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7hc Lie ofUic Land is Established
m RichcHtiiuss.
HONOLULU. JULY 30, 1894.
1ST G-!
Samoa Bash dkl say, to-day
11 1 ut friends X. and G.
" They both saw me and Nawahi
" And questioned 'fight or pray.A f
"I said to them,
"I pray ahem!"
" Said one ' I think yon pre'"
Samoa Bnsh .
Jnst raised a blnsh
Bat Joe had nought to say.'
Which mates ns think " t
Ned yet likes drink
And likes the dollars, &e?
Bnt stories old
Of Ned are told
Which makes Aim oat XG.
In calling tho attention to the
anniversar of the great national
da which all true Hawaiians
will celebmto tomorrow, wo be
lieve that a referenco to the his
tory written by W. D. Alexander
will be appropriate and sufficient.
Ho says:
"The 31st of July, a day mora
orablo in the Hawaiian history
was clear and cloudless An
open space on tho plain East of
tho town,sjuco called "Thomas
Square," had been selected for
tho ceremonies of the day, two
pavilions having been erected and
a flag-staff planted.
"Tho King was escorted to his
residonco, whore the natives bo
longing to tho lato Queen's Regi
ment" came before him to sue
for pardon, for (like Bush today
hnving made fools of themselves),
and to swear allegiance to their
rightful sovereign.
"At one o'clock p. m. tho King
attondod tho thanksgiving serafj
in tho lvawaiahao church and
there used tho words which oven
JDolo has darod to adopt Ua
man ko ea o ka aina i ka jono
"tho lifo of tho land is porpetu
atod in righteousness."
"Wo finish tho report of Profes
sor Aloxander, tho man who has
done all in his power to ruin the
independence of this country and
to bring disaster and ruin over
tho heads of tho Hawaiians by
his following closing words re
ferring to Admiral Thomas: "His
noblo act of justice was fully ap
provod by tho homo government,
as, in tho words of Lord Caning,
"marked by groat propriety and
admirable judgomont throughout,
and as calculated to raise tho
character of tho British authori
ties for justice, moderation, and
courtesy of demeanor, in tho es
timation of tho natives of thoso
remoto countries, and of the
world." ,
a -tvi.;.- xt
iut; ii uiiu xiunuii luiuuiiuiT
celebrates the anniversary of the
day whon actions wore taken,
justifying tho high and noblo ex
pressions of our histo rian, Alex
auder, let them romorabor tha
Oaning and Thomas have gone to
their gravo. that their historian,
Aloxandor, recent has been a tool
of the schemers of the men who
-now wish to sell Hawaii and that
"noblo acts of justico" to Hawai
ians havo become a myth.
Nevertheless let all Hawaiians
ttomorrow romomber, with rover-
-. . 11. i
onco, iue men oi tue past wno
remembered honor, justice and
Aloha to their race.
Zvlr. John E. Bush, tho ex
politician, has found it necessary
to issuo an English edition of tho
leaflet which ho has printed
under tho title of Ka Lto o ka
Lahui. We wish John all posi
blo success and wo trust that ho
may bo able to earn tho liopes
of tho "truo royalists" (whon
-ano how did ho, tho former
slanderer of tho Queen become
one I) to an acceptable issue.
His paper which is evidently
edited by an ox-omployeo of the
HoLOJtuA editorial staff devote
most of its space io abuses
against tho Editor, of. lbs Holo
XVk .and praises of Cleveland
both vry worthy objtcts. Tha
,4kt also priftts the aueiaot
message of President Clereland
lo Congress, presumably because
it has been learned, through an
I ex-printer, that the said message'
was being printed in pamphlet
form at the Holomca printing
office for a certain leading royal
ist We are pleased to see friend
Bush assisting us in spreading
the message which really fur
nishes interesting reading to all
connected with the late move.
The only thing in this morn
ing's issue of Mr. Bush's (?) Eng
lish paper which attracts our
attention is the statement that he
has been paidv for starting his
"English" in tho f olio wingr man
ner: "We have been paid by having
friends who have been lukewarm,
perhaps, coming lo onr sanctum,
aud grasping oar bauds, s.iy,
"That's right, Bush, yon have
put up such abuse long enough of
themselaves answer them in
English, and let people
see .what fools they aire
making." We have been paid
by hearing those who havo been
steadfast ($25) supporters of tho
Ifolomuli (whatever that may be)
say, "after this I wash my hands
off that paper, and will havo
nothing more to do with it."
