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Is Heartily Indorsed From “A
to Izzard.”
Old Confederate and Federal Soldiers Express
Themselves Ready to Back the Presi
dent to the Hilt.
The message of President Cleveland
in the Venezuelan boundary case was
the occasion of much talk among all
classes of citizens yesterday, who, hav
ing read the dispatches in the State Her
ald, realized the gravity of the situation
and what a sensational color the presi
dent's words had given to the attitude of
this country. Everybody was pleased
that we showed a chief executive who
had the ginger in him to buck up against
the arrogance of John Bull. With very
few exceptions the message was indorsed
in toto. Republicans as well as demo
crats, silverloons as well as goldbugs, all
had words of warm praise tor the pres
ident's stand and the language in which
he set it forth.
There were numberless persons who re
garded the English side of it as of a part,
with John Bull's usual land-grabbing
propensities, and were delighted to Bee
it rebuked, as they thought, by an Amer
ican president. The few who did not ap
prove of the message gave their reasons
as based upon doubt as to whether it
was a case which really demanded the
Intervention of the Monroe doctrine.
Judge Roulhac of Sheffield, who was in
the city on his way to south Alabama,
was among those w-ho took this view of
the issue. A warm supporter of the ad
ministration. he expressed surprise that
Mr. Cleveland had sent such a message
to congress, and gave it as his opinion
that the Monroe doctrine had no more
to do with the Schomburgk line than the
determination of the line between Can
ada and the United States.
• • •
Gen. Fred S. Ferguson, as brave a sol
dier as ever carried a gun in the Confed
eracy and the present general command
er of the department of Alabama United
Confederate Veterans, said:
"That is the grandest state paper ever
written, and I agree with every word of
it. We old soldiers are somewhat aged,
but if the worst comes to the worst wo
will be found in the thickest of the fight.
However, I do not anticipate any serious
Gen. George L. Thomas—I Indorse ev
ery word President Cleveland says. I
don’t think there will be any war. The
two greatest English-speaking nations
will certainly not go to war for so small
a cause as that Involved. I think the
matter will be arbitrated without resort
ing to war.
* • •
Maj. W. H. Hunter, who was major In
the Twelfth Ohio cavalry during the civil
war, said: ’’I am pleased with President
Clevelp-tulls—®essage. It has the true
American ring, ant! i-fi rnnhnon
the Grand Army of tlft*- Republic. 000,000
strong, at his back.” /■
• * • •
G. L. Young, county commissioner—
I am ready for service if war comes. Put
me down in the list of volunteers. 1 ad
mire the tone of the message.
* • •
M. T. Porter, probate judge—The mes
sage is right. By all means we should
maintain the spirit of the Monroe doc
trine I do not believe there is much dan
ger of a fight, but if fight Is necessary
to keep England within proper bounds,
then fight we should.
• • •
George M. Morrow, sheriff—The mes
sage is the finest thing I have ever read.
It is in thorough accord with my admira
tion of Grover Cleveland, who is a manly
and patriotic American above all things.
• • •
John McCoy, republican—The message
Is the proper and the right thing. The
American people may disagree on minor
matters of internal concern, but they will
be found always with the executive in
the maintenance of the dignity of the
great republic. ,
James Morrow, county jailer—Let her
come; the sooner the better. We must
lick that pampered nation In the end, and
might as well do It now and be done wltli
It She has fattened on small fry, but
England will find it a tough job to run
over the United States.
* • •
Alex T. London, attorney—It is an ex
cellent message. It is worthy of the chief
executive of a great and self-respecting
• • *
M. A. Porter, attorney—It hits the nail
on the head. It says the correct thing in
the correct manner.
• * •
C. A. Mountjijy, attorney—It is great.
By all means we should maintain the
principles of the Monroe doctrine. The
message is manly and jjatriotlc.
John London, attorney—It Is exactly
right. If war Is necessary to maintain
our rights, let war come.
Children Cry for
Pitcher’s Castoria.
Methodist Bazaar, 3 p. m.
Good fishing at East Lake.
12-l-tf _,_
I carry the largest stock of
fine whiskies in the State. You
have a dozen different brands
select from.
Standard price, 75c a bottle.
Why not save the 25c?
209 and 21119th Street.
Open until 9:30 p. m.
