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It Pleases Us Much to Enter
tain You.
And Are Delighted With It—They Predict for
Birmingham Much Prosperity and
a Great Future.
Birmingham entertained as her guests
yesterday ninety-six citizens of St. Louis,
who are on an excursion through the
They came over from Atlanta Sunday,
arriving here about 8 o'clock Sunday
night. En route here from Atlanta they
made several stops at the different towns
along the Southern railway, the citizens
of those places showing them many
After arriving here Sunday night the
greater portion of the visitors attended
church and then returned to their cars
for a night’s rest.
They were not expected to reach Bir
mingham until 8 o’clock yesterday, and
lor mat reason the committee appointed
to meet them was not at the uepot to
welcome them to the Magic City.
The excursionists are members ot the
Interstate Commercial club, and are
among the most prominent business men
ot that city, many ot whom sell to the
merchants of Birmingham. The party Is
composed of the following gentlemen;
Cyrus P. Walbridge, mayor of St.
Louis; E. O. Stanard, Stanard Milling
company, ex-governor of Missouri;
Thomas Booth, president Merchants’ ex
change; H. A. Blossom, H. A. Blossom A
Co., Insurance; Frank Gaiennle.manager
St. Louis exposition; William Stlx, Rice,
Stlx & Co.; M. B. MUtenberger, H. T.
Simon A Gregory; George Diehl, Fried
man Bros. A Schafer, boots and shoes; G.
W. Millus.Werthelmer-Swarts Shoe com
pany; J. H. Roblee, Brown Shoe com
pany; A. C. Stanley, Good bar Shoe com
pany; J. B. Desnoyers, Desnoyers Shoe
company; R. Knlppenberg, Anheuser
Busch Brewing company; L. L. Culver,
Majestic Manufacturing company; L. M.
Rumsey, L. M. Rumsey Manufacturing
company; Galus Paddock, Paddoek
Hawley Iron Co., George Wright, Wil
liam Barr Dry Goods company: Jack
Gordon, Ely & Walker Dry Goods com
pany; W. L. Bragdon, Wlllimantic Lin
en company; A. G. Souther. E. E. South
er Iron company; J. C. Newberry, St.
Louis Iron hnd Steel company; Charles
Blake, Sligo Iron Store company; Alt
Bannantine, Bannantine Galvanized Iron
company; C. H. Filley, Excelsior Manu
facturing company; Joseph Wangler,
Joseph Wangler Boiler works; J. E. Cart
wright, pig Iron; W. G. Hagar. Western
Iron and Supply company; L. D. Vogel,
Charter Oak Stove company; G. B. Hor
ner, general passenger agent Louisville
and Nashville Railroad company; J. J.
Webster, commercial agent Southern
Railway company; E. W. LaBaume, gen
eral passenger agent Cotton Belt rail
road; Frank C. Chase, Insurance: F. E.
Fowler, F. E. Fowler A Co., Insurance;
F. E. Codding, capitalist; L. Bierman,
capitalist; W. F. Zeller, capitalist; Wil
liam Albert Swasey, architect; H. T.
Kent, attorney at law; M. L. Gray, ex
eircult judge; Thomas A. Russell, circuit
Judge; J. M. Wood, circuit judge; E. H.
Conrades, Conrades Furniture com
pany; C. W. Bullen, National
Bank of the Republic: H. M.
Noel, H. M. Noel & Co., bankers;
H. Koehler, Jr., American Brewing Co.;
John Mullally. John Mullally Commission
Co.; Thomas Francis, D. R. Francis Com
mission Co.; J. A. Warren, John A. War
pen Commission Co.; J. W. Wray, Drum
mond Tobacco Co.; F. R. Rice, Rice \fcr
oantile Cigar Co.; William A. Stickney,
Stickney Cigar Manufacturing Co.; L.
Schaefer, St. Louis Dressed Beef Co.; E.
A. Faust, Faust A Sons’ Oyster and
Restaurant Co.; H. W. Glldehaus, Fink,
Nasse & Glldehaus Grocer Co.; A. O.
Blanke, C. F. Blanke A Co. CofTee & Tern
Co.; J. J. Kreher, Sickles Saddlery Co.;
T. B. Boyd, president St. Louis exposi
tion; Lewis Perry, American Cotton Bale
Improvement Co.; J. W. Goodbar, Scott
Force-Goodbar Hat Co.; Wm. Bagnell.
Bagnell Timber Co.: O. M. Schmidt. O.
