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Denver Smith Has a Word to Say to Billy Ke
hoe—Murder Case Up for the Fourth
Montgomery, Dec. 4.—(Special.)—Mrs.
Mary Whitman Manton died at Provi
dence, R. I., on November 10. Mrs. Man
ton was the widow of Mr. Walter Man
ton, w'ho died recently.^ She was born in
this city nearly sixty years ago and
spent a good portion of her early life
here. Her father was Mr. George Whit
man, one of the early settlers of Mont
gomery, and her mother was a sister of
the late Capt. James Y. Brame. Her
brother, Mr. George W. Whitman, was
clerk of our circuit court about thirty
years ago. She was noted for her beauty
as a young lady, and was a great belle
in the best social circles of more than
one southern city and fashionable sum
mer watering place. Mr. Manton be
longed to a wealthy and prominent fam
ily in Providence, but lost his wealth
several years ago through business ad
versities. Latterly Mr. and Mrs. Manton
have lived in Washington city, where
Mr. Manton held, a responsible position
in the state department.
Denver Smith Replies.
Mr. Denver Smith called at the Journal
office today and said he was ready to
meet Billy Kehoe and James McClarney
in a glove contest nt McDonald’s Friday
night as suggested. Denver Smith said:
“1 will acct pt their challenge to box them
four rounds each,and if I don't best them
in the number of rounds named I wdll
give tin m the box receipts.” The admis
sion will be $1, 50 and 25 cents.
For the Fourth Time.
Douglas White is on trial in the city
court for the murder of Margaret Davis,
committed on Carter’s Hill road about
three years ago. On the first hearing of
his case the jury failed to agree, and on
the second trial there was a verdict of
guilty with a death sentence, which was
reversed on an appeal to the supreme
court. On the third trial the verdict was
set aside on a ground of error. The state
closed its case at noon and the hearing
of evidence for the defense was begun.
The defendant is represented by Capt.
John G. Winter, Mr. James S. Fuller
and Mr. Thomas Arrington. The state is
represented by Solicitor Lomax, assisted
by Mr. John J. Robinson.
, Personal.
J. G. Gilbert of Birmingham Is regis
tered at the Windsor.
Gen. George P. Harrison of Opelika is
registered at the Exchange.
J. A. Downey of Birmingham is regis
tered at the Galatas.
J. Fountain of Birmingham is at the
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child, sho cried for Castoria,
When sho became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When sho had Children, sho gave them Castoria.
Good fishing at East Lake.
We have just received a carload of
choice California wines, such as Clarets,
Port, Sherry and White Wine. They are
equal in quality to any imported wines;
prices are within reach of everybody.
Special inducements to parties buying by
the barrel. Samples free of charge. Give
us a call.
M. & A. WISE,
Corner Morris Ave. and 20th St.
For plumbing work tele
phone No. 2 or call on Ross
Bros., 1922 3d avenue. 12-5-2
A Big Land Beal.
Augusta, Ga.. Dec. 4.—The Chronicle
has received a special from Thomson,
(ia.. telling of the largest land deal ever
consummated in this section of Georgia,
The tract of land consists of some S000
acres lying in Columbia and McDuffie
counties, and situated about twenty
three miles from the city of Augusta.
It was sold for division among the heirs
of the late Dr. James S. Hamilton, and
was bought by Mr. John E. Smilh, a
prosperous farmer of that neighborhood,
who paid in cash $33,000 for the tract.
This ileal simply goes to show that there
tire farmers in the south who have cash
mnney on hand nnd who have faith in
the south’s present and future.
Mr. Smith will run the farm next year
(himself, placing on It some 200 plows in
addition to those already on the planta
tion. Less than one-half of the tract is
under cultivation at present.
We still “lead the van” in
fancy family groceries.
Fresh bread ana candy made
daily at C. W. Cody’s, 1820 to
1826 3d avenue. jes tf 2p
Birmingham Boys “Busted.”