12-13-tf _
The board of managers of the Charity
hospital desire to sell all the red brick,
furnace window weights, pipes, etc., to
be seen on the grounds of the hospital at
Bmithfield. Apply between the hours of
12:30 and 2:30 p. m. at 2011 Park avenue.
11- 14-tf _
Chop House,
Corner 1st Avenue and 20th
Street, No. 1931.
Oysters received fresh daily
and served in any style.
Maccaroni served Italian
style Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday and to order. Open
day and night. 10-22-tf
Good fishing at East Lake
12- 1-tf _
Oyster cocktails at the Met*
ropolitan bar. n-12-tf
Half a Dozen Buildings Destroyed—Very Small
Insurance—List of the Losses—Cit
izens Did Good Work.
Bessemer suffered from a disastrous
fire yesterday morning.
Half a dozen or more buildings were
destroyed and likewise the stocks of
goods in them.
The fire jvas discovered at 3:30 o’clock
in Jenkins’ saloon, on Twenty-first
street near First avenue, and before it
could be checked had consumed almost
an entire block.
The alarm was given as soon as the fire
was discovered, and a large portion of
Bessemer's population turned out and
rendered all the assistance possible to
wards extinguishing the flames, but the
the best they could do was to confine the
flames to one block.
The insurance carried on the stocks
was a very small portion of the value
placed on the property destroyed.
The losses were as follows:
Handle Bros., furniture; stock, $4000;
insurance, $2000.
Al. Benson's saloon; contents, $200.
Sweet & Culpepper, furniture; $1500.
Bessemer Auction company, $X00.
James C. Meyers' saloon, $1000.
Jenkins’ saloon, $500.
Most of the property destroyed was
par:ially 'Insured in companies repre
sented by James F. Hard & Co. of Besse
*T —like flowers, fade
and witherwitlitiuie;
the bloom of the rose
is only known to the
IA healthy woman's
(gljl. cheeks. The lierv
ous strain caused by
rjTVB'the ailments and
’ -V1? pains peculiar to the
sex, and the labor
r* and worry of rearing
a family, can often
be traced by the lines in tne woman s lace.
Dull eyes, the sallow or wrinkled face and
those “feelings of weakness” have their
rise in the derangements and irregularities
peculiar to women. The functional de
rangements, painful disorders, and chronic
weaknesses of women, can be cured with
Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription. For the
young girl just entering womanhood, for
the mother and those about to become
mothers, and later in “the change of life,”
the “Prescription ” is just what they need ;
it aids nature in preparing the system for
the change. It’s a medicine prescribed for
thirty years, in the diseases of women, by
Dr. R. V. Pierce, chief consulting physician
to the Invalids’ Hotel and Surgical Insti
tute,at Buffalo, N. Y. Dr. Pierce’s Favorite
Prescription will cure the chronic inflamma
tion of the lining membranes which cause
such exhausting drains upon the system.
It cures nervous prostration, sleeplessness,
faintness, nervous debility and all disorders
arising from derangement of the female
organs and functions.
Mrs. Jennie Williams, of Mohawk. Lane Co.,
Oregon, writes : I
was sick for over three
years with blind dizzy
spells, palpitation of
tne heart, pain in the
back and head, and
at times would have
such a weak tired feel
ing when I first got
up in the morning,
and at times nervous
chills. _ .
. -• -Tne physicians dif
fered as to what my
disease was. but none
of them did me any
good. As soon as I
commenced taking Dr.
Pierce’s Favorite Pre
scription, I began to
get better ; could sleep
Mrs. Williams.
wen mgms, aua mat Dan. uervous feeling aua tne
pain in my back soon left me. I can walk sever
al miles without getting tired. I took in all three
bottles of * Prescription ’ and two of ‘ Discovery. ’ ”
BEN S. THI ESS. Manager.
America’s Triumphal Tragedian and Rex of
Romantic Actors,
Management of WM. F. CONNOR, In two
Magnificent Productions.
Monday Evening."VIRGINIUS”
Tuesday Eve.."MONTE CRISTO”
Special Cast I
Special Scenery!
Special Effects I
Seats on sale Saturday, December 21.
Order of Publication.
The State of Alabama—Judicial Department
—The Supreme Court of Alabama, Novem
ber term, 1895—Appeal from Jefferson
Chancery Court—Sixth division, 736.
Burghard Steiner vs. Robert Scholze et al.
