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A Large Excursion Party Left Minneapolis and
St. Paul Yesterday Bound for Thorns
burg, Chilton County.
A home-seekers’ excursion train was
advertised to leave Minneapolis and St.
Paul, Minn., yesterday, and it was un
derstood that quite a large party of peo
ple came south on it.
The rate for tickets was placed very
low, and considerable missionary work
in behalf of the south had been done
among the denizens of that section.
A large portion of those who intended
coming on the train were to join the col
ony of northwesterners at Thornsburg,
in Chilton county, and it is presumed
they will reach that place either tonight
or early in the morning. Already a
thrifty little village has been established
at Thornsburg, which is about midway
between Clanton and Jemison, on the
Louisville and Nashville road, and con
siderable improvements have been made
there. The founders of the colony are
confident that by spring they will have
several hundred, if not thousands, of
progressive northwesterners In that vi
The home-seekers who left Minnesota
yesteaday will probably arrive here some
time this afternoon. It is understood
that the party is quite a large one.
emigration uecreasmg.
Speaking of home-seekers coming south
brings up the subject of emigration,
which has done so much in past years in
transferring Alabama families to Texas
and the west. So great has been travel
of this character to the west for the past
few years that certain counties and lo
calities in this state had almost com
pletely changed their population, Immi
gration and emigration being about equal.
The railroads, with attractive circulars,
Industriously placed before the people
In the sections through which they tra
versed, describing the b-autles and ad
vantages of the west and telling wonder
ful tales of wealth to be acquired there
In a marvelously short period of time.
These circulars had the desired effect,
and year after year has seen the tide of
travel westward go. But not so this sea
son. While there Is no perceptible in
flux from the west, the outflow has great
ly decreased, and the tide has turned
south and southeastward from the north
and northwest.
Speaking of this fact to a State Her
ald reporter yesterday. Passenger Agent
R. L. Newton of the Alabama Great
Southern road said he had just returned
from Sand mountain, where he had been
to ticket a small party to Texas—the
last, so far as he knew, that were going
west this season. He said emigration
from the Sand mountain district, where
it has been heavy for several years, had
fallen off over BO per cent this fall and
winter, and by spring he expectcj the
decrease to be even greater than that.
He said the Alabama Great Southern
had adopted the rule of trying to induce
people to settle along Its line, instead of
urging them to go west. In this they*
were succeeding admirably, a fact evi
denced by the old farms abandoned In
former years being reclaimed and new
lands being opened to cultivation.
Children Cry for
Pitcher’s Castoria.
Alwaysin season, always up
with the procession, always
accommodating and always
five you the best in the mar
et at the Metropolitan bar.
11-12-tf _
Chop House,
Corner 1st Avenue and 20th
Street, No. 1931.
Oysters received fresh daily
and served in any style.
Maccaroni served Italian
style Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday and to order. Open
day and night. 10-22-tf
The first cars in the morning leave as fol
From Cleveland.6:50
From Twelfth avenue.6:05
From South Highlands.5:30
From North Highlands.6:00
From Avondale.5:30
From Avondale, second car.....6:48
From Fountain Heights.5:48
From Fountain Heights, second car.6:00
One hour later on Sundays.
Late Cars.
Leave Second avenue for—
North Highlands.11:30 p m
Fountain Heights.11:00 p m
Avondale.11:00 p m
Cleveland.11:30 p m
Twelfth avenue.11:00 p m
South Highlands.11:00 p m
South Highlands.11:30 p m
South Highlands.12:01 a m
12-1-tf _
Good duck shooting at East Lake. It
you wish to go to the lake before the
trains commence running get permit to
ride on light engines that pass up First
svenue at 4:50 and 5 a. m. from Bir
mingham Railway and Electric company.
803 North Twentieth street. 12-7tf
Fanners in Good Fix-Schools Prospering.
Johnston and Harmony.
Bradford, Dec. 9.—(Special Correspond
ence.)—Everything and everybody in this
section seem to be moving placidly down
the steam of time.
The crops have all been gathered and
the farmers are in a better condition
than for years. The price of cotton has
relieved many burdens from the shoul
ders of the honest sons or toil, many
debts have been paid, and in fact every
one seems to be In good spirits.
The political cauldron has not begun to
■tlr up any strife as yet. The democrats
are for harmony within the ranks, and I
am confident will Indorse Johnston or
any good democrat backed by the people.
Johnston at this time seems to be the
favorite, and we honestly believe that he
will be the next governor of Alabama,
and we see no reason why he should not.
