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Served Exclusively to the over
Twenty-one Million People
ad™'t“f World’s Fall* Grounds
A, i •■;:
Universally accepted as the
Leading Fine Coffee of the
fl®",Ve are ex lusive selling agents for this coffee in Birmingham. We
solicit your orders.
300 and 302 N. Twentieth Street.
Mr. II. T. Williams, of Wetumpka, is In
the city.
Mr. M. M. TTlIamn Is taking in the At
lanta exposition.
Mr. O. H. Dudley of the Illinois Steel
company, is in the city.
Col. J. P. B. Jackson is critically ill
and is not expected to live.
Mis« Gussie Mabson of Montgomery is
visiting friends In the city.
Mrs. Dixie K. Mayo will visit Dr. and
Mrs. Morrow within the next few days.
Mr. Dan S. Gue of Cincinnati is circu
lating among his Birmingham friends.
Mrs. Will Kennon of Chattanooga,
Tenn., is visiting her mother, Mrs. A. P.
Kennon, 1U13 Fifth avenue.
Dr. A. N. Steele passed through the city
last night en route to Columus, Miss.,
where he expects to locate.
Mr. Fred Crosby of Montgomery is In
the city. Mr. Crosby is secretary of the
Montgomery Water Works company.
The Atheneum young ladies returned
last night from a four days’ visit to the
exposition. They report unite a pleasant
Mr. Phil Cosmlnsky, representing the
Birmingham State Herald, was in the city
Wednesday representing the business end
of that truly magnificent paper.—Mount
ain "City Gazette.
Two thousand five hundred pairs of
ladies’, misses’ and gentlemen’s fall and
winter shoes, bought at all prices, re
ceived. Ladles' and gentlemen's summer
shoes will be sold for the next few days
regardless of cost or price. T. C. King,
2026 First avenue.
Mr. R. 15. O'Neal, editor of the Hunts
ville Mercury, was in the city yesterday
looking after his Birmingham interests
and paid tint State Herald a pleasant call.
Hon. Dhnlel Colemari, editor of the
Huntsville Argus, was among the ar
rivals in Birmingham yesterday
Mr. Tom Porter left yesterday for New
York where he will form associations with
a prominent law firm of the metropolis.
Mr. Porter is a law graduate of the Uni
veristy of Alabama and has been ad
mitted to practice before the state courts.
Since his admtwdon to the bar. however,
he lias been connected with the probate
cilice where he lias shown marked apti
tude for the business detail of the office.
His fridnds are confident that the broader
field he lias chosen will be to his advan
Florence Hotel Arrivals—R. 15. Neal,
Huntsville; John W. Cook, Warsaw. Ala.;
S. M. Ward. Philadelphia; A. W. Wil
liams, Chicago; J. A. Scruggs, Knoxville;
William Wray, Kalamazoo, Mich.; I. 15.
James, Atlanta; W. It. Morse, Boston; E.
H. Rickman, city; Adam Hoch, Toledo,
O.; William Newhouse and wife. New Or
leans; O. K. Stewart, Cincinnati; .1. F.
Deen.'elty; M. S. Whitfield, Baltimore;
W. O. N. Hammond, Baltimore; J. F,
Sullivan, New York; W. Jacobs, Louis
ville; G. Embry, city; R. P. Craekett,
Nashville. Mrs. Wilbur Brown, Sewanee,
Tenn.; S. E. Westlake, Choctaw county:
\V. D. Mounger, Detroit; S. A. Craw
ford. city; S. M. Venable, Louisville; H.
M. Wilson, Louisville; W. J. Worthing,
Detroit: H. N, Lamberton and wife, Chi
cago; \V. K. Atkinson, city; John Condon,
Knoxville; H. H. Hurman, Oberlln, O.;
R. M. Troy. Alabama; Francis Edler. Chi
cago: C. K. Griggs, Atlanta; R. L. Pritch
ard, Savannah; H. F. Reese, Baltimore,
Old papers for sale cheap at
this office.
A Good Audience Last Night, and the Interest
in the Meeting Increases.
