner claims that she was injured by
stepping through a hole on the Twenty
second street bridge August 20.
A letetr was read from Chairman J.
P. Mudd of the police commission, call
ing the board's attention to the illegal
ity of the board's action in raising the
salaries of the city wardens.
The board went Into executive session
to approve the minutes of previous ex
ecutive sessions.
The board then adjourned.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria.
When she was n Child, she cried for Castorla.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
Wbeu she had Children, she gave them Castoria.
Nashville and Birmingham People Have a Nice
Return Trip from the Exposition.
A party of Nashville people, who had
been to the exposition in Atlanta, were
in Birmingham for a few hours yester
day morning. They left Nashville on the
9th instant in the private car of the Ten
nessee Coal, Iron and Railroad company,
and returned from Atlanta yesterday
morning. They were chaperoned by Mrs.
Capt. P. Sid Jones of this city, and in
the party were Misses Eillian Armstrong,
Anna Crockett, Hattie Weakley, Nellie
Eastman, Emma Clark, and Messrs. Sid
B. Jones and John Fletcher of this city
and Fred Fuller. Battle Malone and Al
bert Klrcherof Nashville. The party had
a pleasant trip, and returned delighted
wi’t'h the week’s outing.
Ladies ai*e especially invited
to attend our grand operiug
Thursday, October 17. Hand
some souvenir given away.
Concert from 2 to 6 p.m.
One Price Clothiers and Fur-,
nishers, 1908 1st avenue.
The courts offered very little of public
(Interest yesterday.
Real Estate Transfers.
M. T. Porter, auctioneer, to Lucy P.
iHudgins, trustee, lot 13, block 47, Nine
teenth street; 13150.
A. Self and wife to T. D. Aaron, north
west quarter of southeast quarter sec
tion 23, township 15, range 1, west; $200.
S. E. Johnson and wife to T. D. Aaron,
southwest quarter of southeast quarter
section 23, township 15, range 1, west;
D. L. Sweatman and wife to J. B. Keck
ley, lots 23 and 24, block 261, Bessemer,
in exchange for lots 25 and 26 in block 241.
Elyton Land company and Eiyton com
pany to E. P. Smith, lot 8, block 864.
Highland avenue and Sycamore street;
J. B. Keckley to D. L. Sweatman, lots
25 and 26, block 241, In exchange for lots
23 and 26, block 26, Bessemer.
Bessemer Land and Improvement com
pany to J. B. Keckley, lots 25 and 26,
block 261, Bessemer; $1 and exchange of
lots 7 and 8, block 260.
Elizabeth A. Williams to Sloss Iron and
Steel company, land in northeast quarter
of northeast quarter section 13, township
17, range 2 west; $2000.
Thomas H. Strother to S. C. Johnson,
southwest quarter of southeast quarter
section 23, township 16, range 1, west;
Marriage Licenses.
Mr. Thomas Makln and Miss Mattie
C. F. Burke and Miss Geneva AgeTton.
Mayor Btrong Coming Sonth.
New York. Oct. 16.—Mayor Strong Is
going to Atlanta to visit the exposition
November 25, or Manhattan day. which
is Evacuation Day In New York. The
Old Guard is going with him as a guard
of honor.
—of the physical being is the result of draw
ing incessantly upon the reserve capital of
nerve force. The wear, tear and strain of
modem life are concentrated upon the nerv
ous system. The young men of our day be
come sufferers from nervous debility or ex
haustion, nervous prostration or weakness.
This may be the result of too much mental
worry and excitement, or the result of bad
practices and excesses, or pernicious habits,
contracted in youth, through ignorance.
They feel irritable, weak and nervous with
such distressing symptoms as backache,
dizziness, shooting pains in head or chest,
sometimes indigestion. The middle-aged
men, as well, suffer from exhaustion, loss of
manly power, low spirits, impaired moiuory,
and many derangements of mind and body.
The ill-used brain is morbidly wide awake
when the overworked business man attempts
to find rest in bed.
The physicians and specialists of the In
valids’ Hotel and Surgical Institute devote
their best energies to reclaiming and restor
ing such unfortunates to health and happi
ness. They have written a book of 168
pages, treating of these maladies and setting
forth a rational means of home-treatment
for their cure. It is sent securely seated, in
plain envelope, on receipt of ro cents for
Address World’s Dispensary Medical
Association, No. 663 Main Street, Buf
falo, N. Y.
Easily, QulcMy, Permanently Restored.
