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Pioneers of Low Prices,
Ts already in full swing at our establish
ment and W'e are grandly prepared for it.
All our departments offer unusual at
tractions. among which can be found
everything in the way of Men’s and Boys’
Wearing Apparel.
As Everybody Knows Our a9e
Prices Are Always Right.
This Season They Are
P 3 3 Lower Than Ever Before.
Umbrellas, 65c up lo $8 00.
Derby Hals, 65c up to $5.00.
GLOVES, etc., etc., all make useful holi
day presents.
Don’t wait till the eleventh hour rush
and crush, but attend to your gift buy
ing now while the assortments are re
plete with holiday and useful articles.
Thousands of our customers were
turned away not served Christmas Eve
Day last year on account of the great
rush, so we beg to request our patrons
to come early—NOW, if possible.
CALENDARS FOR 18S6 given and
mailed free of postage.
Birmingham, ala.
Branch of J. L. Challfoux. Lowell. Mass.
(All items of social Interest will be gladly
noted in these columns if sent to Mrs.
George C. Hall, Nineteenth street, between
Tenth and Eleventh avenues, South High
lands. Telephone !>S8.)
For many weeks there has been dis
cussed in the columns of the New York
World the matter of the appropriate ages
of men and women contemplating matri
mony, or rather the difference in years
that should exist between husband and
wife. Of course the opinons are as
diverse as the years, and when the ver
dict of the jury is rendered as to the best
written letter on the subject the condition
of humanity will remain as it has since
the time of Adain and Eve. In other
words, talk as we may, argue as we
please, we do not alter that law' of the
universe which makes men fall in love
with women and women fall in love with
men without regard ofttimes to age or any
other condition. Even if a matrimonial
commission was established, with abso
lute power, in all probability there would
result no greater happiness than now
obtains in the world. We all have our
theories, our pet projects for the improve
ment of humanity, but it is doubtful if
any one of these would really add to the
advancement of the race. Men and
women will continue as long.as the years
endure to fall in love without rhyme or
reason and to marry each other regard
less of any rules that common sense sug
gests. The question now being discussed
in the New' York World is whether tl
lliusband should be five or ten years older
than the wife, and hundreds of letters
have been written in favor of one or the
other. While there are fewer mistakes
more grievous than that of a man marry
ing a woman older than himself (and
each one of us can recall fatal blunders
of this kind), still a few of the happiest
marriages of this generation have been
of this incongruous nature. Of course,
these rare instances came about because
of remarkable mental aflinity and an
inexplicable magnetism one possessed foe
the other. So no unchangeable, unchang
ing rule can be made to regulate the
affections or the actions of our fellow
creatures. Love is the one subtle, in
describable sentiment, a magnetism, if
you please, that pays little attention to
years or conditions. Perhaps this Is a
pity, perhaps it is not. Who can decide
this matter?
* • •
"The Highlanders" will give a holiday
cotillion on next Tuesday evening at the
Florence hotel.
* • *
Mr. and Mrs David Roberts will en
tertain the Duplicate Whist club and its
husbands this evening
• * •
The members of the Thursday Evening
Euchre club will be the guests of Hon.
and Mrs. A. O. Smith this evening.
• * *
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kettlg entertained
In a very charming manner last evening
a few neighbors and intimate friends.
Their lovely home was artistically deco
rated with holly, and delicious refresh
ments were served. It was an informal
gathering of a few congenial friends,
who enjoyed immensely the delightful
hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Kettig.
• • •
Miss Graves entertains this evening
with a brilliant reception in honor of her
guests. Miss MacGregor of Louisville and
Miss Beach of Knoxville.
• • •
The Christmas cotillion of the Philhe
donian club was a beautiful social func
tion. There were twenty couples present.
