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The Advertiser and the Register are
losing some of their strong men and pa
pers and the State Herald Is picking
them up.—independent.
9 • •
Wanted—Somebody, anybody, to run
for governor against Joe Johnston. For
conditions and rewards apply to the
Mor'gomery Advertiser.—Talladega Re
9 9 9
Captain Johnston or captain anybody
else, if nominated by the democratic con
vention, should receive the hearty sup
port of every democrat In the state.»-Cle
burne County Standard-News.
9 9 9
The Advertiser gets mad and "cusses"
when Capt. Joe Johnston writes Tetters,
and it gets madder when he doesn't see
proper to write. Your Uncle Joe Is not
in the habit of doing what his enemies
want him to do. He is sawing wood and
saying nothing and Is going to be the
next governor of Alabama—not senator.
Dick Clarke is more than likely to go to
the senate.—Selma Times.
9 9 9 -
Capt. Joseph F. Johnston seems to be
the only man upon whom the democratic
party can unite, and there seems now
no doubt of his being the nominee of the
party for governor of Alabama. There
is no better democrat in the state than
Captain Johnston. His being an original
silver man may cause many gold bugs
to knife him by the aid of the secret
ballot, but it will not affect his election.
—Baldwin Times.
• • •
Capt. Joe Johnston is steering clear of
any political entanglements with men
who have been on both sides of the finan
cial fence. He has won his spurs by a
brave and fearless fight and an unalter
able adherence to party pledges. Those
who have disregarded their pledges and
promises as party leaders jealously view
his hold upon the masses, and some am
bitious men try to tack on to him be
cause of their own weakness.—Independ
* * *
A great many of the Advertiser's pets
among the state press are now engaged
in proving to tlfeir own satisfaction that
Joe Johnston is not the man for govern
or, but have not yet succeeded in getting
a man who is willing to "buck1' against
ihtm. Trot out your man and we guaran
tee that Joseph will put him to sleep In
three rounds, using a feather pillow for
a glove.—Selma Times.
* * •
The Times has nothing but kindly per
sonal feelings for any man. We want it
understood that we have no personal war
to make on anyone, and we will not do it.
We have our opinions on many matters,
but we will r.ot allow them to stand in
the way of harmony for Alabama demo
crats, and. most of all, we will make no
disagreeable war on any man or set of
men. This is a time when every democrat
should pool his Issues with every other
democrat and spread harmony all over
the face of the earth.—Eufaula Times.
• • »
Every democrat should remember that
Capt. Joe Johnston has entered nearly
every canvass In this state for the past
ten or fifteen years and temained In it
until victory was assured, speaking in
the most doubtful counties at his own
expense, while others that should have
taken part stood idly by waiting to see
how "the cat would jump.” If the dem
ocratic party of Alabama owes anybody
anything It owes a debt to Joseph F.
Johnston.—Cuba Banner.
• * •
Since Captain Johnston Is the only can
didate we have for governor, and consid
ering his earnest work and patriotism in
the past and his personal fitness for the
place, it is the duty of all the democratic
press of Alabama to pull together as a
unit In order to prevent another candi
date from entering the field and causing
a family fight. The papers can do this
if they will, for no man can have the
hardihood to attempt such a thing with
all the press against him. Now is the
time to show that you are made of the
kind of stuff of which you say others
should be made.—Tuskaloosa Gazette.
• • •
If there is a democratic paper in the
state that opposes the nomination of
Capt. Joseph F. Johnston for Governor,
since Governor Oates declined to make
the race, that paper has not the welfare
of the state at heart. Captain Johnston
may differ with thousands of us on
finance, but that honest difference docs
not Impair his democracy or disqualify
him as an aspirant to the highest office
in the gift of the people. Let the demo
cratic press unite in sowing the good
seed and there will be a majority of not
less than 50,000 loyal citizens nil over the
state next August shouting, “Hurrah for
Governor Johnston!"—Leighton News.