Weakness, Norvouoneep,
Debility, and all the train
of evils from early errors or
| later excesses, the results of
overwork, sickno3B, worry,
etc. Full strength, devel
opment and tone given to
icvery organ and Dortion
of the bony. Simple, nat
ural methods, immedi
I H Win I ' 1wit! ate improveuicui bwju.
Failure Impossible. Z.OCO references. Book,
explanation and proofs mailed (sealed) free.
General Insurance Agents and Brokers
No. G07 Thirteenth street, Northwest,
Washington, D. C.
Represent only the best companies and
place Insurance on all classes of Insurable
property at from 15 to 20 per cent lower than
local agents. We deal direct with the prop
erty owner and save him the agent’s com
mission. We make a specialty of insuring
cotton, cotton gins, stores, farm property,
mills and factories of all kinds.
Form for description of property mailed
upon application.
Writes us before insuring for rates.
Solicitors wanted. 8-26-3m
Legal Notice.
State of Alabama, Jefferson County—Pro
bate Court, 9th .day of October, 1895.
Final settlement of George Jones as guard
ian of Riley Jones, a minor.
This day the court of probate of said
county having stated and filed an account
for the final settlement of George Jones as
guardian of Riley Jones, a minor, it is or
dered that the 1st day of November, 1895,
•be appointed a day for passing said account
mad making such settlement, at which time
l ail parties in interest can appear and con
test the same if they think proper.
H>-10-3t-thuJudge of Probate.
Legal Notice.
State of Alabama, Jefferson County—Pro
bate Court, 2d day of October, 1895.
Estate of Thomas Gadsden, deceased.
This day came W. James Whaley, admin
istrator of the estate of Thomas Gadsden,
deceased, and filed his account, vouchers,
evidences and statement for final settle
ment of his administration.
It is ordered that the 29th day of October,
1895.be appointed a day for making such set
tlement, at which time all parties in interest
can appear and contest the same if they
think proper. M. T. PORTER.
10-3-3t-thu Judge of Probate.
Itching nail Blind, Blsedlng or Prmrudlng Piles field •( once to
log, nhkorbs tumors. A pomm* cure. Circulars srtt lr«*. rrlco
boo. Druggists or until. DM. UOftANKO, Phil*., Pm.
10-12-156 t-eod-kw52t
[Received too late for classification.!
LOOT—Pug dog about October 1; very pale
female. Answers name Trilby. Big re
ward. 1914 5th avenue. 10-17*54
It’s only a
question of time -
about your using Pearline. So it
seems to us. It seems as if every
bright woman must see, sooner or
later, how much easier and quicker and
back or objection to
disproved, a thou
women are using
one of them, who
saves bv it. Manu
better and more economical is
Pearline’s way than any
other known way of washing.
You can’t think of any draw
it that hasn’t been met and
sand times over. Millions of
Pearline now. Ask some
uses it rightly, how much she
factured only by Jas. Pyle, N.Y.
In All Things All The Time.
THERE are many GOOD life insurance companies, but among
them all there must be on: BEST. THE BEST is THE
EQUITABLE. If you wish to know why, send for: i, the
report of the Superintendent of Insurance for the State of New
York on the examination of The Equitable; 2, for actual results
of maturing policies ; 3, for statement of death claims paid in
1894. Then jou will know the three great reasons of The
Equitable’s supremacy: First, its financial stability; second,
its great profits and advantages to living policy-holders; third,
the promptness of its payments and liberality of its settlements.
The Equitable Life Assurance Society
Of the United States.
JAS. W. ALEXANDER, Vice-President, H. E. H7DE, President.
Clark & Jackson, Wa agers (j^Kirk'jac'klon) 5 L. D. Burdette, Cashier.
OFFICES—2021 First Avenue, Southern Club Building, Birminghtm, Ala.
Assets, $185,044,310. Surplus, $37,481,069.
Miner Bank Building, Cor. 1st Are. 4 21st Street, Birmingham, Ala.
Ike eldest, l € ft equipped and moat eucceeatul Institution of Its kind in tha alt/ or 3t»t*
Kstablisbed in the city of Birmingham, Ala., August 3, 1837.
Off re Hours-8:30 a. m. to 12 m., 1:30 to 6:00 p. m.; Sundays, 10 a. m. to 11. m.
Dr. Y; E. HOLLOT73lY, Specialist.
