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His Appearance Creates Con
siderable Comment.
Given a Lesson—Republican Employes, Re
tained Under the Rule, Give Out
Washington, Dec. 8.—(Special Corre
spondence.)—Among the members that
flit in and out the corridors of the house
of representatives is a tall, clean-shaven
man; his hair, as black as the raven’s
coat, is long and hangs in profusion over
his standing collar; his Prince Albert
coat, glossy from constant wear, is but
toned close to his slender form; his
trousers bag at the knew, but their owner
doesn’t seem to mind It. This Is his first
term in congress, and If the readers of
the State Herald could follow him as he
goes to the cloak room to deposit his wide
wool hat some morning before congress
convenes they would notice several fin
gers pointing him out, and then, if they
could get close enough to hear a whisper
emanating from the lips above the ex
tended fingers they would hear: "Who?
The tall, bushy headed one? Why, that’s
the author of ‘If Christ Came to Con
gress’—that’s Howard of Alabama.”
A Lesson to Civil Servioe Reformers.
If a practical illustration were needed
to prove the utter folly of the civil ser
vice the recent performance of three em
ployes of the postofllce department,
which resulted in their discharge on Sat
urday last, is amply sufficient. The three
men were republicans, who had^.oen in
the employ of the government for a num
ber of years, kept in their places by vir
tue of having been placed under the civil
service. All held good paying positions,
the chief offender, William W. Hill of
Mississippi, being assistant superintend
ent of the free delivery system of the
postoffice department. The men had been
giving information to republican con
gressmen as to the working of matters
in the first assistant postmaster-gener
al's office, and also charged that a 'fund
had been raised in that office for cam
paign purposes in Ohio in the recent elec
No sensible man in business would
think of retaining in his employ a clerk
who was his enemy, or a clerk who was
Informing his competitor of all the de
tails of his affairs, yet this humbug of a
civil service compels a democratic ad
ministration to retain in its employ
thousands upon thousands of men whose
greatest joy is to witness its failure to
carry on the business of the government.
Stand out In front of one of the news
paper offices here on a night when the
bulletins announcing the result of an
election are being thrown upon a screen,
and listen at the cheers that go up when
a republican gain Is announced and hear
the faint applause when a democratic
gain is shown; then if an inventory was
taken ■'of the immense crowd, numbering
many thousand men, it would be found
that two-thirds of those who were cheer
ing and hurrahing for the victory won
by the republicans hold positions under
a democratic administration, and them
selves and their families are kept in
Washington by the kindness of the men
whose defeat they are gloating over.
Away with such a humbug. May the
day come when the statute that provides
for its lawfulness is stricken from the
books, and an administration, whether
democratic or republican, be allowed to
surround itself with its friends, that
success may crown its efforts to economi
cally administer the affairs of govern
Good fishing at East Lake.
12-l-tf __
General freight and passen
ger office Alabama Great
Southern Railroad removed to
No. 7 North 20th street. Tele
phone 848._i i-s-tf
The semi-monthly meeting of the Unit
ed Charities will take place this after
noon at 3 o’clock in their rooms, corner
Twenty-second street and Third avenue.
Hits. W. S. LOVELL, Jr„
. Secretary.
Chop House,
Corner 1st Avenue and 20th
Street, No. 1931.
Oysters received fresh daily
and served in any style.
Maccaroni served Italian
style Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday and to order. Open
day and night. 10-22-tf
Good duck shooting at East Lake. If
you wish to go to the lake before the
trains commence running get permit to
ride on light engines that pass up First
avenue at 4:50 and 6 a. m. from Bir
mingham Railway and Electric company,
303 North Twentieth street. 12-7tf
To Cure a Cold in One r^py.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money If it fails
to cure. 25c._10-27-6m-2p
Old papers for sale cheap at
this office.
The Cause of Archie Hubbard’s Arrest Yes
Archie Hubbard, a negro, was arrested
yesterday by Officer Jack McDonald on
the charge of grand larceny. It la said
that he stole Mr. T. L. Moy’s watch and
pocketbook. Mr. Moy rooms at the Wad
dell house, and Hubbard tends the rooms.
