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Fowlkes 4 Myatt Issue Handsome Invitations
to Their Many Friends and
The State Herald la In receipt of the
following Invitation to attend the fall
opening of Fowlkes & Myatt at their
popular store next Tuesday:
We extend you a cordial invitation to
visit us at our place of business, 300 and
302 North Twentieth street, October 29.
1395, from 8 a. m. to 9 p. m.
The occasion will be a display of fall
and winter goods. We propose to exhibit
for your Inspection the largest, best se
lected and most complete stock of staple
and fancy groceries ever seen in Birming
Light lunch will be served as per menu
on inside of this card.
Hoping that you will favor us with your
presence on that date, with assurances
of respect, we are very cordially,
Saratoga Chips.
Olives. Pickles.
Preserves. Cakes.
Tongue. Crackers.
Coffee. Tea. Chocolate.
Our Specialties.
On this occasion we will serve:
Olives—Out of the pipe bought by us
of James P. Smith & Co., New York, the
largest package ever received In Birming
Pickles and preserves—Heinz's cele
brated mixed pickles and Keystone brand
of preserves.
Cakes and candles—Cody’s make. We
believe in patronizing home industries,
especially when they are ns good as the
best elsewhere.
Coffees and teas—Chase & Sanborn's
celebrated brands, for which we are ex
clusive selling agents in Birmingham.
Chocolate—Walter Baker & Co.'s, the
very best on the market.
Crackers—Dozier's Saratoga flakes,
none better.
Saratoga potato chips—The "Buckeye
Alaba" brand, manufactured at Pratt
In addition to the above we wish to
call your attention to the fact that we
are agent in Birmingham for the sale of
J. W. Brown & Co.'s celebrated Dew
Drop brand of canned goods.
We Import our olives and olive oil in
glass, the prettiest packages on the mar
We keep always on hand a full line of
toilet soaps, and recommend especially
the La Tosca brand, which retails for
25 cents per box of three. Sample cakes
on hand for distribution.
We also keep a large assortment, of
Dodsop-HIll’s ketchup and pickles In bulk
and glass. *
We handle "Alabama” brand of rolled
flftiS. rSi brooms, manufactured In Bir
mingham. 1 a. -1 1
"But where la, the man that can Hv#
without dining?"
-y y* r ■***
A Pleasant Lemon Tonic.
For biliousness, Constipation, Malaria
Colds and the Grip.
For Indigestion, Sick and Nervous
For Sleeplessness, Nervousness and
Heart Disease.
For Fever, Chills, Debility and Kidney
Disease, take Lemon Elixir.
Ladies, for natural and thorough or
ganic regulation, take Lemon Elixir.
Dr. Mozley’s Lemon Elixir Is prepared
from the fresh Juice of lemons, com
bined with other vegetable liver tonics,
and will not fall you In any of the above
named diseases. 50c and J1 bottles at
Prepared only by Dr. Mozley, Atlanta,
At the Capitol.
I have Just taken the last of two
bottles of Dr. H. Mozley’s Lemon Elixir
for nervous headache, indigestion, with
diseased liver and kidneys. The Elixir
cured me. I found it the greatest medi
cine I ever used. J. H. MENNICH,
Attorney, 1225 F Street, Washington.
D. C.
Lemon Hot Drops.
Cures all Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness.
Sore throat, Bronchitis, Memarrhage
and all throat and lung diseases. Ele
gant, reliable.
25 cents at druggists. Prepared only
by Dr. H. Mozley, Atlanta, Ga.
The Bessemer and Birming
ham and the Birmingham and
Ensley roads will burn coke
today instead of coal, making
no smoke. Go out and take a
pleasant ride.
Talk About Hon. Jabez Jackson Parker, Who
Will Appear at Seals Bros,’ Music Hall
Next Tuesday Evening.