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Johnston and Mr.
and Mrs. C. V. H. Rchoolar chaperoned
the young people, and Mr. Charles Davis,
assisted by Miss Florrle Roden, lead the
german. From 11 until 2:30 o'clock
Joy reigned supreme in the handsome
rooms of the Phllhedonian club yester
day. The following young people were
Misses Annie Erwin of North Carolina,
Lucy Turner of Huntsville, Lucy Hay
good, Kate Morrow. A. Sowell, Juliette
Whelan, Mary George Linn, Lila Smith,
Florrle Roden, Ethel Sharpe. Mary John
ston. Miss Cowan of Tennessee and
others: Messrs. J. C. Thompson, Charles
Davis. J. K. Warren, T. Simms, R. L.
Tlghlman. E. Wilcox, Theo Koenig, Dick
Going. George Brown. Charles Kullley,
J. T. Patton, Sale Phelan and Ernest
• • «
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Perin entertained
friends at dinner last evening.
4 * •
The young gentlemen of the Southern
club scored another social success yester
day morning in their charming Christ
mas german, given In their handsome
quarters. It was a large and brilliant
affair, and was enjoyed by the following
young ladies and gentlemen: Misses
Mamie Morrow, Willie Morrow, Sarah
Rogan, Kate Rogan. Annie Redd, Orllne
Arnold, Lucy Martin, Mary Clare Mil
ner. Mattie Webb. Zemma Webb, Mamie
Pearson, Louise Rucker, Mary Rucker,
Augusta Sharpe, Lutle Sharpe, Addle
Evans, Patti Ruffner, Blanche Tatum,
Annie R. Stratton, Kate Hurtel, Florrie
Kyle, Kate Earle. Jennie Porter, Luelle
Smith, Margaret gmlth, Delma Wilson,
Madge Pargons, Lizzie Hutton, Laura
Sohryver, and Messrs. W. J. Hutton, T.
F. Young, F. S. Foster, D. F. Talley, W.
Mudd Martin, L. A. Shipman, W. H.
Johnston, W. T. Smith, A. H. Carpenter.
Will Smith, C. H. Colvin, M. T. Baptist,
Walter Winn, P. W. Terry, E. W. Finch,
W. J. Boles, W. K. Baskin, E. Ramsey,
Porter Walker, Hugh Morrow. Henry
Going, Mel Drennen, C. T. Drennen, Fe
lix Drennen, J. N. Ross, F. F. Bills, L.
C. Bradley, Nat L. Miller, Solon Jacubs,
M. Lachley of Concord, N. H., John Pope
of Louisville and Hunter Long of bt.
Louis. .
The cotillion was led by Mr. Hugn
Morrow, assisted by Miss Margaret
Smith. Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Johnston
chaperoned the cotillion.
• • *
This morning a very delightful patty
left for Atlanta in a private car and will
return tomorrow. Upon their arrival m
Atlanta they will go immediately to the
exposition grounds, and after several
hours spent in sight-seing will dine at
the Aragon, then attend in the swellest
style the performance at the Grand
opera house, after which they will return
to Birmingham. Mr. and Mrs. Allen .
Haskell will chaperone the party, wnion
is composed of the following friends.
Misses Jennie Porter. Momic Terrell. Lu
clle Smith. Sarah Rogan, Kate Hogan,
and Messrs. ,T. W. Worthington, J. * •
Ross. L. B. Musgrove, Ross C. hnnitti,
Mel Drennen and F. F. Ellis.
• • •
Yesterday was essentially a home day
in Birmingham. With a few exceptions,
the entertainments were confined to rani
ilv gatherings. Every one seemed happy
and content, and the churches were well
attended. Th“ Roman Catholic churches
were handsomely decorated, and the con
gregations were unusually large. The
music was fine In all the churches. At
the Advent Prof. Boyce and the full vest
ed choir rendered a beautiful musical
programme. This elegant church was
! beautifully decorated with holly, mistle
toe and smllax. Rev. Dr. Board preached
a brief hut forceful sermon upon the
incarnation of Christ and the dangerous
tendency toward unbelief in the divinity
of our Lord. At St.-Mary s-on-the-High
lands the decorations were elaborate and
in exquisite taste. Cedar, holly and
wild smilax predominated. Ropes of
evergreens reached from the center chan
delier to the comers of the church, and
from the arch of the chancel to the low-ei<
walls. Wild smllax etched graceful de
signs against the window's and w'alls,
find the vases on the altar held splendid
white roses. Over the altar burned the
Star and all the altar decorations were
in white cloth, beautifully embroidered.
