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How a Glad Vacation Was Fol
lowed by Bitter Pain,
A Comiroi Experience and the Lesson It Con.
tains for People Fond of Living
Out of Doors.
A young man in Philadelphia was fa
tally injured not long ago by so innocent
a thing as a cuff button. He fell in such
a manner that the button was driven
deep into the flesh of his wrist. The
wound, though painful, was not consid
ered dangerous, and no great precaution
was considered necessary until signs of
lockjaw appeared. Then, of course, all
treatment was useless.
This Is one example of the power for
mischief of little things. Here is another
less dramatic, but more common ami,
therefore, more impressive.’ People who
went from town to country In the beauti
ful summer of 1895, delighted to spend
most of their time out of doors. They
even lay on the soft grass at night.watch
ing the stars and enjoying the cool
breeze. If, upon rising, a man found his
back stiff he said, "I must have been in
one position too long.” If the? stiffness
persisted until the next day he said, "I
guess I must have taken a little cold.”
But now vacations are over and the au
tumn is well advanced. That soreness
and weakness in the lower part of the
back continue, and with them are other
disorders. Shivering and fever alternate,
there is an unconquerable feeling of lassi
tude at times, the urine is opaque and
sometimes bloody, the skin is palid and
the face bloated just beneath the eyes.
Digestion is poor and appetite almost
Dot us look tlie matter in the face with
out flinching. This is more than a little
cold, although in the beginning It was
only a sudden checking of the action of
the skin and kidneys. Now it Is the
dreaded Bright's disease, a foe to life
quite as deadly as consumption. Com
mon sense would dictate that no time be
lost In vain regrets that more prudence
was not exercised in the country. Bet ns
find n remedy if we can.
We are fortunate to know that Warner’s
Safe Cure will bring back health and en
ergy and normal action of the kidneys.
It is the function of the kidneys to expel
from the system broken down tissues in
the form of urea and uric acid, together
with certain salts that have done their
work. No other organ than the kidneys
can rid the body of this death laden mat
ter. Congested, Inflamed kidneys act as a
drain to keep poison in the system.
What makes Warner's Safe Cure the
wonder and admiration of the medical
profession is dts power to soothe the in
flammation in the kidneys and to allay
the congestion so that the urine, once
more healthy in color and consistency,
carries away the waste freely and
One does not necessarily die soon of
Bright’s disease. He may lead a misera
ble uncertain invalid life for years. But
what weary dragging years they are.
Let the sufferer shake off his burden of
sickness and suspense. He will find hope
and health In Warner’s Safe Cure.
A. O. Lane was arguing a demurrer in
the case of Hillman aguinst the Morris
Mining company yesterday afternoon be
fore Judge Sharpe when Attorney
Weatherly for the plaintiff remarked that
Mr. Lane might save his God-given
breath, as he had Just been served with
an injunction from the chancery court
restraining plaintiffs from further prose
cution of the case at law. After hearing
the injunction read Judge Sharpe relin
quished the case to equity Jurisdiction.
The suit arose out of a contract regard
ing royalty on iron ores and it Is said in
volves about $13,000.
Probate Court.
Nothing of unusual interest transpired
in the Gleason will case, which is still on
trial before Judge Porter.
Heal Estate Transfers.
Pamuel Lord to Amy Smith, west half
of lot 4, block 819. Bessemer; $r>25.
J. O. and S. E. Began to John T. Mil
ner, west half of northwest quarter sec
tion 7, township 10, range 2, west; $200.
Richard T. Williamson and wife to
Emma and William A. Spence, half In
terest in lot 5, section 20, township 7,
range 2, west, etc.; $500.
T. M. Draper and wife to August Meller,
southeast quarter of soulheast quarter
and southwest quarter of soulheast quar
ter section 20, township 16. range 2. west;
also north half of northeast quarter of
northeast quarter section 32. township
16, range 2, west; $1021.