During: an informal talk with the Tay
lors at the Morris yesterday morning
both of the brothers expressed them
selves as very hopeful that Colonel Par
ker would be greeted with a large audi
ence next Tuesday evening. They ex
pressed themselves in the very highest
terms as to the ability of Colonel Par
ker, saying that in his particular spec
ialty of oratorical mimicry he had no ri
val in the world. Alf in particular went
Into exstades over Colonel Parker's Im
itation of the renowned William L. Yan
cy, saying that at last ho had had a wish
✓ gratified he had always regretfully
yearned for—to hear the great Yancy.
This opportunity had not been afforded
him before Yancy died, “and now,” he
said, "to think! I have heard Y'ency,
resurrected as It were, after many years!
It’s wonderful.” Governor Bob was not
feeling well, but also praised Colonel
Parker in the highest terms as a humor
ist and mimic.
We bespeak for Colonel Parker a rous
ing reception next Tuesday night. He
Is an Alabama genius, who merits honor
In his own country before he goes abroad
to seek It elsewhere. He Is well known
throughout the state as a lawyer and
politician, and has only recently taken
Up platform work, for which ho-is un
usually well equipped. The Montgomery
Advertiser, when he appeared last Mon
day night, says he was greeted by a large
and enthusiastic audience, and gave a
most unique and engaging programme,
In which mimicry, wit and humor shone
Still a very large stock of
Matting on hand at lower
prices than ever at
There are TWICE as many
Remington Standard Type
writers in daily use and FIVE
times as many being sold in
Birmingham as all other
makes of writing maohines
oombined. io-2o-7t
Fresh bread and candy made
daily at C. W. Cody’s, 1820 to
1826 3d avenue. j*5 t/ \
Hold an Important Meeting—Monthly Salaries
Paid—The Year’s Professional
Work Outlined.
The teachers of the public schools met
yesterday morning in regular session in
the high school building. The salaries of
teachers for the first month of the pres
ent session, amounting to about $3500,
were paid t>y Treasurer Cameron of the
board of education.
The leading topic discussed by the
teachers -was the Teachers' lyceum, an
organization for the professional im
provement of teachers. The organization
is general, with a course of study out
l'ned as the basis of work; the teachers of
each school are organized into classes
or circles, which form so many divisions
or chapters of the general organization.
Principal Cunningham of the Paul Hayne
school delivered an address, in which he
outlined the professional work under
taken by the Paul Hayne circle, and em
phasized the importance of making prac
tical In every day work the theoretical
knowledge acquired through the lyceum
studies. The work In psychology and
child study, he said, should yield fruit
age in the discipline and instruction of
the school.
Miss Cahalan. principal of the Powell
school, then made a report of the work
outlined and undertaken by the Powell
circle. In addition to the professional
work outlined, she said that the circle
hud undertaken an extended course in
history and literature. These subjects,
she explained, were to be' studied in the
light of psychology and educational his
tory; historical eras would be regarded
as distinctive thought—movements of the
people, each period representing charac
teristic tendencies In literature, art edu
cation, religiun, philosophy, politics and
economics. These various topics would
be studied as so many historical thought
phases In national progress and devel
x'rinciptti ivuui ui me rxemey buhuuj
said that the circle he represented would
be organized for work, and would begin
the course next week. He emphasized the
Importance . of reducing all pedagogical
principles to actual practice, and testing
by Immediate application the value of
every, maxim and dogma presented by
Principal Moore of the high school
stated that the high school teachers dur
ing this first month of the session had
been so overwhelmed with work that they
had not had time to begin the lyceum
Wgrk. He said, however, that he was
glad to announce the organization of the
Herbart club, whose general object Is
the special study of psychology and its
specific applications. The He_rbart club
meets next 'fuesday night In, the high
school building. The membership of the
club is entirely voluntary aail ££•
s trio lea to teacnera Anyone Intel', yt'ij
In the work of the club is invited to at
tend and participate. The study of the
philosophy and pedagogy of Herbart, the
German phllopopjier, will form one fefi
Sirperimenaent Phillips addressed the
teachers at length upon the work and
conduct of the special agencies of work
In connection with'the schools for the ad
vancement of the teachers. The regular
teachers’ institute, the grade meetings,
the Lyceum circles and the Herbart club
must tell in the work of the schools and
in the Interest of the children in attend
ance. He then outlined a few of the
problems now presented to the teachers
of the country for solution. He referred
to the "Report of the Committee of Fif
teen," In which Dr. Harris presents his
idea of corralation of studies, which the
school of Herbastian educators attack as
impractical. Arithmetic in the report is
regarded as purely quantitative, while
the critic urges that from the standpoint
of the child It must be qualitative; the
child can learn numbers not abstractly,
but by concrete application. In language
teaching again we find diverging theo
ries; shall language be taught synthetic
ally or analytically, or by a combination
of the two methods? How shall moral
instruction be imparted Is another ques
tion of deep significance to the schools.