Mr Moy claims that he forgot to take
his watch and purse from under his
pillow, where he put them the night be
fore, and he demanded the negro's ar
The negro denies the charge. He re
quested that they search him, and the
property was not found on his person.
(Her Face\
was her Fortune-Why ? Because I
m she made it perfect by the constant m
/ ““heiskell’s soap. \
\ Heiskell’a soap stimulate* sluggish porn ■
I to bealtby action, thus producing a clear I
#smootb akin, free from ail blemishes. I
# cures permanently ail forms of Skin m
M Disease. For Tetter, Eczema or Ring M
Worm, it has no equal. Quickly re- m
g moves Pimples, Black Heads, etc. M
Sold by Druzgista or sent by mall. Olnt-f
F aieat, &0 eu. per box. Hoad, 26 el*. t
m Bend stamp fur free sample of Soap.
J#-23-wed-frl-*u-wky-ly __
The popular Boston nightingale. Miss
Jennie Lind Lewis, who has made such
a hit at the Madison Square roof garden
this season, has been engaged by Man
ager Eugene Robinson for the part of
Blanche Idaho in "A Fatted Calf,” the
new comedy by William Gill, Which will
be seen at O'Brien's opera houfe tonight
and tomorrow night.
Circumstances make or mar us all.
We have all grown so accustomed to see
Nellie Sheldon delineate Irish character
parts that we forgot that not many
years ago she was the bright and win
some soubrette of Daly's theater; her
songs were sung by every one and she
was called “Our Nellie.” One night in a
spirit of humor she mimiced an old Irish
woman, a well-known character around
the theater. Everybody roared with
laughter, the delineation was so perfect.
The manager unseen heard the whole
performance and from then on would
cast for her nothing but Irish character
parts. Since then she has been engaged
to create all the great parts that have
been written in that line, and only at an
enormous salary could Manager Robin
son induce her to leave New York city,
where her name is a household word.
She can be seen as Mrs. McCann, the
genial keeper of a baby farm in the
great musical domestic comedy, “A Fat
ted Calf.”
It is not generally known, but the old
saying that "murder will out” is true in
every instance. About ten years ago
one of the swell churches in that city of
churches, Brooklyn, surprised its con
gregation with a novelty. Instead of the
usual soprano solo they had a whistling
solo by a mere lad. Imagine church mu
sic tjeing whistled; but no don’t Imagine
it, but come and hear that lad, Adam D.
Sh'erriff, now a young man, show you
how the oratorios can be whistled so that
you imagine that you are listening to
one of the grand old organs in the old
cathedrals of Rome or Milan. This
great musical wonder is one of the
prominent features of the new three-act
musical domestic comedy, "A Fatted
Germetuer Is the Bes',
Mr. C. P. McLain, Acworth, Ga., says;
“Several years ago my wife suffered from
attacks of bilious colic and Indigestion.
She used different medicines and tried
several doctors, but all without perma
nent benefit. She used Royal Germetuer
some years ago, and it has given her more
relief than all else, and she recommends
it to the afflicted.” Write to the Atlanta
Chemical company. Atlanta, Ga., for 48
page book, giving full information, free.
New package, large bottles, 108 doses, $1.
For sale.by druggists.
Many people want what
many others want to get rid
of. Brief mention in the State
Herald’s “Cheap Columns”
will fill the bill. “Situations
Wanted” three times free.
Nominal charges for other
“ads. ”
General freight and passen
ger office of Southern Railway
remo.ved to No. 7 North 20th
street. Telephone 846.
Organized by Land Owners of Madison
Huntsville, Dec. 10.—(Special.)—Sunday
afternoon about 2 o'clock Rube Street
was badly cut and dangerously, if not
seriously, wounded in the neck by John
Freeman of the Dallas mills vicinity.