W. Schmidt & Co.; Reid Northrop, Amer
ican Refrigerator Transit Co.: H. N.
Davis, Smlth-Davis Manufacturing Co.;
F. W. Terpenlng, D. M. Osborne Manu
facturing Co.; A. G. Peterson, Peterson
A Homes; J. B. O’Shea, state grain In
spector; Daniel Paule, Daniel Panic Mer
cantile Co.; S. A. Bemls, Bemls Bag Co.:
<3. W. Gunnison, Inland Oil Co.; E. C.
Donk, Donk Coal Co.; L. O. Branch,
White, Branch & McConkin; W. M. Sen
ter, Senter A Co.; James Tulloch, The N.
K. Fairbanks Co.; John Manley, Manley
A Thompson; W. S. Simpson, Christo
pher A Simpson; D. I. Bushnell, D. I.
Bushnell A Co.; B. J. Ehnts. B. J. Ehnts
Lumber Co.; Henry Wrape, Henry
Wrape Coopering Co.; Charles Aldrich,
American Roofing Co.; J. A. J. Shultz,
Schultz Belting Co.; E. T. HaaFe, Haase
A Sons, fish; P. P. Connor, Connor Bros.
Co.; C. F. Schultz. ex-U. S. sub-treasur
er; David Block, Block, Dean A Co.; P.
P. Williams, P. P. Williams A Co.
Birmingham’s Committee.
The committee appointed by the Com
mercial club to meet the St. Louisans
and arrange for their entertainment con
sisted of the following gentlemen:
Rufus N. Rhodes, chairman: J. L. Mc
Gowan. Charles Roy. Roscoe McConnell,
R. F. Kolb. S. Steiner, W. G. Estes, R.
H. Hagood, W. B. Leedy, H. H. Slnnige,
M. V. Joseph, W. H. Sawyer, Coleman
Blach, Sid Lee, Mayor J. H. VanHoose,
W. C. Shackleford. B. F. Moore, W. H.
Kettig, J. H. McCary, O. Chalifoux, J.
Beitman, R. F. Manley, Wayland Trask,
J. Bowron, E. Wilkerson, A. C. Reck
ling, E. Lesser.
This committee met the St. Louis party
about 8 o’clock yesterday and extended
to them a hearty welcome to Birming
The committee and a few other citizens
accompanied the St. Louisians around
the Birmingham Mineral road on a spe
cial train that left the union depot at
10 30 a. m. They first went to the Sloss
furnaces, and from there to North Bir
mingham. where a stop was made for
an Inspection of the furnaces there.
Then they went to Pratt mines and to
the Ensley furnaces.
After leaving Ensley the next stop was
at Bessemer, where they spent some time
at the furnaces and the 'Howard-Harrl
aon Iron company's pipe works and other
places of interest in and around Besse
Returning, a stop was made at Ish
kooda ore mines, and from there the
special train came on to Birmingham,
arriving here between 3 and 4 o’clock.
A trip around the Highland Avenue
and Belt road, where the visitors were
given an,opportunity to see some of Bir
mingham's elegant residences was made
and a few places of interest in Birming
ham shown them.
At 5:30 the committee and citizens and
visitors assembled In the lobby of the
Morris hotel, where Ex-Gov. E. O. Sta
nard and Mayor Cyrus P. Walbrldge
made short speeches thanking the people
of Birmingham for the hearty welcome
extended them, and for the hospitality
All the members of the party expressed
themselves as delighted with Birming
ham and yvere loud In their praises of
the south's Magic City. They said what
they had seetv in their trip around the
district had convinced them that Bir
mingham was surrounded by every ad
vantage needed to make her the greatest
city in the south, and that they fully ex
pected hef to become that at no very
distant date.
To a State-Herald reporter, who called
at their car last night several of the St.
Louisans eraphasixed their belief in the
future of Birmingham, saying that the
only thing she needed to place her in the
front rank was successful steel manu
facture and diversified Industries.
The special train bearing the St. Lou
isans left over the Kansas City, Mem
phis and Birmingham road at 11 o’clock
last night for Memphis.
Mattie Lee, the. 12-year-old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Jeffcoat of East
Lake, died at 11 o’clock yesterday morn
ing at her father's residence. She was
a very bright, little child, and the be
reaved parents have the sympathy of
a large circle of friends. Her funeral
will take place at 12:30 today, after
which her remains will be interred in the
Woodlawn cemetery.
1 It Is Claimed That a Timekeeper Resorted to
That Means to Cover Up Kis
Montgomery, Nov. 25.—(Special.)—T. G.