Whereas, on the 25th day of November,
1895, an order of publication was made In
the above stated cause as follows, to-wlt:
•'Comes the said appellant and moves the
Court for an order of publication, as re
quired by law, citing Solomon Levi to appear
at the next call of the sixth division of this
court and to Join In the assignment of errors
In this cause, and In support of said motion
Samuel D. Weakley, Esq., an attorney of
this court, here makes oath In writing that
the said Solomon Levi is a non-resident of
the State of Alabama, and that he resides
at New Orleans, In tho State of Louisiana.
•‘W'herefore It is ordered that notice be
published for four consecutive weeks in the
State Herald, a newspaper published In the
city of Birmingham, county of Jefferson
and State of Alabama, citing the said Solo
mon Levi to appear at the next call of the
sixth division of this court and to Join in
the assignment of errors In this cause, and
notifying him that if he fall so to do a
severance will be had on the errors as
signed by the said Burghard Steiner, and
that a copy of said notice be sent by mall
to said Solomon Levi at New Orleans, La.”
Now, therefore, pursuant to said order,
this publication Is made, and the said Solo
mon Levi is hereby cited to appear at the
next call of the sixth division of this court
and to Join in the assignment of errors In
this cause, and notified that If he fall so to
do a severance will be had on the errors as
signed by the said appellant.
Witness, Sterling A. Wood, Clerk of the
Supreme Court of Alabama, at the capitol.
this, the 10th day of December, 1895.
Samuel D. Weakley, Attorney.
Itching and Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Pilaa field at oace to
tug. absorb* tumor*. A positive cure Circular* *eot free. Prtoo
600. l>ruui*u or nail. I>1L BUtANKQ, ft»klla« Fa.
10-12-156t-eod-kw52t ,,,___
One' complainf ,
I * rTTrpo I that we heard of was from a
—" woman who said that Pearline
—— hurt her hands! We knew
that this couldn’t be. But we
looked into the matter, and found
that she was using one of the
poorest and most dangerous of bar
soaps with her Pearline. When we
induced her to use Pearline walone,
without this soap, everything was lovely.
Use no soap, when you do any wash
ing or cleaning with Pearline. It’s
needless, and more expensive—and it
mav do harm. «» <
In All Things All The Time
THERE are many GOOD life insurance companies, but among
them all there must be one BEST. THE BEST is THE
EQUITABLE. If you wish to know why, send for: i, the
report of the Superintendent of Insurance for the State of New
York on the examination of The Equitable; 2, for actual results
of maturing policies; 3, for statement of death claims paid in
1894. Then you will know the three great reasons of The
Equitable’s supremacy: First, its financial stability; second,
its great profits and advantages to living policy-holders ; third,
the promptness of its payments and liberality of its settlements.
The Equitable Life Assurance Society
Of tlcie United States. •"
JAS. W. ALEXANDER, Vice-President. H. B. HYDE, President.
Clark & Jackson, Managers (JfKisrk jMklon) ) L. D. Burdette, Cashier.
OFFICES—2021 First Avenu?, Souihor.. Club Building, Birmingham, Ala.
Assets, $185,044,310. Surplus, $37,481,069.
F. E. Barker, President. w. J. Cameron, Cashier.
W, A. Walker, Vice-President. Tom. O. bmith, Ass’t (Jashlar.
T. M. Bradley. 2d Abb’t Cashier.
Oapital Stock, « - §250,000
Designated Depository of the United States.
Chartered May IS, 1884.
EJFECIOBB—J. A. Elratton.F. D. Nabers, W. A. Walker, T. O. Thompson, W. 3.
frown, T. H. Molten W. J. Cameron, N. E. Barker, Geo. L. Morris.
The Berney National Bank,
BirmlngHam, u&.la'toa.ma.
Chartered January 28, 1886.
Capital Stock, $200,000.00. Surplus and Profits, $28,000.00.
Successors to City National Bank of Birmingham January 8, 1895.
Special Attention to Industrial and Cottoa Accounts
J. B. COBBS. Prea’t. W. F. ALDRICH, Vice-Prea’t. W. P. G. HARDING, Cashier.
J. H. BARR, Assistant Cashier.
DIRECTORS—B. B. Comer, T. H. Aldrich, Robert Jemtson, W. F. Aldrich, Walker
Percy, Robert Stephens. Charles Wbeelock, James A. Going, J. B. Cobbs.
H. M. NELSON, President. W. A. PORTER, Cashier.
A. T. JONES, Vice-President. H. L. BADHAM, Assistant Cashier.
CAPITAL $500,000.00.