Fort Wayne, Ind., Dec. 4.—Two young
men appeared at the police station this
evening suffering severely from cold and
exposure, and asked for help. Their
names are Coiner and Alberight, and
their parents are wealthy manufac
turers in Birmingham. Ala. The young
men were bountifully supplied with mon
ey, and went on a trip to New York,
They attended the foot ball game between
Yale and Princeton a week ago Satur
day. bet on Princeton and are now trying
to get back home. They were turned
over to the Young Men's Christian asso
For Skin Tortured
And Tired ,
In One iTv.
Application of
Sfeedy Curb Treatment. —Warm bath*
with Cuticura Soap, gentle application* of
Cuticcka (ointment), and mild (ioee* of Cuti
cura Resolvent (the new blood purifier).
thronrrhnnt tha world. Briti'h drpoti T Nrw
rpi’T <*i 8ov«. i, g innl-ci. I.r.n.)•■>•». Po*
® Birthday Gift?. ®
We are now open
Receives a Message From Governor O'Ferrall
Suggesting Wise Legislation—The
State’s Finances.
Richmond, Va., Dec, 4.—The Virginia
assembly met at noon today. The offi
cers nominated in the caucus were elect
ed. Governor O'Ferrall in his annual
message declares that the financial con
dition of Virginia is excellent, and the
settlement of the state debt with the
creditors is so satisfactory it is probable
that no contention will be renewed on the
subject. lie expresses confidence that
steps will be taken by the legislature
to restore the University of Virginia,
which was partially burned in October.
He asks for generous appropriations
for pensioning Confederate veterans and
widows. He invokes the power of the leg
islature to stamp out lynching, and rec
ommends the subject tuVn act requiring
every county or city to pay into the
treasury of the state for the benefit of
the public free school fund the sum of
$200 for each 1000 of population, not ex
ceeding $10,000, for every lynching which
may' occur within its limits, and that
the expense of the militia called to pro
tect a prisoner from violence shall be
refunded to the state. The governor sug
gests that the penalty for rape be death
in every case, and that an indictment
for either offense shall have precedence
over .every case on the docket. Governor
O’Ferrall maintains that it is the duty
of Virginia to preserve personal liberty,
and that no man shall be compelled to
work unless it be for penal punishment.
If lie is not satisfied with ills wages he
has the right to stop work. On the othen
hand, no man should be compelled by
menace, threats or force to withdraw
from his work. When that is done he
is no longer a free man, and whosoever
thus deprives him of his right to labor
and to earn a livelihood robs him of that,
which is granted to every man in this
land of equal rights and freedom. He
declares that it is the duty of the state
to protect ail property, and defends his
course in using the militia for this pur
pose whenever it seemed necessary. He
demands the enactments to put an end to
horse race gambling in the state, and in-,
sists that pool selling in all its forms be
absolutely prohibited. He asks that prize
fighting be made a felony, and calls for
a special act to break up lawlessness in
that portion of the state opposite the Dis
trict of Columbia.
After fevers and debilitating illness
take Hood’s Sarsaparilla, the strength
and health giver. _
General freight and passen
ger office Alabama Great
Southern Railroad removed to
No. 7 North 20th street. Tele
phone 848. i i-5-tf
Good fishing at East Lake.
12-l-tf _ _
Eight Thousand Fresh Troops Have Arriv
ed for Slaughter.
Key West, Fla., Dec. 4.—News by the
steamer Olivette tonight report that on
the 3d Instant Generals Gomez and San
chez, with 2000 or 3000 insurgents, at
tacked the Spanish Generals Suarez, Val
dez and Garrieh, who had about 2500
men, between Camaguey and Las Villas,
completely routing them. They left 150
dead on the field.
Yesterday It was rumored in- Havana
that Antonio Maceo, with 2000 men, had
passed I.a Trocha going towards Cama
The Insurgent chief Rego on Sunday
blew up a train with a guard of forty
soldiers, capturing all the arms and am
Today the eighth ship with Spanish
■soldiers arrived at Purto Rico, making
a total of R000 fresh troops. They will be
dispatched to the country also.
We guarantee our prices to
be the lowest.
1816 and 1818 2d avenue.
_ ll-28-tf
Old papers for sale cheap at
this office.
Ha Tells a Postmaster to Resign One or the
Other Office.