Wilson, time clerk In the office of the su
perintendent of the Midland division of
the Plant system here, was arrested to
day on three charges of forgery. In de
fault of a *300 bond he is In Jail.
The abstract statement given out by
the officers of the company are that Wil
son got short in his accounts and in or
der to conceal his delinquency he forged
some discharge tickets and perhaps other
Auditors were put to work on his books
today arid the extent of his forgery will
not be apparent until their labors are
Im the cases so far developed the
amounts are small, oil being less than
*300. Wilson has heretofore stood high
in the office and only a few months ago
he was promoted to hts present place,
with *125 per month salary. He has a
wife and two young children, who are
now visiting friends in Atlanta, from
which place the family came.
Wilson withholds his statement until
his preliminary trial, which will probably
he held tomorrow.
Wilson is a brother of the baggage
master who was recently charged with
robbing trunks on the Western railroad.
The defendant here was formerly trav
eling auditor and assistant pay master.
He Is about 30 years of age.
Children Cry for
Pitcher’s Castoria.
A complete livery and feed
stable in Birmingham, Ala.,
with a fine lot of horses, car
riages and vehicles and large,
well established trade, for
sale cheap on long, easy terms
or exchange for real estate,
address S., care State Herald.
ll-16-10t_ _
Two Young People Want to Be Married by Two
Church Rituals.
Justice of the Peace J. .T. MeDavid
performed a rather novel marriage cer
emony last night. About 7 o'clock Mr.
Seaborn Harwell and Miss Joana Foard,
two very popular young people of this
city, called at his office and asked him
to unite them In marriage, at the same
time requesting him to follow the rit
uals of both the Episcopal and Presby
terian churches. This the accommodat
ing magistrate agreed to do, and in the
presence of a few friepds who had gath
ered to witness the ceremony he pro
nounced the words that made them man
and wife.
of all cases of consumption can, if taken in
the earlier stages of the disease, be cured.
This may seem like a bold assertiou to
those familiar only with the means gener
ally in use for its treatment; as, nasty cod
liver oil and its filthy emulsions, extract
of malt, whiskey, different preparations of
hypopliosphites and such like palliatives.
Although by many believed to be incura
ble, there is the evidence of hundreds of
living witnesses to the fact that, in all its
earlier stages, consumption is a curable
disease. Not every case, but a large per
centage of cases, and we believe, fully 98
per cent, are cured by Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, even after the disease
has progressed so far as to induce repeated
bleedings from the lungs, severe lingering
cough with copious expectoration (includ
ing tubercular matter), great loss of flesh
and extreme emaciation and weakness.
Do you doubt that hundreds of such cases
reported to us as cured by " Golden Med
ical Discovery ” were genuine cases of that
dread and fatal disease ? You need not take
our word for it. They have, in nearly every
instance, been so pronounced by the best
and most experienced home physicians,
who have no interest whatever in mis
representing them, and who were often
strongly prejudiced and advised against
a trial of “Golden Medical Discovery,”
but who have been forced to confess that
it surpasses, in curative power over this
fatal malady, all other medicines with
which they are acquainted. Nasty cod
liver oil and its filthy "emulsions” and
mixtures, had been tried in nearly all these
cases and had either utterly failed to bene
fit, or had ouly seemed to benefit a little for
a short time. Extract of malt, whiskey,
and various preparations of the hypoplios
pbites had also been faithfully tried in vain.
The photographs of a large number of
those cured of consumption, bronchitis,
lingering coughs, asthma, chronic nasal
catarrh and kindred maladies, have been
skillfully reproduced in a book of 160
pages which will be mailed to you, on re
ceipt of address and six cents in stamps.
You can then write those cured and learn
their experience.
Address for Book, World's Dispensart
Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
At Cost!
Seven Days Only!
Now is the time to buy good
books cheap. '
2028 First Avenue.
Ask for our catalogue of school books.
The Superb
The Ladies* Home Journal
The Largest and Best Number o» this Magazine
For Sale at All News-stands
The Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia
The TRADE PALACE received'last week 186 Berlin
Capes, which were closed out from a New York fmportir.
These goods are the finest, without an exception, that were ever
brought to this town. These capes range in value from #18 to
#35 apiece. These are the actual importation cost. We
bought them so extremely cheap that we can sell them for #7.50
to #12.00 apiece—hardly 40 cents on the dollar.
Don’t buy a Cape unless you see ours first. We
will give you a fine Imported Cape for less than you can buy a
poor article elsewhere.
