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The barkentine Amelia, CapL
: "Ward, sailed yesterday m ballast
for Eureka, California, where she
will load lumber
The water famine has been
temporarily raised, as reports
from Nnnana avenue residents
prove a. "genteel sufficiency"
- during last night and today.
J. J. Williams the popular
photographer, is now convales
cing from a severe attack of "la
One of the officers of the Peo
ple's Party has already applied
for an inside position in the In
sane Asylum.
The Honolulu Cricket club will
give a dinner this evening at the
Arlington Hotel to their Cham
pion opponents, and friends.
The bknto Irmgard is now
about doe from San Eraucisco as
is also the S. K. Castle .and bark
The C. & A. S. S. Warrimoo
will be duo hero on next Tuesday,
from, Vancouver B. 0. with news
dates to July 17th.
The exhibition exercises con
nected with the closing of lolani
College for the term, are taking
place in the hall and the College
grounds, this afternoon.
Thereported "sell" by pit
cher "Wood of the late game of
base-ball between the Kam's and
the Crescents.begms to look very
much like a mace's nest. Noth
ing has yet been proven.
G. "Walter "Washington the
sparrer and Mrs. Vina King tLe
pick-axe performer, sailed away
together yesterday on. the bark
Amelia, bound for F Cal.
The insurance rates un the life
of Deputy Marshal Brown .have
boon reduced.
Quito a number of trees of th.e
Ponciania Regia will bo planted
about the grounds of the new
Sailor's Homo'outhe Explanade.
"When they bloom the unfinished
New M irket will be a dismal
It is rumored that the palatial
residence of C. U. Bishop on
Emma stroet, the lnftybuilding
surmounted by a crown, opposite
Emma squnro, is to be purchased
.-for use as a local "White House"
by the President.
Tho. "Brotherhood of Man"
notice kept dispanser-in chief
Harry Miller, with full hands,
last evening. The servioe? con
tinue during the week. "Praise
Dodd, from whose faucets the
Enterprise flows," is becoming
a popular refrain amongst visiting
The Inter-Island S. S. Co. in
tend to adiLanothet steamer to
their fleet and one of -the, officers
of the Company will probably
soon proceed, to the Coast to
bring the vessel hither.
The infmt daughter of CP1
and Mrs. Garland wasNjbristened
on tha missionary barkentina
Morning Star yesterday after
noon, insi? prior to the sailing of
the-vesseloa her ldag soatkejru
-. m 7 '
We do not hold oarelres responsible for
lbs opinions or ths attendees of cur
Editor Holomua.
Sometime ago you answered
my letter from the country dis
tricts, by telling me to enquire of
the rayoah birds. I have done
so and found out that all my
suspicions were correct, and I
have found out other things too:
that are very displeasing to. ns
Hawaiians of the rural parts.
"We have but little resrJPBi for
American diplomacy as practised
in Hawaii,--and have still less
respect or faith in American
honor or justice Toung Hawaii
will never give its .assent to an
nexation after the infamy that
has been perpetrated and con
doned still less so in the" light'
though, wejstrongly incline to the
first call of the slogan.
Bnt-here again the mynah birds
tell ns that there is something
rofe under their intelligent dire
iion. TheJIawaiians are better
men than the enemies who now-
confront them, trive them, but
rotten with the head Cdntres of f good leaders, and their valor will
the Patriotic League in Hono- "be a surprise-party, to those who
luln. We hear that two men, f now taunt them Earaehameha
Bush and Nawahi, control the j founded a nation of as brave peo
Ieagna and keep their hands on "pie as those of Geo. "Washington
the throttle valve of action. The
former cowardly fails back on his
religion as a causa for being
non-combatant and offers to pray
for salvation. Tho Litter says,
he is too old to fight and that
President Cleveland must restore
the Queen. How did such men
as these come to be leaders in
such an organization as tho Aloha
Aina is or ought to be? In a
crisis like the present, these two
cowards have tried to impress
their supineuess and timidity on
tho people. As a result of the
1 nrnnniT.tnflji f Fin miftYAc nrn nnAn.
f r.i 1..M o' n 1-
.. . ., , J. . . 1 ' fly taunted as cowards who dare
that the braggart American Ee- . e t. - a
public is a wretched failure in its
every principle. "When it became
evident . that America's injustice
to Hawaiiwas not to be rectified,
and that a Hawaiian "Republic
was inevitable, a great majority
of us young follows had about
decided to call it Kismel and
gracefnlby submit. But the thing
flinf line? 1 a .1 ti ,nlt. wAm1rNif
...'?! woods JO
ed is not an lionest republic, but .
not ncht for their country' and
their rights.
