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And It Will Take a Hummer to
Beat Her.
Al Buckenburger, Formerly of the Pittsburg
National League Club, Will Manage
the Birmingham Team.
The meeting of the Southern Associa
tion of Baseball Clubs adjourned about
noon Sunday after having completed the
business for which they met.
Among the business transacted Sun
day morning was the fixing of the guar
antee fund, fixing salaries and the ap
pointment of two or three committees.
The guarantee fund was fixed at $1000,
which amount each club must deposit
on or before the 1st day of March.
The salary limit was placed at $1000
per mon in.
Henry Powell of New Orleans anrl
George T. Stallings of Nashville were ap
pointed a committee to fill vacancies In
the circuit. They will do this at the
earliest possible moment. The circuit as
it now stands Is composed of only six
cities—Evansville. Nashville, Atlanta,
Montgomery, Mobile and New Orleans.
Evansville, on account of the great dis
tance necessary to travel to get there
from the other cities, will probably be
dropped. That will leave three vacan
The three cities which are most favor
ed by the present league are Birming
ham, Chattanooga and Knoxville, and to
these cities the three franchises will
likely go.
The president appointed a committee
of two, consisting of Col. B. E. Holt of
Montgomery and Dr. R. L. C. White of
Nashville, to correspond with minor
leagues with reference to the Inaugura
tion of a movement for the better pro
tection of minor leagues.
The president was Instructed to corre
spond with President Young of the Na
tional league with reference to securing
class A protection for clubs in the South
ern association. The association now has
class B protection.
Col. B. L. Holt of Montgomery, Dr. It.
E. C. White of Nashville and Henry
Powers of New Orleans were appointed
on a committee to draft a new constitu
tion and by-laws.
The election of officers for next year
was deferred until January tie. when a
meeting will be held in Chattanooga to
complete arrangements for the next sea
eon. . ,
Thanks of the association were extend
ed the Morris hotel for courtesies.
A1 Buckenbnrger Coming.
That Birmingham will be represented
In the association next season hardly ad
mits of doubt. And sffie will be repre
sented with one of the strongest teams
ever gotten together In the south, un
der the management of A1 Buokenburger,
whose reputation as a baseball manager
is second to none In the business. For
several years he managed the Pittsburg
team In the National league and his
team always stood well up among the
When the magnates of the Southern
association arrived here last Saturday
they opened communication with Buck
enburger with reference, to placing a
team In Birmingham, and he consented
to do so provided the guarantee could
be assured. This, It Is almost certain,
^Messrs.0 Solon Jacobs and Joe Frank
went before the meeting and submitted
n proposition, which was very favorably
received by the magnates, who are anx
ious to have a Birmingham team In the
association next season. Mr. \\ ayland
Trask,president of the Columbian Equip
ment company, is also Interested with
Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Frank in the move
ment, and his company will contribute
liberally towards the club.
Mr Buokenburger will be In Birming
ham early in January to see wliat can
be done in the way of getting tip the nec
essary organization and guarantee foi
° The local fans have manifested a great!
deal of Interest In the matter since it be
came known Birmingham was sla ed for
one of the vacancies, and it is not
thought much trouble will be experienc
ed in raising the requisite amount of
I Children Cry for
Pitcher’s Castoria.
See our stock—three car
loads of suits, oue of folding
beds, one of rockers and other
house furnishing goods.
12-21-3t _
B'.ulents’ Recital—Methodists Greatly
Pleased With Their Pastor.
Marion, Dec. 21.—(Special Correspond
ence.)—Mrs. Clarence Crenshaw, who
tias been In bad health for some time
5>ast, is gradually sinking ami cannot
live through the day. Her husband
i»nd family have the sympathy of the
-entire community.
The recital by the students of the Jud
-•on on Friday night was greatly en
joyed by a large and appreciative audi
ence. Much was expected of the pupils
of Miss Stakeley, whose cultured voice
and charming manners have captivuted
and captured the people of Marion, and
this expectation was fully realized. The
manners of the young ladies while on the
stage and the music of their well trained
voices met with an enthusiastic recep
tion, and showed that Miss Stakeley not
only could sing divinely herself, but had
that other and greater power of teaching
others how to sing. The recitations of
the pupils of Miss Klrtley and the organ
nnd piano recitals of the pupils of Mrs.
