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Served Exclusively to the over
Twenty-one Miilion People
adtothed World’s Fair Grounds
■ 7' ' ■ 7- \
* Unsversaily-aceeptcd es the ■
Leading Fine Coffee of the World.
We are exclusive selling agents tef this coffee in Birmingham,
solicit your orders.
300 and 302 N. Twentieth Street.
The Big Chicago Excursion Party Skips the
Magic City in Their Itin
It is certainly to be regretted that with
all of our efforts Birmingham, according
to the itinerary published in the Chicago
Times-HeraJd of November 5, will not be
visited by the Chicago and Southern
States association excursion to the At
lanta exposition. This excursion party
will be composed of leading manufactur
ers, merchants anti capitalists of Chicago.
Being representatives of various lines,
and us the south is making extra efforts
to become more in touch with our west
ern neighbors, it is the more to be re
gretted that Birmingham, the greatest
Iron manufacturing city of the south,
could not have been included among the
southern cities they are to visit.
The Itinerary, as it appears in the Chi
cago Times-Herald, is'as follows:
Chicago and Houthem States associa
tion—Leave Chicago Friday, November
S, 3 to 5 p. m.
First day, Saturday, November 9, ar
rive at Nashville.
Second day, Sunday, November 10, ar
rive »t Atlanta.
Third day, Monday, November 11, Illi
nois day at Atlanta exposition.
Fourth day, Tuesday, November ^.Chi
cago day; attend the exposition and leave
10 to 12 p. m. for Savannah.
Fifth day, Wednesday, November 13,
arrive at Savannah, spend the day and
depart for Charleston.
Sixth day, Thursday, November 14, ar
rive at Charleston and spend the day.
Seventh day, Friday, November 10, ar
rive at Augusta, spending the day there.
Eighth day, Saturday, November li^ar
rlve at Chattanooga, visit Loolrout
mountain, battlefields, etc., and depart
for Cincinnati.
Ninth day. Sunday, November 17,
reach Chicago at 6 p. m.
As will be noticed from the above, the
Itinerary of the Chicago and Southern
States association, as arranged, will con
sume all their lime, hence It is hardly
possible that the citizens and Commer
cial club committee to visit Atlanta to
Invite these gentlemen to pay Birming
ham a visit will be able to accomplish
their purpose. However, the committee
will secure another Chicago party.
Referring to the party who expects to
visit Birmingham, the Chicago Times
Herald says:
"The Cook County Democratic March
ing club and the Cook County Democracy
■will leave the Illinois Central depot at 3
o’clock tomorrow afternoon. They will
slop at Memphis on Sunday and will be
entertained by the famous Chickasaw
Guards and leading citizens. They will
reach Atlanta on Monday morning to
take part in the celebration of Illinois
day at the exposition. On Tuesday night
they will start for Marietta, Ga., where
they will he entertained by the city offi
cials. C. Porter Johnson, Washington
Heslrtg, Charles Kern and Alexander J.
Jones will speak at Marietta. At Bir
mingham, Ala., the democrats will be en
tertained by the board of trade. The
democratic marchers expect to have the
finest excursion train leaving Chicago for
the south.
"Marie E. McLane has written the
words and music of a song entitled ‘At
lanta,’ which will be the musical greet
ing of the Chicago and Southern States
ass.vclation. The song abounds in senti
ment and patriotism, which are accentu
ated by a stirring and tuneful uir.”
Grand concert Wednesday
niglit; opening erysanthemum
BhOW. n-io-4t
Tlie Pair and Square is the
best $3.00 shoe on the market.
Sold exclusively by
One Price Cash Clothiers,
1912—First Avenue—1914
For Burglarising Malone’s Store.
Officers Patton and Ilagood yesterday
arrested Ed Miller, a ne^ro boy about 19
years of age, for burglarizing Malone's
grocery store several months ago. Mil
ler was found in a house in the vicinity
of Avenue C and Twenty-second street,
and tried to escape, but the vigilant po
lice intercepted him before he had gone
a dozen steps. Th® police say Miller is a
notorious chicken thief and li:»s given
considerable annoyance to housekeepers.
Ladies, see our new styles
in winter shoes. Soft, flexible
and dressy.
The Smith Shoe Co.
An Englishman's Death.
