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Fresh Arrivals!
Hominy Flakes,
Pettijohn’s Breakfast Food in Packages,
American Table Food in Packages,
Shredded Wholewheat Biscuit in Packages.
Dried Fruits—
Evaporated Pears,
Evaporated Peaches and Apricots,
Sliced Peeled Peaches, Symrna Figs,
Dates in one pound packages.
All kind of Fruit Cake Ingredients. Franco-Araerican Soups,25 cases just re
ceived. Dressed Turkeys and Pure Pork Sausage handled every Saturday.
POWLKES & MY ATTHood Builjing'
Not so wonderful, either,
when you come, to think
about it. Why we sell
cheaper than other houses
is because we buy cheaper.
We call your special atten
tion for the next few days
to sample shoes that we
have in great numbers and
more to follow. Prices be
low zero, with a downward
Washington, Nov. 19.—Forecast tor
Alabama—Clearing, much colder weath
er, with a cold wave; northerly winds.
For Mississippi—Fair, colder, northerly
winds followed In northwest portion by
rising temperature Wednesday evening.
As especially recorded tor the State
Herald on the standard thermometer at
Hughes’ drug store, 1904 Second avenue.
The figures given are In all Instances for
the temperature recorded In the shade
anA on a southern sheltered exposure.
b *.111.58141a p. m.
9 a m.62'4 4 p. ID.62
to a. m. 604, s p. ni.6o
J1 a. m.70ti d p. m.6044
lv ni.6914 7 p. m.5.’i*
lp.m.70 9 p. m .... SO
ip. m.66t4i9 p. m.47
U. S. Department of Agriculture,
Weather Bureau,
Office of Station Agent,
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 19, 1895.
Local observations during twenty-four
hours ending at 7 p. m.. central time:
8 a. m.
12 m.
7 p. m.
Direct’n Rain
Temp. of wind. Weather lull.
Pr. Cldy
Highest temperature, 69; lowest, 48; aver
age, 59.
Local Observer.
Reports received at Birmingham, Ala.,
on November 19- 1895.
Observations taken at all stations at 8
a. m., 75th meridian time.
gl SI IWlnd
s = S So
C ® **
Place of
Montjr’ry 46
Memphis..' 38
Knoxville 42
Atlanta .1 50
Vicksburg1 56
N.Orleans 58
* s
® 3- “
Nashville.! 60 t0
44 cim dm
ob 8W
40. NB
50 SW
56 aw
58 8
46, SW
* S
.00 Clear
•oo Pt.Ody
.00 Pt.Cdy
T. Clear
T indicates trace of rain or snow; f Indicates
rise and - fall.
Local Observer, Weather Bureau.
The question of a special train to leave
Birmingham at 9 o'clock Saturday, the
23d instant to accommodate those desir
ing to see the football game at Tuska
loosa on that date has been spoken of.
Those who wish to go will leave their
names with the passenger agent of the
Alabama Great Southern at No. 7 North
Twentieth street. Phone 84.8. and if a
sufficient, number will go to Justify the
service the company will operate the spe
cial train, to leave Birmingham at 9
o'clock Saturday morning, as stated. The
passengers can mmaln in Tuskaloosa to
attend the german Saturday night and
return on regular train, arriving at Bir
mingham 5 30 a. m. If successful in or
ganizing the party the fare will bo 11.05
for the round trip. How about that?
_ ll-20-3t
Lounges, sideboards and
ladies’ writing desks we offer
at very low prices for the
next ten days.
1816 and 1818 2d avenue.
Twenty-five dollars reward for the ar
rest and conviction of the party who
rocked blue car No. 11 at Jonesville Sun
day night. November 17.
J. B. McClary, Superintendent.
_ ll-19-4t
Furniture, rockers, ladies’
desks, all kinds of household
goods lO per cent cheaper
than any other house. Stow
ers Furniture Company, 1816
and 1818 2d avenue.
What -the Chicago Visitors Have to Say on
Their Return Home.
The Chicago Times-IIerald gives the
following expressions from some of the
leading members of the Chicago excur
sion party to the exposition and other
points in the south:
Mayor Swiit Enjoyed It.
