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We Wlli Extend a Most Hearty
Will Be Here Next Week~The Commercial
Club Appoints Committees to Enter
tain the Guests.
The Commercial club held a called
meeting yesterday afternoon to consider
matters of interest before the club.
The resolutions adopted by the direc
tors the day previous were concurred in.
President Rhodes notified the club, that
at the request of the directors, he had
withdrawn his resignation.
J. W. Tomlinson moved that the com
mittee to arrange for entertaining the St.
Louis delegation that will be here next
Monday be increased to twenty-five with
the president as chairman. The Chair
appointed on the committee the following
R. N. Rhodes, chairman; T. L. McGow
an, Charles Roy, Rescue McConnell, R.
F. Kuib, S, Steiner, W. G. Estes. R. H.
Huguud, W. B. Leedy, H. H. Slnnige, M.
V. Joseph, W. U. Sawyer, fiulemsn
Black, Sid L*e. Mayor J. A. VanHoose,
W. C. Shackleford. B. F. Moore. W. H.
Kettig, J. H. McCai-y, O. Challfoux. A.
C. Recklin, E. Lesser, J. Beit man. It. F.
Manly, Wayland Trask, J. Bowron, E.
Mr. James Bowron was elected a mem
ber of the club.
On motion of W. G. Estes the members
of the club were authorized to invite
ten or fifteen friends, who are not mem
bers of the club, to accompany the del
egation on the excursion.
On motion of Mr. Estes a committee of
five was appointed to arrange for re
freshments, etc., for the trip. The chair
appointed on the committee W. G. Es
tes, T. L. McGowan, W. B. Leedy, E.
Lesser, J. H. Jemison.
On motion of B. Steiner a committee of
three was appointed to select a commit
tee of twenty-five to meet Mayor Strong
and others of New York, who will be
here next Tuesday or Wednesday. On
the committee the chair appointed B.
Steiner, J. W. Tomlinson and M. V. Jo
The committee of three was authorized
to invite Mayor Strong and other New
Yorkers to Birmingham and to make all
arrangements for entertainment.
Mr. A. C. Recklin stated that the
German Turn Veretn had been consider
ing the advisability of holding n mardl
gras here next spring, and suggested the
appointment, of a committee to look into
the matter. Mr. B. Steiner embodied the
suggestion in a motion, and Mr. J. Mor
gan Smith moved as a substitute that the
matter be referred to the retail trade
committee with Instructions to report at
the next meeting.
The action of the directors in appoint
ing a committee to work up interest In
the club and induce the business men to
become members was ratified.
On motion the meeting adjourned.
It was the sense of the meeting that
every member of the club assist in en
tertaining the delegations of business
men from St. Louis and New York.
Immediately after adjournment the
committee of three met and selected the
committee of twenty-five to meet and ar
range for entertaining Mayor Strong and
party as follows:
It. N. Rhodes, chairman: W. H. Kettig,
H. M. Wilson. N. E. Barker. J. A. Van
Hoose, B. F. Moore, Gen. R. M. Nelson,
J. B. Cobbs. Judge H. A. Sharpe, B. B.
Comer, F. Y. Anderson, "W. J. Rushton,
Eugene Enslen. M. V. Joseph, Joseph F.
Johnston. A. Schillinger, S. Klotz, W. N.
Malone. R. S. Munger, G. M. Morrow, B.
Steiner, F. B. Nicola, Judge M. T. Porter,
E. Solomon. George F. Wheelock, M.
Weil, W. H. Graves, Gen. E. W. Rucker.
When Baby was sick, we gave ber Castorla.
When sho was a Child, she cried for Castorla.
When she became Miss, she clung to Costoria.
When she bad Children, she gave them Castorla.
A Happy Marriage -Mr. Hendrick Weds
Miss Upshaw,
Munford, Nov. 22.—(Special.)—On
Wednesday morning at 9:30 o'clock Mr.