Jacksonville, Fla., Nov. !>.—A special to
the Tlmes-Unlon from Tavares, Fla.,
says: Mr. J. Trail Taylor of I,on Jon,
Eng , died here Inst night. Mr. Taylor
owned an estate near here and arrived
from London on October 23 to visit it.
Mr Taylor yas well known in Journalistic
eludes in London, being for many years
editor of the British Photographic Jour
nal. He also edited a similar paper in
New Yolk city.
Empire Laundry, 1819 Sec
ond avenue.
Charcoal, 19c a bushel.
1919 4th avenue.
Old papers for sale cheap at
this office.
A Negro' Enters Dr, W, E. B, Davis’ Bedroom
and Steals His Watch and Surgi
cal Instruments.
Charles Williams is a "new coon in
town.” He reached the city a day or so
ago, and at once began to ply his trade
of burglary. His first maneuver was on
the private sleeping apartment of Dr. W.
E. 1}. Davis, at the infirmary on Avenue
Q and Twenty-first street. Early Friday
morning Williams, so he confesses, ef
fected an entrance into the rooms men
tioned. The bold and dusky burglar
found the doctor’s watch, traveling
satchel, hyperdemic syringe and some
surgical instruments. The doctor's
clothes were on a chair in the middle of
the room, and contained about $40 in
money, which the burglar did not take.
However, he escaped with the other arti
cles until he was arrested last night by
Officer Walker. Williams was trying to
sell the watch. When brought to the
police station Williams wore an actomo
sis button in the iapel of his coat. This
button is used in surgery, and when
querried as to its use Williams said that
It was an ornamental button among col
ored people, just as members of the 400
wore chrysanthemums. Dr. Davis was
present when the negro was brought to
the police station, and when the burglar
recognized the fact that his "jig was
up” he confessed to the burglary and
volunteered to pilot the officers to the
place where he had secreted the stolen
articles. Officer Walker went with him
and found Dr. Davis' satchel In the rear
of LunfoTd's store, on Eleventh avenue
and Twenty-fourth street.
. The satchel contained manuscript writ
ten by Dr. Davis for the Southern Surgi
cal. and- Gynecological association, which
meets in Washington Tuesday next, be
fore which body the doctor is to appear
at that time.
Dr. Davis' apartments are on the first
floor of the infirmary, and the burglary
was committed without any disturbance.
Williams made a complete confession to
Dr. Davis, a State Herald reporter and
the officers last night.
Williams is a tough looking negro,
about 22 years old, black as night, with a
flat nose and a cocoanut head. He says
he conies from Nashville, Tenn., and that
he Is a railroad hand. He Is considered
an important capture.
On his person were found a bunch of
eight keys, marked "A. G. S. 50." Ho
also had in his possession a delicate gold
lady's watch chain with a pearl pendant.
Charcoal, 10c a bushel.
1919 4th avenue.
A -Reception to Dobs.
Terre Haute, Ind., Nov. 9.—Local Irade
unions held a meeting last night and ar
ranged for a reception to President Debs
of the American Kailway union on his re
turn home, November 29, that would let
the outside world know how well he stood
with trade unions at home when the Chi
cago labor unions question his loyalty to
trades union Ideas. Committees were ap
pointed and money provided for the re
ception on a large scale.
The Smith Shoe Company’s
new store is 2014 2d avenuo,
and don’t forget it.
The American Released.
Nogalez, Ariz., Nov. !).—John Rlioo
makef, an American engineer, who has
been held at Guyamas, Mox., by Mexi
can officials for running his engine over
and killing a drunken Mexican, has been
released by the Intervention of the state
department of the Tolled States. He is
nowon his way to his home in Nogalez.
lpOO pairs children’s be>t
rubbers at 25c at the Smith
-Shoe Company’s.
T6 Notify Appointees.
Rome, Nov. 9.—The pope has appointed
dedegates to communicate to the prelates
rOTklfng abroad who have been made car
dinals Ihe fact of their promotion. Count
Pletero March! has been chosen lo an
nounce to Monseigneur Satolll, the papal
delegate to the United Stales, his eleva
tion to the cardlnalate.
Crysanthemum show 13th,
14th and 15th next to May &
Thomas. n-io-st
Au Autumn Treasure Trove.
’Tin the time of the year’s sundown, und flame
Hants on tbo maple bough,
And June is the faded flower of n name.