They had a quarrel in the forenoon, and
it was renewed by Freeman and two
other men who were with him, and it
seems they were aiding him in the as
sault. Freeman made the attack, when
he was knocked down by Street, who
jumped on him and was getting the bet
ter of the fight when one of the other
men pulled him off, when Freeman made
the stab, so it is reported. Freeman .was
arrested and locked up to await the re
sult of Street's wounds. They were
drinking, and the crime is a feather In
the cap of having saloons ojpen on Sun
day, so that whisky can be had on the
holy Sabbath in this city.
Last Saturday a number of prominent
farmers of this county met in this city
and organized an insurance association,
entitled the Farmers' Mutual Fire In
surance Association of Madison County.
The following officers were elected:
President, John B. Hampton; treas
urer, John B. Anderson; secretary, James
H. Thompson; directors. Thomas J.
Haines, Paul Harrison. James A. Strong,
a. W. Vaughan, D. E. Kelley, George Wj
Baust, Lev Powell and Mrs. M. A. Jor
dan; agents, J. A. Bouclar and J. J.
The association is composed of only
those w'ho own farm property, and was
organized for the protection of farm
property in buildings against fire. The
policies are written for thirty years and
are on the assessment plan, no assess
ment to be made unless one of its mem
bers sustain a loss by fire. It has an ex
cellent beginning for a start, as policies
aggregating 660,008 have already been
written. • _
Good fishing at East Lake.
A1 way sin season, always up
with the nrocession, always
accomiri, iting and always
give you the best in the mar
ket at the Metropolitan bar.
11- 12-tf __
The first cars In the morning leave as fol
From Cleveland.5:50
From Twelfth avenue.6:06
From South Highlands.6:30
From North Highlands.6:00
From Avondale.6:30
From Avondale, second car.6:48
From Fountain Heights....,.6:48
From Fountain Heights, second car.6:00
One hour later on Sundays.
Late Cars.
Leave Second avenue for—
North Highlands.11:30 p m
Fountain Heights.*.....11:00 pm
Avondale.11:00 p m
Cleveland.11:30 p m
Twelfth avenue.11:00 p m
South Highlands.11:00 p m
South Highlands.11:30 p m
South Highlands.12:01 a m
12- l-tf _
Annual Meeting of Stockholders Held and Offi
cers and Directors Elected.
The stockholders of the Birmingham
Railway and Electric company held
their annual meeting yesterday.
The same board of directors was re
elected with the exception of Mr. J. C.
Warner of Nashville, deceased. Mr. R.
H. Pearson succeeded him.
The directors are Col. A. M. Shook,
William A. Walker, Percy Warner, R.
II. Pearson. P. G. Shook. G. B. McCor
mack, B. F. Rodon, George I.. Morris and
Robert Jemison. i
The following officers were reappointed
by the boArd of directors:
President A. M. Shook.
Vice-president and general manager,
Robert Jem'.son.
Second vice-president, William A.
Superintendent, J. B. McClary.
Secretary and treasurer, J. A. Strat
| ton. _ ....j
Given Joe Dowdell for Rape—The Savage Case
With the Jury—Doings of the Various
In the criminal court Joe Dowdell, a
negro charged with rape, was convicted
yesterday and sentenced for life. His
alleged victim, who is only 5 years old,
testified against him. Her name is Maud
Cook and she lived with her parents
near Woodlawn, where, it is said, the
heinous crime was committed about a
year ago. Certain mitigating circum
stances averred the full penalty of the
The separate cases against William
Blount, Andy Oden and Mrs. Laura
Howe, charged with murder, were con
tinued to the January term.
City Court
The case of Pat Savage vs. L. K. Moss
and the Mabel Mining company went to
the jury yesterday afternoon.
Gibson Mudd has filed suit against the
Birmingham Railway and Electric com
pany for $1000 damages. He alleges that
he was thrown from an electric car on
Twentieth street by reason of a sudden
jerk, which, he also alleges, was negli
gence on the part of the motorman. He
claims that his collar bone was broken.
The accident occurred last September.
The case of John McGhee vs. S. J.