[W. E. Hendrick, one of our most popular
young men, was united In marriage to
Miss Kate Upshaw, the beautiful daugh
ter of Mr. A. W# Upshaw, who lives
near Talladega Springs. The marriage
ceremony took place at the home of the
bride's parents. Rev. T. P. Roberts offi
ciating. _
A Popular -Young Railroad Man Gets
Rutledge, Nov. 22.—(Special.)—The Hy
menal altar In the Methodist church at
Rutledge is in a most lovely dress, and
only reveals the pleasing Inclinations of
the gentle sex. Overhead swings the
emblem of luck, a horse shoe, beautifully
set with flowers.and under this Mr. J. J.
Haycraft and Miss Cuba Cody were
made one. By 11 o’clock the seating ea
Torturing Disfiguring
r Instantly
k the
Sold throughout the world. British
IT* depot: F. Nkwberv & Sons, i, King
v Edward-*., London. Potter Drug
IV Ptll-M. Coro »>- *T c A
Birthday gift?. #
We are now open
• so
paclty of the ehureh was crowded with
friends of the bride and groom, and at
12 Mr. L. S. Berrey presented the groom
and Miss Mqllie Thsgard the bride at
the altar, and there the ceremony was
solemnly performed by Rev. W. S. Street,
the pastor of the church. The attendants
were: L. S. Barry with Miss Mollie Tha
gard, G. M. Mahone with Miss Exia
Walker, R. O. Meek with Miss Maggie
Rushton. Piney Bell with Miss Tda Tha
gard, G. G. Rambo with Miss Maude
Rutledge, Kit Horn with Miss Addle
Sikes, O. M. Rabb with Miss Kate Brlck
en. and Miss Laura Parks playing the
wedding march. After the reception from
12 to 4 o’clock at the home of the bride’s
parents the happy couple, with the at
tendants left on a special train for Mont
gomery. There the bride and groom
boarded a train for Atlanta.
Mr. Haycraft Is a popular railroad
man of the Midland, making his head
quarters at Luverne. His hosts of
friends wish him a long and happy life
with his accomplished and devoted wife.
Prevent attacks of rheumatism by tak
ing Hood’s Sarsaparilla. It purifies the
The Bogie man is coming
Appoints a State Committee for the Mexican
International Exposition.
Governor Oates, at the earnest solici
tation of the representatives of the Mexi
can government, has appointed the fol
lowing well known and experienced busi
ness men of the state of Alabama, to act
as a state committee for the Mexican
International exposition, which is to open
in the City of Mexico on or about the 13th
of September, 1896: Hon. H. D. Lane,
chairman, Athens; Judge William Rich
ardson, Huntsville; MaJ. E. Y. Anderson,
Birmingham; Capt. George F. Ely, Mont
gomery; Hon. J. Craigh Smith, Mont
gomery; Mr. Henry Konde, Mobile.
The duty Imposed upon these gentle
men will be making propaganda for the
exposition among the manufacturers, as
It will be the means of opening up ail ex
tensive market, which, has been over
looked by the export trade of the United
After noticing the forward movement
of the Mexican nation, It can be readily
understood that the needs of the people
are increasing proportionately, and that
a market of enormous value is being
opened up to the world.
The ohjeot of the exposition Is to bring
about a closer relation between the sister
republics by making this one of tha most
extensive expositions ever held.
Trout are biting fine at East
Lake. n-17-tf
Maher Will Meet Fitzsimmons.
New York, Nov. 22.—A fight between
Peter Maher and Bob Fitzsimmons for
the heavyweight championship of the
world now seems assured. Dan Stuart's
offer of a $10,000 purse for a contest be
ween the big fellows, to take place In
Juarez, Mexico, January 18, has been ac
cepted by John Quinn on behalf of Ma
her. Stuart said several days ago that If
Corbett declined to fight Fitzsimmons
the latter would meet Maher for the
amount in question, and at the time and
place named. Quinn's aceptanne is as
''Pittsburg, Pa., Nov. 20.—Maher will
fight Fitzsimmons for Stuart's $10,000
purse and the championship of the world
In Mexico at the time named by Stuart.