We also have about eighty nice, stylish Jackets, which we
will commence to dose out in due time, and will sell as follows:
Our #19.50 Jacket for $14.00.
Our #16.50 Jackets for $12.50.
Our #12.50 Jackets for #9.75.
Our #10.00 Jackets for #7.00.
Our #8.00 Jackets for $5.
If you will see them you will not care to see any other.
Remember, the TRADE PALACE only advertises what
they have and exactly as advertised. This is no fooling peo
ple, but bona fide and straight. Our customers well know it.
The Always Reliable Dry Goods Store.
1921 and 1923 Second Avenue, Birmingham, Ala.
"They Cost But a Trifle—
A Dissected Map of the United States, Only 10 cents. Linen Books from 5
cents up. Tuck’s beautiful books for little tots from 5 cents to 35 cents.
Tuck’s cut picture novelties, delightful play things. Tuck’s newest paper
dolls, artistic and pleasing. Mrs. Lovel’s paper doll sheets. Brownnie
stamps. Now there Ae many games for the young people that will keep
them indoors. Also blocks. We are always on the hunt for the little folks,
and we have at least three thousand volums selected from every publisher in
this country and many imported books for them.
2008 First Avenue.
Dr. Dozier & Co.’s
Simon Block, Nineteenth Street, Birmingham, Ala,
A famous and successful institution for the cure of
Chronic, Nervous, Blood, Skin and Private Diseases of both
sexes. Ulcers, Blotches, Sore Throat, Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Eczema, Psoriasis and ugly eruptions of every character are
permanently cured after all others have failed. Syphilis,
Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Urethral Stricture, Lost Powers and result
of self-abuse and all disorders of Genito-Urinary Organs
quickly cured by the latest and most successful methods.
O. T. DOZIER, M. D.,
Our Specialties.
and Bladder, Constipation. Chronic Diar
rhoea. Rheumatism. Catarrh: all froms
of Skin Disease, as Eczema, UlcerB,
Blotches. Ugly Eruptions, etc.
SYPHILIS in evry form effectually
cured and the poison thoroughly eradi
cated from the blood. Gonorrhoea,
Gleet, Stricture, Cystitis, etc.
rhoea, Impotence, Seminal Losses, Fall
ing Memory, Lassitude, Gloominess, De
pression of Spirits and all effects of per
nicious habits.
All irregularities and cases of weakness
in woman.
Dr. Dozier gives his individual study
and efforts to the diagnosing and treat
ment of every case, prepares all medi
cines and gives all directions and advice,
thus securing to every patient the high
est professional skill and privacy as well
as security against mistakes apd the use
of inferior drugs.
BLOOD, KIDNEYS and of the Genito
urinary Organs, and do not confine our
selves to PRIVATE DISEASES alone;
hence we are patronized by the best peo
ple of both sexes, and any lady or gen
tleman can visit our office with perfect
matters sacredly inviolate.
Easy payments and liberal terms to
all, especially the poor.
Persons who cannot visit us in our of
fice can, by sending us their name, re
ceive our “Perfect Question Blanks,”
which will enable us to TREAT THEM
OFFICE HOURS—!) *.. m. to 12 —2
p. m. to 5 p. m. suneays, 9 a. m. to 12 m.
Send 2 cents for question list and
“Book for Men Only."
Send 2 cents ror question list for /«.
PRESCRIPTIONS, but prepare and fur
nish from our own Dispensary all medi
cines to our patients.
That we publish no Individual testi
monials or letters, though we have thou
sands of the most flattering on file in
our office.
Dr. Dozier & Co.,
P. O. Box 112. Birmingham, Ala.
Clippings Prom the Press.
The Daily State.
Dr. O. T. Dozier, the specialist physi
cian of the Southern Medical Dispensary,
is one of the most successful practition
ers of the south. He is a man who loves
the world and his fellow-man. Patients
learn to love his ever sympathetic na
ture, as they respect and confide in his
consummate skill.
It always ahords a public Journal
pleasure to testify to merit where it is
deserved. It is therefore with pleasure
and pardonable pride that the Age-Her
ald Jons with its brethren of the press In
testifying to the merit, skill and reliabil
ity of Dr. O. T. Dozier, Principal of the
Southern Medical Dispensary of this city.
Dr. Dozier has resided for many years la
Birmingham, and each successive year
has added to his reputation, to his use
fulness and to the esteem in which he is
held by our best citizens. His long rec
ord and approved abilities entitle him
to the proud distinction of standing at
“the head of his profession."
