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Served Exclusively to the over
Twenty^one Million People
adto thcd World’s Fair Grounds
o Universally accepted as the
Leading Fine Coffee of the W Of Id.
are exclusive selling agents for this coffee in Birmingham. We
•solicit your orders.
300 and 302 N. Twentieth Street.
(All items of social Interest will he gladly
noted in these columns if sent to Mrs.
George C. Hall, Nineteenth street, between
Tenth ami eleventh avenues, South High
lands. Telephone U88.)
It may possibly be considered a work
of supererogation to call attention again
to the necessity of earlier hours at our
evening social functions. Cut there is so
much at stake, so much that will have
Us effect upon our health, our business
mill also upon our reputation for a proper
vnderslanding of the good forms of so
ciety, that it is worth while to once more
refer to this matter. There seems to ex
ist in the minds of many persons an
Idea that their belated attendance at an
evening reception indicates a very ultra
"swell" social condition. This Is errone
ous In the extreme, and can only be ex
plained upon the ground of youth or in
experience. Social customs and hours
are Lhe result largely of environment,
and In great cities one entertainment
rapidly crowds upon the heels of another,
and frequently two and three functions
will occur on the same evening. This
fact, of course, necessitates an irregular
appearance at one or more of them If
an effort Is made to be present at all
during some portion of the evening. But
two engagements for the same hours
rarely occur with us, as our city is still
email enough for us to find It possible to
arrange our entertainments so as not to
connict or ciasn. so we snouia ai once
dismiss from our minds a desire to em
ulate a fashion which only prevails In the
largest cities of the country, and then
only because of an absolute necessity.
More than this. In New York and other
northern cities of approximate size so
cial diversions are chiefly Indulged In by
the wealthy, leisurely class, with no reg
ular duties and limitations. The young
beaux of society are generally men whose
fathers have accumulated great fortunes
which their sons are making great efforts
to disburse according to the laws of
finance; and to breakfast at midday is
but the habit of these unoccupied speci
mens of manhood. 15ut with us, In this
busy Alabama town of modest propor
tions, wealth is a very rare, almost un
known condition with any of us, and any
man who Is worthy of consideration has
ads regular daily duties and obligations
which must be attended to whether he
retires early or late at night. While a
certain amount of social diversion should
be encouraged, there Is no excuse for any
recreation which Interferes with an hon
est and quiet performance of our business
requirements. To attempt both—late
4.ours and regular business duties—for
tiny length of time will certainly result In
physical Injury nine cases out of ten,
find finally necessitate the giving up of
cne or the other.
Fublic opinion is shaping Itself along
such healthy lines In this matter of late
attendance at evening entertainments
that the indication is that very soon no
young lady or gentleman who desire to
be considered in any degree •'swell” will
permit themselves to be later than 9:30
o'clock In greeting their hosts and host
esses this season in Birmingham. The
men and women who will do the enter
taining this winter desire earlier and
more sensible hours, and, as we all know,
there are certain inalienable rights which
belong to the entertainers, and no well
bred man or woman would wittingly ig
nore them. The same Improved hours
should apply to club recptlons, cotillions
and every other form of social gathering,
for the more neatly a club entertainment
approaches in its details and regulations
r private social function the more elegant
nnd enjoyable It is. This is a small mat
ter—this of adopting earlier hours—in
some respects, but it is one that should he
immediately regulated. We are too well
bred a community and are, In the major
ity. too familiar with the usages of good
society to continue to commit a blunder
that Indicates one of two things: a very
false Idea of what is really good form,
Or a deplorable inexperience in social
matters. With a little consideration and
opportunity either form of the trouble can
be obviated.
"While we are discussing this question,
which I assure you is being very warmly
considered by the best part of our com
munity, it is well to appeal to the young
gentlemen to inaugurate a reform in this
matter. This Is the easiest solution and
naturally the proper one. If every young
gentleman, when he makes an engage
ment with a girl for any entertainment,
will specify and Insist upon a prompt ap
pearance, either at a reception, cotillion
tor other functions we will soon witness a
change in our social conditions both
wholesome and desirable.
