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Birmingham state herald. (Birmingham, Ala.) 1895-1897, November 24, 1895, Image 8

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Tlie Busiest ©tore fax Birmingham.
We Never. Take a Back Step!
That means something. Neither are we satisfied with stand still. There is a force
constantly at work that tends to bring this store closer to those who buy dry goods' Per
haps your experience here after trying other stores will tell you what it is.
Dress Goods
Of all fabrics, should be carefully bought,
flood light is essential when selecting,
ind that is found here. The following ex
celent values are promised this week:
Silk finish Henriettas, 38 inches wide.
All wool imported Jacquards, small
and large designs, 38 inches wide.
Imperial Serges, 45 yards wide; also
fine Crepe effects in Imported goods.
About 50 inches wide, very fine Bilk
finish Mohairs.
All the above are black.
All wool French Plaids and 38-Inch
Wool Mixtures, easily worth double.
54-inch Scotch Mixtures, Coverts and
Homespuns—those earlier sold at $1.
Pure Silk and Wool Novelties; new
blendings in popular colorings, 38
inch; also high class novelty plaids
for waists.
Fine Panama Plaids, silk and wool,
dark and bright—new combinations.
AT $1.19—
About 20 pieces high class novelties
that have been $1.60, including the
fashionable Plisse weaves.
AT $1.24—
Elegant Boucles and Bough novelties
in stylish blendings of blue, green,
brown and garnet with black—im
ported to sell at $1.75.
Linens for the
Thanksgiving Table
Look through the stock of Linens be
fore Thanksgiving. It may need replen
ishing with a few things, and a chance to
buy them extra cheap isn’t to be missed.
We are ottering the following very spe
cial values in table linens; It’s an odd
time for a linen sale, but then Thanks
giving gives us opportunity.
150 dozen all linen Napkins, worth 98
cents, for.$ .75
200 dozen ail linen Irish Napkins, regular
wholesale price $1.25, for.98
75 dozen all linen Scotch Napkins, always
sold at $1.75, for. W.1.29
60 dozen all linen German Napkins,worth
$2.00, for. 1.59
80 dozen all linen Dinner Napkins at
$1.85, $2.25, $2.50 and $3.00 per dozen;
worth $2.50, $3.00, $3.25 and $3.76 per dozen.
Table Cloths.
All linen Scotch Damask Table Cloths
cheaper than ever before:
8-12. 3.49
260 yards Cream Table Damask, a great
bargain, at 39 cents.
200 yards Bleached Table Damask,
worth 60 cents, for 49 cents.
400 yards Bleached Table Damask,
worth 79 cents, for 60 cents.
50 yards Bleached Table Damask,
worth 98 cents, for 75 cents.
The largest department In Birming
ham. The entire third floor a Fairyland.
The wonderful popularity of this depart
ment has compelled us to give to It more
space than ever before—more space,more
sales people and better facilities gener
I ally. We now show a stock which is
I simply bewildering In Its magnitude, va
j rltey, beauty and intrinsic value. We
j call especial attention to our line of
Steam Toys, Mechanical Toys, Velocl
j pedes, Tricycles, Wooden Toys, Iron
! Toys, Dolls, dressed and undressed,
j They are beautiful and interesting. Our
,j older customers will remember our oft
,j repeated injunction, and we repeat it
j this year with greater emphasis, to pur
,| chase early before the holiday rush sets
.j in and while the asaprtment is still re
j plete. Goods purchased now will be
j stored at our expense and delivered
•j when wanted. We shall offer something
| sepcial every day. Prl«es and quality
I considered, you cannot afford to go clse
i where.
Bring all your little 'folks to see our
! handsome display. T&ke. elevator, third
I floor.
Ladles, we are the sole agents In this
city for the
Jenness Miller Waists,
•‘Her Majesty” Corset
and the popular
Thompson’s Glove Fitting.
We also carry a large and complete
stock of all the leading and best styles,
such as the P. D., J. B., R. & G., H. & S.
and many others.
This is a Reason for Growth of •
Our Blanket Business.
Customers would not come year after
to buy from us If they were not satisfied
that values obtained were worthy. Our
advantages are our customers' also; If we
make a purchase at special concessions
selling prices are marked afordlngly.
Here are fine blankets bought at 20 per
cent off because they were bought acord
ingly—and 20 per cent off they go to cus
11-4 fine white wool Blankets..!.$2.98
11-4 extra fine—plain. 4 98
11-4 strictly all wool—best made. 6.9S
11-4 eztra heavy and fine California.. 7.98
We also offer one hundred
at these attractive prices:
Imported Sateen, full size, best white
Handmade Turkey red, best white
cotton. 2.98
Imported Sateen, elaborate stitching
down... .1. 8.98
Fine French Sateen, down filled,
75x80 . 4.98 I
75x80. 5.98
Reversible fancy Satin, down filled,
72x72.. 9.98 j
A well dressed woman Is an impossible
climax without a well fitting coat. Re
member your cloak makes or mars a 1
graceful outfit. Some cloaks are made
to pass muster till sold—after that? Our
cloaks are custom-made. We stand back
of every one of them.
$5.98 -
Ladies' Cape, made of fine silk seal
plush, lined, with high collar, 20x120;
real varue $7.50.
Nobby silk seal plush Cape, high col
lar and thlbet trimmed, 20x120; real
worth $10.00.
A very elegant velour plush Cape,
trimmed around collar and down the
front with real thlbet fur; value $15.
Two specials in either a genuine As
trakan or Russian lynx. 30x100, fur
Cape. They were made to bring $30.
