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In the City Receiving Special
Attention by Our Citizens.
The Gentlemen in the Party Represent the
Largest Iron and Steel Mills in
the North.
A party of prominent iron and steel
manufacturers, accompanied by a num
ber of ladies, arrived In the city on the
Louisville and Nashville train at 3:12 yes
terday afternoon. President J. G. Cald
well of the Birmingham Kolllng Mill com
pany had them in charge and he, together
with several Birmingham gentlemen,
showed them over the city yesterday aft
The party occupied two special Pullman
sleepers and was composed of the follow
ing ladles and gentlemen:
J. G. Cadwell, Louisville, Ky., president
of the Birmingham Bolling mill; W. E.
Taylor, wife and daughter, Miss Nellie,
of the Union Iron and Steel company,
Youngstown, O.; Mr. and Mrs. John F.
Taylor of Brown, Bonnell & Co.. Youngs
town, O.: C. N. Sehmlck of the Cherry
Valley Iron and Steel company, Latonlo,
O.; Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Felt of the East
Chicago Iron and Steel company, Chica
go; A. S. Farehr of the Wetherland Boll
ing Mill company, Chicago; Major Col
lins and wife of the Central Iron and
Steel company, Brazil, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs.
M. P.'Lynch of Brazil, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs.
John G. Bryson of Brazil, Ind.; Mr. and
Mrs. George M. Bard of the Indiana Iron
and Steel company. Munele, Ind.; Mr.
and Mrs. T. F. Bose and Master Fred
Bose of Munele, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs. T. S.
Stephenson of the Knoxville Iron compa
ny, Knoxville, Tenn.; Mr. and Mrs.
George M. Clarke of Mitchell, Tramp &
Co., Cincinnati, O.; James H. Nutt of
Youngstown, O.
The visitors were met at the union de
pot by Treasurer James Bowron of the
Tennessee Coal, Iron and Ballroad com
pany and General Manager Thomas
Ward of the Birmingham Kolllng Mill
company and the following ladles: Mrs.
David Boberts, Mrs. Thomas Ward, Mrs.
W. M. Newbold, Mrs. Dwyer and Mrs.
M. Forker.
The visitors were escorted to the Mor
ris hotel, where a luncheon was served,
after which the ladles were taken In car
riages for a drive around the city, and
the gentlemen, under the guidance of
Messrs. Bowron and Ward, went up on
Bed mountain.
Last night an Informal concert was ten
dered the visitors by Professor and Mrs.
Guckenburger and Professor Wlegand.
This morning at 9 o’clock they will
take a special train over the Birmingham
Mineral road for a trip through the dis
trict. Before returning to the city they
will be taken to the principle mines and
furnaces and rolling mills and other
places of Ipterest in the district.
They will be entertained at dinner
this evening at the Morris by the local
mill men and a few furnace men. To
morrow they go to Atlanta to see the
The gentlemen in this party represent
some of the largest iron and steel mills
In the north, and their visit may result
In much to this distrlot. Their mills are
large consumers of Alabama pig Iron.
Moonshiners Captured in Clay and Coosa.
No Court Next Week.
Opelika, Oct. 30.—(Special Correspond
ence.)—United States Deputy Marshal
J. M. Johnson captured William Beard,
M. N. Beard, James Beard and Pink
Adair distilling in Clay and Liege Varney
in Coosa and brought them here for pre
liminary trial before Commissioner Sara
ford, who bound them over to await the
action of the federal grand Jury m the
sum of $200 each. Clay and Coosa coun
ties In their topography are among the
wildest in the state, and the moonshiners
seek the most inaccessible places in which
to manufacture their product. The ut
most diligence of the oflleers fails to se
cure any abatement in the volume of the
Judge Carmicheal of the circuit coart
announced this morning that there would
be no court next week. Business was
rushed so rapidly the first week that the
expense of a third week Is rendered un
necessary. This meets with the hearty
approbation of our citizens, as the county
will thus be saved a good sum.
The Opelika and LaFayette railway re
ceived their first locomotive yesterday.
It Is a small sized engine of the standard
gauge and will be put into service at ari
early date.
Every member of Jefferson Valley
Lodge No. 11, Knights of Pythias, is most
earnestly requested to meet In their cas
tle hall on Thursday, the 31st instant, at
1:30 p. m. to attend the funeral of Brother
Peter Ztnszer.