Pittsburg, Pa„ Dec. 4.—Postmaster
John O'Donnell resigne'd the chairman
ship of the democratic city committee
last night. It was learned today that the
postmaster, yesterday received the fol
lowing concise and plainly worded letter
from W, L. Wilson, postmaster-general:
"We are informed that you are chair
man of the democratic city committee of
Pittsburg. You will either have to re
sign that office for the postmastership.”
For plumbing work tele
phone No. 2 or call on Ross
Bros., 1922 3d avenue. 12-5- t
An Old Hule Unearthed.
Washington, Dec. 4.—If the populists
should enter an objection to the election
of the republican chairmen of commit
tees, and that party cannot get the nec
essary majority, it transpires that they
can placa a majority of their senators on
the committees anyhow. Some one in
the caucus today called attention to rule
24 of the senate. This rule has been in
force since 1829, and its pertinence to the
present situation was unnoticed until
this afternoon. What the report brings
may be easily apparent upon reading
the text of this rule, which Is as follows:
"In the appointment of standing com
mittees the senate, until otherwise or
dered, shall proceed by ballot to appoint
severally the chairman of each commit
tee, and then by one ballot the other
members necessary to complete the
same. A majority of the whole number
of votes given shall be necessary to the
choice of a chairman of a standing com
mittee, but a plurality of votes shall
elect the other members thereof. All
other committees shall be appointed by
ballot until otherwise ordered; a plural
ity of votes shall appoint."
Whatever of doubt may exist as to tlie
power of the republicans to command a
majority, there can be no question of the
fact that they have a plurality over the
Atlanta’s Election.
Atlanta. Oa., Dec. 4.—In the city elec
tion held here today the vote was very
close. At midnight the count showed the
election of Woodward and Dlmmoek for
aldermen on the citizen's ticket. They
were opposed by a ticket supported by
tiie prohibitionists and the American
Protective association. The candidates
on Ihe citizen's ticket for the council
are leading so far as the count has gone,
but it Is very close, and some candidates
from both tickets may be elected.
ing up on. pent
licit your i.->it to
Mr. M. B. Nelce of Huntsville is in the
Mr. W. M. Lindsey was in Montgomery
Mr. Charles Sparks of Shelby is visit
ing the city.
Mr. L. J. Haley spent yesterday in
Mr. H, L. Williams of Wetumpka was
in the city last night.
Col. Ed G. Caldwell of Anniston was
in the city^bst night.
Mr. E. J. Meir of Sylacauga arrived in
Birmingham last night.
Mr. J. D. Dwyer and family left^Jast
night for Atlanta and the exposition.
Mr. W. H. Johnson of the Montgomery
Advertiser was in the city yesterday.
Mr. P. J. Burke and bride have re
turned from the Atlanta exposition.
Mr. George D. Allison left last night
on a business trip to Nashville and Mem
Miss Annie Worthington is visiting her
sister in Jasper, to be absent several
Mrs. C. P. DeShazo and pretty little
Miss Nina Hood leave this evening for
a weelt in Atlanta.
Hon. W. H. Denson and wife stopped
over In the city last night on their return
from the Atlanta exposition.
Mrs. Emily Stern, nee Miss Bell Drey
fus, of Dallas. Tex., is visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. Blondheim, Fourth avenue.
Miss Annie Stratton of Memphis,
Tenn., arrived last night on a visit to
her sister, Mrs. Frank Fowlkes, South
Mrs. Ann S. Montgomery of Lewisburg,
W. Va., is here spending the winter with
her sons. Col. J. A. and Mr. -William G.
Mrs. M. C. Reynolds is in Mobile, hav
ing been called there by a telegram an
nouncing the serious illness of her sis
ter, Mrs. James H. Webb.
Mrs. J. G. Siddons of the North High
lands and her niece. Miss Jennie Gaither,
of Columbus, Ga., left last night for At
lanta to spend several days.