The Bradford academy seems to be on
a boom. The enrollment to date numbers
fifty-eight, so we have been informed.
This school Is under the management of
Prof. W. H. Hutchings, a new man. and
at one time a Jefferson county teacher.
This section of country is by far the
best In Coosa county. We have a clever,
industrious citizenship—a people who are
Interested in educating their children.
We have in our midst the old Bradford
factory, located upon a beautiful creek,
with ample water power for turning
many thousand spindles. The factory
building is of solid masonry and in good
condition, especially the roof and floors.
This building has been closed for eigh
teen or twenty years, and the machinery
stands just as it did on the day upon
•which it was closed. Just at this (time
we wonder why some enterprising cotton
manufacturer has not investigated this
building, for it appears to the writer an
elegant place to start a considerable
work. To an honest man with means
this is a splendid chance for a profita
ble Investment. Bradford is only three
miles from the Columbus and Western
railroad. Our nearest station is Kelly
ton. We have three mails per week.
Should any of your renders desire to
secure a pleasant place in which to live
• nd to educate their children come to
Bradford. Success to the State Herald.
Worked While Others Idled.
Says the Cuba Banner:
“Every democrat should remember
that Capt. Joe Johnston has entered
nearly every canvass In this state for
the past ten or fifteen years and remain
ed in it until victory was assured.speak
ing in the most doubtful counties at his
own expense, while others that should
have taken part stood idly by waiting to
see how 'the cat would Jump.’ If the
democratic party of Alabama owes any
body anything It owes a debt to Joseph
F. Johnston."
• • •
The Difference.
Says the Tuscumbia North Alabamian:
“Since it has become quite certain that
Captain Johnston will receive the demo
cratic nomination for governor next
year, some of the gold standard organs
are urging a compromise, claiming that
there must be material concessions for
the sake of harmony in the party. We
are willing to concede anything that does
not stultify us, but when It comes to a
repudiation of the ancient democratic
doctrine of bimetallism, or any indorse
ment of the doctrine of a single gold
standard, we shall draw the line. The
latter is unreasonable, unavailable, un
American and undemocratic. A man
makes no compromise when he obligates
himself to support the time-honored
principles of his party, but he compro
mises himself out of the party when he
indorses a doctrine dear to the hearts of
his enemies and one peculiarly their
own." I i
Fishing About Tupelo.
Private John Alien has been trying to
get the president to come to Mississippi,
and by way of bait has been telling him
how they fish in his state. “There's noth
ing pleasanter or easier than the way we
fish In Mississippi,” says Mr. Allen. “We
hire a hand of colored gentlemen, and
they carry a large Jug of whisky to a cool,
shady nook by the river, and we follow
them. VVe sit down In the cool, shady
nook ana watch the Jug, while the col
ored gentlemen cut a cord or two of
brush and bushes. These are for a seine.
When we are ready to begin fishing each
of the colored gentlemen takes a bunch
of the brush In either hand, and, thus
armed, they throw a line of battle out In
to the bayou, or river, or wherever we
chance to be fishing. We sit on the bank
and tell them where to go. When all is
ready the line of battle, with the brush
under water, making a very capital seine,
swings 'round toward the shore in such
a manner as to comb about an acre of
water. We get every fish that is fool
enough to be In that acre. We get alli
gators, mud pouts, snapping turtles and
all sorts of valuable fish. I would like
very much to have the president come
down and enjoy the sport for himself.
So far, however, he has not been able
to Ret a time.” The picture that Mr. Al
len draws Is such an entielnfc one that
there can be only one explanation of the
president’s not having come. He is some
thing of a fisherman, and knows about
fishlmr stories himself.
A Pleasant Lemon Tonic.
For biliousness. Constipation, Malaria
Colds and the Grip.
For Indigestion, Sick and Nervous
For Sleeplessness, Nervousness and
Heart Disease.
For Fever, Chills, Debility and Kidney
Disease, take Lemon Elixir.
Ladies, for natural and thorough or
ganic regulation, take Lemon Elixir.
Dr. Mozley's Lemon Elixir is prepared
from the fresh juice of lemons, com
bined with other vegetable liver tonics,
and will not fail you in any of the above
named diseases. 50c and $1 bottles at
Prepared only by Dr. Mozley, Atlanta,
At the Capitol.
I have Just taken the last of two
bottles of Dr. H. Mozley’s Lemon Elixir
for nervous headache, indigestion, with
diseased liver and kidneys. The Elixir
cured me. I found it the greatest medi
cine I ever used. J. H. MENNICH,
Attorney, 1225 F Street, Washington,
D. C. -
Lemon Hot Drops.