This has been our pay, onty this
and nothing else."
By this reforonco tolIr. Bash's
paper we have washed our hands
off him and his sheet, and shall
pay no further notice to tho com
bination in Printer's Lane. The
"steadfast" friends( !)of the Holo
MOAwho havo washed their hands
off our papor shall receive our
due consideration. If they could
wash their hands off their very
shady, double-faced political
record of tho past they would pro
bably bloss the future. In the
meantime the Holojiua goes on
and improves in support and ad
herents. Tho "steadfast" friend
who threatens on tho street to
'take all and every advertisement'
from our columns has probably
undertaken a pretty difficult job.
While we advocate a staple gov
ernment, aud openly enter our
selves as an opposition to the
present regime, tho "steadfast"
fnends and the scribblers can go
on busing, praying, waiting and
boinglfinally left politically in tho
"intensest" cold, where they can
have the benefit of meditation.
and ridicule.
The ''Republican': Was
More Dramatic.
Editor Holomua:
Boforriug to your comments
last Saturday .on the platform of
tho so-called "Republican" party,
I notice that you don't givo an'
account' of the "mass meeting"
called by that party last .Friday,
for the purpose of "ratifying" tho
heavy-planked platform. I notic
ed your absence and learned that
tho Holojida wasn't represented
at all, and I therefore take the
liberty to offer yon a truo and
correct report of tho meeting
which really boat any circus ever
appearing in this town not to
speak of "Oceanica."
Including Portuguese boys, tho
Concordia Band, tho mounted
patrol, and reporters there were
about two hundred souls present
at the Shuelzen-Bepnblican party
meeting that night.
President Klemme of the sen
sational dynamite plot fame look
ing as if satisfied that he had the
government right where he want
ed it, advanced to the rostrum
and opened the meeting with the
following remarks:
"Fronts 'and Shentlemen: Ye
are here tonight as a new party
vat ve call tho .Republican. Dis
Hall is the onhest blace into vere
do Bepublio was pom. Ve haf
came to dis place to helf it group
Ye are here and want to look at
and see and ratify de new plat
form. I haf here Shentlemen, Mr.
George Cavanaugh, who vill reat
dot platform."
Mr. Cavanaugh heroically pull
ed himself togather grabbed the
platform with one hand, and with
tho other made a dive into his
Teat pocket for his spectacles
which he adjusted. This part of
the performance reminded one of
a fat comedian winkisg at an
orator. lr. Cavanaugh spurred
throagh the plitfora whisk had,:
bees aaeaded gisoe it was isti
adopted at a 2:30 gait; no one
understood him, but this did not
mutter, he was there lo read that
platform or die in the attempt
Mr. Cavanaugh supplemented
some portions of the Cons, with
remarks. After reading Sec 5
which suggests the free delivery
of mail, he said that this would
give emplov ment to reliable men
to carry the mails," implying
perhaps, that thoso members of
the Shuetzen club who were not
on"de bolice" force would stand a
show of getting a job. When
Mr. Cavanaugh had subsided,
the President, again advanced
and introduced Mr. Yivas as the
next speaker. Mr. Yivas ad
vanced toward the platform the
Concordia Baud, struck up "Hail.
The Conquering Hero Comes."
Yivas apologized for the lack of
eloquent and popular orators
but said that he would do his
Markham was the next
lamb brought to slaughter
George by a fatal misfortune
started off in a torrent of Hawai
ian, causing everyone to look
around and see who George was
talking to. There was but one
Hawaiian present and he, as soon
as ho saw George shouted, "Hila
hila ole kela kanaka !" and dis
gustedly left the Hall.
As soon as George had finished
Mr. Cranstom, who looked like a
railroad striker dressed in his
Sunday clothes and out for a
holiday, wus produced. He said
that he had not come for an hour
a day or a 3'ear, and thn he
changed his mind said yes, he
had, he was here to stay. Ho
amused the few kamaainas who
were present whon ho stated how
much good he and the Shuetzen
club were going to do "for our
country" meaning Hawaii.
Mr. Cranstom's eloquence soon
gavo out, and as there were no
other orators present, the Presi
dent said, "MiErents und Shen
tlemen, "I am glad to see you vas
attend our so good meeting, I'm
off that this platform bo adopted.
