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Disease is an effect; not a cause. Its origin
Is within; its manifestations without.
Hence to cure the disease the cause must
be removed, and in no other way can a
cure ever be effected. Warner’s 8AFF2
CURB Is established on just this principle.
It realizes that
of all diseases arise from deranged Kidneys
and Liver, and it strikes at once at the
root of the difficulty. The elements of
which It is composed act directly upon these
great organs, both as a food and restorer,
and, by placing them in a healthy condition,
drive disease and pain from the system.
For the innumerable troubles caused by
unhealthy Kidneys, Liver and Urinary Or
gans; for the distressing Disorders of
Women; for all Nervous Affections, and
physical derangements geijerally, this great
remedy has no equal, it# past record 1b a
guarantee of continued performance.
London, Rochester, Melbourne, Frankfort,
Toronto, Paris.
At a good restaurant !
you often order those delicato dishes with (>
delicious sauces, which y«»u do not have at (
home, but did it ever occur to you that with (
i as a stock or basis, you could have those,'
, very dishes made in your own kitchen? ,
Miss Maria Parloa
i tells you how. i
i 100 of her receipts sent postpaid i
'| by Dauchy &. Co., 27 Park i
i Place, Now York. i
Pioneers of Low Prices,
December 25th Is
Xmas Day.
Of course, we all know that; we also know
that most people wait till it is practically
- too late to make their purchases for the
holidays. Our advice is for you to do It
now—this week—while our stork is com
plete, besides you’ll avoid being In the awful
rush of buyers. Many of you will remember
the crowds we had last year, and you may
expect much larger crowds this year, for
timtks are better, and everybody feels happy,
including ourselves.
hi mas mils.
Our store Is crowded with them, suitable
for old and young, rich and poor; and the
advantages of early choice cannot be over
Suits or Overcoats,
Hats ard Umbrellas,
Silk Neckw ar and
Boots and Shces.
Ladies' and Misses’ Garterettes,
Ladies' and Misses’ Shoes,
Ladies’ Waist?,
Ladies’ Evening Slippers.
Boy’s suits, knee pants and shoes, fancy
suspenders, gloves etc.
ornamented with a beautiful photo gravure
of the Jefferson county court house, given
free and mailed free to any address. Send
In your name for one.
Branch of J. L. Chalifoux. Lowell, Mass.
- jjj Will try
In May blow these cold Decern- jjj
ber nights, but if you have nj
K W eatli er jjj
jjj Strips
jjj on your doors and windows [J{
Ill you will escape the trouble, jjj
i These can be had at n)
Dj T. L. McGOWAN & CO. ’S [0
Ci Everything in Painte, Art Ooods, nJ
L Picture Frames, Etc. ni
E. ffl. CLHRK,
The Hair Cutter,
112 Nineteenth Street.
Ladles and children a specialty, at resi
dence or emporium.
I have with me all first-class artists—
F. P. Walker, J. H. Scott. Mobile;
Stone of Atlanta.
Potter Building, First Avenue.
Sessions Day and Night.
A modern, progressive, practical school of
business. Tuition rates reasonablei, .Posi
tions for graduates. Call or write for cat
alogue. _ ___
The Jury in the Thomas Fee Case Returns a
Verdict of Not Guilty—General
Court News.
"We of the jury find the defendant not
guilty” was the verdict In the case of
Thomas Fee. who was charged with rap
ing Lucy Gross. Both parties are white,
and live on the Southslde. Fee is a
young white man, and has a number of
friends in the community, several of
whom were present in court yesterday
afternoon, and congratulated Fee on the
jury's verdict. Assistant Solicitor Brad
ley considered it a, very weak case, and
expected a verdict only for assault and
battery at the most. Fee was represent
ed by Attorney Thornton.
City Court.
In the first division of the city court
the case of S. A. Hines vs. W. P. Wyatt
is on trial. Plaintiff asks damages for an
alleged assault and battery.
The following cases were disposed of
in the second division:
Sam Porter vs. Smith & Blair; judg
ment for $10.