Good congregations attended the meet
ings at the First Baptist church both
morning and evening yesterday.
The features of the morning Eervic‘8
were the Bible readings of Dr.* White and
the singing of Mr. Jacobs. At the even
ing service Dr. White preached a power
ful sermon on John iii, 3-5, after which a
number expressed a desire for prayer and
counsel. Efficient work was done by the
members during the after meeting. Ser
vices will be held as usual—at 11 a. m. and
7:30 p. m. Both will begin promptly, and
the morning service will last one hour
Mr. G. W. Edwards, a highly esteemed
attache of the Tennessee Coal. Iron and
Kailroad company tva-s yesterday married
to Miss Mamie Burgin at tile residence
of the ride’s parents, Rev. Dr. Burgin
officiating. The newly mude pair were
the recipients of many presents and the
best wishes of an host of friends.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. An
drew Burgin, a prominent court official
of the county.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards left yesterday
afternoon for Atlanta and will be absent
several days.
Freckles, Blotches,
Ringworm, Eczema,
Scald Head, Tetter,
and all other skin
disorders positively
cured with
50C. A BOX.__
If yon wonld have soft, smooth and healthy
akin, free from alt imperzectiona,aaeeoi]etaatIy
Bond Stamp for Free Semple.
10-23- wcd-fri-su-wky-ly
A fair house greeted J. K. Emmett
and his company in “Fritz in a Mad
House” at O’Brien’s last night.
Mr. Emmett was suffering from a se
vere cold which interfered considerably
with his singing,but notwithstanding this
he gave satisfaction and was encored at
the end of each song. Aside from his
cold he was the same old jolly ‘ Fritz”
that has delighted so many audiences
during his career on the stage.
This was Mr. Emmett’s lirst visit to
Birmingham since 1889, but he had not
been forgotten and his friends turned
out to see him.
The supporting company is fairly good,
and especially was the audience pleased
with Lilttle Baby Slnnot’s singing and
dancing. She sang the “Bowery Girl”
“The White Squadron.”
"The White Squadron,” the greatest
success ever staged by that noted pro
ducer, A. Y. Pearson, will bo an early at
traction in thiB city. Although this play
has been a standard card for the leading
theaters of the country for five years, It
seems not to have lost one whit of Its
popularity, and draws as large audiences
today as it did the first season It was
staged, when It made a hit that has been
recorded as a memorable one In the his
tory of the American drama. The theme
of the piece, which abounds In most ar
dent patriotism, Is one of which audi
ences never grow tired. This year this
great play is presented with an entirely
new scenic and mechanical equipment
by a new company.
The congress of navies In Bio Janeiro,
Brazil, forms the basts of the Intensely
interesting, patriotic and love story
which is related in the action of the
great naval drama, "The White Squad
ron,” which eclipses the first presenta
tion. Kvcry member of the company,
every piece of scenery and every me
chanical effect is new. The great scenes
are the grand plaza in Rio Janeiro, the
interior of the princely residence of fien
eral Romacio, the Parahiba, with its
ruined monastery and the congress of
navies, in which the white squadron of
the American navy Is shown under sail
nnd steam. “The White Squadron” will
be seen at O'Brien's.
Sousa’s Band.
Sousa's advance sale begins at the
opera house tomorrow morning. This
concert should lx1 regarded as a musical
landmark, since, in respect to the great
hand, Its matchless leader and the two
charming nrtlsts who will grace the event
the concert will be an occasion greatly
to be enjoyed and long remembered.
The programme for the matinee and
evening engagements at O'Brien’s Friday
is aB follows:
Sousa Band Concert—
Mr. John Phillip Sousa, director.
Miss MyTta French, soprano.
Miss Currie Duke, violinist.
Mr. Arthur Pryor, trombonist.
Overture—“Stra^ella” (Flotow).
Siegfried’s Death from "The Cotter
damerung" (Wagner).
Trombone solo—"Air and Variations"
(Pryor), Mr. Arthur Pryor.
(a) Intermezzo—"William RadclilT”
(b) . Dance In the style of the ancients,
"Pass Pied” (Gillet).
