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The Life of the Land is Established
in Righteousness.
The People of Hawaii
protest against the "New
Constitution and Mr.
Dole's BeDublic.
This afternoon at five o'clock
the loyal citizens of Hawaii will
meet on Palace Square, and en
ter a solemn and earnest protest
against the infamous outrage,
which it is proposed to perpet
rato on Wednesday the pro
claiming of a republic of filibust
ers, tho proclamation of a
constitution framed by aliens
and for the sole benefit of certain
The temporary power invested
in tho provisional government
was obtained through a most
contemptible conspiracy, nnd
through underhanded tricks. The
revolt of January 1893 was not the
outcome of a spontaneous out
burst of tho popular will. It was
the most contemptible act on
record in history. The hired
brigand John L. Stevens used
his brief authority to further this
scheme. Tho country which he
represented disavowed his actions
and thought that tho houor of
tho United States was saved by
dismissing him, and in six lines
in a message to cougress rebuking
Tho world thinks differently,
and there are no reasons to be
lieve that President Cleveland
will allow himself, and his ad
ministration to be covered with
infamy by leaving an admitted
wrong unrepaired.
In this, tho Jin de sieclc, the
bloody ravage of war and
revolution is out of fashion and
arbitration has taken the place of
force. But, it is necessary to
3bow to. tho world that tho Hawai
ian Pooplo are not participating
in tho revolutionary movement of
tho oath-breaking ex-Judge, who
now maskerades as a presidont of
a republic. Tho People of Ha
waii believe in self-government
and, by tho Heavens, thoj- will
have it. Tho people shall rule.
Tho will of tho people shall be
tho force which makes the gov
ernment. -
"When, this afternoon, Hawai
,ians and foreigners bo the Anglo
Saxons, Portuguese or Chinese,
stand sholdor to shoulder and
Eston to J. 0 Carter, Hawaii's
best citizon. reading tho protest
of Hawaii against the usurpers the
loyal men thoy.can rest assured
that theirprotost will be heard and
echoed all ovor the civilized
-world, and that tho unrelenting
and solid .opposition to the junta,
now calling themselves a re
pnblic, will be .supported and
admired by every power that
knows tho oxistencje of
tb'esfo fair isles. Let
therefore every man, woman, and
child of every race, nationality
and birth bo present on Palace
Square, and by their presence
testify to the true desire of the
people "o Hawaii, and quietly,
orderly and pecf ally, prove to
tho world thai the .new .govern r,
jsent is unpopulari'de tested; aa&
created agaisst lh wUl oTthe
Hawaiian natiofi.
i get together, draw np some reso
The Constitutional Incubator, ; lutious expressing sympathy for
after straightening on theDole-(the oppressed- and expressing
ful Kin(g)ks, and repairing the, the hope that his Imperial la
imperfect work of an unskilful jesiy will not fail to be guided
Smith, proceeded today to Hatch by those principles of broad
that marvelous fabrication the j charity which he has ever cher
' 'Republican Constitution for ished with so devoted an ardor,
the Commonwealth of Hawaii.'-VThen the Snltan of Turkey is
The period of "setting" will be SQes some edict directed against
completed, and the feebly in- the Armenians, remonstrances
fledged chick will be launched ; atg af once made by the citizens
upon a cold unsympathetic and! Qf countries that know the bless
"undamonstrative" world amidst; ings of well regulated liberty,
the glare and noise incidental to J If we in America think that the
the 4th of July poor chick it is ! English people are oppressing
feared that the unaccustomed j-the Irish, we have no difficulty
may stunt its youthful develop- j whatever in expressing our senti
ment to such an extent that its ' ments in resolutions which are
existence will bo short, painful instantly cabled across the ocean.
and unappreciated.
formances, wo say; for, though
It is refreshing to hear the sup-, the lynching of negroes at the
porters of the revolutionary Amer , south can in no sense be laid to the
icans accuse the loyal citizens of. charge of the nation as such, and
Hawaii of cowardice. The atti j is due simply to the angry pas
tude on the 17th of January of sions of a certain rather violeut
the men, who boast of their pat- class of men in the communities
riotism and heroism, was not a
proof of the qualities now claimed
by them. The p. grf. remind us
of the small boy standing behind
his big unci armed brother and
tw policemen as guards yelling
to tho lonely bvy on the other
side with no arms and no police:
"Come on, come on yon coward
and I will fix yo-i." '
The abject cowardice of the
government was further illustrat-
ed today. A well-known contractor,1
a man of many years residence,
and of unblemished standing in
this community desired some
cartridges for his revolver. Ho both to others and to ourselves,
as many other civilized citizens The most courteous of any of
enjoy during their stay at the ' these resolutions which has fallen
Waikiki, beach all manly sports, f under our notice, was moved a
and he fishes, rows, jumps, boxes short tithe ago in tho great an
and shoots to the target. As a muil meeting of the Congrega-"law-abiding
citizen he made a tional Union of England by Eov.