Tho platform was adopted, and
at 8:30 the meeting was over and
it will not occur again until next
Tho great ex-detective Wagner
was arrested last night ox a
charge of fast and furious driving.
Mr. Wagner was highly indignant
and referred to tho Police De
partment in the most uncompli
mentary terms. Officer Stone,
though, proving himself a true
Stone, brought the ex-Chicago-detectivo
to the Station House.
The officer on duty allowed Mr.
Wagner to escape, at the same
time reminding him of the num
erons occasions when hef Wagner J
used his authority in bringing in
"fast and furious drivers" to
Hitchcock's hotel. No public
record was made.
"Per Guardian.'
This office was rather surprised
by receiving a request from Geo.
Lucas, a clerk of the Supreme
Court for the delivery of a copy
of the Holojiua containing some
references to a "guardian." The
paper, it was stated, was ordered
by Chief J ustico and Guardian"
an instance, that even His
Honor is served "per guardian. "
A Dangerous Neighborhood.
A house belonging to a Hawai
ian, and situated in Printer's
Lane, last night was burned to
the ground. The fire department
evidently was dead to the world
or at least to the fire, and the
property wasdestroyed. A close
investigation failed to show the
possible origin of the fire. We
hate to believe that the heated
editorials of Bush, and his tem
porarily political affiliations were
the cause of tho combustion.
Some would-be marshal ought to
ferret out the matter.
The shopping ladies are re
quested to look oat for the open
ing in a few days, of S. Levy's
new stpra. on Port .street, on the
premises form oil v oecnnied hv
Benson k Smith. Theair shop
pers willbe told all about the
fairy articles which will be dis
played yihe dry-goods sortersr?
July Si. 1SL
In "Puddenhead Wilson's Phil
osophy" Mark Twain says: 1 "Put
all of your eggs in one basket
and watch that basket" Eggs
are not the only things to which
this applies, we can make it fit
stoves and change eggs into
dollars aud make it read Invest
your coin in a Pansy Stove and
the stove will watch itself. We
have been watching these stoves
for the past five years, and find
them the best iron stove sold in
this market for the money,
Where else than at our store can
you get a stove that will do every
thing that a ?50 stove will do and
get it for 15? Echo answers,
'the place isn't built.' We have
sold hundreds of these stoves in
Honolulu, and never had a com
plaint. Two weeks ago, we sold
one to a gentleman on Hawaii,
and yesterday he ordered another
for a friend. The stove sells
itself through its fuel saving
qualities, and because, it is a
good baker. You can get other
styles of stoves if you are not
particular 'as to the quantity
of fuel you burn or how your
food is cooked. There's no dys
pepsia in meals prepared on a
We received last week a lot of
who clothes-lines that hold
washed clothes without using
pins. It is a sort of double wire
arrangement and the pieces are
held in between; the harder the
wind blows the tighter tho pieces
are held to the line. There is
absolutely no danger of tho
clothing being torn as there is
nothing sharp about tho lino.
While the cost is a trifle greater
than rope, this new style will
last so much longer that it is
economical to buy the pinless
The CLAUSS is one of tho
new fangled saw-edge knives that
cuts vjarcn bread without leaving
it heavy and iced cake without
making crumbs. There aro two or
three different makes of these
knives, all on the same principle
and each one prononnced tho
best on earth by the manufac
turers. We selected the Clauss,
which wo believe as a disinterest
ed spectator to be better than its
neighbors. You never had any
thing in your life that give as
much satisfaction for a dollar. If
you were buying the other sort
you would get only one.
The favorite sewing machine
in any community is the one that
does the most for the lest money
and which runs the easiest. In
the "Wertheiiu" you have a
machine that sews three distinct
stitches The Lock, Chain and
Embroidery and runs easier than
any other machine, and you pay
twenty dollars less for it. Econ
omy stands boldly every side
when you buy a Wertheim. In
tucking the chain stitch is pre
ferable, but in other kinds of
work, the lock stitch, is the best.
If you buy a machine that sews
the lock, unless it is a Wertheim,
it won't sew a chain stitch.