One side maintains that all virtue and
morality must have an eccleslactical ba
sis, and that it is only by the sanction
of church or creed that moral character
can be developed; moral and religious in
struction can be Imparted only by creed
specific religious teaching. The other
side maintains that with the exception
of specific creeds and ecclesiastical dog
mas, the school, by the agencies at its
command, may develop the highest type
of morality. Knowledge, they say, en
franchises and elevates the soul; each
subject of the school course has a spe
cific moral value; the methods used In
presenting these subjects are either mor
al or Immoral, as they harmonize with
the nature of the soul, and develop in
harmony the varied activities of concor
dant faculties. He said that these are
a few of the specific problems studied to
day by the leading teachers of the coun
try, and he was glad that the teachers
of Birmingham were capable of grap
pling with questions whose study must
result beneficially to the children under
their charge.
Dr. Phillips dwelt upon several points
of detail regarding the schools, and in
structed the teachers in reference to nu
merous matters of discipline and admin
president oamuei unman ui m«r uuo.*u
of education was present at the meeting
and addressed the teachers In his own
felicitous way, congratulating them upon
the character of the work they were do
ing and upon their interest and enthu
The schools of the city enroll more pu
pils this year than they have for two
years past. The attendance at present
is about 3600. The number of teachers
employed in the schools is eighty. Ad
ding to this number the secretary and
nine janitors employed, the total number
of employes In the service of the board
is ninety. The prosperity of the schools
is an index to the progress of the city,
and it is gratifying to see the large in
crease in the attendance of the present
session. A visitor to the schools cannot
fail to note also marked progress and de
velopments In the conduct and discipline
of the schools. The pupils are orderly
and interested in their work. Not one
case of corporal punishment has yet been
reported this year from the white schools.
The teachers are greatly elated over
the succesfi of the Birmingham school ex
hibit at the Atlanta exposition. Since it
has turned out that Chicago is Birming
ham’s only dangerous competitor for the
award all the teachers are anxiously and
nervously awaiting the report of the
New preserved pears, peach
es, gages, strawberries and
15 N. 20th Street
Telephone 904.
We have Just received a carload of
choice California wines, such as Clarets.
Port, Sherry and White Wine. They are
equal in quality to any imported wines;
prices are within reach of everybody.
Special Inducements to parties buying by
the barrel. Samples free of charge. (Jive
us a call.
M. & A. WISE.
Corner Morris Ave. and 20th St.
If dear and warm Sunday
afternoon Chace’s band, led
by the peerless Weber, will
play at East Lake. 10-26-21
I -=»
I Two Negroes Engage in a Difficulty and One
Shoots the Other in the Head—Dam
age Not Serious.
Charles Welrtjorn, colored, was shot by
John Williams, another negro, yesterday
afternoon on Browns Hill.
The shooting. It is said, resulted from
an abusive attack made on Williams
by Wellborn. Those who witnessed the
affair say that Williams was sitting in
front of his house when Wellborn rode
bp on a horse and cursed him. He ended
by daring Williams to come out, threat
ening to whip him if he did. Williams
walked towards Wellborn, who Jumped
from the saddle, It is said, as if to exe
cute his threit, but Williams picked up
a large stone and hurled It at his' antago
nist. The rock missed Wellborn, and
Williams ran past him, but Btopped be
fore he had gone far and fired at Well
born with a 44-calibre rer elver. The
ball struck Wellborn in the head and
inflicted a dangerous wound. Williams
escaped, and has not yet been captured.