Same to same, east half of northeast
quarter of soulheast quarter section 29,
township 16, range 2, west; $329.
Marriage Licenses.
Mr. D. Winborn Whltmere nnd Miss
Jessie May Wade.
.Mr. William P. G. Harding and Miss
Amanda Moore.
Cirouit. Court.
Collins & Co. vs. J. F. Logwood nnd
Annie Logwood: Judgment for $85.
Singer Manufacturing company vs. C.
P. Coggins et al.; on trial.
Inferior Criminal Court.
Annie Manning, disorderly conduct;
$7.50 and coats.
Wesley Kinnon, minor visiting saloon;
Annie Manning, lewd woman visiting a
saloon; $5.
Charles Williams, trespassing: $5.
Henry Bates, disorderly conduct: $5 and
Breakfast is now served at
Union Depot Restaurant as
early as 5 o’clock for passen
gers leaving on early morning
trains. 10-13-eod-im
The Birmingham Musical union will
give a grand concert at O'Brien's opera
house Tuesday night, the 29th Instant,
for the benefit of helpless Confederate
This concert will be under the leader
ship of Prof. Henry Weber and will em
brace nearly every good musician of the
city on that occasion. No such musi
cal entertainment on so large a scale has
ever before been attempted in Birming
ham, and Is the generous action of the
entire musical union In the most worthy
cause that could enlist the Interests of
our cllPzilis.
Camp Hardee, United Confederate Vet
erans No. 39. will have the directing of
arrangements and will take charge of the
receipts. Tickets will be sold for 50 cents,
and It Is urgently desired that the people
of Birmingham turn out en masse on this
occasion and make It the biggest audience
that ever filled this noted pleasure resort,
as the attraction and cause for whicli It
Is given will oertainly warrant and be
worthy of such an audience.
School Shoes—We have a
grand line at bargain prices.
The Smith Shoe Co.
‘'Sinbad**** Success.
‘’Sinbad," that elaborate extravaganza
which is to be a.t O’Brien’s tomorrow
night, has played to phenomenal business
in every southern city visited this sea
son. In speaking of its engagement in
Atlanta the Constitution says:
“ ‘Sinbad,’ as presented by the Ameri
can IvMravaganxa company at the By
i ceum theater, has ceiCalnly shone like a
gem of rarest brilliancy. It is the first
example in Atlanta's theatrical history
of one play of any character having play
ed a whole week at high prices and pack
ed the theater. This Kate of affairs is
entirely due to the merit of the perform
ance." Mr. David Henderson made som**
very broad and sweeping promises, and1 it
is to his infinite credit that he lias kept
them. Although the company is the
largest yet seen here numeric-ally, it 13
also strong individually. Dashing Irene
Verona, sprightly Anna. Suits, funny
Jessie voters, dainty Ailoen Burke, comic
Joseph Doner and big Douglas Flint have
«'arh created for themselves a strong
local following, to say nothing of the ar
tistic achievements of Messrs. Gullrnette,
Kierrpan, Turner. Murphy and Blaney.
The ballet led by Mile. Paris, a really
great dancer, and the orchestra, under
Clarence Itogerwon’s baton, have lent no
little to the general charm of the enter
tainment. The ‘standing room only’
sign was up again last night.”
In Chicago and the west, even to the
Pacific coast, the name of David Hender
son is a guarantee of all that Is best In
spectacular burlesque. For years he has
been at work perfecting his American
Extravaganza company, until It is at
present on a. par with any organisation of
Its kind In the country. Having conquer
ed the west, this enterprising manager is
now extending his domain eastward and
scuthward. Burlesque has been a much
abused although legitimate form of
amusement. Unscrupulous managers
have so degraded It into what have been
commonly termed ‘ieg shows” that
among-the better classs It has fallen Into
sad repute. As a result the burlesques
of the college boys have been about the
only ones to attract really first-class au
diences of late years. Burlesque in Its
best state Is a varied but harmonious
blending of opera, spectacle and farcical
comedy. As the features are so numerous
and ephemeral, each being calculated
lo please the eye. charm the ear. or stir
the risibilities for a moment, only until
something new takes Its place, no con
sistent plot can be carried. Consequent
ly It Is customary to parody some time
honored and familiar tale, like that of
A Prominent Minister.
