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mu 1111 ■■■!■ niraifg
c l i /T5 r?
That’s the way it is now. lmeanj
what I say exactly. PANTSS
that have been six dollars!
and fifty cants jou can get!
them now
Made to Your Measure!
- $5.oo I
at the PANT-ERY.
Al Wilson,
1903^ Second Avenue.
Washington, Nov. 26.—Forecast for Al
abama and Mississippi: Fair, with frosts
Wednesday morning, followed by slowly
rising temperature; northerly winds, be
coming variable.
U. S. Department of Agriculture,
Weather Bureau,
Office of Station Agent,
Birmingham, Nov. 26, 1895.
Local observations during twenty-four
hours ending at 7 p. m., central time:
Direct n Main
Time. I Temp.[of wind. [Weather fall
8 a. m. 40 NW Clootly .33
12 m. 38 NW Cloudy .00
7 p. m. 3d N Clear.04
Highest temperaiure. 40; lowest, 32; aver
age, Jt.
Local Observer.
Reports received at Birmingham, Ala.,
on November 26, 1895.
Observations taken at all stations at 8
a. m., 75th meridian time.
H Hi 5 iWind. is <x~
» o’ S' 2 __■ » £
n o°B»5 M 5
■3 c"'§iB£ 0 "t'c ®
rinceof ® 3?- 31 £ -® <o
Observa- g “® |®5 g ®o
lion. £ : |d- » * kg R
3 : Is 9 s* r
. ft g b J 1
• QC. ft • • s-e o. .
Montff’rv 44 -18 41 NW 12 .06 Cloudy
Memphis.. 32 -1.6 32.W 1* 1.6fe Cloudy
Knoxville 46 -6 42 W 14 .02 Cloudy
Atlanta .. 46 -6 44 NW 2o .14 Cloudy
Vicksburg 36 -32 34 NW 16 .66 Cloudy
N.Orleans 42 -24 42|NW 14 .2t> Cloudy
Nashville. 34! -28 34 W ’ 10 ..14 Cloudy
T iudleates trace of rain or snow; f indicates
rise and - fall.
Local Observer, Weather Bureau.
Special train to Atlanta for
Birmingham public schools
will leave via the Southern
from union depot at 2:30 p.
m. today.
A Special Train With Birmingham School
Children Leaves for the Exposi
tion Today.
Between 200 and 300 pupils of the pub
lic schools will go to Atlanta today to
see the exposition. They will leave on a
special train over the Southern railway
nt 2:30 and will be accompanied by sev
eral of the teachers.
The exposition will have a peculiar in
terest to Birmingham teachers and pu
pils since the committee of awards has
submitted its decisions awarding to the
Birmingham public schools -the first
prize, and this, too, in face of the fact
that as competitors with the Birming
ham schools were the schools of nearly
every city of much importance in the
United States.
The pupils will return from Atlanta
Saturday night, leaving the Mitchell
street depot in that city at 4 o’clock Sat
urday afternoon.
There is never a let-down
in our line of groceries. We
always carry the fullest stock
of the finest table goods, and
the beit housekeepers know
A Freak in That Shape Shown to the State
George Williams was an Interesting
caller at the State Herald office yester
day afternoon. He wus carried in the
arms of his manager. A. C. Rice. George
is called half man and half turtle. His
legs are shrunken Into a striking sem
blance of turtle feet. Altogether the tur
tle man is only 18 Inches high and weighs
thirty-five pounds. The arms and upper
par,* of his body, though dwarfed, are
\veii formed. He Is a negro, and was
born at Hot Springs, Ark., being now 29
years old. _
Fresh bread and candy made
daily at C. W. Cody’s, 1820 to
1826 3d avenue. j*s V ?P
H. E. Wooley's Brother Loses His Life While at
His Post.
Mr. H. E. Wooley, one of the book
keepers in the Alabama National bank,
yesterday received the sad Intelligence
of his brother's death at Lamar, Miss.,
the night before.
His brother, J. C. Wooley, was an en
gineer on tile Illinois Central road, and
met his death in an accident at Iamar
Monday night.
Freckles, Blotches,
Ringworm, Eczema,
Scald Head, Tetter,
and all other skin
disorders positively
cured with
_ PRICE 60^. A BOX.
