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Jtarjds for P/^T5
Get them made at the PANT
ERY, where the best is served
at popular prices. I draw the
line at $5, Deeause anything un
der that price is not satisfactory.
That’s what I said.
Al Wilson,
1903*2 Second Avenue.
Vernon Courier: We learn that a school
house four miles northwest of Millport
was burned Sunday night. No reason
Gadsden Times-News: John Gilbreath
of Guntersvllle killed three pigs last week
that were only sixteen months old and
they weighed 397, 361 and 333 pounds each,
or a total of 1091 pounds.
Anniston Hot Blast: The Anniston Sup
ply company has received the contract
for doing the galvanized iron work on
the new government building being erect
ed at Columbus, Ga. The contractus a
big one, but you can’t down Anniston
Troy Messenger: Our people are now'
being Imposed upon by having an In
ferior grade of oil sold them. It will not
burn with a good light and when it gets
a little low in the lamp it will not burn
at all. The party who has good oil to
sell will make money by letting It be
Gadsden Times-Nows: There is some
talk of giving the members of the North
Alabama conference an excursion to the
falls. This should be done, for they will
be delighted with Gadsden's wonderful
boautv as seen from old Lookout and
with Jones’ collpge, the pride of north
Troy Messenger. The commissioners
court met tills morning and opened the
bids for the building of the county hos
pital for the Insane. The contract was
let to Joseph Miuehener & Son at $397.15.
A committee consisting of J. T. Cong. VV.
.T. Hilliard and E. Y. I.aw'rence w'as ap
pointed to supeiintend the building.
Anniston Hot Blast: Mr. H. W. What
ley of Idaho, Ala., Who Is the owner of art
extensive spoke and handle factory, is In
the city and will talk with our business
men about its location here. Anniston
believes in the diversity of her enter
prises, and should offer the gentleman
the proper Inducements to secure his
Troy Messenger: We are informed by
Mr. Goldthwalte, who was In Montgom
ery yesterday, that Capt. A. A. Walker
has been made one of the trustees of the
slate normal college in tills city. Captain
Walker is one of Alabama's best men.
true and faithful in every phase of life.
We are glad Governor Oates saw (It to
appoint such a man as Captain Walker.
Vernon Courier: There are more hogs
In Lamar county today than at any time
before this date. There will be more than
enough home raised meat to supply the
demand next year. Coni will be shipped
from the northern portion of the county.
In the southern portion there is enough
for home consumption. All that is needed
for the people to be happy and contented
is to realize how well they are situated.
Evergreen Cottrant: Last Sunday Mr.
J. H. Douglass, a Nashville shoe drum
mer, hired a learn and driver from Mr.
Irwin to go over to Rrpton. Night over
took them a mile from ltepton. In a dark
place In the road two men. apparently
white, suddenly appeared and. stepping
up deliberately to the buggy, thrust a
pistol In Mr. Douglass’ faee.comtnandlng
him to halt. Not being propaied for a
battle, he put whip to the horses and left
the would-be robbers standing In (lie
mad. Who they were or what their pur
pose was can only tie conjectured.
Catarrh Indicates Impure blood. To
cure It take Hood's Sarsaparilla, the
great blood ourifler.
we will give 15 per cent oil on
our entire stock ol shoes,
trunks, valises and umbrellas.
With every purchase we will
give a handsome school bag.
218 N. 10th Street and 109 N.
20th Street. n-13-st
Can’t Stop the Stampede.
New Orleans Times-Democrat.
It will not be possible In Louisiana any
more than it was possible In Mississippi
to stop the stampede of populists to the
democracy when they And that under
the democratic banner they can best se
cure honest elections and free silver.
High Grade Tobaoco
(AH Hems of social interest will be gladly
noted in these columns if sent to Mrs.
George C. Bail, Nineteenth street, between
Tenth and Eleventh avenues. South High
lands. Telephone 988.)
The reception to be given by the young
people of the Central Presbyterian
church at the handsome South Highland
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Smith, Jr,,
next Friday from 4 to 11 p. m., will be a
very attractive amd charming social func
tion. Invitations have been only sent to
married friends; the young ladies and
gentlemen are expected and cordially in
vited to be present without formal invi
tations. Twenty-live of our pretty Bir
mingham belles will receive with Mrs.