Mayor Swift has enjoyed almost every
minute he has been on the road. He be
lieves that the excursion has done as
much for Chicago as the World's fair.
“Jus-t think of the enterprise and en
ergy." he said, “that It has taken to put
this thing through. No other city in the
world would have attempted it. The
management of these trains under Hor
ace Tucker. William II. Harper. Fred W.
Peck. Alexander H. Revell, D. K. Hill
and the rest of the officers of the associa
tion, has been wonderful. The First reg
iment has been made the most popular
military organization in the country, and
Chicago has received more favorable ad
vertising than could be obtained in any
other way. As a business investment I
believe the money spent was well placed.
We have all made friends with the people
of the south. They now know that we
are not different from themselves and
they will trust us with their trade. They,
on the other hand, have increased a thou
sand fold In our estimation. We have
had a practical experience with their
matchless hospitality and know more of
their resources than we could learn by
years of reading financial papers. The
journey has been a great success and I
.do not regret one moment spent with the
Tonight Fred W. Peck, Alexander II.
Revell and William H. Harper are proud
men. All express themselves as perfectly
satisfied with the excursion.
What Mr. Harper Says.
“All through the south,” said Mr. Har
per, the director of the excursion, “the
people have been given to understand
two things. One is that Chicagoans are
good fellows socially; the other, that we
want their trade and commerce. At no
time have they been allowed to think
that our excursion was simply for the
purpose of drumming up trade, but at
the same time all were impressed with
the fact that Chicago offered a market
for whatever they had to sell and that
our city stood ready to supply whatever
they needed In return. I was told by
business men In Atlanta, Savannah,
Charleston and Augusta that they would
at once begin the work of making trans
portation companies fall into fine with
this new movement. Freight rates will
be reduced, and a new era of commerce
will open for the northwest and the south.
We take no small pride in the manner
in which the excursion has been con
ducted. With over 1000 persons In the
party there has not been one serious ac
cident. The delays have not been great,
considering the long runs made, and, all
in all, the trip has been satisfactory."
Commerce Follows Friendship.
Secretary Stone of the Chicago board
of trade had no doubts as to the benefits
to be derived from the pilgrimage.
“Close on the heels of friendship comes
commercial connections,” he said, “this
is a certain rule. It has never failed,
and It will not in this case. I have made
the commercial effect of this trip an es
pecial study, and I know whereof I
speak. The south is interested in the
north, and It is ready to begin to get bet
ter acquainted as soon as an opportunity
offers itself. This excursion has been
the greatest success possible. It will
do more for Chicago than the building
of a railroad would have done."
Tonight Director William H. Harper
Is receiving many congratulations. On
almost every ear resolutions are being
signed by the occupants and presented
to him as representing the officials of the
Chicago Southern States association,
thanking them for the splendid arrange
ments and congratulating them on the
success of the excursion.
A Walker County Tr-iedy.
Montgomery, Nov. 19.—A special to the
Advertiser from Tuskaloosa, Ala., says:
News is just received here of a desperate
tragedy at Marietta, Walker county. Joe
Kilgrove and John Handly, well known
young men of that place, had quarreled
previously. Saturday they met. Kilgrove
was accompanied by John Jones and
Handly had with him Sam Kilgrove. The
result was a general fight with shotguns
and Winchesters. Joe Kilgrove was in
stantly killed and Handly and Jones des
perately wounded.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money If it fails
to cure. 25c. 10-27-6m-2p
Professor Smith can tell you
how trout and pickerel bite
his line at East Lake.
n-17-tr __
Churchill Enlists in Cuba.
London. Nov. 19.—The Pall Mall Ga
zette Says that Gen. Martinez Campos
lias accepted the services of Winston
Leonard Churchill, eldest son of the late
Lord itanolph Churchill, who has arrived
In Havana, as a lieutenant of hussars
in the Spanish army in Cuba.
Oyster cocktails at the Met
ropolitan bar. 11-12-tf
“Little Billee” delights chil
dren. i i-i2-3t-tu-thu-su
Mackay’s Gift.