King and Professor Vredenburg were up
to the usual high standard of the Jud
son’s exhibitions. At the conclusion of
- the regular programme for the evening
Miss Stakeley, by special request, sang a
number of old fashioned melodies, which
carried the house by storm and which
made your correspondent her humble and
mlmlrlng slave the balance of his days.
Her voice is magnificent In Its scope,
power and flexibility and is the perfection
of natural strength and sweetness com
bined with intelligent nnd artistic cul
tivation. The Judson is indeed to be
congratulated upon having In Its fac
ulty one of the finest vocalists in the
The students of the Marlon Military In
stitute have all gone to their homes for
the Christmas holidays.
Miss Miller of Owensboro, Ky., and
Cadet Patrick of Auburn college are vis
iting the family of Rev. R. G. Patrick.
The members of the Methodist c-hurch
are greatly pleased that Itev. Mr. Spain
has been sent to this place.
Nothing is being talked of but war
with England, but we have yet to hear
of the first man who wanted to go to the
Big Holiday Travel on All Railroid^Com ing to
The second Week’s earnings of the
Louisville and Nashville railroad were
as follows: i
Freight, $328,300; passenger, $82,550;
miscellaneous, $26,795. Total, $437,645.
Compared with the three previous years
It was an Increase of $21,610 over 1894 and
$30,605 over 1893, but $32,410 less than in
For two weeks in December the earn
ings were $864,355, as compared with
$837,840 in 1894, $812,905 in 1893 and $951,170
in 1892.
The earnings from July 1 to December
14 were $9,793,285, which was $484,973 more
than for the same period In 1894 and
$899,309 more than 1893, but $811,915 less
than in 1892.
Big Holiday Travel.
The railroads are doing an Immense
passenger business. Yesterday every
train that came into or left the city on
the various roads was crowded, and
extra coaches had to be used on sev
eral of them. Both branches of the Bir
mingham Mineral road came In yester
day morning with every seat ocvApied
and several passengers standing up. The
Corona accommodation on the Southern
and the Decatur accommodation on the
Louisville and Nashville brought In large
crowds. Through trains from the south
and west were also crowded with people
from Texas and the west, who were com
ing east to spend the holidays with rel
atives at their old homes in Alabama,
Oleorgia and the Carolinas.
The Louisville and Nashville train due
here from the south at 11:40 ran In two
sections Sunday, the last section car
rying four coaches of western people.
Will Be Shown Certain City Ptisoncrs
The charity of Christmas will visit the
city prison today. Tt will bp in the shape
of a general release of short term pris
oners and those who have already suf
fered considerable confinement for petty
offenses. This has been the custom in
Birmingham for a number of years and
the kind-hearted mayor will observe it
this Christmas. However, those given
their liberty will not be permitted to
celebrate the occasion in the city. They
will be released with warnings and or
! dered to quit the community.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castorfa.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, sho gave them Castoria.
Solomon & Levi’s, the pioneers
in their line, for .finest wines
and liquors for the holidays.
Solomon & Levi’s, the pioneers
in their line, for finest wine3
and liquors for the holidays
Running at Full Capacity- Business Good.
School Closes—Personal anil Otherwise.
Warrior, Dec. 21.—(Special Correspond
ence.)—All the mines are running at their
full capacity, delivering large amounts of
coal, principally to the Louisville and Nash
ville railroad. This activity in the coal
trade makes every line of business very
lively, and oasts a glow of prosperity that
is decidedly Interesting and encouraging.
Our merchants and clerks are on the
jump supplying their customers with good
things for Christmas.
Prof. E. K. Brown and his competent as
sistant, Miss Lulu Brake, closed their four
months public school Wednesday night with
a public entertainment that, was highly
gratifying to all concerned. The children
did remarkably well in their recitations,
dialogues, etc., showing careful training.
We regret to lose Professor and Mrs. Brown
as they are very desirable citizens, and will
be greatly missed In our society and
churches and Sunday schools.
On Thursday night Professor Oslln of
Mucogee, I. T., closed with a grand musical
entertainment the normal school of vocal
music he has been teaching- here. The
weather prevented many from attending.
Certificates of competeney in teaching were
awarded to Messrs. Trotter, Smith, Cowart
anil White.
The Methodist Episcopal Sunday school is
preparing a good time for the children
Christinas eve. They have a programme of
songs, recitations, responsive readings, etc.
A Christmas tree will hold presents lor the
children. The Baptist Sunday school is
also to have a good time, as they will have
a Christmas tree at the same time.