We want the winner to take all and the
club to pay expenses. We want the fight
to take place, and do not care whether It
Is in Mexico or In private.”
Call and examine our stock
of furniture. Our prices are
1816 and 1818 2d Avenue.
n-2i-tf__ #
Will Oppose tke Request.
London, Nov. 22.-r-The Standard will
tomorrow publish a dispatch from Con
stantinople saying: The great council
which assembled last night, and which
was still sitting at the time the dispatch
was sent is considering the question of
additional gunboats to the Bosphorous.
All the ministers and high civil, militia
and naval officials were sharing In the
discussion, as it Is felt to be the Issue of
the greatest. Importance.
The treaty of Paris rendered it diffi
cult for the sultan to refuse the firmans
that had been asked. If he should refuse
It would possibly lead to the powers re
questing that they be allowed to have
three or four vessels each at Constan
tinople Instead of two. Peslmlsts predict
a stubborn resistancs at the palace to the
request of the powers, end possibly a
rising should the boats appear. The
writer of the dispatch thinks the palace
will yield.
Will Porter knows when the
fish are biting at East Lake.
That’s why he goes out nearly
every afternoon to angle for
trout and jack fish. i_i-17-tf
Cold Weather Is Coming.
Telephone <87 for coal. Ward’s coal
yard keeps as good as can be had In this
market. When you need coal call on
them. Can furnish on short notice at
market price._ 7-19-tf
A Small Majority
Faris, Nov. 22.—The socialists In the
chamber of deputies today made a mo
tion urging the consideration of the bill
Introduced by M. Jaurez. socialist, pro
viding for the arbitration of labor dis
putes. Prime Minister Bourgeois op
posed the motion on the ground that a
government measure on the same sub
ject would shortly be Introduced. He
said, however, that the ministry would
not make the matter a vote of confidence.
The motion was carried by a vote of 254
to 251._
Bym pathy for Cuba.
Cleveland, O.. Nov. 22.—Music hall was
crowded tonight by the citizens of this
city, who wished to show their syrypathy
with the cause of tho struggling Cuban
patriots. The entire floor was taken up
by the different organizations of the city,
patriotic, secret, religious, military and
civic, as well as about half of the bal
cony^ Among the societies were the men
from the East Cleveland car shops, about
200 strong; the Soldiers and Sailors’
union, United States ex-prlsoners of
war. a number of the ward republican
dub* and many others. The stage was
oci upled by Cleveland's representative
citizens of every branch of political faith,
bankers, mei chants. lawyers, newspa
per men. clergymen, and In fact every
line of business waa represented. The
principal speakers were two Cuban refu
gees. Senor Plerra and Rafael Navarro.
Spee-hea were also made by Mayor Mc
Klsson, Rev. George Pepper, D. D.. Hon.
Francis J. Wing, Rabbi Moses J. Grles.
Hon. E. J. Blandin and Hon. Elroy M.
5 -* >
ing up our recent
licit your visit to
Filed in the Courts Yesterday—East and
West Bonds Litigation in
• St. Clair.
The business transacted in the various
courts yesterday was as follows:
City Court.
Will BiUanca vs. Pioneer Mining and
Manufacturing company. Plaintiff su<>s
for $1000 damages for alleged Injuries re
ceived at one of defendant’s plants.
Mrs. M A. Whitehead has tiled a tmlt
against Mrs. M. K. Terry for $5000 dam
ages. Plaintiff alleges that she was a
tenant of defendant and fell through an
insecure porch of the rented premises.
Her hushand, W. W. Whitehead, has
filed suit for $2000 damages for the loss
of his wife's services.
J. G. Cross vs. Birmingham Railway
and Electric company. Plaintiff claims
$10,000 damages on the alleged statement
that ha was knocked down by one of de
fendant's cars at Ninth avenue and
Nineteenth street October 23.
Circuit Court.
The Petit case, which has been on trial
several days, Is nearing an end.
Criminal Court.