Paris, Nov. 19.—The Imparclal do Muer
the et Moselle announces that Mr. John
W. Mackay, the American millionaire,
has sent to the city of Nancy a large
sum of money for the purpose of erecting
a statue of Joan of Arc by Lorraln, the
sculptor, upon the Square of St. Nicho
las du Port, where In 1429 Jeane ofTered
prayers to her patron saint, St. Lorraine.
Trout are biting fine at East
Lake. n-17-tf
Cardinal Bonaparte Dead.
Rome. Nov. 19.—Cardinal Luclen Bona
parte died suddenly in this city today
from syncope. Cardinal Bonaparte was
borne In 1828 and created a cardinal In
IS*8, ranking second In The present list
of cardinal priests.
Charged With Shooting and Killing a
Negro in Lawrence County,
K. J. Walker, a young white man about
25 years old, was arrested last night by
Chief of Police T. C. McDonald and Capt.
Will Weir on the charge of murder.
About three weeks ago. It Is said, Wal
ker became Involved in a difficulty In
Lawrence county, Georgia, with a negro
about some mortgaged property and as
a result he shot and killed the negro. He
escaped and had only been in the city
a short time when he was captured by
the vigilant police.
Walker seems to take his arrest calm
ly. He said It was his Intention to sur
render himself soon and that he will give
bond and stand trial for the charge.
He is neatly dressed, presents a good
appearance, and it is said that his father
is quite a wealthy farmer of Lawrence
The Georgia authorities have been no
tified of the arrest and will come in a
day or two for the prisoner. •
A Good Cotton Mill Showing.
, Raleigh, N. C., Nov. 19.—The annual re
port of State Labor Commissioner Laeey
was made public today. Regarding mills
it gives the following information, which
shows North Carolina's progress. There
are 156 cotton and woolen mills in active
operation and eleven in course of con
struction. There are 913,458 spindles and
24,858 looms. This is a very good showing
when the fact is considered that in 1870
there was only 30,000 spindles. There are
15,752 persons employed in mills and the
amount of capital employed Is J15.000.000
or about $952 to each employe. Of these
4888 are men, 6175 women and 4689 chil
dren, of whom 1558 are under 14 years of
age. The mills have consumed 123,658,060
pounds of cotton, or about 309,000 bales.
Twenty-six counties have produced 79,
473,949 pounds of yarn, thirteen have pro
duced 87,742,655 yards of domestic; six
have produced 51,737,547 yards of plaids,
two counties. Forsyth and Cabarrus,
have produced 2,000,000 yards of woolen
goods, Forsyth leading with 1,800,000.
Peace Not Contemplated,
Madrid, Nov. 19.—Premier Canovas
Delcastilo has made an emphatic denial
of the persistently circulated report that
negotiations looking to the establishment
of peace in Cuba are In progress or even
contemplated. The premier says that
Gen. Martinez Campos is making prepar
ations for a decisive coup against'the in
surgents’ leaders, Gomez and Maceo. It
Is reported here that the rear guard of
Gomez’s army has been defeated and dis
persed In Santa Clara, but Sennr Conovhs
Delcastilo does not believe the report (to
be true. _
The Bogie man is coming.
10- 26-lmo
General freight and passen
ger office of Southern Railway
removed to No. 7 North 20th
street. Telephone 846.
11- 5-tf _
Coronation Day is Set.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 19.—The corona
j tion of Emperor Nicholas II ha.s been
fixed to take place at Moscow on May
| 24 next, the date of the seventy-sevqth
birthday of Quen Victoria.
Indigestioil ,
Tortured mo; I was run down, bad no ap»
petite and could
not sleep. I began
taking Hood’8
Sarsaparilla, and
before I had taken
a fourth of a bot
tle I was very
much better. I
also used Hood’g
Fills and found
them splendid,
very mild, yet
W/.tif/4V\\>\ v# auHM/ ejueuLivtJ. diuud
using two bottles o( Hood’s Sarsaparilla
and Hood’s Pills occasionally. I eat and
sleep well and can work with ease.”
Annie C. Lantz, Belleville,Pennsylvania.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
Is the Only True Blood Purifier.