Ballet Suite—"Feast of the Flowers"
Soprano solo—“Manon I.escaut" (Mas
senet), Miss Myrta French.
(u) Caprice—"The Water Sprite," new
(t>> March—“The Directorate" (Sousa).
Violin solo, Transcription—“Chopin's
Nocturne," (Wllhelml), Miss Currie Duke.
Fantastic. Episode—"The Stag Party"
Sextette from "Lucia" (DenLsettl),
Messrs. Bode. Pryor, Lyons, Williams,
Griffen and Mantla.
Overture—"Semiramides" (Rossini).
"Ride of the Valkyries and Magic Fire
Scene" (Wagner). (Die Wallqure).
Euphonium solo—"Air Itallan"(Oaval
Hnl). Signor Simone Mantla.
Wedding music—"Lohengrin" (Wag
Soprano solo—Valse from “Romeo and
Juliet" (Gounod). Miss Myrta French.
(a) Intermezzo—"Forget-me-not," new
(b) March—“Kifig Cotton," new (Sou
Violin solo—“Gypsy Dances" (Sara
snte), Miss Currie Duke.
Humoresque—“The Band Came Back”
Prelude—“Carmen' (Biset).
The reader should not lose sight of the
fact that the printed programme of
Sousa’s hand give hut a slight Idea of the
great variety of music played by the gen
ial bandmaster The demand for encores
almost Invariably doubles Sousa's pro
grammes. These encores consist of his
most brilliant marches and other popular
.melodies, plantation songs and dances,
etc. Sousa has a way of pleasing all
tastes, and the people leave his concerts
feeling that they have been entertained
as they ware rarely ever entertained be
fore. The classicists get their share, the
lovers of the melodies of the people,
theirs, and the gallery gods are enabled
to keep time to the southern plantation
dances with indescribable delight. The
feature of Sousa's concerts, together with
the magnetism which Is among his potent
attractions, largely constitutes the great
popularity of the leader at Manhattan
Beach, the St. Louts exposition, and
throughout the country traversed so fre
quently by the concert tours.
They Smelt a Rat.
Washington, Nov. 6—The president was
not In the city today and there was none
of the cabinet ministers In the city to
receive election returns* as usual. i
The Public Eye Attracted in This Direction and
Visitors Are Coming.
Every day inquiries about Birmingham
and the Birmingham district are received '
from people from various sections of
the country. The district is attracting J
no HtfTe attention just now and yester
day 'Secretary N. F.' Thompson of the
Commercial club received the following
letters: ''•*••• ' •• •
Kansas City, llo.. Nov. 2, 1895.
Secretary.-Commercial -Club, Birming
ham, Ala.—
Dear . Sir.; I y rift*: you to know what
has been AUe output of coal, iron and
coke ifrons-the-Birmingham district this
past year. What is.the prospect of the
steel..plants producing, steel? Is It a
fact you are supplying China and Japan
with water and gas pipes cheaper than,
can be elsewhere? 1 have for some years -
looked at. .Birmingham as the coming
Iron and coal center of the south. I
feel you have a great future. Will he ,
pleased to hear from you. Yours very
truly, ■ - J. J. REASON. .
Atlanta. Ga„ Nov. 3, 1895.
N. F. Thompson, Esq,, .Secretary—
Dear Sin If there l« to be any excur
sion during "this exposition for the bene
fit of northern visitors, that they may
learn of the advantages of Birmingham,
1 shall !>e much obliged if you will allow
me to be one of the party, for I never
have had an opportunity of examining
the resources of the city, and should very
much like-to do so. Sincerely yours,
T. D. QUINCY, Philadelphia.
T have .been representing the Philadel
phia Potdie Ledger here and have in
terests In a corporation which is largely
Interested In an enterprise outside of
Birmingham, and which 1 trust may get
nearer to it.
The Commercial club committee ap
pointed fo arrange for entertaining the
Cook county. Illinois, democracy, which
will be here on the 13th, met yesterday
afternoon, hut adjourned until Friday'
without drilng ahythlng.
Birmingham is now connected by tele
phone with Hors? Creek.