Cures all Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness,
Sore throat, Bronchitis, Memarrhage
and all throat and lung diseases. Ele
gant, reliable.
25 cents at druggists. Prepared only
by Dr. H. Mozley, Atlanta, Ga.
General freight and passen
ger office of Southern Railway
removed to No. 7 North 20th
street. Telephone 846.
ll-5-tf __
Not Backing the Southern.
Baltimore, Dec. 11.—Representatives of
the Clyde Steamship company deny the
report that the company contemplates
backing up the Southern, railway In oper
ating a line of steamers between Balti
more and Norfolk, or that it contem
plated discontinuing operations of its
ships between Philadelphia and Rich
mond via James river. The company’s
representatives state that it has no inter
est whatever in either the Southern or its
competitor, the Seaboard Air Line, but
is a friendly connection of both.
nd all derangements of the
'tomach. Liver and Bowels.
Of all druggists.
a vigorous body and
robust strength fol
low good health.
But all fail when the
vital powers are
weakened. Nervous A
debility and loss of j
manly power result m
from bad habits,con
tracted by the young
through ignorance
of their ruinous con
spirits, melancholia,
impaired memory,
morose or irritable
temper, fear of impending calamity and a
thousand and one derangements of body
and mind, result from such pernicious prac
tices. All these are permanently cured by
improved methods of treatment without the
patient leaving home.
A medical treatise written iu plain but
chaste language, treating of the nature,
symptoms and curability of such diseases,
sent securely sealed in a plain envelope, on
receipt of this notice, with locentsin stamps,
for postage. Address, World’s Dispen
sary Medical Association, Buffalo, N.Y.
The Man Under 35
A clever girl’s reasons for not liking
men under thirty-five years of age.
In the Christmas issue of
10 Cents: On All News-stands
The Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia
, , fmnnTTBTT—rr-rrm-m- 13
There are shoes In St. Nicholas’ bag. If he hasn’t enough to go around we have.
Our stock Is equal to the occasion. Every foot can be accommodated, warmly,
comfortably and handsomely with the best shoes, slippers, rubbers, etc., that can
be produced. It’s great footwear we carry, at prices as pleasant as an Xmas
morning. No one will be more pleased, even by Santa Claus’ visit, than you’ll be
with our shoes, as we supply them at such jolly figures as from 75c to $5 in ladies’,
and men’s from 95c to $6. Ladies buy nothing but fresh goods from us; try our
great $1.50, $2, $2.50 and $3 line; they are the latest twentieth century. The latest
fad in ladies' shoes is our tailor-made tan lace twentieth century shoe. We carry
the finest line of men’s shoes in the south. Try our great $2, $2.50 and $3 men’s fine
shoes in all styles. All kinds of repairing done while you wait. Bargains always
In stock for country merchants.
PIP T) t) U 1910 First Avenue, Wholesale and Retail
. 1 ILlllllJ) Shoer. Annual sales, $200,000. Largest
Shoe House in Alabama.
SPECIALIST, Private Diseases.
Steiner Bank Buidling, corner First Ave
nue and 21st Street, Birmingham, Ala.
< The oldest, best equipped and most suc
8n cessful institution of its^iind In the South.
Ell Established in the city of Birmingham,
R Ala., August 3, 1837.
Office Hours—8:30 a. jb. to 12 m., 1:30 to
■_■ 6:30 p. m. Sunday, 10 a. m . to 12 m.
The Specialist who treats thousands of patients has more experience than the
physician who occasionally practices on one.
The Indisputable fact that Dr. Holloway is the only physician In the South con
trolling sufficient practice In private troubles, such as Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Gleet.
Stricture, Bad Blood, Skin and Bladder Diseases, Ulcers, Womb Troubles, etc., to
devote his whole time to their cure is sufficient evidence of his great experience
and successful treatment.
Special attention is given to the treatment of unfortunates suffering from
early Imprudence, errors of youth, loss of vitality, loss of manhood, sexual de
bility, or any of Its maddening effects.
GET WELL and enjoy life as you should. Many men and youths are today
occupying subordinate positions In life who, If they were able to exercise their
brain power to its full and natural capacity, would instead be leaders.
If you live In or near the city, call at my Private Dispensary. If at a distance,
write me your trouble, enclosing stamp for reply.