Hood’s Pills
are tantlens, mild, effeo
tive All drugglsta* 250.
“ You often bear of other extracts which n
— claim to be “lust os good” as —
i Liebig i
1 Extract of Beef,
3 E
E but these claims only call attention to E
,2 the fact that the Company’s Extract E
g for quality “
»11111 m 11 in mu m mini 11111 mu iiiniiii i li
H. Chairsell,
Dealer in Hay, Straw, Corn, Oats,
Bran, Cotton Seed Meal, Hulls,
Flour, Corn Meal, Salt and Rock
Salt, Wheat, Rye and Barley for
seed. We handle first-class goods
and guarantee as represented.
Give us a call and be convinced.
H. Chairsell,
1613 and 1616 First Avenue.
Collegiate Institute for Boarders,
The Cedars,” . . . Selma, Ala,
Every branch of polite education taught.
Special attention to music. Children from
3 to 7 received in Kindergarten Depart
ment. Primary, Intermediate and higher
course—Latin optional. School year from
first Monday in September till last week of
June. Terms, JU.ll per school year, half
yearly, in advance. Music extra. The In
stitute Is under the care of the Sisters of
Mercy, who devote themselves to the well
being and literary Improvement of the
young ladles. Pupils received any time,
charged from date of entrance. The great
est care bestowed on their health, comfort,
manners and deportment.
Broad Street. Selma, Ala.
Birmingham business College
Potter Building, First Avenue.
Sessions Day and Night.
A modern, progressive, practical school of
business. Tuition rates reasonable. Posi
tions for graduates. Call or write for cat
for Infants and Children.
Do You Know
that Paregoric.
Bateman's Drops, flodfrey’s Cordial, many so-called Soothing Syrups, and
most remedies for children are composed of opium or morphine t
Po You Know that opium and morphine are stupefying narcotic poisons •
Po Yon Know that in most countries druggists are not permitted to sell narcotics
without labeling them poisons f
Po Yon Know that you should not permit any medicine to be given your child
unless you or your physician know of what it is composed ?
Po Yon Know that Castoria is a purely vegetable preparation and that a list of
Its ingredients is published with every bottle ?
Po Yon Know that Cactoria is the prescription of the famous Dr. Samuel Pitcher.
That it has been in use for nearly thirty years, and that more Castoria is now sold than
of all other remedies for children combined ?
Po Yon Know that the Patent Office Department of the United States, and of
other countries, have issued exclusive right to Dr Pitcher and his assigns to use the word
w Castoria ” and its formula, and that to imitate them Is a state prison ofTense P
Po Yon Know that one of the reasons for granting this government protection was
because Castoria had been proven to be absolutely harmless?
Po Yon Know that 35 average doses of Castoria are furnished for 35
cents, or one cent a dose f
Po Yon Know that when possessed of this perfect preparation, your children may
be kept well, and that you may have unbroken rest i
Well, these things are worth knowing. They are /acts.
Th. fae-gimlle JlTf A ** 01>
.lgnatnre of Lwrapper.
Children Cry for Pitcher’s Castoria,
"Z’o'O. Can’t Improve Some Tilings.
1 llttl H exu.ei.ij —; , , ,
dies’ Comfort Shoes, which are so easy and
comfortable that they couldn’t be more so.
All shoes should be that way, whatever the
age or sex of the wearer. The elderly,
though need such shoes more than those
less advanced In years, and for their benefit
we carry a line of the easiest of easy foot
wear. Everv pair is a genuine value at
from $1.25 to $3.50 a pair. The same is true
of every shoe in our stock. It's a case of
high value and low price every time.
date Lace and Button Shoes.
If you want fine shoes for children we
can show you first-class shoes.
We have 2000 pairs of Ladies' hand-turned
Button Shoes, Bizes I to 4, C and D last.
Plain toe button Shoes, two many of the
same size, real value $3.00 to $5.00, will close
out at $1.50.
All mall orders shipped the same day re
All kinds of repairing done.
ST. nfiKKei, wnoiesaie ana Ketan snoer, i»iu uirst .avenue.