Gains was dismissed.
Inferior Criminal Court;
Judge Feagin disposed of the following
cases yesterday morning:
William Ross, trespass; $5 and costs.
• James Smith, trespass; $3.
Peyton Johnson, disorderly conduct; $5.
Fannie Palmer, disorderly conduct; $5.
James Hoskings, assault and battery;
$25 and costs.
Creasy Clark, disorderly conduct; $5
and thirty days.
William Jackson, trespass; $5 and costs.
A. L. Watkins, disorderly conduct; $5
Hattie Borden, disorderly conduct; $5
and costs.
Mary Weems, disorderly conduct; $5.
Pink Oliver, obtaining money under
false pretense; $25 and costs.
Court Notes.
Marriage licenses were issued yester
day to the following parties:
Rev. Joseph R. Lloyd and Miss Emma
J. Butcher.
Mr. H. F. Hill and Miss M. W. Hair
Mr. Edgar'S. Benton and'Miss Nannie
Mr. Ham Cowan, after a brief Illness,
Is back at his desk in the city court.
Judge Wingo of Brookside held Fred
Foster, colored, charged with murder, to
await the action of the grand Jury. The
deed was committed, it is alleged, at
Brookside on the 24th of November.
Iron wagons, steel wheels,
85c. Velocipedes $1.35. Ev
erything in the same propor
Smith & Montgomery Book
and Stationery Co. 12-8-31
The third term question will never be
fully settled until some ambitious gent
monkeys with it. Then the gent and the
third term will both be settled.—Atlanta
Constitution, Dem.
High Grade Tobacco
12-30-flU-wed-frl-Tck v-1 v
Pioneers of Low Prices,
December 25th Is
Xmas Day.
Of course, we all know that; we also know
that most people wait till it is practically
too late to make their purchosm for the
holidays. Our advice !b for you to do it
now—this week—while our stock is com
plete. besides you’ll avoid being in the awful
rush of buyers. Many of you will remember
the crowds we had last year, and you may
expect much larger crowds this year, for
times are better, and everybody feels happy,
including ourselves.
mi imas nils.
Our store is crowded with them, suitable
for old and young, rich and poor; and the
advantages of early choice cannot be over
Suits or Overcoats,
Hats and Umbrellas,
Silk Neckwear and
Boots and Shoes.
Ladies’ and Misses' Garterettes,
Ladies' and Misses' Shoes,
Ladies’ Waists,
Ladies’ Evening Slippers,
Boy’s suits, knee pants and shoes, fancy
suspenders, gloves etc.
ornamented with a beautiful photo gravure
of the Jefferson county court house, given
free and mailed free to any address. Send
in your name for one.
Branch of J. L. Challfoux, Lowell, Maas.
444444444444444 44444444444
: present,:
♦ ♦
44444444444444 444 444444444
You have suffered much in the past.
Many of your days have undoubtedly
been darkened by the shadow of sickness
and ill health. You have oftentimes felt
gloomy and despondent. At the present
moment you may not be feeling Just as
well as you ought to feel. Perhaps you
are experiencing the first symptoms of
some serious ailment which is lurking in
your system. Unless it is promptly
checked there may be a long siege of ill
ness in store for you. Now is the time to
about the actual state of your health.
If you are suffering from tired feelings,
headaches, backaches, biliousness, de
bility and other symptoms, remember
that your present and future are in your
own hands. You can get that most
precious blessing of sound health, as oth
ers have done, by the aid of Warner's
Safe Cure. Volumes could be filled in
telling of what it has done for men and
women who were completely run down
in heath. Its splendid tonic effects give
new life and energy to those who are
weary and worn out.
If you are In need of help, you should
make your present and future happier by
putting your system in sound condition.
Get a new stQck of health and strength
by using the great safe cure which builds
up the body, purifies the blood and makes
the eye brighten with the sparkle of
fresh life.
Don’t Pay Money for Water!