Mr. and Mrs. Bibb, Miss Lena and Thomas
Bibb, have Just returned from a visit to
Atlanta, highly pleased with the exposition.
Many of our citizens who have been too
busy to go before contemplate taking in tho
exposition during the holidays.
Mr. W. It. Dean leaves with his family
for Texas about the beginning of the new
year. He sold his stock of merchandise to
Collins & Co. Mr. C. S. Hooper, a promi
nent merchant of Blount Springs will take
his (Mr. Dean's) place.
—into society, and womanhood as well, is
an extremely critical period in tvery girl’s
life. At this time she needs advice, and,
what’s more—help of the right sort. If she
puts her faith in Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Pre
scription it can bring only good results.
It’s a medicine that’s made especially to
build up women's strength and cure wo
men’s ailments—an invigorating, restora
tive tonic, soothing cordial, and bracing
nervine ; purely vegetable, non-alcoholic,
and perfectly harmless. For all the func
tional derangements, painful disorders, and
chronic weaknesses that afflict womankind,
the “Favorite Prescription ” is specific.
Mechanicsburgh, Cumberland Co., Pa.
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y. : Dear Sir—
t When I commenced tak
ing your medicine I was
very MtKiy. i imu irc
quent spells of fainting,
terrible paiu iu tny head,
and life was a burden to
me. I was attended by
one of the best physt
ciaus iu our town, but
with no good results. At
last a neighbor advised
me to tiy Dr. Pierce’s
Favorite Prescription,
which I did, aud after
taking one oottle I felt
greatly benefited. I
would advise all ladies
Mrs. Jacobs. “ Favorite Prescription/'
Yours truly.
A book of 168 pages, entitled “faoman
and Her Diseases," sent sealed tn plain
envelope for to cents in stamps to pay
postage. Address Dr. Fierce as above.
r Julia Magruder's New Novel
f The absorbing story of a woman with
a history and a mystery begins in the
£ Christmas issue of
f JO Cents: On AH News-stands

*■ The Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia
i* <*t> MUM 9« W If ttMff MtfM tf 99 99 9999 5
N. E. Darker, President. vv. J. Cameron, Cashier.
W. A. Walker, Vice-Piesident. Tom. O. Smith, Asa’t Caihler.
T. Al. Ersdiev. 2d Ass’t Cashier.
Capital Stock, - - ^250,000
lesignated repository of the United States.
Chartered May 15, 1884.
riEFCIOrF—J. A. Elratton, F. D. Nabors, W. A. Walker, T. C. Thompson, W. S.'
f tcviD, 1 . H. Kolton W. J. Cameron, N. £>. Barker, Geo. L. Morris.__
The Berney National Bank,
Chartered January 28, 1886.
Capital Stock, $200,C00.00. Surplus and Profits, $28,000.00.
Successors to City National Bank of Rirmia^liaw January 8, 1893.
Special ‘Atlcrilion to Industrial and Cotton Accuunts
J. B. COBBS, Pres’t. W. F. ALDRICH, Vice-PreB’t. W. P. G. HARDING, Cashier.
J. 11. BARR, Assistant Cashier.
DIRECTORS—B. B. Comer, T. H. Aldrich, Robert Jemison, W. F. Aldrich, Walker
Percy, Robert Stephens. Charles Wheelock, James A. Going, J. B. Cobbs.
R. M. NELSON, President. W. A. PORTER, Cashier.
A. T. JONES, Vice-P.esideat. • H. L. BADHAM, Assistant Cashisr.
CAPITAL $500,000.00.
8. E. Cor. First Avenue amt Twentieth S root, Birmingham, Ala.
T)UTS and eells exchange on all principal cities In the United States, Europe, Asia, Afrlos,
) Australia, South America and Mexico. Solicits accuunts of manufacturers, merchants,
b auks and individuals. _ 8 29
Birmingham, Alabama.
Negotiate loans on real estate and collateral.
Buy county and city bonds.
Sell steamship tickets over all lines.
Issue interest-bearing certificates on savings deposits.
Promote and financier enterprises.
Sell exchange on all parts ot Europe.
*. I
1 ^z^ ■
There are shoes in St. Nicholas' bag. If he hasn’t enough to go around we have.