The injured man was taken to the po
lice hospital, where Dr. Gibson, assisted
by Drs. Due and parclay and Student
P. T. Walker, dressed hie wound.
The physicians think that Wellborn
has good chances to recover.
One hundred clocks at 2018
1st avenue. Come and see.
E. GLUCK, Jeweler.
Montgomery and Return Sunday, October
27, Only 81.50 Round Trip.
An excursion will leave Birmingham
for Montgomery Sunday, October 27. 1895,
at 8 a. m., reaching there at 10 a. m., re
turning leave Montgomery at 10:30 p. m.,
making a quick run back. Ouly $1.50
round trip. By this arrangement you can
spend the entire day in the Capital City
at a very low rate. The accommodations
and comfort of this excursion will be
the same as if you were on the regular
passenger train and had paid full fare, so
do not fail to take advantage of it. For
further Information apply to any ticket
agent of Louisville and Nashville rail
road, or to D. D. Klnnebrew, excursion
agent. Box 685, Birmingham, Ala.
10-18-td _
10c for the round trip today.
Bessemer and Birmingham
Birmingham’s Amateurs Push Professionals
Close for First Honors.
Birmingham's representatives, who
participated in the BUerstate shoot at
Atlanta during’ the past week, returned
Home yester3ay morning. TJtey werg
the only non-professionals out of forty
£n£rie£ wh£ tpqk jjart in the contest and
they all won places.
The scores made for the three days
were: R. H. Baugh, Sfi per cent; R. M.
Brown, 85 per cent; F, R. Abbott, 85 per
cent; J. H. Allen, 80 per cent.
R. O. Heiks of Ohio,the champion of
the United State’s, made 95.
Mr. Baugh led his squad by five in ev
ery contest.
—every one of tlie painful irregularities
and weaknesses tliat prey upon women.
They fade the face, waste the figure, ruin
the temper, wither you up, make you old
before your time.
Get well: That’s the way to look well.
Cure the disorders and ailments that beset
you, with Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescrip
It regulates and promotes all the proper
functions, improves digestion, enriches the
blood, dispels aches and pains, melancholy
and nervousness, brings refreshing sleep,
and restores health and strength. It’s a
powerful general, as well as uterine, tonic
and nervine, imparting vigor and strength
to the entire system.
Mrs. Anna Ulrich, of Elm Creek, Buffalo Co.,
_ rtofilru. Neb., writes: “I enjoy
Know oea i m uiaiiK.s 10
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription and 'Golden
Medical Discovery.’ I
wns under doctors' care
I for two years with womb
i disease, and gradually
i wasting in strength all
|the time. I was so weak
Ithat I could sit up in bed
f only a few moments, for
two yeata. I commenced
takiug Dr. Pierce’s Fa
vorite Prescription and
his ' Golden Medical Dis
covery,’ and by the time
#1 had taken one-half dbz
ren bottles I was up and
"going wherever I pleased.
Mrs. Ulrich. and be'eu very strong
ever since—that was two years and a half ago.”
A book of 168 pages on “ Woman and Her
Diseases ” mailed sealed, on receiai of 10
cents in stamps for postage. Kdress,
World’s Dispensary Medical Associa
tion, 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Birmingham Fish Company,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in and
Shippers of
Fish, Oysters and Gam
•Phone 146. No. 210 North Twentieth
Street, Birmingham, Ala.
Dave a large lot of unredeemed watches on
u.)» ai 8n astonishing low price.julR-tf
112 North Twentieth Street.
Call anil see our bargains In diamonds,
solid gold, filled and silver watches, charms,
rings, jewelry of all kinds, adjusted
watches, pistols, cartridges. Money loaned
on all articles described above at reasonable
rates. Business strictly confidential. Pri
vate entrance from the alley.
WANTED—A couple to board at 2313 5th
avenue; first-class; references exchanged.