* • •
It Is only a question of time when a
paper that is run as a personal grievance
organ, and whose editors are extremists,
will be whipped so badly that the edi
tors will have to give room to more con
servative men who have fewer enemies
to punish. The Montgomery Advertiser
is trying to force a fight within the dem
ocratic party which thousands of those
who have heretofre followed It do not
approve 'and will not be parties to. The
Advertiser had just as well learn now
as later that the business people are
tired of political strife and discord, and
will refuse to be led into it by this rule
or-ruln dictator. Governor Oates, as we
predicted two weeks ago. is the Adverti
ser's latest victim.—Greensboro Watch
• • •
i ne reopie s irioune, tjaptain koiu s
paper, which so bitterly fought a fusion
with the republicans at Birmingham,
and which Is evidently at heart democrat
ic and feels that It Is In the wrong com
pany, criticises the position assumed by
Colonel Reese since he was chosen sena
tor by the populist party in this state to
contest Morgan's seat. Comparing Cleve
land’s position and action with that of
Colonel Reese, the Tribune says:
"There is not a shadow of doubt that
the people will repudiate all piebald poli
tics, and start the fast approaching years
of the new century on the same solid,
Jeffersonian doctrines that brought in the
present expiring century with Thomas
Jefferson as the exponent of sound de
So It seems that Colonel Reese is about
to encounter opposition in his own ranks,
and has stirred up a hornet's nest where
It was least expected.—Montgomery Jour
nal. _
Rev. J. A. Snedecor Appointed District Super
intendent of the American Bible Society.
At a meeting of the board of managers
of the American Bible society in New
York on Monday last Rev. James A.
Snedecor, pastor of the Avondale Pres
byterian church, was unanimously elect
ed district superintendent of the Bible
work In Alabama. This great responsi
bility comes to him without his seeking,
and marks his peculiar fitness for the
The presbytery of north Alabama will
be asked on the 20th of this month to
meet and dissolve his pastoral relation
with his church, as he has accepted the
position with a-riew of entering upon his
new field of labor January 1.
He will carry with him the best wishes
of his ministerial friends of all denomi
nations, with whom he has been in cor
dial sympathy.
While his church and that community
will miss his valuable counsel and earn
est labors, they will also rejoice that he
has been called to a work for which,
by his ripe Judgment, admirable execu
tive ability and spiritual graces, he Is
eminently qualified.
There are a, great many people who fol
low the Ideas of the well-known Bob In
gersoll and do not believe in the Bible,
but there is one man who has evidently
made the Bible a study, and that one
man is the well-known author and play
wright, William Gill, who has written a
clean three-act domestic musical comedy
entitled "A Fatted Calf,” which, with its
Biblical title, portrays a story of human
Interest complete with comedy flashes
and witty dialogue and presented in such)
a manner by a cast ao. carefully selected
that great credit Is due Mr. Kugene Rob
inson. under whope personal direction
"A Fatted Calf” will be seen at O’Brien'sr
opera house this week, when it is confi
dently expected that the house will be
packed to the doors. Composed of a
company of most carefully selected play
ers, it is needless to say that this already
popular comedy will meet with a most
cordial reception.. It has a very inter
esting and amusing plot, with a story
that holds the attention of its audience
from the rise to the fall of the curtain.
It comes to us highly indorsed by the
press of the metropolis, where it was
a pronounced success. The New York
World of April 16, 1895. termed it as
"good meat" and advised its readers to
sec it- .
"A Fatted Calf" will be at O’Briens
opera ihoiifae tomorrow and Thursday
nights. __
Children Cry for
Pitcher’s Castoria.
The right “ad” in the right
place will always bring re
sults. Try a space in the State
Herald’s “Cheap Columns.”
Charges nominal for all ex
cept “Situations Wanted,”
which are free
Harmony Shall Be the Watchward.
Harmony should be the watchword of
every democrat in Alabama. There can
be no success without it. The lesson so
recently taught us by the election in
Kentucky. Maryland and other states,
where democrats lost heavily, should be
a constant reminder that without har
mony in the ranks democracy can't do
anything. Let the doors be thrown wide
open and every democrat, no matter for
whom he voted in the recent state and
federafeiections. be invited in and asked
to take a part in the selection of county
officers, and all who are known to have
been democrats and who will abide by
the action of the primary in the coming
contest for county officers be Invited to
take a part in the spring primary elec
tions. This Insures harmony in our coun
ty elections and good men will be elected
to office and the party once more united.