The thin badge hides not a singer now.
Yet rich am 1, for my treasure be
The gold ajtotvt 1n r.W willow tree.
Sweet morn on the hillside dripping with dow,
Girded witlthluo and pearl,
Counts the leaves ufloat in the streamlet too.
As the lovelorn heart of a wistful girl
She sings while her soul, brooding tearfully,
Sees u dream of gold in the willow treo.
All day puru white and saffron ut eve,
Clouds awaiting the sun
Turn them at length to ghosts that leave
When the moon’s white path is slowly run
Till the morning comes and with joy for me
O’er my gold agleam in the willow' tree.
The lilacs that blew on the breast of May
Are an old und lost delight.
And the rose liea ruined In his careless way
An the wind turns the poplars underwhite.
Yet richer am I for the autumn. See
All my misty gold in the willow tree.
—Eugene Field In Chicago Record.
Old papers ior Bale cheap at
this office.
: 10 Lii • Li'Uiiii irf';"
Able Discussions of Interesting Subjects by tiie.
Different Teachers-Hndiyiduality of ^ ;
the Teacher. ta ?
The teachers’ sohooi held a meeting In
the high school UUlidlOK yesterday.
Several interesting talks were made by
various teachers.. ^
■Drr'J. H. Phillips -discussed briefly the
kindergarten method ot teaching, discip
line, scHtilarship jd£‘teachers and individ
ualism inrteaohinB.T"
Of the' firit he 'Snld it made it much
easier for the be'glnnebs to learn and Ten
aides children, to enter school at least
two yeatfe younger than by the old
ntetflod V;.
'Progressive schools, he said, have done
away with corporal punishment and iii
stead. appeal to ,11)0, inner and outer con
sclgtftsnsJs,ipf the P'ibiT.
lie said the.New York legislature had
enacted a law requiring all teachers hi
eb-tn,ch,tg.j;y/§chop)'s. to be graduates from
high.schools and teachers In higher grads
schools must possess better preparation.
FailUft to fo prcpar^themselves disqual
He urged the practice of Individualism
to the fullest extent In teaching.
Pfilf. A, C. A/oore gave his ideas of the
needs of relation between grammar and
high schools.
Mtsh Willie Alton, told of her travels
In 'tlurope iast .summer and exhibited
specimens of art obtained in Scotland and
other placrs:; - ,
rrof.'F. M. hoof read a paper on ”Re
lalion Between Teacher and Patron.” In
his paper he said mutual confidence be
tween ’tda’bher & rid’ patron were neces
sary; that it must appear to all thinking
parents that*it-is to-(heir interest to pro
mote titty"pupiFat- the earliest possible
momentj'YKat parents should be careful
In accepting as facts statements of mis
treatment at scAno! by the teacher; that
forbearance and inspiration should be
urged, . , ,, ■
Dr, Phillips said the teachers must have
the truly missionary spirit; that she must
attract and not repel the child.
The meeting was an Intensely inter,
esting one and much good will result
from the discussions had.
Wo guarantee every pair of
shoos we sell.
One Price Cash Clothiers,
1912—First Avenue—1914.
„ ®q pi)fo,^pold in One Day.
Take Baxatlve Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All drugglfTS refund the money If It fails
to cure. ?5q.. 10-27-6m-ap
WANTED—Five first-class
pants makers. Sommer Tail
oring Company, Opera House
corner. ; 11-9-$ J
Goi.-W. U; Fitts of Tuskaloosa is in the
city. _ _,
Mr. Frank Stevens o£ Oneonta wap lnj
the city yesterday.,
Miss Delia A. Ftnrha-s gone to MonK
KOmery to visit friends.
Mr. Clayton Soott of Huntsville was a
visitor to the city yesterday.
Dr. snjd Alts—Lnnquest will spend the,,
week in Atlanta attending the expoBi-S
Mrs. J. M. Leigh has returned from a
protracted visit to her father in Louis
The Misses Christians of Unionto.wp
ate'the gilcsts'of Kiev. Benjamin Dennis
at West End.
Mr. J. II. Ketcjium, editor of the One
onta News-Dispatch, was visiting the
city yesterday.'
Mrs. <4. ,W..JJaios.bas returned from a
protracted, visit'-.ts-her old home and
friends in Pattucah, Ky.