A very exceptional bargain. Double
Cape, made of Ijeavy beaver, either
fur or braid trimmed. Can’t match
it anywhere under $3.00.
There is no finer stock of Millinery,
trimmed or untrtmmed, than you can find
here. The very cream of fashion—made
up by best designers and modistes—Is of
fered at prices one-half what would be
charged elsewhere.
Black Felt Hats, desirable shapes, sold
elsewhere at $1.25. at 64 cents.
French Felt Flats, all colors, worth $1
to $1.50, at 54 cents.
Ribbons worth 75 cents to $1 elsewhere;
our price 49 cents.
Will also place on sale all our Trimmed
Hats at the following reductions; $10.00
for $0.80; $8.50 for $5.00; $6.00 for ..4.50;
$5.00 for $3.00, etc.
The Busiest Store in Birmingham.
- •
—> —
Room MUST be bad; there's only one
way to get It. Wisdom dictates giving
our customem the chance do get such
bargains as shall make the untumn of
’85 memorable This Is the way we're
making room in our underwear depart
ment. Latest shaped all wool Vests,
the $1.50 kind, at 99c.
The ribbed $1.25 wool white Vest at 85c.
We will need the room soon for muslin
underwent, consequently must sell. We
drop the price down now while you
want, need and must have these goods.
Ladles' ribbed Jersey Vests, long sta
ple Egyptian cotton, at 25c.
Children's all wool, natural, sizes 3 to
8, prlte 75c to $1.25. now 55c Up to 99c.
Don't wait, you will regret It.
Save on the necessities of life that you
may have the "blessedness of giving" at
Christmas. There are money-saving
chances by he score in our flannel depart
All wool Brown and Gray Mixed 25c.
Skirling at 20c.
All wool heavy Twilled Red, 25c.
Embroidered Flannels at 75c. S9c and
While Mixed Flannels. 15c.
The all wool White. 25c.
White Silk Warp.Flannel, extra line.
at 39c. ,
For richness, elegance and originality
Cnheen’s millinery department stands
unrivaled. The latest Parisian ideas are
on sale now from that celebrated fashion
cenjter. Expert trimmers await your
Ladies' Sailors, full line on hand.
Tom O'Shanter's Plaids and Plain,
from 25c up to $1.50. They are chic and
[ _ J
A sale that will linger long In your
Ladies’ Embroidered, Scolloped Har
der Pure White Handkerchiefs at 5c.
Children's Hemmed, Colored Border at
f9c per dozen.
Gejit's full size Hemstitched at 99c per
dozen. .
You will find q lopping off from the
prices Vou nre used to paying through
out yds entire department.
(Second Floor.)
I . dftflCW e~t /ZM.
No garments made In America have
more style or more grace than ours, and
none have so much of that rare virtue
We've done a phenomenal business in
Ladies' Jacked® and Qopes, and naturally
there are many of one or two of each .sort
left. Well call them CLEARANCE
You have here JacWetn. that were $9.48,
down,to $4.98. The-reneon—assortment
of sizes broken.
Capes, all wool, from. 99c up. This Is
value. If you want aiLlght Weight Cape
get one. The nobbr Houcle Cape that
sells for $8.00, you can iget at $4.98; odds
of two and three of a,klhd left.
A teaser In Plush-Velvet Capes that
sold for $10.00 and $12.00, you can get at
$5.98 and $6.98. full sweep (the new cut.)
Immense line of misses and children's
garments. Save money, by Investigating
these at once.
Ladles and gentlempn. Come and se
lect-look over a pretty assortment.
We’re not going to make many words
If you need one, or expect to give one
away for a holiday present we have them
and the assortment is Al.
Large Canvass Trunks from $5.00 up.
Sheet Iron bottom Amalable Trimmed
Grips, Bags and Valises. We have a line
out of which you will find one to suit you.
genuine Kid Gloves, only to be found on
21st street and 1st avenue in Birming
ham. All gloves guaranteed.that are fit
ted on at the counter. New stitchings
are out. Come and see them.'
Linen prices do the talking today. You
know what Caheen’s line is. They need
no encomiums.
58-lnch All Linen Damask, value 60c, at
60-lnch 65e All Linen Damask at 44c.
64-Inch All Linen Damask, the 90c kind,
at 59c per yard.
Book Fold Napkins, full large, all linen,
for 72c per dozen.
Come and examine our Extra Large All
Linen Napkins, the $1.75 kind, book fold,
at $1.23.
The largest Towels in the state. All
Linen 24x46, hemmed at $2.99 per dozen;
a hummer.
Rain Parasols
for the holidays. The new Ideas are here
and the prices are low.
All black, for mourning, Silk Serge at
Ladies’ Natural Hundles, fast black,
paragon frame, 26-Inch size, $1.25.
The pretty r>rcsden handles, of Taffeta
silk cover (close roller;, the $5.00 kind,
Of course it's early, but we have them
in already and we must sell them. Our
extremity Is your opportunity. You will
find here Dolls, from the 5c china dolls
up to the fine French "Kismet.”
Full line of Rubber Dolls.
Full line of Indian and African dolls.
Full 9-inch doll for 10c.
For Fancy Work.
Full line of Stamped Linens, from the
smallest to the largest pieces. “The New
Things,” Brainard & Armstrong’s ex
clusive deslg'ns. The Honlton Laces to
work them with. The above brand Silks
also if you say so.
Come and see the New Delph Designs.
•**» .• .
__ _ _ _

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