Home friend suggested a few days ago
the giving of what she termed "Cinder
ella parties,” and it is a most excellent
Idea. The Cinderella entertainments re
quire the guests to be present at 8:30
o’clock and to say "good night” at 12
o'clock. Such parties would prove a Mess
ing! to the busy, active young men of Bir
mingham and a boon to the men and
women who contemplate entertaining
this winter.
The members of the Tuesday afternoon
Whist club were the guests at their last
tni -ting of Mrs. L. O. Woodson, on Nine
teenth street, South Highlands. The
prise, a large and elegant jardiniere, was
won by Mrs. Jack Q. Cohen. At the
meeting on Tuesday afternoon the whist
Olub decided to increase its membership
to twenty, instead of sixteen, as has been
the membership heretofore. Mrs. Wil
liam B. Leedy, Mrs. Louis T. Hradfleld,
Mrs. J. F. Graham. Mrs. J. C. Hunter and
(Mrs. I’eter B. Clarke were elected mem
bers of the club. The members will be
entertained next by Mrs. Webb Crawford,
on'the South Highlands. Mrs. Woodson
served delicious refreshments.
Clapt. and Mrs. Joseph F. Johnston re
turned a few days ago front a delightful
visit to New York and Baltimore.
Mrs. Anna O. Phelan is at home again
after a most enjoyable sojourn In At
Miss Lila Smith and Mrs. Berry went to
Atlanta yesterday. They will spend sev
eral days at the exposition.
Miss Margaret O'Brien has returned
from a brief visit to relatives in Mont
gomery. Miss Bossle O'Brien Is still
there and will probably be absent for
several weeks.
Miss Annie Walker, who has spent the
summer very charmingly In the great
centers of the north, returned home yes
terday, much improved by her sojourn
In cooler climes.
Miss Mary Leeiof Selma Is the guest of
her niece, Mrs. L. G. Woodson.
* * •
Miss Retta Levy leaves today to visit
relatives in Selma.
Miss Cora Loch is visiting her sister,
Mrs. Louis Gelders, at the Opera House
hotel. Miss Loch is pleasantly remem
bered by her many friends made during
her visit, to Birmingham last summer.
Miss Mattie Lazarus, Birmingham's
gifted young artist, went to Montgomery
on Sunday, where she will be the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. M. Sabel for a few weeks.
During her stay in Montgomery Miss
Lazarus' latest picture, "The Execution
of Lady Jane Grey,” will be on exhibition
in that city.
* * *
Mrs. John S. Marks Is visiting relatives
in Montgomery. She will return during
the coming week.
* • •
On the 2Gth of November one of Bir
mingham’s most beautiful girls will be
married to one of Bessemer's most prom
inent and promising young men, and
friends not only In Alabama, but Tennes
see, feel a profound interest In this nota
ble marriage.
On account of the inclement weather
the entertainment to have been given by
the Young Men's Hebrew association hist
Sunday evening was postponed until to
** * *
Quite a number of her friends were
gathered at the depot Monday night to
welcome home Miss Bertha Gelders after
a prolonged absence in Europe. Miss
Gelders returns the picture of health;
her appearance indicates how beneficial
the trip proved to her. She has much of
interest to' relate, and relates it well.
Miss Gelders assumed charge of her class
in the high school on Tuesday morning,
and was warmly greeted by both teaoh
ers and pupils.
The ladies having charge of the chry
santhemum show are arranging very en
joyable programmes for the evenings of
the days of the exhibition. On Wednes
day evening, November 13, there will be
given a eoncert*flhder the auspices of the
Birmingham Conservatory of Music, and
on Thursdaj evening. November 14. an
other fine concert will be given under
the management of the Birmingham Col
lege of Music.
Amateurs who contemplate exhibiting
their potted plants are requested to pro
tect them at night from possible frosts
by tying paper over the plants.
Mias Dena Holzer will leave today for
an extended trip to Montgomery and
* * *
Mr. and Mrs. Riedcrman of Cleveland,
formerly of Birmingham, are in the city,
on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. T. Phillips.
Tomorrow, November 1, is All Saints’
Pay, a day held very sacred by the Epis
copal and Catholic churches in all parts
of the civilized world. It is an occasion
set apart in memory of those whom “we
have loved and lost awhile.” In memory
of those who have gone before us into a
perfect existence this day Is kept, and
while solemn chants wing their heaven
ward way, they will mingle with those
of angels, who answer upon golden harps
this message from our human hearts.