Smith, and all the details point towards
a great and positive success.
Mi. James Kendrick of Kansas City a
very promising young Alabamian, who
has won distinction In his new home, is
visiting his aunt, Mrs. John A. Walker,
on Tenth avenue,-South Highlands.
Miss Ethel Hodgson of Mobile, one of
the loveliest and most fascinating belles
of our state, went to Monigomery yester
day aflernoon.' after a very channing
visit to her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Davidson. Miss Hodgson will immedi
ately go to Pensacola to visit her friends,
Lieutenant and Mrs. Bull of the United
States army.
As there are a number of Birmingham
women who are graduates of the famous
Lucy Cobb Institute of Athens, Ga., the
following extract from the Atlanta Con
stitution will be pleasant reading;,
"This week everybody Is astir at the
Lucy Cobb institute, all making ready
for Lucy Cobb day. Committees are at
work designing badges of blue and white;
teachers are arranging programmes; oth
ers are addressing cards of invitation;
Kom» are practicing and some are speech
making. so that the time outside of
school hours is filled with busy work.
"All connected with the school are
bending their best energies to make the
day a success. The Seaboard Air Line
has granted the very low rate of $1.15 to
the pupils, patrons and friends of the
Luey Cobb, with a limited ticket of ten
days. This low rate will induce hundreds
to go up at that time. It is expected that
Athens will be there en masse. This week
there will be sent out cards of Invitation
to the pupils and patrons of the Lucy
Cobb. The cards will read:
“ ‘Alumnae reunion—Luey Cobb Insti
tute—Auditorium hall, Friday morning,
November 29, at 11 o’clock. The honor
of your presence is requested.’
"No cards will be sent out in Athens,
but through the columns of the daily pa
pers the whole town will be invited.
“The 28th of November is university
day, and the 29th being Lucy Cobb day it
is hoped ami expected that the entire city
will pay these two noble institutions the
honor of attending tire exposition ill a
“After the programme of exercises is
rendered in the auditorium the ladies of
the Lucy Cobb, the trustees and their
wives and the alumnae will receive the
friends and patrons of the school in the
assembly hall in the woman’s building.
Dainty refreshments will be served -lur
ing the day, and refreshment cards will
be distributed from the Lucy Cobb par
lors on the 28th and 29th by Miss Sarah
McBride, the charming graduate in
charge. Mrs. Lipscomb, the present
principal, and Miss Rutherford, the one
of former years, will go up this week for
the purpose of calling the Atlanta alum
nae together, to appoint committees and
to provide for every detail connected
(with the Lucy*C!Sbb day.
“It goes without saying that on this
day there will assemble in the hall of the
auditorium the largest number of pretty
maidens and handsome women that has
yet \jeen gathered together with a com
mon Interest and a loyal love."
• * *
Mrs. Fred Hardie has returned from
an extended visit to Virginia relatives,
acompanled by her son, Mr. Frits Hardie,
and her little daughter, Frances.
Miss Maggie Adams returned a few
days ago from a visit of several days to
the Atlanta exposition.
The Tuesday Afternoon Whist club was
delightfully entertained by Mrs. James
Weatherly. The prize, an exquisitely
lovely cfiina cup and saucer and silver
coffee spoon, was won by Mrs. J. F. Gra
ham. After the game of whist Mrs.
Weatherly served delicious refreshments.
The club will meet next Tuesday after
noon with Mrs. Jack Q. Cohen on Hitrh
land avenue.
Messrs. T. T. Hillman, H. B. Comer, S.
W. Lee and George L. Morris have re
turned from a week’s shooting at Swan
T.ake. Miss. They were unusually for
tunate and brought back with them sev
eral hundred ducks as evidence of their
good luck.
Mobile Is already astir, preparing- for
the carnival. Mr. T. C. DeLeon is active
ly engaged with the preliminaries, and it
:s intended to make of next Mardl Gras
the most ornate and Joyous ever known
In the Gulf City. The object in beginning
so early with the preparations is to thor
oughly advertise it and to make every
appointment and detail as satisfactory
as those of the New Orleans carnivals.