My book on private diseases and proper question lists will be sent to anyone on
No Steam Ginnery-Grist Mill
Or Saw Mill^^^H^MiK^
Is complete without one. Oue-ENTER
FEED MILL will grind from 300 to 600
bushels of cotton seed per day and at the
same time separate the meats from the
hulls, or let them fall together, as desired.
It requires only 3 to 4-horse power to
drive It, and can be attached to any gin
nery or grist mill. It weighs complete
from 350 to 500 pounds, and Is CHEAP,
* TERPRISE mill and manufacture your
etc., at home, and thereby discontinue
the ruinous habit *>f selling your cotton
seed at from SIX to EIGHT DOLLARS per ton and afterwards buying back
their products at SIXTEEN to EIGHTEEN DOLLARS per ton. Cotton seed,
corn and peas mixed and ground together on our ENTERPRISE mill makes
the richest COW FEED In the world, and can be sold to cattle feeders and
feed dealers In unlimited quantities at a profit of 40 to BO per cent to the manu
facturer, Write for prices and terms.
PERRYMAN & C0„ Sole Manufacturers, 172^^rmqe’Aia,
Birmingham Paint and Glass Company
Faints, Oils. Varnish, Glass, Sash, Doors and Blinds.
1916 Third Avenue.Birmingham, Ala.
Dr. Dozier & Co.’s
Simon Block, Nineteenth Street, Birmingham, Ala.
A famous and successful institution for the cure of
Chronic, Nervous, Blood, Skin and Private Diseases of both
sexes. Ulcers, Blotches, Sore Throat, Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Eczema, Psoriasis and ugly eruptions of every character are
permanently cured after all others have failed. Syphilis,
Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Urethral Stricture, Lost Powers and result
of self-abuse and all disorders of Genito-Urinary Organs
quickly cured by the latest and most successful methods.
O. T. DOZIER, M. D.,
Our Specialties.
and Bladder, Constipation. Chronic Diar
rhoea. Rheumatism. Catarrh; all froms
of Skin Disease, as Eczema, Ulcers,
Blotches, Ugly Eruptions, etc.
SYPHILIS In evry form effectually
cured and the poison thoroughly eradi
cated from the blood. Gonorrhoea,
Gleet, Stricture, Cystitis, etc.
rhoea, Impotence, Seminal Losses, Fail
ing Memory, Lassitude, Gloominess, De
pression of Spirits and all effects of per
nicious habits.
All Irregularities and cases of weakness
In woman.
Dr. Dozier gives his Individual study
and efforts to the diagnosing and treat
ment of every case, prepares all medi
cines and gives all directions and advice,
thus securing to every patient the high
est professional skill and privacy as well
as security against mistakes and the use
of Inferior drugs.
BLOOD, KIDNEYS and of the Genito
urinary Organs, and do not confine our
selves to PRIVATE DISEASES alone;
hence we are patronized by the best peo
ple of both sexes, and any lady or gen
tleman can visit our office with perfect
matters sacredly Inviolate.
Easy payments and liberal tern^s to
all, especially the poor.
Persons who cannot visit us In our of
fice can, by sending us their name, re
ceive our "Perfect Question Blanks,”
which will enable us to TREAT THEM
OFFICE HOURS—S *. m. to 12 -t.; 2
p. m. to 6 p. m. Sunaays, 9 a. m. to 12 m.
Send 2 cents for question list and
"Book for Men Only."
Send 2 cents tor question list for /«
PRESCRIPTIONS, but prepare and fur
nish from our own Dispensary all medi
cines to our patients.
That we publish no Individual testi
monials or letters, though we have thou
sands of the most flattering on file In
our office.
Dr. Dozier & Co.,
P. O. Box 112. Birmingham, Ala.
Clippings Prom the Pre33
The Daily State.
Dr. O. T. Dozier, the specialist physi
cian of the Southern Medical Dispensary,
is one of the most successful practition
ers of the south. He is a man who loves
the world and his fellow-man. Patients
learn to love his ever sympathetic na
ture. as they respect and confide in his
consummate skill.
Agr e-Herald.
It always affords a public Journal
pleasure to testify to merit where it is
deserved. It is therefore with pleasure
and pardonable pride that the Age-Her
ald Jons with its brethren of the press in
testifying to the merit, skill and reliabil
ity of Dr. O. T. Dozier, Principal of the
Southern Medical Dispensary of this city.
Dr. Dozier has resided for many years in
Birmingham, and each successive year
has added to his reputation, to his use
fulness and to the esteem in which he is
held by our best citizens. His long rec
ord and approved abilities entitle him
to the proud distinction of standing at
‘‘the head of his profession."
Bessemer Weekly.