Rev. Mr. Fitzslmons preached an ex
ceedingly eloquent sermon, taking for
his sub.lect the "Song of the Angels.”
The music was very fine, wdth Prof.
Guekenherger at the organ. The Te
Deum by the quartette, Miss Bridew-eli,
Mrs Guekenherger and Messrs. Gillies
and' Smith, and the offertory hy Mrs.
Guekenherger were splendidly rendered.
The beautiful decorations of the church
were under the direction and manage
ment of Mrs. Sterling Lanier and the
altar guild.
Children Cry for
Pitcher’s Castoria.
The Daily State Herald, only
$6 per annum, or 50 cents per
month, for 1896_12-25-iw
Blank Books “ready-made”
and “made to order ” Rob
erts & Son, 1809 2d avenue.
12-22-8t _
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure. 25c. 10-27-6m-2p
Standard brands of fine old
whisky, thoroughly matured,
6 years old, 75c a bottle.
209 and 21119th Street.
Open until 9:30 p. m.
12-13-tf _
The right “ad” in the right
place will always bring re
sults. Try a space in the State
Herald’s “Cheap Columns.”
Charges nominal for all ex
cept “Situations Wanted,”
which are free.
Two Cents Per Mile Each Way for the Round
Tickets will be sold via the Southern
railway December 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31
and January 1, good to return until Jan
uary 2, 1896.
For futher information apply to
No. 7 North Twentieth street. Tele
phone 846._12-20-tl 1-1
w_J_1_-- - £
UJLUJLUUA ctuuuxu vuivuuut a awa
1896 and everything else in
the way of stationery for the
office. Roberts & Son, 1809
2d avenue. 12-22-81
Good fishing at East Lake.
12-1-tf ,_
A Woman Who Had Them on Locked Up in the
City Prison,
Julia Henderson celebrated Christmas
In quite a novel manner yesterday. Dis
daining bloomers she donned man’s at
tire complete and boarded an electric car
for a real Jolly time. Officer Hagood
espied her and escorted the woman to
the station, where the proper charge was
entered against her.
For those who are run down by too much
Indoor life or by hard work, and who would
safely weather the coming month, the most
dangerous in the year, Paine’s Celery Com
pound Is the true tonic. It strengthens the
nerves and purifies the blood. Try It.
For Advertisers, Advertising Agen
cies, Publishers, Printers and
Merchants in Every Line of Busi
These are the most compact and sys
tematic record books published and once
tried are always used. The printed head
ings under all the above records, enable an
IN A MOMENT, errors avoided, and system
established worth many times the price,
and the names and addresses are invaluable
for reference and for circularising.
The above records are uniform In size,
8x12 Inches. Indexed through on directory
plan and vowel arrangement for Instant
reference. Descriptive circular on appllca
tlOI\VALTER W. GEORGE, Publisher,
6 Barclay Btreet, New York.
This u n r 1 »■ 1 led
southern remedy is
warranted nottocon
taio a single particle
of mercury, quinine
or oalomel, or any
injurious mineral
substance, but is
It Will Cure All Diseases Caused by De
rangement of <he Liver, Kidneys
and Stomach.
If you feei debilitated, have frequent
headache, poor appetite and tongaecoated.
you are Buffeting from torpid liver, or
“biliousness,” and nothing will cure you
ao speedily and permanently ss Simmons
Liver Regulator. At any time you feel
your sj Btem needs cleansing, toning, reg
ulating without violent purging. or stim
ulating without intoxicating. use
Simmons Liver Regulator.
Has the Z Stamp in Red on the Wrapper.
J. H. ZEIL.IN & C ., Philadelphia, Pa.
U Ml
209 N. 20th Street,
Money loaned on Watches
Diamonds, Jewelry. Pistols.
— &c.
E eve d large lot of unredeemed watches o*i
*il« m i r nMon ^hlntrlowm-h^_hi 1
• _
Free Id 'Ihose Wanting Situations.