But the natives are not cowards,
though some of their leaders may
bo. "Where wore Bush and Na
Iii.inlSS9, when their compat
riot "WilcOx drew his sword in a
vain effort to set aside the rotten
constitution of 18S7? Thay' were
skulking and tremb'ing in tho
escape the smell of
i powder. Wilcox and the men
,..i j. .i l.i
mi uupiiuoipiBiiuuuuisuoiiorauioi ftnifirflfl Puh,r.A with l.im
oligarchy. No man with any ' rQ pat..jots. The countrv was
pndo dr principle could ever take" ... wit.feed .i "vonflt
the oath to support this medieval ( coastitlll5on These mdll darea
usurpation or to respect its-bene
Hud those in favor
to tako up arras and faco fire be
lieving that thev wero making a
ren us a x;l; fti,. f th;,. ...n,.
straight republic, I believe that The courage, valor and daring of
many royalists would have given he HaW;liian people ho8 beon
it their allegiance. But the new often deinoustratedt tboURh the
constitutions breathes in very Ameriean protected fihbusterors
mature oi iuo mna conceit oi
Sanford Ballard Dole to
himself as a "leader of men''
without a resort to the popular
voice that would be fatal to him,
and his associates who now form
a solf-elocted jnnta who will be
the uncontrolled dictators of the
country for-two 'ears.' It is uot
a republic, it is not evon a re
spectable oligarchy; They are
simply the creatures of a fool
Minister of tho United States. If
this is what their friends call a
stable government it must be a
jackass stable. .
z in .Honolulu nnuct to hold thorn
install jQ contompt. But the records of
Bush and Nawahi past, and pres
ent.proves them incompetent as
political leaders. The man on
horseback we hope may yet ap
j The Aloha. Aina has many
staunch and loyal devotees among
Hawaiians and'f oreigners who love
Hawaii-nei as homo and country,
and. there aro many courage us
men up hero who would tako up
arms iu its defense.
i We are disgusted with the form
of. government that has been im-
Why, the mynah birds teU me posed- upon tno country by a
that in Honolulu tho elements of selfish scheming clique. And we
revolt are already in the. air. The nre also disgusted with tho load
People's Party (lately all loyal P. er-shipof the Patriotic league,
Gh's) . are organizing strongly which allows two cowardly dem
for a hostile opposition to the agognes to fool with the fate of
new government Their menaces the whole i nation,
foreshadow speechesof revolution As Paris is France, so Hone
that will make Ha wail like Soqth Mo is. Hawaii, and we -look to
America the hot bed of ambitious the capital to lead and direct the
dictators, presidents andrevoln- politics of the nation. m Among
tionists. It is pretty certain also be Hawaiians and their friends.'
that the majority of natives will I know thero are many good and
never give their allegiance to the meu- In fuct W wel1
so-called republic. They wiU known, that the best wealth
prefer to remain disfranchised, a intelligence and honor of the
uation without a home. country are with the) royalists.
We have already sent a request Tae 1)lte lamented p g. and. its
o Honolulu to ascertain, if Ha- unsavory successor the repnblic(?)
waijans may register in the w maintained by selfish and
British Consulate for protection, conceited missionary scbemera
If so, the mitiva Here will . prob- and hypocrites, Amerioan adven
nblydo so in masse. JOeprived Qrer d a polyglot assortment
of their own nationalityVhating oi alien mercenaries.
America for her misdeed'towards Bush and Nawahi, haye. been
us, it is bqt natujul tqat we. tried aRd found wanting in this;
should to England for personal crisis of the nation's liistorj. If
protection. Many of ns have they love this country and their
Anjerjca fathers, but we have countryrmeB aud. desire to have
decided to forswear all loyalty to an honest national heritage for
that country, and for the present their children let them give
Closing Exercisea.
A very cood programme was
presented by the pupils of Sc. j
Andrew's Priory last evening to I
a large and interested audience, f
the Hawaiian oligarchy. better defend Uio konoV. digaity j ed wilh ?tw aml biiog.
TUs K,to,x; Las -Sowav,r i&S12 S2
struck a rasouadiag.key-aote ir-pie. Otherwise, tho Hawaiian exhfbitroa of the well edcted
ite slofpui .iigkt&C4MM&. Tiwt will have Jo. reorgania o4ery aad well bekvfed Uttle:girls, who
Brian Boiun or Kaiser Wilhelm
There are many young Hawaiians
who with their families have been
so outraged by the misconduct
of the p.g.. that they will never
take the oath to the republic (?)
As royalists they were born, as
royalists they will die. How far
this sentiment prevails, I do not
know. But if tho political leaders
in Honolulu discover an avenue
with a clear vista, I hopo the
majority of the masses may bo
induced, to vote, and tho ballot
box forever swamp the ''mission
ary" part' of dist rdor, revolution
and dishonest government. In
such a caso vote rather than fight.