S. E. Gor. First Avenne and Twentieth S reet, Birmingham, Ala.
BUY'S and sells exchange on all principal cities in the United States, Enrope, Asia, Africa,
Australia, South Ametlca and Mexico. Solicits accounts of manufacturers, merchants,
b snka and Individuals. 8 29 tf
Birmingham, Alabama.
Negotiate loans on real estate and collateral.
Buy county and city bonds.
Sell steamship tickets over all lines.
Issue interest-bearing certificates on savings deposits.
Promote and financier enterprises.
Sell exchange on all parts of Europe.
Whiskies, Brandies and Wines
“Belle of Sumter”
Fine Claret, BOc a Gallon.
JOHN L. PARKER, Druggist,
212 North Twentieth Street.
Dr. Dozier 6c Co.’s
Simon Block, Nineteenth Street, Birmingham, Ala.
A famous and successful institution for the cure of
Chronic, Nervous, Blood, Skin and Private Diseases of both
sexes. Ulcers, Blotches, Sore Throat, Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Eczema, Psoriasis and ugly eruptions of every character are
permanently cured after all others have failed. Syphilis,
Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Urethral Stricture, Lost Powers and result
of self-abuse and all disorders of Genito-Urinary Organs
quickly cured by the latest and most successful methods.
0. T. DOZIER, II. D„
Our Specialties.
and Bladder, Constipation. Chronic Diar
rhoea. Rheumatism. Catarrh; all froms
of Skin Disease, as Eczema, Ulcers,
Blotches. Ugly Eruptions, etc.
SYPHILIS in evry form effectually
cured and the poison thoroughly eradi
cated from the blood. Gonorrhoea,
Gleet, Stricture, Cystitis, etc.
rhoea, Impotence, Seminal Losses, Fail
ing Memory, Lassitude, Gloominess, De
pression of Spirits and all effects of per
nicious habits.
All irregularities and cases of weakness
in woman. . , .
Dr. Dozier gives his individual study
and efforts to the diagnosing and treat
ment of every case, prepares all medi
cines and gives all directions and advice,
thus securing to every patient the high
est professional skill and privacy as well
as security against mistakes and the use
of inferior drugs.
BLOOD, KIDNEYS and of the Genito
urinary Organs, and do not confine our
selves to PRIVATE DISEASES alone;
hence we are patronized by the best peo
ple of both sexes, and any lady or gen
tleman can visit our office with perfect
matters sacredly Inviolate.
Easy payments and liberal terms to
all, especially the poor.
Jrersons wno cannoi vian ua in our oi
flce can, by sending us their name, re
ceive our "Perfect Question Blanks,”
which will enable us to TREAT THEM
OFFICE HOURS—9 •»_ m. to 12 —2
p. m. to 6 p. m. Sunaays, 9 a. m. to 12 m.
Send 2 cents for questton list and
"Book for Men Only."
Send 2 cents ror question list for /•
PRESCRIPTIONS, but prepare and fur
nish from our own Dispensary all medi
cines to our patients.
That we publish no individual testi
monials or letters, though we have thou
sands of the most flattering on file In
our office.
Dr. Dozier & Co.,
P. O. Box 112. Birmingham, Ala.
Clippings Prom the Press.
The Daily State.
Dr. O. T. Dozier, the specialist physi
cian of the Southern Medical Dispensary,
Is ome of the most successful practition
ers of the south. He Is a man who loves
the world and his fellow-man. Patients
learn to love his ever sympathetic na
ture, as they respect and confide in his
consummate skill.
It always aflords a public journal
pleasure to testify to merit where It is
deserved. It is therefore with pleasure
and pardonable pride that the Age-Her
ald Jons with its brethren of the press In
testifying to the merit, skill and reliabil
ity of Dr. O. T. Dozier. Principal of the
Southern Medical Dispensary of this city.
Dr. Dozier has resided for many years in
Birmingham, and each successive year
has added to his reputation, to his use
fulness and to the esteem in which he is
held by our best citizens. His long rec
ord and approved abilities entitle him
to the proud distinction of standing at
"the head of his profession.”
Bessemer Weekly.
There Is probably not a more highly
educated physician in this section than
Dr. O. T. Dozier. He is a specialist of
many years’ experience and successful
practice. He is noted for his thorough
mastery of the details and intricacies of
his profession, and for unusual scientiflo
(Daily News, Birmingham.)