The State Herald, always friendly to the
needy, will publish free of charge in its
Want Collii>.ns advertisements for situa
tions wanted of twenty-ilve words or less
three times.
The charge for other Wants is
1 Cent Per Word Esch Insertion,
almost nominal; and if you want anything
an "ad" in the State Herald Cheap Column
will bring it. Especially is such the ease in
No advertisement taken for less than 25
112 North Twentieth Street.
Call and see our bargains in diamonds,
solid gold, filled and silver watches, charms,
rings, jewelry of all kinds, adjusted
watches, pistols, cartridges. Money loaned
on all articles described above at reasonable
rates. Business strictly confidential. Pri
vate entrance from the alley._oc29-tf
WANTED—A competent German servant.
References required: good wages and
prompt payment. Address J. D. Harris,
of B. F. Roden & Co., Birmingham, Ala.
WANTED—A salesman to sell cigars and
tobaccos to the grocery, drug and tobacco
trade. Address, with reference, Martin
Webb & Co., 522 Court street, Reading, Pa.
POSITION WANTED—By a young man of
good habits, who Is willing to work for a
small salary; can give good references.
Address J. H. F., care this office. 12-24-3t
YOUNG MAN—Expert stenographer, wants
position with law firm; small salary, if al
lowed to do outside work. Address "Ste
nographer.,, care Acme Hotel. I2-21-3t
WANTED—State agents for Daugherty
Typewriter. Apply to Leigh & Cooper,
Birmingham, Ala._11-15-tf
WANTED—Your wateh, clock and jewelry
repairing. Will make them as good as
new at most reasonable prices. E. Low
insohn, 2010 1st avenue. 11-20-tf
store will be for rent for dances until Jan
uary 1. Apply at State Herald office.
Residence, 1707 8th avenue, North 7 rooms.
Residence, 1911 Avenue K, 7 rooms.
Brick store, 1727-29 1st avenue.
Brick store, 209-11 North 22nd street.
50x190—7th avenue, North, $6500.
50x240—8th avenue, North, $4000.
50x140—3rd avenue, North, $2750.
Brick store, 2nd avenue, $12,500.
50x140—5th avenue, North, $5700.
2514 5th avenue. North, $4750.
Residence, 18th street, South, $8000.
Residence, 21st street, South, $4500.
Residence, 17th street, South, $8000.
And many other bargains.
W. B. LEEDY & CO.,
Telephone No. 42. 114Vfe North 21st St.
r viv ivciii x.
No. 512 15th street, North, 7 rooms and ser
vant's house, $10.
No. 1410 5th avenue, 5 rooms; large lot and
water furnished; $10.
No. 1601 Avenue D, 3 rooms, $5.
$1000—Two splendid lots and two large
houses with good well and stables and fruit
trees. Easy terms; $100 cash, balance $15 per
7-room house and lot at West End on elec
tric car line; line well of water and lot 50x
195; will sell at a great bargain on monthly
160 acres of coal lands close to the city,
two openings; one 400 tons and one 200 tons
each per day; will sell at a great sacrifice;
need money. Small payment, balance easy
terms. $12,000 amount for the property.
$550—House and lot, Smithfleld: $50, bal
ance $10 per month; lot 50x200; splendid well,
barn, etc.
$650—6-room house nnd extra good lot, all
in splendid fix; will give easy terms on half
of the amount; at 13th street station, East
Lake. This Is a nice place and cheap.
$350—Five acres close to city on pike.
Lots at Ware’s Grove, $250 up, large size;
also In Jonesvllle, at very low figures; have
some acreage property that is good for
1826Mj Third avenue
MlKCEbLAN tons.
MAKE- MON EY^By^carefuT'specuTatlon'In
grain through a reliable, successful firm.