J. If. Johnson, grand larceny; guilty.
Joe Reed, grand larceny: nolle prossed
in one case, acquitted in the rfther.
Joe Page, grand larceny; with the jury.
John Martin, burglary; on trial.
Probate Office.
A marriage license was Issued yester
day to Mr. Fay Sterling and Mrs. Mil
dred B. Fowlkes.
Real Estate Transfers.
Isaac C. Bankston to Elizabeth Ellard,
north half of southeast quarter, section
1. township 18, range 2 west, eighty acres;
W. B. Copeland and wife to Joanna
Weaver, lot. 15 in Hamilton & Copeland
survey; $225.
Amy and Martha Jones to Tennessee
Coal , Iron and Railroad company, min
eral rights In northpast quarter of south
west quarter, section 29, township 19,
lange 5 west; $820.
Inferior Criminal Court.
James Locust, robbery; decision held
Jerry Pope, trespass on the property of
the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad
company; $5.
John Floyd, minor visiting a saloon; $5.
Jesse Scott, disorderly conduct; $3.
Dan Carr, trespass; $5.
Bird Chamblee, malicious mischief; $5.
A suit involving $9,000,000 of the East
and West railroad bonds is being heard
in the chancery court of St. Clair county.
Children Cry/or
Pitcher’s Castoria.
A complete livery and feed
stable in Birmingham, Ala.,
with a fine lot of horses, car
riages and vehioles and large,
well established trade, for
sale cheap on long, easy terms
or exchange for real estate,
address S., care State Herald..
No Damage of Any Consequence in Either
Two fire alarms were turned In yes
terday, to which the department re
sponded. But in neither Instance did
the damage amount to much. The first
was about 6 o'clock and came from the
vicinity" of Second avenue and Twenty
seventh street. The next was about 8
o’clock and came from Allen street and
Fourteenth avenue, South Highlands.
Tho fire was In the roof of Professor M.
V. Henry'8 residence, but was extin
guished before much damage was done.
Oyster cocktails at the Met
ropolitan bar. I I -1 2-tf
The Indiana in Commission.
Philadelphia, Nov. 22.—The United
States battleship Indiana was placed in
commission at the League Island navy
yard at 1:20 o’clock this evening. The
ceremonies were brief, merely compris
ing the reading of the orders from the
navy department and the hoisting of the
ensign at the flag staff aft.
The ship’s officers, sailors and marines,
to the number of 200, drawn up on the
quarter deck, and in the presence of
Commandent Farquhar of the League
Island navy yard. Lieutenant-Command
er Swift, in the absence of Capt. Roblcy
D. F,vans, who will command the vessel,
read the orders. Commandent Farquhar
then ordered the hoisting of the ensign,
and this order was repeated by Lieuten
ant-Commander Swift. Captain Evans
was prevented from being present by an
attack of rheumatism. The Indiana's
full crew will number 430, and the re
mainder of the men will arrive tomorrow
from the Brooklyn navy yard.
Rockers, Desks, Ladies’
Desks, Sideboards, Ward
robes, Comforts and all kinds
of Household Goods to suit
1816 and 1818 2d avenue.
ll-21-tf __
For the benefit of our patrons who wish
to take the early trains at union depot
we have electric cars leaving South High
lands 5:30 a. m. daily except Sundays.
Commencing Saturday, November 9th,
cars will leave Avondale 5:30 a. m. and
Fountain Heights 5:30 a. m. daily except
All cars start from terminus one hour
later on Sundays.
J. B. McClary, Superintendent.
The Bogie man is coming.
10- 26-lmo_
Diplomats Displeased.
Constantinople, Nov. 21.—The appoint
ment of Bahrl Pasha as military com
mander of the Aleppo district has unfa
vorably impressed the diplomatic cir
cles here. It Is feared that he will re- ,
now the tactics which he purposed at
Van when he was vail at that place. It
is claimed that Bahri Pasha was respon- j
slble for the massacres at Van and the
foreign minister demands his removal.
He was deposed by the sultan, but a
short time afterwards was decorated by
his majesty for his "good services.”'