10-27-2t __
WANTED—Boarders ait 1820 6th avenue; one
nice front room. Mrs. N. C. Dryer.
10-27-2t _
WANTED—To Interest party to manufac
ture oil gas stoves patented for the South
ern trade. Blg'sales; no competition. Ad
dress Patentee, care State Herald.
! Shoes,
fc Valises,
Ff>ii sale: by
Agents for the Little Giant School Shoe
Ladies’ Shoes from 75 cents to $2.50 per
pair; worth double the money.
Gents’ Shoes from 99 cents to $3.00 per
Children’s Shoes at prices which no house
in the city can duplicate.
Visit our stores and be convinced we want
your trade and we will certainly astonish you
with bargains.
218 North Nineteenth Street.
Also Our New Store,
Twentieth Street, bet. 1st and 2d Avenues (Stages’ oid stand.)
WANTED—Position by expert stenogra
pher; four yearn' experience; moderate
salary and first-class city references. Ad
dress Stenographer, Box 563, Birmingham,
WANTED—Trustworthy persons to travel;
salary *780 and expenses; reference; en
close self-addressed stamped envelope.
General Manager, Drawer P, Chicago.
SALESMEN to sell cigars; 575 per month;
salary and expenses paid. Address with
2-cent stamp Superior Cigar Company,
Chicago. _
WANTED—A good situation wanted as sta
tionary or other engineering, or taking
charge of machinery, by a locomotive en
gineer and machinist of longTallroad ex
perience and member of B. of L. E.; 54
years old, strictly sober and moral. Ad
dress J. Fulmer, Avondale, Ala.
10-27-2t _
WANTED—Men and women to work at
home; I pay 58 to 516 per week for making
crayon portraits; new patented method;
any one who can read or write can do the
work at home In spare time, day or even
ing. Send for particulars and work at
once. Address H. A. Grlpp, German ar
tist._Ty rone,_Pa.__10-13-4t-sun
WANTED—Gentlemen boarders. Mrs. II.
O. Williams. 1816 7th avenue. 10-23-tf
WANTED—All owners and operators of
typewriters to examine the latest model
(No. 6) Kemington Standard. Five times
as many being sold In Birmingham as all
other makes combined. W. J. Dangaix &
Co., exclusive dealers, 2003 1st avenue.
WANTED-Boarders at 322 21st street. Best
table In the city.10-16-tf
WANTED—We want a first-class man to
superintend a long wall mine at Gallo
way. Ala. Apply to Galloway Coal Oom
pany, Galloway, Ala-10-16-12t
WANTED—Your watch, clock and jewelry
repairing. Will make them as good as
new at most reasonable prices. E. Low
insohn, 2010 1st avenue. ol3-lm
AGENTS WANTED for Sam Jones’ book,
"Hot Shots" or "Sermons and Sayings."
The brightest, sharpest, most unique ser
mons and sayings of the great evangelist.
It Is red hot. Read it, you laugh and you
cry. Will have a wonderful. sale. Low
price to suit all. It ie a harvest for agents.
600,000 will be sold. Outfit only |1, Includ
ing full copy of book. Order Immediately.
Southwestern Publishing House, Narsh
ville, Tenn.oc20-27 nov3-10
WE don’t want boys or loafers, but men of
ability; $300 to $500 a month to hustlers;
state and general agents; salary and com
mission. Racine Fire Engine Company,
Racine, Wls.9-29-sun-4t
AGENTS make $5 daily. Marvelous Inven
tion. Retails 26 cents: 2 to 6 sold in a
house. Sample mailed free. Forshee &
Makln, Cincinnati, O. nv!8 ly sun
cessful Speculation” mailed free. Wheat
provision, cotton and stock speculation on
limited margin thoroughly explained.
Correspondence solicited. Warren, Ford
& Co., 11 Wall street. New York.