A Solid Extract of Beef is more Eco
nomical than a liquid, because con
centrated, and housekeepers will
find it much cheaper to
Extract of Beef,
A solid, concentrated extract, free
from fat and gelatine or any foreign
Eubstance, and di*Bolve it them
The genuine has
this signature on the
the Jar, in blue:—
Write to us Jar evert^himj'ktiovim in
-»10S N£107 1*’/WE. B1RMIN&HWA <AUt.
Will Take Orders
Blue Points,
N. Y. Saddle Rocks.
Best Selects, 50c per hundred.
Plants, 75c per hundred.
Norfolk plants, $1.25 per 100.
Brooms’ Fish and Oyster Market,
No. UK Twentieth Street.
H. Chairsell,
Dealer in Hay, Straw, Corn, Oats,
Bran, Cotton Seed Meal, Hulls,
Flour, Corn Meal, Salt and Rock
Salt, Wheat, Rye and Barley for
seed. We handle first-class goods
and guarantee as represented.
Give us a call and be convinced.
H. Chairsell,
1613 and 1615 First Avenue.
The Israel Tailoring Company,
114 Twenty-first Slroet.
Perfect fitting garments,
Materials of the best class, and
Prompt fulfillment of orders
At lowest consistent prices.
We base our claims on factB. Can we
subtantiate them for you? Try us.
The Israel Tailoring Company.
The Commissioners' Court of Covington
county, Alabama, will meet on December
9, 1895 for the purpose of adopting plans
and specifications for the erection of a brick
court house at Andalusia, and on December
10 for the purpose of letting out the building
of said court house (according to the plans
and specifications adopted) to the lowest
bidder. The Court reserves the right to re
ject any or all bids made.
By, order of the Commissioners’ Court.
November 26, 1895.
12-6-6t Judge of Probate.
Delicious : Steak,
Mutton, Lamb or Pork and
all animal dellcadea.
Stall 11. City Market.
7 80 tf__
and Tumor' fURED : no km.e
book free D\,'WTW«» ANoniil,
Me. 1U Kina Mtlt.OtaasoeU.'•
Dry Goods & Millinery Company,
2023 First Avenue.
' Fifty Si
Oreimiiie Imported
Sample Garments.
(ISTo Two s^lllce.)
They are imported from Berlin and have bee:i con
signed to us.
They are the latest designs and imported for the
Holiday trade.
We are allowed to keep them here till Wednesday
Bier 11, and shall return those which are not
made of best Lyons silk velvet, trimmed
md handsome furs, and jet embroidered,
1 Silk Velvet Capes. They are the prettiest
aes ever shown in this city.
Matchless Toys ! Beautiful Dolls ! Interesting Games ! Hand
some Books I
Birmingham’s Holiday Quarters!
Have just received $20,000 worth of Holiday goods which must be dispos
ed of before Jan. r. Largest assortment of Christmas presents in tha south.
25 dozen large fancy horns.$ 6 100 dozen dolls, long flowing hair.$ 23
17 dozen 10c Jack in boxes. 3 13 dozen 10c bellow toys. 3
72 dozen 10c painted vases. 5 350 dozen large Christmas candles,
27 dozen decorated china cups and sau- dozen. 9
ce~s. 15 24 dozen assorted colored doll babies... 33
50 do«en 25c tin toys. 9 36 dozen doll furniture. 10
36 dozen beautiful china tea sets. 9 45 dozen assorted 10c games. 5
92 dozen large china dolls. 9 72 dozen fancy 10c cap pistols. 5
24 dozen 25c painted carts. 12 17 dozen 10c picture books. 5
12 dozen $1.50 steel axle wood wagons.. 99 41 dozen 50c red chairs. 23
10 dozen good size velocipedes. 1 98 12 dozen $2 hobby horses.1 25
Solid car load of Bicycles, Tricycles, Velocipedes, Iron Wagons, Wheel Barrows,
Handy Wagons, Hobby Horses, Rocking Horses, Chairs, Toy Furniture, Desks, Tool
Chests, Black Boards, Drums, Sewing Tables, Doll Buggies, etc. Mountains or Toys
an<* Dolls; large assortment Sewing, Manicure, Shaving and Smoking Sets; beautiful
display rich cut glass and Haviland dinner sets; handsome line Dresden, French and
Japanese Cups and Saucers; William Rogers’ 1847 Orange, Salad. Soup, After Dinner,
etc., sets in plush cases at reduced prices. Big stock Japanese and Art Goods. Grand
assortment of Lamps. Come and bring the children to see our astonishing bargains
and Santa Claus.