B. B. Comer vs. Marks Bros.:-dis
Berry Bros,, limited, vs. Houpt, Bain &
Cost; dismissed.
Chancery Court.
Alice J. Lee has filed a bill against Ben
T .pp
Inferior Criminal Court.
The following eases were disposed of
Charles Griggs, carrying concealed
weapon, a pistol; $50 and costs.
Charles Griggs, using profane language
in the presence of females; $10.
Henry Terrell, assault and battery: $5.
John Williams, fighting in the city lim
its; $3.
Real Estate Transfers.
C. and Lucy Arnold to T. J. Brown, lot
in northwest corner of southwest quarter
of southwest quarter, section 29, town
ship 17, range 3 west; $200.
George W. Brown and wife to T. J.
Brown, lot at southwest corner of lot 2,
block 7, northwest quarter of northwest
quarter, section 29, township 17, range 3
west; $500.
James E. Fields to T. J. .Brown, lot 4,
block 1, southwest quarter of southwest
quarter, section 29, township 17, range 3
west; $250.
Same to same, lot 5, block 1, northwest
quarter of southwest quarter, section 29,
township 17, range 3 west; $250.
State of Alabama to Elyton company,
lots 6 and 7, block 178; also one-third in
terest in lots 6 to 12, subdivision H, block
114. , ,
L. A. May to Susie G. Mav. W 1. block
848, Mulberry and Beach streets, south;
$3000. _
Children Cry for
Pitcher’s Castoria.
Good fishing at East Lake.
A. 0. H.
There will bp a special meeting of Di
visions 2 and 3, Ancient Order of Hiber
nians, on Sunday, 4:30 p. m., in Hibernian
hall, on Twentieth street. Important
business; all members requested to at
By order of
. C. A. BREE,
i j 1 1 Presidents.
County President.
Chop House,
Corner 1st Avenue and 20th
Street, No. 1931.
Oysters received fresh daily
and served in any style
Maccaroni served Italian
style Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday and to order. Open
day and night. 10-2 2-tf
Good fishing at East Lake.
12-1-tf _
Will be held at any point on electric line
jintll 1 o'clock a. m. for $3 extra. Parties
having receptions or any entertainment
can secure these cars for their guests
by notifying Birmingham Railway and
Electric company, 303 North 20th street.
Oyster cocktails at the Met
ropolitan bar. 11-12-tf
The Chicken Exhibition Closed—Baldwin
Sykes, a Former Postoffice Employe,
Charged With Criminal Assault.
Montgomery, Dec. 13.—(Special.)—Mr.
Baldwin Sykes, a young white man, at
one time an employe of the postofftce in
this city, was before Recorder Sanford
this morning on the serious charge of a
criminal assault on an 8-year-old negro
girl. He was bound over in the sum of
8500 to await the action of the grand jury.
In default of ball the young man was
committed to Jail this morning, but it Is
said that his friends will make bond
for him.
Personal and General.
Judge Marvin, for many years- a resi
dent of Montgomery, but now of
Lowndes county, is on a visit to this city.
Mr. B. M. Washburn, who has been for
twenty-four years a member of the Ala
bama conference and treasurer of the
board of missions, Is In Troy this week
attending the meeting of the conference,
which convened yesterday.
Capt. John C. Cheney, Aiex Troy, Esq.,
and Mr. John Randolph, who have been
down In Florida for several days Ashing
and hunting, where they have had a real
ly enjoyable time, have returned home.
Mrs. A. E. Heard, the aunt of Mrs. M.
B. Holt, is quite 111 at the home of Mrs.
The many friends and admirers in thLs
etty of Misses EfAe and Nellie Roper will
be pleased to know that they are on a
visit to Montgomery, and are the guests
of Mrs. Dr. Rousseau, on South Perry
The Chicken Exhibition Closed.
The State Poultry association conclud
ed its exhibition here tonight. The show
Is accounted to have been a success In
that It brought together the owners of
about one thousand of the Anest birds
In the south for the exchange of Ideas,
methods, etc., as well as for the ex
change of stock. Many people here who
are interested in having nice fowls In
their yards took advantage of the op
portunities offered to select their breeds
and place their orders. The farmers in
this Bection of the state took great In
terest in the show.