FREE INFORMATION and how to make
profitable Investments; 20 years’ experl
oilce on Chicago board of trade and New
Ybrk nnd Chicago stock exchanges. Safe
and sure plan explained in our new book
lets, "How to Make Money” and "All
About Stocks." Markets letters free. The
time for action is now: never were better
opportunities offered; $25 to $100 of your in
come may lay the foundation to a fortune.
Address at once Lincoln & Co., Hankers
and Brokers, Department 1, 123-125 La
Salle street, Chicago. 10-20-sun-ly
301 and 303 20th street, double store, 66x100
feet, corner 3d avenue.
211 19th street, beautiful store, 40x100 feet.
1318 1st avenue, small store, very cheap.
109 20th street: best location In city.
Dwellings, offices, halls and bed rooms In
different parts of the city.
To Invest from $2000 to 3000 In real estate
that will pay a good Interest.
Dr. Smith's Block.
FOR RENT-Well-furnished rooms and
good board. No. 1118 19th street, South
Highlands. 10-27-5t
No. 1G13 19th 9treet, 5 rooms; bath, gas and
servant’s room.
No. 1716 4th avenue, 5 rooms, lot 50x140.
No. 2505 4th avenue, 5 rooms, lot 50x140.
$2COO—5-room house fronting 5th avenue
park, lot 45x100. Good pick-up.
$2500—160 feet front on 14th avenue; south
ern front; splendid view of city and 200 feet
from car line. Easy terms.
House on 4th avenue between 16th and
18tli streets; lot 50x140.
House on 18th street, between 6th and
7tli avenues; lot 45x100.
Lots at Ware’s Grove very cheap. Also
in Jonesville at very low figures. Have some
acreage property that Is good for trucking.
1826% Third avenue
FOR SALE—One 16x18 engine and a lot of
sash, door and blind machinery in first
class order. Will sell for lumber and
shingle®. Address P. O. Box No. 327, Chat
tanooga, Tenn._10-27-3t
SETTER PUPS—For sale, several excep
tionally fine blooded Lewellyn setter pups.
Address Lewellyn, 403 N. 20th street.
FOR SALE—A home cheap on street car
line, North Highlands. Five rooms, also
bath and store rooms; city water; cistern;
some fruit. Terms, part cash, balance
monthly payments. Inquire of A. C. Low
ery at the postofflce.l0-23-6t
Lot 100x200, elegant 10-room residence,
Beeler's Station, short route dummy. Brice
$6300; good terms; fine bargain.
Lot 85x152%, splendid 9-room residence, all
modern improvements, Avenue J and 19th
street. Price $5000, halt cush; very cheap.
Lot 50x200, the beet built and best finished
8-room residence on South Highlands; close
to 20th street, everything done on the lot is
perfect. Price $0500; It is worth in fact
Lot 50x145. comer Avenue E and 23d street;
good 5-room cottage. Price $1050; half cash.
Lot 60x140, good 7-room residence; all mod
ern improvements; lot well Improved; Ave
nue J and 17th street. Price $2500; worth
Lot 100x140, comer Avenue E and 23d
street, two 4-room houses; always rented.
Price $1500.
Lot 50x240, new 7-room cottage, No. 2020
8th avenue; fronts Capitol Park. Price
$3500; good terms.
Lot 50x190, Avenue G and 27th street.
Price $460.
Lot 70x162, Avenue K and 19th street.
Price $1400.
Lot 80x200, on 20th street, between 13th
and 14th avenue, south. Price $2100.
Lot 70x236, on 21st street, between 12th and
13th avenues, south. Price $1100.
Fruit and truck farm at Park Wood Sta
tion, south; 12 miles; 120 acres. Price $2200.
Flrult, grapes and wine will pay for the
place in two years. Greatest bargain on
earth. Come and see us.
$100- $25 cash. $10 a month—Beautiful lot
at Woodlawn between Woodlawn Station
and school house. This lot ought to be
worth $300 or $400.
$2000—50x140; well improved; 5th avenue,
near 22d street. Good pick up.
$2500-Four acres In the heart of Wood
tawn, with two houses. Improvements
worth the money. Convenient to cars,
school, etc. One-half cash.