Rev. T. R. Kendall, pastor Grace M. E.
church. Atlanta. Ga„ says: "I take
pleasure In testifying to the great virtue
of King's Royal Germetuer In relieving
night sweats resulting from the debili
tating influence of malaria. In a Bevere
ordeal through which my family passed
from this oppressive affliction, I found
Germetuer to be an Immediate specific.
Have also found It a speedy tonic to the
digestion, and a most grateful and re
freshing remedy in the heated season
when suffering from relaxation and gen
eral debility.” New package, large bot
lle, 108 doses, $1. For sale by druggists.
In France the bimetallic system of re
demption is still kept up and it works
perfectly to guard and maintain the gold
reserves of the Bank of France. When
gold Is demanded for export, a premium
Is charged for it, and even then the hold
er of the notes gets only half of their
face value In gold, the rest being paid in
silver. Such a system would work per
fectly In this country, as it has worked
when the agents of the people Interpreted
the word "coin” In the law to mean
either gold or silver coin.—Atlanta Con
Freckles, Blotches,
Ringworm, Kczetna,
Scald Head, Tetter,
and all other skin
disorders positively
cured with
If yon would have soft, smooth and healthy
skin, free from all imperfections, use constantly
[Price 26 eta. Send Stamp for Free Samp!*.
Ijoiinston. HOLLOW A ¥ A CO., PH1LA*
_l /"I arena
"•jljoal Co
Office and Yard:
Cor. Avenue A and 22d Street.
We sell more lump coal than any
yard in the city.
Joe R. Cook,
John Vary,
Attorney at Law and Solicitor in Chancery.
Office No. 11 First National Bank
Building, Birmingham, Ala.
10-22-lm ...
for Infants and Children.
DTHEKlSy Do YOU BCnOW that Pnregorlc.
Bateman's Drops, Godfrey’s Cordial. many so-called .Soothing Syrups, and
most remedies for children are composed of opium or morphine f
Do You Know that opium and morphine are stupefying narcotic poisons •
Do Yon Know that in most countries druggists are not permitted to sell narcotics
without labeling them poisons T
Do You Know that you should not permit any medicine to bo given youi child
unless you or your physician know of what it is composed f
Do You Know that Castoria is a purely vegetable preparation and that a list of
its ingredients Is published with every bottle V
Do Yon Knnw that Cartoria is the prescription of the famous Dr. Samuel Pitcher
That it has been in use for nearly thirty years, and that more Castoria is now sold than
ot all other remedied for children combined f
You Know that tbo Patent Office Department of the United States and of
other countries, have issued exclusive right to Dr Pitcher and his assigns to use the word
#* Castoria11 and Its formula, and that to imitate them is a state prison offense ?
Do Yon Know that one of t he reasons for granting this government protection was
because Castoria bad been proven to l»e absolutely harmless?
Do You Jfciiow that 35 average doses of Castoria are furnished for 35
cents* or ono cent a dose *
Do Yon Know that when possessed of this perfect preparation, your children may
l/C kept well, and that you may have unbroken rest t
Well, these things are worth knowing. They are /acts. *
Tho fac-aimilo
signature of
i« on every
Children Cry for Pitcher’s Castoria.
ffcirrr Paiik luildinp, Cor. Isl Avr. S 21st Slreot, Rirmiogham, Ala.
Hit tJr.ctl, lift equipped and most successful institution of its kind In the 3lty or Itits
I'stablistaed in the city of Birmingham, Ala., August 3, 1837.
CO ii Hours—6:30 a. m. to 12 m., 1:30 to 6:00 p. m.; Sundays, 10 a. m. to VI nj.