Our stock is equal to the occasion. Every foot can be accommodated, warmly,
comfortably and handsomely with the best shoes, slippers, rubbers, etc., that can
be produced. It’s great footwear we carry, at prices as pleasant as an Xmas
morning. No one will be more pleased, even by Santa Claus’ visit, than you’ll be
with our shoes, as we supply them at such jolly figures as from 76c to $5 In ladles',
and men’s from 95c to $6. Ladies buy nothing but fresh goods from us; try our
great $1.60, $2, $2.60 and $3 line; they are the latest twentieth century. The latest
fad in ladles’ shoes is our tailor-made tan lace twentieth century shoe. We carry
the finest line of men’s shoes In the south. Try our great $2, $2.60 and $3 men's fine
shoes in all styles. All kinds of repairing done while you wait. Bargains always
In Btock for country merchants.
cirp DTTTDDT? 1910 First Avenue, Wholesale and Retail
i(jli I lJLIlilD) Shoer. Annual sales, $200,000. Largest
1 Shoe House in Alabama.
Dr. Dozier & Co.’s
Simon Block, Nineteenth Street, Birmingham, Ala,
A famous and Successful institution for tlie cure of
Chronic, Nervous, Blood, Skin and Private Diseases of both
sexes. Ulcers, Blotches, Sore Throat, Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Eczema, Psoriasis and ugly eruptions of every character are
permanently cured after all others have failed. Syphilis,
Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Urethral Stricture. L 3t Powers and result
of Eelf-abuse and all disorders of Genito-Urinary Organs
quickly cured by the latest and most successful methods.
O. T. DOZIER, M. D.,
Our Specialties.
and Bladder, Constipation. Chronic Diar
rhoea. Rheumatism. Catarrh: all froms
of Skin Disease, as Eczema, Ulcers,
Blotches. Ugly Eruptions, etc.
SYPHILIS in evry form effectually
cured and the poison thoroughly eradi
cated from the blood. Gonorrhoea,
Gleet, Stricture, Cystitis, etc.
rhoea, Impotence, Seminal Losses, Fail
ing Memory, Lassitude, Gloominess, De
pression of Spirits and all effects of per
nicious habits.
All Irregularities and cases of weakness
in woman.
Dr. Dozier gives his Individual study
and efforts to the diagnosing and treat
ment of every case, prepares all medi
cines and gives all directions and advice,
thus securing to every patient the high
est professional skill and privacy as well
as security against mistakes and the use
of inferior drugs.
BLOOD, KIDNEYS and of the Genito
urinary Organs, and do not confine our
selves to PRIVATE DISEASES alone;
hence we are patronized by the best peo
ple of both sexes, and any lady or gen
tleman can visit our office with perfect
matters sacredly inviolate.
Easy payments and liberal terms to
all, especially the poor.
Persons who cannot visit us in our of
fice can. by sending us their name, re
ceive our "Perfect Question Blanks,”
which will enable us to TREAT THEM
OFFICE HOURS-!) ■»_ m. to 12 —.; 2
p. m. to 5 p. m. Sundays. 9 a. m. to 12 m.
Send 2 cents for question list and
"Book for Men Only."
Send 2 cents ror question list for A»
PRESCRIPTIONS, but prepare and fur
nish from our own Dispensary all medi
cines to our patients.
That we publish no individual testi
monials or letters, though we have thou
sands of the moBt flattering on file in
our office.
Dr. Dozier & Co.,
P. O. Bex 112. Birmingham, Ala.
Clippings Prom the Pr©33.
The Daily State.
Dr. O. T. Dozier, the specialist physi
cian of the Southern Medical Dispensary,
is one of the most successful practition
ers of the south. He is a man who loves
the world and his fellow-man. Patients
learn to love his ever sympathetic na
ture, as they respect and confide in his
consummate skill.
It always affords a public journal
pleasure to teBtlfy to merit where it is
deserved. It is therefore with pleasure
and pardonable pride that the Age-Her
ald Jons with its brethren of the press in
testifying to the merit, skill and reliabil
ity of Dr. O. T. Dozier, Principal of the
Southern Medical Dispensary of this city.
Dr. Dozier has resided for many years in
Birmingham, and each successive year
has added to his reputation, to his use
fulness and to the esteem in which he is
held by our best citizens. His long rec
ord and approved abilities entitle him
to the proud distinction of standing at
"the head of his profession."