C. A. MOFFETT, K. of R. & S.
To the Members of King Solomon Lodge
No. 460:
You are hereby summoned to attend a
special meeting to be held at the lodge
room at 1 o' clock p. m. October 31, 1S05,
for the purpose of attending the funeral
of Brother Peter Zinszer.
All Master Masons are cordially Invited
to be present.
JAS. T. MEADE, Sec. Pro Tern.
You are hereby summoned to attend a
special conclave of Cyrrne Commandery
No. 10, to be held at their asylum at 1
o'clock p. m. October 31, 1895, for the pur
pose of attending the funeral or Sir
Knight Peter Zinszer.
All Sir Knights not members of Cyrene
commandery are cordially invited to be
Eminent Commander.
JAMES T. MEADE, Recorder.
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if It fails
to cure. 25c. lO-^T-em-Sp
On-yesterday the case of Hugh Boyle,
an old Birmingham citizen, charged with
obtaining $400 by false pretense from N.
E. Rogers, was arraigned before Judge
Greene. Attorney Richard H. Fries rep
resented Mr. Boyle, nnd demurred to the
Indictment and made an able argument.
The court sustained the demurrer, and
ordered the defendant held to await the
action of the grand Jury. Mr. Fries said
to a reporter that he is confident that
he will acquit his client when the merits
of the case are brought out.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is the one true
blood purifier prominently in the public
eye today.
Get your tickets to the At
lanta Exposition free at the
Smith Shoe Co.’s Friday.
The Famous Singer to Open a Seiies of Bril
liant Entertainments Promised by
the New Club.
The snap and energy which the pro
moters of the Birmingham Music club
are putting In their efforts to establish
the organization bids fair to outrival
anything of its kind ever started in this
city. They have prepared the following
programme for the entertainment of its
patrons during the season. It is needless
to say that the limited number of season
tickets they will offer will be in demand.
Monday evening at Seals' hall Moreska,
assisted by Signor Gore, the great pian
ist, with other members of her company,
will give the first entertainment. The
others will follow in the order named:
November 4—Moreska.
November 26—Birmingham Music club.
December 10—Epplnghousen Bailey
grand concerts.
December 17—Birmingham Music club.
January 6—Richard Malcolm Johnston.
January 23—Birmingham Music club.
February 3—A stereoptlcon picture
play, "Miss Jerry," presented by Clara
Louise Thompson.
February 27—Birmingham Music club.
March 26—Grand concert by Birming
ham Music club, assisted by professional
talent to be selected.
The price of a season ticket is $3.
A Mass Meeting Held in the Interest of the
Jacksonville, Fla., Oct. 30.—A largely
attended mass meeting was held at Met
ropolitan hall tonight to express sym
pathy for Cuba. There were 400 persons
present, comprising the most prominent
business and professional men of the city.
The meeting was addressed by W. Hard
ing Davis of St. Joe, Mich., who has
been sent out by a Chicago committee
to work up interest In the Cuban cause.
Mr. Davis made a fiery speech, urging
Americans to do all they could to aid the
Cubans in throwing off the Spanish yoke.
The meeting adopted resolutions calling
on the United States to grant the Cuban
belligerent rights.
In a State of Bankruptcy
—is the condition of
our system if the
liver becomes inac
tive so that the
germs and poisons
can accumulate
S within the body.
Keep the liver and
bowels active and
we’re in a condition
of healthy pros
fperity and have
sufficiently well in
vested capital to
- araw upon in me
hour of need. The liver filters out the
f oisonous geruis which enter the system.
list so surely as the liver regulates the
system, so do Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets
regulate the liver. Keep this in mind, and
you solve the problem of good health and
good living. The “ Pleasant Pellets” have
a tonic, strengthening effect upon the lin
ing membranes of the stomach and bowels,
which effectually cures Biliousness, Sick
Headache, Costiveness, or Constipation,
Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Bad Taste
in Mouth, Sour Risings from Stomach,
and will often cure Dyspepsia. The ''Pel
lets” are tiny, because the vegetable ex
tracts are refined and concentrated. Rasy
in action, no griping as with old-fashioned
pills. As a “dinner pill,” to promote di
gestion, take one each day after dinner.
To relieve the distress arising from over
eating, nothing equals one of these little
Mrs. Melissa Atwater, of Steuben,
Washington Co., Me., writes : “As regards
the little ‘ Pel
ic is, i inline
I could not do
without them.
I do not like
to be without
them in the
house. I have
spoken very
highly to
friends and
neighbors of
them. and
many are tak
i n g them
through my
them. I will
Mrs. Atwater.
say mey are me nest pin i can taite, es
pecially for an after-dinner pill, I think
they have no equal.”