Excellent opportunities to make profits by
our new plans; fully explained and sent
free; highest references. Pattison & Co.,
761 Omaha Bld'g., Chicago, 111. ll-28-5m
MONEL LOANED on diamonds, watches,
Jewelry and most anything of value. Lib
eral, confidential and responsible. Old
gold and silver bought. Standard Loan
Co- 2010 1st avenue.11-20-tf
A. Bltnn & Son, Proprietors, 1807 2nd ave
nue. Telephone 222, Birmingham, 12-23-tf
MONEY TO LOAN—On furniture, without
removal, from $10 up. 8. R. Searle, 17th
street, between 1st and 2d avenues.
$400—Will buy lot 60x200, with good 4-room
cottage and well, In Elyton, renting for $5
per month.
$1000—Will buy 6 lots, northwest corner Ave
nue H and 14th street. These lots are high
and dry. They can be sold separately and
on good terms.
$2500—Will buy nine houses on land 200x190
feet, northwest corner Avenue H and 13th
street. These houses can be sold separate
ly and on good terms.
$2000—Will buy lot 100x140, with seven houses,
renting for about $25 per month. This
property Is close In on B, and half of It
can be sold at same proportionate price.
$1750—Will buy 60 feet front on Humboldt,
with large house, costing nearly $1000 to
build. Terms liberal.
Will be glad to have anyone proposing to
buy real estate, or rent a house of any de
scription, to call to see us.
221 21st street.
The latest wrinkle in the shoe line In
this part of the country is going to be
worked by Drennen & Co., the mammoth
general merchants of this city, who do a
big business with the country and labor
trade. They have ordered from the J. B.
Lewis company of Boston a large con
signment of shoes. Each shoe will be
numbered and with each shoe, corre
spondingly numbered, goes an accident
insurance policy of $100. The customer
pays $3 for a pair of shoes and gets with
It this policy, which guarantees him $100
Indemnity If he gets hurt within three
months after the purchase of the shoes,
which are guaranteed to last that time,
so that two birds are killed with one
stone—the purchaser Is liable to be out
of shoes and Insurance policy about the
same time and thus desire the renewal
of both. The Insurance policies are Is
sued by an insurance company, with
whom the J. B. Lewis company has a
contract to that end, and will be directly
responsible for loss on the same. Dren
nen & Co. say they are going to adver
tise the scheme very extensively, and
hope, for the furtherance of trade, that
the first man to buy a pair of shoes will
got hurt, so as to receive the $100 on the
Insurance policy and help the project.
It is decidedly the most novel scheme
ever introduced in this city, although
Birmingham 1h by no means behind the
world in such matters, and bids fair to
fill the mines, furnaces and farms in Jef
ferson county with the $3 shoe of the
J. B. Lewis company.
Money to Lend.
After January 1, 1896, wo shall be prepared
to make loans on central Improved real es
tate from 3 to 5 years at 6 per cent (Interest
payable semi-annually), and minimum
charges for commissions and incidental fees.
12- 19-lm_1921 First Avenue.
FOR r-AD*5
thirty days to reduce stock—
Anything in WATCHES.
VERWARE, Etc. Select your
Christmas presents now. O.
P. O. J. S., 2020 First Avenue,
Fee presents to be given away in my win
: dow.
. 11-5-tf
$100—$25 rash, balance $10 month, or will sell
for $00 cash, beautiful lot with a good
; fence all around, between school house
. and Woodlawn station. Need money; must
$200— $10 cash, balance $5 month; your choice
of two good 4-room houses at fair grounds.
$100—Easy terms; nice lot in Smlthfield.
$500—$100 cash, balance $15 month; good 4
' room cottage on 11th street, near 8th ave
’ nue.
$150—$50 cash, $10 month; full lot on 16th
street, between Avenues G and H.
$500—Grocery business, nice stock, tine loca
tion, horse, wagon and harness, low rent,
Northside, all tor $500.
$1000—7 acres, with good, new house, fruit
trees, etc., rich bottom land on Village
creek, near Jonesville.
$2ooo—That excellent bargain on 5th, near
22d, 50x140, well improved; can still be
$1700—40 acres rich land, all under cultiva
tion. four blocks from cars at Hast Luke.
_215 21st street.
Alley corner on 21st street, 00x100, 5-room
house, for $3250 cash.
640 acres of land in twelve miles of city
for $3 per acre cash.