Mr. T.-H. Aldrich reports flattering suc
cess from his Cleburn county gold mine
Mr. B. B. Comer says that the Spring
Hill democrats will stand by stiver, Jos
Johnston and democracy.
Mr. A. Stein, the popular and efficient
night clerk of the Metropolitan hotel,
has been promoted to the position of day
The police say that Officer Gambill
will leave in a day or two for New York,
where he goes to bring back a delinquent
tax payer. ’
A bright-eyed little miss weighing elev-^
en pounds has made her appearance tri
the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Polk!
Mr. Polk says that he is the happiest man '
in the city and that his daughter ts the
prettiest debutante of the season.
Sixteen stone masons from Knoxville
Trnn., passed through the city last night,
en route to John’s, where they will con^'
struct the masonry of the coke ovens to
be built at that place.by the Tennessee)
Coal, Icon and Railroad company.
Two thQpeand oflve''.hundred pairs or
ladies', misses’ and gentlemen’s fall and
winter shoes, •bought'-at all prices, re
ceived. Ladles’ and gentlemen’s summer
shoes will be sold for the next few dayd'
regardless of cost or price. T. C. King,
2026 First avenue.
We admit It. Admit anything that’i
true. The republicans bad the laugh on
us last night. The State Herald fur
nished the bulletins, hilt its opponents en
joyed the fun. But he that laughs last):
laughs best. Walt until 1896 and listen to
our democratic Comanche yell. Will you!
Corbett, the pugilist, passed through
the city early yesterday morning, stop
ping only for his coffee. The Birmingham
sports wore on the lookout for him and
there were many inquiries as to where he
was stopping, Had he remained over
there would have been •a bout certain.
Birmingham’s local talent is ever equal
to any emergency,,Coi'b.ett not excepted.
Sousa' has composed a march, “King
Cotton," in honor of the Atlanta exposi
Crushed by a Policy.
Charleston, S. 0., Nov. 5.--A young
man named Joseph Bruden, who works
in tlie hugging factory of Charleston, was
caught by the pulley of the loom at which
he worked at 5 o’clock this afternoon
ahd killed.- The belt wrapped about his
Long List of Testimonials
From Persons Who Have
Been Cured of Various Ail
ments by the Electropoise.
T hnd rheumatism for a year and had
to stop work, hut after using your Elec
tropolee for four months I can say that it
has cured me. Yours truly,
Olaybrook, Team., Dec! 19, 1S94.
The Electropoise has done me more
good than any medicine I ever took. It
has cured me'of rheumatism, and I hope
I will be able to praise it to the end of
mv time. Yours truly.
Forest City, Ark., Dec. 22, 1894.
T take pleasure in saying that we con
sider the Electropoise a wonderful cura
tive agent. We have used it with great,
success a number of times and for differ
ent diseases. We value It very highly
and would not be without it. Yours
very truly.
Hickman, Ky., Jan. 16. 1895.
I have been a great sufferer with ca
tarrh, and will say.that the Electropoise
has been of great.benefit to me. I recants,
mend it to all who are suffering with ca
tarrh. Yours very truly,
Half Pone, Tenn., March 14, 1895.
I had been confined to my bed for
eighteen months before 1 got the Electro
poise. It lias given me entire satisfac
tion. and I have never before obtained
such relief from anything. Yours truly,
Deposit, Ala., Sept. 25, 1894.
My mother and I are satisfied. We have
been greatly benefited by the use of the
Electropoise. It is the greatest relief
imaginable after doing a hard day's
work. Yours truly,
Cemkrevllle, Tenn., Dee. 22, 1894.
We used the Eleotropolse in our family
for almost everything and it has always
proved satisfactory. Yours truly.
Se.bree. Ky., Dee. 3. 1884.
We have used -the Electropoise with
perfect satisfaction la our family. Yours
Oliver, Tenn., Dec. 4,1894.
A book of complete information by mail
to any address.
223 Twenty-first Street,
Birmingham, - - - - — Alabama.
legs and carrying Jflm up to the ceiling
crushed him to dhath. His body was
badly. mangled. Braden, was disobeying
orders in taking hold of the -pulley with
his hands. He was 18 years of. age and
his home was In Philadelphia.