As Mr. DeLeon has charge of matters
the success of the undertaking is already
• » •
The Augusta Chronicle of Sunday has
these Items of charming Birmingham
girls, who are now visiting that city:
“Miss Katherine Morrow Is the guest of
Miss Hattie Butler, on Upper Greene
"Miss Addle Evans of Alabama is the
guest of Mrs T. H. Stafford. Miss Evans
is an unusually attractive woman, and her
stay in Augusta is appreciated by her
numerous friends.”
• • •
The musical recital at the Church of
the Advent last night was a rare treat
to the appreciative audience present.
PVofessor Boyce is a magnificent organ
ist. and played gloriously last evening.
Miss Von Navarra’s solos and the an
thems and chants by ehe cbolr were de
lightfully rendered and. elicited the
warmest commendation. The selections
were of the highest order, and the most
thorough and careful training was evi
dent in all the choir work. Miss Von
Navarra is an artist, whose fine voice
is always admired and applauded by a
Birmingham audience.
• • •
From the Augusta Chronicle this item
of interest Is taken:
“One or ihe lovliest and certainly the
most artistic book I have ever seen was
•’Flowers From the Holy Land,” sent
by Hon. Thomas R. Gibson, United
States consul to Beirut, Syria. This
beautiful volume, though a personal gift
to his friend, is to be exhibited at the ex
position. In writing to his friend In re
ply to her request that he get, If possible,
something to represent the literary ef
forts of the Syrian women, Mr. Gibson
says: ’This week I have managed to get
hold of one book written by a Syrian wo
man, a Very attra6tlve and highly es
teemed young lady, and I send It by thla
mail. You will hardly be able to read
the volume yet awhile, and I fear It will
not be appreciated generally. Still Its
presence will show that even the women
In the orient are beginning to take ad
vantage of long-delayed opportunities
and take their places alongside their
more favored American sisters. The
young lady and her whole family admire
Anjerica. She speaks English fluently,
and her photograph, which I also take
pleasure In sending you, will show that
she Is the type of the oriental beauty.
She is the editor of a leading newspaper
of Beirut (we have fifteen newspapers
here) and her aunt has also written a
little book, which I hope to be able to
send you.' ”
m m m
The ladles of the South Highland Pres
byterian church will give a reception
from 7 to 11 o’clock Thursday evening, at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell
Bradshaw, Highland avenue.
A complete livery and. feed
stable in Birmingham, Ala.,
with a fine lot of horses, car
riages and vehicles and large,
well established trade, for
sale cheap on long, easy terms
or exchange for real estate,
address S., care State Herald.
The Bogie man is coming.
10-26-lmo__ _
Declare in Favor of Recognizing the Cubans
as Beligerents.
Washington, Nov. 18.—The general as
sembly of the Knights of Labor today
unanimously passed the following reso
Whereas, The Cubans are at present
engaged In a struggle to achieve their
independence against the minions of an
alien and tyrannical government, and.
Whereas, The development of the con
test has made it obvious that the nation’s
forces cannot possibly be subdued In any
reasonable time, and a further continua
tion of the present status will only tend
to deepen the general misery all over the
island of Cuba; and,
Whereas, We .the citizens of the fore
most republic In the world, should lit
least be willing to see that all men fight
ing for the liberty of the land of their
nativity and their own deliverance from
the bondage of an oppressor, should
have a fair and equal chance to meet
their opponents in open warfare; there
fore, be It
Resolved, That the general assembly
of the Knights of Labor, representing
every section of the country, and all con
ditions of humanity, does hereby declare
in favor of the recognition of the Cubans
as belligerents.
The constitution was so amended as to
exclude gamblers, lawyers, bankers and
brokers, as at present, and also to ex
clude all employes engaged in the manu
facture of or dealers in intoxicating
liquors, but permitting each local as
sembly to decide for itself whether it will
admit barkeepers, waiters, etc., engaged
temporarily in the work of dispensing
liquors, but having no connection with
the place where employed as proper.
needed flesli, no mat
ter how you’ve lost
it, take Dr. Pierce’s
^Golden Medical Dis
U covery. It works
' wonders. By restor
ing the normal ac
y tion of the deranged
' organs and functions,
it builds the flesli up
to a safe and healthy
standard—promptly, ,
pleasantly and. nat
urally. The weak,
emaciated, thin, pale >
mm puny me mauc
strong, plump, round and rosy. Noth
ing so effective as a strength restorer
and flesh maker is known to medical sci
ence; this puts on healthy flesh not the fat
of cod liver oil and its filthy compounds.