formal request to tho firm of E. (Dr. Horton, who has within a few
O. Hall &.S011, for 100 cartridges months visited New Haven and
and his requisition was returned lectured to the theological
crossed in red ink "refused by ' students at Yale. His resolution,
the Marshal." ' which was unanimously passed,
And it is under such laws, and was as follows: "This Assembly
such rules, and such a treatment sympathizes with the Christian
that the republic of Hawaii ex- people in America who feel tho
pects the best element among the scandal and shame of the barbar
citizeus of these islands to sub ies inflicted by lynch-law on
mit, and gather around tho flag tho negroes in the United States,
of the tyrants. Yerily, Mr. and joins its prayers with theirs
Dole is losing courage Willie that this Teproach may bo re
Hall never had any. ; -moved from our common humau-
P. S. For the benefit of the " ity-"
nervous authorities, we will state It would hare been impossible
that the request above referred to perform a delicate and difficult
to was simply a test case. We daty SU(JU as bringing to mind
have all the ammunition that we our" own aelinquences, in words
need for any lawful legitimate more fraternal, sympathetic and
and deserving purpose. effective. We know thai all good
- -- j people here do feel the "scandal
The Spread Eagles. jand the shame" of these things.
1 It only needs that the conscience
" j of the nation should bo aroused,
The following editorial, from and public opinion moved, to
tho jVVu? Haven Register, may bo have thorn cease. Our apathy
read to some advantage by the has been astouishing. Had such
Fourth of July orators prior to
their indulging in the usual
phrases aboat the g'ory, virtue,
integrity, justice and honor of at home where negroes have been
the Great Republic. The spread unutilnted, fl ived and roasted, we
eaglers are always Teady to see should, have been frantic with
the mote in their brothers eye horror. "We have not a word of
but never the plank in their own: Vithhorror. We have not a word
Is has long been. customary for of condonation for the original
virtuous citizens in one country crime committed by the negroes
to pass resolutions denouncing themselves, which enraged corn
deeds of wickedness committed in muaities undertake thus to pun
some other country. When, for ish. Let justice be dose; let
instance, the Czar of .the Busstas every crime receive its else re
sits down with unusual heaviness cos pe use of reward. Bet inha
gpon the Jows, or the Stund ste waaity is not justice. There is
or some other heretieal sect ia big no exease for lynching in com
j dominions, the friends of religious
1iVai-T in "F.nrrllTir? onr? A mprtPfl
2?ow we are beginning to find
out. by this ven method, just
how some of our performances
look to other people. Our per-
where these things occur, yet, on
the other hand, the failure thus
far of the entire nation to protest
effectively against this show of
barbarity, does iu a manner make
the ' nation as such particeps
oriminis, at least to the extent of
weakly tolerating it. Public
opinion in Englan'd is moved,
and rightly so, with indignation
at these deeds; and tho resolu-
tions are beginning to come to
us, from churches, public meet-
ings, religions conferences, and
similar bodies, uur own metuoas
are being used to show us up
intelligence reached us from Bul-
guria, of Bashibazuk atrocities,
as comes to us from many places
munities where courts are sitting
and juries can be impaneled.
There can be difficulty in secur
ing verdicts of guilty against the
negroes at the south who are
really guilty. It is high time
that the voice of the nation
should be heard, disowning and
denouncing the violent savagery
of negro lynching; and that its
moral energy should he felt in
bringing to an end methods of
dealing with degraded criminals
of whatever race, so needless, 30
atrocious and so revolting.
The foreign resolutions on this
subject are needed. Tho pill is a
I bitter one to swallow; but tho
sooner we take it and the quicker
our national sj-stem feels the
virtue of the dose, the better for
us and tho world.
His Excellency Francis M.
Hatch, Minister of Foreign Af
fairs for the Provisional Govern
ment is the proud possessor of a
finger and thumb that can twist
the tail of tho British Linn When
Lord Eoseberry reads tho soul
stirring rebuff of His Provisional
Excellency to a British Minister,
for the edification of a palpitating
House of Commons, there will be
a sensation from the centre to the
circumference of Europe; and as
the British Premier is in search
of a statesman that can "do up''
the House of Lords, the chances
are that Hatch may bo offered a
peerage aud a tomahawk with
which to scare the Peers tempor
al and spiritual.