Shot Through the Head,
Cape Charles, VK.t 0Nov..j 6.— W. A.
Stevenson, white, a well Known farmer,
35 years old, at CaatenjBotnerset county,
Md.. was shot through the head at the
polls while trying to vote by Samuel
Dickerson, colored. Stevenson Is not ex
pected to live. Dickerson 'made his
escape. ... .
The Great Value
O! Hood’s Sarsaparilla to me is beyond
estimate. For 2
years I ha*e been
in poor health,
taking medicine
all the time with
little benefit. In
the winter I had
a severe attack ot
then mat lam and
thought I should
never get rid of it.
Since taking five
i bottles of Hood’s
5 Sarsaparilla I am
1 like a new person.
Mrs. Lizzie Shaffer, Kiverton, Illinois.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
Is the only true blood purifier promi
nently In the public eye today. $1; 6 for |5.
H ’c Pi 11« *'ure 1)1 liver IU*’ W110'**’
noou S t ins ness, headache. 25c.
A Cup of
Beef TeaJ
Tho choApesr,
purest and best
can be prepared Instantly from
Liebig C0MPAN?’S
Extract of Beef.
i| There’s only one genuine
| kind and that you can
I know by thie signature in
I blue on every jar:
Pioneers of Low Prices.
Fall Hats
In New and
Stylish Shapes.
A hat is one of the most profitable
articles sold by furnishing goods dealers.
A profit Is made on the stylo and tone of
It, as well as the quality.
Our trade policy JA the Selling of Hats,
-as in everything else we handle. Is just
the reverse of this. Buying as we do in
immense quantities,, we secure prices not
obtainable by other dealers. Selling as
we do at a small margin of profit enables
us to name lower prices than anyone
else in the business.
Men’s STIFF HATS'in all the
newest Fall shapes, >
75c, $1.00, Sf 50 and Upwards
S ft Hats, 35c and Upwards
Children’s Ftncy Ca ;s, 19c aid
Upwards. '
Our assertion that our prices are lower
than those of other dealers is a positive
fact. We’ll gladly prove it if you’ll give
us a chance. The fact is there is no
house in the country that gives the value
we do in hats, and our large and grow
ing trade is the best thing we can submit
in evidence of this fact.
Birmingham, Ala.
^Branch of J. L. Chalifoux, Lowell, Mass.
ders your office
accessible is worth
your attention. To
be completely equip
ped there is one es
sential— the tele
phone. If you are
without it call at
Second Avenue and Nineteenth Street,
ajitl learn about the rates.
An Old and Well-Tried Remedy,
has been used for over fifty years by mil
lions of mothers for their children while
tdething with, perfect success. It soothes
the child, softens the gums, allays all pain,
cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for
diarrhoea. Sold by druggists in every part
of the world. Be sure and ask for MUS.
no other kind. 26c a bottle.
Unwrap alette persons aro couu
terfluingWIIcos: Ccuauotmd \/
n»y Filin, tho AeiiUino are put up In
nirtel boxes with rifrUtercU trade marie of
, Shield, accept no worUdwfi nostrum, Ju&lston
t be^ermimsarali Dj ugH^ts. Send 4 cenufor
_ Womnii’n Safe Onnni and receive them
bymal’ Wilcox Spee*He t’o.Fhlii ~
aim C-p;uX£ n..
cured at home *
ouipftin Book of i
tictunrs sent 1‘Rfc.
0(Bce Whitehall St
A a UAFl fcoq Taman CUHKD no knlfo
The Geo. Passe Company is
now located at 2024 First
Avenue and ready for busi
ness. They cordially invite
all their customers and the
public generally to call and
see them. The best goods at
all times at the i lowest possi
ble prices.
Don’t forget the number
2024 First Avenue.
Writes every letter in sight of oper
Does most of the work in writing AU
TOMATICADLY, and yields in the time
thus saved additional work.
It acts as It it Btudied the convenience
of the operator at every turn, and there
by lightens his labor and renders him
capable of doing more.