Mrs. John M. Martin of Birmingham
is on a visit to Tuskaloosa. Her pres
ence is always a source of great pleasure
to her number of friends.—Tuskaloosa
Mr. Robert McDavid and family of
Montgomery arrived in the city yester
day morning. Mr. McDavid returned
home in the afternoon. His family will
spend some time with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Durham and Miss Mittie
Durham of the South Highlands and
Miss Nannie Dodwell, Mr. W. A. Frazer
and Mr. J. L. Culver of 1914 Fifth avenue
left this morning to take in the exposi
Bishop w. W. Duncan of Spartan
burg, S. C'., was in the city yesterday en
route to Yazoo City, Miss., whither he
was going to preside over the Mississippi
Methodist conference. He was the guest
of Rev'. M. H. Wells while in the city.
Maj. Joseph Hardie, accompanied by
Mrs. Hardie and Miss Alva Bradford left
yesterday afternoon over the Louisville
and Nashville and Southern Paciilc rail
roads for Los Angeles, Cal., to spend the
winter. Their address will be care of
Bellvue Terrace hotel.
Several Birmingham people will attend
the funeral of the late Col. John G. Cull
man at Cullman today. Those who went
to Cullman last night were Messrs. Wil
liam Reckling, P. Furrer, C. J. Rambow,
Frank P. O’Brien. J. W. Shafer and E. ~
Lesser. They took with them a beauti
ful iloral offering, vvhrtch will be placed,
on the casket of the deceased.
T. C. King, 2026 First avenue, has re
ceived 1000 pairs Bannister shoes—Cor
dovan. French calf, patent leathers and
enamel leathers. Twenty different styles
tans. B, C, D, E lasts. Price $4.50 and $5.
Same elsewhere $6 and $7. Nine thousand
pairs other kinds of ladies’, men’s and
children’s, from 10 to 40 per cent reduc
tion. See our Twentieth Century line.
Mrs. James E. Webb, Jr., of Birming
ham, formerly Miss Maude Hays, accom
panied by her little son, Witherow, is
the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Bama Jones.
Tuskaloosa has not seen this former pop
ular Tuskaloosa girl since her marriage a
year and a half ago and her countless
home friends extend her a most cordial
welcome.—Tuskaloosa Times.
Mr. Truman H. Aldrich arrived In the
city last night on his return from a busi
ness trip to Cincinnati. When told by a
reporter that the papers had him in
Washington looking after his congres
sional Interests he replied that he would
not go to the capital until after the ap
pointment of the election committee:
that he had some Important business
that was requiring his personal atten
tion just at this time.
Mr. Marion Stuart Cann of Scranton,
Pa., formerly editor of the. Age-Herald,
paid the State Herald a call yesterday.
He has been taking in the Atlanta expo
sition and came over, he said, to visit
his old friends. Mr. Cann won many
friends while a citizen of Birmingham,
and as he noted the death of so many
wilh whom he had been intimately asso
ciated, hot tears wet his cheeks. Since
his return to Scranton he has combined
his literary work with teaching, and
upon the whole the world has gone well
with him. The “Silent Eye” will ever
receive a cordial welcome to Birming
Florence Hotel arrivals, December 4:
Willis Banks, Columbus, Miss.: F. M.
Hendon. Virginia; Kelly O'Rear, Chatta
nooga; S. E. Jones, Bessemer; E. D.
Brown, Baltimore; P. J. Croghan. San
ford. Fla.; Mrs. Kate Kennedy, Illinois,
Fred H. Cobb, Jr., Meridian, Miss.; Miss
Francis M. Hughes, Samuel T. Battle.
Frank T. Johnson, O. Rawson Wade,
Frank G. Hollister, Chicago; H. Michael
vson, J. E. Pope, New York; W. Madison
Scott, Virginia; C. M. Russell, Evansville;
F. G. Blair. Tuskaloosa; W. H. Johnston,
H. W. Clark, Montgomery; F. H. Plant,
Boston; Irving Washington, Chicago; R.
Two Months for $5.
This Is the cheapest and best physician
you can have. It cures as wrell as pre
vents colds, la grippe, fevers, etc.
Rheumatism and all forms of chronic
ailments are cured after all other reme
dies fail. Send for particulars.
223 Twenty-first Street.
Birmingham, ----- Alabama.
purchaser of Kur
oni* establishment
W. H. KETT1G, President. Yf. J. MILNEB, Vice-President. H. K. MILNEB, Baoretary and Treasurer.
The Milner & Kettig Co.,
(Incorporated. Paid up capital, $125,000.00.)