Joe Cook and Will Porter
can tell you how the trout
bite at East Lake now.
11- 17-tf
purchases of" Eur
our establishment
W. H. KETTIG, President. VV. J. MILNEB, Vice-President. H. K. MILNER, Secretary and Treasurer.
The Milner & Kettig Co..
(Incorporated. Paid up capital, $i25,ooo'.oo.)
Bar Iron and Steel, Black Diamond Files, Black Diamond Tool
Steel, Tools, Rubber and Leather Belting, Rubber Hose and
Packing, Blake Steam Pumps, Atlas Engines and Boilers
All kinds of Machinery.
Write /or Prices and Catalogue.
Birmingham, Alabama.
That Apply to the Pupils in the Public
Schools of the City of Bir
In view of the fact that some of the In
fectious diseases are again making their
appearance, the committee of health de
sires again to call attention to the or
dinance, passed by them September 28,
1894, and approved by the county board
of health, for the prevention of the
spreading of these diseases among chil
dren. This rule is to govern the deten
tion of pupils from the school and their
In case of scarlet fever pupils may re
turn to school after six weeks from date
of rash, if desquamation has completely
ceased and there be no appearance of
sore throat.
Measles, after three weeks, if all des
quamation and cough have ceased.
German measles, in two to three weeks,
depending on severity of attack and des
Smallpox and chlckenpox, when every
scab has fallen off.
Mumps, four weeks from commence
ment, if ail swelling has subsided.
Whooping cough, six weeks after com
mencement, if whooping and cough have
Diphtheria, not less than three weeks,
if convalescence is complete.
Ophthalmia, when all discharges have
ceased and lids are free from granular
Pupils who have been exposed must re
main from school in case of —
Diphtheria, twelve days. ,-w. >
Scarlatina, fourteen days. * J; f
Measles, sixteen days.
German measles, six days. - .
Chiekenpox, eighteen days. „ '■ -
Smallpox, eighteen days. «i
Mumps, twenty-four days.
Whooping cough, twenty-one days.
The health officer has been Instructed
to inform the superintendent of public
schools of all cases reported to him.
It is intended that these rules shall ob
tain in every school in the county.
Secretary Committee of Health.
Chop House,
Corner 1st Avenue and 20th
Street, No. 1931.
Oysters received fresh daily
and served in any style.
Maccaroni served Italian
style Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday and to order. Open
day and night._
Atlanta Exposition — Improved Railway
Tickets are on sale via the Southern
railway to Atlanta on account of the ex
position at rate of $3.80 for the round
trip, good returning within seven days
from date of sale, and $5.55 for the round
trip, good returning within fifteen days
from date of sale, and $7.55 for the round
trip, g6od returning until January 7, 1896.
The exposition Is now open In full force
and every one should take advantage of
the opportunity to attend.
Three trains dally, Birmingham to At
No 38 Lv Bir. 5:55 am. Ar Atlanta 11:40 am
No 36 Lv Btr. 3:35 pm. Ar Atlanta 8:55 pm
No. 12 Lv Bir. 12:15 am. Ar Atlanta 8:65 am
All trains carrying Pullman sleeping
Effective October 6, the Southern has
added another train to the service be
tween Atlanta and New York. The "Ex
position Flyer” leaves Atlanta at 4 p. m.
and arrives at Washington at 11:45 a. m.
and New York at 6:23 p. m. Only twen
ty-five hours from Atlanta to New York.
Returning train leaves New York via
Pennsylvania railroad at 11 a. m. and ar
rives Atlanta 10:20 following morning.
Train will be a solid vestibule of Pull
man drawing room sleepers between New
York, Washington and Atlanta and first
class vestibule coaches between Atlanta
land Washington.
The schedule of No. 36, known as the
“United States Fast Mall,” has been
changed between Atlanta and Washing
ton, lessening the time out between At
lanta and New York. Train now leaves
Atlanta at 11:15 p. m. and arrives Wash
ington at 9:40 p. m„ New York 6:23 a. m.