$2250— It’s hard to get a fine lot fronting
south In excellent location on the north Bide
of the city, but here Is a chance. 50x190,
with three small houses; 5th avenue, be
tween 23d and 24th streets. One-third cash.
$2750—11th avenue, South Highlands, be
tween 15th and lGth streets; large, two
story house, with all modern Improvements.
Easy terms.
$7500—Business property worth $10,000 lo
cated on N. 20th street. A snap.
$1800—Forty acres, all under cultivation,
four blocks from cars at East Lake.
$3000—Corner 21st street and 6th avenue.
I No. 215 21st street
Alley corner on 21st street, 90*100, 5-room
house, for $3250 cash.
640 acres of land In twelve miles of city
for $3 per acre cash.
60x140—5-room house, Avenue E, between
26th and 27th streets, for $1275: easy terms.
50x190—On Avenue F, between 6th and 7th
streets, for $425 cash.
50x240—On 8th avenue, between 22d and 23d
streets, for $1500 cash.
25x140—On 3d avenue, close In, for $3500,
$500 cash, balance easy terms.
Three acres of land at Avondale for $275;
easy terms.
50x140, on 5th avenue, between 24th and
25th streets, for $1750; third cash, balance
one and two years.
$2000 at 8 per cent for two years.
222 21st Street.
$5000—Lot 100x225, South Highlands; three
houses; all rented.
$2500—Will buy two elegant residences
South Highlands.
$5000—Lot 100x200, an elegant residence;
choice location; South High lands; cost
$2000 each—Two-story, eight-room houses.
North 21st street, close In.
$4000—Residence, 19th street, north.
$4000—Brick residence, 8th avenue, north.
$5000—Residence on 6th avenue; choice lo
cation; bargain. Call at once.
We have oter property not enumerated
above in which we have bargains.
Stores on Morris, First, Second and Third
avenues, between Twenty-second and Eigh
teenth streets.
Offices in Office Building, First avenue,
and Jefferson block, all nicely fixed up.
Residences at reasonable prices in all
parts of the city.
MALONE & BELL, 2017 1st avenue.
The Opportunity of Your Life
If You Fail to Buy Now.
50x190—7th avenue, North, $6500.
50x190—5th avenue', North, $5500.
65x100—17th street, North, $3600.
50x240—8th avenue, North, $4090.
50x140—3rd avenue, North, $2750.
Three-story brick store, 2d avenue, North,
110x175—20th street, $5250.
105x165—Avenue 1, $5250.
234x172—20th street, $10,000.
Residence, $5250.
Residence, $5000.
Residence, $6500.
Residence, 21st street, $4500.
Residence, 18th street, $8000.
Residence, 19th street, $13,000.
100x236—Vacant lot, 20th street, $4000.
Elegant country home, Woodlatvn, $2600.
W. B. LBEDY & CO..
Telephone No. 42. 114Mi North 21st St.
MONEY LOANED on diamonds, watches,
jewelry and most anything of value. Lib
eral, confidential and responsible. Old
gold and silver bought. Standard Loan Co.,
2010 1st avenue. ol3-lm
FREE—Handsomely illustrated “Guide for
Speculators and Investors,’’ mailed free.
Send us your name and address. Com
stock, Hughes & Co., bankers and brokers,
55 Broadway, New York city. ol3-13t-s
5118CK LL A .V V. O t7f* .
ALL LADIES having a few' hours of leisure
each day should write me at once regard
ing pleasant home work which easily pays
$18 weekly. This is no deception and will
certainly pay you to investigate. Reply
with stamped envelope Mrs. S. A. Steb
bins, Lawrence, Mich.
tion.— I have finished the mineral depart
ment and Alabama annex in a few days
in agricultural department and I am done.
Hermitage, the Painter of Birmingham.
MONEY TO LOAN—On furniture, w'ithout
removal, from $10 up. S. II. Searle, 17th
street, between 1st and 2d avenues.
A. Blinn & Son, Proprietors. 1807 2nd ave
nue. Telephone 222, Birmingham. 12-29-tI

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