Bar Iron and Steel, Black Diamond Files, Black Diamond Tool
Steel, Tools, Rubber and Leather Belting, Rubber Flose and
Packing, Blake Steam Pumps, Atlas Engines and Boilers
All kinds of Machinery.
Write /or Prices and Catalogue.
Birmingham, Alabama.
P. Crockett, Nashville; John S. Montgom
ery, Savannah; R. S. Lewis, Shelby coun
ty; John O. Tate, St. Louis; T. B. Bal
lard, Marion, Ala.; G. P. Deldeof, Mem
phis; R. L. Parker, T. B. Rice, Little
Rock: T. J. Dorden, New York; W. S.
Elmore, Boston; J. C. Harris, Sheffield;
John A. Murkin, Nashville; B. F. Jones,
Blockton; R. F. Lovelady, Pratt City;
D. O. Crooks, Cincinnati; J. Milton
Browne, Louisville; Ed G. Caldwell. Cal
houn county; Rose Henry, J Bessemer;
Charles Yarcum, Galva, 111., Miss Kate
Yarcum, Galva, 111.; E. Y. Wiley, Chi
Cold Weather Is Coming.
Telephone 487 for coal. Ward's coal
yard keeps as good as can be had in this
market. When you need coal call on
them. Can furnish on short notice at
market price. 7-19-tf
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phone No. 2 or call on Ross
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Only $500,000 of Gold Hits Been Deposited
With the Treasury.
Washington, Dec. 4.—Since Secretary
Carlisle's offer to pay the express charges
both ways for gold deposited in order to
build up the gold reserve, slightly over
$500,000 in gold lias been deposited in con
formity with the offer. Many millions
of dollars of gold have been offered by
national banks, but the conditions at
tached have been such that Secretary
Carlisle has declined to receive it. For
instance, $700,000 in gold was offered by
Louisville, Ky„ banks. The gold was
light weight, and the banks wanted it
accepted at its face, and not its bullion,
value. Many banks in western sub-treas
ury cities offered to deposit gold if they
were given a credit in New York. The
terms of the original offer expressly pre
clude this being done, as it was not the
Intention of the treasury to assume the
“expense of exchange for national banks.
The offer states that the gold must be
deposited In the nearest sub-treasury by
the depositor, and currency would be
forwarded in exchange, the treasury pay
ing express charges both ways. It did
not contemplate the deposit of gold in
one sub-treasury city and the delivery of
currency therefor in another sub-treas
ury city at the government's expense.
In the meantime withdrawals of gold
from the treasury will continue, and the
gold reserve is now slightly below $79,
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
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Ezeta Has a Tug.
San Francisco, Dec. 4.—The tug Bar
clay Golden, which Manuel Casin, one of
the supporters of General Ezeta, has
chartered to go down to San Salvador,
will probably sail tomorrow. There are
no arms or ammunition on the tug and
no state of war exists in the south at the
present; therefore the government has
decided to give the boat her papers. It
iH stated that the vessel will proceed in
the direction of Acapulco and there meet
a schooner loaded with arms and ammu
nition. The tug will not attempt to lund
at LaLibertad or LaAjutad, but will
land her cargo at a certain point on the
Central American coast. There are arms
and ammunition at one of the Central
American ports that will be brought off
In barges to the tug._
A Woman Vice-President.
New York, Dec. 4.—Mrs. Louis E.
Holme Baringh of Atlanta, Ga„ who
claims to he a descendant of the German
poet, Schiller, was elected second vice
president of the junior class of thp law
school of the University of the City of
New York last night.
Mrs. Baringh earned the consideration
of her associates for her vigor in de
nouncing the members of the senior
class, who interfered with the meeting of
the juniors on last Friday.
Rev. Dr. Frederick Cutler was elected
president of the class. The oflicers were
Installed tonight.__
A Pecttliar Controversy.