Dr. 1. E. HOLLOTTO", Specialist.
Has tlie fiery lightning of midnight revelries hid anything to do with the
‘crimson streams of blood that go crashing through yonr braiu? Are yonr
cheeks flushed witb pnro and fresn blood free from taint and corruption? * Arc
you a victim to any form or stage of blood poison which produces any kind of
•ores, ulcers, breaking "”f, pains or aches? X have been treating
specially just such troubl^ftor in a 37 ywma. I make speedy and permanent
cures of all stages of 8yj»ilis, Gonorrhoea, cffltewStrictnre, Bad Blood, Skin,
Kidney or Bludder Dise/ses, Pimples, Blotches, Ecb«ma, Tumors, Ulcers in
tuouth and throat, WotunTroubles, or any privafrajiiseaahdif either sex.
I w'sh to call speiii.-i^^snfisii tn, mf IPUftlhujiiL of unfortunates suffering
from early impruaoucafiirrors of Youth, Boss of Vitality, Lo\a of iManhood or
Sexual Debility. The Treatment is reliable and permanent. yThe dark clouds
that h«.nL; as a pall oner your dejected brow can be brushed awAy and the brighi
sunshine made to Unfit up your future pathway. \ 1
If you live in orfneai the city, call at my Private Dispensary. If at a dls-,
tance,"write me yofu trouble, enclosing stamp for reply.
My book on P4**te Diseases and proper question lists will be sent to any-'
one on nnplicaliosh,, i . /
Little did we thin
Holloway, our grei
located lo Blrmlngy
nouuced through
aid that he would
ol disease* that h
international rep1
knowledge from
away klngiand,
skill and (sin.
lleve with
pionor alwn,
—a pleasant's*^
—and is recognize
, and-_^.
P.e ublUmnstit,
ryot only a special class
ould ever achieve au
tioh. To our personal
the acean. in tar
_ . _,.J<vned ol his
consult IHrnY We be
doctor that trutBOmerlt and
win. He stands aWbe head
n able physician
.leading author
ity in the treatment [of aii'nrivmgdiseases.
Birmingham may wall he proudothim.
[BirmiDghanvPally News.]
No specialist in tbeSnvtfc^la more fa
miliar with the treatmdS)t of private
troubles than Dr. Y. Et
ing his long resldenpffin
successfully treyl*dmany
tients Buffering with j-‘
•very conceivable form.
Tlence, together with h1
not only places the doc
bis profession In such
guarantee to all that |
der his care that they
treatment possible
We have a great
In point of ability L4
.y he has
sands of pa
‘""oubles of
reat ex pe
el ability,
bead of
but is a
and baa been longer In Birmingham than
any specialist there. "Troth, merit and
bonor always win,” and in that line Dr.
■aliBwav atanda In the (Mai rsak .
i^dam0 Drug Co.
We move on Thdftday of this week
from 220 Nineteenth street to the above
location, and when it is effected our
S. I Cor. 2d Avc. anil 191b SI.
place will be the
I Most Convenient Apothecary
Shop in Town.
Our new store will be a beauty
when the decorations are finished.
Our stock is almost entirely new and
prescriptions are our specialty. Our
store is open from 6 in the morning
, until 12 at night.
The Metropolitan Hotel and Restaurant
Nos. 8 and 10 North 20th Street, Corner Morris Avenue.
The Old Reliable
Avondale Steal Laundry
continues to please the public by doing
good work.
Prompt attention paid to delivery and
Office No. 108 19th street. 'Phone 1004.
Delicious : Steak,
Mutton, Lamb or Pork and
all animal dellcaetea.
Stall 11. City Market
PCklcbeeter’a English IMaaond Bmi
Orlgliftl ud Only Genuine.