If yon would have soft, smooth and healthy
skin, freo from all imperfeetious,use constantly
Price 25 eta. Seed Stamp for Freo Sample,
10-23-wed-fri-su-wky-ly __ j
Bishop Galloway Announces the
The Gadsden Times-News’ Enterprise in Issu
ing a Daily Edition While the Confer
ence Was in Session.
Gadsden, Nov. 26.—(Special.)—The
North Alabama conference adjourned
last night after a most successful ses
The Times-News, one of the local pa
pers, issued a splendid daily edition while
the conference was in session.
Bishop Galloway announced the fol
lowing appointments last night.
Birmingham District.
S. M. Hosmer, presiding elder.
First church. G. C. Kelley.
St. John, T. Armstrong.
Wesley chapel, W. O. Wagener.
Twenty-first Avenue, G. W. Read.
St. Paul, W. K. Simpson.
Elyton, E. M. Glenn.
Birmingham mission, M. H. Wells.
Leeds mission, S. B. Johnston.
Avondale, H. C. Howard.
Woodlawn, F. W. Brandon.
East Lake, J. D. Ellis.
Birmingham circuit. T. W. Ragan.
Pratt City. S. R. Emerson.
Coketon circuit, F. A. Vann.
Wylam mission, M. M. Blaese.
Sunny Side circuit, J. L. Ferguson.
Bessemer-station, E. H. Hawkins.
Bessemer mission. W. E. Morris.
Jonesboro circuit. S. V. Blythe.
Chaplain to convicts, E, Nicholson.
Professor Southern university, L.
Decatur District..
L. A. Darsey. presiding elder.
Decatur station, A. West.
New Decatur, W. W. Turner.
East Decatur, A. J. Maddox.
Elkmont circuit, J. F. Rudisill.
Lentzville circuit, J. C. Prince.
Athens station, H. S. Hamilton.
Athens circuit, F. K. Hewitt.
Cambridge circuit, supplied by Greene.
Hillsboro and Moorsville, M. N. Morris.
Trinity station, .1. W. Worsnop.
Courtland station, W. F. Melton.
Town Creek station, W. N. Wilson.
Moulton circuit, supplied by McGlawn.
Chapel Hill circuit, supplied by Wood
Hartselle circuit, T. B. McCain.
Somerville circuit, G. L. Grow.
Danville circuit, M. R. Smith.
Falkville circuit, supplied by Yar
CuJIman station, I. F. Hawkins.
Union Hill circuit, supplied by Joshua
Athens college, Z. A. Parker, president.
Florence District.
J. W. Shoemaker, presiding elder.
Florence station, W. F. Andrews.
Tusoumhia station, J. S. Robertson.
Cloverdalo circuit, A. J. Chappell.
Pleasant Side circuit, W. C. Drisklli.
Leighton station, Theo Copeland.
Leighton circuit, J. T. Lane.
Waterloo and Riverton, T. W. Hays.
Lexington circuit, supplied by Randall.
Cherokee station, W. F. Sandford.
Nomberg circuit, W. M. Wade.
Center Star and Rogensville,-.
Russellville station, J. L. Brittain.
East Florence, Fred Osborn.
Sheffield station, W. W. Turner.
Frankford mission. White.
State Line mission, to be supplied.
Colbert circuit. William Walker.
Oakland circuit, J. W. Cowan.
Gadsden District.
F. T. J. Brandon, presiding elder.
Gadsden station, J. B. Gregory.
McTyere Memorial, P. K. Brindley.
Gadsden circuit, J. C. Price.
Hoke's Bluff circuit, C. W. Seal.
Ohatchie circuit, supplied by R. C. Wil
Piedmont circuit, J. W. Bradford.
Spring Garden circuit, supplied by C
A. Alday.
Centre circuit, T. A. Kerr.
Gayesville circuit, R. J. Wilson.
Spring Creek circuit, R. L. Crump.
Lookout Mountain mission to be sup
Fort Payne and Valley Head, M. E.
DeKalb mission, R. Nicholson.
Collinsville circuit, S. R. Lester.
Attalia station, T. K. Tierce.
Attalla circuit, O. L. Milligan.