J©“Speeial Prices to Merchants.
No Steam Ginnery-Grist Mill
Or Saw Mill^.^a^^^K^
Is complete without one. Our ENTER
FEED MILL will grind from 300 to 600
burhels of cotton seed per day and at the
same time separate the meats from the
hulls, or let them fall together, as desired.
It requires only 3 to 4-horse power to
drive It, and can be attached to any gin
nery or grist mill. It weighs complete
from 350 to 600 pounds, and is CHEAP,
I TERPRISE mill and manufacture your
^FgfWTyi, «)|IL * trie., ill uomt*, U1IU iutri«-u> uiacummue
r * : the ruinous habit of selling your cotton
seed at from SIX to EIGHT DOLLARS per ton and afterwards buying back
their products at SIXTEEN to EIGHTEEN DOLLARS per ton. Cotton seed,
corn and peas mixed and ground together on our ENTERPRISE mill makes
the richest COW FEED in the world, and can be sold to cattle feeders and
feed dealers In unlimited quantities at a profit of 40 to 50 per cent to the manu
facturer. Write for prices and terms.
PERRYMAN & C0„ Sole Manufacturers, 1720p^lnAgT,?pr Aia.
Removal I
The Birmingham Undertakers and Funeral Directors
Have moved to the Watts building, corner Twentieth street and Third avenue,
and are fully prepared with a first-class stock of burial cases, robes, etc., and
will give prompt and efficient services to its patrons. It belongs to no combi
nation. The finest funeral car and carriages in the city.
DOC Sage, Embalmer. | H. Ed Warner, Funeral Director
The Metropolitan Hotel and Restaurant
Nos. 8 and 10 North 20th Street, Corner Morris Avenue.
Mortgage Sale.
Under and by virtue of the power con
tained in a mortgage executed on the 13th
day of January, 1892, by Mary E. Tindall
and E. N. Tindall to the undersigned, of
record in book 167, on page 360, Probate
Court of JefTerson county, Alabama, to se
cure the payment of certain promissory
notes described therein, the undersigned will
sell at public auction, to the highest bidder,
for cash, in front of the court house door of
Jefferson county, at Birmingham, Ala.,
within the legal hours of sale' on
the following described real estate, to-wit:
Lot No. 12 in the plat of Dexter & Morri
son subdivision of lot number ten (10) of the
lands of the estate of Richard Forsythe, de
ceased, lying in the west half of the south
west quarter of section 21, township 17,
range 2 west, in Jefferson county, Alabama,
default having been made in the payment
of said notes (including that due October 1,
1895), said sale to be made for the payment
of said notes and attorney's fees therein
provided for.
December 9, 1893.
Wm. Vaughan. Attorney. 12-10-30t
Collegiate Institute for Boardiu
The Cedars,” . . . Selma, Ala.
Every branch of polite education taught.
Special attention to music. Children from
3 to 7 received in Kindergarten Depart
ment. Primary, Intermediate and higher
course—Latin optional. School year from
first Monday in September till last week of
June. Terms, $150 per school year, half
yearly, in advance. Music extra. The In
stitute is under the care of the Sisters of
Mercy, who devote themselves to the well
being and literary improvement of the
young ladies. Pupils received any time,
charged from date of entrance. The great
est care bestowed on their health, comfort,
manners and deportment.
Broad Street, Selma, Ala.
Potter Building, First Avenue.
Sessions Day and Night.
A modern, progressive, practical school of
business. Tuition rates reasonable. Posi
tions for graduates. Call or write for cat

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