- *ar«, alwaya reliable. k«OiK* u
Drugflat far ChicAceters English Dia
nonet Brand to Ke4 and OoU anetallio
toxea, aealtd with bln* ribbon. Take '
JBo otkerv Refuse dangerous eubititu
fttons and imitations. At Drnggleta, or md 4e.
‘ ippa for particulars, MstimMlals and
Hcf for I .idle*,” in latter, by retina
. 1 •.000 Trill menlala. Same taper.
m, *,
27 we «*t >o ij wty eow ly
D. B. Luster,
Tha 16th Straal
aij 19th Street,
Has added a general line of FACTORY
MADE BHOBS to Us custom department.
All People Like the Best. I Sell Only Standard Goods
Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles,
Medical Wines
and Liquors.
&irl am still Agent for the Belle of Sumpter Whisky.
«Jolm JL. Parker, Druggist,
212 North Twentieth Street.
You Can Nr w Find
Secc n 1 Door Above
First National Bank,
First Avenue.
In All Things All The Time,
1 THERE are many GOOD life insurance companies, but among
them all there must be on; BEST. THE BEST is THE
EQUITABLE. If you wish to know why, send for: i, the
report of the Superin:endent of Insurance for the State of New
York on the examination of The Equitable; 2, for actual results
of maturing policies; 3, for statement of death claims paid in
1894. Then you will know the three great reasons of The
Equitable’s supremacy: First, its financial stability; second,
its great profits and advantages to living policy-holders; third,
the promptness of its payments and liberality of its settlements.
The Equitable Life Assurance Society
Of the United States.
JAS. W. ALEXANDER, Vice-President. H. B. HYDJ3, President.
Clark & Jackson, Ma ajers jackaon) J L. D. Burdette, Cashier.
OFFICES--2021 First Avenue, Southern Club Building, Birmingham, Ala.
Assets, $185,044.310. Surplus, $37,481,069.
The Berney National Bank,
Birirtingham, Alabama.
Chartered January 28, 1886.
Capital Stock, $200,000.00. Surplus and Profits, $28,000.00.
Successors (0 City National Bank of Birmingham January 8, 1895.
Special Attention to Industrial and Cotton Accuuot^
J. B. COBBS, Pres't. W. F. ALDRICH, Vice-Pres’t. W. P. Q. HARDING, Cashiei
J. H. BARR, Assistant Cashier.
DIRECTORS—B. B. Comer, T. H. Aldrich, Robert Jemison, W. F. Aldrich, Walkej.
Percy, Robert Stephens. Charles Wheelock, James A. Going, J. B. Cobbs.
N. E. Barber, President. W. J. Cameron, Cashier.
W. A. Walker, Vice-President. Tom. O. Smith, Ass’t Cashier.
T. M. Eradlev. 2d Ass’t Cashier.
Capital Stock, - - ^S50,00C^
Designated Depository of the United States.
Chartered May 18, 1884.
FIBECTOBS—J. A. Stratton, F. D. Nabers.W. A. Walker, T. O. Thompson, W. ?,
Troyrn, T. H. Molton W. J. Cameron, N. E. Barker, Gop. L. Morris.
R. M. NELSON, President. W. A. PORTER, Caahler.
A. T. JONES, Vice-President. H. L. BADHAM, Assistant Cashier.
CAPITAL $500,000.00.
S. K. Cor. First Avenue and Twentieth S reet, Birmingham, Ala.
BUYS and sells exchange on all principal cities in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa,
Australia, South America and Mexico. Solicits accounta of manufacturers, merchants,
banks and individuals. 8 29 tf
Banking in All Its Branches.
Stocks, Bonds and Investment Securities j
bought and sold. Real estate loans of $ 1000
and upward negotiated. Drafts issued on all
parts of the world. Interest allowed on sav
ings deposits.
Banking House°< Steiner Bros.
' 6 26 ly
Birmingham Paint and Glass Company
Paints, Oils. Varnish, Glass, Sash, Doors and Blinds.
1916 Third Avenue.Birmingham. Ala.
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