Indianapolis, Dee. 4.—A peculiar con
troversy has developed between the In
surance companies and concerns burned
out during the big tire. There is a ques
tion as to whether the fire was caused
by the collapse of a floor, or the collapse
was caused bv the fire. The employes of
Schnull & Co., the chief losers, claim that
the flames brokp out after the collapse,
and the insurance companies, taking this
as their cue, may refuse to pay the pol
icies, which do not insure against darn
ages caused bv a collapse. As the total
loss Is fully JiiOO.OOO, a legal fight Is not
Impossible. _
A Charleston Fatlure.
Charleston, S. C., Dec. 4.—The firm of
I. Jacobs & Sons made a general assign
ment to the legal firm of Mordecal &
Gadsden today. The liabilities and as
sets are not stated. The film were prom
inent merchants. No cause Is given for
the failure.
opeaa iiml IJomcs
for a criticalexam
Special Notice.
To Serve our many city patrons, from MONDAY, DECEM
BER i, our store will be kept open until 9 o’clock at night till
after the holidays.
Parties Buying in Quantity
will do well to price our goods before buying.
The Only Exclusive Wholesale Liquors, Wines & Cigars, 118 19th St.
Original Budweiser Bottled Beer,
The Schubert Concert company of Chi
cago arrived yesterday morning and are
stopping at the Florence hotel.
The Jefferson County Teachers' insti
tute meets in the public school building
at Woodlawn tonight, for a three days'
Special services will be held at the
Third Presbyterian church at 3 o'clock
this afternoon and 7:30 this evening, in
stead of 10:30 a. m.
The Mendelssohn society’s first grand
concert will be December 10 at the opera
house, the Confederate veterans desiring
to give their concert December 6.
Members Radies' Aid society, Church
of the Advent, are requested to meet at
Mrs. Dr. Hendley’s at 10 a. m. today
(Thursday). Business of importance to
be transacted.
Yesterday afternoon about 5:15 o'clock,
at the corner of Nineteenth street and
Second avenue, a white man who was
riding a bycicle ran into a negro. The
white man whistled, but the negro didn't
hear him. The negro was not hurt.
T. C. King, 2026 First avenue, has re
ceived 1000 pairs Bannister shoes—Cor
dovan. French calf, patent leathers and
enamel leathers. Twenty different styles
tans. B, C, D. E lasts; price $4.50 and $5.
Same elsewhere $6 and $7. Nine thousand
pairs other kinds of ladies', men's and
children's, from 10 to 40 per cent reduc
tion. See our Twentieth Century line.
Damascus Council No. 99, Grand Order
of the Orient, which was instituted here
about a week ago, met last night and
initiated fifty-five candidates. The offi
cers of the lodge are: Grand patishah,
John Antwine; grand vlsler, H. W. West
cott; grand secretary and treasurer, H.
M. Austin; grand herald, Gus Itothholz;
grand pasha, C. D. Rudolph; grand
vidette, J. W. Wiley.
Prohibition Defeated.
Atlanta, Ga„ Dec. 4.—The Georgia
house of representatives today defeated
the Bush bill, which was practically a
state prohibition bill. The bill received
seventy-five votes and there were sixty
two against it. Eighty-eight votes were
necessary to pass it.
Pure Tr,o£.
Butterine is a much abused product.
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All processes are under the direction of
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skillful combination of pure sweet fats
the study of his life.
Prof. Charles Chandler, of New York
City, says: “The product is palatable
and wholesome and I regard it as a
most valuable article of food.”
Prof. J. S. W. Arnold, Medical De
partment, University of New York,
says: “A blessing for the poor, and in
every way a perfectly pure, wholesome
and palatable article of food.”
Prepared Solely By
Kansas Cltv. U. S. A.
tic > ovelties and
ination of' our sto
BEN S. THIESS, Manaeer.
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The Commissioners’ Court of Covington
county, Alabama, will meet on December
9, 1890, for the purpose of adopting plans
and specifications for the erection of a bri<*k
court house at Andalusia, and on December
10 for tiie purpose of letting out the building
of said court house (according to the plans
and specifications adopted) to the lowest
bidder. The Court reserves the right to re
ject any or all bids made.
By order of the Commissioners’ Court.
November 20, 18U5.
12-5-Gt Judge of Probate.
M Chichester** English Diamond ItranJ.
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