Dr. Dozier, the head of the institution,
i ni Pby3*c^an and surgeon of education,
skill and experience, a man of culture and
high literary attainments and a gentle
man respected by all who know him. He
can be relied on in all matters pertaining
to his profession. The News commends
him most cordially to all those in need of
his services.
Weekly Mirror, Selma.
The doctor is highly recommended by
the press of the state as being a reliable
(Masonic Guide.)
Dr. Dozier comes from a family of
prominent physicians, and with his full
store of medical knowledge and his va
ri large experience in his profes
sion, Dr. Dozier can be relied upon to
treat all diseases in the most successful
Sumter Count-' Sun.)
Dozier’s repo- -uon as a specialist
iia5 overstepped the bounds of Alabama,
Tin-i ejls known All over the south. Dr.
w*If v «„?ot only an eminent physician.
fat A orillifint writer and poet. His work
in inis line has ben compared to that of
the late Father Ryan, the priest poet.
(Labor Advocate.)
,„„r- Do*ler bears tne reputation of be
?ne.?f 1116 most successful practltion
ers In the south. A personal acquaint
ance with the prnclpal warrants the La
bor Advocate in giving the Institution the
warmest recommendation to its every
(Bessemer Journal.)
Dr. Dozier’s reputation is a brilliant
one. He is a specialist of nearly twenty
years experience in active practice and
is strictly reliable and has the confidence
of the public and Indorsement of the
press. The doctor Is a distinguished
graduate in every department of medical
science, and his success with patients is
(Winona, Miss., Times.)
Dr. Dozier is a specialist of great repu
tation and has been unusually successful
in his practice. He never undertakes a
case unless reasonably sure of a cure. He
is a high-toned gentleman and can be con
sulted with the utmost confidence.
(Atlanta Constitution.)
Dr. O. T. Dozier, the head of the South
ern Medical Dispensary of Birmingham,
Ala., is a specialist of nearly twenty
years’ experience in the treatment of
chronic, nervous and private diseases and
his uniform success has given him a lead
ing position in the medical profession In
that city.
(Sunay Morning Star.)
Dr. Dozier's success has been simply
marvelous and has elicited the most en
thusiastic words of praise and gratltuds
from the dispensary’s many patrons from
all over the state.
(Eutaw Whig and Observer.)
While in Birmingham recently we had
the pleasure of meeting Dr. Dozier and
found him to be an interesting and genial
gentleman. He has not only the reputa
tion of being a fine physician, but Is a
writer of considerable character.
(The Southern Odd Fellow.)
We cannot add anything to the reputa
tion Dr. O. T. Dozier has already ao
qulred in the line of his profession, but
we know him to be a brother Odd Fellow
that can be relied on to carry out every
promise he makes to those needing his
services. ,
(Mountain Home, Talladega.)
The press of Birmingham and all over
Alabama speak in the highest terms of
Dr. Dozier as a physician, surgeon and
gentleman, and we have no hesitancy in
recommending him to those of our pa
trons who need his services.
(Alabama Christian Advocate.)
The Southern Medical Dispensary is
the leading institution of Its kind in Bir
mingham and has been instrumental in
effeclng the cure of many Berious oases,
and thus carrying healing and happiness
to many homes. Dr. O. T. Dozier, head
of the Southern Medical Dispensary,
gives his entire time and personal super
vision to the work, and brings to bear a
careful medical training in the best col
leges of the land and a long and valua
ble experience in the treatment of special
diseases. His professional standing la
unimpeachable and his character as a
gentleman and citizen is above reproach.
(Anniston Hot Blast.)
Among the most noted and successful
specialists in this country are Dr. Dozier
& Co. They have extended their business
from year to year and the patronage
given to them in the several surrounding
states is most gratifying. Dr. Dozier
is a high-toned, polished, Christian gen
tleman and has many warm persona)
friends in Anniston who knew him yearT
ago when practicing in Rome. Ga.
S3 FOR your^^mc: l-S
%$ {HARRIS 0 U/Itgp/RSOfl.
^^3 113 and 115 Rlghteenth Street.Telephone 224.
mmuLidi ^(umm(d<
-■"'V S~\ /^\ ~W—“T" “ANCHOR BRAND’
T) A/ \ |;' I V I ' A!PaA1T’.0IAWIto tin.
mWb& GEO. f. WHEELOCK. -52*

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