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The Behren’s Street Railway
Called Up Again.
By the Mayor—Resolutions Passed Providing
Ter An Assistant City T <
The city council met last night. Pres
ent were the mayor and Aldermen En
elen. MeKnight, Pearce. Kettig, McCar
tin, Rimma, Meade, Harrington and
Ward and a number of visitors.
The minutes of the previous meeting
were read and approved.
Mayor’s Recommendations.
That all obstructions, curtains, blinds,
etc., be removed from saloon doors Sat
urday nights at 12 o’clock so as to offer
a clear and unobstructed view of the
interior to passersby in front in order
to restrict the sale of intoxicants on Sun
That tenants, ogent3 and owners of
premises be required to clean flues twice
a year.
That early in the year 1S96 the street
committee open up all streets and alleys
accessable to the public, which are now
closed by private inclosures.
None of the recommendations received
final action.
The mayor stated that President Jem
ison of the Birmingham Railway and
Electric company requested a hearing
by I he board before the board should
take definite action in regard to enforc
ing the operation of the Behring street
car line. Mr. Jemison was granted a
hearing, and said that the line had not
paid the expenses of the driver for the
past five years. He recognized that the
mule system was not satisfactory to
the road's patrons, and he asked the in
dulgence of the hoard until the company
can equip the line with electricity. He
requested moderate action on the part of
the board, and pointed out that discour
agement to capital already employed
here will keep away other capital. When
asked by Alderman Kelly how long it
would be before the electric system
would be applied to the road Mr. Jemison
replied that the company would do so
as soon as the company can dispose of
bonds they are trying to sell. He thought
the road would be operated within a
year. Alderman Enslen asked if the com
pany would lease the road. Mr. Jemison
said yes; that the company had here
tofore offered cars and the track free to
any one who wanted to operate the line.
Mr. Jemison sa.ld (hat he would make
a recommendation to the directors with
the same offer to any responsible party
who will operate it. A resolution pre
vailed that the city attorney be Instruct
ed to stay proceedings tending to enforce
the opeation of the road.
Mr. Dorn's attorney requested that
the case against Dorn, which was ap
pealed by ttie defendant to the city court,
be dismissed at the cost of the defendant.
Keferred to the judiciary committee
wilh power to act.
Attorney McMaster offered a petition
requesting a release of attorney’s license
by reason of an existing contract be
tween himself and the mayor and aider
men of the previous administration In
regard to the matter. Referred.
The petition of the citizens of Fifteenth
street and Avenue G requesting a market
was referred to the market committee,
the. mayor added, with power to act.
The mayor exhorted the members of
the various committees to act promptly
on matters coming before them.
City Accounts.
Alderman Kettig, chairman of the fi
nance committee, introduced the batch
of city accounts. Ordered paid. Total,
Alderman Kettig introduced a resolu
tion that the sum of $21,070 be set aside
for the purpose of paying March interest
on city bonds. Carried.
Lights and Water.
’ A statement was read showing the
city indebtedness to the Electric Light
company of $01.72: water works $9872.
Warrants were ordered drawn for $2640
$u favor of the electric company and
$2160 in favor of the water company.
A resolution was passed providing for
ftn assistant city tax collector until Jan
uary 1, at a salary of $60 a month.
To Retrench.
The following report and recommenda
Hlons were submitted by the finance com
To the Mayor and Aldermen:
The finance committee regrets to re
port that notwithstanding the recent ex
tension received from the bondholders,
the expenses of the city still continue to
ibe larger than its income. It now ap
pears that arter having extended about
$48,000 of interest, due on bonds, there
.■Will still remain a deficit of about $25,000
making a total deficit for the year 1895
of $73,000.
Your committee begs to state tnar it
(will be absolutely necessary to practice
the moat rigid economy for the next
twelve months In all branches of the city
government. All ornamental appendages
must be done away with. Without rigid
economy the city will be unable to main
tain Its fire department, sanitation, po
lice. schools, etc., all of which are of
vital importance to its citizens. Your
committee further reports that while the
board of mayor and aldermen have con
trol of the Income of the city, that owing
to the action of the last legislature they
have very little control over expendi
tures. While we control the expenses
connected with the fiie department and
the cemetery, the police department
and the schools are entirely outside of
our authority. In answer to our request
the board of education has several times
reduced their expenses. The schools are
now being conducted at the lowest cost
possible; In fact, lower than at any time
In the. history of Birmingham.