Do not these times justify
you in saving the 25 cents?
If so, buy a dollar bottle of
whisky for 75 cents.
209 and 21119th Street.
Open until 9:30 p. m.
12-13-tf _
Good fishing at East Lake.
12-l-tf _ . _
Denver Ed Smith Will Meet Three Local Fight
ers in a Glove Contest in the Wigwam.
Ten Rounds Each,
Tonight at the wigwam the lovers it
athletic sports will witness the best ex
hibition of the kind, perhaps, that has
ever been presented in Birmingham.
The chief feature of the evening will
be Denver Ed Smith’s glove contest with
Mike Quinlan, Jerry Slattery and Eu
gene McElroy.
Denver Ed will take these three, one
after the other, for ten rounds. Quinlan,
the ’’Stockyard Giant,” is a heavy
weight; Jerry Slattery is also a heavy
weight, and McElroy is a heavy middle
weight. Denver Ed’s opponents are clev
er with the gloves, but they have a high
regard for the big fellow’s mittens. The
men will enter the ring at 8:45. This will
not be a prize fight, but simply a heated
glove contest for points. Denver Ed is
expecting a go with Fitzsimmons, and
he has backers, it is said, who will wager
money in large amounts that Denver Ed
can whip the lanky Australian. Denver
Ed Is quite sure that he will get a match
with Fitzsimmons, now that the latter’s
match with Maher seems to be off. How
ever, in the event that he does not he
will fight Slavin at the Bolingbroke club
in London.
Of tonight's exhibition the walking
match between Dan O'Leary, the cham
pion of the world, and three local pedes
trians, will be highly interesting. The
walking match will be a curtain-raiser
for the contest. Doors will be open at
7:30. with general admission 5o cents.
Seats by the ringside will be $1 each.
When Baby rras sick, we gave her Contort*.
When she was o Child, she cried for Castor!*,
When sho bocomo Miss, she clung to Castor!*.
When 6bo had Children, she gavothem Castor!*,.
Many people want what
many others want to get rid
of. Brief mention in the State
Herald’s “Cheap Columns”
will fill the bill. “Situations
Wanted” three times free.
Nominal charges for other
We will sell during the
month of December a bottle
of Cognac brandy for one sil
ver dollar. Regular price one
and a half gold dollars.
209 and 21119th Street
The board of managers of the Charity
hospital desire to sell all the red brick,
furnace window weights, pipes, etc., to
be seen on the grounds of the hospital at
Smithfiold. Apply between the hours of
12:30 and 2:30 p. m. at 2011 Park avenue.
H-14-tf ___
A1 way sin season, always up
with the procession, always
accommodating and always
give you the best in the mar
ket at the Metropolitan bar.
ll-12-tf _
Cold Weather Is Coming.
Telephone 487 for coal. Ward’s coal
yard keeps as good as can be had In this
market. When you need coal call on
them. Can furnish on short notice at
market price._ 7-19-tf
Steiner Brothers, the Birmingham
bankers, who have Invested considerable
money in this county recently, thus com
pliment a business statement rendered
them by Register in Chancery Wiliam C.
Rayburn of this place. Their letter
says: "We beg to extend congratula
tions upon the neatness, clearness and
business form of the statement rendered
us, which we assure you is flattering to
you personally and reflects great credit
upon your office.’’ Mr. Rayburn writes a
Spencerian hand, and Is a splendid book
keeper, and this compliment by a compe
tent banking house Is indeed a source of
pleasure to his friends. — Guntersvllle
I gives you a feeling of horror ami dread.
There is uo louger necessity for its use
in many diseases formerly regarded as
incurable without cutting. The
Triumph of Conservative Surgery
is well illustrated by the fact that
P11DTIIPF or Breach is uowratfi
1 UIXLtf catty cured without the
knife and without pain. Clumsy, chaf
ing trusses can be thrown away ! They
never cure but ofteu induce inflamma
tion, strangulation aud death.