Traveling Passenger Agent R. F. Beas
ley of the Louisville and Nashville left
last nighf <5n abgsihess trip to Louisville.
Mr. W. It. Jones' of the Kansas City,
Memphfs'a-hd TTtrthingliam railroad left
yesterday Oita visit to his family in Ten
Airs. W. W. Rigford and children of
Lumbevtun, Miss,, are visiting Mrs. ltig
ford.’s sister, Mrs. Schoppert, on Eiglitli
Cadets K. P. Smith and H. M. Bank
head- of the University of Alabama and
members’OT the Phi Delta Theta frater
nity are in the city.
Two thousand five hundred pairs of
Indies’, misses' nnd gentlemen's fall and
winter shows,, .bought at all prices, re
ceived. bed-tn' -and gentlemen's summer
shoes wlirBtr“ggjff.fC>r the next few days
rega rdleas.. oLiioat price. T. C. King.
2020 First aw^nuer ■
FlnM'dPe.JMSr'AiKvals—C. T. Wassoo,
P. T. WniWen, -itesavmer; J. T. McDoh
ald, Boston; ,1-.- S.-Doyle, Knoxville; Mrs
E. N; GrigsbyIda Grlliis, Miss
Jennie* Grilfls^KJkkm, Tenn.; Dr. P. It.
Brown and-r-wife, -Jfltipora, Miss.; F. H.
Cotton, H-npn?-Mills, N. C.; Ernest, Finch,
St LWVsj T. P. Jackson, Chattanooga;
Mrs. BL..W. Barkietaie, Richmond; S.
Strauss,-Ohk»flrorC.*E. James, Atlanta;
G. Schumacher; Milwaukee; G. H. Wil
liams, city; John It. Rauerleln, Nashville;
G. C. Phleger, Springfield, O.; W. E.
Leonard. Ctilcoga; A'. C. Jenkins, Chatta
nooga: Jack Mills, Cincinnati; M. W.
McCraw, Atlanta; J. A. Daugherty,
Nashville; G. 1A. Hudson, city; J. N.
Young,- North Carolina; J. G. Mickle.r,
Ciiattapoogp;-W J. Trahern, Clarksville,
Tenn.; Harry Gary, city; Ben Miller,
Dadeville; R. T. Parker, Knoxville; Bob
Hilliard, Knoxville;’'W. C, Fitts. Mont
gomery; Mrs., pottle Crunm, city; Mrs.
Lucie Eubaatks,. olty: A. H. Sinreot, New
Orelans: M. G. Waitt, Atlanta; W. P.
Invibe,' Ntfshvilldt H. S. WasdufT, H. A.
Turner, Alabama...—...
Admiral ShufeMt’s Funeral.
Washington, Nov. i9.—Hear Admiral
Shufeldt w«Si hurled-‘at Arlington nd*-'
tlonal cemetery trtdayht noon In the pres-'
ence of his f^g^ijy iyul the officers of the
Loyal Legion, after the usual services
at St. Thomas Episcopal church. The1
casket was borne by naval apprentices
from the Washington navy yard and '♦as
attended by the- following honorary pall
hearers: Rear Admiral* Hughes, OA1
houn. Russell and Roe, Prof. Asaph Rail
of the naval observatory, Commoto'e
Howell of the navy yard, Colonel Elliott
of thf* Tfhtf^d States army and Mr. Wib
liam H. Trescott. At the grave thetfl*-!
ceased admiral's sword was presented" fo‘
his giandson, PerQ1., The admiral’s wlll^
is to be read to the family next Monday.
, .QOilPANV, Atlanta, Ga.
First-class solicitors will be given con
tracts In any city in the State.
An.IuaauaMania Deadly Work.
Wilt lit ■®)V*9.—An Insane man
named.Re,1, living, aaar GrogansvHle,
Roeklnghem county, attacked one of Uj
daughtef$ yesterday with a knife, cut
ting .tier thi daLalmost from ear to ear.
He thenseized an ax and hurled the blajjle
of it lhtO„his daufjy^fOj body, killing her
InSta'tUlyk.. r iUtfMHr
Empire Laundry, 1819 Sec
ond avenue.
Sunday, November 10th,
Rev. J.l_. White
Of Macon, Ga.
ii a. m.—“Love’s Test.”