Queen Yictoria will, no doubt,
be glad to see tho great Provis
ional who, in dismissing the Ha
waiian Charge d'affairs in Lon
don, thought ho - had a right to
appoint another and found in tho
attempt how sadly his Foreign
Office education had been neg
lected There are great possibilities
awaiting the exercise of such vig
orous foreign policy as that of
provisional Hatch. On tho pre
cedent of Malietoa having been
taken to Berlin for insulting Ger
many, Hatch might be taken to
London and exhibited at- the
Tower as a sample of a filibuster
ing hybrid caught red-handed in
the South Seas. There are
great possibilities before little
Mandolin Musicale
ProfessorSamuel Adelstoin has
consented to give a mandolin
musicale at the Opera House on
the 17th iust. The professor will
be assisted by our best loc l tal
ent, and the programme promises
to be excellent. Professor Adel
stein is tho most prominent teach
er of tho mandolin in California,
and a noted soloist on that instru
To Open Kew a
Cdsxzs POST xxo HOTEL Sts.,
Monday Eve, July 2
TICKETS $1.00,
Fer Sole at .Um4af Jenrtlrr Stare aad tie
taM V, . at J-
The Advertiser who catches
a persons eye usually wins a
customer. Many different stylos
of advertising have been adopted
and with more or less success, by
the believers in tho uso of prin
ters ink. The manufacturers of
Pears Soap, for instance, occasion
ally buy paintings that have
been on exhibition m tho Pari s
Salon and have lithographs mado
from them for the purpose of
bringing their product before
the people. Iu addition to such
side issues, Pear'spends hundreds
thousands of dollars annually
among the newspapers and mag
azines. Some years ago tho Agents
of certain article on sale in Kow
York mado a hit in advertising be
having on Broadway during bus
iness hours two fatluessly dressed
Negroes wearing very high collars,
on tho backs of which was prin
ted "Use Smiths Pills." Tho
idea was novel und tho public
caught on. Rising Sun Stovo
Polish has boon kept before tho
public for 3'ears through persis
tent, and sometimes expensivo
advertising. Twenty odd years
ago tho manufacturers of this
polish started half a dozen men
across the oruiment to paiut signs
on rocks aud fences. Tho Aor
motor Co., of Chicago havo in
creased its sales more than five
hundred per cent in two years by
tho use of printers iuk. Wo
behove, we have boon instrumen
tal in increasing tho sales of tho
Aoraotor by keeping ovorlastingly
at it in Hawaii.
"We do not wish to say that ad
vertising will sell any manufac
tured article; there is no uso
spending money in advertising
'cheap and nasty" goods bo
cause tho people will not bo hood
winked. If Haviland China was
not tho superior article it is, all
our advertising of it would not
have sold tho thousands of pieces
that we have. We simply call
tho attention of tho people to it
and its superior quality is appar
ent to tho customer directly a
piece of it is examined.
Printers ink has helped the salo
of tho James Locked Fence but
it would not have dones so if it had
beenasflinisy as the or dinaywiro
fence. First; tho economy thore
is in building it recommends
it to tho plantation manager and
then its durability clinches tho
the salo If the stays and wash
ers cost as much as an ordinary
redwood post our sales of tho
material would not havo reached
such enormous proportions.
Our avorage sale of tho Pansy
Iron Stove is about two a day the
yoar round. If was not tho
best iron stove on the market wo
would not sell that many in six
months. Advertising is the tip
to the public the good points in
the article sells it just as tho good
qualities of tho Fischer Steel
Bango make it a desirab'io article
for people who wish to economise
in the use of fuel.
Wo buy only what has proven
good after people in tho United
States or Europe havo given it a
trial; we profit by their oxperinco
if tho articles are goood wo buy
and sell them; if they aro poor
we steer clear of them. When -we
advertise an article it is to at
tract attention to it; tho news
paper ;s tho button we push, the
salesman does the rest.
Porsisfont advertising coupled
with tho article being a superior
one has sold thousands of the
Frank Walcot Emory File. If it
had been no better than an or
dinary scythe stone we probably
would not have sold twenty.
When a man finds oat that his
table knives may be kept sharp at
all times at an expense of fifty
cents sod a very little elbow
grease he .is quite willing to try
the experiment.
Tfc Hmita Harfort !ft .1
107 Tort Sir t

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