SPECIALIST, Private Diseases.
Steiner Bank Buidling, corner First Ave
nue and 21st Street, Birmingham, Ala.
The oldest, best equipped and most suc
cessful institution of its kind IntheSouth.
Established In the city of Birmingham.
Ala., August 3, 1887.
Office Hours—8:30 a. m. to 12 m., 1:30 to
5:30 p. m. Sunday, 10 a. m . to 12 m.
The Specialist who treats thousands of patients has more experience than the
physician who occasionally practices on one.
The indisputable fact that Dr. Holloway is the only physician in the South con
trolling sufficient practice in private troubles, such as Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Gleet.
Stricture, Bad Blood, Skin and Bladder Diseases, Ulcers, Womb Troubles, etc., to
devote his whole time to their cure is sufficient evidence of his great experience
and successful treatment.
Special attention is given to the treatment of unfortunates suffering from
early imprudence, errors of youth, loss of vitality, loss of manhood, sexual de
bility, or any of its maddening effects.
GET WELL and enjoy life as you should. Many men and youths a»e today
occupying subordinate positions in life who, if they were able to exercise their
brain power to its full and natural capacity, would instead be leaders.
If you live in or near the city, call at my Pijlvate Dispensary. If at a distance,
write me your trouble, enclosing stamp for reply.
My book on private diseases and proper question lists will be sent to anyone on
^dam$ Drag Co.
•^We can now be found at
the corner of Second avenue
S. E. for. 2d Ave. and 19th St.
and Nineteenth street.
(Most Convenient Apothecary
Shop in Town.
Our new store will be a beauty
when the decorations are finished.
Our stock is almost entirely new and
prescriptions are our specialty. Our
store is open from 6 in the morning
.until 12 at night.
The Metropolitan Hotel and Restaurant
Nos. 8 and 10 North 20th Street, Corner Morris Avenue.
Birmingham Paint and Glass Company
Faints, Oils. Varnish, Glass, Sash, Doors aud Blinds.
1816 Third Avenue.Birmingham, Ala.
The Cleveland Bicycle
Displayed in our window will be |.
given away during i *
Christmas Week,
The date will be announced later.
A TICKET for every purchase of
ONE DOLLAR of merchandise
will be given aw&y until that
The following citizens have been
appointed and consented to give
away the Bicycle:
Joseph P. Johnston,
H. M. Wilson,
J. B. Cobbs,
Felix Drennen, i
W. J. Cameron,
Rufus N. Rhodes.
Very respectfully, ,
Merchant Tailors and Furnishers
1915 and 1917 First Avenue.
When sand's as good as sugar, " ,
When chalk’s as good os milk, S f
When eighteen inches make a yard, ! j i
And cotton equals silk, \
When fourteen ounces make a pount (
(And this you’ll not allow), |
Then poor machines may be as good, 4
As the BAR-LOCK is right now. '
Write, telephone or call on BRAZEAL'
BROS, at once forpne of the BAR-LOCK
225 21st Street.
Other machines taken in exchange.
Repairing and cleaning a specialty.
19 Cents.
Just Received!
Another big lot of these all wool
goods; worth 75c, our price, 19c.
Our Shoes are Cheap, Too.
2010 Second Avenue.
VSriVe to usjor ftveNjlhwj'kiHiwn in
General Insurance Agents and Brokers
No. 607 Thirteenth street. Northwest,
Washington, D. C.
Represent only the beBt companies ami
place insurance on all classes of insurable
property at from 15 to 20 percent lower than
local agents. We deal dlreot with the prop
erty owner and save him the agent's com
mission. We make a specialty of insuring
cotton, cotton gins, stores, farm property,
mills and factories of all kinds.
Form for description of property mailed
upon application.
Writes us before insuring for rates.
Solicitors wanted. 8-26-Sm
The Israel Tailoring Company,
114 Twenty-flret Street.
Perfect fitting garments,
Materials of the best class, and
Prompt fulfillment of orders
At lowest consistent prices.
We base our claims on facts. Can wa
subtantlatc them for you? Try us.
The Israel Tailoring Company.

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