Your committee recommends that a
Special committee be appointed to inves
tigate all the expenses of the city of Bir
mingham and report to this board what
deduction, if any. can be made. We rec
ommend further that said committee also
be directed to call on the police, commis
sion and explain to them the financial
condition of the city, and also request
them to reduce the expenses of the po
lice department in the same proportion
that reductions have been anade in the
fire department and the schools.
W H. KETTIG, Chairman.
Aldermen Kettlg, MeCartin. McKnight
and Meade were appointed to confer
with the police commission in regard to
the above.
Sanitary Committee.
An ordinance was passed providing
for sewer Improvements near Second av
enue and Eighth street.
Judiciary Committee.
A resolution was passed cancelling the
balance due on a certain lot and granting
a deed to the property.
Chairman McKnight of the committee
recommended an Investigation of lots
owned by the city In Oak Hill cemetery.
Female Prisoner*.
Chairman Enslen of the street commit
tee Introduced an ordinance prescribing
**■- ’.« end manner of working female
prisoners. Adopted under a suspension
of the rule®.
Fire Committee.
The roof of the southside fire house
was reported in need of repairs. Re
ferred to the committee with power to
Thirty dollars were appropriated to
wards erecting lockers for southside
Chairman Meade requested further
time to report on Messrs. Cullom and Me
Anailey’s petitions.
Police Committee.
Alderman McCartln recommend-d that
the bid of Dun & Eallande Bros, for
$2554 he accepted. Carried.
Alderman McCartln stated that the po
lice committee were not ready to report
on the matter of printing the police
regulations. A conference with the com
mission is expected before the next meet
Alderman McCsrtin recommended a
new set of plumbing rules in view of
Judge Sharpe’s recent ruling in one of
the plumbing cases.
Property Assessments.
It was resolved that the city clerk pub
lish a notice to the effect that thirty days
after the meeting of the board, December
4, assessments against property owners
provided in the ordinance heretofore
passed by the board regarding Avenue
F sewer will bo due and payable.
The board then went into executive
session to approve the minutes of a pre
vious executive session.
Alderman Harrington was ahsent from
the meeting.
A Banquet to Dunraven.
Manchester. Nov. 20.—The Manchester
Courier announces that 200 guests will
attend the banquet which is to be given
at Cardiff to I-ord Dunraven tomorrow,
November 21. The committee, the Cou
rier says, expected a large number, and
will keep the list open until the last
moment, in the hope that the attendance
may be made larger.
"Even T,ord Dunraven's neighbors.”
says tlie Courier, "seem to doubt the wis
dorrtof his recent fulminatkm against the
cup committee of the New York Yacht
club.” __
Professor Smith can tell you
how trout and pickerel bite
his line at East Lake.
Reforms Are Promised.
Madrid. Nov. 20.—A dispatch from Ha
vana says the constitutional union party
of Cuba has held a meeting- at Mantan
zas and renewed its assurance of adhe
sion to the government. Gen. Martinez
Compos was present at the meeting and
I expressed himself as confident that re
forms will be introduced in Cuba by the
government at the earliest opportune mo
ment. A dispatch also says that the rcb
I el leader, Maximo Gomez, has issued an
i other order commanding the laying wastf?
of plantations and burning of buildings
thereon and threatening with death all
persons rendering assistance in gathering
of crops.
Fifty horses and mules to
be sold Saturday, November
23, at House stables, Fourth
avenue. n-ji-2t
Old papers for sale cheap at
this office. \ _
Their First Republican Mayor.
Baltimore, Nov. 20.—At noon today
Ferdinand C. I.atrobe, seven times may
or of Baltimore, became a private citi
zen. and Alcaeus Hooper, the first man
ever elected mayor of Baltimore on a
straight republican ticket, took np the
reigns ol office. The inauguration cer
emonies today were in striking contrast
with those of recent years. General I,a
trobe had been mayor so often that his
inauguration attracted no particular at
tention. All was changed today and Mr.
Hooper was inducted into the office in
the presence of a multitude. After the
new mayor had taken the oath of office
and made his inaugural address the of
ficial reception began and continued for
some hours. Thousands of persons, the
majority of whom were happy republi
cans, shook the new mayor's hand and
congratulated him upon the reform ideas
outlined in his inaugural address.