The Courier is democratic, warp and
woof, but. it is not of the intolerant sort
that can't see but one side of the ques
tion. In the recent county election the
democrats carried everything except one
office, representative, and the man elect
ed was more democratic than anything
else, else he would have been defeated;
so let us all come back and stand to
gether. firm for a white man’s govern
ment. We are informed that such men
as Hon. J. E. Fielding, and scores of
other good men who have always been
democrats nnd who have always stood
for n white man's government, are ready
and willing to vote with and support the
nominees of the democratic party. Let
them come back to the house of their
fathers. Let us not by any stubborn ac
tion or carcastic words drive them away.
Hundreds of good democrats in Lime
stone county who voted for Captain
Kolb will not go of their own free will
Into the ranks of the populite and repub
lican combine, but if they are shown a
friendly hand will come back and take
their stand in the ranks of the unterrlfled
and support the nominees of that party.
Let them come. They are of our house
hold, and who is It that has not In days
gone by erred? If any man seeing the
error of his way and would turn, chide
him not but extend to him the friendly
hand and brotherly greeting and bid him
welcome to the fold.—Athens Courier.
the doctors
approve of Scott’s
Emulsion. For whom ? For
men and women who are weak,
when they should be strong;
for babies and children who
are thin, when they should be
fat; for all who get no nourish
ment from their food. Poor
blood is starved blood. Con
sumption and Scrofula never
come without this starvation.
And nothing is better for
starved blood than cod-liver
oil. Scott’s Emulsion is
cod-liver oil with the fish-fat
taste taken out.
Two zlzez, SO c«nt* and 91.00
SCOTT ft BOWNB, Now York
Birmingham Fish Company,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in and
Shippers of
Fish, Oysters and Game.
’Phone 146. No. 210 North Twentieth
Street, Birmingham, Ala.
ana Opium Ha:
cured at home w:
out pain.Book of;
ticularsaent FRl
__B.M. WOOLLEY, >.
Office 104* Whiteh*L a*
rj Work flies
right along
- when you take Pearline
to it. So does the
dirt. Every scrub
bing brush seems
/ .xsjp "*■ to nave wings.
You get through your cleaning in half
the time you used to, and without any
commotion or fuss.
Pearline saves rubbing. That means a good deal besides
easy work, even in house-cleaning. Paint and wood work
and oil-cloth, etc., are worn out by rubbing.
Pearline cleans, with the least labor, and without the
least harm, anything in the world that water doesn’t hurt.
CJpf, Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers null tell you “ this is as good as”
tJCllti or “the same as Pearline.” IT’S FALSE—Pearline is never peddled,
> if T”> _ 1 and if your grocer sends you something in place of Pearline, be
PaCK honest—semi it back,468 JAMES PYLE, New Vurk. ^
Matchless Toys 1 Beautiful Dolls ! Interesting Games 1 Hand
some Books 1
Birmingham’s Holiday Quarters!
Have just received $20,000 worth of Holiday goods which must be dispos
ed of before Jan. 1. Largest assortment of Christmas presents in tha south.
& uozen large fancy horns.$ &
17 dozen 10c Jack in boxes. 3
72 dozen 10c painted vases. 5
27 dozen decorated china cups and sau
cers. 15
50 dozen 25c tin toys. 9
36 dozen beautiful china tea sets. 9
92 dozen large china dolls. 9
24 dozen 25c painted carts. 12
12 dozen $1.50 steel axle wood wagons.. 99
10 dozen good size velocipedes. 1 98
1(H) dozen dons, ipng nowing ... "
13 dozen 10c bellow toys. 3
360 dozen large Christmas candles,
dozen. Jj
24 dozen assorted colored doll babies... 33
36 dozen doll furniture. 10
45 dozen assorted 10c games. 6
72 dozen fancy 10c cap pistols. 6
17 dozen 10c picture books. 5
41 dozen 50c red chairs. 23
12 dozen $2 hobby horses.1 25
OUIUI V-dl IUQU Ul 1 >Kj V.HB, J liujuro, » CIULipcuco, null * * UJ.UI1U, .. wwv. ,— !