Without a Telephone?
No question as to
its utility. At first a
convenience, nov a
necessity. This is the
experience of over
half a million tele
phone users in the
United States, and
the number keeps growing. Birming
ham is no exception.
Second Avenue ai.d 19th Street.
General Insurance Agents and Brokers
No. 607 Thirteenth street. Northwest,
Washington, D. C.
Represent only the best companies and
place insurance on ull classes of insurable
property at from 15 to 20 per cent lower than
local agents. We deal direct with the prop
erty owner and save him the agent’s com
mission. Wo make a specialty of insuring
cotton, cotton gins, stores, farm property,
mills and factories of all kinds.
Form for description of property mailed
upon application.
Writes us before insuring for rates.
Solicitors wanted. __ 8-26-Sm
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of sumlry writs of fieri facias Is
sued out of the Clerk's office of the City and
Circuit Courts of Jefferson county, State of
Alabama, und to me directed, whereby I
am commanded to make the amount of cer
tain judgments recently obtained against
S. Marcus, Jr., out of the goods, chattels,
lands and tenements of the said S. Marcus,
Jr , I have levied on the following property
°Tho entire stock of dry goods, notions,
millinery, wares and merchandise of every
kind character and description; also upon
the iron safe and all other store furniture
onl fixtures contained in store house num
bered 1913 Second avenue, Birmingham, Ala.
Also upon the leasehold or other Interest of
the defendant in and to said premises.
Therefore, according to said command, I
will sell at public outcry, for cash, all the
above described property, on
BER. l&So,
during the legal hours of sale, on the prem
ises, No. 1913 Second avenue, In said county.
Dated this, 30th day of October, 1S95.
Sheriff of Jefferson county, Alabama,
You Needn’t Look
immediately for the damage that
dangerous washing compounds do.
It’s there, and it’s going on all the
time, but you won’t see its effects,
« probably, for several months. It
wouldn’t do, you know, to have
them too dangerous.
The best way is to take no risk.
You needn’t worry about damage
to your clothes, if you keep to the
original washing compound—.t'earline ;
first made and fully proved. What can
you gain by using the imitations of it?
'Prize packages, cheaper prices, or whatever
’ may by urged for them, wouldn’t pay you
for one ruined garment.
T*> __Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you,
“this is as good as” or “the same as Pearline. ” IT'S
FALSE—Pearline is never peddled ; if your grocer sends
you an imitation, be honest—tend it b<uk. 846 JAMES PYLE, New York.
The Trade Palace
Advertising is not all. Customers may come and unless
they find real values they rarely come again. Facts must be
correctly given and promises kept. The customer wants to
find everything as stated in the advertisement. Apologies will
not satisfy them.
Tlie Trade Palace
is well aware that only honest advertisements pay and they will
strive to continue to maintain their reputation and only advertise
such that they have and are extra good values.
28 Cents.
Five pieces bright Scotch Plaids, worth
45c, very stylish, for 28c.
69 Cents.
All wool Knickerbocker Suitings, 46
inches wide, very stylish and beautiful
mixtures, worth $1.00, at 69c.
Double Capes of black beaver Cloth,
trimmed with black braid, considered a
bargain at $5.00, marked down this week
to $2.98.
69 Cents.
Three dozen CheniUee Table Covers,
sizes 45x45, worth $1.25, at G9c.
10 Cents.
One hundred and fifty pieces Outings
in dark and medium colorings, at 15c;
regular value 15c a yard, at 10c.
39 Cents.
Fifteen pieces all wool Serges, mack
and variety of colors, 45 inches wide,
actually worth 60c a yard, at 89c.
56 Cents.
Twenty-five pieces all wool Ladies'
Cloth, in black and colors, 54 inches wide,
sold for 90c a yard last season, now 66c
a yard.
19 Cents.
Ladies' full, regular made, fast black
Hose, Hermsdorf dye, worth 25c a pair,
special this week at 19c.
Twenty pair of Algerian Portieres,
three yards long and GO inches wide,
worth $5.00 a pair, at $3.00.
25 Cents.
All Linen Loom Damask Table Linen,
Well worth 40c a yard, at 25c.
Thirty-five fancy Feather Boas, lt4
yards long, regular $2.00 quality, at $1.23.
88 Cents.
Figured sw(vel, striped and and fancy
Taffetas for waists or trimming, well
worth $1.15 a yaard, all color effects, at
89 Cents.
Ladles imported real French Kid
Gloves In 5-hook Foster patent lacing, in
tan and brown, equal to any $1.25 glove
in the city, at 89c.