General freight and passen
ger office of Southern Railway
removed to No. 7 North 20th
street. Telephone 846.
U-5-tf _
A Very Bad Beginning lor a Young Married
Philadelphia, Nov. 20.—There is no
clue to the whereabouts of Daniel H.
Brenizer, secretary of the Citizens’ Trust
and Security company, whose disappear
ance, after having embezzled $25,000 of
trust securities, was announced today.
Of the amount misappropriated the of
ficers of the Trust company expect to
recover $15,000, thus leaving an actual
loss of $10,000. The absconding secretary
and treasurer has been connected with
the Citizens’ Trust and Security compa
ny since Its organization six years ago,
he having first been appointed paying
teller. Later he was increased in salary
and still later promoted to the position of
secretary and treasurer at a salary of
$18,000 per annum. During his connec
tion with the company Brenizer was con
sidered by his superior to be possessed
of every virtue, and his judgment was
frequently consulted In the matter of In
vestments. About a month ago^he was
married. He announced that out of his
salary he had saved sufficient to pur
chase and furnish a residence In Ger
mantown, a suburb of Philadelphia, but
it is now believed that a portion of his
stealings were thus applied.
Brenizer left the company’s office last
Thursday and since then nothing has
been heard of him. Speculation in stocks
Is given as the cause for the peculations.
He Is said to have recently lost $10,000 In
one deal. The stealing is supposed te
have been begun over two months ago.
The young wife of the defaulter is pros
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Children Cry for Pitcher’s Castoria.
Dr. Dozier & Co.’s
Simon Block, Nineteenth Street, Birmingham, Ala.
A famous and successful Institution for the cure ol
Chronic, Nervous, Blood, Skin and Private Diseases of both
sexes. Ulcers, Blotches, Sore Throat, Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Eczema, Psoriasis and ugly eruptions of every character are
permanently cured after all others have failed. Syphilis,
Gonerrhaja, Gleet, Urethral Stricture, Lost Powers and result
of self-abuse and all disorders of Genito-Uripary Organs
quickly cured by the latest and most successful methods.
0. T. DOZIER, M. D.,
Our Specialties.
and Bladder, Constipation. Chronic Diar
rhoea. Rheumatism. Catarrh: all froms
of Skin Disease, as Eczema, Ulcers,
Blotches, Ugly Eruptions, etc.
SYPHILIS in evry form effectually
cured and the poison thoroughly eradi
cated from the blood. Gonorrhoea,
Gleet, Stricture, Cystitis, etc.
rhoea, Impotence, Seminal Losses, Fall
ing Memory, Lassitude, Gloominess, De
pression of Spirits and all effects of per
nicious habits.
All irregularities and cases of weakness
In woman.
Dr. Dozier gives his Individual study
and efforts to the diagnosing and treat
ment of every case, prepares all medi
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thus securing to every patient the high
est professional skill and privacy as well
as security against mistakes and the uss
of inferior drugs.
BLOOD, KIDNEYS and of the Genito
urinary Organs, and do not confine our
selves to PRIVATE DISEASES alone;
hence we are patronized by the best peo
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PRESCRIPTIONS, bur prepare and fur
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That we publish no individual testi
monials or letters, though we have thou
sands of the most flattering on file In
our office.
Dr. Dozier & Co.,
P. O. Box 112. Birmingham, Ala.
Clippings From the Pres3.
The Daily State.
Dr. O. T. Dozier, the specialist physi
cian of the Southern Medical Dispensary,
is one of the most successful practition
ers of the south. He is a man who loves
the world and his fellow-man. Patients
learn to love his ever sympathetic na
ture, as they respect and confide in his
consummate skill.
It always ailords a public Journal
pleasure to testify to merit where It is
deserved. It is therefore with pleasure
and pardonable pride that the Age-Her
ald Jons with its brethren of the press in
testifying to the merit, skill and reliabil
ity of Dr. O. T. Dozier, Principal of the
Southern Medical Dispensary of this city.
Dr Dozier has resided for many years in
Birmingham, and each successive year
has added to his reputation, to his use
fulness and to the esteem in which he is
held by our best citizens. His long rec
ord and approved abilities entitle him
to the proud distinction of standing at
"the head of his profession."