Handy Wagons, Hobby Horses, Rocking Horses, Chairs, Toy Furniture, Desks, Tool
Chests, Black Boards, Drums, Sewing Tables, Doll Buggies, etc. Mountains of Toys
and Dolls; large assortment Sewing, Manicure, Shaving and Smoking Sets; beautiful
display rich cut glass and Haviland dinner sets; handsome line Dresden, French and
Japanese Cups and Saucers; William Rogers’ 1847 Orange, Salad, Soup, After Dinner,
etc., sets in plush cases at reduced prices. Big stock Japanese and Art Goods. Grand
assortment of Damps. Come and bring the children to see our astonishing bargains
and Santa Claus.
[email protected]“Speeial Prices to Merchants.
N. E. Barker, President. W. J. Cameron, Cashier.
W. A. Walker, Vice-President. Tom. O. Smith, Ass't Cashier.
T. M. Bradley. 2d Ass’t Cashier.
Caj>ital Stock, * - ^250,000
Designated Depository of the United States
Chartered May 13, 1884.
DIFECTOBB—J. A. Etrsttoa.F. D. Nabers, W. A. Walker, T. O. Thompson, W. 3.
Fxoyn, T. H. Molton W. J. Cameron. N. E. Barker. Qeo. L. Morris.
The Berney National Bank,
TT-n i ri g-T-La,Yt-LT Alabama.
Chartered January 28, 1886.
Capital Stock, $200,000.00. Surplus and Profits, $28,000.00.
Successors to Cily National Hank of Birmingham January 8, 1895.
Special Attention to Industrial and Cotton Accounts
J. B. COBBS, Pres’t. W. F. ALDRICH, Vice-Pres’t. W. P. G. HARDING, Cashier.
J. H. BARR, Assistant Cashier.
DIRECTORS—B. B. Comer, T. H. Aldrich, Robert Jemison, W. F. Aldrich, Walker
Percy, Robert Stephens. Charles Wheelock, James A. Going, J. B. Cobbs.
B. M. NELSON, President. W. A. PORTER, Cashlor.
A. T. JONES, Vice-President. H. L. BADHAM. Assistant Cashier.
CAPITAL $500,000.00.
8. E. Cor. First Avenue and Twentieth S.rcct, Birmingham, Ala.
BUT?8 and sells exchange on all principal cities in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa,
Australia, South America and Mexico. Solicits accounts of manufacturers, merchants,
b anks and individuals._ 8 29 tf
Birmingham, Alabama.
Negotiate loans on real estate and collateral.
Buy county and city bonds.
Sell steamship tickets over all lines.
Issue interest-bearing certificates on savings deposits.
Promote and financier enterprises.
Sell exchange on all parts of Europe.
2008 Fir^t Avenue.
Beautiful Galeudars, boom and CUM Cams.
Thousands of volumes of miscellaneous books. Hundreds of volumes of
artistic books for presents. Many little Volumes of devotional books. All the
latest and best books for the youths of our land. Board books, color hooks,
toy books and linen books for the little tQts.
Bibles and Prayer Boobs.
a t
A Bagster Bible, divinely circuit, large size, maps, reference helps and con
cordance, only $1.45; with patent index $2.25.
8®*Toys of all kinds. Dolls, doll carriages, velocfpedes and iron wagons.
Birmingham Paint and Glass‘Company
Tate, Oils, Varnish, Glass, Sash, Doors and Blinds.
1916 Third Avenue....... Birmingham, Ala.
209 N.20th Street,
Money loaned on Watches
Dianionds, Jewelry, Pistols,
E s Ye »large lot of unredeemed watches on
»ale al an astonishing low price. )nl8-tf
Free to Those Wanting Situations.