75 Cents.
Fifty Marseilles Pattern Bed Spreads,
10-4, actual worth $1.00, at 75c.
10 Cents.
Extra large size Honeycomb Towel,
worth 15c, price this week 10c.
N. B.—Our Millinery Department this season is strictly in
it. We have new selections ot the nobbiest and most stylish
Hats to be found in the city at prices so reasonable that you
cannot help but buy. Stylish Millinery has a great deal to do
with one’s looks, so better buy your Fall Bonnet now.
1921 ancl 1923 Second Avenue, Birmingham, Ala.
In All Things All The Time.
THERE are rnany GOOD life insurance companies, but among
them all there must be one BEST. THE BEST is THE
EQUITABLE. If you wish to know why, send for: i, the
report of the Superintendent of Insurance for the State of New
York on the examination of The Equitable; 2, for actual results
of maturing policies; 3, for statement of death claims paid in
1894. Then you will know the three great reasons of The
Equitable’s supremacy: First, its financial stability; second,
its great profits and advantages to living policy-holders ; third,
the promptness of its payments and liberality of its settlements.
The Equitable Life Assurance Society
Of the United States.
JAS. W. ALEXANDER, Vice-President. H. B. HYDE, President.
Clark & Jackson, Managers (jfiurkiSSSi) 5 L. D. Burdette, Cashier.
OFFICES—2021 First Avenue, Southern Club Building, Birmingham, Ala.
Assets, $185,044,310. Surplus, $37,481,069.
Birmingham Paint and Glass Company
faints, tils. Varnish, Class, Sash, Doors'and Blinds.
1916 Third Avenue.Birmingham, Ala.
You Can Now Find
Seccnd Door Above
First National Bank,
* First Avenue.
The Berney National Bank,
BirmingHam, Alabama.
Chartered January 28, 1886.
Capital Stock, $200,C0O.00. Surplus and Profits, $28,000.00.
Successors to City National Rank of Iiirmiosjham January 8, 1895.
Special Attention to Industrial and Cotton Accuuats
J. B. COBBS, Pres’t. W. F. ALDRICH, Vice-Pres’t. W. P. G. HARDING, Caahiar.
J. H. BARK, Assistant Casliier.
DIRECTORS—B. B. Comer, T. H. Aldrich, Itobert Jemtaon, W. F. Aldrich, Walker
Percy, Robert Stephens. Charles Wheelock, Jamas A. Goins’, J. B. Cobbs.
N. E. liarker, President. w. J. Cameron, Cashier.
W. A. Walker, Vice-President. Tom. O. Smith, Ass't Cashier.
T. M. Eradlev. 2d Ass’! Cashier.
Capital Stock, - - ^250,000
Designated Depository of the United States.
Chartered May 15, 1884.
EIPECTOFE—J. A. Elratton, F. D. Nabers, W. A. Walker, T. C. Thompson, W. 3.'
f icwn, T. H. Molten W. J. Cameron. N. E. Barker. Geo. L. Morris.
R. M. NELSON, President. W. A. PORTER, Cashier.
A. T. JONES, Vice-President. H. L. BADHAM, Assistant Cashier.
CAPITAL $500,000.00.
S. E. Cor. First Avenue and Twentieth S reel, Birmingham, Ala.
BV\8 and sells exchange on all principal cities in the United States, Europe, Asia, ATrloa,
Australia, South America and Mexico. Solicits accounts ot manufacturers, merchants,
hanks and individuals. 8 20 tf
Birmingham, Alabama.
Negotiate loans on real estate and collateral.
Buy county and city bonis.
Sell foreign exchange and steamship tickets.
Issue interest-bearing certificates on savings deposits.
Promote financial enterprises.
Sell exchange on all parts of Europe.
Hciccr Eank Euilding, Cor. 1st Avc. A 2ist Street, Birmingham, Ala.
Qbe clf'fft, tcEt equipped and most successful institution of its kind in tbs lit/ or 3t»fcs
Kstabllsbed in the city of Birmingham, Ala., August 3, 1337.
Cflce Hours—8:80a. m. to 12 m., 1:30 to6:00 p. m.: Sundays, 10 a. m. toll tn.
Dr. Y; R HOIXOTTAYT Specialist.