It rouses every organ of the body to ac
tivity, purifies, enriches and vitalizes
the blood so that the body feels refreshed
and strengthened. If you are too thin, too
weak, too nervous, it may be that the food
assimilation is at fault. A certain amount
of bile is necessary for the reception of the
fat foods in the blood. Too often the liver
holds back this element which would help
digestion. Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical
Discovery stimulates, tones up and invig
orates the liver, nourishes the blood, and
the muscles, stomach and nerves get the
rich blood they require.
Spent Hundreds ol Dollars with no Benefit.
M. J. Coleman of ?? Sargent St,, Roxbury,
Kfntt writes * “ After
suffering from dyspepsia
and constipation with un
told agony for at least 18
mouths, I am more than
pleased to say that after
using Dr. Pierce’s Golden
Medical Discovery and
* Pleasant Pellets ’ for one
month, I was entirely
cured, and from that day
to this I do not kuow,
thank God, what even a
slight headache is. I paid
a doctor on Tremont St.,
Boston, in one day (for
his advice only,) the sum
VI KIUI fJOU IUI _ _ _ _
medicine, and derived no J. Coleman, Esq.
benefit. I got more relief in one hour from your
medicines, as far as my stomach was concerned,
than from all the other medicine I used.
If any person who reads this is suffering from
dyspepsia or constipation and will use your
medicine as I have done, he will never regret it’*
We have opened a grocery store at No.
313 Nineteenth street, where you can buy
10 Fer Cent Cheaper
than anywhere else In the city. If you
want to save money now Is your time.
Full and complete stock. Remember
that we sell strictly for cash. That Is
the reason we can sell so cheap.
313 Nineteenth Street.
Delicious : Steak,
Hutton, Lamb or Pork and
all animal dellc&ctea.
Stall 11, City Market.
ben K olzeir.
7 20 U
An Old and Well-Tried Remedy,
has been used for over fifty years by mil
lions of mothers for their children while
teething with perfect success. It soothes
the child, softens the gums, allays all pain,
cures wind colic, and Is the best remedy for
diarrhoea. Sold by druggists In every part
of the world. Be sure and ask for MRS.
no other kind. 25c a bottle.
and Opium HaL
cured at homo vn.
out pain. Book oft,,
ticuiansenl FUEi
IB, M. WOOLLEY, kl i
lOOi Whitehall BL
Pioneers of Low Prices.
Boston Patent Bicycle Pants
We hro sole agents in Birmingham for the
above celebrated
These are the onup adjustable bicysle pants
in the world without the use of rubber. We
have seen them all and know’ this make to
be the best. Virtues of the leading Bicycle
Pants of the world:
1. The only adjustable pants in the world.
2. Without rubber being used.
3. The continuous lining.
4. The seamless fly.
5. The combination belt and pants.
6. The new reinforced seat.
7. The ring belt used in the combination.
8. The combination belt does not wind the
9. The pants cannot rip.
10. The pants cannot slip.
11. Unsurpassed for fit, comfort, style and
Branch of J. L. Challfoux, Lowell, Mass.
Thursday, Nov. 21
The Distinguished American
V j And His Company, Including
ft\iss pdelaid^ prince,
In a Magnificent Production of
nSEfiTcSJS NOV. 22 and 23.
Special Production of
The most popular and pleasing
of all
Wonderfal Tricks,
New Specialties,
New Music.
See the Great Billiard Match.
See the Jockeys Dance.
See the Magnificent Transforma
Seats on sale Friday at 9 o’clock.
Skating Rink
Open every evening from 7:30 to n.
Northwest corner 19th Street
and Third Avenue.
Will Take Orders
Blue Points,
Nl Y. Saddle Rocks.
Bepfc Selects, 50c per hundred.
Plants, 75c per hundred.
Norfolk plants, $1.25 per 100.