The State Herald, always friendly to the
needy, will publish free of charge in its
Want Columns advertisements for situa
tions wanted of twenty-five words or less
three times.
The charge for other Wants is
1 Cent Per Word Each Insertion,
almost nominal; and if you want anything
an "ad” in the State Herald Cheap Column
will bring it. Especially is such the case in
No advertisement taken for less than 25
cents. _
112 North Twentieth Street.
Call and see our bargains in diamonds,
solid gold, filled and silver watches, charms,
rings, jewelry of all kinds, adjusted
watches, pistols, cartridges. Money loaned
on all articles described above at reasonable
rates. Business strictly confidential. Pri
vate entrance from the alley. oc29-tf
EXPERIENCED bookkeeper and office man,
with A1 reference, wants situation. Whole
sale or commission business preferred.
Address Competent, care State Herald.
WANTED—Situation to do general house
work in good family or keep house for
widower with young children. Good ref
erences. Address Miss H., 1814 3d avenue.
12-10-3t_ 1
WANTED—A position by an educated and
experienced lady as governess, companion
or housekeepper. Address A. B., State
Herald._ 12-10-3t
WAITED—State agents for Daugherty
Typewriter. Apply to Leigh & Cooper,
Birmingham, Ala._11-15-tf
WANTED—300 station men for railroad
work, Guatemala, C. A. Good digging,
food prices and a long time job. Apply to
. H. Randolph, 328 Exchange Alley, New
Orleans, La. May & Jekyl, Contractors.
_ novl9-lm
WANTED—Your watch, clock and jewelry
repairing. Will make them as good as
new at most reasonable prices. E. Low
insohn, 2010 1st avenue.11-20-tf
Fire Insurance
Written at 20 per cent below regular rates.
2017 Second Avenue, Birmingham, Ala.
No. 512 15th street, North, 7 rooms and ser
vant’s house, *10.
No. 1410 6th avenue, 5 rooms; large lot and
water furnished; *10.
No. 1601 Avenue D, 3 rooms, *5.
No. 1605 Avenue D, 5 rooms, *8.15.
7-room house and lot at West End on elec
tric car line; fine well of water and lot 50x
196; will sell at a great bargain on monthly
160 acres of coal lands close to the city,
two openings; one 400 tons and one 200 tons
each per day; will sell at a great sacrifice;
need monev. Small payment, balance easy
terms. *12,000 amount for the property.
*550—House and lot, Smlthfleld: *50, bal
ance *10 per month; lot 50x200; splendid well,
barn, etc.
*850—Corner lot, 100x140 ; 4-room house,
new; 3 rooms nicely papered; new fence; In
side corporate limits; cheap.
*350—Five acres close to city on pike.
*1250—Two 5-room houses, close to cotton
factory; nicely papered; lots 60x190 each;
southern front.
Lots at Ware’s Grove, *250 up, large size;
also in Jonesville, at very low figures; have
some acreage property that Is good for
trucking. L G PETTYJOHN,
182614 Third avenue
301 and 303 20th street, double store, 66x100
feet, corner 3d avenue.
211 19th street, beautiful store, 40x100 feet.
1318 1st avenue, small store, very cheap.
109 20th street; best location In city.
Dwellings, offices, halls and bed rooms In
different parts of the city.
To Invest from *2000 to 3000 In real estate
that will pay a good interest.
8-18-lm_Dr. Smith’s Block.
B. F. Eborn’s Re.lty Bargains.
Gcnnn-Lot 50x190 (fronts park on 6th
JbDUUU avenue, north), with splendid 18
room residence. Rented at $50 a month and
will rent for $75. Cost $12,000. Price $6000.
G 1 (Kin -Two-story, 8-room residence
JplUUUnear 7th avenue, Northside, on
easy terms.
GS)(inn —Centrally located 6-room house
©<oUUU and lot on 5th avenue, north, on
terms $150 cash and $15 monthly.