Has tlie fiery lightning of midnight revelries hid anything to do with the
'crimson streams of blood that go crashing through your brain? Are your
cheeks flushed with puro and fresh blood free from taint and corruption? Arc
you a victim to any form or stage of blood poiBon which produces any kind of
■ores, nlcers, breaking "”f nnfiTlii}|'°i pains or aches? 1 have been treating
specially Just such troubleffTor many ywmjulrnnke speedy and permanent
cures of all stages of 8yp«ilis, Gonorrhoea, BlhUWStricture, Bad Blood, Skin,
Kidney or Bladder Dise/ses, Pimples, Blotches, Eaama, Tumors, Ulcers in
mouth and throat, WomllTroubles, or privaj^djKBnX.pf either sex.
I w>sh to call speiii.-'^^' mtlltii ill.!■> TTOiltment of unfortunates suffering
from early impruuenoe^Errors of Youth, Boss of Vitality, LoTb of Manhood or
Sexual Debility. Tbe/reatment is reliable and permanent.AThe dark oloudsi
that h«,n;i as a pall only your delected brow can be brushed awuy and the bright,
■unsbine marie to Unfit up your future pathway. £ 1
If you live in otfueai- the city, call at ay Private Dispensary. If at a dls*|
tance, write mwyoii trouble, enclosing statlp for reply. ,
My book on Ppvate Diseases and proper question lists will be sent to any-l
one on applications. j, f
Little did we thin
Hollowav, onr
located In Birmingj
nounced through
eld that be would
ol diseases that b
international rep'
knowledge lrom
away England
skill and lam
lieve with I'
[honor alwuij
jo wb>«. Dr.
and -
t only a special class
d ever achieve an
i. To our personal
tbe jtcean, In far
. _rJ*vnea ot his
consult We be
doctor that trutnonerlt and
win. He stands uWhe head
n able ptasloian
leading Jkthor
“ "liases,
—a pleasant
—and Is reeogn ... - -
ity in the treatment [ot all
Birmingham may well be pronaoFliln
IBlrmingham^ally News.]
No specialist in the ccmth ,ia more fa
miliar with the treatnjii^t of private
troubles thau Dr. Y. ErHollftway ~
ty he has
sau'ds of pa
";roubles of
rest expe
head of
>ut is a
lng bis long resldeuptf'iu t
ruccesEfully treated]many
tients sufferintf^w “
every conceivable
rience. together with hi
not only places the doctc
bis profession In such j
guarantee to all that plies
der his cars that they "
treatment possible to
[Sumter Ci
We have a great a;
In point of ability L' _w
ana baa been longer in Birmingham than
any specialist there. "Troth, merit and
aonor always win,” and In that 11ns Dr.
p allows? stands In lbs lintsaak
'preopie's Tribune, Liftmingham.l
Dri Y. E. Holloway la ’□□doubted!/ tha
most successful physicianj la the Booth la
the t^almedtkr**-p*ivaU diseases. Wall'
does hanMTjr the*splendid rapotatioa ha
baa achieved./Tie Js 1 l/moug not only afc
home, but abroad, huiky sufferers, through
neglect and jbad fc/i/ngemenl, are In tha
very worst eftsdai//, and yet they afe
quickly an<^fe/Va<ientIy cured by thla
great specialist. "Jftflth him you have noth
lag to forfandatLdo gain, an he guarantee
you a lie la perfectly reliable,
strictly Honest ahd Unancially responsible
lor any promisefchat he makea you. Aa a
specialist Dr. Hllloway stands nnezcelled,
it not unequalecK. Thousands te3tlfy to hla
skill In the treaftneqt ol diseases of a pri
vate nature. TrV« m^rlt always receives it*
reward. BlrmlneRiam may well be proud
to have bis instfyiyion located in her midst.
[Laboi Advocate.]
Step by stei5. Vekr by year. Dr. Hollo
way has acanlreA his national rep
utation us,* ypeciil^t and wbiob, with his
ipeu-hearted public
usufal bAD in his chosen held.
ioafan lor\hun«ir~uallmltad
pi'/teasionafaionors and the
irind practice, boSh^j; home and
a'fi Home, Talladega>Ala. ]
I'Jitaud praiaeworrjfy reputa
tion ol V/f f. E. Hollowayfis well de
served By »m. We are (#rsonally ac
quainted with the doctor and know him to
be a man who la straight and square. Hla
superior ability in hla lias is rsoogaized hr
jU.»hn b«*i hi —
The Metropolitan Hotel and Restaurant
Nos. 8 and 10 North 20th Street, Corner Morris Avenue.

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