Brooms’ Fish and Oyster Market,
No. W/i Twentieth Street
Birmingham Fish Company,
Wholesale and Retell Dealers in and
Shippers of
Fish, Oysters and Game,
'Phone 146. No. 210 North Twentieth
Street, Birmingham, Ala.
10-37. tf
2022 First Avenue.
It will be to your interest to read this advert ijement
(down stairs)
We have
always done
the leading
business in
this line.
sales have
proven that
our Hats
are getting
than ever.
Daily our
friends and
late us on
having se
cured such
light and
roomy par
lors and are
glad the de
partment is
down stairs.
Of Our Entire Stock of
Dress Goods, Silks,
- Trimmings and Buttons
The goods In these departments will be
sold as advertised as long as they last.
At 49 Cents
A yard we offer your choice of 100 im
ported novelty suits which cost us orig
inally $1.50 to $2.50 a yard. They all go
at 49c per yard.
At Actual Cost.
All our solid colored dress goods.sergos
Henriettas, rough effects, broadcloths.
Silks at Actual Cost!
At Sacrifice Price.
All our dress trimmings and buttons
from 2 cents a yard and 5 cents per doz
en up.
New Capes.
When we
arrivals in
the Cloak
we have
got them.
Come and
see our new
Capes and
Novelties in
Cloth Cape3.
At $3 49.
Fifty more
ets, all sizes,
for misses
and ladies.
They are
$6 to $5.50.
Hiisclil'ry Goods
& Millinery Co.
The Berney National Bank,
Birmingham, -^laToanaa..
Chartered January 28, 1886.
Capital Stock, $200,000.00. Surplus and Profits, $28,000.00.
Successors (o Oily National Bank of Birmingham January 8, 1893.
Special Attention to Industrial and Cotton Accuunts
J. B. COBBS, Pres’t. W. F. ALDRICH, Vice-Pres’t. W. P. Q. HARDING. Cashier.
J. II. BARR, Absistant Cashier.
DIRECTORS—B. B. Comer, T. H. Aldrich, Robert Jemison, W. F. Aldrich, Walker
Percy, Robert Stephens. Charles Wbeeiock, James A. Going, J. B. Cobbs.
K. E. Barker, President. W. J. Cameron, Cashier.
W. A. Walker, Vice-President. Tom. O. Smith, Asa’t UasUiar.
T. M. Bradley. 2d Ase't Cashier.
Capital Stock, - - $250,000
Designated Depository of the United States.
Chartered May 15, 1884.
EIBECTOEe—J. A. Stratton, F. D. Nabers, W. A. Walker, T. C. Thompson, W. %
Jxossn, T. H. Molton W. J. Cameron, N. E. Barker, Geo. L. Morris.
B. M. NELSON, President.
A. T. JONES. Vice-President.
CAPITAL $500,000.00.
S. E. Cor. First Avenue and Twentieth Street, Birmingham, Ala.
BUT?S and sells exchange on all principal cities in the United States, Europe, Asia, Arrioa,
Australia, South America and Mexico. Solicits accounts of manufacturers, merchants,
banks and Individuals. 8 29 tf
W. A. PORTER, Cashier.
II. L. BADHAM, Assistant Cashier.
Birmingham, Alabama.
Negotiate loans on real estate and collateral.
Buy county £pid city bonds.
Sell steamship tickets over all lines.
Issue interest-bearing certificates on savings deposits.
Promote and financier enterprises.
Sell exchange on all parts of Europe.
"They Ccst But a Trifle——
A Dissected Map ctf the United States, Only 10 cents. Linen Books from 5
cents up. Tuck’s beautiful books for little tots from 5 cents to 25 cents.
Tuck’s cut picture novelties, delightful play things. Tuck’s newest paper
dolls, artistic and pleasing. Mrs. Lovel’s paper doll sheets. Brownnie
stamps. Now there are many games for the young people that will keep
them indoors. Also blocks. We are always on the hunt for the little folks,
and we have at least three thousand volums selected from every publisher in
this country and many imported books for them.
2008 First Avenue.
All People Like the Best. 1 Sell Only Standard Goods
Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles,
Medical Wines
and Liquors.
nri am still Agent for the Belle of Sumpter Whisky.
John L. Parker, Druggist,
212 North Twentieth Street.

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