GllUH -A Perfect gem! Lovely 6-room
cottage: splendid condition; beau
tiful lot; fine well and hydrant; bath rooms,
etc. House cost $1300. Fronts 19th street
electric line. Small cash payment and $15
monthly takes It If you come tomorrow.
©i AC A Nice 6-room house and lot near
JblUoU South 20th street; easy terms.
©r AAA-Five-room house on five lovely
Jbl-OUUlots 250x190, fronting dummy, near
cotton factory, Elyton; $300 cash and $10
si QAA Splendid 2-story, 9-room house
tblOUUnear South 20th street; $150 cash
and $15 monthly. •
© 3 C A—Valuable, rich truck farm; asplen
Jj'rtJU tract, with house and stables
fenced, fronting 400 feet on public road at
North Birmingham, near city limits, and on
easy terms.
©4 AA —Excellent 80-acre, Improved farm
near Mount Pinson, 16miles from
Birmingham, with good 2-story, 6-room
house, barns, stables, choice orchard and
fine well water. Almost given away at $400.
©1 CAA—Beautiful rich truck farm; love
©ItJUo ly location: excellent 7-room
house; rare and valuable fruits; fine grape
vineyard; two tons yearly; fine well, stables,
etc.; near city limits. Nothing else like It.
■Will sell or trade for city home.
©4 A $60 and $60— Beautiful North Blrmlng
JotivJ ham lots on small monthly payments.
©AAA Cash and $200 payable monthly will
Jfl/wUv/ buy a beautiful South Highland
©AAACash and no grumbling will buy to
©/OUU morrow eight splendid lots all to
gether near northern city limits on macad
amized road.
©4CA—Nice 5-room house at Compton
Station on easy monthly payments.
A choice, rich truck garden, with or with
out house, at Martin Station, on Bessemer
and Birmingham dummy, at a bargain. Only
on for a few days longer.
©CK A—Nice 6-room house and lot, 50x200,
itWUon 8th avenue. Smithlield; $50 cash,
balance easy monthly payments.
12-8-2t 2000Vi Second Avenue.
raise money. Goods are all paid for, but
will sell you anything In the line of
Watches. Diamotias, Jewelry, etc., at less
than Bogota cost ptlrw. Call and con
vince yourself. You will find good values
for your money. E. Lowlnsohn, Jeweler,
2010 1st avenue. * 12-8-tf
LOST—A gray mare pony about 14 bands
high, with bridle and new saddle on. Was
stolen from Ishkooda on Thursday, De
cember 5, 1895. $10 will be paid for inrorma
tioa and return to Henry Boyd, Ishkooda,
BICYCLES—New bicycle shop. Wheels for
rent and repaired. First-class work, 1801
2nd avenue, F. D. Miller._12-7-12t
MAKE MONEY—By careful speculation in
grain through a reliable, successful firm.
Excellent opportunities to make profits by
our new plans; fully explained and sen$
free; highest references. Pattison & Co.,
761 Omaha Bld’g., Chicago, IH. ll-28-0m
MONEL LOANED on diamonds, watches,
jewelry and most anything of value. Lib
eral, confidential and responsible. Old
gold and silver bought. Standard Loan
Co., 2010 1st avenue. 11-20-tf
MONEY TO LOAN—On furniture, without
removal, from $10 up. S. R. Searle, 17th
street, between 1st and 2d avenues.
my2-3m _
A. Blinn & Son, Proprietors. 1807 2nd ave
nue. Telephone 222, Birmingham. 12-2)-tl
FOR SALE—At a bargain, Daugherty Visi
ble Typewriter. F. G. Macke, First Na«
tional bank.12-10-51
thirty days to reduce stock—
Anything in WATCHES,
VERWARE, Etc. Select your
Christmas presents now. O.
P. O. J. S., 2020 First Avenue.
See presents to be given away In my win
11- 5-tf;
FOR SALE CHEAP—480 acres good land;
suitable for farming and truck gardening,
and good for grapes and strawberries.
Small tracts to suit purchasers. T. M.
D. Earheart, Parkwood, Ala. .
12- 3-eod-4t-wky-lt___
$160—Four acres In good location across Vil
lage creek, near Jonesville. Need money,
must sell. , , .