Many a weary, tired life holds today
graves that tell of buried hopes and ago
nizing separations, and to them Ail
Saints’ Day comes as a benediction,
bringing with It a renewal of the hopes
of an eternal restoration and reuniting.
It is sweet to feel that our spirits may
mingle in love and well-nigh human sym
pathy at such a time, although between
us rolls the sen of death, and to know
that a time is coming—a grand, eternal
All Saints’ Day—when we may all keep
|he feast beyond the stars.
Services will he held tomorrow morn
ing nt 11 o’clock at St. Mary’s-on-the
A new social club has Just been organ
ized. composed of many of our most pop
ular young gentlemen. It has geen given
the pretty name of Colonial club, and on
Tuesday evening last the following or
ganization was effected in the law office
of Mr. Will M. Walker:
President—Mr. Will M. Walker.
Vice-president—Mr. Archie Gibson.
Secretary and treasurer—Mr. J. Pundie
Committee on by-laws and constitu
tion—Messrs. Sam F Stollenwerck, A. F.
df’Funiak, John Kimball and J. Lundle
The following young gentlemen con
stitute the membership!
Messrs M. Porter w«Ulrer> Will M. Jor
dan, J. Garland JohuA Qai^uel fltollen*
werck, A. Fox deFuniak, Tuftstall Perryv
Cljarloe T.inn. Georg# BuiL Gear* a
Brown, Thomas Simms, Archie GlbsSC
John Forney, Luman Handley, John.
KlhiUill. .Smith, John Ho**!?;
J Lnndle Slosa, Will M. Walker, MY'TV
Bllllngslea, P. T. Bradford, Walter.
Fowlkes, Chgt-ipS, ijphoolar.
Such an aggregation will eertalmp
bring about the^mdst delightful socIa^|^g
The unusual demonstrations of esteem
and admiratiqtf eitfilWted In Atlanta a
few days agoTowsro^ Mr. B. Plant,
tha veteran rallraaA and express mana
ged, Indicated moWrnhan the ordinary
human tendency toWbTds hero worship.
It was a trlbute.-raraly received by an
Amerclan dtlsenffand was merited by
thp man upon, ifporh’’It was bestowed.
Mr. Plant in a remarkable degree has en
deared himself to his employes in the va
riutis^orpanizations he controls, and this
he .has'.accompllshea By a generous con
sideration for-their welfare. Perhaps'
th»r8“fe fid’Yither-Ctfrporatlon which fs"
bovnd"genuine interesti1
as. the Southern Express .company, of
wlflch Afr.-’Plant’Is president. Fatihffil
officers Of that cptrinanv are steadily ad
vanced. according to their abilities, and
the opportunity afforded, and when they
reach old age oP ‘ade overtaken by ill
health they are generally pensioned by
the company they have honestly served.
Mr. -PmHt, 'With all his money getting,
has managqd hla. , great corporations
along the lines of Iranian sympathy, and
every one who is familiar with his career
will rejoice that such.a day came to him
as that in Atlanta a few days ago, when
his officers and men exhibited their affgd
tlon in splendid gifts and eloquent
Thu following handsome Invitation has
been received; and the best wishes of
ve-ry many friends are extended the hap
py young -people: "Mr. and Mrs. H.
Chalrsell request your presence at the
marriage of their daughter, Etta An
toinette, to. J. J. Odom Wednesday even
ing, November <>, 181*5, at 9 o'clock. Res
idence, 2218 Fifth avenue, Birmingham.”
The Thursday Evening Euchre club
has been reorganized for the winter, with
the following members: Mr. and Mrs. A.
G. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. W. Q. Estes, Dr.
and Mrs. I* G. Woodson, Mr. and Mrs.
James Weatherly, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Coff]n. M.r. and Mrs. N. M. Malone, Mr.
and Mrs. J„ P. Tillman, Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Wheeloek, Maj. and Mrs. George
C. Ball.
Dr. L. G. Woodson was elected presi
dent and Mrs. A. G. Smith secretary and
treasurer. The first meeting occurs next
Thursday .eyening, November 7.