50x140—5-room house, Avenue E, between
26th and 27th streets, for $1275; easy terms.
50x190—On Avenue F, between 26th and 27th
streets, for $425 cash.
50x 240—On 8th avenue, between 22d and 23d
streets, for $1500 cash.
25x140—On 3d avenue, close in, for $3500,
$500 cash, balance easy terms.
Three acres of land at Avondale for $275;
easy terms.
50x140, on 5th avenue, between 24th and
25th streets, for $1750; third cash, balance
one and two years.
Two 9^-acre blocks of fine land right near
Elyton for $65 per acre.
$2000 at 8 per cent for two years.
222 21st Street.
Will Take Orders
Blue Points,
N. Y. Saddle Rocks.
Best Selects, 50c per hundred.
Plants, 75c per hundred.
Norfolk plants, $1.25 per 100.
Brooms’ Fish and Oyster Market,
No. 1136 Twentieth Street.
Tke Israel Tailoring Company,
114 Twenty-first Street.
Perfect fitting garments.
Materials of the best class, and
Prompt fulfillment of orders
At lowest consistent prices.
We base our claims on facts. Can wo
subtantlate them for you? Try us.
The Israel Tailoring Company.
Receiver's Sale.
UNDER and by virtue of an order Issuing
out of the circuit court of the United States
for the northern division of the Northern
district of Alabama, In the suit of
the Union National bank vs. Chapman.
Reynolds & Co., I will proceed to sell
at public auction to the highest bidder for
cash all the property remaining in my
hands, as receiver In said cause, on the day
of sale, at Sheffield, Ala.,
UARY, 1893.
Bald property consists of 10 derricks, 3
large pumps, about 1300 yards of rough
stone, horse powers, rope, tools, tackles,
fittings, etc., balance of outfit used In con
structing canal lock at Colbert shoals. For
further Information, address me at Sheffield,
JOS. H. NATHAN, Attorney.
A. — Hair
SHave Cut
for for
Ten 25
Cents. Cents.
117 20th Street. Skilled white barbers.
li-t-tr . _
•®“ Our Store will be open Mon lay and Tuesday ni^hts‘1s&
Dry Goods & Millinery Company,
2022 First Avenue.
See our Show Windows for a list of desirable Christmas
Presents. Prices and Goods talk for themselves.
A Hat of Bonnet from fairs a Nice Christinas Present.
100 Vlisses’ and Children’s Hats sold at Bargain Prices. I
59 CENTS Your choice of roo Sailors; all colors, j§
.Read these Prices Carefully.
$3 49—Double Cape; all wool; satin trimmed.
$5.50—Silk Plush Ca,)e; full sweep; high coilar.
$5.98—Silk Plush Cape; fur trimmed ; full sweep; high collar.
$7.50—Silk Plush Cape ; handsome Thibet trimmed ; h gh collar and front
Finer Plush Capes at $9, $io, $13.50, $15, $18 to $25, plain and trim
med with jet and fur.
Baby Cloaks and Capes, the piettiest in the city, at low prices.
5 Cents—A white hemstitched corded Handkerchief in ten different
styles. £@“See our window.
8 Cents Silk embroidered Handkerchiefs. JMsT'Sec our window.
35 Cents—Gents’ Silk Initial Handkerchief, worth 50 cents. We have
all initials. KsT'See our window.
CrOODS (See our window.)
White Metal Ware—Clocks, Mirsors, Picture Frames and Jewelry
Boxes. ^
Fancy Garters with buckles of newest designs.
Solid Silver Chain Bracelets with Locks.
Fancy Combs of every description.
Pocketbooks, Ostrich Feather Boas. Umurellas and many other
fancy articles too numerous to mention.
No Stearn Ginnery-Grist Mill
Or Saw
Is complete without one. Our ENTER
FEED MILL will grind from 300 to 600
bushels of cotton seed per day and at the
same time separate the meats from the
hulls, or let them fall together, as desired.