$550—$60 cash, $10 a month—House and lot
8th avenue, near Walker street, Smithtield.
$650—Twenty acres; 4-room house, barn, 150
fruit trees, 225 grape vines; one mile from
East Lake.
$900—100x140, corner 15th street and Avenue
J; well shaded ; nice building spot.
$1500—Splendid home near Ware’s Grove.
$2500—Beautiful home on 11th avenue, South
Highlands, near 18th street.
$3000—Large 2-story modern home on 10th
. avenue, South Highlands, near 19th street.
$3000-50x140, six rooms, 3d avenue, near 17th
street; $800 cash, balance monthly.
$7000 will buy a $10,000 store on 20th street
close in. Well rented. A bargain.
$16.50 a month rent—No. 1503 11th avenue,
South Highlands. „ .
$1700—Beautiful lot, 5th avenue, near 24th
No. 215 21st street.
The Opportunity of Your Life
If You Fail to Bay Now.
50x190—7th avenue, North, *6500.
60x190—5th avenue, North, *6500.
65x100—17th street, North, $3600.
60x240—8th avenue. North, *4000.
50x140—3rd avenue, North, *2760.
Three-story brick store, 2d avenue, North,
110x175—20th street, *5250.
105x165—Avenue I, *5250.
234x172—20th street, *10,000.
Residence, *5250. ,
Residence, *5000.
Residence, *6500.
Residence, 21st street, *4500.
Residence, 18th street, *8000.
100x236—Vacant lot, 20th street, *4000.
Elegant country home, Woodlawn, $2600.
W. B. LEEDY & CO.,
Telephone No. 42, U4tj North 21st St.
Alley corner on 21st street, 90x100, 6-room
house, for *3250 cash.
640 acres of land in twelve miles of city
for *3 per acre cash.
50x140—6-room house, Avenue E, between
26th and 27th streets, for *1275; easy terms.
50x190—On Avenue F, between 26th and 27th
streets, for *425 cash.
50x240—On 8th avenue, between 22d and 23d
streets, for *1500 cash.
25x140—On 3d avenue, close In, for *3500;
*500 cash, balance easy terms.
Three acres of land at Avondale for *275;
easy terms.
50x140, on 5th avenue, between 24th and
25th streets, for *1750; third cash, balanca
one and two years.
Two 9'A-B.ere block* of flno land right near
Elyton for *65 per acre.
*2000 at 8 per cent for two years.
222 21st Street,
"®j\Joal Co
Office and Yard:
Cor. Avenue A anti 22d Street.
We sell more lump coal than any
yard in the city.
Joe R. Cook,
This Famous
Remedy cures
quickly and perm a
1 nentlv all nervous
_such as Weak Memory,
Loss of Brain Power, Headache, Wakefulness,
Lost Vitality, nightly emissions, evil dreams, lm
potency and wasting diseases caused by youthful
errors or excesses. Contains no opiates. Is a
nerve tonic and blood builder. Makes tbe pale
and puny strong and plump. Easily carried In vest
pocket. SI per box; e for Rd. By mall prepaid
with a writtenguarantoe tocuro or money refunded.
Write us for free medical book, sent sealed In
Slain wrapper, which contains testimonials and
nanclal reference's. No charge for consulta
tions. Beware of imitations. Sold by our adver>
Used agents, or address NERVE SEED CO.»
Masonic Temple. Chicago. 111.
Bold in Birmingham, Ala., by Nabera, Mor
row & Sinnige. and by A. Godden, Druggists.
6 11 tue sat tf
An Old and Well-Tried Remedy,
has been used for over fifty years by mil
lions of mothers for their children while
teething with perfect success. It soothes
the child, softens the gums, allays all pain,
cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for
diarrhoea Sold by druggists in every part
of the world. Be sure and ask for MRS.
no other kind. 26c a bottle.
D. B. Luster,
THs lOth Street
217 i gth Street,
Has added a general line of FACTORY
MADE SHOOT to his custom department.

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