3:30 p. m.—-“Father and
Mother.” Sermon to young
7:30 p. m.—«“Sin Against
the Holy Ghost.”
F. H. Jacobs
Cf Chicago.
11 a. in., 3:3<^p. m. and 7:30
p. m.
You are cordially invited.
B. D. GRAY, Pastor.
Will Be Considered at the Meeting of the
* Trades’ Council Today.
The Birmingham Trade*’ council will
meet hi regular session In their hall on
First avenue today.
Among other business to be transacted
will be final arrangements for the dem
onstration to be held by the working
people of tlie city on the liberation of
Eugene V. Debs of the American Hall
way union from Woodstock Jail, In Illi
nois, on November 22. The various com
mittees to get up the affair will be named
and other matters in "this connection
will be attended-lo. As has been slated,
the demonstration will be held in Winnie
Davis wigwam. It is expected that a
couple of thousand of men will take part
In the demonstration. Other business
will come up for attention.
Mail orders solioited. Satis
faction guaranteed. Prices
quoted ou any style shoe yorf
The Smith Shoe Co.
Birmingham had a good trade yester
day despite the weather.
The committee todnvrtettui.CUijcagoans
to BIrmlngham(,lM(ve"ftJr Atlanta today.
Ben Tyler was’1 arrested' by Officers
Disheroon and Brizendine yesterday on
a charge of grand larceny.
And still they they come. Another
batch of nearly 100 subscribers came in
yesterday. TJ^e .people are reading the
State Herald.,, -j,,!^n* .
Two thousand five hundred pairs of
ladies’, misses’ and gentlemen’s fall and
winter shoes, bought at all prices, re
ceived. Badles’ and gentlemen’s summer
shoes will be sold.for the next few days
regardless of cost or prlee, T. C. King,
20"G First avenue.
Pure Blood
Is the great requisite for good health, be
cause the blood is the vital fluid which
carries nourish
ment and support
Sto all the organs
of the body.
Make your blood
pure now by the
; use of the great
0-blood purifier,
y, Hood’s Sarsapa
•K rilla. Prof. Edwin
<A F. Norton, pro
m lessor of French
// / \ T7~&yl // an« Herman at
Kj U/ttr l Jj Olivet College,
Michigan, writes: “We have always found
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
of great value in restoring vigor, appetite,
etc., whenever we have used it.
Hond'c Piiltt »re the beet after-dinner
I IUOU » rills pule. Tltuy aeeiet dtcestlon.
Victims of Lost Manhood should send at
once ror a book
that explains bow
full manly vigor
is easily, quickly
l anc" permanently
) restored. No man
' puffering from
weakness can af
■ ford to ignore tbia
timely advico.
L Hook tolls bow
*7 --- Ftrengtn, ac
velopment ana tone are imparted to every
portion of the body/ Bent with, positive
proofs (sealed) free to ah jr man qj*application.
H. C. ABBOTT t BRO., Jewelers
The Prettiest Store In Birmingham.
We save you money, because our prices
are a shade Jowef than anyone jail’s.
Examine our beautiful line o* Cut Glass,
Sterling Silverware, Art Goods, China, Im
ported Glass, Imported Wares, Lamps, Onyx
Tables, BHtes Stands, Pedestals, Diamonds
and Watches.
Our prices lower than o<ther Jewelers in
Birmingham, and a larger stock to select
121 Twentieth "Street. '
Established 1874.
r M.-We take Periodical Tickets.
To whom we owe so much wisdom, says
in one of his charming essays that “No
one can be a master in conversation who
has not learned much from women; their
presence and inspiration are essential to
its success." The general opinion is that
the most charmingly dressed women are
those using
Standard Patterns.
They're designed after the latest Paris
and New York fashions, and they are
the most economical because they tell
the exact amount of material to buy—
never too much or too little—and since
we reduced the price they cost ono-third
less than any other first-class pattern.
December Delineators and Patterns
now ready.
Sole Agents.
N. B.—Three hundred and fifty Plaid
.Silks for W aists at G9c this week.
by carorul speculation in grain by mail
through a responsible firm of large experi
ence and great success. Will send you par
ticulars free showing how a small amount
of money can be easily multiplied by suc
cessful speculation. Highest bank refer
ences. Opportunities excellent. Pattison &
Co., Bankers and Brokers, 85 Omaha Build
ing, Chicago.