Bessemer Weekly. )
There Is probably not a more highly,
educated physician In this section than
Dr. O. T. Dozier. He is a specialist of
many years' experience and successful
practice. He is noted for his thorough
mastery of the details and intricacies of
his profession, and for unusual sclentlflo
(Dally News, Birmingham.)
Dr. Dozier, the head of the institution,
is a physician and surgeon of education, '
skill and experience, a man of culture and
high literary attainments and a gentle
man respected by all who know him. He
can be relied on in all matters pertaining
to his profession. The News commends
him most cordially to all thoet in need of
his services.
Weekly Mirror. Selma.
T he doctor is highly recommended by
the press of the state as being a reliable
(Masonic Guide.)
Dr. Dozier comes from a family of
prominent physicians, and with his full
store of medical knowledge and his va
r ed and largo experience in his profes
sion, Dr. Dozier can be relied upon to
treat all diseases in the most successful
Sumter County Sun.)
Dr. Dozier’s reputation as a specialist
°verst®PPed the bounds of Alabama,
rli.i 6,8 known mi over the south. Dr.
JJozier is not only an eminent physician,
f * brilliant writer and poet. His work
in mis line has ben compared to that of
me late Father Ryan, the priest poet.
(Labor Advocate.)
Dr. Dozier bears tne reputation of be
ing one of the most successful practition
ers in the south. A personal acquaint
ance with the prnclpal warrants the La
bor Advocate in giving the institution the
warmest recommendation to its every
(Bessemer Journal.)
„„Dr' -P°*ler,8 reputation is a brilliant
one. He is a specialist of nearly twenty
years experience in active practice and
is 8trictly reliable and has the confidence
of the public and indorsement of the
press. The doctor is a distinguished
graduate in every department of medical
science, and Ills success with patients la
(Winona, Miss., Times.)
Dr. Dozier is a specialist of great repu
tation and has been unusually successful
in his practice. He never undertakes a
case unless reasonably sure of a cure. He
Is a high-toned gentleman and can be con
sulted with the utmost confidence.
(Atlanta Constitution.)
Dr. O. T. Dozier, the head of the South
ern Medical Dispensary of Birmingham.
Ala., is a specialist of nearly twenty
years' experience in the treatment of
chronio, nervous and private diseases and
his uniform success has given him a lead
ing position in the medical profession In
that city.
(sunay Morning Star.)
Dr. Dozier’s success has been simply
marvelous and has elicited the most en
thusiastic words of praise and gratitude
from the dispensary’s many patrons from
all over the state.
(Eutaw Whig and Observer.)
While in Birmingham recently we had
the pleasure of meeting Dr. Dozier and
found him to be an Interesting and genial
gentleman. He has not only the reputa
tion of being a fine physician, but is a
writer of considerable character.
(The Southern Odd Fellow.)
We cannot add anything to the reputa
tion Dr. O. T. Dozier has already ao
qulred in the line of his profession, but
we know him to be a brother Odd Fellow
that can be relied on to carry out every
promise he makes to those needing hi*
(Mountain Home, Talladega.)
The press of Birmingham and all over
Alabama speak in the highest terms of
Dr. Dozier as a physician, surgeon and
gentleman, and we have no hesitancy in
recommending him to those of our pa
trons who need his services.
(Alabama Christian Advocate.)
The Southern Medical Dispensary 1*
the leading institution of its kind in Bir
mingham and has been instrumental in
effectng the cure of many serious cases,
and thus carrying healing and happiness
to many homes. Dr. O. T. Dozier, head
of the Southern Medical Dispensary,
gives his entire time and personal super
vision to the work, and brings to bear a
careful medical training in the best col
leges of the land and a long and valua
ble experience in the treatment of special
diseases. His professional standing Is
unimpeachable and his character as a
gentleman and citizen is above reproach.
(Anniston Hot Blast.)
Among the most noted and successful
specialists in this country are Dr. Dozier
& Co. They have extended their business
from year to year and the patronage
given to them in the several surrounding
states is most gratifying. Dr. Dozier
is a high-toned, polished, Christian gen
tleman and has many warm persona)
friends In Anniston who knew him yeart
ago when practicing in Rome. Ga.
9 u/iqj/vnsoji *
113 and 115 Eighteenth Street.Telephone 224.
-W"V y'-X S~\ ■ ' f ~T" /'''U “ANCHOR BRAND’
T) Al\L' I XT A -4*rH‘“-T',ni,Pij,1, tin.
LEU1LPfc geo. F. 1EEL0CK,

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