It has a knack of keeping well and Is
always ready at critical or other times.
These are some of the reasons why it
is so different from all other writing ma
The catalogues tell you more about it.
The Columbia Typewriter Mfg. Co.
llGth Street, Fifth and Renox Avenues,
New York.
Bra zeal Bros.,
General Agents . . .
For the State of Alabama.
223-225 Twenty-first Street, Birmingham,
Other machines taken In exchange for
Repairing and cleaning a specialty.
Delicious : Steak,
Mutton, Damb or Pork and
all animal delicacies.
Stall 11, City Market.
ben i&a: O LZEHE.
7 20 tf
Birmingham Fish Company,
Wholisnle and Retail Dealers) in and
Shippers of
Fish, Oysters and Game.
’Phone 146. No. 210 North Twentieth
Street, Birmingham, Ala.
Are still In the TAILORING BUSI
NESS, and continue, of course, to do
first-class work, using: only the
best material. Have nothing: to give
way, but will meet competitors at every
■* turn in the road.
114 Twenty-first Street.
John Vary,
Attorney nl Law and Solicitor in Chancery.
Office No. II First National Bank
Building, Birmingham, Ala.
Notice of Apple ition to fell'
State of Alabama, Jefferson County—Pro*
bate Court, October 26, 1&5.
In the matter of the guardianship of Wartte
Lou Vann, a minor.
This day came J. M. Bury ess, guardian of j
Wartle Lou Vann, a minor, and filed his ap
plication in due form and under oath pray- i
ing for an order of sale of an undivided one- !
fourth interest In certain lands described
therein and belonging to the estate of said
minor, lor the maintenance and education of
his said ward, and upon.the ground that the
income of said minor is insufficient for her
maintenance and education in fc manner
suitable to her prospects and condition in
It is ordered that the
bo appointed a day for hearing such applica
tion, at which time all parties In interest,
can appear and contest the same if they
think proper.
It is further ordered that notice of said i
application and of the tJinf above ^»et for
the hearing thereof be given once a week
for three successive weeks before the said
day of hearing by publication in the State
Herald, a newspaper published in said coun
ty and State
10-30-31-wed Judge of Probate.
The Cleveland Bicycle
Displayed In our window will be
given away during
Olii'iKliiiMH Week.
The date will be announced later.
A TICKET for every purchase of
ONE DOLLAR of merchandise
will be given away until that
Mine. ,
The following citizens have been
appointed and consented to give
away the Bicycle:
Joseph F. Johnston,
'll. M. Wilson,
_ J. B. Cobbs,
Felix Drennen,
W. J. Cameron,
Rufus N. Rhodes.
Merchant Tailors and Furnislim
I9i5 and 1917 First Avenue.
Very respectfully,
Your /
To buy Shoes of us. Our
molto is : The lowest pos
sible price to all. No store
can do better than this.
The Feet Fitter,
No, 2010 Second Avenua,
'2,105 yum IVNit. B1RMINSHANV flli.
0. B. Luster,
Tli© 10th Street
217 191!) Street,
Has added a general line of FACTORY
MADE SHOES to liis custom department.
] have forced them to reduce 1
their price,
they have also reduced the quality !
of their whisky.
still sell the same standard brands,
same standard quality and same]
price—75c a bottle.
209 and 211 Nineteenth Street.
No. 607 Thirteenth street. Northwest,
Washington. D. C.
Represent only the best companies anil
place insurance on all classes of insurable,
property at from 15 to 20 per cent lower than
local agents. We deal direct with the prop-*
erty owner and save him the agent’s com
mission. We mako a specialty of insuring
cotton, cotton gins, atones, farm property,
mills and factories of allotlnds.
Form for description of property mailed
upevn application.
Writes us before Insuring for rates.
Solicitors wanted. 8-28-3m
The Metropolitan Hotel and Restaurant
Nos. 8 and 10 North 20th Street, Corner Morris Avenue.
Birmingham Paint and Glass Company
hints,- tils. Varnish, Glass, Sash, Doors and Binds
1816 Third Avenue.Birmingham, Ala.

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