Asheville circuit, J. T. Milligan.
Springville station, I. Q. Melton.
Springvllle mission, supplied by John
President Jones college. A. B. Jones.
Guntersville District.
J. S. Glasgow, presiding elder.
Guntersville station, D. Leith.
Warrenton mission, M. E. Johnston.
Baileytown circuit, R. S. Hullett.
Blountsville and Hanceville, E. W.
Cleveland circuit, L. C. Sims.
Albertville circuit, W. J. Crow.
Langston circuit, D. T. Dye.
Columbus City circuit, supplied by W.
C. Hunkapiilar.
Cottonville mission, supplied by Mr.
Summit circuit, J. M. Igou.
Arkadelphla circuit, W. B. Hope.
Warrior and Blount Springs, D. S
Mount Pinson and R^fnlap, W. T Pa
Walnut Grove circuit, E. P. Riley.
South Hill circuit, supplied by’w. F.
Bangor mission, to be supplied.
Morris circuit, to be supplied.
Oneonta circuit, G. L. Hewitt.
Huntsville District.
W. T. Andrews, presiding elder.
Huntsville station, J>. C. Branscomb.
Huntsville mission, F. H. Gardner.
Madison station, C. M. Hensley.
Merldlanvlile circuit, C. W. J. Reid.
Sharp’s Mountain mission, supplied by
Stevenson circuit. J. O. Haines.
Bridgeport station, G. L. Jenkins.
Vienna circuit, W. P. McDonald.
New Market and Maysville, R. A.
Barklnsville circuit, G. W. Alley.
Soqttsboro and Stevenson, E. Fulmer.
Fablus circuit, J. R. Fullerton.
Paint Rock circuit, supplied.
Gurley circuit, I. B. Sargent.
Trlana circuit. N. H. Olmstead.
Jasper District.
R. W. Anderson, presiding elder.
Jasper station, J. I. Williams.
Cordova circuit, W. L. Hendricks.
Coalburg circuit, W. L. Rice.
Corono circuit, W. L. Bivens.
Fayette station, D. A. Burns.
F«*yette circuit, .supplied by W. I.
Luxapalila circuit, H. B. Ralls.
Fern Bank circuit, W. T. Daniel.
Vernon circuit, J. T. Black.
Sulligent and Guin, D. W. Ward.
Detroit circuit, Robert Wilson.
Hamilton circuit, S. B. Smith.
Bear Creek circuit, supplied by Otts.
Carbon Hill circuit. C. M. Rice.
Alta mission. O. C. Harris.
Gamble Mine mission. W. P. McGiwan.
Dear Creek circuit, supplied by Gosa.
Double Springs circuit, supplied by J.
W. Line.
Winston mission, supplied by R. C.
Fllppo. ,
Wilmington mission, J. V. Emerson.
- ; . yr ■ . Ir. *y
most remedies for children are composed of opium or morphine f
Po Yc.u Know that opium and morphine are stupefying narcotic poisons •
Po Yon Know that in most countries druggists are not permitted to sell narcotics
without labeling them poisons ?
Po Yon Know that you should not permit any medicine to be given youi child
unless you or your physician know of what it is composed f
Po Yon Knowr that Castoria Is a purely vegetable preparation and I hat a list of
its ingredients is published with every bottle ?
Po Yon Know that Cactoria is the prescription of the famous Dr. Samuel Pitcher
Tliat it has been in use for nearly thirty years, and that more Castoria is now sold than
ot all other remedies for children combined t
Po Yon Know that the Patent Office Department of the \Tnitod States and of
other countries, have issued exclusive right to Dr Pitcher and his assigns to use the word
“ Castoria ” and its formula, and that to Imitate them is a state prison offense f
Po Yon Know that one of the reasons for granting this government protection was
because Castoria had been proven to be absolutely harmless?
Po Yon Know that 35 average doses of Castoria are furnished for 35
cents* or one cent a dose *
Po Yon Know that when possessed of this perfect preparation, your children may
be kept well, and that you may havo unbroken rest /
Well, these things are worth knowing. Thoy are /acts.
The fac-simtle y* ^ ~~ Is on every
signature of xvrnpper.
Children Cry for Pitcher’s Castoria.