Has tlie fiery lightning of midnight revelries hid anything to do with the
crimson streams of blood that go crashing through your brain? Are vour
cbeeks flushed with puro and fresh blood free from taint and corruption? 'Arc
you a victim to any form or stage of blood poison which produces any kind of
sores, ulcers, breaking out,MK>yjjy's, pains or aches? I have been treating
specially just such tronblq/for man^ ywagg, _ I make speedy and permanent
cures of all stages of SypBilis, Gonorrhoea, CTlHW^^Stricture, Bad Blood, Skin
Kidney or Bladder Dise/ies, Pimples, Blotches, EuSsma, Tumors, Ulcers in
month and throat, WonATroubles, or any prlvafrqjiisoaShjpf either sex.
I w'sh to call epeci.-J^r^triiinM ka.a»y*ffg9 fluentof unfcrtuDates suffering
from early impruuencafErrors of Youth, Koss of Vitality, Lo\j of Manhood or
Sexual Debility. Tbe/reatment is relialke and permanent. ^The dark clouds
that h^n^ as a pall oner your dejected bro\ can be brushed awAy and the bright
sunshine mane to lifAt up your future patl^vay. ^ *
If you live in orfuea. the city, call at nry Private Dispensary. Ifatadis-,
tance, write me yon/ trouble, enclosing stamp for reply.
My book on Ppvate Diseases and proper question lists will be sent to any-l
one on application^ * /
Little did we thin
Holloway > our gi
located lu Birmib
nounced through
aid that be would
ol dleeaaen that h
International repi
,knowledge from
away England
skill and famfeSKid consu
lieve with tUe doctor thin
honor always win.
—a pleasant
—and Is recogn' _
ity in the treatment [ol airpiixMgdisfeasea.
Birmiugbain may wall be proud of him.
[Birmingham Bally News.
No specialist in tbeEnuth^U more fa
jo wliNt Dr.
t only a special class
* ever aohieve au
our personal
tbs* (cean, in far
ed ot his
miliar'with the treat
troubles than Dr. Y
log his long resldenp^ln
successfully tregpM many
llents suflerintfwith j
every conceivable form,
rience, together with bii
not only places the dooti
bis profession in such
guarantee to all that | ’
der his care that they
treatment possible to
[Sumter C<
We have a great s.
In point of ability L’
and has been longer in Birmingham than
any specialist there. "Truth, merit and
honor always win," and in that lino Dr.
Holloway stand* inibcli—Hank. ..
of private
way. Dur
cHy he has
sands of pa
‘ roubles of
rest expe
rt ability,
head of
but is a
'[people's Tribune, Birmingham.]
Drk Y. E. Holloway ia Vodonbtedly tha
ioBt successful physfoiau/ ia the South ia
treat me d^J»J':p*ivatf J‘- .
i ili«»splpucBi
achlbved./Tie |s] fjfm
haa achKved.._
home, but abroad,
negleot and jbad
very worst gftsdi
quickly anv^pey
f:reat specialist
ng to for"" - J
diseases. Wall
Id reputation ba
, -r'mous uot only at
pity sufferers, through
»Aagement, are In the
1, and yet they are
ently cured by this
i him you have noth
£810, as he guarantees
perfectly reliable,
strictly Bonest a fid financially' responsible
ior any promlsekhat he makes you. As a
specialist Dr. Htillgway stands nnezceiled,
ThmiflnnH* lasiif.. Ll!
if not unequale
skill in the trea
vate nature. Ti
reward. Blrml
to have his Inst
Step by step.;
way has adaoi
utatlon ai
Thousands testily to his
neat of diseases of a prl
b mqrlt always receives lta
JP»u3 may well be prond
Ion located in her midst.
>of Advocate.J
e|r by year. Dr. Hollo*
his national rep*
ifl\st and which, with his
dXopou-heirted publin
spirit add BousiAl slftll in his chosen Held,
Is r^Adi^vinnKig fo^hitaeeirTmlimitoa
social a/d pr/fesslonalSionors and the
irinapractice, borh^jt home and
Home, Talladega/Ala.]
he excWIcfit and praiseworthy repute*
tlon of Vaf f. K. Hollo wayyfis well de*
served By mm. We are ilbrsonally ao*
quainted with the doctor and know him to
be a man who is straight and Bquare. Hla
superior ability In his lias ia reoognized bur
alLmkn bee.^fkl^. * ^
i^amg Drug Co.
S. E. Cor. ?d Avc. and 19th St.
We move on Thursday of this week
from 220 Nineteenth street to the above
location, and when It is effected our
place will be the
Most Convenient Apothecary
Shop in Town.
Our new store will be a beauty
when the decorations are finished.
Our stock is almost entirely new and
prescriptions are our specialty. Our
store is open from 6 in the morning
until 12 at night.
The Metropolitan Hotel and Restaurant
Nos. 8 and 10 North 20th Street, Corn

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