For information apply to
L. A. SHIPMAN. T. P. A.,
10-10-tf 2201 First Avenue.
General freight and passen
ger office of Southern Railway
removed to No. 7 North 20th
street. Telephone 846.
U-5-tf ___
The board of managers of the Charity
hospital desire to sell all the red brick,
furnace window weights, pipes, etc., to
be seen on the grounds of the hospital at
Smithfleld. Apply between the hours of
12:30 and 2:30 p. m. at 2011 Park avenue.
opean and Domes
fox* a critical exam
- \
Of Alabama Held its Semi-annual Meeting
in this City Yesterday—Some
Able Papers Read.
The regular fall meeting of the Ala
bama Industrial and Scientific society
was held In the rooms of the Commercial
club yesterday afternoon.
Mr. Thomlls Sodden, the president,
called the meeting to order at 3 p. m.
Dr. Eugene A. Smith, state geologist,
the secretary of tho society, read1 the min
utes of the previous meeting, which, on
motion of T. H. Aldrich, were approved.
The question of the advisability of or
ganizing a series of lectures on scientific
subjects in connection with the regular
meetings of the society was discussed,
and, on motion of Dr. William B. Phil
lips, the secretary was Instructed to cor
respond with Prof. John Pulton of the
Cambria Iron works, requesting him to
deliver a lecture at tho next meeting on
the subject of “Recovery Coke Ovens
and Their Adaptability to This District.”
The following named gentlemen were
elected members: J. R. Harris of Bir
mingham, Gordon Robinson of Birming
ham and William M. Brewer of Hellln.
The following papers were read and
"Mobile Point as the Deep Water Har
bor of the Gulf of Mexico," by G. D. Fitz
hugh of Birmingham.
"Alabama Barite, or Heavy Spar,” by
Henry McCalley, assistant state geolo
gist, of Tuskaloosa.
"Alabama’s Resources for the Manufac
ture of Portland Cement.” by Dr. Eugene
A. Smith, state geologist, university.
"The Value of the Raw Materials In
Iron Making," by Dr. William B. Phillips
of Birmingham.
"The Pig Iron Market, Its Extent and
How to Improve It," by James Bowron of
Mr. T. H. Aldrich gave a short talk on
his recent efforts in prospecting for gold
in eastern Alabama, in the counties of
Cleburne, Randolph and Tallapoosa.
On motion of T. H. Aldrich the fol
lowing committee was appointed to ar
range for the compiling of statistics on
the mineral and iron industries in the
state for the purpose of circulating the
same monthly to the technical Journals,
commencing in 1896: Mr. Thomas Sed
den, Dr. William B. Phillips and the sec
Dr. William B. Phillips gave a short
account of the progress In his experi
ments in concentration of Red moun
tain iron ores.
On motion a unanimous vote of thanks
wrs voted to Secretary N. F. Thompson
and the Commercial club for the use of
the room and courtesies extended.
On motion the society adjourned sine
die. __
Application to the Governor for Pardon to
Be Made.
Florence, Nov. 22.—(Special.)—An effort
Is being made by the friends of H. C.
Harvey to secure his pardon. Harvey,
who was a dry goods merchant here,
was convicted of attempted arson at the
July, lt‘94, term of district court and sen
tenced to two years and three months In
the mines. Harvey was detected while
trying to set Are to his store for the
purpose of securing the Insurance money.
Many of his friends think he was crazy
at the time. A petition with many signa
tures will be presented to the governor
shortly asking that Harvey be pardoned,
and it is believed that the governor will
grant the request.
Furnace to Be Sold Next Monday.
Florence. Nov. 22.—(Special.)—The
North Alabama furnace at this place and
the ore lands of the Spathlte Iron com
pany, located north of Florence, will be
sold at auction in this city next Monday.
The sale is by order of the United States
circuit court, and will be made by H. M.
Doak. ns master commissioner. There
are parties here anxious to secure the
property, who will operate the furnace.
Jumps From a Train and Gets Hurt—Good
Man Overtaken By a Thief.