And Exhibiting ton Cljanitg.
| : He is Here With His
Located in Opera House
Block, Next Door to
Go and see this remarkable man and see
him place his head on his chest as repre
sented in picture. Will open today.
Admission to all, 10 Cents.
Fathers and mothers, take your children
to see this man and his entertainment.
Doors open 1 to 5 and 7 to 10 p. m.
LaFayette District.
D. A. Timmons, presiding eider.
LaFayette Ftatlon, J. T. Morris.
Dadevllle and Alexander City, H. G.
Rockford circuit, A. M. Toe.
Wedowee circuit, G. W. Hall.
Graham circuit, S. J. Parish.
Roanoke station, R. T. Walston.
Davidson circuit, G. W. Hamilton.
Fredonla circuit, J. T. Wilkins.
Hackneyville circuit, W. F. Herndon.
Good Water circuit, J. W. Spencer.
Llneville circuit, R. A. Speer.
Chuiafinne mission, supplied by Carl
Penton circuit, G. E. Drlsklll.
Oak Bowery circuit, Z. A. Dowling.
Roanoke circuit, J. W, Tucker.
Camp Hill circuit, T. G. Slaughter.
Hollins mission, supplied by C. B. Cole.
Langsdale mission, J. T. Miller.
Talladega District. *
J. W. Newman, presiding elder.
Talladega station, J. F. Sturdivant.
Plantersville, J. W. Aikln.
Fayetteville circuit, W. O. Horton.
Columbiana circuit, L. M. Wilson.
Wllsonville circuit, J. W. Cary.
Harpersville circuit, T. P. Robert.
Coosa Valley circuit, J. Warren.
Talladega circuit, J. C. Perssinger.
Anniston station, F. P. Culver.
Glen Addle and Oxanna, T. B. Norton.
West Anniston, L. A. Holmes.
Oxford station, J. H. Leslie.
Alexandria circuit, T. O. Jones.
Jacksonville and White Plains, V. O.
Heflin circuit, W. A. Montgomery.
Munford circuit, H. S. Mathews.
Tuskaloosa District.
S. D. Dobbs, presiding elder.
Tuskaloosa station, J. H. McCoy.
Tuskaloosa circuit, J. H. Jennings.
Blocton station, L. F. Whitten.
Calera and Helena, C. L. Herring.
Montevallo circuit, C. L. Dobbs.
Pelham circuit, H. P. Berry.
Cottondale and Woodstock, J. H. Nor
Adger mission, O. N. Holmes.
Brookwood station, W. E. Foust.
Northport station, R. M. Archibald.
Northport circuit, E. D. Emerson.
Slpsey station, supplied by R. L. Crews.
Gordo circuit, E. V. L. Finch.
Carrollton circuit, G. E. Boyd.
Millport circuit, W. McD. Howell.
Kennedy circuit, M. J. Williams.
Marcumvllle circuit, H. L. Hargett.
Berry circuit, R. B. Baird.
Belle Ellen mission, P. L. Abernathy.
Transferred—J. C. Morris, to Tennessee
conference; F. A. Rogers, to Alabama
conference; G. S. H. Smith and T. H.
Roberts, to Alabama conference.
Will Take Orders
Blue Points,
^ Bonsecours,
Ly nnhavens,
N. Y. Saddle Rocks.
Best Selects, 50c per hundred.
Plants, 75c per hundred.
Norfolk plants, $1.25 per 100.
Brooms’ Fisli and Oyster Market,
No. ll>i Twentieth Street.
I have forced them to reduce
their price,
they have also reduced the quality
of their whisky.
still sell the same standard brands,
same standard quality and same
price—75c a bottle.
209 and 2r 1 Nineteenth Street.
New Telephones.
Please note the following additions to our
list of subscribers since November 1:
248—Tennessee Grain Company.
247—Worthington. J. L., coal yard.
64?—Cefaln, R., vegetables and fruits.
ll(p— Dispatch Special Messenger Service.
W8— A. G. S. R. R., division freight office. I
674—Leake, J. D., coal yard.
908—Alexander-Sawyer Company.
82—Alice Carpet Company.
1028—Brooks, D. S., livery stable.
989—Wilson, H. M., residence.
870—"Morris, George L., residence.