Tl ] llflDC Ovarian, Fibroid (Uterine)
| 1 UiTlvJIXO and many others, are now
removed without the perils of cutting
U operations.
11 PILE TUMORS, . te«Td
other diseases of the lower bowel, are
permanently cured without paiu or re
sort to the knife.
QTONF *u tl,c Bladder, uo matter
o-IUliL* how large, is crushed, pul
verized. washed out and perfectly re
moved without cutting.
CTPirTI 1PF of Urinary Passage is
O 1 IV Iv I UIVL« also removed without
cutting in hundreds of cases. For pam
phlet, references aud all particulars,
j| seud 10 cents (in stamps) to World1® Dis
y] pensary Medical Association, 663 Main
V Street. Buffalo. N. Y.
and those soon to be
come mothers,
should know that Dr.
Pierce’s Favorite
Prescription robs
childbirth of its tor
tures, terrors and
dangers to both
mother and child, by
aiding nature in pre- /
Faring the system Ij
or parturition. A
Thereby “ labor ”B
anu U1C JJCUUU ' £<r
greatly shortened. It also promotes the
secretion of an abuudance of nourishment
for the child.
Mrs. Dora A. Guthrir, of Oakley, Overton Co.,
Tenn., writes : ** When I began taking Dr.
Pierce’s Favorite Prescription, I was not able to
stand on my feet without suffering almost death.
Now I do all my housework, washing, cooking,
sewiug aud everything for my family of eight. I
am stouter now than I have been in six years.
Your * Favorite Prescription ’ is the best to take
before coufiuemeut, or at least it proved so with
me. 1 never suffered so little with any of my
children as I did with my last."
‘ Stockholders’ Meeting.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Jefferson County Savings Bank will
be held at its banking house, In the city of
Birmingham, Ala., at 12 o'clock noon, Jan
uary 14, 1896, for thie purpose of electing a
board of directors for the ensuing year and
the transaction of any other business
which may come before the meeting.
EUGENE F. EN8LEN, Cashier.
Dec. IS, 1895. 12-14-»[email protected]«
Work flies
right along
when you take Pearline
to it. So does the
dirt. Every scrub
bing brush seems
have winp-s.
L-jjistffljp1 You get through your cleaning in half
the time you used to, and without any
commotion or fuss.
Pearline saves rubbing. That means a good deal besides
easy work, even in house-cleaning. Paint and wood-work
and oil-cloth, etc., are worn out by rubbing.
Pearline cleans, with the least labor, and without the
least harm, anything in the world that water doesn't hurt
Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you ** this is as good as"
!OCUU or "the same as Pearline.” IT'S FALSE—Pcarline is never peddled,
it D- _1_ and if your grocer sends you something in place of l<earline, be
DclLK honest—send it back. JAMES PYI-E, New York.
In All Things All The Time
rilHRRE are many GOOD life insurance companies, but among
X them all there must be one BEST. THE BEST is THE
EQUITABLE. If you wish to know why, send for: i, the
report of the Superintendent of Insurance for the State of New
York on the examination of The Equitable; 2, for actual results
of maturing policies; 3, for statement of death claims paid in
1894. Then you will know the three great reasons of The
Equitable’s supremacy: First, its financial stability; second,
its great profits and advantages to living policy-holders; third,
the promptness of its payments and liberality of its settlements.
The Equitable Life Assurance Society
Of th.e United States.
JAS. W. ALEXANDER, Vice-President. H. B. HYDE, President.
Clark & Jackion, Managers (j^Kiri^jack^n) 5 L. D. Burdette, Cashier.
OFFICES—2021 First Avenue, Southern Club Building, Birmingham, Ain.
Assets, $185 044,310. Surplus, $37,481,069.
S. E. Barker, President. W. J. Cameron, Cashier.
W. A. Walker, Vice-Piesident. Tom. O. Smith, Asa’t Cashier.
T. M. Bradley. 2d Ass’t Cashier.
Oapital Stock, * - ^250,000
Designated Depository of the United States.