Country Diatrict.
In '1887, tho missionary party
fiuding themselves continuously
in a hopeless minority at tho
polls, seized tho reins of govern
ment by a display "of baonets.
Thoy began then as a party of
disorder, while tho Hawaiians
stood as a constitutional party of
law and order. In 1S90. tho
Hawaiians and their friends as
the National Beform Party wont
to the ballot box in indignation
and ill' a constitutional minnor
dethroned the usurpers of 1837.
In one of tho campaign speeches
Antone Bosa madu a famous re
mark that will pass into history.
Speaking for the constitutional
part of law and order, he said,
"wo want ballots not bullets"
It was gall and wormwood to
tho missionary party , to again
find themselves hopelessly rep
udiated b th i vote s. They be
gan plotting w.th JohnL.Stovons
to help him to steal a 'ripe pear.
The" and their fuglemen utterly
disgraced themselves in tho Leg
islature of 1892, iaa desperate
attempt to control tho cabinet by
bribery, conception and false
hood. Their leader Thurston,
opouly and boldly assorted that
he would go into partnership
with the Devil to accomplish their
ends. They failed, and again
resorted to revolution in which
they for a second time succeeded
by tho aid of the United States
torceff. It was not a patriotic
revolt, it was simply a cowardly
steal. These people aro essen .
tially a party of rule or miu, of
disorder and revolution, and de
serve the severest condemnation.
What assurances hnve wo for the
future if as a constitutional, party
of law and order, we onco more
test tho right of the people to
rule at the ballot box. If the
Aloha Aina and other organizt
tioqs, order tho people to register
and vote, tho very first election
will utterly swamp the un
popular u3orpera Will they
submit to another constitutional
defeat, or will they ag dn plot to
recover possession by bayonets
aud bullets? we trust them, cm?
' jTTke Kepabllc f Ha
wail is to bkme that the price of
SOAP dropped ten per cent-,-anbT F
am therefore compelled to sell one
case, IWMxjunds, ot the very Dest
quality of Soap Hojtest weight
for ?4.50, and you will now get 17,
Bars instead of 15 f r $1.25; bat it
did not nfFect the prica of Soft
Soap. If you need anything in
this line please ring uo Mutual'
Telephone. 314, and the Soft Soap
Man will do the rest. If t
The Councils met this afternoon
for 3 short time and adjourned
after the transaction of but little
important business.
Tho S. 2S Castle, Hubbard
master, arrived in port hero, from
San Francisco, this morning. She
brings no latter news.
Honolulu Carriage Manufactory
(Successor to G. W"e$t).
All Orders from the Other Islands in the
Carriage Building Trimming od Palntinr
Line will Meet with Prompt Attention.
IiUckfmlthlmr in All It5 Various Branches
Done. P. 0. Box 331. No?. I2S and 130
Fort Street. JjI9 Iy
universal on'erof Brotherhood of Max aro
equosted to nttend tho continuous services
he!d during the vreek at the PANTHE N
Cool inngoratins draughts of Enterprise
Beer dispensed to thirsty pilgrims at Zwei
for one pnrter.
Uakrv Miller
Dispenccr in Chief.
I ware, Crockerv, Coal-Oil Stoves, Water
Pots Plumbing in All Its Branches Faith
fully Executed. jylS-ly
I Merchandise, Exclusively of Japanese
Manufactnro-WHOLESAXiE & RETAIL.
2M and 208 Fort Sti est.
P. O. Box 1 1C Mutual Tele. 592.
Eve, July 28.
Portraying the Events connected with tha
Discovery of these Islands by dpt. James
Cook, B.N"., and the Death of the Intrepid
Navigator, compiled from Reliable and
Original Authorities by D. 31. Crowley.
Antnor of the Wooing of Kaala. Special
Scenery, Costumes and Effects. OCEANI
CA vill bo Performed by a Company of
Well Trained (Hawaiian and Foreign) In
dies and Gentlemen Amateurs,
Box plan now open at L. J. Levey s.
Ahonse on King Street next to T. S". Walt
errf premise containing parlor, dining
room and three bedrooms, besides kitcken
bathroom st. Wes and all modem oaveai
encts lately occupied by Mr. Bfcee.
Rent moderate to respoaaWe party. Address
is alose anthoiued to drvr draft or to
give orders. for Haersbaodiw or iwpiiei.oti
behalf of the Hair alias Coamercul aid
&icar Coaipuiy.
C. i.Srtiirar.1,
Gacerol Maaager.
HsiUrters Mrm Brtwiu Ci.
Largest Consignment of Beer,
that ever arrived here nbr
- on-.Draught ,

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