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Birmingham state herald. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1895-1897, November 10, 1895, Image 4

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1912 -FIRST -A.“VZE3TT"CTIH]—1914
The Great Manufacturers’ Stock
CHILDREN. Good, Desirable Clothing at Retail
for Less Than Manufacturers’ Prices.
SUITS, well made and a good service
able suit.
Manufacturer's price $3.50.
Our price.. .
'An assortment of MEN’S SACK SUITS,
plngle and double-breasted Tweeds,
black, all wool Cheviots and Meltons.
Manufacturer's price, $S.OO.
Our i>rice.
MEN'S SUITS, sack or frock, double or
single-breasted, extra long or medium
length, in clay diagonal Worsteds and
Cheviots, neat mixture sult3, suitable
for any wear.
Regular $10.00 Suits.
Our price.. ..
MEN'S SACK SUITS in Casslmeres,
iChevIots, dressed and undressed Worst
eds, solid colors, neat checks, pin stripe
and all the newest shades.
There is not a suit in this lot that is sold
for less than $13.00 to $15.00.
Our price.
MEN'S SUITS, cut in the height of fash
ion, all the latest patterns and any ma
terial you want, in single or double
breasted Packs and Cutaway Frock Suits.
In fit and finish they cannot be duplL
catcd by any merchant tailor for less
than from $20.00 to $25.00.
Manufacturer's price, $13.50.
Our price.
dressed and unfinished Worsteds, Vi
cunas, etc., in all cuts of Sacks and
Frocks. Among: this vast assortment is
to be found the most serviceable of busi
ness suits ,and also those for dress
Manufacturer s price, $16.50.
Our price.
MEN'S SUITS, such as only the high art
clothiers can produce. The patterns are
all of the latest productions for dress and
business wear. In style, fit, finish and
workmanship they are far superior to
the average tailor-made garments, and
Bell everywhere at $20.00 to $25.00.
Our price during this sale.... ■.
$1.50 Suits,
$3.50 and $4.00 BOYS’ KNEE SUITS,
Solid colors and neat mixtures,
. J : 1
i i
M. & L. S. Fechheimer & Co.,
Clothing and IVoolens,
Nos. 321 and 323 Race St.
* 1
Dictated by d. k.
Mess. J. Blach & Sons,
Birmingham, Alabama.
• •' ■>. • 1 •••
Cincinnati, Oct. 17, ’95.
We are pleased to hear, through your father, that you have had, and are having, an
exceedingly good fall business. We are more interested in this inasmuch as we are just now
wanting somebody to whom we can dispose of the balance of our Fall and Winter stock.
You are well aware that “bottom” on Woolens was reached some months ago, and that
there have been considerable advances on many lines of goods. We anticipated a good fall
business and prepared for it, but now, with the season, for us practically over, and though what
we have are all new, choice things—in fact, some of them still in the hands of the tailors—we
prefer to maintain our reputation for showing each season an entirely new line of goods; there
fore it is that we are anxious to dispose of what we have left, and are ready to do it at exact cost,
or some less, if need be. We come to you giving you the first opportunity, for the reason that,
as with the wants of two such stores as yours at Birmingham and Nashville, you are not likely
to scruple at the size of lots, some of which run as many as 100 and more of a kind.
Sincerely this is an opportunity for you, and as we mean it to apply to our entire line, we
would urge you to send not only your buyer of men’s suits and overcoats, but also your depart
ment buyers of men’s pants, youths’, boys’ and children’s suits, overcoats and pants.
Yours truly,
M. & L. S. Fechheimer & Co.
This Tells How We Sell It.
Men’s all wool black Cheviots, Hair
Lintes, Pin Stripes and Check Cassl
meres and Corduroy Pants. They are
regular $3.00 and $3.50 Pants.
We are selling them now at.
MEN’S OVERCOATS; light, medium and
heavy weight; all colors and lengths.
Regular $10.00 Coats.
Go in this sale at.
If you are exposed to the cold weather
to any great extent, we have the finest
thing on earth for you. A Storm Over
coat In brown Chinchilla.
Manufacturer’s price, $10.00.
Our price...
The cream of the market in MEN'S
PANTS; something that is new and nob
by and perfect In fit. We can suit the
most fastidious. They are equal to tailor
made garments, and the regular price Is
They go now at.
.Men’s all wool Irish Frieze Kersey and
Melton Overcoats. If you never got a
bargain in your life, here is the chance.
We have them in all colors and sizes.
The regular quotation on these coats is
Our's only...
Latest style MEN'S OVERCOATS, In all
lengths. We have them to suit both tall
and short men In black, Meltons, Ker
seys, Patent Beavers, Chinchillas, etc.
They are elegantly made and trimmed,
and are well worth $16.00 to $18.00 o£ any
body's money.
Our price.
Such as are sold In the city for $6.00.
Our price.
Furnishing Goods.
Men's white unlaundried Shirts, well
made, linen bosom, continuous back and
sleeve band.
They retail all over the city at 35c.
Our price is.
Men's Laundrled Negligee Shirts; regu
lar sizes.
The standar price of this Shirt Is 50c, but
during this 6ale they go at.
Men's Heavy Shirts or Drawers, in nat
ural wool or camel’s hair colors.
They retail all over the city at 35c, but
we are selling them at.
Men's Shirts or Drawers, warm and com
You will pay twice the money for same
goods elsewhere.
Our price.
You have probably seen and read a great
deal about Tan Derby Ribbed Shirts or
Drawers that are being displayed at 75c.
Don’t be flim-flamed. We are selling the
same thing for.
finer grades of Underwear we are
displaying the most complete line in the city.
gjg^This is unquestionably the largest amount of merchandise ever bought by any retailer,"and we name prices on fine, desirable
garments that have no competition. The season is rapidly advancing and we will not carry any of it into the next season. We own
the goods at prices less than manufacturer’s cost, and will sell them lower than other clothiers can buy them.
Our pleasing salesmen are always ready to show goods, and if you want to make your dollars reach further than elsewhere, don’t
miss our sale.
One Price Cash Clothiers,

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