Chartered May 15, 1884.
EIBECICBP—J. A. Stratton, F. D. Nabers.W. A. Walker, T. C. Thompson, W. 3.
frcwn.T. H. Molton W. J. Camtron, N. E. Barker, Qeo. L. Morris.
The Berney National Bank,
Birmlng-liam, Alabama.
Chartered January 28, 1886.
Capital Stock, $200,000.00. Surplus and Profits, $28,000.00.
Successors to City National Bank of Birmingham January 8, 1895.
Special Attention to lodustrial and Cotton Accuuuts
J. B. COBBS, Pres’t. W. F. ALDRICH, Vice-Pres»t. W. P. G. HARDING, Cashier.
J. H. BARR, Assistant Cashier.
DIRECTORS—B. B. Comer, T. H. Aldrich, Robert Jemiaon, W. F. Aldrich, Walker
Percy, Robert Stephens. Charles Wheelock, James A. Going, J. B. Cobbs.
B. M. NELSON, President. W. A. PORTER, Cashier.
A. T. JONES, Vice-President. U. L. BADHAU, Assistant Cashier.
CAPITAL $500,000.00.
S. E. Cor. First Avenue and Twentieth S rect, Birmingham, Ala.
BUYS and sells exchange on all principal cities in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa,
Australia, South America and Mexico. Solicits accounts of manufacturers, merchants,
b ank» and Individuals. 8 29 tf
Birmingham, Alabama.
Negotiate loans on real estate and collateral.
Buy county and city bonds.
Sell steamship tickets over all lines.
Issue interest-bearing certificates on savings deposits.
Promote and financier enterprises.
/ I Sell exchange on all parts of Europe.
' i
Whiskies, Brandies and Wines
“Belle of Sumter”
Fine Claret, SOe a Gallon.
JOHN L. PARKER, Druggist,
212 North Twentieth Street.
Birmingham Paint and Glass Company
taints, Oils. Tarnish, Glass, Sash, Doors and Blinds.
1816 Third Avenue.Birmingham, Ala.
occupy three full stores, 25x140 feet each.
In the heart of the city. Nos. 201S, 2021
and 2023, Second avenue.
Our Dry
Goods Department
carries a full line of Staple and Fancy
Dry Goods and Clothing for the masses.
Our Shoe Department
Is fully up to the standard of first-class
Shoe establishments. We can fit any
foot to perfection.
Our Hardware
is immense. In this we carry full line of
Miners’ Tools. Agricultural Implements,
Hardware, Novelties, Guns, Ammunition
and Cutlery.
Our Grocery Department
Is complete in every detail. Staple and
Fancy Groceries in greatest variety.
Everything sold either at wholesale or re
tail. Consumer can secure wholesale prices
by purchasing in unbroken packages.
i Pjorona
“®|ljoal Co
Office and Yard:
Cor. Avenue A and 22d Street.
AVe sell more lump coal than any
yard in the city.
Joe R. Cook,
Will Talce Orders
Blue Poi nts,
N. Y. Saddle Rocks.
Best Selects, 50c per hundred.
Plants, 75c per hundred.
Norfolk plants, $1.25 per 100.
Brooms’ Fisli and Oyster Market,
No. 11}^ Twentieth Street.
Toys /
Dolls /
Picture Books/
, Cheap/
2028 First Avenue.
Get prices.
Delicious : Steak,
Mutton, Lamb or Pork and
all animal delicacies.
Stall 11, City Market.
7 20 tf
D. B. Luster,
The 10th Street
217 19th Street,
Has added a general line of FACTORY
MADE SHOES to his custom department.
10- 12-2m_
The Israel Tailoring Company,
114 Twenty-first Street.
Perfect fitting garments.
Materials of the best class, and
Prompt fulfillment of orders
At lowest consistent prices.
We base our claims on facts. Can w«
subtantlate them for you? Try us.
The Israel Tailoring Company.
11- 5-tf_
John Vary,
Attorney at Law and Solicitor in Cliaeccry.
Office No. U First National Bank
Building, Birmingham, Ala.

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