BEN S. THIESS, Manogar.
Monday Night, Nov. 11.
The Lfistinguished Young Actor,
I Bjf Wiiiiag Morris, I
ibMr it. iii i mn mi hi i • hi .'i.ii/ii,iiiiiua£
i !»"• i iriwrutrmaiwnumri ■nrw.nulft I’lnm
j The Lo^t paradise,
SiwitiIi iuimhim i i iMi'linclt i i ni .i m'iniiirw r muimi n.+i
Under the direction^of^GUSTAVE FROH
Strong Cast I
Handsome Dresses!
Original Scenery !
Seats on sale Monday morning at 0
£|v| .l>>riliMiil..r l: Dil
First Grand Produc
tion of
Under the direction of
WM. A. BRADY. :s
tfirPositively only visit
of the seusa?ion of the*
Dramatized by PAUL M. POTTER from Du
Maurler’s Celebrated Novel.
The sale of seats will begin Tuesday morn
ing at 9 o'clock.
PRICES—25c. 50c, 75c and $1.00.
MATINEE PRICES—25c and 50c.
Wallaces Thursday and Saturday.
First Opera of the Season!
Comic Opera Company
At People’s Prices,
25, 35, 50 and 75 Cents.
Wednesday night.Tar and Tartar
Thursday matinee..Black Hussar
Thursday night.Beggar Student
Friday night.Indiana
Saturday night.Grand Duchess
Finest chorus ever heard in Bir
mingham. Our own orchestra.
Skating' Hink
Open every evening from 7 :30 to n.
Northwest corner 19th Street
and Third Avenue.
The Cleveland Bicycle
Displayed in our window will be ,
given away during
Christmas Week.
The .date will be announced later.
A TICKET for every purchase of
ONE DOLLAR of merchandise
will be given away until that
The following citizens have been
appointed and consented to give
away the Bicycle:
Joseph F. Johnston,
H. M. Wilson,
J. B. Cobbs,
Felix Drennen,
W. J. Cameron,
Rufus N. Rhodes.
Very respectfully,
I. WEIL & id.,
Merchant Tailors and Furnishers
19.5 and 1917 First Avenue.
0*>p <*0o opo
OpO Ofjc oQo
660 oqIj <o0<?
To buy Shoes of us. Ourjjj
motto is : The lowest pos- jj]
sible price to all. No storey
can do better than this. [0
| The Feet Fitter,^
In pi
ffi No, 2010 Second Avenue, rO
h Telephone 84. [3
r In
in o8o££o£8o pj
nj cOo o5o 0O0 in
Writes every ituer in sight of oper
Does most of the work in writing AU
TOMATICALLY, ami yields in the time
thus saved additional work.
It acts as if it studied the convenience
of the operator at every turn, and there
by lightens his labor and renders him
capable of doing more.
It has a knack of keeping we'l and is
always ready at critical or other times.
These are some or the reasons why it
is so different from all o-ther writing ma
The catalogues tell you more about it.
The Columbia Typewriter Mfg. Co.
UCth Street, Fifth and Lenox Avenues,
New York.
Brazeal Bros.,
General Agents . . .
For the State of Alabama.
223-225 Twenty-first Street, Birmingham,
Other machines taken in exchange for
Repairing and cleaning a specialty.
Write to ui.|or ewanjthimj known m
■aiOS \il07 I^AV/E. 8IAMIN6HWA ALA.
General Insurance Agents and Brokers
No. 607 Thirteenth street. Northwest,
Washington. D. C.
Represent only the best companies and
place insurance on all classes of insurable
property at from 15 to 20 per cent lower than
local agents. We deal direct with the prop
erty owner and save him the agent’s com
mission. We make a specialty of insuring
cotton, cotton gins, stores, farm property,
mills and factories of all kinds.
Form for description of property mailed
upon application.
Writes us before Insuring for rates.
Solicitors wanted. 8-26-3m
An Old and Well-Tried Remedy,
has been used for over fifty years by mil
lions of mothers for their children whllo
teething with perfect success. It soothes
the child, softens the gums, allays all pain,
cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for
diarrhoea. Sold by druggists In every part
of the world. Be sure and ask for MILS.
no other kind. 25c a bottle.

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