180-xStout, H. E., residence.
302—Tracy, W. L., residence.
626—Tynes, D. D., residence.
23—Vlnlng, E. E., residence.
70^Woods, W. H., residence.
47—Lopez, E. IT. & Co., hardware.
61—Simmons, W. A. & Co., general mer
49—The Daily Telegram.
A new list wtll be issued about December
1. Parties expecting to put in phones should
hand in their names at once tnat they may
appear in this new list.
Rates for residences very low.
For any information call on or address
R. L*. WEST, Manager.
Telephone 140.
Atlanta, Ga. 11-27-41
7T~~ urn ii m niraiwiniwi—ini i mm muhim nr- n—
2022 Hirst Avenue.
^'e'v ^®Pes> New Kid Gloves, New Ostrich Boas, New Jackets, New
\eiMngs, New Hats and Bonnets, New Corsets, New Infant’s Caps
and Cloaks, New Winter Underwear. i

I Closing
At 49c
a yard
75 more
They are
$2 50
a yard.
We are
in earnest
and want
ito get rid
of our
entire stock
of Dress
Goods and
Quality, Style and Price will sell
them quickly. Over 200 New Gar
ments received.
Doeskin Cloth Double Cape, plain
silk stitched, 100 inch sweep.
a regular til.00 fine Doeskin Cloth
Double Cape, 120 Inch sweepo.
New Flush and Velour Capes
Prices lower than you buy them in
this city. Call early and get first
at actual cost.
All our solid Dress Goods. At sacrifice
prices all our dress trimmings.
(Down stairs.)
For the
Grand dis
play of
Toques and
Roses, new *
New Sailor
and Walk
ing Hats
at 75 cents
Your choice
of 500 new
Sailor and
New Tom
Prices, 35c,
40c, 50c,
75c, $1,
$1.50 in
Plain colors
and plaids.
“2*0X1 Can’t Improve Some Tilings.
That’s exactly the ease with our Old ha
dies’ Comfort Shoes, which are so easy and
comfortable that they couldn’t be more so.
All shoes should be that way, whatever the
age or sex of the wearer. The elderly,
though need such shoes more than those
less advanced In years, and for their benefit
we carry a line of the easiest of easy foot
wear Every pair Is a genuine value at
from'$1.25 to $3.50 a pair. The same Is true
of every shoe in our stock. It’s a case of
bleh value and low price every time.
We carry the finest line of Ladies’ up-to
date Lace and Button Shoes.
If you want fine shoes for children we
can show you first-class shoes.
We have 2000 pairs of Ladles’ hand-turned
Button Shoes, sizes 1 to 4, C and D last.
Plain toe button Shoes, two many of the
same size, real value $3.00 to $5.00, will close
out at $1.50.
All mail orders shipped the same day re
All kinds of repairing done.
ST. PIERRE, Wholesale and Retail Shoer, 1910 First Avenue.
In All Things All The Time
THERE are many GOOD life insurance companies, but among
them all there must be one BEST. THE BEST is THE
EQUITABLE. If you wish to know why, send for: i, the
report of the Superintendent of Insurance for the State of New
York on the examination of The Equitable; 2, for actual results
of maturing policies; 3, for statement of death claims paid in
1894. Then you will know the three great reasons of The
Equitable’s supremacy: First, its financial stability; second,
its great profits and advantages to living policy-holders; third,
the promptness of its payments and liberality of its settlements.
The Equitable Life Assurance Society
Of the United States.
JAS. W. ALEXANDER, Vice-President. H. B. HYDE, President.
Clark & Jackson, Managers (J?Kirk jaek£n) 5 L. D. Burdette, Cashier.
OFFICES—2021 First Avenue, Souihern Club Building, Birmingham, Ala.
Assets, $185,044,310. Surplus, $37,481,069.
All People Like the Best. I Sell Only Standard Goods
Drugs, J
Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles,
Medical Wines
and Liquors. \
Lill ies,
[ Crocus.
«®rI am still Agent for the Belle of Sumpter Whisky.
John I j. Parker, Druggist,
212 North Twentieth Street.
The Metropolitan Hotel and Restaurant
Nos. 8 and 10 North 20th Street, Corner Morris Avenue.

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