There's no particular saving in
buying a machine with but one
stitch, the Wertheim does three
and saves you lots of trouble and
We've just unpacked six casks
of stand lamps that were built for
bard times. They have metal
bases and are decorated so as to
make a very neat appearance in a
room. We don't think yon can
get as good a lamp anywhere else
for the money, try as hard as you
Onr stock of table cutlery,
spoons and forks is as largo s
you jwill find in any store in San
Eranoisco, and our prices compare
favorably with "those ia New
York. '
0T Fortifawt
Carriage k
TO THE PUBLIC: U yon are thinking
about shopping, cadliii? or taking in the
sights, rime up - where jon can obtain
a first-class" carriage with elegant horses and
a civil driTer, or if yon choose to -trite your
self, we can accommodate yon with stylish
Busies. Phaetons, Snrriest and Wagonettes'.
We haTc for limy horses the finest roadsters
in the Republic Onr livery horses comprise
some of the well-known roadsters, snca as
the Grar-eazle. White-swan. Prince Henry,
Abadella, Roanoke, Lady Templeton, Stcve
whipper and others; a child can drive any of
these horses, bnt it takes a Kansas cyclone to
pass one of them on the road. Por farther
particulars, rinjj up 2ft), or call at our stand
and office next to E. O. Hall & Son. jy 26.
House Sign and Oinamentai
Manufacture of Liquid Slating.
109 King Street.
fiejajJEffClfllr JJ7ICK pffflD,
Nuuanu and Beretania Streets.
561 -Both Telephones:- 561
jy27 tf ClVlL DRIVERS.
T. H. Davies
Fresh Feed
and Flour
Lion Flour,
Oats, Barley,
Per " Warrimoo' Just
to Hand.
New Dry Goods
To Hand.
Bailey Honolulu Made
Wire Yoven
Matresses and
OaaHaxqoai Tnt. naw; Sba
16x32 imtx 6 fei Wall: 13 W
( Boof; 8 'oi Ttock; Pok. Pins,
Stand: Queen and Fort Street.
White and Black Sand.
Draying Done at Reasonable Ratea
W. F. SHARRETT, Maxagek, l- -
jj35 -fije
poi! ;
Taro Plants, Fresh Tois andUvr .
Taro at all times.
Ring Up Mutual Telephonei577.
Bell 345. W. L. WILCOX,.
jy25 Manager.
NIEPER'S Baggage Express.
Office, 22) Fort St Honolulu. H, I.
Baggage and Furniture Carefully
Handled and Delivered at Short
Notice to All Parts of the City.
Stand on Cor. of Fort & Queen Sts.
A.xicti.oi Sale of DR-ice
Plaiitata.ti.or at
V ailrilci -lv a i .
In persuancc of instructions (fom QO 3UK
of Ewa, Island of Oahu. 11. L, the tnortgacec
named in a Chattle llortcaj. erecntetf liy
CHEOXG KIXI TAI, datecf Octobar 4th,
1S92, and recorded in Liber 1S9, paces 237-$,
1 shall sell to the highest bidden at auction,
at my Sales Room, Honolulu, on SATURDAY
the 4th day of Aug., 1S94, at 12 o'clock noon,
the followlnff property. Tie
The Rice Plantation, known j3 the Chconc
Kim Tai, (formerly the Tee Hop Co), Planta
tion, at W aikiki-kal, Honolulu, includim; all
leases of lands embraced therein, on which
arc dwelling: house- outhouses, threshing:
floor and equipments of a well conducted rice
plantation; also all the implements of culti
vation, horses, wagon, etc
A schedule of th leases and other property
concerned may be seen at the office of 0. W .
AsnroRD, Attorner for tho Mortgagee.
Terms of Sale, Cash, Deeds at expense ot
L. J- Levey,
The above sale is postponed to August 4tb,
by order ot C. W. ASHFORD, Attorney for,
T: B. Murray
Is Yet to he Found
On tlie Old Stand, Vo. 14
King St. -His Business us
Goes On.
When the "PEOPLES'
PAET Y" gets smashed he
will be ready to
At a .Reasonable Figure. Jo
Extra Charge for Furnishing.
them with Common Sense.
iySlOm i
... . ?. -? '".
City - Carriage
fJ'F'Q.. Co.
Blacksmith Shop
D. BEpT, Mjpi
Blacksmith Work ;
Carriage Repairing;
In all ite Branchw,-afc Bed
Rock Prices.
Mutual Telephone 382
Giva m a Call and judge
Wc Hand. Extra-Pak
. 2 SAwntoi forGfs.

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