Bessemer Weekly.
There is probably not a more highly
educated physician in this section than
Dr. O. T. Dozier. He is a specialist of
many years' experience and successful
practice. He is noted for his thorough
mastery of the details and intricacies of
Ills profession, and for unusual scientiflo
(Daily News, Birmingham.)
Dr. Dozier, the head of the institution,
is a physician and surgeon of education,
skill and experience, a man of culture and
high literary attainments and a gentle
man respected by ull who know him. He
can be relied on in all matters pertaining
to his profession. The News commends
him most cordially to all those in need of
his services.
Weekly Mirror, Selma.
The doctor is highly recommended by
the press of the state as being a reliable
(Masonic Guide.)
Dr. Dozier comes from a family of
prominent physicians, and with his full
store of medical knowledge and his va
ried and large experience in Ills profes
sion, Dr. Dozier can be relied upon to
treat all diseases in the most successful
Sumter County Sun.)
Dr. Dozier’s reputation as a specialist
has overstepped the bounds of Alabama,
ai d he is known all over the south. Dr.
Dozier Is not only an eminent physician,
but a brilliant writer and poet. His work
in this line has ben compared to that of
the late Father Ryan, the priest poet.
(Labor Advocate.)
Dr. Dozier bears tne reputation of be
ing one of the most successful practition
ers in the south. A personal acquaint
ance with the prnclpal warrants the La
bor Advocate in giving the Institution the
warmest recommendation to its every
(Bessemer Journal.)
Dr. Dozier's reputation is a brilliant
one. He is a specialist of nearly twenty
years’ experience In active pracflce and
is strictly reliable and has the confidence
of the public and indorsement of the
press. The doctor is a distinguished
graduate in every department of medical
science, and his success with patients is
wonderful. ,
(Winona, Miss., Times.)
Dr. Dozier is a specialist of great repu
tation and has been unusually successful
in his practic?. He never undertakes a
case unless reasonably sure of a cure. He
is a high-toned gentleman and can be con
sulted with the utmost confidence.
(Atlanta Constitution.)
Dr. O. T. Dozier, the head of the South
ern Medical Dispensary of Birmingham,
Ala., is a specialist of nearly twenty
years' experience in the treatment of
chronic, nervous and private diseases and
his uniform success has given him a lead
ing position In the medical profession in
that city.
(Sunay Morning Star.)
Dr. Dozier's success has been simply
marvelous and has elicited the most en
thusiastic words of praise and gratitude
from the dispensary's many patrons from
all over the state.
(Eutaiy Whig and Observer.)
While In Birmingham recently we had
the pleasure of meeting Dr. Dozier and
found him to be an interesting and genial
gentleman. He has not only the reputa
tion of being a fine physician, but Is a
writer of considerable character.
(The Southern Odd Fellow.)
We cannot add anything to the reputa
tion Dr. O. T. Dozier has already ac
quired in the line of his profession, but
we know him to be a brother Odd Fellow
that can be relied on to carry out every
promise he makes to those needing his
(Mountain Home, Talladega.)
The press of Birmingham and all over
Alabama speak in the highest terms of
Dr. Dozier as a physician, surgeon and
gentleman, and we have no hesitancy in
recommending him to those of our pa
trons who need his services.
(Alabama Christian Advocate.)
The Southern Medical Dispensary la
the leading institution of Its kind in Bir
mingham and has been Instrumental In
effectng the cure of many serious cases,
and thus carrying healing a.nd happiness
to many homes. Dr. O. T. Dozier, head
of the Southern Medical Dispensary,
gives his entire time and personal super
vision to the work, and brings to bear a
careful medical training In the best col
leges of the land and a long and valua
ble experience in the treatment of special
diseases. His professional standing is
unimpeachable and his character as a
gentleman and citizen Is above reproach.
(Anniston Hot Blast.)
Among the most noted and successful
specialists in this country are Dr. Dozier
& Co. They have extended their business
from year to year and the patronage
given to them In the several surrounding
states is most gratifying. Dr. Dozier
Is a high-toned, polished, Christian gen
tleman and has many warm personal
friemds In Anniston who knew him yean
ago when practicing In Rome. Ga.
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