It requires only 3 to 4-horse power to
drive it, and can be attached to any gin
nery or grist mill. It weighs complete
from 3B0 to BOO pounds, and is C^IEAP,
TERPRISE mill and manufacture your
etc., at home, and thereby discontinue
—me ruinous nauu oi selling your cotton
seed at from SIX to EIGHT DOLLARS per ton and afterwards buying back
their products at SIXTEEN to EIGHTEEN DOLLARS per ton. Cotton seed,
corn and peas mixed and ground together on our ENTERPRISE mill makes
the richest COW FEED in the world, and can be sold to cattle feeders and
feed dealers in unlimited quantities at a profit of 40 to 50 per cent to the manu
facturer. Write for prices and terms. Agents wanted.
PERRYMAN & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 17%%XA,™m.aAi..
S Private Diseases.
Private Medical Dispensary
Steiner Bank Building, Corner First Avenue and Twenty
first Street, Birmingham, Ala.
The Oldest, Best Equipped and Most Successful in the South.
Office Hours—8:30 a. m. to 12 m , 1:30 to 5:30 p, m*
A Specialist treats only a special or particular class of diseases. I have the distinction
of being the only physician In the South controlling sufficient practice In Private Dis
eases to devote my whole time to their cure.
This daily contact for year after year with suoh troubles gives experience. Experience
is essential to success.
My Medical Dispensary was established In the city of Birmingham August 8, 1887, for
the exclusive cure of Private Diseases. Privacy is one of its special features. It Is so
arranged that one patient never necessarily sees another. Peoplo who have social rela
tions to sustain appreciate this. The very best of people are often unfortunate and
dislike to consult their family physicians through feelings of delicacy. To them I
offer a safe, sure cure and perfect privacy.
SYPHILIS—Many physicians claim that this disease cannot be cured—that Is, en
tirely eradicated from the system. I am willing to contract with any responsible person
on the basis of no cure no pay. This is the way I guarantee cures.
GONORRHOEA—If you have Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Lucorrhoea, Whites or any
other troublesome discharge that fails to get well under ordinary treatment, come or
write to me. If I fail to cure you I don’t want your money.
URETHRAL STRICTURE cured on the same terms. The treatment Is painless. I
perform all manner of surgical operations pertaining to my specialty, and through the
influence of anesthetics cause no pain. This Is a boon to the afflicted.
There are many complications following Private Diseases, such as Bad Blood, Skin,
Bladder and Womb Troubles, Ulcers, Pimples, Blotches, Sore Mouth, etc., all of which
quickly get well when the cause is removed.
I wish to call special attention to my treatment of unfortunates suffering from the
effects of Early Imprudence, Errors of Youth, Loss of Vitality, Loss of Manhood. Sex
ual Debility, or any of the maddening effects. Get well and be a man. Enjoy life as
you should. Thousands of men and youths are occupying subordinate positions In life
today who, If they were able to exercise their brain power to Its fullest capacity, would
instead be leaders.
In a majority of cases I can cure my patients by mail treatment. I can furnish med
icines from my Dispensary, or as I am a Regular Licensed Physician, I can write them
prescriptions. If they prefer they can have them prepared by their home druggist.
If you live in or near the city, call at my Private Dispensary. If at a distance, write
me your trouble. My book on Private Diseases and proper question lists will be sent
on application.
ADVERTISING—A Specialist should advertise. His patients are scattered over a
large extent of territory, and It Is right and proper »or him to use the help of the news
papers to let them know where they can get the relief they desire.
ewspaper Reputations.
I have received many complimentary notices from various papers, and I have had a
few of them printed In my advertisements, but wishing to exclude everything that might
possibly deceive anyone, I have omitted them. They are deceptive. They read as if
they were personal endorsements of one’s character or ability, but they are not. Tho
editor In many Instances does not even know you. They are given either In considera
tion of a liberal contract for advertising or for cash direct at bo much per line. You
can buy them and have all you wish to pay for. You can have them say Just what you
please, then you can put them In your regular advertisement, as they are your prop
erty. Stop and think a moment. Did you ever see one about a doctor that did not ad
vertise? Ask the editor of any paper if the above Is not the trutll, pure and simple.

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