Bessemer Weekly.
There Is probably not a more highly
educated physician In this section than
Dr. O. T. Dozier. He is a specialist of
many years' experience and successful
practice. He is noted for his thorough
mastery of the details and intricacies of
his profession, and for unusual sclentiflo
(Dally News, Birmingham.)
Dr. Dozier, the head of the institution,
is a physician and surgeon of education,
skill and experience, a man of culture ana
high literary attainments and a gentle
man respected by all who know him. He
can be relied on In all matters pertaining
to his profession. The News commends
him most cordially to all those in need of
his services.
Weekly Mirror, Selma.
The doctor Is highly recommended by
the press of the state as being a reliable
(Masonic Guide.)
Dr. Dozier comes from a family of
prominent physicians, and with his full
store of medical knowledge and his va
ried and large experience in his profes
sion, Dr. Dozier can be relied upon to
treat all diseases In the most successful
Sumter County Sun.)
Dr. Dozier’s reputation as a specialist
has overstepped the bounds of Alabama,
and he is known all over the south. Dr.
Dozier is not only an eminent physlclajn.
Du* a brilliant writer and poet. His work
iU , 8 *lne bas ben compared to that of
the late Father Ryan, the priest poet.
(Labor Advocate.)
Dr. Dozier bears tne reputation of be
ing one of the most successful practition
ers In the south. A personal acquaint
ance with the prncipal warrants the La
bor Advocate in giving the Institution ths
warmest recommendation to its every
(Bessemer Journal.)
Dr. Dozier's reputation is a brilliant
one. He Is a specialist of nearly twenty
years' experience in active practice and
is strictly reliable and has the confidence
of the public and indorsement of ths
press. The doctor Is a distinguished
graduate in every department of medical
science, and his success with patients is
(Winona, Miss., Times.)
Dr. Dozier is a specialist of great repu
tation and has been unusually successful
In his practice. He never undertakes a
case unless reasonably sure of a cure. He
is a high-toned gentleman and can be con
sulted with the utmost confidence.
(Atlanta Constitution.)
Dr. O. T. Dozier, the head of the South
ern Medical Dispensary of Birmingham.
Ala., is a specialist of nearly twenty
years' experience in the treatment of
chronic, nervous and private diseases and
his uniform success has given him a lead
ing position in the medical profession In
that city.
(Sunay Morning Star.)
Dr. Dozier's success has been simply
marvelous and has elicited the most en
thusiastic words of praise and gratitude
from the dispensary’s many patrons from
all over the state.
(Eutaw Whig and Observer.)
While in Birmingham recently we had
the pleasure of meeting Dr. Dozier and
found him to be an interesting and genial
gentleman. He has not only the reputa
tion of being a fine physician, but is a
writer of considerable character.
(The Southern Odd Fellow.)
We cannot add anything to the reputa
tion Dr. O. T. Dozier has already ac
quired in the line of his profession, but
we know him to be a brother Odd Fellow
that can be relied on to carry out every
promise he makes to those needing hia
(Mountain Home, Talladega.) •
The press of Birmingham and all over
Alabama speak In the highest terms of
Dr. Dozier as a physician, surgeon and
gentleman, and we have no hesitancy in
recommending him to those of our pa
trons who need his services.
(Alabama Christian Advocate.)
The Southern Medical Dispensary la
the leading institution of its kind in Bir
mingham and has been Instrumental in
effect ng the cure of many serious cases,*
and thus carrying healing and happiness
to many homes. Dr. O. T. Dozier, head
of the Southern Medical Dispensary,
gives his entire time and personal super
vision to the work, and brings to bear a
careful medioal training in the best col
leges of the land and a long and valua
ble experience in the treatment of special
diseases. His professional standing is
unimpeachable and his character as a
gentleman and citizen is above reproach.
(Anniston Hot Blast.)
Among the most noted and successful
specialists In this country are Dr. Dozier
& Co. They have extended their business
from year to year and the patronage
given to them in the several surrounding
states is most gratifying. Dr. Dozier
is a high-toned, polished, Christian gen
tleman and has many warm persona)
friends in Anniston who knew him yearf
ago when practicing in Rome. Ga.
ji/^IS 9 u/ifcu/vr\SO|<.
113 and 11(5 Eighteenth Street.Telephone SS4.
TTV /^v f -y /->J “ANCHOR BRAND”
I) A AAT \l / I ""““’ffisam t™.

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