Choccolocco, Nov. 22.—(Special.)—Night
before last Elbert Jackson, colored, a sec
tion hand on the Edwardsville section,
boarded a fast freight for Choceolocco
without a ticket, and the train did not
stop, and he Jumped and hurt himself
Hev. Mr. Mathis of near Alexandria
City, on his way to eonferenoe In Gads
den lost a valise and a $20 suit of clothe^
by some rascal stealing It from behind
his buggy somewhere between DeAr
monvllle and White Plains.
Rev. J. B. Russell of Leeds, formerly of
this county, will preach at this place next
Nineteen-twentieths of the white peo
ple of Choccolocco Valley are for free
coinage of silver, and nearly all are for
Johnston for governor, as they think he
is the only man that can harmoqlze the
democratic party.'
tie Novelties and
ination ot* our sto
Ozark Star: Heal estate continues to
change hands in Ozark at good prices.
• • •
Ozark Star: Prom the number of squir
rels being brought to town for sale wo
Judge that they are plentiful this year.
* * *
Ozark Star: One mule dealer informed
a Star reporter Monday morning that he •
sold twenty-eight head of mules last
* * •
Ozark Star: We heard of corn selling
for 35 cents per bushel cash. It is esti
mated that there is nearly or quite
enough corn in this country for two
* • •
Ozark Star: Mr. Thomas J. Bond of
Henry county lost his gin house and a
number of bales of cotton by lire some
days since. He had no insurance and the
Joss was a heavy one.
Sheffield Reaper: Mr. J. H. Macintosh
of Asbury Park, N. J., was In the city
this week looking after his interests
here. He has a large amount invested
in real estate and houses.
* * *
Ozark Star: We understand that a Mr,
Tomlin, who lives near Louisville, in
Barbour county, had the misfortune to
lose his barn and entire contents by fire
one night last week. The loss falls heav
Jly upon him.
* * •
Sheffield Reaper: If the farmers will
repeat their policy of 1SH5 In 1896 with
cotton and com it will make no difference
which of the two staples receives the
empty honor of being called “king,"
they will be the full-handeil masters.
• • • •
Eufaula Times: The cane grinding or
syrup making across the river on Mr.
Harmon Lampley’s place has been quite
an attraction for nearly a week. He has
an extra fine mill, run by steam and the
latest and most Improved evaporator. It
has proved to be a regular show, and
boys and girls, ladles and gentlemen
have visited It In considerable numbers,
and all have enjoyed it wonderfully.
• • •
An Irate father, Mr. Brown of near
Gadsden, attempted to set aside the mar
riage of his daughter to a Mr. Carroll
by the use of a shotgun, but the couple
evaded him, and after a ten mile walk
In the night they boarded the train for
Rome, Ga., where the twain were made
one. It is now in order for the old folks
to receive them to their bosom.
• • •
Eufaula Times: That was a most in
teresting meeting of the directors of the
Eufaula Cotton mills on Tuesday night.
Ali were delighted and encouraged, and
readily voted to increase the capital stock
50 per cent. Yes, and they can make it
100 per cent if they only will. Now, too,
is the time. Strike while the iron is hot.
Send their president north and east and
he can easily get the stock of their splen
did factory doubled by outside capital.
• * «
Sheffield Reaper: A man named J. R.
Rogers was discovered in the woods at
South Florence Thursday, by an old col
ored man, under the influence of mor
phine Citizens took him In hand, and
Mr Thomas O'Keefe had Ur. Kernachan
of Florence summoned, who applied
heroic measures to the apparently dead
man, and In half an hour had him so
much revived that two men could make
him walk, which was done for weary
for the success of a food prod
uct is the use of strictly pure
materials. Recognizing this
fact, the manufacturers of
use only the most carefully
selected and skilfully prepared
ingredients. Pjire, sweet, ani
mal fats in scientific combina
tion form this delicious'article
for fine table use.
Prepared Solely By
Kansas City. U. 8. A.
I | Card Favors.
Brio-a-Brac. and

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