There Is probably not a more highly
educated physician in this section than
Dr. O. T. Dozier. He is a specialist of
many years' experience and successful
practice. He is noted for his thorough
mastery of the details and intricacies of
his profession, and for unusual scientiflo
(Daily News, Birmingham.)
Pozler> the head of the institution,
is a physician and surgeon of education,
skill and experience, a man of culture and
high literary attainments and a gentle
man respected by all who know him. He
can be relied on in all matters pertaining
to his profession. The News commends
him most cordially to all those in need of
his services.
Weekly Mirror. Selma.
The doctor Is highly recommended by
the press of the state as being a reliable
(Masonic Guide.)
Dr. Dozier comes from a family of
prominent physicians, and with his full
store of medical knowledge and his va
r ed and large experience In his profes
sion, Dr. Dozier can be relied upon to
treat all diseases in the most successful
Sumter County Sun.)
,,Pr-,Dozier's reputation as a specialist
onrt °ve.rst,ePPed the bounds of Alabama,
ana ne Is known all over the south. Dr.
W 0t.only an eminent physician,
inUt(hib1i a?1 wr*ter and poet. His work
in tnis line has ben compared to that of
the late Father Ryan, the priest poet.
(Labor Advocate.)
Do2?F bears tne reputation of be
mg one of the most successful practition
er8 in the south. A personal acquaint
ance with the prnclpal warrants the La
bor Advocate in giving the institution tha
warmest recommendation to its every
(Bessemer Journal.)
T?°?ler’s reputation is a brilliant
one. He is a specialist of nearly twenty
years experience in active practice and
is strictly reliable and has the confidence
of the public and indorsement of the
press. The doctor is a distinguished
graduate in every department of medical
science, and his success with patients la
(Winona, Miss., Times.)
Dr. Dozier Is a specialist of great repu
tation and has been unusually successful
In his practice. He never undertakes a
case unless reasonably sure of a cure. Ha
Is a high-toned gentleman and can be con
sulted with the utmost confidence.
(Atlanta Constitution.)
Dr. O. T. Dozier, the head of the South
ern Medical Dispensary of Birmingham,
Ala., is a specialist of nearly twenty
years' experience in the treatment of
chronic, nervous and private diseases and
his uniform success has given him a lead
ing position In the medical profession in
that city.
(sunay Morning Star.)
Dr. Dozier's success has been simply
marvelous and has elicited the most en
thusiastic words of praise and gratitude
from the dispensary’s many patrons from
ail over the state.
(Eutaw Whig and Observer.)
While in Birmingham recently we had
the pleasure of meeting Dr. Dozier and
found him to be an interesting and genial
gentleman. He has not only the reputa
tion of being a fine physician, but is a
writer of considerable character.
(The Southern Odd Fellow.)
We cannot add anything to the reputa
tion Dr. O. T. Dozier has already ac
quired in the line of his profession, but
we know him to be a brother Odd Fellow
that can be relied on to carry out every
promise he makes to those needing his
(Mountain Home, Talladega.)
The press of Birmingham and all over
Alabama speak in the highest terms of
Dr. Dozier as a physician, surgeon and
gentleman, and we have no hesitancy in
recommending him to those of our pa
I trons who need his services.
(Alabama Christian Advocate.)
The Southern Medical Dispensary is
the leading institution of its kind In Bir
mingham and has been instrumental in
effect ng the cure of many serious cases,
and thus carrying healing and happiness
to many homes. Dr. O. T. Dozier, head
of the Southern Medical Dispensary,
gives his entire time and personal super
vision to the work, and brings to bear a
careful medical training in the best col
leges of the land and a long and valua
ble experience in the treatment of special
diseases. His professional standing is
unimpeachable and his character as a
gentleman and citizen is above reproach.
(Anniston Hot Blast.)
Among the most noted and successful
specialists in this country are Dr. Dozier
& Co. They have extended their business
from year to year and the patronage
given to them in the several surrounding
states is most gratifying. Dr. Dozier
is a high-toned, polished, Christian gen
tleman and has many warm persona)
friends in Anniston who knew him yearf
ago when practicing in Rome. Ga.
-j —— — — — — —— — — — — — — TRAM fUMUC
:| FOR YOUR^^r:
f j^i^is o u/icijp/r\sofi.
J 113 and 115 Eighteenth Street. Telephone 1324.
A777TTT77777777 ■ffT.!!vJW777TT777777T7T7
V y^~\. ~W—~T~ /^y "ANCHOR BRAND’
I) / w \ 1/1 \ / i

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