The marriage of Miss Margaret Snyder
and Mr. William i.usseter will occur this
afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at the Central
Presbyterian church, and Rev. Dr. Hand
ley will perform the ceremony. The
church ahs.liecn elaborately decorattyj Cor
the occasion by the ladies of the rung re-,
gallon. There will he four ushers,
Messrs. T. J. Bradshaw, Robert CecWi
Walter Fowlkes and E. Herzhog, an<j
Mr Gus Easseter, brother of the groom,
will he best man. Miss Bessie Snyder,
sister of thg bride, will be maid ofjhon
er. She will be gowned In a stylis}}
brown cheviot suit, with brown gloves
and hat, and will carry a bunch of -pink
bridesmaid roses, .‘‘The bride’s toilette is
a handsome tan Frenoh worsted, trimmed
with satin a shade darker; hat,, and
gloves will be bt-cJWJi, and she will iiarry
a bouquet ot bride roses. The happy
young couple will leave Immediately aftfcT
the ceremony for Atlanta and ijthef
points In Georgia; they will be absent
about ten days. Upon their return th-y
will be at home to friends at 2317 Fifth
avenue. Miss Snyder has received many
very handsome presents, among thchi ah
elegant case of silver, containing forks,
coffee spoons, tea spoons and table
sptions, from, the congregation of the Ceil-,
tral Presbyterian church. '.e,
The llighland Book club met with Mrs.
Thomas Bradlay- yesterday (Wednes
day) morning, and there were more mem
bers present Ilian for several weeks
past. Mrs. William B. Phillips read an
interesting paper upon "Hobbies and
Their Riders." Each member of the club
gave their especial hobby. Previous to
the literary exercises several Important
business matters were settled by the
tpdmbet's Mbs. BJadley served delicious
refreshments when the club adjourned,
to meet next with Mrs. W. L. Murdock.
The Literary Clique of ’95 was charm
ingly entertained on Tuesday afternoon
by Miss Nina Reed at her home, corner
Twentieth street and Park avenue. -The
writing# of Richard Malcolm Johnston
were considered and the quotations for
the afternoon were from his works. Miss
Alva Bradford gave a very Interesting
account of her European trip at the re
quest of the clique. Miss Minnie Merle
Bane was elected a member, after which
Miss Nina Redd served dainty refresh
ments. The clique meets next with Miss
Mary Trimble^'
The brilliant reception of the Southern
club on Tuesday evening at their hand
some and spacious rooms has already
been described, but it was so beautiful
and elaborate an entertainment that it
was impossible to give at so late an hour
all the details, or an absolutely correct
list of the guests. The lights are long
since extinguished, the music hushed and
the flowers are faded, but with dearness
and freshness for many a day will there
come to the memory lovely pictures of
that evening’s pleasure, and Into the pic
tures will creep the subtle fragrancp of
the magnificent roses that were carried
by many of the belles; and the sound of
soft, silvery' laughter will come back
with the sweetness of the royal blossoms,
all telling of an evening perfect In every
Mrs. James Weatherly has issued the
following invitation to a large circle of
friends: Mrs. James Weatherly at home
Wednesday, November 6, from 4 to 5
Enclosed is the card of Mrs. William
P. Gould Harding,' in whose* honor Mrs.
Weatherly will give this handsome af
ternoon reception.
* * •
The ladies of the Aid Society of the
Church of the Advent and the mttpabers
of the Woman’s Christian Temperance
union will bring , to Birmingham tairly
in November Mrs. Jenness Miller* who
will lecture at O’Brien’s opera house (rpqn
"Bicycling" .and other matters of "inter,
est, and will wear during her liotuie
costumes which will illustrate hef^pp^
Ject. The lecture will occur In the af
ternoon in «rde» to -afford the lad 1^4 apd
children an opportunity to enjoy it. Mps.
Jenjiess Miller Is an unusually bright arid
attnactlve woman, who has won fame
and fortune for herself by her mental
and arttstlo gifts. The exact date will be
announced as soon as It is decided upon.
, . * « *
Mile. Moreska and Professor Gore-will
appear again in Birmingham Mobility
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